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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 5, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EST

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enjoy your weekend. good morning, america. the first look at the mom turned suspected mass murderer in the san bernardino rampage. a crime now considered a likely act of terror. >> we're now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> this morning, the new details on the suspected female shooter, pledging her allegiance to isis on facebook within moments of the attack. >> the investigation so far has shown indications of radicalization by the killers. >> was she the master mind? how did she get into the country? and new this morning, what isis is now saying about the attack. relatives shocked at the new parents and their deadly intentions. >> it's horrible. because, i mean, how do you -- how do we deal with that?
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couple hiding a terrible secret. what will happen to the infant they left behind? plus, inside the home of the aed killers. abc's matt gutman with the incredible room-by-room tour. >> authorities looked through this place with incredible care. breaking through windows. ransacking the place in order to >> this was the place they were cooking meals, changing diapers, and, inside the shooting scene. brand-new information about what went on during those four minutes of terror. 14 dead. >> two bullets hit straight above her head into the wall. >> and the lucky break that saved others. "gma" is all over the big breaking story this morning. >> good morning. we're dedicating much of the show this morning to that big and truly baffling story out of san bernardino. there it is. the first image of the mom who dropped off her 6-month-old baby
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with her husband. >> that is her passport photo. this morning, abc news has obtained a picture of tashfeen malik as a college student. in pakistan. lots of questions this morning about how she got into this country. also this morning, as police take the couple's car away for investigation, there are indications that the wife may have been the master mind behind this attack. where she was radicalized remains a mystery. >> with isis now issuing its first statement on the attack, "gma" has full team coverage. we start with chief investigative correspondent brian ross. brian, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan and paula. federal law enforcement officials believe it was the 29-year-old mother, tashfeen malik, who initiated the attack. radicalizing her husband and leading them down the road to the worst terror attack in this country since 9/11. within moments of murdering 14 people at her husband's holiday office party, tashfeen malik
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her allegiance to isis. a key clue that led the fbi to finally end any reference to this attack as workplace violence. >> we're now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: malik was born in pakistan. but moved with her parents to saudi arabia at the age of 4. returned to pakistan to attend college. where officials described her as a brilliant who wanted to be a pharmacist. her marriage last year came after she met syed farook on a matrimonial website. and had an engagement part in mecca, saudi arabia, while on a religious pilgrimage called hajj. and now, u.s. official are questioning where she was the one who radicalized her husband. >> it's not surprising that the woman would be the more radical of the two in this situation. terrorism is not gender specific. violence is not gender specific. at this point in the evolution of terrorism, it wouldn't be surprising to see a woman take an operational role. >> reporter: now, the search is on for others who may have been
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attack in the u.s. since 9/11. >> we know they were in electronic conversations with people here in the u.s. i'm not aware of all the overseas connections yet. we're working with foreign partners on that. >> reporter: and authorities are questioning the person who first bought the two high-powered semi-automatic weapons used in the attack. and sold them or turned them over to farook. >> the person is not under arrest at this point. as important, if not more important, are there others? are they based in the u.s.? outside the u.s.? we don't know the answers. >> reporter: lots of questions. assault-style weapons are not legal to be sold in california, for the most part. an fbi official said as we saw there the person being questioned is not under arrest. at least not yet. >> lots of questions. one of them is that isis released a statement overnight. they're not claiming responsibility. tell us what they're saying. >> reporter: they're praising the attack in california. and what they call the isis supporters. it's a further indication this
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not directed by high command like the paris attacks were. >> all right, brian ross, thank you very much. paula, over to you. >> thanks, dan. the family of syed farook say they are in shock. they've been questioned by the fbi. they've hired lawyers. they've spoken to our kayna whitworth. who joips us now from san bernardino. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: paula, good morning to you. so the oldest sister and brother-in-law of syed farook are having a hard time comprehending what happened. they tell me they're also working with the fbi on this terror investigation. >> yeah. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: this morning, syed farook's oldest sister, saira khan and her husband, telling abc news the couple that allegedly took 14 lives were like any other family. >> they, you know, kept to themselves a lot. they were a good couple. we thought they went together well. >> reporter: the khans stunned to learn of their
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when you hear the news that tashfeen pledged her allegiance to al baghdadi, what did you think? >> i have no idea who that is. i have no idea who she's pledging allegiance to. >> reporter: and now we're investigating terrorism. >> it's horrible. because, i mean, how do you -- how do we deal with that? >> reporter: family attorneys addressing the media friday. >> they're very traditional. the brothers did not ever actually seep her face. they didn't see her face because she did wear a burqa. >> reporter: the family remembers syed's garage as the place he liked to work on cars. >> his hobbies, which they still were, was building cars. this was the thing. he liked to go in his garage and work on things. they never used to invade his personal space. >> reporter: now, syed's sister has a personal message of
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those police say he and his wife killed this week. >> we can't imagine what going through. waking up one day and finding out that they got shot at. that they got fired at, it's horrific. >> reporter: left in the wake. a baby girl. now in the custody of child protective services. as a mother yourself, the thought of leaving behind a gorgeous baby girl is very hard for me to understand and for a lot of people to understand. >> i think it's harder for us to understand. especially knowing that, you know, he was our brother. how could he leave his only child? and how could the mother do it? >> reporter: and as she grows up -- how do you -- >> i think for the time being, we want her to enjoy her innocence. we don't want her to know everything. i think eventually, she'll find out on her own. >> reporter: so saira tells me on monday she's hoping to get the 6-month-old baby girl out of
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raise her as her own. they already have two children. the oldest one is having terrifying nightmares about the whole ordeal. dan? >> so much trauma that is not going away anytime soon. kayna, thank you. now to another bizarre development in this story. the landlord of the home where the farook family had been living opening the doors to reporters. inside you can see science of a normal family life. this was also where the couple was amassing an arsenal and building bombs. matt gutman is one of the reporters that got inside. he joins us. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the fbi removed almost anything of evideniary value from this house. you can see the computer terminal. leaving behind a portrait of what seems ordinary parents. you can see where the armored car hopped the curb and rammed down the door here. smashing the grass of this
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and the welcome mat. the homeowner pulling back the door to a double life. holes have been punched through the doors. a door ripped in half next to the bathroom. tremendous mess here. past the splintered front door, in the kitchen, a meal half eaten. cookware on the counter. there, open baby formula. the fbi turning the home over to its owner early friday who allowed reporters into his rental property. further inside, the blown-out sliding doors. authorities looked through this place with incredible care. in some places breaking down walls, bursting through windows. ransacking the place in order the find the evidence. digital data, especially, that they were looking for. upstairs, the nursery. beside that crib with stuffed animals, a pink jacket. children's books. a prayer rug. clearly this station must have been of enormous interest to investigators. the printer is here. the keyboard remains.
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but the guts of the computer taken by the authorities. all this array of driver's, social security card, credit cards was left on the bed here. one of the few things investigators seemed to leave here, religious books. and there h the closet, hanging shirts. nearby, silver baby shoes. up above, gun cleaner. one of the few things left here by investigators are these photos. i don't necessarily want to touch them. but clearly things that were left behind. seem to show joyous events, occasions. everybody together. disbelief in the neighborhood. >> that's the part that i guess surprised me the most. because it's just eerie to think that we have the same exact garage layout. >> it's like they were anonymous to all of us. it's really weird. >> reporter: about an hour after letting all the journalists back in, the landlord sealed it back up again, entombing the family's
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he later called the decision to allow everybody in a fiasco. dan? >> highly unusual to say the least. matt gutman reporting this morning. thank you, matt. paula, over to you. >> thanks, dan. we want to bring in two city officials. the police chief of san bernardino, jarrod burguan and sheriff john mcmahon. thank you for joining us. the wife came here on a fiance visa. is there any evidence to suggest that her radicalization happened here on american soil? >> i've seen the same things you're referring to in terms of statements made by others. keep in mind, we have to work on facts. i'm not sure that we, from a law enforcement standpoint, have those statements or if they're consistent with everything that we have. >> i have a question for you, sheriff. we know that the assault rifles were purchased by someone else. that person, are they considered an accomplice? where is that person this morning? >> the fbi is taking care of
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and working closely with the atf. they know where that person is located. they may or may not have custody of them. at this point. the assistant director of the fbi will know more about that. whether or not he's an accomplice, they'll make that determination. it's part of their ongoing investigation. they'll make the determination on the purpose of the weapons and how they were given to the suspects in this case. >> is there anything you can shed light on on how they got their hands on those two assault rifles? >> it's our belief that the person of interest that the fbi is looking at purchased those fire arms legally. and how they got to the suspect in this case, we're not exactly sure. that's part of the fbi and the atf's investigation. >> can either of you address the condition of the baby this morning? the couple left behind a 6-month-old. >> my understanding is federal authorities in conjunction with
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child and at some point in the next week, they will have a dependency hearing in the county of san bernardino to determine where, ultimately, that child will live, at least in the short term. >> a quick question. the last question. reports that the shooters, once they entered that room, they hit specific targets and then sprayed the room. is that how you're hearing things went down? >> i don't think we can say that for sure. we do know that they entered the room -- they came through the two doors that flanked both sides of the room on the east side. and, the only path of escape, really, for the folks in the room was into a hallway on the other side. so they really had people pinned in. i'll tell you it's remarkable to think that there were upwards of 70-plus people in that room when this happened. the casualties are a tragedy. our hearts go out to them. but the fact that so many people did escape is remarkable. >> you're both working day and night.
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mcmahon, we want to thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> details are truly horrifying. let's go to washington. abc news consultant brad garrett, a former fbi special agent. brad, good morning. a lot of people are asking how the wife, tashfeen malik, got into this country. she was let in on what's called a fiance visa. used by tens of thousands of people a year. does the government need to do a better job vetting these people? >> yes. in reality, dan, it's just going to slow down the volume of people coming to the united states. particularly under these circumstances. so, expect that. expect local authorities to have to produce more documents for the person traveling in this case, maybe saudi arabia. >> this will be a big issue for the federal government processing all of this. we know the couple smashed their mobile phones and hard drives. matt showed us that from inside their home. how difficult will it be for the fbi to retrieve that information? >> it depends on how badly it's damaged and what type of device
8:15 am
some of it, i suspect, will be able to be recovered. other parts may not. but the combination, they should be able to extract doctor i would hope, some very valid and reliable information they can use. >> i want to ask a larger question. after this attack and what happened in paris many americans are really scared. i guess my question for you is, is the fear truly justified? what is the most constructive way to channel the fear? >> the fear is justified. we have to keep this in sort of a reality base that this doesn't happen every day. you and i and others talk about it when it happens. let's keep it in context. the key is awareness. we all have to raise awareness. where are we? when we go into a mall, where are the exits? how would we get out if there was a fire? think about what you're seeing. if you see something not right, tell law enforcement. there was something going on in the garage for a long time. people may have had suspicions, tell somebody. >> see something, say something
8:16 am
thank you, brad. for your analysis this morning. we appreciate it. paula? >> a reminder to be vigilant. thanks, dan. we're learning more about the massacre inside the conference room that left 14 people dead. survivors and first responders are telling their stories. cecilia vega has the latest. >> my supervisor yells. she runs. she says shooting. gunshots. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: they were four minutes of sheer terror. jena was inside that building when the shooting started. people running from the gunfire across the hall into the coffee shop where she had been sitting. >> when i saw the police, i was like so -- yeah, we visit. we can leave. >> reporter: syed farook and his wife wearing tackty call gear, carrying extra ammo, armed for a rampage. opening fire inside a packed meeting and holiday party. unloading at least 65 rounds.
8:17 am
co-workers, taking cover where they could. amanda, a 31-year-old environmental health specialist fell to the ground. hit under a table. closed her eyes and didn't move. one of the shooters fired right at her hitting her multiple times. her family saying they stood over her and could have easily shot her in the head. but we are so grateful to god that they shot her in the leg and arm instead. this man's wife was in the room. >> two bullets straight above her head to the wall. >> reporter: she hid in a bathroom during the gunfire. pushing others in. saving their lives. >> all the people she was sitting with, they are killed. all dead. >> reporter: and witnesses say there was no shouting, no commands during the shooting. just open fire. now some of the witnesses tell us that this shooting happened during a break in the meeting they were attending. that meant people were in the restroom. people were getting coffee. they tell us had it happened
8:18 am
room, undoubtedly, we would be talking about more casualties out here this morning. paula? >> the worst. thank you, cecilia. join her later as she'll anchor "world news tonight" from san bernardino. dan? now to the politics of all of this. terror is a top issue in the presidential race. and the latest poll finds republican front runner donald trump growing ever stronger. devin dwyer is covering that. >> reporter: with his poll numbers at an all-time high, donald trump is warming up for an arrival at the white house. >> i was wondering what you would say to president obama. >> you're fired! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: thousands turning out for trump in north carolina, including protesters who interrupted him ten times. >> here's another one. look at this guy. >> reporter: despite his controversial views, trump is republicans' top pick to handle their biggest concerns, including terrorism. >> i would handle it so tough. you have no idea.
8:19 am
you don't even want to hear. you don't want to hear how i'd handle it. >> reporter: the shooting massacre in san bernardino setting off a debate on the campaign trail. >> if you had a couple of folks in there with guns -- [ cheers ] -- and that knew how to use them and that were in that room, you wouldn't have dead people. the dead people would be the other guys. >> reporter: ben carson linking one of the attackers' visa status to refugee policy. >> it really should end this whole arguen't about syrian refugees. >> reporter: at a shooting range in iowa, ted cruz called for an armed citizenry. >> you don't stop bad guys by taking away our guns. you stop bad guys by using our guns. [ applause ] >> reporter: hillary clinton focused on stopping guns from falling into the wrong hands. >> we need to go after the terrorists and do more to save the lives of americans every single day.
8:20 am
morning, called the san bernardino massacre an act of terror. in his weekly address he said it's an absolute tragedy for the country. dan and paula? >> the president weighing in this morning. thank you, devin. we want to go to rob for a look at the weather. apparently, rain will damper the parade in miami this morning.
8:21 am
>> they had >> dan says during the break, 51 in new york? yeah, that's mild. that pattern will continue for the next couple of weeks. we'll talk more about that. and, big doings today in college football. the playoffs will likely be set. we'll talk about the forecast for those games. >> awesome. >> thank you, rob. coming up here on "gma," back to the big story. the women joining isis. what would make them want to join a terror group and be ready to die for their cause?
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good morning. it's 8:27 on this saturday, december 5th. i'm rob nelson. topping headlines, police on long island are looking for a serial armed robber. the most recent happened last
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huntington station. the suspect tied up two women working at the salon then stole cash from the register. this is the only picture police have of the suspect who is believed to be behind 11 similar robberies at businesses across nassau and suffolk counties. the port authority pass raising tolls. the hikes take effect tomorrow at the gwb, lincoln and holland tunnels and bayonne and goethals bridges and outerbridge crossing. e-zpass rates up 75 cents.
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and welcome back to "gma." right now, a new picture this morning of the wife and mother, tashfeen malik, believed to have initiated the horror in san bernardino. now being investigated as an act of terrorism. all of this as new evidence suggests the killers may have not acted alone. fbi officials say a separate buyer purchased the assault rifles used by the shooters. >> there is a person that we know of their location who purchased those weapons. the salespersonperson is not under arrest at this point. was part of a broader terror cell. >> within moments of murdering 14 people at her husband's holiday office party, tashfeen
8:31 am
declare allegiance to isis. also on abc news, syed farook's sister, saira khan and her husband saying the couple were a good couple. and saying they had no idea. we continue our coverage with a closer look at the women of jihad. ready to kill and be killed in the name of god. >> how do they become radicalized to the point where martyrdom becomes their highest goal? tashfeen malik and her husband carried out a deadly attack. a report now from martha raddatz. >> reporter: isis recruiting videos actively target young women. enticing them to join the terrorist group as brides. this year, three young british schoolgirls secretly ran away from home to join isis in syria. caught on security cameras in an istanbul bus station. as they traveled a well-worn
8:32 am
which we recently retraced. this is the exact route the girls would have taken. they would have gotten off the metro, come right in here to the station. according to a recent study, in the last 21 months, at least 71 people here in the u.s. have been charged with isis-related activities. ten of them women. one from philadelphia arrested this spring, allegedly telling an isis fighter she met online that becoming a martyr would be amazing. a girl can only wish. some have been mothers, like tashfeen malik, who left behind a 6-month-old baby. there are people that would look at their mission to carry out a terror attack as much more important than being a parent? >> so it's -- they're prioritizing martyrdom over all other aspects of their lives. including raising a family. >> reporter: recent months have seen women volunteering to be
8:33 am
for "good morning america," martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> thank you, martha. back over to rob for another look at the weather. great to have you at the desk. >> it's nice to have a seat for a change.
8:34 am
mt. >> this weather report is brought to you by target. and a programming note. speaking of football. don't miss the college football playoffs selection sunday. tomorrow at noon eastern time. not only is clemson-north carolina at 8:00 p.m. tonight. we also have the big ten championship, pac-10 championship. all happening at 8:00. so we're all going to be fired
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he won't be watching. we'll tell him what happens. >> yeah, give him the highlights. >> they like to pick on me because i don't watch sports. >> that's okay. you have so many other -- >> i have other interests. and i meditate. speaking of meditation, something we're going to talk about when coping with holiday stress. coming up first, grinch busters. the new way companies are going high-tech to stop thieves from stealing your packages off your doorstep. sara, meanwhile, what is popping on periscope? >> we ask people to send us questions. i'm willing to do the investigative reporting. who thought i would do that? we always get rob to dance. my mission is to get dan to dance eventually. and paula is a good dancer. enjoy this group of people and behind the scenes, tune into our periscope. >> she can dance, but she can sing really well. >> no, nobody wants to hear that. >> all coming up on "gma."
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people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. it's a sure sign of the holiday season. like christmas trees and lights. only a little bit more sinister. >> the grinch and package thieves showing up on doorsteps to steal your holiday cheer. companies are turning to
8:39 am
grinches. abc's phillip mena, who is not a grinch, by the way, is here with more. good morning, phillip. >> reporter: good morning, paula, dan. it's about as low as you could go. stealing somebody's valuable holiday gifts from them before they can get them under the tree. this year, two of the country's biggest retailers are stepping in to help bust the grinch. 'tis the season. packages deliveries at an all-time high ahead of the holiday season. this year alone, all the major delivery services expect more than a 10% increase in packages to be sent from last year between thanksgiving and new year's eve. the u.s. postal service expecting to deliver 600 million packages. as does u.p.s. fedex says it will ship a record 317 million during the height of the holiday season. it's prime time for thievery. burglars snatching packages more brazenly than ever before. >> these criminals will follow the trucks. watch them deliver the package. within a certain amount of time,
8:40 am
anybody is home. if nobody's home, they crust take that package and leave. >> reporter: watch, as this guy walks up to the front porch and picks up the package. this thief rides his bike up to random mailboxes. here, a woman is seen snatching a package delivered only ten minutes earlier. this robber pulls into the driveway shortly after a package delivery. takes it. then boldly doubles back and takes a few oranges for the road. now, amazon and walmart are trying to help combat the problem. these porch pirates using bait boxes. they look like your average package, inside an expensive item. but also, a gps tracking device package is moved. it. >> we'll follow these people to wherever they're going to be hopefully, find more things they
8:41 am
>> reporter: the homeowner wasn't able to catch the thief in the act. but could help convict the thief at a later date. customers are installing stream to your cell phone, using doorman delivery apps. which will accept your packages, then deliver once you're home. paula? dan? >> i have only had one thing stolen. that was a box of hockey pucks. that's from the front door. >> i'm sure the thief opened that box up and was like, oh. hockey pucks. >> okay, thank you. coming up on "good morning america," staying healthy for the holidays. less stress and more merry and bright. hear. stay tuned. it's straight ahead. >> dr. ashton is here. >> dr. ashton is here. could there be another way? la vie est belle. la vie est belle,
8:42 am
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the holidays are a time for family, friends, festivities. all of that can take a serious toll on your health. here with some ideas to keep your holiday healthier. dr. jen ashton. jen, great to have you. i feel like we're so far away. >> yes, i've missed you. >> this time of year, what is the biggest issue you're seeing with your patients? >> hands down, stress. it's a stressful time of year. there are all these expectations. on top of that, these recent tragic terrorist events. there's no question that's infiltrating our psyche and consciousness. lp almost every patient who walks into my office is noting it's not just stress now. it's kind of segueing into anxiety. >> how do you combat that? >> i think misery loves company. speak up. don't suffer in silence. we're social creatures. try to be with other people. if you think it's severe and the stress and anxiety are affecting your life, talk to someone. your doctor, a mental health
8:45 am
someone in the clergy. just anyone. speak up. >> food is a big stressor. the holiday cocktails and beverages as well. what is your advice? >> so everyone is also stressed about gaining weight during the holiday season. worry about it the rest of the the year. don't worry so much about what you're doing now. you know what the right things are. moderation is key. we say it all the time. it is important. but you shouldn't be doing anything this season that's so egregiously different from what you're doing the rest of the year. >> so you're saying three margaritas instead of four. right? you say sleep is important. but even more so now at the holidays? how does that work? >> listen, to be clear. sleep is the secret weapon. if you do not prioritize sleep, of course, all the time, but definitely this season. it will affect the first two things we're talking about. it will lead to more stress and more weight gain. you have to make this the basis for your day-to-day behavior. you cannot make up for a lack of sleep during the week on the weekends. so right after i finish talking to you, i'm going back to bed. >> you're going back to bed.
8:46 am
thank you, jen. coming up, the dangers and the debate over double dipping at the holiday parties. we're going to be right back. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle) symbicort.
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you can eat 'em. >> i'm unsure if you -- you might hear a lot of crunching in the background of "pop news" because for some reason, they put chips and dip out here. >> i might get dan to pay attention to "pop" for once if i gave him snacks. >> it's working. >> it's working so far. we're going to begin with a video going crazy viral this morning. darth vader's job interview. you heard me right. it turns out feeling the force is not enough to make it as a member of the force in ft. worth. take a look. >> you can see, from my resume, i'm quite proficient at using the force. >> well, we refer to it as use of force.
8:49 am
same thing that you think it is. [ laughter ] >> no, not surprisingly sergeant steven enright didn't give darth vader the job. i'm surprised. he said the video was made as a recruiting tool. with nearly half a million views on facebook, we have to admit the force is strong with this one. if someone moves a coffee cup in an interview, i'm sorry. you're hired. >> he already has the riot gear. i mean, you know, yeah. fully equipped. >> absolutely. i hear that boba fett did get a job as a dogcatcher. next up, a definitive study for anyone with strong feelings about the famous double-dipping moment from "seinfeld." >> you dipped a chip. you took a bite. and you dipped again. >> so? >> that's like putting your whole mouth right in the dip! >> well, science has spoken.
8:50 am
haines' of the world, double-dipping is the worst. researchers at south carolina's clemson university found there are potentially thousands -- this is so gross -- of bacteria and viruses living in your oral cavity. i've been waiting to say "oral cav i haveity cavity" in "pop" for a long time. influenza, sars. spread through saliva. >> i'm not eating this. >> not yet. she hasn't double-dipped. >> stay away if you see people double-dipping. >> aggressive double-dipping. >> dip on one, bite it, turn it over, dip again. >> but you've touched it. >> my hands are not as dirty as my oral cavity. were you listening? >> how do we know? >> i don't know. that test is next week. >> that has legionnaire's over
8:51 am
if you're the sort of who enjoying taking risks, now you can branch out from adventure sports. this morning, i bring you extreme hair dressing. meet alberto. he's clearly a fan of edward scissorhands and -- he uses custom-made claw-like scissors. he uses samurai swords for longer hair. he said it's the only way to get the hair cut mathematically correct. why get a blow out when you can get a blowtorch. that is not a joke. >> you know how bad burnt hair smells? >> yeah, like burnt skin. never tan. and step aerobics might not be the trendiest workout around right now. a bunch of men are making a good case for a comeback. check them out in cincinnati. phillip says he's on a mission to prove men can and will do cardio. with 15 million views on
8:52 am
looks like he's building a strong fan base. jane fonda, eat your heart out. >> you should see rob and i do zumba. >> you don't do it. you stand at my kick-boxing class and stare into it. that happened. >> we stood at the window when she was doing kick-boxes. >> #awkward. >> and creepy. >> creepy stalkers. >> one man's creepy is another man's good sense of humor. see you tomorrow. no chips.
8:53 am
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as we close in on 59 a.m. -- 9:00 a.m. police are searching for a serial robber. eyewitness news is live with new information on his latest in suffolk county. >> a correction officer at rikers island is recovering after he was brutally beaten by an inmate. attack. >> words of praise from isis for the mass shooting that happened in california. are they taking responsibility for the massacre? we learn more about what happened inside the conference
8:55 am
>> good morning, looking at a live picture of lower manhattan december the 5th. thank you so much for being with us. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. good to have you with us. crisp, cold, clear, nice morning. >> not a bad fall whatsoever. amy freeze, thank you for that. >> it's beautiful outside. weekend. the pattern that has been holds true through the second week of december. looking outside, lots of blue skies, plenty of sunshine. looks beautiful over the park right now. temperatures have been in the low 40s. we are at 42 right now officially. temperatures will continue to climb and we are above freezing. a lot of the spots started cold this morning. poughkeepsie is up to 34 right now. 36 for monticello. andover in the 20s and currently up to 33 degrees. december delay, the next three
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