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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  December 6, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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67 and columbus outside our studios. 42 degrees in central park. temperatures around the boroughs in the low to mid-40s as yes start off this day. looks like another beautiful above average day with temperatures 38 for hauppauge. 37 massapequa. 35 great neck. not everybody seeing the reduced visibility but there are patchy areas of fog across the area. 28 monticello. 29 poughkeepsie. 27 sussex. there are spots below freezing. it won't take long to warm everybody up. we will see improvements there. poughkeepsie is one of the spots where we have zero visibility. down to 3-mile visibility in mainly the problems are up north where we have seen the dense fog areas. seaboard. weekend. in fact, lots of sunshine. a light southwest wind. temperatures to 54 this afternoon. in a few minutes, we will talk temperatures above average and the potential for the coastal storm, what it means for us
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those details are ahead in the seven-day >> thank you. developing right now, a raging fire ripped through an abandoned home in queens early this morning. one of several that officials are now considering suspicious. take a look at the untameable flames in an out of control fire. kristin thorne is live at a forest hills jewish center where a meeting is underway to of fires. good morning, kristin. >> good morning, rob. six fires in this fringe of arsons which is why members of the community are at the jewish community center. they want to find answers. they want to find a person doing this. they say enough is enough. police releasing a photo of a man seen leaving this fire earlier this morning. here it is. it was a picture taken by someone who lives in the neighborhood and saw this man peeling out from the scene. a clear picture of him. he is considered a person of interest in this most recent
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this fire happened around 12:30 this morning, 69th road, forest hills. the same property was set on fire november 15th. all these fires are happening in residential construction sites. six of them since november 8th. thankfully in any incident. people who live in forest hills are stunned that this has happened again. >> we are shocked. many all the communities are shocked. i want to know how to catch the person. >> reporter: police say in nearly all of these incidents, the suspects enter the construction sites, ignites flammable materials then runs away. if you want another look at the picture, go to our web site, abc7ny. live in forest hills, queens, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. well, now to a terror investigation in london. witnesses captured the incident on cell phones. a man armed with a knife
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one person slashed in the neck. everybody is expected to be okay. police officers used a taser to take the suspect down and arrest him. there are reports that the manmade references to syria during that attack. now, this latest incident comes as police in california try to find more answers behind the attack in san bernardino. president obama will give a speech from the oval office shooting. the investigation into the attack is moving fast and focusing on a one time neighbor of syed farook who sold him two of the guns used in the massacre. matt gutman is in california with the latest. >> reporter: fbi descended, smashing in the garage doors, breaking windows as they searched the home of the man that they believe supplied syed farook with the two high profiled rife feels. >> i woke up to residents please come out with your hands up. >> i heard the windows
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pulled, all the damage is caused by -- caused during the >> reporter: officials telling abc news that the s.w.a.t. team search was purely precautionary. neighbors say they saw farook around all the time. >> seemed like a couple of guys sharing a common hobby, working on cars together. >> reporter: they saw no sign of the guns that would kill so many. >> i never heard them talking about guns or heard anything suspicious or else this whole thing probably wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: those signs were abundant in the black ford s.u.v. the fbi towed to a lot this weekend. >> we have gunshots. we have gunshots. >> reporter: an fbi cream scene reconstruction team is using lasers to retrace every bullet fired. >> it was scary.
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i saw two bodies laying on the floor in a buddle of blood. >> reporter: combing through boxes of evidence removed from the sprawling complex where hundreds took cover. >> we blocked the door, peaked out from the window and i see all these s.w.a.t.s and police coming to the building and i was terrified, really terrified at that point. >> reporter: in the room at a holiday party where farook left his jacket and a bag before returning to attack. >> do you remember seeing the jacket. >> i said syed left belongings there. >> that was matt gutman reporting. >> the president will address terrorism and his plan to defeat it. the speech is at 8:00 tonight on channel 7. as expected, the latest mass shooting has triggered a renewed call for stricter gun
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the president of liberty university has called on students to get permits to carry a concealed weapon. so, they are prepared in case of a mass shooting. as you can imagine, politicians on both sides are fueling this debate yet again. >> the strategy that we had in california, nobody has a gun except the bad guys. >> you have to strengthen and expand instant background checks. >> president obama also weighing in during his weekly address. he talked about how people on the no fly list, meaning the folks not allowed to board a plane in america but can legally buy a gun, that's something he would like to change. the white house overall is trying to build momentum for congressional action on gun control and is considering possible executive orders as well. local lawmakers in new york are trying to curb gun violence.
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took 60 guns off the street. the brooklyn district attorney sponsored the buy back in flatbush. a handgun or assault rifle exchanged for a $200 bank card. rifles, shotguns and air guns each for a $25 card. nypd community officer tweeted a picture of some of the guns that were surrendered. well, still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. tolls went up on some of the major crossings in the area. get ready to wrap your head around the new charges. and, meteorologist amy freeze
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cha-ching with respect the tolls. if you have to cross one of the bridges or tunnels, tolls at the george washington bridge,
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bayonne, goethals, outerbridge crossing, tolls are going up. e-zpass rates up 75 cents. cash tolls a dollar. e-zpass customers, we are paying 10.50 during off peak hours and 12.50 during did the peak hours. cash customers, you are paying $15 any time you cross the bridge or tunnel. well, today, several members of the eyewitness news family will brave the cold water off staten island but all for a very good cause. sports reporter laura behnke look lead the polar plunge to sponsor al athletes -- athletes for the special olympics. amy freeze, i met her once or twice, she is joining the team to support the special olympics. are you ready? mentally, physically ready for that cold water on this december morning?
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ment i see what you did there. i guess i'm ready. i checked the water temperature, 56, 57 degrees. staten island. >> not miami which is my polar experience. >> i trued to pull him in, want to go to south beach. >> are you excited. >> i am getting nervous. i know the colossal mistake most people make. they keep their clothes on and take shoes off too early. i am keeping my shoes on as long as possible. because your feet on the sand will start to freeze then it's hard to walk and that hurts. >> i will never experience that. >> you know what doesn't hurt? just writing a check. special olympics. >> funny you should say that because it's $300 to support a special olympian through the season. i hope you consider and sharing the message of the special olympics with your friends. >> absolutely. >> there will be footage of
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newscast, right, you and laura doing your thing. >> yes. the. >> tune in at 5:00, 6:00 -- whatever. >> i'm so glad she is the resident daredevil. we can say go amy. rob initially did agree to do this with me. >> he always does that. that. >> remember the time he said that he would go bike wearing me in the summer. never happened. everybody else, remember when he said he would climb the stairs with me, never happened. >> do you remember? >> haze and fog around. not a big deal. there are a few spots that we see limited visibility. temperature in central park is 42 degrees. humidity 67%. west northwesterly wind. the breeze out of central park are for unlimited visibility. take a look to the north. poughkeepsie has got zero visibility. limited locations with patchy
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be aware of that if you are doing traveling. this burns off throughout the morning. temperatures will be climbing quickly. we started below freezing to the north. anywhere outside of the city there was a below freezing chill. but the sun has boosted the numbers quickly. we have quiet weather through monday night. the rest of the weekend looks good. monday is a terrific start to the workweek. coastal storm will develop. sprinkles through long island. not a big deal. no cold in sight really until december 15th. i mean, it is a warm pattern overall. today eastern seaboard looks good. high pressure is in control. that creates sinking air. it's hard for clouds to form. that pattern extends back to the central u.s. stamford, connecticut, this is your planning forecast for the afternoon. temperatures go into the low 50s. that's where we will stop. that is well above average for this time of year by 5, 7 degrees. in the pattern where we have above average temperatures for
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basically pattern where the jet stream is steering the winds further north. they are in the higher latitudes here. we tap into mild air. the polar vortex and coldest air is trapped to the north. we can't reach that with the jet stream then we stay mild. that will be the case through the second week of december. then we will see changes. high pressure in control through monday. mid-50s. that takes us through monday night. tuesday will be colder. that will be temperatures in the mid-40s. stretch. enjoy the next two days. tuesday. what is happening, a coastal coast. it does not farm well until it's offshore. when that happens, we spin back colder air that takes the temperatures down and we have a few more clouds then the temperatures are back up. for football at metlife stadium, first kitsch, jets playing the giants, 54 degrees. this is a fantastic football
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i don't know if the nfl is played on the east coast with temperatures in the mid-50s and sunshine in quite a while. it will be a great day. by tomorrow, mid-50s. accuweather seven-day forecast shows a trend that we got of warm above average temperatures with the one exception of tuesday. that is the cooler day. every wore day we are on climb. friday 56. saturday 60. if i put a forecast in for sunday, low 60s. that is flirting with record warmth through the middle of december. we will see what happens there. >> >> any sentence that combines record warmth in december, i love that. a beautiful thing. >> on the heels of the record warmth of november. >> i predict 80s in january. i see the trend. [ laughter ] >> all right, amy. thank you. straight ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, police in a florida town kill a bank robbery suspect armed with
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welcome back. authorities are investigating a police shooting in miami beach. police say the suspect told a teller he was armed with a bomb. investigators say one officer fired when the suspect threatened him with a straight razor. an eyewitness who caught it on his cell phone said police were trying to calm the man down for about five minutes before the shooting. >> the officers were giving him directions, please put down the weapon, calm down, we are on your side, trying to help you. they tried to calm him down for a good amount of time. they gave him enough opportunities to surrender. >> investigators say one of the officers involved was wearing a body camera and video from that
9:17 am
cannot yet be released to the public. >> planned parenthood supporters came together in light of the deadly shooting inside the colorado clinic. dozens gathered in d.c. for the national day of solidarity. they showed support for planned parenthood and the three people killed in colorado springs. supporters say there is a link for those against planned parenthood work and the violence in colorado. >> we will continue to take care of our bodies and make sure that [ inaudible ]. >> similar vigils were held around the country for the same reason. tomorrow marks 74 years since the day declared by president roosevelt to live in infamy. japan bombed pearl harbor killing more than 2400 americans and damaging half the u.s. navy's pacific fleet. the attack destroyed or damaged
9:18 am
congress declared war on japan marking the united states entry into world war ii. survivors of the attack will be on hand at the intrepid sea, air and space museum for a those who were killed. >> have you ever seen the movie toro, toro, toro about that? when i first saw it it was like a documentary. so real. when we come back, sports news westbound laura behnke. >> it's big dog sunday. >> yesterday we had a catch watcher. now we have a dog. comes and goes. doesn't stay there all the time but comes and goes. here is brody. what a cutty pie sent in by
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the dogs are decked out for the holiday. mills is getting a bath. but soon noodles will be on the sleigh with santa like everyone else. we have makes, careful tangled in -- max car fill tangled in
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9:22 am
carmelo anthony came up big early. three-pointer here kept the game close but after the half the knicks fall apart. on the inbound parker steals it and slams it in for four quick points. fourth quarter, michael williams to parker for another big dunk. bucks roll. knicks fall below .500. common logic shows us the warriors have to lose at some point but they show no signs of doing that. yesterday they faced the raptors who gave it their all. nine three pointers for his 7th game with at least four points this season. warriors unreal 21-0. while the rangers have cooled off, another new york hockey team has been heating up. the islanders were looking to extend a four-game win streak
9:23 am
meet the senators. new york on the board. matt martin throwing it to the net. ricochets and in. the isles lead 2-0. final minute of regulation, ottawa with the empty net, game tied with 36 seconds left. eric carlson makes it 3-2. that's it. senators win. isles have one point in nine straight games. the week of hype is almost over. this afternoon the jets and giants clash in a game that counts with bragging rights and play-off positioning on the line. so, yeah, it's kind of a big deal. >> december, the national football league and both teams have opportunities and because of that, it's a big game. no way around it. it's an important football game for both teams. >> i look forward to every game. i will be looking forward to it
9:24 am
>> after winning the first three, the rutgers men are struggling. seton hall is starting to click. yesterday those trends continue as they met in a garden state hardwood classic. first half carrington through the lane for the easy one handed flush. he finished with 18. later in the whitehead to ensy underneath for the slam. second half more of the same. rodriguez throwing it down. 84-55. pirates roll. syracuse trying to bounce back. copeland taking a nice feed. bench approves. bradley hayes the turn around hook in the lane. syracuse loses the second in a row. that's your morning look at sports. i'm laura behnke. back again with you later tonight at 5:00. >> all right, laura. thank you. much more ahead including the day's top stories. >> it's happened again.
9:25 am
on fire in forest hills, queens. this time police have a picture of someone they want to talk to. i'm kristin thorne with that picture coming up. >> plus, nearly half a dozen bodies found inside an apartment. some of them dating back more than 100 years. we now know exactly where they came from. >> and actor morgan freeman was on a plane that had to make an emergency landing. we will tell you about that.
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welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning. sun out there.
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day to take a dip. >> it's gorgeous. beautiful to walk the beach. >> you and michelle are huge beach people. >> i love the sand between my tows. >> that explains -- between my toes. >> that explains it. >> nice string of weather. more to come this week but amy is keeping her eye on something tuesday. >> that is looking weaker and weaker at this point. an offshore system could bring sprinkles or light rain. it's developing offshore that we may not getting get anything but clouds or cooler temperatures. the sun came up and we have haze hanging over manhattan. there is visibility issues and patchy fog in parts of the mid- to-upper hudson valley. 42 in central park. the readings out of the official reporting stations, less than two miles for sussex.
9:28 am
poughkeepsie and six miles for islip. some parts of the area have fog hanging around this morning. temperatures are climbing quick. we started in the low 20s in the northern counties. we are near the 30-degree mark. white plains subfreezing. they climbed ten since early this morning. no showers really from the entire new england area down to the tip of florida. we are looking good here. back in parts of the midwest we are seeing a storm system develop there. it weakens, basically falls apart in the next 24 hours. a coastal storm coming up by tuesday. right now low 40s turning to 50 by noon and a high of 54. the rest of the seven-day forecast in a few minutes, rob? >> thank you. we are following breaking news in brooklyn. that's where more than 100 firefighters are on the scene of a massive fire. they are worried the building may collapse. the scene is impacting subway
9:29 am
the flames broke out after 7:00 this morning in bensonhurst. there are no reports of injuries. this building is right next to the elevated subway tracks. right now d trains are running on the n line from stillwell avenue to 36th street. firefighters work to get the fire under control. if there are any changes or developments in the fire, we will bring them to you online and here on the newscast before 10:00. toni? now the developing story in queens. a construction site going up in flames overnight. officials believe it could be connected to a string of arsons in forest hills. police released a new picture of a person of interest they are calling him. eyewitness news reporter kristin thorne is live with kristin. >> reporter: six fires in this string of arsons which is why members of the community are
9:30 am
they want to know who is doing. this it seems to be the suspect's mo setting residential construction sites on fire. this is a picture that the nypd released of a man leaving the scene of this morning's fire, a person that lives in the neighborhood snapped the picture of this guy fleeing from the scene. the video from this morning shows intense flames. this is around 12:30 in the morning. these fires are not small fires. they are large, dangerous fires. this exact property that you are seeing was set on fire november 15th. the fire this morning rose to two alarms, began spreading to nearby homes and required 150 firefighters to put it out. people that live in forest done. >> my main concern is they have not been able to find who is doing this.
9:31 am
couldn't be more than one mad man out there this is the sixth fire in forest hills. no one has been hurt. in every incident the suspect enters the residential constriction sites and ignites away. if you want to take a look at that picture to see if you know the person or keep your eye out for this person, go to our web site, abc7ny. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. also new this morning, actor morgan freeman is safe after a bumpy emergency landing in mississippi. this video shows free man arriving safely in texas after his private plane skidded off the runway. the tire blew out. the pilot had to make an emergency landing. free man said they landed safely without a scratch but his plane will need work.
9:32 am
thousands of customers in the hudson valley overnight following a major outage that affected three counties in our area. a substation failed in middletown and knocked out power in orange, sullivan and areas in pennsylvania. in orange and rockland, utility spokesman said roughly 52,000 customers lost power. this happened around 7:30 last night. rob? a connecticut man is accused of stealing -- there we go. good morning. a connecticut man is accused of stealing human remains saying it was for religious ceremonies. 32-year-old was arrested after police say they found the remains of five people inside five people. investigators say the bodies 1904. they appear to have been stolen from a cemetery in massachusetts. he told police he is a priest
9:33 am
remains for religious purposes. >> we see this rarely in hartford. when we do, it's generally with animals. >> i hope the person pays the price for this type of thing going on. >> hard for the investigators say they are working with police in massachusetts to make sure the remains are returned to where they belong and see if anyone else is involved in that. police in suffolk county are investigating a deadly hit and run that involved several drivers. they say an s.u.v. hit a man crossing route 112 in patchogue yesterday morning. the 64-year-old man hit is from patchogue. he was pronounced dead at the scene. the driver stopped but then three other cars hit him. two of the drivers kept going. now police are looking for a recent model dark colored hyundai elantra and light- colored ford taurus.
9:34 am
gambling market, new jersey is considering allowing casinos to hire celebrities to play online poker with the public. the state gaming division unveiled a proposal to let internet gambling licensees hire celebrities and provide them with money to gamble. under the plan, they would be allowed to keep their winnings. >> celebrities need their money. course. that means it's time to celebrate the holiday season. what you call the season is once again up for debate. at least it is in new jersey. this started with is roselle park mayor asking to call the tree lighting a christmas tree lighting instead of holiday tree lighting. the name was given to the event for more than two decades. when the council voted to
9:35 am
council president turned in her resignation. of the. >> i said particularly at this time in our country and in our world, it's important to be inclusive. >> i don't mean to offend anybody in any way shape or form but it is a christmas tree. >> story decided to rescind her resignation and the town is celebrating the christmas tree lighting on friday. officials say they will put together a committee to decide on what to call this celebration in the future. well, tonight, jewish people around the world light menorahs for the first night of it commemorates the rededication of the sacred temple of jerusalem in the second century bc. jewish warriors found enough oil to light a menorah for one day but instead it lit for eight days.
9:36 am
eyewitness news sunday morning, celebrations at a football game get ugly. security guards caught on camera punching and kicking fans trying to rush the field. what if the holidays were about people again? and the four-letter word that defined the season was l-o-v-e, and not s-a-l-e. that's the world t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods stores live in. where there's no need for sales because we offer amazing prices on thoughtful gifts everyday. let's put more value on what really matters. this season, bring back the holidays.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. it's big dog sunday.
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get a bear for his birthday, a wisconsin zoo has your answer. a raw hide bone filled with ice blocks for a polar bear. she unwrapped the gifts yesterday in front of a crowd of fans. letter zookeepers were excited -- zookeepers were excited because they live about 30 years in captivity and this funky polar is showing no signs of slowing down. >> we had a producer on our show turn 30 a few weeks ago. we had a little cake for her yesterday and we were all lamenting -- >> i know. >> 30. >> 30. >> that must be nice. >> amy is 25. she doesn't know yet. >> i will get there. >> it's beautiful out. >> the polar bear that we saw there, he likes to swim in the cold ice temperature. >> i tried, rob.
9:40 am
>> i was going to try to divert you. >> what about the bear. >> the polar bear will get his water but unlike you who are not getting in the water today port polar bear plunge. >> you didn't back me up. >> i didn't recognize where she was going. i should have. it was such an obvious thing. >> you and laura will be out there for the polar bear -- >> polar plunge. >> we have about 20 people. >> i applaud you all. >> our team has about 20, 25. there will be hundreds jumping in. >> i wish you all well under the blanket of my couch watching the giants jets game. >> if you are taking the plunge for the special olympics or any other reason, it's beautiful outside. temperatures will be easy to take in the mid-50s. water temperature 56, 57 degrees off south beach where
9:41 am
a little haze over manhattan. 42 degrees in central humidity 67% and a nice southwesterly wind is light throughout the day. not much of a windchill when we 45 hauppauge. 45 great neck. temperatures are warming up nicely compared to the overnight lows in the 20s. below freezing. poughkeepsie 29. 30 sussex. we are up to 39 for white temperatures from below freezing to now in the middle 30s. visibility reduced for poughkeepsie. everybody else seeing any patchy fog and haze starting to burn off. a dry weekend for the entire eastern seaboard. a storm system tries to make its way through the central plains. falling apart. no promise there for storm systems to develop. for us above average temperatures the next couple of days. this is a situation where we
9:42 am
the average or beating it by a couple of degrees. that creates comfort. we don't have a lot of wind around and the skies look great. all of those things add up to beautiful days. temperature profile through the afternoon, low 50s. that will be the forecast high around 2:00 this afternoon. where is the cold air? it's locked up to the north near the pole. the polar vortex we talk about and those batches of cold air that come down over the winter don't have the opportunity to get into new york because the jet stream is too far north. it pushes the cold air away and allows for the mild air to continue. that's the pattern we will be under until the 15th of december then perhaps we could tap into the colder air. high pressure is in control. the storms around, we are rain free through monday night. tuesday, what could potentially happen is not this system, that falls apart. there is another low pressure system that will come up the
9:43 am
as that happens, could we get light rain or a sprinkle or two off long island? perhaps. even watching the futurecast this morning, there is more and more evidence that this low will develop off cape cod. the ability to bring anything back is slim chances. we will take the beautiful day while we can. kick off at met life 1:00 p.m. for the giants and jets. 54 at kick off with a light westerly wind. mostly sunny and 54 for everybody around the area. temperatures fall to 38 in the city. the suburbs below freezing tonight. another chilly night. cold start tomorrow. 53. accuweather seven-day forecast, second full week of december, we have a couple of above average days. then down to 46 on tuesday. that is a coastal storm. the further away that gets, it may allow us to bump up the temperatures. coldest at 46. wednesday back to 50.
9:44 am
of 60. gets what, sunday we would be forecasting highs in the low 60s. real warm temperatures next week before we go to december 15th which could be the turning point for us. >> that is phenomenal. >> not bad. bad. >> the turning point is coming. we can enjoy it. eventually. >> delay as long as you can. >> thanks, amy. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, an incredible -- talking incredible underwater find. the coins and jewels found on a sunken ship that put other discoveries to shame. >> i read it. i know what is coming up. >> we will take a look at the community calendar. i don't know why this woman is on my mind. this is a classic of the janet
9:45 am
for me lately, roll it. reporter: here is what is happening, at the hoboken city hall holiday craft fair, three floors of unique gift items by local crafters and artisans. in connecticut, at the festive holiday boutique join an afternoon browsing for special items then hot chocolate. enjoy music from the great american song book and christmas favorites at the holiday sing a long. start your shopping at haram b., a free kwanzaa celebration. dance, traditional carol holiday concert love divine in celebrate the first night hanukkah with live music. for more information or submit
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. welcome back. video of an out of control moment at the university of houston as fans rush the field to celebrate houston's win over temple university. a security guard can be seen wrestling a fan to the ground. that's when another security guard comes over and kicks and folks run past. the school says it is investigating the incident and ending its current contract with that particular security team. a south carolina lawmaker
9:48 am
family's christmas card after it features the confederate flag. he was one of the leaders in the fight for removing the flag earlier this year. last week he sent a card to his fellow republican lawmakers featuring the flag wishing their holidays be filled with, quote, memories of a happier time. he says the card is a joke. a driver was able to stay on the road after an uninvited guest windshield. take a look at the damage left behind when a wild turkey flew into the car on a florida highway, your home state. the driver avoided crashing as the turkey landed in the back seat leaving feet they ares all over the car. sadly the turkey did not survive the crash but both people inside the car were not hurt. >> a rough few weeks for the turkey.
9:49 am
new pictures show what may be -- listen to this, the world's largest sunken treasure. the ship was discovered off the coast of columbia by experts using an underwater vehicle. the spanish galyon sank in 1708 as it was trying to outrun a fleet of british warships. it is believed to be carrying 11 million gold coins and jewels now worth billions. so far hums have yet to reach the wreckage site. >> as we speak, they are on their way. >> book a flight. >> are you kidding me, yeah, buddy. >> we will be back with a look at the morning top stories. >> 10%, you heard it here first. here is bill ritter with a look at up close. >> coming up on up close, the
9:50 am
another case of gun massacre. the 5th shooting. is there any way to stop these events. we will talk to local experts and what you should do if you are caught in the middle of one of the shootings. >> the reverend al sharpton on his new campaign against gun violence. spike lee is involved. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games, and more streaming. so we need more speed. that's why we switched to time warner cable. you can too. call now. now we can connect more devices,
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police are investigating an overnight fire linked to several arsons in the same neighborhood in queens. >> the flames burst out after midnight at a home under hills. it's the most recent in a string of six suspicious fires. letter this time police have someone they want to talk to. a witness took a picture of a man seen leaving the scene. that is him right there early this morning. they want to talk to the guy about the fires. tolls at some of the major crossings hit a new high. tolls at the george washington bridge, lincoln tunnel and holland tunnels, bayonne, goethals and outerbridge crossing. e-zpass up 75 cents. cash tolls up a buzz. e-zpass pays 10.50 during off peak hours. 12.50 during peak hours.
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nice cold water. plunge. special olympics is the charity that benefits from us dipping in the ocean. temperatures going to 52. we will see our temperatures 53 tomorrow. rain on long island possible tuesday. cloudy and 46. climb into the 50s with the forecast. above average through the rest looks good. >> willing toni got flowers from a fan this morning.
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