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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  December 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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who attacked a young mother inside her building in brooklyn. >> and moments ago we just learned that an hour after that rape, cops say he robbed a woman. police just releasing this photo from that scene. >> science reporter darla miles is in coney island with our lead story. >> reporter: two women attacked on sunday night. both women were robbed. one of them was raped. the rape victim is home recovering, and police are now looking to identify who did this. >> she was bruised up on her face and really distracted about what happened. >> reporter: a young mother smashed in the face and robbed man. >> i heard her say that someone was following me, and that was it. >> reporter: sources close to the victim say she didn't think much of it, when a man walked into the elevator behind her in her coney island apartment building around 9:00 sunday night. but they say when she got off
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the face with a gun, and dragged into the stairwell. raped her. >> i even asked the officers if everything was okay, and they said just go about your business, everything. of surveillance cameras, allowing police a chance to see a full view of the suspect. and release the video quickly. in hopes of a swift arrest. >> i wouldn't believe that something would happen in this building, with all of the cameras. they have installed a lot more cameras. >> reporter: now, if you recognize the person in this surveillance video, please call tips. reporting live in coney island, darla mile, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> darla, thank you. one more times, we want to show a picture of the suspect. police say he robbed a woman an hour after he raped a woman, both in coney island, brooklyn. if you know him, police say they would like to find out who he is and find this guy before he strikes again. we will have his picture on our facebook page and on our web
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we now know the identity of a man killed during a hit-and- run crash in the bronx. police say 47-year-old comes kirby was struck by a van while he was crossing buck ner boulevard in the monthaven morning. the driver did not stop. the scene. people in the community say they have been calling for more traffic control in the area. >> they just put a crossing guard, with the school here, that was built here, and we have been fighting for four years. something has to be done here. >> absolutely. something has to be done. >> reporter: this is the 23rd pedestrian death in new york city. since halloween. meanwhile, we are seeing new video of a deadly crash in brooklyn. last night a car jumped a curb in fort green killing one person and injuring two others. police say marlin sewel was driving without a license last night when he veered off the road.
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avoid hitting a bus. and 30-year-old victoria nicodemus was killed. and two others were also hurt. and new developments in the san bernardino shooting. the fbi just revealing that syed farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, both radicalized for some time. the couple had 19 pipes inside their home. pipes that could have been turned into bombs. according to the feds. and they both were in target shooting practice in the days before the gun attack. abc's lauren lister in san bernardino with the new details. >> reporter: bill, you mentioned some of those major developments. in addition, agents said they do not see any evidence at this point of a plot outside the u.s. >> we are strong. we are a family. emotional today. >> we held each other protected each other through this horrific event. >> reporter: many are trying to
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colleagues suffered. the fbi revealing new details today about the shooters. >> both subjects were quite some time. >> reporter: counted among the survivors this 6-month-old daughter of the shooting suspect of syed farook and tashfeen malik. farook's sister, walking out of juvenile court, is trying to get custody. >> we don't want her to know. >> and they are trying to track the background and contacts of the killers around the world. >> and syed farook's voice heard in this message. and a photo obtained by u.s. arriving for the first time in the u.s. as a newly married couple in july 2014. the investigation over the weekend leading to the home of enrique marquez who lived next door to syed farook as they grew up. >> they were very close very close. if anybody in this neighborhood, it was enrique, was the closest.
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marquez bought the two high powered assault rifles that somehow ended up in the hands of the shooters used in the attack. abc news has learned marquez was questioned by the fbi today in connection with the terror attacks. he was unavailable over the weekend while being evaluated for unspecified issue. channel 7 eyewitness news, san bernardino. charlene, back to you. >> lauren, thank you. a man accused of a terror attack in a subway station in london had material on his phone that referenced the attacks in san bernardino and 29-year-old mahden mir appeared in court with attempted murder. he injured three people attack. witnesses say he shouted, this brothers. right after being arrested by police. investigators found isis propaganda on his phone. the war on terror part two, a new terror alert system about to be rolled out in this
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homeland security secretary jay johnson says the change will keep the public better informed. he says terrorists threats to the united states have evolved and terrorist threats are a growing concern. the details about the new alert system will soon be revealed. this is the third terror alert september 11th attacks. here in new york, the nypd and city leaders told clergy that they are essential to the police commissioner bratton hosted a conference of more than 500 religious leaders today. the goal is to strengthen ties between law enforcement and communities, mayor deblasio said clergy members have a connection with their constituents and a unique opportunity to help young people who may go down the wrong path. >> whether it is a young person who might join a gang, or a young person who might be swayed by extremist violent mission either way. help us find them, to help us connect their family. >> we need you.
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crimes targeting community members or houses of worship. word tonight that criminal charges will not be filed against a second chicago police officer in a deadly shooting that was caught on camera. as an investigation is started in the police department. 25-year-old ronald johnson, after he got out of a car, it shows the video of him running away from police and george hernandez is seen firing five times and johnson is hit twice video. authorities say they recovered a loaded gun from mr. johnson. it is our determination that no criminal charges should be filed in this case, against officer hernandez, because a crime cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. >> the attorney says the police planted the gun, an accusation that investigators deny. the chicago mayor rahm emanuel released a statement a moment ago, saying the shooting is a tragedy that can't be taken lightly.
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queens as residents includes a 12-year-old girl were forced to escape a home during a raging hire in the elmhurst section. would he have more on the dramatic rescues from kella ramma. >> reporter: melvin ricardo was fast asleep. >> there was a sound. >> reporter: she woke up to the loud sounds of cracking and popping. >> she opened the door. it was a big fire already. and then we couldn't get out. because, you know, it was too close. and we could feel it. it is so hot. we couldn't get out. we just were stuck in there. >> reporter: the fire started in this neighboring chechum street home at 4:30 this morning and quickly grew to an intense two alarm fire melting the siding off neighboring homes. the six people inside were fast asleep, and woke up to intense smoke in every room of the house. >> all six civilians were occupants in the building. one was serious.
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injured, including a 12-year- old girl suffering from smoke inhalation. and a 30-year-old woman who is now in serious condition with burns to her face and stomach. as for villman and mercado, they are thankful only their belongings were damaged, knowing it could have been much worse. in elmhurst queens, channel 77 eyewitness news. >> that phos house fire is not a part of a series of arsons in the forest hills section of queens. there were search fires since october 20. investigators spoke to a man seen near the closest fire and he was ruled out. there was a man with a hoody near the scene of another fire and police want to speak to him. crews in westchester county are hoping to have water restored today after a ruptured pike shut down service to a section of pleasantville. officials say the water main broke last night causing a large sinkhole on marble avenue. utility workers have been making repairs throughout the day. officials say no gas lines were affected by the break.
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stocks kicking the trading work off energy companies leading the sell-off in late afternoon trading after u.s. crude began trading at the lowest level in seven years. a live look at the big board. the dow down 117 points. and closing at 17,730. holiday package thefts, with a twist. we will show you the new way thieves are tricking homeowners as they steal gifts right from the front door. plus this. >> you can't do this. you can't do this. >> it is a neighborhood nuisance so bad, a state senator is stepping in to help. but when the homeowner shows up, things get a little tense. >> and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. it is 54 54 degrees in december. one of our favorite neighbors. how about letting us know about traveling out and about? close the windows.
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. it is time for a check of traffic on this monday afternoon. let's check out the brooklyn queens expressway. a little bit hask, this is their kent avenue in brooklyn. apparently an accident just cleared in the westbound lanes. just residual delays as you see. the outbound holland tunnel and lincoln tunnel are 10 minutes. a look at the george washington, looking good. and the toll fares took effect yesterday at the crossings. coming together in brooklyn with a very strong message. lawmakers want the congress to have an act extension for medical coverage for first responders who became ill after
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message coverage will last only one year unless the extension is passed. today marks 72 years since japan flew warplanes over hawaii and attacked pearl harbor. this morning, a ceremony at the intrepid sea, air and space museum in manhattan honoring the lives lost. meanwhile thousands of people, including dozens of people who survived the 1941 bombing gathered in pearl harbor. the ceremony was held on a navy pier overlooking the uss arizona memorial. more than 2400 americans were killed and half the u.s. navy pacific fleet was damaged. >> the u.s. got into world war ii after that. new details in a search of the new head football coach at rutgers, they now have one. the school's athletic director has announced that chris ash will take over the program. ash has been the offensive coordinator at ohio state the past two seasons including last year's national championship team. 491-year-old career assistant says he is ready for a new challenge in the garden state. >> my son tanner has been great. he had two questions about
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first thing he said, dad, can we win? and i said yeah, we can win. and the only other thing he cared about, can we get ranked sometime, dad? i said yeah, we can get ranked. and he said take the job. >> and he did. the previous coach was fired after the scarlet knights final game of the season last month. the team that popularized basketball trick shots took their antics to the roof of the mecca of basketball, to celebrate the team's 90th year. members of the harlem globetrotters climbed up madison square garden marquis rooftop to shoot hoops for charity. with each made basket, the team pledged to donate tickets for its upcoming games in the new york city area to the garden of dreams foundation. >> nothing but net. >> next year marks the team's 90th year in exhibition competition. >> i have done that shot before. >> in my dreams. >> yes. >> he called swish. i heard him call swish. >> i will be whistling sweet georgia brown the rest of the day.
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right, lee? >> of course. you have a rollerblader outside? >> yes. >> it is just going on, roller skating james. >> he is so talented. >> we were talking about basketball jones before. >> he just played the song for me. >> it is all coming together now. we have a sweet afternoon and evening on the avenue. really pretty out here. once again another weather week that does not say december at all. let's look at the pictures. first of all, i have got an lot of tweet, a message on facebook about this, what is with the smog, the fog and the haze. we have what is called an inversion. and that's when the temperature actually goes up when you go higher in the atmosphere, usually it gets colder when you go vertically and you go up in altitude. the pollutants are getting trapped underneath that. in what we call an inversion. and over westchester, rockland, the five buroughs of new york city, there is an air quality warning that will go until midnight. a lot of times it is in summer when the pollutants along with
4:17 pm
more problematic but the air quality is poor and that warning goes until midnight. our temperatures are at 54. the humidity is 33%. the barometer is on the rise. and the high is 54. here is seven on seven. the next seven hours. very comfortable for december. dropping to the 40s. just a lot of cloud cover around. and now, the hudson valley, we are in the mid-40s. in our far northwest suburbs, where the clouds are not as thick later tonight, we can have some fog, with freezing temperatures, meaning some slick spots early on. so keep that in mind for your morning commute tomorrow. a repeat of what we had this morning. and most of us will turn mostly cloudy overnight. the clouds will try to thin out at times during the day tomorrow and still some cloud coast. and you can already see them on the satellite. of rainfall. they are teaming up. two areas of low pressure. but they don't really work together until it is offshore. so we just get of the cloud cover. and some rain maybe even reaching into suffolk county long island. but there will be some batches of clouds that even swing back into the area through lunchtime tomorrow. tomorrow is our coolest day.
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cover and the ocean breeze, 48 degrees should do it. we will be back in the low 50s on wednesday. under partial sunshine. and wait till you hear about the warmth over the weekend. never too early to start talking about the weekend outlook. look what we are talking about. a six handle on the numbers. the only thing that can rob us of 60s in some spots is extensive cloud cover. we have a slot at a record high on the record is 64. partly to mostly cloudy tonight. the accu-weather forecast, 40. up to 48 tomorrow. watch out for a couple of slippery spots well north and west tomorrow morning. temperatures near freezing in some suburbs. and then we get some breaks of skies, and 39. and a look at new information for the end of the week. along with the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. meanwhile it is delightful and i will tell you over the next one or two weeks, still no sign of sustained cold. one little shot and i will tell you when that is in the next half hour. guys? >> the fear is it wilt come with a vengeance next month.
4:19 pm
see you in a few minutes. coming up, new guidelines for parents on when to take your children to see the pediatrician. our dr. richard bess wer a look at what is changing. >> and you are supposed to make holiday decorating easier but a popular light display is called a safety hazard. we will tell you about this hidden danger.
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a security guard helped recover items reportedly worth more than $700,000 that were stolen from celebrity simon cowell's home. a british newspaper reports, the guard was patrolling near cowell's street in london when he saw a suspicious man carrying a big bag under his arm. then the guards saw the man drop something. it appeared to be a passport with cowell's picture on it so the guard followed the thief and approached him. and the suspect dropped the bag and fled. we have some barbie news to tell you about. an inspiring new barbie doll. so popular, it sold out less than an hour after it launched. the doll honoring the film maker ava duvernay, sold out after it became available. the latest in a limited edition series dedicated to influential women. proceeds go to a nonprofit civil rights group. rapper kendrick lamar leads the field of this year's nominee for the 58th annual grammy awards but lamar did not
4:22 pm
year. five artists will be vying for it. the nominees are really love, by d'angelo and the vanguard. uptown funk by mark bronson featuring bruno mars and thinking out loud, by ed sheeran, to win, he has to beat out black space by taylor swift and can't feel my face by the weekend. it may be tough since swift and the weekend both have seven nominations a piece. the grammys will be handed out in los angeles, next february. she was a life force whose life lasted not nearly long enough. janis joplin wrote a song about buying a mercedes-benz because her friends all drove porsches and now a porsche that did in fact belong to janis joplin is up for sale. if you want a porsche painted totally psychedelic, we have one for you. it is about to be auctioned off. sandy? >> reporter: i had so much fun. the rock icon is back in the news this week. 45 years after janis joplin died.
4:23 pm
and the new film, a documentary called janis little girl blue is in theaters now. oh, lord won't you buy me a mercedes-benz. >> she may have asked for one kind of car, but the late janis joplin actually went with another brand. my friends all drive porsches. i must make amends. >> reporter: janis bought this car in the first flush of success in 1968 and had it painted to reflect the spirit of the times. >> it was a time for testing the limits. and the car seemed to offer that. >> reporter: her sister laura and brother michael have owned the car since joplin's death in 19770. >> i think it really represented an openness to her. the convertible aspect. and then the paint job. it was her personality all the way. >> she really loved to drive this enthusiastically.
4:24 pm
>> reporter: ian keleher works for rm sothby's auctioning off the sports car this week. >> we have janis joplin and the rest of the band behind her. >> the rest of her car is full of surprises. the porsche was parked at the rock and roll hall of fame in cleveland for 20 years. before it was brought here, to manhattan. >> i look happy, because i am. >> reporter: along with joplin's music, the porsche is a link to a unique time. and the rock icon who personified that era. >> i think the car is a visual reminder that you don't have to do what everybody does. >> now, janis joplin bought a porsche used for just shy of $4,000. when it is auctioned off at the rm sotheby's sale thursday night in manhattan, it could sell for 100 times more than that amount. or more. somewhere close to a half a million bucks. >> you looked like you were having a blast there.
4:25 pm
>> and i know who is drooling over that car. the man who moves cars more than anyone else i know in my life, lee goldberg. >> that is one mean ride. i mean that in the best sense of the world. >> thanks. coming up on eyewitness news first at 4:00, a fight over a neighborhood nuisance. >> i told you it was a fight. as lawmakers are speaking out against a party house, the homeowner shows up. and we will show you what happens, next. >> a woman arrested for driving while under the influence. wait until you hear what she meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. more speed, like 300 meg. more tv shows and movies on demand. more places to make more unlimited calls. they even made it easy to switch with a one hour arrival window. for $89.99 a month, you'll get
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an update now on the new developments in the san massacre. late this afternoon, fbi revealing that 19 pipes were found at the suspect's home. they could have been turned into bombs authorities say. syed farook and tashfeen malik were radicalized islamists and had been for some time. there is evidence that the
4:29 pm
meanwhile farook's sister walking out of juvenile court this morning trying to get custody of the couple's 6-month- old daughter. right now, we are following a developing story. it is breaking right now in the eyewitness news room. g.o.p. presidential candidate donald trump releasing a dramatic statement that is sure to spark a lot of debate. as we take a look at mr. trump who is preparing for a rally tonight. he is calling for, quoting from his release now, it is shocking, a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until, quoting now, our country's is going on. as far as we know, this country has never banned a people, based on religion. trump quoting now, until we are able to determine the problem and the dangerous threat it poses. he says the country can't be the victims of horrendous attacks by people who believe only in jihad. much more of this coming up on
4:30 pm
our web site pushing ahead now, we will start in new jersey. a plan accused of trying to bring a loaded gun -- a man accused of trying to bring a airport. he was arrested after tsa agents detected a gun at a security point. the handgun with six bullets in a bag he was carrying on a flight to china. four people are in custody kidnapped university of rochester students. the college students were talked on saturday night police say. in less than 24 hours, police tracked the students to a house. a s.w.a.t. team staked out the place. and then moved in. one student was shot in the leg. but his injury we are told is not serious. police say the two students were targeted and the campus is not in danger. 15 pounds, that is how much marijuana police say they found in a rockland county home. there was also a 10-year-old house. police showed up to the home on
4:31 pm
stolen vehicle investigation, when officers got there, they noticed two people in the home carrying what appeared to be large bags of pot. and two men and a woman in the home were arrested. the street value for the marijuana is about $8,000. a woman accused of driving drunk in new jersey apparently in such an intoxicated state, she didn't know what state she was in. 31-year-old carol edina, pulled over by police at the entrance of the holland tunnel. and according to the arresting officer, she was three times the legal limit and says she was looking for new jersey. the roman catholic diocese in albany says it will reduce the frequency of the device of common core standardized tests and the diocese says it will help parents distinguish between the standards with needed skills and the turmoil surrounding testing. the decision follows governor cuomo's call of a total reboot of the common core standards. if it is up to readers of
4:32 pm
presidential candidate bernie sanders will be chosen as the 2015 person of the year. senator sanders is getting more than 10% of the votes from people in an online poll, twice as many as malala. and bested pope francis, who got under 4% of the vote. time will announce the official selection for the magazine's person of the year, on wednesday. take a look at what is right behind me. a bus driver scared two men from stealing a car at a gas station. surveillance video shows two men running up to a woman's car in tennessee, who were planning to drive away with it but in the background, a city bus pulled up and the driver saw what was happening, stopped and laid on her horn. a passenger on the bus said the driver yelled to everyone on the bus, that the woman was being robbed. the men eventually ran off. fortunately, no one was hurt. how often should your child see the doctor?
4:33 pm
pediatrics has new guidelines. abc's dr. richard besser, joining us with what parents need to know. >> plus, more on former announcement. >> that is coming up. and it is that time of the year, homes are all decked out. holiday decorations. but now a warning about a it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit there are new guidelines from the american academy of pediatrics on kids and visits to the doctor. >> health and medical editor dr. richard besser is lear to break down the guidelines. importantly? >> the most important for a parent to know once your child has entered school and they have had their school entry shots, it doesn't mean you stop going to the doctor. the visits should take place every single year. and as a pediatrician, those visits between ages five and 11 are critically important. we are not giving shots. but that is where we are tracking growth. looking at diet and exercise. and looking for any kind of school problems.
4:36 pm
asking about heart disease. family. that is the time where if you can pick up a problem early, you can make a difference in a child's life. life. >> a more holistic approach. >> exactly. when they hit 11, there are some more shots, but many parents think that once the shot business has stopped, you don't have to keep going to your doctor. pediatrics, saying that you continue to make the visits and important things, mental health place. >> and the message of course is get a shot, right? >> and flu shots,. >> flu season time as well. >> yes. >> lee, yes. [ laughter ] >> that probably goes to me, too. >> okay. >> let's talk now, about former president jimmy carter, that stunning announcement, that he is cancer free. this man is 91 years old. >> yes. >> what does it say about melanoma treatment? >> he has a very bad disease. metastatic melanoma. it is a type of -- usually a skin cancer that spreads throughout the body. one of the hardest cancers to treat.
4:37 pm
back in august that he had this, and he went underwent radiation treatment and a special treatment that allows his own immune system to go after the cancer cells. what they found is that the four spots in his brain that were there are no longer there. it doesn't necessarily mean that he is cancer-free. but they don't see any cancer. he will continue on the drug treatment. that is really exciting news. >> but he did say, the doctors said, he is cancer-free. was it a little early? i am hopeful. i am obviously very pleased with this and so is america. but is it a little skeptical? >> most doctors would wait three to five years before saying cancer-free. and in the studies that have been done on the drug, only one in four patients responds to the drug at all. and far fewer respond as dramatically as he has responded. but it does give hope for people who have had cancers that people have said are not treatable, that some of these new treatments may actually have some benefits. >> fingers crossed.
4:38 pm
>> hope he is well. pulling for him. >> thank you, dr. besser. >> a health or medical question you don't want to ask your doctor, ask ours. post it to or twitter facebook. and dr. besser will be back wednesday with the regular segment tell me the truth and he might answer your question at that time. thanks for joining us. by now, many of us know there are grinches out there who steal our holiday packages but coming up, how thieves in one neighborhood figured out a new twist to the crime. waiting. or some of you have. maybe a few. okay, three of you. kim kardashian and kanye west, son. here is a hint. big sister. >> a live look outside. do you see that? meteorologist lee goldberg returns with the exclusive accu- weather forecast meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more.
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the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at we have new video of a holiday package bait and swip. a man caught -- switch. a man caught on camera, walking up to a home and carrying a box. this is no delivery. the guy drops off what appears to be an empty box and walks off carrying a family's package.
4:41 pm
from house to house stealing packages, leaving empty boxes at this time of the year boxes taken after ripping off other homes. this family was in the area of portland, oregon. take a look at these amazing new photos from pluto. nasa's new horizon spacecraft captured these shots during the fly-by in july. 10 times the res lusion resolution of the last images. it shows a strip of the dwarf planet 50 miles wide. because new horz en is so far away. it takes about a year for the data and images of pluto to get back here to earth. you know what? i think it worth the wait. what do you think? >> spectacular. i saw a footprint. >> it looks like snow is what it looks like. >> i don't remember what snow looks like. [ laughter ] >> just a great you. >> exactly. no, we don't have any of that in our forecast.
4:42 pm
of weeks, we can't muster up anything. remarkable. 60-degree readings up to you know what happens. it is not a harbinger of the rest of the winter. outside tonight, so spectacular. the empire state building, that is a hint, from the setting sun, but it is in blue. the jimmy v classic. we see a lot of cloud cover. as we look down to the south right now, we are at 54. a light northwest wind around 3. there is also some haze and some fog or smog actually, underneath what is called the inversion right now. the air quality is rather poor. till about midnight. otherwise a pleasant evening with temperatures slowly going down to the 40s with the clouds coming in at the right time, it is a bit of a blanket insulation for us. the temperatures don't fall off the cliff right away. north and west, a little different story. the clouds are a little thinner. and look for example, tuxedo in orange county. suburbs. we will dip down to the freezing mark by 11:00 tonight.
4:43 pm
thin enough tonight and there is a little bit of fog that forms, there can be some icy spots on area roadways tomorrow morning. north and west. the way tomorrow plays out, some clouds especially early, from the city on eastward and north. and then they will probably be some breaks in the clouds mid morning. one more round of clouds tries to come in the middle of the day. varying amounts of clouds during the daytime. and because of the cloudiness, the numbers are in the upper 40s. which is basically where we should be this time of the year. it is the coolest day of the week. which is only around average. look at the numbers as would we go through tonight. notice as the clouds roll in, they are thiner to the west and the storm offshore may throw out enough shower activity, far enough west, so that long island getting brushed by some showers. especially suffolk county. and the temperatures in the upper 30s now, have to watch out for maybe an isolated slick spot. look at the temperatures near freezing north and west and if we see any fog like this
4:44 pm
even though that storm pulls away, notice how another band of clouds kind of blossoms and throws back at the coast, so that's why i say it is not necessarily a cloud break for sun. it can be clouds, fighting with sun for a decent part of the day and then eventually the sunshine starts to win out during the afternoon hours. but varying amounts of clouds. and upper 40s should do it. and then we start to break things up tomorrow night. >> the seven-day forecast accu- weather forecast looks like this. we are at 48 tomorrow, and clouds mixed in with sunshine. and on wednesday, clouds mixed with sun, but milder. a little bit more sun on wednesday. and then thursday, it is an interesting day. there is a warm front coming through. i think at the very least, a lot of clouds around. maybe even a passing shower. but the high that day, still could reach 56 degrees. and again, you might need the umbrella. as we go through the weekend, 58 on friday. and 60 on saturday. we may have record warmth. 60 on saturday with clouds. it all depends on the cloud cover on sunday. but 62 to 64 could be reached before we get a good drenching on monday of next week.
4:45 pm
but just want to reserve the right to maybe back off in the 50s if i see the cloud cover will be more extensive. all in all, still way above normal on that seven-day accu- weather forecast. see you at 5:00. >> thank you, lee. the movie animal house has nothing on the house are you about to see. a wild house. advertised on air b&b as a party in the ghetto. and neighbors through the roof with anger because of what they call wild shenanigans. a state senator getting involved and it is nasty. a scene of this confrontation. joe tores at the scene in the pelham garden section. joe? >> reporter: what a hornet's nest stirred up here on fenton avenue in the pelham garden section of the burough, and around this house, the neighbors and the homeowners say it is rented out for late night lewd parties that often involve jello shots and pole dancing and lap dancing. and the homeowner nebi yellly,
4:46 pm
reason with him. when that failed they called outs the big guns. the state snore jeffly kline and the assembly man, and had a news conference when the accused homeowner showed up at the news conference. started to fly. >> you stop me from renting on air b&b, fine. that's fine. >> no, i don't want you to stop on air b&b. >> that's fine. >> stop interrupting this community -- >> we have pictures of strippers and pictures of jumbo screens in the backyard. >> what do you do in your house, do i look in your house? >> do i look at your facebook and look at what you are doing? >> we don't anything that -- >> well, to be honest, your house -- >> you got 100 people out here. >> you guy can't do this. you can't do this. you can't do this. >> air b&b has since suspended
4:47 pm
coming up on 5:30 in the next report, more on that confrontation and you will hear from the neighbors what they had to say about all of this, and what action is being taken by state legislators to sort of solve this party problem. that's coming up later on eyewitness news at 5:30. for now, that's the latest from pelham gardens i'm joe tores, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> see you later, joe, thank you. trend. some of the top stories trending this monday afternoon. the name marissa mayor is on the top of many people's feeds. the embattled president and ceo of yahoo, expected to lose her job the next few days. before you feel too badly for her, think about this. and talk about a golden parachute. she will get a soft landing. >> wow. >> but we feel badly she doesn't have a job. quickly after that. that time of the year when released. today, we learn the most re- tweeted tweets of the year. how many years have we been
4:48 pm
one direction dominated the list, the most re-tweeted tweets. one d member harry styles all of the love as always. the same day zain malik announced he was leaving. and the second most tweeted tweet when he announced he was leaving the group. and caitlyn jenner cracking the top 10 of the year. for night. but kim kardashian and kanye west revealing the name of the new addition. wait for it now. saint west. >> clearly named after his parents, right? >> maybe not. born december 5. eight pounds one ounce and joins big sister north. and they would be saint nick and north pole if they named the next ones. great on a holiday card. >> what about the hanukkah card? hunter pence took his
4:49 pm
told her they would do an interview about their favorite moment there. >> alexis, i have loved you from the second that i laid eyes on you. will you take my hand? i promise to always love, be a standup loyal true man to you. to give me your all. >> oh, my god, yes. >> she said yes. and then it was off to big thunder mountain. >> he says two world series rings and now a girlfriend has one engagement ring. >> that is great. >> very nice. and it happened at dose disneyworld. the parent company of abc. >> and watch what happens when santa knows that the girl on his lap is deaf. and santa was prepared. he began signing. it has been viewed 300,000 times.
4:50 pm
>> and send us your trend ideas, using the #the trend. >> that's really nice. >> that has to be the coolest santa ever. >> really nice to end it. and it is one of the most popular types of decorations this time of the year. laser light projectors. they are easy to use for homeowners. but now, they could pose a danger. and here is a quick check on the delays at the hudson river crossings. at the lincoln, it is 30 minutes inbound and 10 minutes outbound. and at the holland tunnel, are you looking at 15 minutes outbound.
4:51 pm
ge it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now.
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it is one of the most popular decorating items this holiday season, laser light projectors outside the home. but it turns out these lights are a potential danger for pilots. eyewitness news anchor ken risooto has the story. >> they are supposed make decorating for the holidays easier. no ladders, no nail, no hammers but investigators with the faa says some of the new laser christmas light displays are proving dangerous to pilots. >> it is something that most people don't think about when they are putting up some kind that. they don't realize that they might be causing a problem. >> retired pilot david kelly says he is not surprised to hear what happened to an american airlines crew last week. the faa says their boeing 737 was struck by a laser while flying at 13,000 feet.
4:53 pm
traced it to the northeast of dfw airport. >> the intent is what is important. and obviously these people did not intend for this to happen. and if they had been told by the faa to shut it off, and they don't, then that might border on being, violating the criminal law. otherwise, no, it is not. >> kelly says folks who buy laser-light displays need to make sure they are pointed at the house, and not to the sky. and for those who are buying into this emerging holiday technology, and are lighting up their homes without care -- >> i would tell them that they should stop immediately, because first of all, they are endangering people's lives, and second of all, they are endangering people's health, and third, they themselves could wind up in criminal prosecution. >> channel 7 eyewitness news. now, the faa will likely first ask the homes who are shooting lasers into the sky to turn them off, or redirect them.
4:54 pm
that is when they could face criminal charges. there is still much more ahead, including a debate over new jersey's bear hunt. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. >> a menorah vandalized not once, but twice. in an upper east side park. how it has united neighbors in the area. >> plus -- >> all we want is for them to get caught. >> heart break in the bronx. a father of three walking home was hit and killed by a driver in a van. police tonight searching for that driver who just took off. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams. >> police tonight searching for that van who struck. it is the deadly pedestrian accident, despite the city's vision zero program to cut down on them. >> the accident at bruckner avenue and willis avenue, in
4:55 pm
>> this is willis avenue coming straight at us and the cross is bruckner boulevard. in the eyes of people who live in this area, it is a very dangerous intersection. for one particular father, it cost him his life at the hands of a hit-and-run driver. there is deep sadness, and there are plenty of tears, for a family friend and neighbor. >> loving father, loving neighbor. loving friend. to everyone. and all we want is for the one who did this to get caught. >> 47-year-old thomas kirby, a husband and father of three, was heading back to his apartment, when he crossed bruckner boulevard, here at willis avenue. where he was struck and killed, police say by the driver of a van who then kept going. not even stopping. >> he was a loving father. always doing sports with his kids. always see him, anything he was doing, he was always doing with his family, his wife, his kids. >> the intersection to those who live in this area is described as dangerous.
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