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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  December 7, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we are following breaking news at 6:00. new video just in of a fast- moving fire destroying a home in queens. we are live with new details on several reese skies made in the last half hour. >> the search is on for an arsonist after several homes were destroyed. the pictures police want you to see and what the properties have in common. >> the threat from terrorism is real. we will overcome it. >> and president obama addresses the nation in a rare speech from the oval office outlining his speech to fight terrorism in a few phase. >> i'm lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato. it's monday, december 7th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans and the accuweather forecast. a great view from our camera in astoria. we are looking down roosevelt island, pretty morning even to rosedale, queens.
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great visibility of 22 miles. 43 the temperature at 6:00 a.m. 27 kingston, poughkeepsie. the 27 carmel. those are warmer than normal. the park should be about 36 at this hour. 7 degrees warmer than normal at this hour in the park. 36 belmar. a little fog around this morning with the warm air even though it's in the 20s. warm air surging from the southwest. warms us up to 53. normal high about 46. it gets warmer this week into the 60s by the weekend. we will talk more about that in a moment. your accuweather forecast seven- day forecast. letter. >> not great if you are going to the george washington bridge if that's how you normally commute. check out the delay across the upper level. lower level doing better. look that the delay. this is because of a problem on the cross bronx. you can see across the george washington bridge on to the cross bronx, jerome avenue, eastbound side we have an
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two lanes are closed down through that spot. 10 to 15 minutes upper level into the tolls. once you get on the span, you have delay. lincoln and holland so far so good. i have a feeling the lincoln will bunch up. check out this delay. that starts back at the clearview expressway into exit 19. d trains continue to bypass 18th avenue because of fire department activity on street levelment then this problem on the bronx river parkway south near westchester county center, a car went off the roadway. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken and lori, over to you. >> thank you. breaking news in queens. firefighters rescued several people out of a burning home overnight. >> eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in he'll many hurst where the fire has been burning for more than an hour. >> reporter: they have been working to get this out for 90 minutes. this is an active scene with several firefighters climbing
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attic and cut their way through. moments ago smoke was billowing. they made progress getting out part of the fire that is burning deep inside the attic. earlier this morning, flames were shooting out of this home here. a second alarm fire was burning at 4:30 this morning. firefighters received multiple calls from surrounding buildings because these homes are in such close proximity they could feel the intense heat. turns out one of the homes in back of this building was damaged and the three people inside had to be rescued. when they opened the door and woke up to the popping sounds of the fire, they realized flames were almost shooting into the room that they were sleeping in and called 911 immediately. listen. >> i am hearing sounds and popping, something like that.
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couldn't get out too close. >> reporter: at this point we know those three people are okay. we do not know the conditions of the people who were inside this home. at this point it's unclear how many people were inside the home. we know seven people were transported to the hospital or have been injured. one person is in serious condition. i was told moments ago that one person seriously injured is a woman and may have serious burns to her face and hands. we are working to get more information on that and those injuries. fire crews are working to get out the fire burning deep in the attack although most of it is under control. kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. ment. >> thank you. we have breaking news. police are man after they say he raped a woman inside her brooklyn apartment building. this happened around 9:00 last night in coney island. investigators say the suspect
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an elevator and on the floor where she lives. if you recognize the man in this video, contact police. developing now, police are investigating a string of suspicious fires believed to be linked to one arsonist hitting the same community. that is after seven fires in forest hills. the most recent yesterday morning was the second at the same home. police released this picture of a man seen riding his motorcycle around the neighborhood before the fire broke out. the string of fires has the community on edge worried that it will move from unoccupied houses to homes where people are living. all the homes burned are owned by jewish families. there is no indication that these attacks are hate crimes. the fbi continues its investigation into the san bernardino shooting that killed 14 people, president obama
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from the oval office. the third time he has done so during his presidency and he said in no uncertain terms that america will destroy isis. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live in time's square with this story. dray. >> reporter: good morning. president obama didn't speak long but laid out his plan on how to defeat terrorism and his broader gun control calling it a matter of national security. ment his critics sadie feeing terrorism will take broader gun control. >> they are thugs and killers, part of a cult of death. >> reporter: in his first oval office speech in five years, president obama said isis will be destroyed. in the course of 14 minutes he sought to reassure the american people after the terrorist attack in paris and san bernardino.
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forget what makes us exceptional. let's not forget that freedom is more powerful than fear. >> the president warned that terrorism must not make americans turn against muslims. >> if we are to deneat terrorism we must enlist muslim communities as some of the strongest allies rather than push them away through suspicion and hate. >> local reaction from peter king was harsh. he tweeted nothing about need for increased surveillance of muslim community pitiful. he went on to write speech was a total failure of leadership. no substance, no change. in his address the president backed senator chuck schumer's push to have another vote on ending the so-called terror gap. the loophole that allows questionable people on the no fly list to buy weapons. >> what could possibly be the argument for allowing a terror
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security. >> following the president's remarks, mayor de blasio had this to say on gun control. common sense tells us that past legislation that will make it illegal for individuals on the fbi watch list to buy guns and require online background well. live in time's square, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> >> stay with eyewitness news and abc news for updates on the terror threat. there has been an arrest in the deadly stabbing of a man trying to help a person in trouble in jersey city. police arrested him on murder charges. investigators say lopez stabbed troy brandon saturday night when brandon came to the aide of someone being attacked.
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have not been released. lopez is being held on one million dollars bail. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans with the warm forecast. >> you are right. it will be a warm one, no doubt about it. the camera on the fort lee side of the george washington bridge. a pretty morning with a lot of sunshine. thank you. we will be looking at a day where we find ourselves looking at a few clouds and a little fog, too. we will look at the jersey shore southward. we have a nice morning. 43 degrees. ment a west wind with the camera bouncing around a bit. we are seeing a few clouds sheared off by the upper level winds working around this high- pressure ridge. we will see the showers out away from us. that storm system will throw clouds over us. 51 at 1:00. 53 this afternoon. clouds increase tonight. that's all we will get out of the system, a few clouds. sunshine today.
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you will need that later on. it will feel great after school. warmer than normal by 7 degrees. how is it going? >> a look at the george washington bridge still a please as you move -- mess as you move left to right. cross bronx east near jerome avenue an accident. tractor trailer involved. you have a couple of lanes closed down. as a result, 10 to 15 minutes getting in the tolls. lincoln and holland tunnel okay. d trains bypassing 18th avenue with ongoing fire department activity and street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, ken, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," days after
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happening today rutgers is expected to name the new football coach. they say that man will be ohio state defensive coordinator chris nash. he has been a college assistant
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he helped ohio state win the national championship last season. he would replace kyle flood who was fired following the final game of the season last month. >> didn't you go to the ohio state. >> i did. washington state. look at that. already seeing winter weather two weeks before the official start. heavy snow falling in the cascade mountains. the storm shut down parts of a for drivers. more than 30 inches fell in some parts of the mountains and more snow is expected overnight. >> let's get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans is outside the studios on the upper west side. no overcoat. >> absolutely gorgeous. ment no snow, no ice. we could present tent. it's the most wonderful time of the year >> it's clear, the sirens are
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a morning with mild numbers. check these out. we have clear skies here. humidity is dry. winds are west at 6. temperature 43 degrees. pressure holding steady. strong high pressure over us that will keep coming in. temperatures are to the 20s in the north. 36 down the shore. there is chilly spots, chilly pockets. the wind is light, too, out of the southwest. with a warm air mass, we have fog in eastern ulster and dutchess on the hudson river. other patchy dense fog spots this morning. be on the lookout for that. you will see the clouds. the evidence of the warm air surging from the southwest. a you mean could have areas of rain that will stay to the south and east of us. clouds will come over us. this high-pressure ridge slides south and east. from the south. north. mild today. 53 with the low exiting. a little cooler air tomorrow. 48 is still going to be warmer than normal.
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more warm air coming in the weekend. 53, mild sunshine. tonight mostly cloudy, 37 and tomorrow we have clouds in the morning, breaks of sun in the afternoon. high of 48. seven-day forecast, sunshine beautiful weather wednesday. 62 sunday. i have to show you my friend today because we record last week that he was sick. maximus come say hi. he is okay. lori, while you were away, maximus collided with another dog in the park and got injured. hurt his intestines. but his intestines are okay this morning. >> he is back. >> he is clearly okay. we have thousands of people on social media may want to know if he is healthy. he is fine. back to you guys. heather, how are things.
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a problem with level. the d trains are bypassing 18th because of this ongoing fire department activity. we have a problem on to the cross bronx expressway eastbound at jerome avenue. this involves a tractor trailer. two lanes are closed down. as a result 30 minutes to the upper level of the george washington bridge. lincoln and holland minor delays. the lincoln tunnel i'm sure will build up. cross county parkway east near the new york state thruway a downed light policy in the express lanes. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. ken, lori, over to you? >> thank you. verizon customers will soon be able to make calls via wi-fi but only on certain phones. >> in techbytes verizon rolling out the new wi-fi calling
6:18 am
>> s 6 and s 6 edge. >> apple's next big thing could be an iphone mini. the new phone will have a 4- inch screen, nearly an inch smaller than the 6 s. >> it could be called the 6 c and be released as early as february. >> watch out tesla, porsche is on the move. it has the green light to build a high performance electric sedan. >> it will charge up faster, travel farther and could be the coolest car on the planet. it should be out by 2020. price tallying around $120,000. >> that's a steal. >> those are your techbytes, have a great day. >> poor renee. >> she needs mending. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," how he cool lie concerns at chipotle are affecting the bottom line there is a place...
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on the money, the dow starts up 369 points to 17,847. nasdaq composite and s&p 500 begin 2% higher. right now futures point to a higher open. >> nikkei saw a day of gains while hong kong hang seng index fell a fraction of a point. stock price for electrolux fell after general electric failed to sell its business valued at $3.3 billion but it failed to win antitrust approval in this country and got bogged down in a court battle in washington. ge will seek an alternative division. sales are sliding at chipotle after an e. coli outbreak across nine states. it can no longer estimate that the sales for next year after seeing stalls plummet 22% since
6:23 am
they were forced to close restaurants in oregon and outbreak started. meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather >> here we go. we will have a beautiful sunrise. looking from the camera on the fort lee side of the george washington bridge back to the east. it will be nice. 38 new city is the temperature in rockland county. 26 toms river. we have a clear sky. hardly any wind at all. temperature has dropped off. light southwest wind will warm things up nicely. a great ride on the ferries. get in and enjoy. beautiful sunrise with a temperature of noon at 50. at 3:00 about 53 degrees. it will get into the 60s later. >> i want to take down my christmas decorations and put them back up because it's beautiful. >> great idea. >> let's do that. let's go to a camera first and talk to you about what is going on at the george washington bridge. you can see you are bumper to bumper. we head to the maps and talk
6:24 am
cross bronx east and jerome avenue an accident involving a tractor trailer. two lanes are closed down. 50 minutes to get to the upper level. go with the lower level noncommercial vehicle. d trains bypassing 18th with activity. street cleaning rules are in lori, over to you. >> all right, thank you. heather. well, tonight is the second night of hanukkah which means jewish people around the world will light another candle on the men no as. last night -- even in nora. last night it goes for eight nights and rededicates a temple in jerusalem. one day's worth of oil burned for eight nights. u.s. soccer will make amends after a world cup match had to be canceled. the victory tour event in hawaii was called off. officials determined the
6:25 am
was not suitable to hold an international soccer match. >> we lost a player the other day. we have to be mindful of putting our players in positions where they can eat injured. that's the number one concern is player safety. >> you would think they could grow good grass in hawaii, right. >> they have to have artificial turf. >> a posting said the turf was pulling up out of the ground and filled with rocks. u.s. soccer says all tickets for the match against trinidad will be refunded. well, two former pros of "dancing with the stars" are engaged. pictures were posted to instagram. 35-year-old maksim cher men sky and petra manager gay tried. i mess -- mergatroid.
6:26 am
maks got on one knee. the couple first dated for ten months in 2012 then 2013 they rekindled their romance earlier this year. maks said this was the best decision i ever made. >> one pretty couple they make. >> good for them. >> sexy. it's 6:26. we continue to follow breaking news in queens that we have call a rama at. a group of people were rescued as fast-moving fire came rushing through.
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breaking news in queens. several people get hurt after a fast-moving fire destroys one home. we are live with the rescues that took place. >> get ready to may more for your morning and evening commute. how much more it will cost to cross the busiest bridges and tunnels in the area. >> mild beginning to the workweek. it will only get warmer.
6:30 am
>> good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. it's monday, december 7th. you are never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> nice to have you back, lori and thank you for the coffee. letter good morning, happy monday. we take a look across central park, across the sheep meadow. temperature 43. fair skies. looking at a west wind of 6 will warm us up nicely. hopatcong 29. looking at 38 in white plains. bridgeport 35. these numbers are warmer than normal. we have a little fog dutchess, ulster up to albany. for patchy dense fog. this is the sign of a stable atmosphere that will give us sunshine and warm weather. the week. we will talk about that in the forecast coming up. weather and traffic every seven
6:31 am
it's a mess at the george washington bridge. let's take another look a show you how traffic is or st. patrick moving as you go across the upper level. lower level picking up volume as well because of an accident on the cross bronx. eastbound near jerome avenue, involves a tractor trailer. you have at least two lanes closed down. 50 minutes upstairs. go with the lower if you can. 15 minutes lincoln. holland minor delay. cross county parkway downed light policy in the express lanes. d trains bypassing 18th because of fire department activity. then we are taking a look at the bronx river parkway south near west cherster county center, a car went off the radio way. avoid the spot if you can. 684 north, exit 2 an accident being cleared in purchase h. street cleaning rules are in effect. lori, over to you. >> thank you.
6:32 am
cell phone video just in to our flames are. several people are hurt. eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live in elmhurst with more for us. >> lori, fire crews are busy battling the blaze here for the last two hours. we learned that the fire from this building you see here had spread to several other buildings having fire crews respond to other homes to rescue people out of them. this is being doused by water. there is fire burning in the middle of the home. you can see fire crews on the ladder. they have been there the last half hour trying to get in the attic. we saw smoke billowing out of the home, flames out of the every angle. take a look at this video. cell phone video was given to me by someone that lives in the neighboring home rescued. they woke up to the sound of crackling, is popping from are
6:33 am
when they opened the door, this is what they saw. those hot flames shooting into their home. they called 911 immediately and were able to be rescued out. we are still working on figuring out how many people were in the home where the fire started. however, we know several people were injured,ing burns possibly to the face and hands. they were rushed to the hospital about an hour ago. police and fire are still working on a cause to figure out how this fire started and we are working on getting an undate from fire crews in the next 20 minutes on exactly how many people were inside this home. we know that fire crews have this fire under control. they are working here to put out the last bit of hot spots still in the attic there. live in elmhurst queens, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness news. president obama delivered a high profile prime time address to ease fears of terrorism across our country.
6:34 am
new strategy in the fight against isis but he did -- had won major message. eyewitness news reporter dray dray? >> reporter: good morning, ken. will be destroyed. that is from the president. the president knows that terrorism at home and abroad it is making americans nervous. he spoke for about 14 minutes laying out a four point plan to defeat terrorism as well as how to protect the country. people. >> reporter: president obama said the san bernardino and paris attacks show terrorism entering a new face. in his first address from the oval office in five years, the president vowed the united states will defeat isis and other militant groups. >> what we can do and must do letter. >> but the president said he would not send the nation into
6:35 am
he warned such a war would be a recruiting tool for isis. >> muslim americans are our friends and neighbors. our coworkers, sports heros. and, yes, they are our men and women in uniform who are willing to die in defense of our country. we have to remember that. >> house speaker paul ryan says the president failed to offer a comprehensive strategy for defeating is cities. ted cruz said the president's policies are making america unsafe. in spite of that criticism there is bipartisan support for closing the so-called terror gap, a loophole that allows people on the no fly list to buy weapons. >> 2300 people on our terrorist watch list requested weapons in the last decade.
6:36 am
>> reporter: mayor de blasio had this to say on the issue of gun control. common sense tells us past legislation that will make it illegal for individuals on the fbi watch list to buy guns and will require online background checks for gun purchases as well. live in time's square this morning, dray clark, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right, dray, thank you. president obama has ordered the departments of state and homeland security to review the visa program that terror suspects tashfeen malik used to come in the united states. neighbors say her husband, syed farook became more withdrawn about a year ago. farook's father said his son was fascinated by isis, hated israel and shared the ideology of isis leader. former neighbor, enrique marquez that may have supplied
6:37 am
powered rifles used in the attack. happening today, members of congress on the new york city council will join 9/11 first responders to push congress to pass the zadroga act. yesterday lawmakers joined members of the fdny, other emergency personnel and civilians sickened by toxins. new york representatives say the act must pass by the end of the week before congress goes on break for the holidays. >> going into the holiday season. celebrate. how can he we celebrate if we are not taking care of the health care of our first responders. >> i remember clearly when the head of the epa was telling people the air is safe to breathe. the first responders were here and the air was not safe to breathe. >> congress let the bill expire in september. they say it has enough
6:38 am
it can come up for a vote. in westchester county a water main break is causing traffic problems in pleasantville. the main broke last night at marble and castleton avenue. marble avenue is closed from require ving ton to sunny skied -- irvington to sunnyside. today is the first weekday commute for the higher tolls that went into effect across several bridges and tunnels. the tolls at the gwb, lincoln, hole lund, goethals and outerbridge crossing are up. ez customers pay 10.50 during off peak. 12.50 during peak and cash customers $15 at all times. that's the only deem with if you pay cash you pay more -- that's the only deal where if
6:39 am
>> is there is an advertisement, pay cash, you pay more. >> right. >> we have shine today. a beautiful sunrise in progress as we head to 10:00 a pretty day. we look southward here. altocirrus clouds in there. pretty day. here is the view from the bridge. sunrise will be nice. temperatures around 43 around the five boroughs. 27 around monticello. in the park beautiful weather. temperatures 5 to 6 degrees warmer than normal. rain to the west. rain to the south. that will stay there. that will not be a factor today. 47 by 9:00. noontime temperature 50. 53 this afternoon. that is seven warmer than normal for this time of the year. there are the huckleberries or berries of huckle. >> berries of huckle? >> yes. >>
6:40 am
heather, you never told me about the toll hike. >> i didn't? >> tolled me. >> i get it. do you have $15. >> no. >> if you have $15, take a look at this, you could drive across that for only $15. look at that ride. >> that is bargain. >> 12.50 if you have e-zpass. let's explain what is going on at the george washington bridge. an accident on the cross bronx east at jerome avenue. two lanes closed down. one hour to the upper level. 30 minutes to the lower level. 25 at the lincoln. 10 at the holland tunnel and we are looking at our d trains bypassing 18th avenue because of that ongoing fire department activity t. we have alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. lori and ken, over to you. >> thank you. still ahead on "eyewitness news this morning," we are learning new details about a dreadly pedestrian crash in brooklyn.
6:41 am
>> also ahead, a s.w.a.t. team is called after two new
6:42 am
discover unexpected treasures, for the people who least expect it. find thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. welcome back. a driver facing charges after a
6:43 am
and two others hurt in brooklyn. police say marvin sewell jumped the curb just before 5:30 last night. eyewitnesses say he was swerving to avoid hitting a bus. instead he crashed on the sidewalk. in doing so he killed victoria nicodemus. two others were hurt. he is charged with driving without a license. that is the 27th pedestrian deck in new york city since the end of october. new this morning, two missing college students have been found and four people now face kidnapping charges. police say two university of rochester seniors are safe and in the hospital. s.w.a.t. teams recovered them from a rochester home last night about 36 hours after they vanished. university president expressed the relief of everyone involved in the rescue. >> a chance to meet with nico's
6:44 am
there is a collective sense of relief tonight that all of us feel. this could have turned out in a different way. >> one of the students had been shot but both are expected to be okay. police say both men were targeted and there is no threat to the rest of the campus. happening today, new jersey's annual bear hunt begins in an expanded area. bear hunting will be allowed for the next six days in all or portions of different counties, basically the entire northwestern part of new jersey. state wildlife officials added about 600 square miles of hunting in an area in an attempt to manage a rising bear population. they estimate many live north of i-80, an area called bear country. amy robach is live in time's square. >> good monday morning. great to be with you. up next on "good morning america," president obama giving a rare prime-time speech
6:45 am
his plan to keep the country safe in the fight against terrorism and new details on the husband and wife killers in the san bernardino killings. and ben carson joins us with terrorism the top issue, the republican candidate weighing in on president obama's speech. then the desperate search for the relative of a tv star and top nfl quarterback, kristin cavallari's brother missing. his car was found abandoned on a road in utah. the. >> have a terrific show, amy. thank you. forecast. >> let's check in with bill outside with mild temperatures. >> feels great out here. nice, crisp, spring-like, early fall like. not winter, that's for sure. must be getting close to the official start of winter. we should be calling down.
6:46 am
low 40s to start the day and a beautiful sunrise in progress. looking across the park, lights at wollman rink are on. humidity 68%. a dry humidity. we have had wind. 30.21, strong high pressure over us. yesterday's high 53. normal 46. a look back at 1998, one of the warmest years ever. you have seen record highs, a lot set in 1998. beautiful sunset coming up. mild today. we will have a few clouds tomorrow, cooler. 60 by the time we get to saturday. 40s 0 be the eastern end of long island. letter 46 out to montauk and 36 islip. 20s to the north. these numbers are 5, 6, 7 degrees warmer than normal. a west to southwest wind. this points to a great day of
6:47 am
even though there is fog up the hudson river valley, dense fog advisory until 8:00. sunshine, nice day. those areas of rain will stay to our south. we get clouds off the tops of those but not a big deal. weather this week and into the ends of the week and weekend, very miles. old see the jet stream goes to the north. after school great. sunshine, 53, beautiful weather. so, the forecast today, 53. as the low exits, cooler air tomorrow. it will be looking about 48 did he agrees.high-pressure ridge slides eastward. 47 with cloudy skies. tomorrow cloudy skies then sunshine breaks in the afternoon. high of 48.
6:48 am
58 friday and 60 on saturday. sunshine and 62 degrees. >> weekend plans. this is the weekend to do it. another great night of hanukkah. great to be in the city. >> i love talking about the weekend on monday. >> right. >> did i do that? >> yes, you did. >> i applaud you for it, sir. >> thank you, bill. let's check in with heather. subway status. d trains bypassing 18th avenue because of the ongoing fire department activity. big problem cross bronx east at jerome avenue an accident involving a tractor trailer. two lanes are closed down. delay back to new jersey. an hour to the upper level. 30 minutes to the lower level. 25 at the lincoln. holland tunnel is a 10-minute delay and we are jam packed as a result. we have street street. lori, over to you. >> thank you, heather. more details on the
6:49 am
are on the scene of a fire in brooklyn causing sway problems. these pictures are from the mta showing just how close the flames got to the elevated tracks in bensonhurst. the fire broke out yesterday morning in bensonhurst gutting a two-story building. avenue. we received an update in queens. six people were rescued from a fire. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price...
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the family of jimmy carter is celebrating a recovery this morning. he is cancer free. he made the announcement yesterday before giving a sunday school lesson in his hometown of georgia. mr. carter said that he got a scan last week and doctors said there is no sign of brain cancer. back in august, he said doctors found four small melanoma legions on his brain. a drunken daredevil goes to extreme heights to evade police. the 21-year-old man climbed a
6:53 am
weekend then performed acrobatics with no net. the man stayed up there 6 1/2 hours before coming down. he put up a fight as police lead him way. you have until tomorrow to give your family a chance to celebrate the holidays in the style of a christmas classic. if you have always wanted to relieve a christmas story, now is your shot. the ohio home where the 1983 movie was filmed is being auctioned off for a two night christmas experience. the home was used as a museum. it show cases everything fans love about the christmas story. the winning bid is $8,900. the money will be used for a neighborhood restoration program in cell. >> that's the way you roll in cleveland. >> we are following a breaking story in queens. >> fire ripped through one home in elmhurst. we got an update for
6:54 am
if you look closely, you can see the exact second, when curiosity becomes wonder, when winter becomes christmas, and joy becomes a tradition. a moment that can only happen... the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
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breaking news. several people are hurt, one seriously after flames tore through a home in queens. >> kala rama is there live. >> reporter: i can tell you that so far we know six people were injured including a 12- year-old girl being treated for smoke inhalation as well as a 30-year-old woman with burns to her face and abdomen.
6:56 am
destroyed inside after flames shot out at 4:30 this morning. we learned three firefighters were injured. they have minor injuries. they were taken to the hospital for treatment. you can see several firefighters on scene here starting at 5:30 this morning working the two-alarm fire. no word on what caused the fire. most of the flames and issues were in the attic. two people were sleeping at the time. six people injured. one in serious condition at the hospital. no word own a cause. we are live in elmhurst queens, kala rama, channel 7 eyewitness >> thank you. also breaking, police say this man raped a woman inside her brooklyn apartment building island. investigators say the suspect followed a 20-year-old woman into an elevator where she lives. he pulled out a gun and attacked her in a stairwell. heather. >> we have a mess at the george
6:57 am
take a look at the bridge. bumper to bumper moving across the span. going to the maps, at least 90 getting to the upper level. 45 the lincoln is 30. the holland is 15. george washington bridge delay is because of this accident, cross bronx east at jerome avenue involving a tractor trailer. >> all right. thank you. here we go. what a great day. sunshine. very calm start. nice and cool. temperature this hour will be 44 degrees. looking good. 42 cambria heights. whitestone 44. cool spots to the north will warm up quick. fog to the north. that burns off fast. 53 this afternoon. 7 warmer than normal. it gets warmer after 48 tomorrow, still above normal. 58 friday and 62 sunday. >> nice. >> have fun. >> yeah, really. >> thank you, bill. >> that will do it for us. that's the news for now. i'm ken rosato. >> i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your monday morning with us.
6:58 am
another update. "good morning america" is up
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