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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 4, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EST

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before we aboutgo we take a moment to remember the lives lost to senseless violence. a community standing together in the face of grief. >> this poor girl said, are you amanda's mom? i said, yes, i am, what happened, what happened? she said, amanda's been shot. >> she just said that she was in a room, she locked herself up, there were shooters. >> she says, mommy, pray for my co-workers, i think some of them died. and i said, honey, we have the news on, and 14 of them died. >> the one thing we do know is that we have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world. >> this is a pretty resilient community. we will survive this.
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rest of us that are left that have to deal with the aftermath. but i know that he's in a such better place now. >> when looking to make sense of loss and suffering, charles tinsley road an old hymn. we are tossed and driven on the restless sea of time but will understand it better by and by. thank you for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up soon. tune into "good morning america" tomorrow for continuing
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a chilling portrait tonight of the married murderers on a massacre mission. tonight we get our first look at the arsenal they used to
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all that as the community gathers together in a huge vigil to remember those who were murdered. good evening at 11:00. i'm has sha. >> i'm bill ritter. a question of why this happened, that's the burning question. but we did find out who was inside the meeting room, a meeting room that became a death chamber. up to 80 people, almost all of them county employees. and a new look at the shooter's deadly arsenal. that's new pictures released tonight by police. n.j. burkett posting this picture of one mourner holding a sign that reads "prayers and love to the 14 victims." new jersey. >> reporter: that's right, bill, everything you need to know about how devastated this community really is summed up in a one-word headline in today's local newspaper. horrific. and it is absolutely horrific. so the candlelight vigil is a
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healing on a day of some very troubling developments. bernice says her city will never be the same. tonight hundreds gathered in the local baseball stadium to mourn the victims and themselves. >> hurt, pain, disappointment, disbelief. unbelievable. >> but a city still in shock must come to grips with the newlywed killers next-door who lived in a virtual bomb factory. syed farook and his wife stock paled guns, bombs, and thousands of rounds of ammunition. the scope sister carnage is only beginning to set in. tonight the first officer to arrive at the shooting described the scene of pure panic and desperation. >> it was you know speakable. the carnage that we were
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who were injured and unfortunately already dead, and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need and needing to be safe. >> reporter: and abc news has learned that the killers may have successfully destroyed key computer files that could help identify collaborators and confirm a motive. >> the digital media is incredibly important because we are trying to determine the motive. we do not yet we cannot rule anything out at this point. there was obviously a mission here. we know that. we do not know why. >> reporter: and now you see in the live picture the candle light vigil winding down. lots of tears. late today those shattered hard drives and thumb drives were rushed on a jet to the fbi lab in quantico, virginia. high-tech analysis on the fast track. new jersey burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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14 of them. tonight police releasing their names and so now we begin to get a sense of what they were. a diverse group ranging in age from 26 to sick. almost all of them county workers. 14 dead, 14 families that will never ever be the same. 18 reporter a.j. ross with that part of our coverage. a.j. >> reporter: bill, 14 lives stolen in a senseless mass shooting so many are still trying to come to terms w. tonight we're learning more about the victims and the precious memories they shared with those closest to them before in the expected happen. >> he was a wonderful man. we met on-line. we've been together for 14 years. >> reporter: anticipating a lifetime together, the waive of new jersey native nicholas thalasinos is now holding on to a hug and kiss good-bye she never thought would be their last. >> i actually got an extra hug and a kiss before he left. so i'm just holding on to that
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>> reporter: a san bernardino county health inspector, he was one of 14 victims gunned down at the inland regional center. >> he was good person. i loved my father. i always will. >> reporter: it's a gut wrenching void now felt by the loved ones of 37-year-old michael wetzel, a father of six. >> they are very overwhelmed. there's six kids that have lost their father, and renee is a stay-at-home mom so they've also lost all of their financial support. >> reporter: similar sentiments were shared by those who knew daniel coughman. >> everybody knew and loved him. the world will suffer from having one less person like him. >> reporter: 21 other victims were also injured in this tragedy. sources say five of the most
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fighting for their laves right now. we're hearing the harrowing story of survival tonight from a co worker of the gunman. he says a trip to the bathroom saved his life. it was in there that he was hit with a blast, likely from a bullet that pierced the bathroom wall. >> it was like a bomb went off. i turned back and lacked at the mirror. i can see that aim bloody here, here, and hear. and i don't know what it is. i announced the other people in the rest room, we're under attack. so the one that was beside me, i told him to get down on the floor, and we put our feet against the door to inhibit anybody from entering the rest room. >> into carry is also a medic, and he put those skills to work helping many of his wounded coworkers. this gun massacre reigniting the debate over gun control. big city police chiefs, most of them would like fewer guns in the hands of everyone.
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county sheriff in our area. he wants folks in ulster to fill their holster and carry their own gun. here's jim dolan. >> reporter: it's a shock proposal. most people in law enforcement spend their careers trying to get guns off the streets. the sheriff in ulster county, though, urging people with permits to carry guns. >> it's not a call of arms. aim reminding people that they went through that process to get that permit to carry the firearm and that she should carry if they so choose. >> reporter: the sheriff took to facebook to urge the 10,000 ulster county residents with permits to carry guns in public in order to protect themselves and others from people with guns. >> after the events that have occurred lately i just felt that i had to take a step to be proactive, and beg pro active, i'm encouraging police officers, active duty and
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carry a firearm. >> reporter: few in big city law enforcement think the problem america has is too few guns. >> i guess i would not be supportive of that. he is encouraging people, wherever ulster county, good luck to him. it. it i'm not supportive of that. >> reporter: but ulster county is mostly rural and many here agree with the sheriff. >> i definitely think if somebody was there with the right experience and everything, they possibly could have done something to cause less damage. >> reporter: the sheriff knew there would be criticism. he knew it would be controversial. he says may just prevent a mass shooting here in ulster county. in kingston, jim dolan, chapel 7 eyewitness news. >> mr. bratton doesn't agree with them, jim. stay with eyewitness news for the latest on this gun shooting in san bernardino. you can also get updates at abc7ny. murder playing out on a
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the sickest part of this crime, the soon, father, brings his kids to watch his coldly planned out ambush. josh einiger in east flatbush. josh. >> reporter: sade, you can see behind me the crime scene unit on the scene gathering evidence. an apparent love tray angle coming to a dramatic end as several children, according to police sources, watched their dad shoot their mom. the wails of anguish reverberated. >> i got a call that may brother was in a shooting. >> reporter: surveillance video captured the scene hours before they were ambushed in their car. apparently there was domestic violence issue which related to somewhat of a tray angle where there's a boyfriend and a young lady and another man involved.
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suspect is the estranged ex of the female victim. they have kids together, and he brought those kids to the corner of 91st and clarkson where they watched their father shoot their mother and her current friend before turning the gun on himself. the victims well-known in this >> good people. very good. i ain't never seen nothing like this around here since i been living around here. >> reporter: and now both men involved in this case, the alleged suspect and the victim, were pronounced dead at an area hospital. the female victim is expected to survive her injuries. as for those kids, police have not told us what became of them, where they wound up tonight. but we have been told they were not injured. at least not physically. we're live in the east flatbush section of brooklyn, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> the whole thing just horrible.
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thought to be an actual gas leak was not. the fdny says francis figueroa poured gasoline in a stairwell and that triggered the explosion. a second person sureshed for questioning, but that suspect is declaring her inno 70s. victoria washington is a mother of a bronx shelter worker shown here. victoria says they were defending themselves from the boyfriend. she does not want to show her face but seize photo shows the injuries she suffered when she was punched in the eye. >> i'm here to turn myself in, assaulted. i was the one that got punched in the eye. no one else got injured. it was just me. >> that's a very different
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victim. she says video shows shelter workers screaming at her when she went there to retrieve her belongings. she says the attack was unprovoked. as we continue with eyewitness news at 11:00 for this thursday night the pentagon firing a striking a gains the glass ceiling. we'll explain. also, new video. the man in the blue hoodie and his connection to a possible hate crime at a local bookstore. and salt rules under assault. salt disclosures just landing on menus in new york city, but for how long? and i'm tracking a few fast moving showers. we'll let you know if it's dry
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flip your thinking about buying your next one. . new video of a suspect wanted for a base attack.
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the suspect took off on a resistor scooter. a controversial announcement about the military. defense secretary ash carte has ordered all combat jobs be open to women. carter says the military cano longer afford to exclude half the population from gradualing jobs. a new law forcing restaurants in new york city to label men yaws for sodium has been in place for just two days but tonight it eats now facing lawsuit. the national restaurant association filing that lawsuit. the rule requires chain restaurants to put a salt shaker icon on menu items that top the recommended daily limit for sodium. the suit claims the action is overreach. we will see. >> it will be next to all my favorites. >> it's so nice outside. it really, for december. >> exactly.
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we've had a couple of sprinkles. by morning we're dry. camera still shake a little bit. 63% humidity, a westerly wind at 8. the barometer is now on the rise. the high today 5 4. so rung six degrees above average. i think we're right around average, maybe a degree above tomorrow. couple patchy clouds early. bulk of the day is mostly sunny. the wind subsides overnight. it a fantastic first weekend of december. a close call early next week with a coastal storm. more on that in a moment. mean while the winds are coming down. a couple gusts near 15, 20 miles per hour. that's about it. now down to 36 in monticello. widespread 30s in our suburbs overnight. 44 in the park, 45 newark, 41 in belmar. so a fair amount of sunshine but lack at the winds. they're light, maybe 10 to 15- mile-per-hour gust. the winds are getting lighter later in the day.
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there's a brief shower. they last 10 to 15 minutes. they sammy to be falling apart. as this main snowstorm away it takes the strong winds with it. high pressure east of st. louis is going to stay with us through the weekend. as it gets closer we have lighter winds, fair skies, then temperatures moderate as we go through the weekend. so that next storm threat is going to come from this. it's a south florida soaker. heavy rain. that will be on radar the next few days. there's a possibility a piece of that develops into a storm, comes up the coast. we aren't sure whether it will impact us with rainfall. something we will be watching over the next few days. it meanwhile tomorrow morning definitely a chill in the air. it 37 in belmar. a lot of sunshine during the day. a couple of patchy clouds. temperatures close to 5 with west winds. on saturday even bert as that hey gets closer and more of a westerly wind. delightful for september. 52, even warmer by sunday. your accuweather forecast
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a couple of scattered clouds, 7:00 a.m., winds light, 41 in the city. near 50 in the afternoon. a lot of sunshine. less wind should feel great. tomorrow night is our coldest night. 3825, to 35 in the suburbs. definitely chilly as we go into our saturday morning. beautiful in the afternoon. lack at sunday. warmest day on the seven-day. how about this for jets-giants at the meadowlands. 54 at kickoff for december football. just al mazing. as we go into monday still nice. then we get to that question mark on tuesday. will it be a nor easter? some of our computer charts are saying yes, it is near by but may just track offshore. we may be brushed with a little bit of rain but several more days to look at. that we'll be in the 50s midweek next weak. bill evans will have an update. a little chill in the morning
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new at 11:00, hope coming true for a budding basketball player what survived a life saving double lung transplant. 12-year-old joseph taking to the court for his first game since transplant surgery in may. there he is. this time last year josh could barely walk the halls of his school, and lack at him now. tonight he was back, pursuing his dreams. >> i'm really happy to be back with my friends and playing basketball this season. i feel great. >> josh has spent the last two years in a battle for his life. so these boys and this school, st. patrick's school, have rallied around josh and his family. >> josh, we're so proud of you. since was very young, josh suffered from a serious lung condition w. he became 12 he became eligible to be placed on the traps plant list for adult lungs. you're awesome, josh.
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another great story, an ice cream store hoping their frozen goodies turn into hotcakes. they have the light side and the dark side honoring "star trek." pints are sold only on line. disney owns star wars and disney is the parent of wabc. it. i have a feeling you would have put that store in no matter what. >> i liked it. >> rob powers with sports. >> jets and giants kick off sunday. we check in with both quarterbacks but before that big game we get the knicks and nets tomorrow night.
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favorite 7' everything around. >> now i'm playing good and the fans are cheering for me, and it's the other way around. now it's the moment i've got to be focused. not too high, just doing my thing, playing my game, staying focused.
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giants-jets sunday at the meadowlands. giants 5-6 battling in their division while getting ready to battle the jets sunday to get back to the .500 mark. >> we're just worried about it's the game that's important for our season, and the possible outcome, and we'll see what happens. >> darrelle revis most like al no go with concussion. did he not practice today. we go back to the quarterbacks. he just heard from eli manning, 12 season, all with the giants. it ryan fits pack trite. the jets are his sixth team. >> i wouldn't trade it for anything. it i have enjoyed where i've played. i think it's made me a better quarterback. on ice, the rangers lost four out of five but they still have the best home record. that's where they get the avalanche. kaley peter soon.
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rangers after a liver transplant. kaley is my new favorite ranger. too bad her teammates couldn't capitalize. two second period goals. the avalanche made a couple of them count. less than a minute to go, 2-1, but that's the final score. rangers have now lost five of their last six games. all the goals apparently in carolina. so were the devil dads. the players afathers went on this trip. you can't disappoint dairy old dad. three-point night for camaleri. and finally, college basketball, number one kentucky at ucla.
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north carolina lost a couple weeks ago. cue the fans. kentucky loses 97-77. upsets already in early december.
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