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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> chilling new details tonight bernardino. an ominous message on social media. the fbi now says this was an act of terrorism. as we just showed you. we've just obtained this picture of tashfeen malik. plus, we go inside the home of the killers and give you a look at what they left behind before all of the carnage. good evening. it's 6:00. >> the fbi is now calling this investigation what many americans have been calling it for days, an act of terrorism. agents citing the extensive planning involved in this deadly massacre. >> the trigger for this fbi designation, a pledge of allegiance for isis. it was posted on facebook by the female shooter.
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town home with their baby. investigators found an arsenal of rounds. >> we have the lead story. >> reporter: north center street, redlands, california. it might as well be any street in any suburb in america. if you're looking into the window of lives of terrorists, you won't find that, at least not here. >> step inside the apartment, realize the killer newlyweds lived like virtually any other couple this suburban america. religious books mixed with child's toys, endless piles of papers, and unused exercise equipment. piles of laundry and dirty dishes in the kitchen. on one of the books is a prayer that reads praise be to alla who relieved my suffering and
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landlord doyle miller opened it to the media. he said syed farook and his wife had references and paid their rent on time. that he selected them over four other couples that wanted the apartment. >> they didn't tell me they were terrorists when they moved in. that wasn't on the application. >> how they acquired their arsenal is unclear. relatives continue to insist they have absolutely no idea what the couple was doing. >> i can never imagine my brother or sister-in-law doing something like this. >> the apartment in disarray after the raids by the fbi. they left behind a monitor but not the micro processor. the couple attempted to destroy their hard drives and cell phones. technicians are working to destroy them. >> we found nearby cell phones in a trash can. they were crushed. we have retained those cell phones, and we do continue to exploit the data from those
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>> i think this is appalling. obviously what happened is extremely tragic. it's shocking that it happened here in redland. you can't believe you turn on the news and see this. >> reporter: late afternoon in southern california, the apartment is one of those just across the street. neighbors sound calm when you speak with them, but that's misleading. they're all badly shaken over all of this. as one woman put it, if it could happen here, it could happen anywhere. live tonight, redlands, california. channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you. in light of today's events, mayor de blasio is reaching out to muslims. he'll speak at the muslim center in queens. he said it's important to ease fears of possible hate filled retaliation. muslims are being urged to
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tonight, a local sheriff stepping right into the debate. the sheriff doing something most police chiefs do not want. urging people to carry guns. and it is having an effect. here's marcus solas. >> i never thought i was purchase a weapon. >> with her newly issued pistol permit, irene kirk was on her way to pick up the gun she purchased for personal protection. her mind changed by recent events like wednesday's shooting in san bernardino. >> maybe you couldn't have stopped everyone from dying, but you could have put an end to it. >> that's the sheriff's reason encouraging citizens licensed to carry a firearm, to please do so. arms. >> it's not even a second
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these people are licensed. it's not an issue of getting a gun. if you have it, and you're comfortable with it, there are civilians that are partners in crime prevention. >> not everyone is on board. >> i think it's crazy. some of the people that's carrying guns, they're not too bright either. >> but naturally, gun sales are booming. on black friday, it processed a record amount of background checks. an average of two per second. >> it's nice i have the ability to hopefully protect myself and save myself from somebody that's trying to cause me great physical bodily harm. >> chris ruger owns a gun store and has carried a firearm for over 20 years. >> i feel like it's my right. >> as do the dozen two lined up for pistol permits today. channel 7, eyewitness news. we invite you to stay with us for the latest on this mass shooting in san bernardino.
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around the clock at our website. we're learning more tonight about the violent murder- suicide in brooklyn last night. a father n front of his two children, shot their mother and her male friend, and then he killed himself. all of this with the kids watching. tim fleischer is at the scene. >> reporter: this murder- suicide certainly has family and friends struggling to understand how all of this could happen. there are two victims, males, and a third woman has been wounded. the shattered lives of families. this means the loss of his cousin, 44-year-old kinly joseph who was shot and killed in what appears to be a jealous fit of rage. kinly joseph and a female friend were captured on surveillance video innocently
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before they were ambushed in their car. they were approached by jerry patterson, a boyfriend that riddled the windshield with bullets. the female was wounded and patterson was killed. he took his own life while his 11-year-old son and 6-year-old daughter, children he had with the female victim, sat in his car nearby. >> trevor gray is a long time friend and construction coworker of kinly joseph. as he watched others light candles, he remembered how they grew up together in grenada. >> it's hard. >> glenn alexis will miss his love of music. >> he likes to have fun and pick up his guitar and say, let's go play. >> he was playing his trump
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night before he was killed he loved his music. the two children were not injured. >> tim, thank you. special victims detectives trying to figure out exactly what happened to a 10-year-old girl who says she was groped on her way to school. whether it was someone she knew or when she got to her school, she told school authorities what happened, and then they called the cops. politics now, it's been a rough week for the republican presidential candidate donald trump. discredited claims that local muslims cheered the 9/11 attacks and some inappropriate comments to a jewish group, but it had been a good week for trump in the polls. tonight his highest margin of support. political reporter dave evans is here now with more. >> i think what jumps out in today's polls is how high trump's numbers have climbed. pundits have said he reached his peak. he couldn't get above 25%.
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poll. in part because of the threat of terrorism. >> with only two months before voting begins, trump is in great shape. he's up nine points since october to 36% now. his closest competitor, 20 points back. oddly enough, trump claims when there's mass violence, he does better with voters. >> sadly, every time -- every single time there's a tragedy, my poll numbers go up because they feel that i am going to take care of them, and they feel they want strength. >> today's polls asked who can handle isis best? trump the overwhelming favorite. trump does well, no matter what he says. yesterday at the jewish coalition, a cringe worthy deal. >> is there anybody that doesn't renegotiate deals in this room. >> but the league doesn't
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invoke antisemimet tick stereotypes. >> ted cruz campaigned at a gun range in iowa. like trump, he says some pretty outrageous things. >> the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are democrats. >> and cruz reserved some of his most for the president. >> the obama administration will become quite literally the world's leading financier of radical islamic terror. >> today's poll shows marco rubio improving. ben carson is sinking like a rock, down 8 points, but jeb bush is doing worse, registering just three points. yesterday he made this stab at trying to sound tough on hillary. >> and here's what i promise to you. should i win this nomination, i will take it to hillary clinton, and i will whoop her. >> today's poll also echoes republican voters think trump can handle the economy and immigration better than any other candidate.
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hillary clinton is up. she leads bernie sanders 58-30. >> thank you. about. service disruptions in hoboken, new jersey. shannon has why it's happening. she's in news copter 7. >> reporter: unfortunately there's a rail condition. terrible spot. what it means for you commute is that you have no service between where we are now -- we're over hoboken. service is suspended in both directions as well as journal square and 33rd street. this has been going on for half an hour. here we are in the meat of rush hour. unfortunately, no end in site. new jersey transit saying they era honoring newark pen station as well as hoboken penn station. bus service is an alternative for you. reporting live over hoboken, shannon stone, channel 7,
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. police are searching for two men accused of jewelry store robberies in midtown manhattan. they demanded watches and other items from a locked display case. it's the third high end jewelry store the men have robbed since september. >> get ready to pay more as you've. the human beings take effect on sunday.
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the lincoln and holland tunnels and the outer bridge crossings. easy pass rates are going to go up 75 cents. cash tolls will go up a dollar. easy cash customers will pay more during off peak hours, cash customers will pay $15 all the time. >> it should be rent.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. so the discussion on the set during the break was -- >> wait, wait, wait. where are you going with this. >> everybody got really nervous. >> is it going to be too warm for football this weekend? >> no. the computer prognosticating.
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chill at night but not by day this weekend. bridge. visibility is great. no weather delays. 49 degrees. a very gentle north wind. the pressure is on the rise. the high today, 51 degrees. normal. 8 degrees above average. a little chill. 45 degrees. normal chill the next two nights. then we're talking about five to ten degrees above average during the day. maybe upper 50s by sunday. can't rule out the coastal storm on tuesday. and then any storms we do get, probably two threats next week would bring rain. there's no cold air in site -- sight for the next couple of weeks. we'll have widespread 30s and even upper 20s by morning. 42 in brentwood. 43 in bell mar. here's your friday evening planner. there are some low clouds or
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that's going through eastern canada right now. high pressure is building in from the south and west. through monday. look at the clear skies. then we'll watch this, a piece northwest. week. it's likely going to be a storm center offshore, but it may be close enough to brush our coastline with some rain. at the very least, some clouds and maybe a brief period of storms along the coast. we'll have to watch that closely. meanwhile, i know we're talking about a mild weekend. we'll recover nicely into the afternoon sunshine. 50s. warmer on sunday. seven-day. afternoon. it will not be shocked to see some upper 50s over interior parts of new jersey. for the jets, giants, forecast 54 degrees, a west-southwest
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clear and chilly overnight. a light wind, 25-35 in the suburbs. 38 in new york city. up to 52. it's so nice out. tomorrow night, down to 30s. look at the seven-day. late october on sunday. monday is still nice at 54. as we look at tuesday, again, i want to repeat the storm is likely offshore, but i think close enough that part of the coast could get some cloud cover and rain. we'll see that. another threat of rain on thursday and friday of next week, but temperatures still across the board are around 50 degrees. no snow in sight. okay. >> me like it. >> okay. rob is up next this morning. it's the word nobody wants to hear. sandy alderson has heard it and he's ready to fight. now the mets gm will deal with
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>> the good news is it's treatable. >> had to go from the world series to this news. >> yeah. >> one month ago today we started to have concern for sandy alderson's health. he collapsed after a news conference. three weeks ago he you could went a medical procedure and doctors confirmed cancer. what kind of cancer, we don't know. all mets will say they believe alderson's cancer is treatable. he'll continue working as much as he can, but he'll not be at the general managers meeting. he's tough as nails, and he wants privacy to fight this. >> don mattingly hiring barry bonds to be the team's hitting coach.
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home runs stopped playing in 2007 tainted by the performance enhancing drug use. the jets won't have darrelle revis. he's ruled out of that game with concussion symptoms. so the pickup between revis and odell, jr. it could now fall on antonio cromartie to cover beckham one on one. >> he's a number one guy. it's a point for us, he made some great plays. you know, he's an explausive player. >> unfortunate he's not playing, but down the road, you know, you never know, there may be a matchup there. right now, we're focused on willing legit. nfl last night, the packers trailed the lions 23-21, 4th
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devon taylor called for a face mask. 61 yards away from the end zone, rodgers steps into his throw, gives it a heave. , hopes for the best. look here. packers win 27-23 on the final, final play of the game. that's no lions. at the garden tonight, knicks- nets. plenty to watch, plenty to look out for. twin brothers get a taste here. again, we don't know what kind of game we'll see, but we'll see you tonight. >> we didn't win the game against the rival. so it's just a game for us. >> championship boxin tomorrow night in brooklyn among the fights, the battle for the middle weight championship of
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159 pounds. to this one. >> finally, it's the time once again when alliteration runs wild and we glance into the future. time for the prognosis on the big game. this week it's the game, the giants against the jets. it's like a presidential election. tough one to pick. for. the revis injury is big, especially with this game. beckham may have to play big. the giants don't run well, and the jets switch up the run even if they did. no holds barred. in the end, the computer worked overtime to come up with giants 22-jets 20 in overtime. some people mad, some people happy. ease up, everybody. as always, your results may vary vary. >> all the reasons why the jets
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picks the giants. >> computer, wacky. to get to that score, though, there would have to be a safety in overtime. not only an overtime, there will be a safety. >> he fully understands that. >> so the odds are strong? >> he wrote it down. >> i will try. >> time now, eyewitness news at 11:00, here's preview. we we're closely following developments out of california and the investigation into the deadly mass shooting. tonight for the first time, we're going to hear from a terrorists. plus, the flu outlook and what many people are not doing, which the cdc says is not a good idea we'll have more tonight at 11:00. >> he's going to watch that >> uh-huh. >> that's it for us. thanks for watching. world news tonight with david muir is coming up next. we'll have much more on this
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