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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 6, 2015 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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nimah, stop this. "stop this." he's a war criminal. no, a soldier isn't a criminal just because you don't believe in their war, nimah. are you defending your own kind? no, i'm not. i'm standing up for a man who's gonna make a great special agent someday. probably a better one than i am. don't you mean a better special agent than you're gonna be? no, he doesn't. just tell them. [ sighs ] you know, simon and vasquez aren't the only ones in here with a secret. i'm not a trainee. i'm a special agent who was assigned to quantico to work undercover. and i can tell you that vasquez and simon deserve to be here because of their secrets, because of their rage. vasquez, what you've done for your daughter -- it's that fight that is gonna drive you to be a great agent. and, simon, when you threw me against a wall,
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and i saw the soldier inside of you, i saw that pain, and i get it. you know, we've all made mistakes. we all have secrets. but everybody here -- every single one of you -- has earned the right to serve. thank you, special agent booth. you can take your seats. everyone in this room volunteered to put their duty ahead of their conscience. what we do when we follow orders may not always be fair, and it may not always be right. but it is what is asked of us, and it is what we have to live with. natalie vasquez, will you please step forward? natalie, the board has decided that you are fit
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given a two-week supervisory probation. you are all dismissed. you can continue vetting the new nats in the morning. [ indistinct conversations ] mr. asher, a moment please? so, you're not undercover, too? no? okay. that's good. i'm just checking, because special agent booth and everything. i am not. are you? look, i'm sorry. i guess we both know that you can be so close to someone and still have no idea who they really are. they can smile but be a monster on the inside. they can say they care for you and betray you. i wasn't trying to betray you. you thought you were taking care of something i would have never noticed myself. i am taking care of something --
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and now you're gonna help me get rid of those doubts once and for all. so, is everyone freaking out about the agent in their midst? i did always think it was weird how good you were at everything. [ chuckles ] almost as good as you. so, jump street... [ both laugh ] really think i'm gonna make one hell of an agent? i think these clowns are lucky to have you. [ chuckles ] am i interrupting? just sending ryan off. i owe you. no. maybe one day, i can save your life. hey. hey, hey. you asked me this morning why i hadn't left yet. yeah, well, it's hard to go back to the real world. i can see that. this is my real world. i could've kept this undercover thing going for forever. i didn't want to leave you.
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who the real ryan booth is. what you did back there? i think i saw him. i'll be high above the earth so, what's next? [ chuckles ] um... you go back to your job. los angeles. mm-hmm. i graduate, maybe go to new york. well, that's the best office. we e-mail. we text. oh, like each other's posts, of course. [ laughs ] and maybe, just maybe, get really hot for each other when we're in the same city... mm. ...until one of us loses interest and gets married. [ chuckles ] again. making us just another memory that keeps us up at night. oh, come on. i think we can do better than that. i hope so. let go of you
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when i really wanted to. i've never said it at all. i will not let go of you over the course of your time here at quantico, you've proven yourself to be one of the finest trainees we've ever had. and so i am sorry to say that that time is over. because of nimah? she is totally distorting my service in the i.d.f. your military service was never a problem for the fbi. your assault of a fellow trainee is. did you or did you not attack ryan booth your third week here? yes. an unreported assault of a fellow trainee is automatic grounds for dismissal. it's beyond even my discretion. where was your discretion
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how do you justify this? understanding and respecting the proper use of force lies at the core of everything we do here. if you cannot control your anger, you cannot serve. i'm sorry, simon. this wasn't supposed to happen. is that coffee? yea, it's nespresso. i want in.
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speaks native language ] who are you? that's not important. i know who you really are. i'm sorry. my -- my english is not very good. cut the crap. let me in, or i'll tell your sister everything. where's shelby? does she -- i have been watching your every move for months. august 6th -- $100,000. september 9th -- $100,000. october 12th -- $1 million. all funneled through tyrell credit. the con that you're running ends now
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5%. [ gasps ] it's a deal. i-i'll be in touch. [ crying ] i'm gonna miss you [ gasps ] so it's true. doesn't matter. i live with the choices i've made, come to terms with them. i live with the consequences. simon. you ever feel like people can't really see you? like if you stopped moving, you'd just...fade away? you are not invisible. and yet... i do not love you me disappear. because i'm bored
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when i was feeling a little unsure about myself and i'm sorry, baby that wasn't right then you got me thinkin' [ sobbing ] yeah, thinkin' of you thinkin' for the last time yeah, the last time now that i know you're really gonna leave me maybe the stars aligned or maybe i've just changed my mind maybe i'm yours i'm yours i'm yours, i'm yours i'm yours, i'm yours i'm yours yes, sir hey. thank you for warning me. say something.
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caleb, i am so sorry. i didn't think that it would end like this. are you just gonna ignore me? caleb? what? i didn't choose this, okay? yeah, you did, when you slept with my dad. you did choose this. well, if whatever i had with your dad was on the record, then me ending it is, too. god, i just can't imagine how your mom's gonna feel when she finds out. well, you don't have to worry about that, 'cause she already knows. yeah, i told her, because she's gonna get the nomination, and i have to protect her. because that's what you do when you love somebody. you protect them. liam: hey. you should get some rest. why? so i can sleep before my sentencing tomorrow? we're back at zero, and i just lost everyone that i trust the most. we'll keep looking.
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you haven't lost everything, alex. yes, i have. simon. tailing me yourself now? i sent them home. no one's here. just us. so... you need my help. i need you to believe in me like i believed in you when no one else did. when everyone looked right through you, i saw you, simon. alex -- no, you walked through fire for me, and i'm asking you to walk right back in. not because it's fair or because you owe me anything or because by tomorrow,
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but we save lives. we can catch this terrorist, simon. but i can't do it alone. i need you. i've always needed you. i need us to go back to what we were at quantico. please. i wish we could. simon -- i wish we could wipe away this whole year -- everything we've done, everything we have lost. i wish we could go back to being the optimistic people who signed up to save the world. but we can't, because we never were those people to begin with. and we can never go back to quantico.
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tt2watv# 1t! `txmv9@ tt2watv# 1t! axmf5$ tt2watv# 1t! @mxmm>( tt4watv# 1t!" dz(l `]$ tt4watv# 1t!" en(l `- @ tt4watv# 1t!" gzh! `nd@ tt4watv# 1t!" hnh! `^j, tt4watv# 1t!" iz(l `n@, tt4watv# 1t!" jn(l `\0l tt4watv# 1t!" lzh! `>>h new information about a string after gorgeous, isn't he? (vo) a new york man spent $3.2 million on a dead bat.
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which is why i stuff them and hang them on the walls. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person. lotto. making more new yorkers rich than any other game. now, new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> we will overcome it. >> a promise and a plan. president obama tries to bring calm to a nervous nation in the wake of the terror attack in california and lays out how the world can defeat isis. >> but first, a developing story in brooklyn. a car strikes two people on the sidewalk. good evening, i'm sandra bookman. >> and one person is dead. a second person in the hospital. >> this is the 22nd pedestrian death in new york city since
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but the driver in this crash is in police custody tonight. it happened near fulton street and south portland avenue in fort greene. >> mallory is there with the details. mallory? >> reporter: just within the last few minutes, we learned this driver will be charged with not having a proper license. now, that suv ended up right here. as you can see, we're in the center of the sidewalk. it's since been moved to the side of the road. this as an investigation into what happened here continues. >> reporter: a loud crash echoed through the fort greene section of brother-in-law. >> i heard people holler -- of brooklyn. >> i heard people holler. >> reporter: investigators say a woman is dead and a man is treated with injuries as a chevy suburban plowed into them on the sidewalk. >> a witness came in the store and told us to call 911.
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traveling eastbound on fulton street near south portland avenue. they say it appeared he was trying to avoid hitting a bus coming to a stop in front of him. >> i just saw her face down on the sidewalk. >> reporter: this as witnesses say the man driving and a passenger got out of the suburban. >> he was crying. >> reporter: people working nearby were shocked to learn what happened. >> and i went outside to see. and it was horrible. >> reporter: a sight a neighborhood won't soon forget. >> i'm just grateful tonight. i'm grateful. could have been anybody. >> reporter: we are also learning now that woman walking on the sidewalk who died was 30 years old. the man who was hit is 37. buses stop here often tonight. it's still unclear why the driver of that suv just didn't see what was happening. mallory hop, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory. new information tonight. police are now linking two
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string of other fires in queens. forestdale has seen a series of seven fires at homes under construction all now called suspicious. investigators released a photo of a man they want to question. sources tell eyewitness news he was spotted in the neighborhood roaming around on his motorcycle before the latest fire. now that fire early this site. bad. we fix it. now everything is -- all my plans have changed. >> reporter: the man on the motorcycle may or may not be the same one seen in surveillance video previously seen by the nypd. the reward for information now more than $62,000. president obama tonight seeks to reassure an anxious america still reeling from the terror attacks in california four days ago. in a rare oval office address,
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commander in chief talks about what's being done to stop terrorists here and abroad and what more we have to do. eyewitness news reporter lucy speech. >> reporter: he spoke from the oval office tonight to address a country on edge. clearly these mass shootings in the name of islam here and abroad are taking a toll. >> what we can do and must do kill. >> reporter: president barack obama spoke to the country for 14 minutes sunday night to tackle an issue that will take likely much longer to fix, terrorism. whether abroad or home grown, he outlined his plan. one, continue to use the military to hunt down terrorist blotters in other nations. >> -- plotters in other nations. two, provide and syrian forces fighting isis on their home turf.
11:21 pm
disrupt isis to cut off their financing and stop them from recruiting more fighters. and, four, push for a cease fire and political situation to the chaotic war in syria. >> we can't turn against one another as letting this fight be defined as a war between america and islam. >> reporter: there's a growing so-called terror grandparent. right now those on the terror -- terror gap. right now, those on the terror watch list deemed too dangerous to flight can legally purchase done so. >> 23 people on our terrorist watchlist requested to buy weapons in the last decade. over 2,000 of them, 91%, got them. >> it is time to move these sense. >> reporter: isil is also known as isis. now, at one point the president in this ongoing fight against
11:22 pm
he will not engage in another long and costly war on the ground in syria or iraq. sandra. >> lucy, thank you. president obama also said he ordered the departments of state and homeland security to review the visa program that syed farook used to -- that tashfeen malik used to come to the u.s. they say farook became more withdrawn a year ago. his father said his son was fascinated by isis, hated israel, and shared the ideology apology of al-bagdadi. they're now investigating a former neighbor, enrique martez that may have supplied the couple with the two rifles used in the attack. his home was raided last night. >> i never heard them talk about guns or anything like that. i never heard them say anything suspicious. >> reporter: authorities say there's no information that
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terror attack. officials have been unable to talk to him, however, because he checked himself into a mental health facility shortly after the massacre. new details in the investigation into the deadly stabbing of a man who was trying to help another person in jersey city. tonight police arrested lopez on murder charges. they say lopez stabbed troy brandon last night when he came to the aid of someone under attack. the details of the first victim have not been released. lopez is being held on $1 million bail. a three alarm fire in brooklyn causing problems tonight. d subway trains are bypassing 18th avenue in both directions. so straphangers should expect delays. transit officials say inspectors from the department of buildth are still assessing
11:24 pm
-- buildings are still assessing the damage. the justice department is expected to launch a wide- ranging investigation into the chicago police department this week. this comes amid continuing protests following the shooting death of a teenager in 2014. dash cam video released last month contradicts police reports the 17-year-old was threatening officers when he was shot 16 times. they say the probe will examine whether there is a pattern of excessive force and civil rights abuses within the department. 911 first responders are calling on congress to pass an act that provides medical coverage for those who became ill after serving in the wake of the terror attack in 2001. lawmakers joined workers in the sdny. congress allowed the program to expire in september. at today's rally, new york's
11:25 pm
should be added to a bill that must pass by the end of the week. >> we are going into the holiday season. there will be a lot to celebrate. how can we celebrate if we're not taking care of the health care of our first responders? >> i remember very clearly when the head of epa was telling people, the air is safe to breathe, when the first responders were working here three months and the air was not safe to breathe. >> i want to extend that message -- >> supporters of the bill says it has enough bipartisan support to pass if allowed to come up for a vote. suspect attacked. he speaks exclusively to eyewitness news and sends a message to his attackers. >> caught on camera. a deli worker fights off a gunman. >> and special cargo on the way to the space station tonight. launched rocket.
11:26 pm
in the hudson valley. could be some icy spots there as temperatures fall below freezing. but the big weather story, near
11:27 pm
i do a deli worker is back on the job just days after friending off two would be robbers in fact bronx. police are studying surveillance video of the men
11:28 pm
baychester friday night. they threatened ahmed hussin. the gun went off, firing a round in the counter, and the thieves ran off. hussin says he's grateful to be alive. >> thank you, thank you. i'll call the police. it's nice. >> the suspects covered their faces. however, investigators say they may have left behind some fingerprints. tomorrow, new jersey's annual bear hunt begins. this year, in an expanded area. bear hunting will be allowed the next six days in all portions of eight counties. state wildlife officials added about 600 square miles of hunting area in an attempt to manage a rising bear population. they estimate 3500 black bears live north of interstate 80, a region some call bear country. former president jimmy carter makes a remarkable recovery. today he announced he is now cancer free. carter, who is 91 years old,
11:29 pm
morning while teaching sunday school at a church in georgia. mr. carter said he got a scan last week and doctors said there is no sign of brain cancer. back in august, he said doctors found four small melanoma lesions on his brain. >> happy hanukkah. in brooklyn, a ceremony to light the so-called largest menorah. it commemorates the oil lighting the lights at the holy temple where the oil lasted eight nights. how these bones were discovered inside at an apartment in connecticut. >> religion and rules collide. one pastor strikes even before she steps in the ring. >> plus get ready for a mild
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this cargo capsule blasted off from cape canaveral this afternoon. bad weather forced the launch to be delayed three times before today's liftoff. it's the first nasa delivery to the station since spring. on board, 7400 pounds of supplies, not to mention christmas presents for the crew. the capsule is scheduled to reach the space station on wednesday. >> huh! wonder if the weather in space is just as nice as it's been down here! just about as quiet.
11:33 pm
>> this is as quiet as it gets for this time of year. we could be talking about record warmth coming up! the empire state building lit up for the first night of hanukkah. the wind coming in from the southwest at 3. the high got up to 53 in the afternoon after a morning low of 39. so temperatures, a full 7 degrees above normal. normal high is around 46. to put this into perspective, our coldest day is tuesday and the high is expected to be around 46. so our coldest day is about average. record, 71. sunsetting just before 4:30. mild tomorrow. similar temperatures to what we had today. cooler on tuesday. there will be more clouds around. there will be an ocean storm offshore. that will help spread some cloud cover into coastal areas and parts of long island.
11:34 pm
we could be approaching records by sunday. 41 at newark. temperatures in the upper 40s as you head closer to manhattan. what i'm a little concerned about overnight tonight, near pikipe. you're getting fog developing in the hudson valley. you combine that moisture in the fog with temperatures at or below freezing and there could be a few icy pots out there like last night in the western suburb. tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. so here's the radar satellite. there's that little batch of high clouds moving over. we clear things out for a time. there's this clear area during the day tomorrow. then we watch this area of low pressure over the ohio valley. this mid-atlantic coastline and develop into a pretty formidable storm well offshore, though. mild tomorrow at 53. more clouds. this creates cloud cover around
11:35 pm
you can't completely rule out maybe a sprinkle or shower over eastern parts of long island. i think we may see sprinkles, then the high getting to 46. the jet stream lifting to the north, opening up the floodgate for mild air to move into the accuweather forecast for tonight, mostly cloudy. out there. patchy fog in the colder outlying valley. here in the city, probably staying around 41 or so. some high clouds at 7:00 in the morning. 42. we get up to 53 during the afternoon. back down to 37 tomorrow night. near or below freezing in the suburbs. clouds again on tuesday. 46. maybe a shower. and then all about the warmup. mid-50s thursday and friday. low 60s next weekend. the record for sunday was set back in 1923. that was 64 degrees. so saturday's out, we're already predicting within 2 degrees of that number. so it's going to be warm.
11:36 pm
>> thanks, jeff. becky has the night off and you'll see why in a moment. [ laughter ] >> that's right. the playoff picture is a little clearer tonight after two new meadowland. >> and a fight to the finish between the jets and giants that needed overtime for big apple bragging rights. >> plus, we'll shed some light in the upset. when a moment spontaneously turns romantic,
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big blue organ green? [ laughter ] >> the jets-giants game went overtime to decide. it was the first weekend for playoff hopes. dewayne harris taking the punt for the long 80-yard return, putting the giants up 7-3. still in the 2nd quarter, pow takes off for the jets for this pass for a 25-yard td completion, tying the game. the giants strike back. odell beckham grabs they lie manning pass. he takes it to the house 72 yards for the touchdown.
11:40 pm
a 20-10 halftime lead. but the jets came back in the 2nd half. and they tied the game on ryan fitzpatrick to marshall. randy bullock kicks the 3 point field goal. and josh brown misses the cook. the giants lose to the jets for the first time since 1993! final, 23-20. >> we just have to find ways to make -- make critical plays in the game in the 4th quarter. and we haven't been able to make enough of them to win these tight games. >> i take full responsibility for that. but still, we are there. and as i told the team, we've got a final way to finish a game. >> we had buffalo in the big game. we had new england, we didn't get it done. so to come out for a meaningful game for them to get it in the 4th quarter, we obviously controlled some things.
11:41 pm
their own destiny and hold the second wild card spot in the afc. tied in the 3rd, tom brady picked off who brings it 99 yards for the score. now we take it to the 4th quarter. sam bradford is coming up right here. he caps off a 12 play drive with a touchdown pass to jonathan matthews. the eagles win this one. 25-28. a win for the saints against the undefeated panthers. they lead as well. drew brees to brandon cook. 54 yards for the score. panthers in trouble! they were trailing with under 2 minutes to go. cam newton finds coughtry for the win! much more ahead on sports.
11:42 pm
>> also coming up on eyewitness news sports, the blue shirts take on the capitals hoping to
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there will be a moment, when all the wonder, excitement, and joy of christmas will be contained not on the stage, but in that little face, in the seat to your right. that can only happen... the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit and start your tradition today. [ laughter ] well, when you saw the warriors, you probably said to
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but it was really a great game. the league's best player, steph curry, brought the world champs to town with their 21 straight wins at the start of the season. and jones, 6. with this display, nice catch and layup. nets down 26-11. 2nd quarter, brian passes this nice pass to andre iguodala for the dunk. 11 bathya was in the house rooting for -- sabathia was in the house rooting for this one. nets down 3 at half. 3rd quarter, again, young elevates a nice hook, giving the nets the lead. steph curry hits this 3, putting the warriors up again. at last quarter, curry, guess what, hits another 3. golden state goes on to win a 22nd straight, 114-98. rangers starting a road trip north of the border next
11:46 pm
but tonight, they play host to the senators. ryan mcdone in that got things -- ryan mcdonough got things going. deferric made up for it in the 3rd. that's his second goal of the game. 4-1, the rangers go on to win. cory snider and the devils were also home tonight. they took off the florida panthers. 26 seconds into the game as mike makes a couple of moves. puts it in. that's all they would need. kamalari put in another goal. 4-2. the final devils pick up a w at home. the college football playoffs is said. texas takes oklahoma. alabama takes michigan state. the winners of the two games will play for the national championship. college hoops! taking on saint francis in madison square garden in the holiday festival.
11:47 pm
a 19-2 run. this one from duron johnson. the dagger from the baseline, 53. 56, chris mull et wins his first game -- mull let wins his first game -- mullet wins his first game. staten island, only the strong dare to jump in. system of our colleagues, including lauren, amy, jason, and five others braving the cold water to raise money for special olympics as the holiday spirit takes over on the beach at staten island and here at eyewitness news. congrats to all! >> uh-huh! [ laughter ] >> way to go! >> yeah! >> we had a good bunch of people out there! very nice, very nice. thank you! a team with no -- a teen with no arms is attacked and robbed.
11:48 pm
score of attackers. >> and another arson in queens. at least seven fires now in question. what community leaders say about the dangerous pattern. >> and the young girl facing off with the boxing world. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone
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one woman is dead, one man hurt after they were struck by a car in brooklyn. .
11:51 pm
swerved to avoid hitting a city bus at fulton street. >> president obama tried to reassure americans shaken by the recent terrorist attack in san bernardino, and in paris. he promised the u.s. will overcome a new phase of terror that seeks to poison the minds of people here and around the world. >> and police raid the home of a former neighbor of syed farook. it is believed enrique martez supplied weapons to the two in the attack but they haven't found any information that he played any role in the attack in san bernardino, california. and take a look. these are the people police want to find. they may have thought they were picking an easy target. but 18-year-old carlos simon says he wasn't about to be
11:52 pm
>> tonight he's speaking exclusively with eyewitness news reporter. >> they tried to go through my pockets and stuff. >> reporter: 18-year-old carlos simon recounting how a group of four robbed him. but this group thought they were picking on a vulnerable victim because this man has no arms. simon says two men and one woman approached him and asked him for money. take a look at these images released by police. cops say they are the three suspects. simon says at first he thought they were panhandlers. but then they surrounded him and things turned hostile. >> they got kind of offended because i wasn't willing to give them anything. one of them asked if i check your pockets right now, you won't have any money in there. i said, sure, you're not checking your pockets. to me, i'm like, who would do this? >> reporter: he says a fourth man ran up behind him and took
11:53 pm
simon says he chased the man for a few blocks but it was nighttime and that suspect turned down a dark street. so simon gave up. then he realized he saw the four talking before the robbery but says those three acted like they didn't know the fourth man and again demanded money. >> they told me, i just tried to help you. you should give us money. i said, no, that kid was with you guys. they pretended to get offended again. >> reporter: that's when things got physical as simon went to go back to the dunkin' donuts. >> they tried to get me on the floor. but thankfully, i have a lot of good leg strength. >> reporter: after all that, he's taking the high road. he says he's not angry and to not call him a victim. >> it's a shame that they had to do that to me. >> reporter: as for simon, he hasn't been able to buy a
11:54 pm
>> after seeing our reports, an eyewitness news viewer came forward and has offered to give carlos a new phone. another arson fire at a home under construction. investigators have linked at least seven arsons in forest hills. the home targeted in last night's fire has already been hit once before. police released the picture of the man they want to question. kimberly richardson has the details. >> the local be something else. >> reporter: early this morning, it was rabbi dellanova's home in flames. he says his family, wife, and kids had planned on moving in by the end of february. >> the first time, it wasn't bad. we fixed it. now all my plans have changed. >> reporter: this is the second time someone targeted this exact site. and now police want to speak with this man. sources tell eyewitness news he was spotted earlier in the neighborhood roaming around on
11:55 pm
detectives want to know why. >> it's very serious. it's getting to a serious level. >> reporter: religious leaders from the community met. all the buildings under construction are jewish home. they continue believe that the religious backgrounds of the owners are being attacked. the stress of all this is too much. >> my niece and nephew were sleeping on that side. i just saw -- once i came in the room, i saw the whole window was red. so i quickly grabbed them. ran outside. >> reporter: inside jonathan's home, firefighters had to you will approximate out parts of ceilings and wall -- had to pull out parts of ceilings and walls. his mom says she's doing better. but on the first night of hanukkah, they will not be home.
11:56 pm
will not drive him away. >> we're going to build again! >> reporter: the reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case now more than $62,000. in forest hills, kimberly richardson, channel 7 eyewitness news. tonight authorities are accusing a man in connecticut of stealing human remains. he says it was for a religious ceremony. they arrested 32-year-old amador medina after they found the remains of five people inside his harvard apartment. they say the bodies date back as far as 1904 and were stolen from a cementtary in massachusetts. he -- cementtary in massachusetts. he said he was a santeria priest using it in religious practices.
11:57 pm
and when we do, it's usually with animals. >> i hope he pays the price for this type of stuff going on. >> reporter: harvard investigators say they're working with police in massachusetts to make sure the remains are returned to where they belong and see if anyone else was involved. tomorrow will mark 74 years since president franklin roosevelt declared a date which will live in inif any. japan -- infamy. japan bombed pearl harbor in 1921, damaging half the navy's pacific fleet. they also destroyed or damaged all eight of the u.s. battleships. congress immediately declared war on japan, marking the united states' entry into world war ii. survivors of the attack will be on hand tomorrow at the intrepid sea museum for a ceremony in honor of those killed. two native new yorkers are among the five artists being honored with the kennedy center
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