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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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bombs gained into one that add remote control, car type remotely control device that appears to have not have worked in this case. >> reporter: the chief offered new details about the shoot- out hours later that killed sigh ed few rack -- syed wife. >> law enforcement fired the systems. both were killed. the suspects were believed to have fared about 76 rifle rounds at the officers at the termination of the pursuit. >> reporter: the officers who stopped the suv are being hailed as heroes. even more so after what police seized in the suspects' home. a virtual bomb factory with unexploded pipe bombs and thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> i just wouldn't expect that. >> my heart is racing. i am shaking. >> reporter: and again to recap the death toll still stands at 14 but the number of wounded has been revised
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victims still in critical condition at this hour. i'm going to continue to remain on the scene here in southern california. i will post updates and video to facebook and twitter. live in san bernardino, california, n.j. burkett. now to the victims murdered in this massacre. they were mothers, husbands, daughters and sons. all of them now positively identified. officials will release their names in just a few hours. a safety with the new york giants tweeted today that one of his cousins is among the 14 killed. meanwhile, we've already learned the identity of two victims including the father of six young children. he was at a meeting when the shooting happened. and a worker at the san bernardino department of health who used to live in new jersey. reporter john from our sister station spoke to his family. he is live in lynwood, pennsylvania. john.
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wife lives here in lynwood, pennsylvania. she says he was born in new york, he grew up around toms river, new jersey, and got his degree at stockton college. preventionally she says he was always focused on public health and the public's safety. >> he was still in college. we worked together in an ambulance service, and things just took off from there. >> reporter: annette is talk about meeting nick for the first time in continue '83. at her side, the younger of their two sons, jacob. last night, they were aware public health workers had been targeted in the california attack and hoped for the best. >> i came home yesterday, from work yesterday, and i saw this on the news. i figured, well, he would be fine. >> it wasn't until early this morning that my oldest son who lives in new jersey, called and let me know he had heard
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jennifer about -- she had called to let him know he hadn't survived. >> he was a good person. i loved my father. i always will. >> reporter: before moving to the west coast nicholas worked at cape may county health department. >> ensuring that people were say. he was a health inspector. he worked on the hazmat team in cape may county. i understand he was a border inspector in california. he did food inspections. he just wanted to do his job to make sure that his community was safe. >> reporter: both annette and jacob say their hearts go out to nick's widow in california, that is jennifer. in lynwood, pennsylvania, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks john. as for the shooters we are today. he was a restaurant inspector, she was a new mom. and together they crafted a
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coworkers and create mayhem. the investigator jim hoffer is here now. >> reporter: they were lady ago double life and apparently doing it well. he a conscientious government worker, she a behind closed doors they built pipe bombs and stock paled ammunition. syed farook was living the life of a normal family. wife, baby, government job. nothing stood out that suggested he would lady a killing rampage. but digging deeper we learned that farook met his wife through an on-line muslim dating site while she was living in saudi arabia. few rack was born in the us. his wife entered on a fiancee visa. besides their religion, the two had something else in common. pakistan. both had family there and traveled to pakistan last year. >> i do not know all the
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we know did he go to pakistan at one point. we know she is here on a k-1 visa. >> reporter: after they arrived back from pakistan, farook continued to work as a restaurant inspector. these reports show he was meticulous and strict. he cited this restaurant for simply leaving an open cup of ice water on a shelf. at some point, he and his wife started building an arsenal of guns, pipe bombs, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. >> clearly they were equipped, and they could have continued to do another attack. we intercepted them before that happened obviously. >> reporter: whether triggered by a work place grudge or islamic extremism, the attack in which farook's waive helped to do the killing is highly unusual. this fbi report says out of 160 carried fraught 2000 to 2013, only six involved female shatters. >> what we have to consider is
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radical liesing force in this couple. >> reporter: katherine, who has studied islamic radical i will sangs the u.s., says this attack it shatters the myth that poor, disconnected muslims are more prone to extremism. >> simply because of the fact that americans are muslims in this country, are prospering, is not an inoculation against radicalization. just within this hour the associated press is reporting that farook may have been on the fbi radar, the ap reporting that farook used social media to contact extremists under fbi scrutiny. the ap is also reporting that farook grew up in a family troubled by domestic violence. divorce records along his father physically attacked his mother, prompting her to get a protective order against the husband. sade, back to you. >> jim, thank you. well, president obama is demanding tonight that more be done to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.
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think, search ourselves as a society to make sure that we can take basic steps that would make it harder, not impossible, but harder for individuals to get access to weapons. >> the president today issued a proclamation ordering the u.s. flag to be flown at half- staff through monday as a show of respect for the victims. the executive director of the council on american- islamic relations condemned the mass shooting but he questioned when it should be labeled terrorism just because the perpetrators were muslim. >> we are very selective in applying that. the bottom line is, there is no faith, there is no god that justifies the strike an innocent life. >> today's news conference at
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actually planned in order to vehemently speak out against donald trump's claims that muslims in new jersey celebrated the 9/11 attacks. of course, we're going to continue to bring you any new developments in the mass shags in california right here on tv and on-line. senate democrats forcing a vote tonight on two new stricter gun control measures. one bill would expand background checks to gun show sales. the other would prevent people on the fbi's terrorist watch list from being able to bay firearms. both measures have failed before, because they didn't achieve bipartisan support. a vote in the new jersey state assembly on a gun control bill postponed tonight because democrats didn't have enough support to override a veto by governor christie. the measure would require someone with a mental health record to notify law gun. in october a handful of republicans and senate governor christie's veto. parents are finally getting official notification
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plot by a group of 5th graders in clifton, new jersey. the children were detained and a school trip was canceled. more than a million people have seen this story on our facebook page, but parents say they were the last to know, and they are not happy about it. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is live in clifton. darla. >> reporter: well, diana, this incident happened wednesday morning. that is when administrators discovered this plot. some parents say they didn't find out about this whole thing until this afternoon around 1:30. and by that time everybody was already talking about it. >> it was just a rumor on the school, and then we found that it was real. >> reporter: clifton high school students and staff, the intended victims of a bomb plot hatched out by a group of 5th graders. >> i think they were just joking around but the school takes it pretty seriously. >> reporter: they most certainly are.
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cinnamon and vinegar, then planned to detonate it during a field trip. the plan fell apart when police say school administrators came across some of the details that had been written down on paper. >> and these were 10-year-old kids, mind you, 10 years old! you know? not even 17, 18, 19-year-old kids. they were little kids! >> you have to take care of your kids, you know, but i don't think something like that is going to happen. >> good afternoon this is an important message for all parents and staff from the clifton superintendent. >> reporter: a out to parents thursday afternoon as well as this text message saying police questioned students involved and determined no danger. >> well, first of all, i think they should have contacted them yesterday when they found out. they should have sent e-mails to everyone. >> we support the principal in how they handled it. >> reporter: police say there's no way the devices would have ever exploded. still, those students involved have been suspended.
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our children, our grandchildren in the school. are you for real? and it's no big deal? it is a big deal, he is special what's going on in the world today. how can it not be a big deal? >> reporter: now, this investigation is being handled by the passaic county prosecutor's office, and it will determine what type of charges, if any, should be filed. reporting live in clifton, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. a former new jersey police officer accused of stack the mother of his child and kidnapping their daughter went before a judge today. venezuela waived his right to oppose extradition to new york. police say he stabbed his wife in the bronx. an amber alert was issued for the couple's three-year-old daughter. the child was not issued. jon stewart back in washington today to plead the case for 9/11 first responders. the comedian and some workers
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lawmakers to renew the act that provides money for healthcare for sick workers. they paid a visit to the office of ohio senator rob portman and talked to his chief of staff. >> i have yet to hear why this thing is not a priority. >> the plan to include the funding in the transportation bill fell through. advocates now hope to get congress to approve funding before the holiday break. a routine traffic stop turns into a nightmare for a woman in new jersey. coming up what she says a cop did to her when he pulled her over. plus, a thief using a child in a stroller as a distraction to still uggs. we'll show you who police are looking for. a big blow to planned parenthood as the senate votes to end federal funding. but what's the reality of that happening? also, they're crushing a ruling for oscar pistorius that will likely send him back to prison. i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. traded in the rain and fog for sun. some strong winds.
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an american sentenced to 20 years in peru prison is back in new york. she was paroled in 2010 but she wasn't allowed to leave peru until her sentence was complete. back to prison for oscar pi store i couldn't say. today a south african appeals court convicted the olympic athlete of murder. abc's lama hasan has more. >> this case involved the human tragedy of shakespearean proportion. >> guilty of murder. >> reporter: the court reversed the verdict of manslaughter, knowing the person he was firing at through the door might have been fatally injured.
5:17 pm
possibility that you may kill the person inside the cob cal, and that is what actually happened. >> reporter: following a sensational trial in 2014 the athlete had been found guilty of manslaughter for the death of his model girlfriend on valentine's day in 2013. pistorius fired four bullets through this bathroom door, killing steenkamp, after he says he mistook her for an intruder. >> it's so improbable. it can never be possibly true, and a clear indication. >> reporter: serving 10 months in this cell, the athlete then moving to his uncle's home after his sentence was reduced to house arrest. but now pistorius faces at least 15 years for murder. the sentencing is due to take place early next year. lama hasan, abc news, london. an historic announcement about women in combat. defense secretary ash carter
5:18 pm
open up all combat posts to women. carter is giving the division until january 1st to submit plans. the marine corps had cited a study that showed units with mixed genders are less capable than all male units as a reason to exclude women from jobs on the front line. stocks on wall street tumbling today after the fed issued its strongest signal yet that interest rates are going to increased. the federal reserve told congress that u.s. economic conditions are improving to the point that policy makers will likely raise rates when they meet in two weeks. the dow dropped 252 points, closing at 17,477. the nasdaq fell 84 points, and the s & p 500 lost 29 points. you knew it was going to happen. >> if you are thinking about refinancing, you better do that now. >> you know what, it's december and it is mild out there. >> you read my mind. i'm thinking, okay, the weekend is approaching, and maybe this time of year you're
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think walk, bicycle ride. not that i want to kill the mall business, but maybe sprinkle in some outdoor activities, especially as we go through the midday before the sun goes down. we're at 48. wind has been the issue today. trade in that for the gloom of yesterday. barometer on the rise. the high 54 degrees. still rung seven above average. there are your sun raise and sunset times. sunset at 4:29. last year on this date light rain and 46 degrees. the peak wind gusts have been close to 35 miles per hour. it 25 to 35 miles per hour. over the last hour those peaks have backed off a little bit. in fact some stations not even reporting any gusts. still some 30-mile-per-hour gusts in the hudson valley from new burg over to monticello right now. numbers are uniform from bayside to yonkers, upper 40s, 46. hudson value in connecticut, mid and upper 40s. newark at 48, trenton at 46. so turning mainly clear tonight, the winds back off,
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breeze. so bundle up tonight. it tomorrow morning the winds will be late we are lots of sunshine. the gusts tomorrow may be 10 to 15 miles per hour. a lot of sun sharon, temperatures approaching 50 during attach hours. all the way from lake ontario we have a few clouds in the catskills. they seem to have diminished over the last couple of hours. it's all because of this swirling low over northern new england and parts of eastern canada getting five to nine inches of snow. that's going to slowly move away. our winds will sub side. right now we're sandwiched in between that and this high over st. louis. so winds are funneling in between as we get closer to that high over the coming days our winds get lighter. the country is so quiet, unless you look at this storm in the pacific northwest, which is way off the charts for us, and we will watch this area of rain over south florida, getting soaked over several days. next week a possibility, only a possibility that this rain starts to creep up the the coast. there are some opportunities for that to miss us to the south and east. if that happens you are talking about the possibility
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five to seven days. 50 degrees, lots of sunshine. a noticeable breeze but nothing like today. should be pleasant. as we go through the day saturday, less wind, 5 2. a delightful december day. lack at that futurecast. it's all sunshine. a chilly start tomorrow but less wind. nice in tab. near 50. 38 tomorrow night is our coldest night. here's what's coming up. we will fight to 50 tomorrow? but then five to ten degrees above average. the discussion of that potential storm next week could remain dry for five or more days coming it's all coming up in the next half-hour. >> thanks lee. the san bernardino massacre bringing renewed attention to how to survive a workplace shooting what. shah do? and the mistakes that a lot of people make. plus, uber reveals the new colorful way users will be
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a major new hotel is going up in brooklyn. and once completed it is going to feature a very special
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>> art that represents the borough both in spirit and craftsmanship. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg takes a look. >> reporter: this artist is working on a peace that will be 20 by 25 feet. >> there's a lot of movement to the. we spent a lot of time building layers with joint compound and poll lea mer to make it -- polymer to make it hard like fiberglass. >> reporter: brooklyn is where she lives and where her work will ultimately hang. >> all of this will be on the ceiling. >> reporter: that will be inside the new hotel going up. the the brooklyn arts council to find an artist for this project. >> the william vail developers came to us, said we're building this hotel in williamsburg, and we really want a big commission in our lobby. we want to spend $200,000 for an artwork. we got really excited, because
5:26 pm
really big opportunity for a brooklyn-based artist. >> reporter: the nonprofit put out the call, and 200 local artists applied. in april, a jury chose this design with its native american references. >> brooklyn is an amazing, beautiful place. and so the fact that i get to have my work here and contribute to the culture to this area is a nervous honor. >> reporter: and this commission is helping to keep art alive in the borough. >> this piece is not just supporting me and my studio, but it's giving work to seven of us who are a team in making this piece. >> reporter: additionally, the hotel will fill its rooms and other spaces with art by other brooklyn artists hoping to not only be a good neighbor, but a community supporter. in williamsburg, lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and we are back with breaking news in east flat bush brooklyn. we've just learned that several people have been shot out on the street, up to seven
5:27 pm
this happened at east 91st street and clarkson avenue. we don't any word on their conditions or arrests but we do after crew on the way. and still ahead, a new jersey police officer on the coming up, what he is accused of doing to a woman he pulled over during a traffic stop. and a bold thief caught on camera accused of using a baby as a distraction while he went on a stealing spree. this is an active sheeter situation.
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for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. our top story a new jersey cop on the other side of the law accused of inappropriately touching a woman during a routine traffic stop. more on that in just a minute. but first breaking news.
5:30 pm
it happened at east 91st street and clark son avenue. no word on their conditions. we do after crew on the way. >> absolutely. now our top story. that new jersey police officer charged today. the encounter happened last month in orange. he was on duty at the time. tonight he is charged with criminal sexual contact and witness tampering. eyewitness news reporter a.j. ross is live with the details for us. a.j. >> reporter: diana, sade, these are very serious allegations being levied against an officer who has in the only worked here at the orange police department, but the essex county prosecutor's office as well as the patterson police department. earlier today 34-year-old ricardo vazquez was charged with criminal sexual contact and witness tampering. he turned himself in just a short tame ago with his attorney at the ex sex county prosecutor's office. according to prosecutors, he allegedly inappropriately
5:31 pm
details haven't been released, but arias-vazquez is facing two previous charges. he previously worked from may 2007 to april 2011 before joining the orange police department. he also briefly worked with the essex county prosecutor's office for a year before rejoining orange police in 203. he is set the appear in court december 30th. a.j. rocks channel 7 eyewitness news. lawmakers in the senate have passed a bill that would dismantle the healthcare reform law. the move was largely symbolic since republicans do not have the number to everyride a presidential veto. republicans have voted more than 50 times to repeal obama darn last five years. the latest on the san bernardino shooting.
5:32 pm
the associated press is reporting that the shooter used social media to contact extremists under fbi scrutiny. all 14 cistled been identified. the number of injured has grown to 21. the two suspects were 28-year- old syed farook and his companion, malik. they had 1600 rounds of ammunition with them when they were shot and killed in their suv yesterday. police found even more ammo, 4500 rounds at their home, along with 12 pipe bombs. of course, as investigators seek a motive we wondered, what do you do to sur vaifn an active shatter do you run? due shelter in place? eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer explains why you need to know the abc's. avoid, barricade, and confront. >> reporter: an active shatter situation is about to take place in this airport. while david with global
5:33 pm
like this to train police officers, it also illustrates how most innocent people will react. >> the last thing you want to do is freeze. >> reporter: but there the people are. >> the one in the couple this couple, they didn't even move. >> most people in the same situation won't move. >> reporter: you need to remember your abc's, the first being avoid. >> faff clear path, if you can run and get out, do it. running is always your best option. number one you get out of the line of fire. and number two, even if you are being shot at, you are a moving target. it's not that easy. >> if you cannot get out, he says, think barricade for your next line of protection. >> get into a room like this one. close the door, lock it if possible, and put whatever piece of furniture you have in that ram against the door. you want to pile it up. >> and if you are in a larger group of people your next option, he adds, to confront the shooter. >> you throw whatever you can, you pick up objects, fire
5:34 pm
distract him. if worse comes to worse, use your hands and attack them in a very aggressive manner and do not stop until they are no longer a threat. >> one study minutes out the nypd will arrive in three to five minutes. while you are not expected to neutral lays an active shooter threat, you need to immediately call 911. in any situation, david shows in this scenario to be mindful of your surroundings. this man may be in a standoff but the woman wearing headphones is clearly not aware. >> the new normal, as they say, the fact in that the back of your mind you always think of the "what if" scenario. >> local law enforcement agencies are changing their tactics to try to be better prepared. nassau county police now have new officers. 150 new assault rifles. these will go to patrol officers for the first time so they can respond immediately. police officials say if someone is firing, they can't afford to wait.
5:35 pm
focused on one thing and one thing only. >> trail liesing the threat and stop that person from killing anybody else. >> officers will begin rifles starting tomorrow. new at 5:00, in the wake of this latest mass shooting, one sheriff in upstate new york is urging residents who are licensed to carry guns to arm themselves when they leave home. >> if i was in a situation like just happened out in california, i would wish that i had a firearm on me, and i would be happy credit send a firearm on them. >> that's the shervetion and he posted his advice on facebook drawing a lot of comments both in support and against the idea. the democrat says he is not trying to drum up a mill i will sharks but he says police are partners with the public in crime prevention. officials in connecticut are taig a step towards providing armed security on college campuses. the board voted to change a policy that bans weapons at state funded community colleges. the bowl is to eventually pass a bill that with allow armed security.
5:36 pm
expected to take up the issue during next year's legislative session. and eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett is out in california for us, and we'll get an update from him on eyewitness news at 6:00. of course you can follow new developments on abc7ny or on our eyewitness news apps. a major legal victory tonight for a former nypd cop. a federal appeals court ruled he committed no crime when he fan that sized on-line about kidnapping and can -- cannibalizing women. but another court overturned the decision. today the appeals court upheld the ruling say it would hate to give the government the power to punish americans for our thoughts, not our actions. two men in the bronx didn't let the baby they were pushing in a stroller stop
5:37 pm
couple of pair of ugg bats. police say -- ugg boots. when two employees tried to stop the men they struck the workers in the head and took some commuters are going to get a break on toll fees. drivers would use the benjamin franklin, walt whitman, and betsy ross brims can now pay $4 instead of 5. people to have use the brims at least 18 times a month and have an easy pass to qualify. ice cream that takes you to the light side and the dark side. the scoop on a brooklyn ice- cream shop that's making star wars ice cream. and child support demanded from a sperm donor, but not the child's parents what want the money. wait until you hear who is asking him to pay up. plus, uber is testing a new way to help users spot their drivers. and no umbrellas necessary tonight.
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we're following breaking news in east flat bush, brooklyn, several people shot on the street at east 91st and clark son. no word on conditions or arrests. we do have a crew on the scene. we will bring you new information as we get it. doctors have called off a kidney transplant because of an ad discovered on craigslist. a man was prepared to donate his kidney to a woman in pennsylvania but doctors canceled after discovering that the man has a chronic disease. he was previously an alcoholic and is still a smoker. a legal battle is brewing
5:42 pm
twice before becoming a sperm donor. a man donated seven years ago. now he is facing the possibility of beg forced to pay child support. when the girl's mother applied for state said he should pay. >> i'm not a parent. >> this should be about what this child gets from two parents. she has that, has always had it. >> they believe the state is pursuing the case due to political pressure from a conservative administration. uber is experimenting with new ways to make pickup smoother. the company is equipping cars in seattle with new color coded technology. it allows users to choose a color, then a light bar in the car will glow with that color. if you need help picking up your new uber color, the self proclaimed global
5:43 pm
design company pantone revealed its selection of color of the for 2016. it is two different colors, the shade of blue called ser recently knee, and a pink colored dove rose quarts. it's called tranquility and ier peace. >> not quite this color like our paper here this bright pink. it. >> lee goldberg returns with your accuweather forecast with a sneak peek at the weekend weather. and new at 5:00 a new jersey police officer's act of kindness. what he did for a mother and her son who has autism that changed their lives. i'll take you inside the creamery creating the dark side ice cream and the light side ice cream. we'll tell you what this family-owned business is doing as they prepare to share their ice cream with the country. breaking news on the scene in california. what we've now learned about that couple, what was discovered inside their home here d. they have help?
5:44 pm
this coworker who was sitting right there. what he did that saved his
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we continue to follow that breaking news in east flat bush, brooklyn. at this point we don't have any word on conditions or arrests but we do after crew on the way and as soon as we get more information we'll pass it on to you. the last time we checked in with you, lee, you were talking about this is the perfect time to go to a walk. we're headed out to rockefeller center. >> the tree looks beautiful. a little windy tonight, then it gets better as we go into the weekend. it's remarkable. outside tonight just got to contend with the wind but no umbrella. dry streets. a wind is gusting around 20. it will continue to diminish slowly. we're at 48 degrees, fair skies. a wind gust to 21. december preview. while temperatures start the month by averaging 47, end the month at 39 degrees.
5:47 pm
last year we only had an inch of snow in december, then ended the winter with 50 inches. go back to the winter of 2010- 11 we had 20 inches in december. winter arrives on the 21st late at night. so here is a december preview in terms of the weather pattern. the climate prediction center with the weather service came out with a statement just supporting that we're going remain in this mild pattern with only small episodes of chill but the overall pattern keeping the coldest arctic air to the north. central park planner in the short term clearing out. temperatures dropping to the low to mid-40s, winds backing off. take the plan tore nyack, new york, rockland county also dropping to the low 40s, upper 30s after midnight as skies clear out. there still can be a sprinkle in sussex, orange county, maybe parts of monticello, sullivan county. tomorrow lots of sunshine, less wind, and temperatures make a run at that 50 mark. a lot of sunshine tomorrow morning.
5:48 pm
and west. long island mid and upper 30s. same thing down the shore, all in the mid and upper 30s tomorrow morning. bright, sunny, near 50 in the afternoon. your seven-day forecast, less wind tomorrow. lack at saturday. wall to wall sunshine, temperatures in the low 50s and a late wind. and how about sunday. that should be the warmest day of the seven-day. mid and perhaps even upper 50s at kickoff at the meadowlands. 54 with a light wind. that's late october conditions for football. monday looking at 53. still nice. then this is close call with the storm that is going to be coming up the coast. right now i still have it just offshore, so maybe some cloud cover, maybe the rain does brush the coast a little bit, but it's not anything significant, then right back to low 50s midweek. no signs of any consistent cold in the ten-day. >> thanks, lee. a little ice-cream shop
5:49 pm
wars movie frenzy. >> for a limited time, ample hills creamery is releasing star wars flavors. the dark side, and the light side. mallory hoff has been updating this story on abc7ny. she has more on how a chance encounter helped put this shop on the map. >> reporter: force awakens, and so will your taste buds. the dark side ice cream and the light side ice cream will tempt fans of both persuasions. >> the light side is a bright marshmallow ice cream with coco crispies peeking through. the dark side is a deep, rich dark chocolate ice cream with fudge espresso brownies and little while chocolate pearls. >> reporter: and you don't have to go to a galaxy far, far away to get it. jackie and brian smith started
5:50 pm
brooklyn in 2011. disney ceo bob ikeer liked what -- disney's ceo bob eiger liked what he tasted. >> he fell in love and we then pitched him the idea of maybe making star wars ice cream. >> reporter: the family owned business is using the force for g. >> the creamery has brought in extra hands to meet the anticipated demand. they're prepared to ship out 20,000 pints of the dark side and another 20,000 pints of the light side. >> i saw them start up from where they started, and now i'm here today and we're sending it out for the whole country. so it's a neighbor pride thing, too. >> reporter: their star wars love dates back. this is a third grade photo of her dressed as c3 p.o. >> we grew up on it. >> reporter: it will be sold on-line only, then shipped out
5:51 pm
orders will also be available for in-store pickup. >> the dark side or the light side? >> reporter: this is not a jedi mind trick. it really is as good it is a looks. >> the dark side for sure. >> i say dabble them both. >> disney, by the way, which owns star wars is fainter company of wabc. a new jersey police officer goes above and beyond the call of duty. >> coming up, his act of kindness that changed the lives of a single mom and her teenage son. and i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00 a troubling story after the deadly outbreak of legionnaires' disease new york state ordered all the cooling towers to be registered. but what good is a regulation that people don't follow? we found many towers are not registered. caught on tape, a woman accused of stealing toys from
5:52 pm
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officer richard hartnet went above and beyond after finding a missing boy with autism. >> the 16-year-old is non verbal. the officer helped the family to come up with a way for him to communicate. anthony johnson has the heart warming story. >> reporter: zion is an autistic teen who has been given an early christmas gift which allows him to communicate from a police force that cares. >> he wants to express himself, and i feel once he's able to, he can do so much more in life. >> reporter: officer richard hartnet took to the heart when zion recently took off from home. officer hartnet went the extra mail to see if there was any way to help. >> when we go to a call all the time and there has to be a rat to the problem. so i went to see what we could do to fix the problem, to prevent him from running away. >> reporter: the solution was the $300 tablet with a special application that allows people with limited communication
5:55 pm
feelings, thoughts, and disappointments. the tablet was donated to zion by jim 0 naturally who owns a local electronics store. >> it means a lot to get a lot of gratification that this is something that can make his life easier. >> reporter: the hope is that zion will have less frustration and won't leave home as often. >> he can text basically whatever he wants, if it's "i want some water," andy sees the symbols. he can just press it, or he can just text it. >> reporter: she welcomes the gift that helps her 16-year- old communicate at home. she is thankful to the police officers for their understanding and care for her son. in franklin township, new jersey, anthony johnson, eyewitness news. >> a nice act of kindness. >> great story. still ahead, a woman charged with stealing toys for sick and needy children.
5:56 pm
starts rate now. it was anything but a spur of the moment gun massacre. and the married muslim couple what pulled it off didn't go quietly. they fired 76 rifle rounds in their deadly shoot-out with police in san bernardino. and they had another 1600 rounds with them. now new information about how many pain bombs they left behind. the child they left at a really activities house before the shooting. unanswered questions remain y. did they do this? >> it is possible that this was terrorist related, though we don't know. and moments ago the fbi
5:57 pm
social media to contact extremists under fbi scrutiny. at 6:00 i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. tonight the fbi is taking over the investigation as police reniece new information on the staggering amount of ammunition that the killer couple had. >> here's the latest on the gun massacre. twelve pipe becomes and more than 3,000 rounds of ammunition found in the couple's home. police say this horrific blood bath could have been even worse. >> the couple fared as many as 75 bullets killing 4 people and wounding 21 others. they also left at the massacre site three pipe bombs rigged together with a remote control device that apparently failed. and the four guns used by the couple all of them legally bought and registered. >> we have two reports. n.j. burkett in san bernardino and the renewed debate. it we begin with new jersey. >> reporter: that's right, bill, outside the crime scen as this investigation
5:58 pm
key developments tonight.
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