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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> this is one of a handful of similar robberies in long island over the last few months. aj ross is in the huntington station with the latest on this investigation. >> it's a cold and calculated crime spree that has spanned between nassau and suffolk county since this summerfelt police believe the same serial robber has done more than 13 in this area. this tanning salon in huntingto most recent target. two female employees were staring down the barrel of a gun rendered helpless. the suspect forced the pair to the rear of the store where he tied them up and with no other customers inside managed to clear out the register before slipping away. this photo taken from surveillance video is the best image police have of the suspect
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island robberies stretching back several stores have been targeted. this pier one was hit in the same manner with employees and customers forced to the back of the store and restrained while one worker open the safe. >> the sheriff's department is doing everything it can to both prevent additional robberies and to investigate the we can bring this perpetrator to justice. >> here's another look at the suspect who typically wears a hat or hoodie to conceal his face. he's managed to snatch their surveillance camera footage before leaving. right now a $5,000 cash reward is being offered to any information leading to arrest. people can call crimestoppers.
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details continue to unfold about the husband and wife team accused of killing 14 people this week in san bernardino, california. family members say they had no idea what the suspects had in mind, but some who knew tashfeen malik in pakistan say a change came over her in the past few weeks. the fbi is investigating the mass shooting as a terrorist attack. meanwhile, more accounts of survival and death are coming to light. abc's elizabeth hur has the latest from california. >> reporter: jenna was inside a room full of coworkers at a christmas party when two shooters unloaded at least 65 rounds. another victim described the horror to her sister. >> she said as soon as the gunfire started everyone dropped desks. she was trying to shield
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>> reporter: that man, shannon johnson, held his arms around her, telling her, i got you. he did not survive. >> we're now investigating these horrific acts as an act of terrorism. >> reporter: officials are now trying to find out more about the husband and wife shooters, syed farook and tashfeen malik, and whether malik may have radicalized her husband. she posted to facebook around the time of the deadly rampage to declare her legion to isis. >> terror is not gender specific. violence is not gender specific. at this point at this point in the evolution of terrorism it wouldn't be surprising to see a woman take an operational role. >> reporter: isis is releasing videos targeting young women enticing them to join the terrorist group. they leave behind a 6-month-old baby. >> they're prioritizing martyrdom above all other things in life including raising a family. >> he was so happy with her. how could he leave his only
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>> reporter: the couple's neighbor is also left wondering. >> it's like they were anonymous to all of us. it's really weird. >> authorities are now questioning the person who first bought the two high powered semiautomatic weapons used in the attack and either sold them or turned them over to farook. elizabeth hur, channel 7 eyewitness news. we're just learning this evening that investigators raided the home of a former neighbor of the suspects who may have provided the powerful assault rifles to the killers. >> federal authorities are digging deeper in to the background of the female suspect, tashfeen malik. let's start off with the raid and what information was gathered from that. >> we know they raided overnight this farook's father. a former neighbor appears to have provided these two high powered assault rifles, bought them legally apparently but did provide them to farook.
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know, he was not involved in any way in this attack. >> been a lot of focus on her connection before his happened. but we're learning more information about his connections to isis. >> right. we learned today he had been in some social media connection perhaps with isis recruiters, a key american who is known to recruit others, he was involved in helping urge on the people who attacked that muhammad cartoon contest earlier and he's the one who urged his american brothers, because he's from minneapolis originally, urged american brothers to attack. we believe the investigators are looking on whether farook had ties to that isis recruiter. that would mean with overseas people. isis put out a statement praising the attack, calling them isis supporters, which is really an indication this isn't an attack directed by isis but an attack inspired by isis.
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>> they believe she's the him. she was the mastermind behind the attack. when they had that incredible chase in the car, she was in the back with her weapons firing at police. he was driving. >> which is unusual. you're also telling us this weekend investigators went back to the scene of the crime and they've done a re-enactment. >> absolutely. a kind of forensic walk-through where they went through and used the lasers to trace the trajectory of each and every bullet, trying to put together almost a second by second recreation of what actually happened in what they call the kill room. >> no rest for the weary this weekend for investigators. thank you very much. we'll have much more on the investigation tonight on world news tonight. and stay with us here at eyewitness news and abc 7 ny for the very latest developments in the investigation of the san bernardino mass shooting. other news this evening, a
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sights set on curbing gun drive violence, announced earlier today by reverend al sharpton. he said he's hoping it will press congress to create national gun violence awareness month. >> for us to sit around and fight for our own lives. >> speaking this morning, reverend sharpton announced a call for signatures. joining him, congressman john rangel, to designate the month of june for national gun violence awareness month. >> everybody knows somebody that's been shot or they've lost a loved one. we're losing more here at home than we're losing in the legal unconstitutional wars that our nations are involved in today. >> a filmmaker spike lee was also in attendance this morning. he says he is announcing a march
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of his new film in support of victims of gun violence in reverend sharpton will talk more about his new campaign about gun violence with eyewitness news anchor bill ritter on up close tomorrow 7. a standoff in a wisconsin town has ended with two people hurt. police in nina say one man surrendered following a shooting and four-hour hostage situation at a motorcycle shop apparently because of a dispute with the owner. the man went in to the shop this morning and opened fire. a police officer was hurt but not seriously. another person was hurt. their condition is unknown. new yorkers with outstanding warrants for low level offenses got chances to clear their names today. the brooklyn district attorney held his latest begin again event in bedford stuyvesant. anyone with an open summons for a minor
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more than 1300 summonses were dismissed in the previous two events. an alert for drivers. get ready to pay more at some toll booths in our area. the port authority is raising tolls this weekend. the hikes take effect tomorrow at the george washington bridge, the lincoln and holland tunnels, the bayonne and the outer bridge crossing. easy pass rates will go up 75 cents. cash tolls will go up a dollar. that means easy pass customers will pay $10.50, $12.50 during peak hours. cash customers will pay $15 at all times. coming up on eyewitness news, some teenage hockey players on long island make it their mission to help a little boy battling a brain tumor. they rally their team and fans to put a smile on his face and make his biggest dream come true. >> santa claus hits the ice on long island in order to make
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their families have a very merry christmas. >> weather-wise, as quiet as can be. temperatures around 50. we're looking for an even warmer second half to your weekend. how long will this docile december stretch continue? it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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today on long island santa claus abandoned his sleigh and reindeer to celebrate the holidays with active members of
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st. nick opted for blaring lights and sirens as he rolled in to an ice rink on a fire in addition to presents was free. being away from family this holidays, you get to have fun with other military personnel and celebrate this wonderful day and spend time with santa and have a joyful time. >> nassau county executive ed manganau hosted the festivity. native american artists are in new york city for an art the smithsonian's native art market show wait a seconds traditional crafts and art including prints. you can buy items directly from the artist at the national museum of the american indian in lower manhattan. there are also demonstrations and discussions of the historical significance of the pieces. december 5th, is it really? it doesn't feel
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>> there's no cold in sight really. and we'll talk about those super long range forecast coming up next half hour. at least during the next seven days, no cold air in sight. the coolest days are in the upper 40s. >> we know january and february are coming. >> think of last year, december. then bam, winter january. beautiful night out there as we look over toward lower manhattan from brooklyn. 50 degrees right now your temperature in the city. that wind is completely calm. the pressure, 30.66 and rising. pressure is super high with high pressure in control. that's why we have the fair weather and the high on the day got a degree higher, 51 earlier this afternoon after a morning low of 40. just to put everything in perspective, normal high is 47. 70 was your record back in 2001.
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approach that winter solstice coming up later this month. shortest day of the year. sunshine tomorrow through monday. we've been watching on the models a coastal storm showing up. that should stay offshore tuesday, at least the vast majority of it should. then really no cold in sight. next weekend could even be warmer. we could be approaching record warmth. right now, 49 at teterboro. 50 at laguardia. temperatures in the low 40s. down to 42 at sussex. mid 40s radar, this? absolutely nothing here over the tri-state area. we zoom things out. this is kind this is it shows you that broad clockwise flow around the area of high pressure which has been providing us the really nice not december-like weather during the past several days, as a matter of fact. then we watch a system coming in from the midwest.
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redevelop offshore during the day on tuesday and that could spread at least some clouds in here especially along the coast. mostly sunny and mild in the meantime for tomorrow. high getting up to around 54. heading in to the day on monday, we'll watch this system come in from the midwest. this will try to redevelop. high clouds in here. high getting up to 53. in parts of eastern long island, could get a couple showers as that coastal system accelerates during the day tuesday. otherwise clouds around here. accuweather forecast for tonight, clear, down to 38, midtown. near or below freezing in many of the suburbs. today. repeat tomorrow night tonight. maybe a couple degrees warmer. clouds and sun on monday. 53. our cool days are tuesday and wednesday. respectively. on tuesday we have to watch eastern long island. they might be close enough to maybe get a shower or two.
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degrees. that's assuming we get sunshine. there's a chance we get more clouds and a little bit of rain. that would keep temperatures a little bit lower. maybe in the low 50s. we're getting off lucky so far. you're going to like this story. two teenage hockey players on long island made it their goal to help make a very sick little boy's dream come true. >> 4-year-old luke has a terminal brain cancer, and he desperately wants to go to disney world. so the two players along with help from their team and the make a wish foundation, they pulled together to make it happen. >> reporter: luke looks a lot 4-year-old. his parents that simple. but luke has a terminal brain tumor and that makes every moment with his family that much more precious. >> the original diagnosis was hard to swallow, hard to take. it was probably the hardest day of our lives.
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like so many other kids his age world. >> what are your most favorite rides at disney? >> reporter: that's where 16-year-old hockey buddies lenny schwartz and kyle jatits come the pair reached out to the make a wish foundation on long island. that's how their mission to send world was born. >> his courage and bravery is what stood out to me the most. that's what truly meant a lot to us. >> our goal is to help luke and his family but also influence others to do the right thing. >> reporter: over the weekend here at the superior ice rink, the teens and the long island royals dedicated their game to luke as part of the make a wish foundation fundraiser and they met the 4-year-old and his family for the first time. >> it was just heart touching and a special feeling. probably a feeling i'll never forget. >> with all the stuff that goes
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and whatever else going on, it was remarkable to see how they kind of orchestrated the whole thing. >> reporter: it turns out lenny and kyle have exceeded their original $7,000 goal. actually raising more than $9500. so luke and his family are going to disney world. thanks to the kindness of strangers turned lifelong friends. >> lenny and kyle, i'd love for my boys to grow up to be just like them. terrific. as was luke. lenny and kyle say they'll use the extra money they've raised to help fund another child's wish. >> during this season of giving, that's a great gift right there. laura behnke next with sports. >> that's a hard act to follow. the first edition of the new york basketball rivalry is now in the books. it wasn't much of a rivalry. as the knicks and nets clashed last night with new york, not brooklyn, looking like the team that was in the
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fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. you make me feel so young... it's what you do. you make me feel so spring has sprung. the hometown teams faced off on the hardwood and the outcome wasn't what everybody expected. >> tomorrow we have the
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last night the rivalry weekend was started with the basketball battle for new york as the nets and knicks clash at the garden. round one this season handily goes to the knicks who easily took care of business against brooklyn thanks to the combination of carmelo anthony and chrisops porzingis. moving themselves back to the .500 mark on the season as the nets fell to a disappointing 5-14. >> being here in new york, there's always going to be something. everybody is going vice versa. this game. >> it's tough when you get those first few easy ones, the crowd gets in to it. they came out hot. from the battle of new york to the battle of new jersey. seton hall and a match-up of teams. they met in the garden state hardwood. flush.
5:24 pm
1st it was isaiah whitehead feeding michael enze. carrington lobbing it up. the pirates roll. and syracuse today trying to bounce back after their loss week. georgetown had other plans. bench. certainly approved. the hoyas kept up the pressure. the turn rnd around hook -- 79-72. syracuse loses its second game in a row. the rutgers and syracuse football teams are done playing for the season and they soon may be done hiring. today the orange confirmed they've named their next head coach. scarlet knights are reportedly close to making their own announcement. after kyle flood was fired, rutgers is expected to bring in chris ash as his replacement, current defensive coordinator at ohio state. both new coaches are expected to come on monday.
5:25 pm
from the university of pittsburgh's baseball team. the panthers, it turns out. have a new recruit. he's 16 years old and here's the catch. he's never actually played the game. >> reporter: gearing up for another season thanks to the support they've received all fall from an unlikely source. >> we are a much better team. just knowing josh 's story and having him apart of what we've done here in the fall. >> reporter: josh, the 16-year-old from the north hills, he's awaiting a heart transplant but along the way has built a special bond with a group of guys who just happened to play the game he loves. >> the first day josh met all of you, your enthusiasm was overwhelming. your compassion and understanding has been incredible. >> reporter: he's just one of the guys. >> we look for guys that want to be champions. i think we
5:26 pm
>> reporter: now with the help of team impact, he became an official sponsor. signing his letter of intend. >> welcome to the family. congratulations. >> great job by the panthers. of course tomorrow as we mentioned the jets and giants will take center stage. coming up at 6:00, we'll hear from both teams. for now, back to you. >> it will be a busy sunday for you. still to come on eyewitness news, is it a holiday tree or a christmas tree? the decision to keep christmas in the name of a tree lighting ceremony in one controversy among leaders. >> also ahead, the uk launches aim and takes aim at the islamic state group with another round of air strikes in syria. >> and the mass shooting in california now considered a mass shootings across the country what is
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a quick look at today's top stories. investigators are uncovering more details about the husband and wife team accused of gunning down 14 people this week in southern california. today authorities raided the home of a former neighbor who may have provided the powerful assault rifles to the killers.
5:29 pm
announced a new petition drive to curb gun violence today and hopes it will pressure congress to designate a national gun violence awareness month. >> police on long island are looking for the man who terrorized and robbed workers at a tanning salon. the latest in a string of robberies that appear to be connected. good evening again. i'm sandra bookman . >> and i'm joe torres. a controversy in new jersey tonight surrounding the word christmas. a city councilwoman resigned minutes after a vote that changed the town tree lighting to a christmas tree lighting. >> just minutes ago we learned new developments about that decision. eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live with details. >> the council president approximately the news to us that she is in fact rescinding that letter of resignation. she met inside the building behind us with the mayor in his office. they decided it was time to have a conversation about this.
5:30 pm
conclusion they came to, that she will continue her work with the council but a committee will discuss this issue further. this is the tree in question. the official name of the ceremony was a holiday tree lighting ceremony. that's what it's been called for the last 20 years. now from this point forward it will be called a christmas tree lighting ceremony. the mayor told me he wanted to bring the word christmas back in to the equation. he brought the issue up for a vote. the council voted 4-2 in favor of using the council president submitted her letter of resignation the very next morning. >> this is using municipal funds to have an event, the tree lighting event and so on, and i think if you're using municipal funds, you have to be careful to be representing as larnl a -- as large a part of the population
5:31 pm
>> for 64 years of my life it was a christmas tree. that's what it is. i don't mean to offend anybody in any way, shape, or form, but it is a christmas tree. it's not a holiday tree. it's not a pear tree. it's a christmas tree and this is the season. >> that is exactly what that ceremony will be called on december 11th. it will be referred to as a christmas tree lighting from this point forward. but again, that council president saying this needs to be a topic of conversation, a discussion she'll have with the committee and moving forward, he hopes this conversation can continue. mallory hoff, channel 7 eyewitness news. british fighter jets have carried out a second round of air strikes on isis targets in syria. the british defense ministry released this video of
5:32 pm
hitting oil fields should group. they've been hitting them in syria as well. after getting approval from parliament earlier this week. authorities in camaroon say the nearly 1,000 hostages freed from militant extremists are being reunited with their families. camaroon's defense minister says that 900 people were rescued from a boko haram strong hold near the nigerian border last week. it's unclear if the 200 girls taken from their school last year are among those freed. authorities say troops killed about 100 boko haram fighters and took another 100 prisoner in the joint military operation. the disputed crimea
5:33 pm
up electric pile ons in ukraine leaving them without power. president and foreign ministers from countries around the world are in paris tonight as they work out the final points in a blueprint drafted to fight climate change. the draft was completed this morning just before the deadline set for noon paris time. it highlights multiple sticking points that most dealing with how to define the obligations of the countries in different stages of the climate new jersey senator cory booker is among 10 u.s. democratic lawmakers in paris to stress the urgency of the climate talk. documents released late last night by the chicago police department contradict video showing the police shooting death of a teenager. reports filed immediately after that shooting say 17-year-old laquan mcdonald approached officers in an aggressive manner while
5:34 pm
led investigators to rule homicide. video released last week of that october 2014 incident shows mcdonald veering away from officers before being shot 16 times. the officer who shot him is facing murder charges. while investigators evidence following this week's mass shooting in california. many people across the country are asking themselves what would i do in a similar situation? eyewitness reporter tim fleischer explains why you need to know the abcs. avoid, barricade, and confront. >> reporter: an active shooter situation is about to take place in this airport. while david katz with global security group uses scenarios like this to train police officers, it also illustrates how most innocent people will react. >> last thing you want to do is freeze. >> reporter: but there the people are. >> the one back in the corner. >> this couple here. they didn't even
5:35 pm
people in the same situation won't move. >> reporter: that's when david says you need to remember your abcs. the first being avoid. >> if you have a clear path, if you can run and get out, do it. running is always your best option. number one, you get out of the line of fire. number two, even if you are being shot at, if you're a moving target it's not that easy. >> reporter: if you cannot get out, he says think barricade. >> get in to a room like this one. close the door. lock it if possible and put whatever piece of furniture you have in that room against door. pile it up. >> reporter: if you're in a larger group of people, your next option is to confront the shooter. >> pick up whatever you can, use objects, fire extinguisher, distract them. attack them in a very deliberate aggressive manner and do not stop until they're no longer a threat. >> reporter: he points out the nypd will arrive in 3 to 5 minutes. while you're not
5:36 pm
shooter threat, you need to immediately call 911. in any situation, david shows in this scenario to be mindful of your surroundings. the woman wearing headphones is clearly not aware of the threat around her. >> the new normal as they say is the fact that in the back of your mind, you always think of the what if scenario. are you happy with your cell phone provider? coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, sticking with a smaller cell phone company may have bigger perks. a new study by consumer reports may have everyone rethinking their provider. >> and another company follows the growing trend of giving new
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most of us still get our cell phone service from one of the big four wireless providers, sprint. but a consumer reports survey finds people who use smaller services tend to be happier. >> reporter: people love being on their cell phone, but for many, that love does not extend to their cell phone service. >> cell phone bills are crazy. >> i don't like paying a lot of money. >> the bills are too high.
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asked 90,000 of its subscribers to rate their cell service. >> we asked them about data, texting, voice, customer service, then we asked them if money. >> reporter: verizon wireless, at&t, and sprint get the lowest rating possible for value. t-mobile is a better deal but it still ranked lower than some of the smaller providers. >> people who use consumer cellular and tang get top marks for value and customer service but were also quite pleased with the data and voice. >> reporter: ting customers are billed for the service they used rather than paying a flat rate. >> my bill literally cut in half. >> reporter: it uses the sprint and t-mobile network. it offer as variety of phones including the samsung galaxy s6 and iphone 6s. it makes it easy to check if you can use your old phone. consumer cellular is also highly rated.
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it offers combination talk, text, and data plans for as little as $25 per month. >> consumer reports survey was conducted before sprint's recent announcement about cutting prices. however sprint also got relatively low scores for voice and data. in addition, consumer reports surveyed people who use a prepaid phone service. among the best liked are republic wireless, cricket, and page plus. a growing number of companies increasing paid parental leave for workers. the company will offer new moms six months of leave while increasing paid paternity leave for three months for new dads. the benefits will go in to effect next year for hourly and salaried employees. facebook parental leave policy. reality star kim kardashian and rapper kanye west have
5:42 pm
she had the baby. last month kardashian revealed her baby was breach but doctors carried out a successful procedure to move the baby in to the proper position for delivery. representative says mom and baby are doing well. this is the second child for the couple. their daughter north was born in 2013. many of us watch what we eat when we're watching our waist lines. >> that's not the only reason we should be paying attention to our meals. coming up on
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certain foods off y holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. proof of just how good the weather has being. jeff played golf yesterday. >> those golf clubs aren't going anywhere any time soon either because this nice weather is going to continue well in to the week. next weekend might be even warmer than this weekend.
5:45 pm
we head deeper in to the month of december. we head outside right now. all the people out and about in the city enjoying this holiday season. beautiful night out there. temperatures are right around 50 degrees right now. that's why we have so many people outside of our eyewitness studios in addition to joe and sandra waving outside. 50 right now. that wind is calm. clear skies. just have a beautiful night with high pressure firmly in control. next seven hours, tempting erature -- temperatures -- - temperatures falling. wind is calm throughout the entire night. 54 at morristown. 52 at belmar. this represents temperatures about 5 to 7 degrees above normal for this time of the year. and right now you are falling more rapidly in the suburbs to the upper 30s. 41 at middletown. 45 at newburg. 44 in new city. belmar down the
5:46 pm
45. you're 45 at islip on the island. i showed you this big area of high pressure last half hour. i want to zoom things off to the west and show you a lot of storminess moving on to the west coast. this is partly due to the el nino situation. warmer pacific ocean waters. a lot of storms moving out of the west coast. with that strong pattern it actually makes it so milder air is allowed to come up from the gulf of mexico. the polar vortex which we talked about so many times last winter and the winter before cannot drop to the south. so it's keeping the cold air away. it looks like it will do so for the near future. highs tomorrow getting up to 54 in the park. in the meantime, here's your accuweather forecast for tonight. clear. we're down to 38 at midtown. near or below freezing in many of the suburbs. about 54 tomorrow though under mostly sunny and mild conditions down to about 41 tomorrow night. here's your accuweather 7-day forecast.
5:47 pm
cloudy tuesday. we will be watching a coastal storm. i think that will just off to our east. could be showers over eastern long island. then back to clouds and sun. then middle and upper 50s. i can't believe i'm saying that for next wednesday. this is about as docile of a december pattern as you can ask for. >> we'll enjoy it while it lasts. back pain is second only to a common cold when it comes to reasons for missing work. >> now a new york doctor says for many people the daily discomfort relates to what they eat. amy freeze has more on how some patients find relief. >> reporter: new yorker kelley has 20 years of chronic back pain before finding relief. >> my neck hurts. my back hurts and i have to sit at the computer for another 12 hours. >> reporter: she was referred to dr. todd in midtown who believes the foods we eat can cause back pain.
5:48 pm
got results and lost 18 pounds just changing her diet. >> it's mind blowing how much he's helped me. >> for a lot of people one of the major factors or causes of back pain is the food they eat and the drinks they're drinking. >> reporter: kelly quickly learned her daily meals and quote/unquote favorite foods were irritating her body. >> we want to find the right foods and drinks for you that's unique to the individual to cut down the inflammatory factor. we lower the inflammatory factor. loand behold your back pain goes away. >> patients should begin by writing down what they eat for seven days. >> culprits could be the white bread, sugars, pastas, sodas, caffeines. >> reporter: dr. senate works with registered dietician to eliminate each patient's food sensitivity. >> you can make really simple things that keep your blood sugar stable and keep your energy going far longer. >> reporter: using the balanced
5:49 pm
fresh produce and avoiding the same foods over and over can stop inflammation and pain for patients. dr. senate says a diet change like this for three weeks can eliminate the pain all together and even helps his patients avoid surgery. >> now i have a lot more energy and can spend more times doing the things i love and enjoying life more because i feel good. >> reporter: amy freeze, channel 7 eyewitness news. a teenager facing charges in missouri seems to be taking inspiration from his name. the 19-year-old bud wiser, yep, that's his real name, was arrested thursday after police say he broke in to a st. louis brewery. which brewery, want to take a guess? budweiser of course. police say he broke in to a gas station. coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00, members of one community in the bronx want to
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dark, dirty, and dangerous. that how some neighbors describe gentrifying community in the bronx.
5:52 pm
reporter marcus solis tells us, the bureau president has now that area. >> it smells. it's dirty. they never clean the area. >> reporter: which is why this bronx resident has called 311 multiple times to complain about this parking lot in monthaven. g&s parking sits underneath the major expressway at 1 throiskt street -- at 135th street. a they avoid walking near. >> it's like being in the bronx tigers and bears and things. you don't know what going to jump out at you. >> reporter: the bronx fair president is more blunt calling the property an eyesore. showing signs of an economic turn around. >> what we don't want is for people to think this is still the bronx of the '70s and '80s. >> reporter: there are two major complaints. droppings from pigeons' nests overhead,
5:53 pm
acknowledges there are some cosmetic improvements the business can make but says adding spikes to deter birds is out of their hands. >> as far as the concerns i've heard from the customers or the people around, we've done our best to make those adjustments but we also need help from the city. >> we're prepared to work with them. we're prepared to work with the state and city who are always add odds with each other over who has jurisdiction over the property, whether it's the highway or underpass. >> reporter: the business says it's provided a service to the community, affordable parking for the last 20 years. regardless, the borough for a cleanup. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. the victims of bernard madoff's fraud scheme are they started distributing $1 billion. individual victims will get million.
5:54 pm
seventh anniversary of madoff's arrest. he's serving a 150-year prison term. coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00, the mother turned mass murderer. new details about the shooters behind the massacre in san bernardino. >> tense moments when a barrage of bullets are fired at a motorcycle shop on a main street. >> how this robber gets rough with his victims before he runs off with the money.
5:55 pm
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