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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 7, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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traveled street. by the afternoon, police were pulling over a number of drivers. >> disregarding the traffic signals. it is a really dangerous intersection. >> the speed bump here, slowing down the cars or whatever, i don't know. >> six people, according to the vision zero web site, had been struck by cars this year alone. in this area. >> that is where we need cameras. under the bridge. the corner. we have been fighting for it for four years. >> and mary bell and her friends are here sadly to honor their friend. placing candles and flowers. >> it is hurting. hurting deep inside. family. >> reporter: back live now, at the intersection again, you can corner. also tonight, the d.o.t. is telling us that as of november 30, there have been 191 pedestrian hit-and-run fatalities. this would certainly make number 20. reporting live at the monthaven
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7 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you. another deadly accident, this one in brooklyn. we have new video tonight showing a car jumping a curb in fort green, killing one person, and injuring two others. police say marlin soule was driving without a license last road. eyewitnesses say he swerved to avoid hitting a bus. the car crashed into the sidewalk. killing 30-year-old victoria nicodemus. two others were also hurt. police in brooklyn are searching for a sexual predator who raped and robbed a woman in the stairwell of her apartment building. surveillance video shows the man police are looking for. they say he followed a victim in the elevator in her building in coney island. when she stepped out, the man pistol whipped her and dragged her. police say an hour later, that same man robbed another woman at gunpoint. in a different building. the nypd says it does not believe a string of arsons in queens are hate crimes or acts
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police admit they do not know what the motive is behind the fires at homes under construction in forest hills, over the last month and a half. detectives want to speak to a man in a hoody seen on surveillance video near one of the fires. this is the man here. they believe the suspect is someone who lives in the area. another man seen on a motorcycle near the fires has been cleared. also in queens, no word yet on the cause of a fire that injured nine people. the fire broke out in a home on ketchum street in elmhurst at 4:30 this morning and quickly spread to other buildings. a woman suffered burns to her face and stomach and a 12-year- old girl had smoke inhalation. three firefighters had minor injuries. the latest on the san bernardino shooting investigation, the fbi a short while ago confirming the shooters were both radicalized. and radicalized sometime ago. they also took part in target practice just days before the shooting that killed 14. and today, employees at the
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to work for the first time since last wednesday's horrific rampage. sandra bookman here with other developments. >> reporter: in an ironic twist, we learned late this afternoon that workers had active shooter training last year, in the same room where last week's attack occurred. also today, the fbi called this investigation massive and revealed that 320 pieces of evidence have already been collected, as they try to put together a complete picture of just who this killer couple was. we have learned and believe that both subjects were radicalized and were for quite some time. >> that revelation late today from the fbi as investigators try to piece together the terror puzzle in san bernardino. also, revealing that the husband and wife team, syed farook and tashfeen malik, have practiced their aim at the local target ranges. >> that target practice in one occasion was done within days of this event.
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murder of 14 people, now being called an act of terrorism. >> hi, it is farook. >> is not available. >> a recorded message left by syed farook and recovered from computers and phones found in the couple's home. data they tried to destroy. also new, the exclusive photo obtained by abc news. it shows the san bernardino terror suspects arriving for the first time in the u.s. in july of 2014, as a newly married couple. and abc news has now confirmed that the fbi today finally questioned the former neighbor of farook who bought the two high powered assault rifles used in the attack. former licensed security guard enrique mar kez had checked himself into a mental health clinic. >> we will leave no stone unturned. >> even as the investigation into this senseless slaughter moves forward, that may not be as easy for the community of san bernardino.
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workers went back to work, amidst pledges to remember to comfort and to heal. we will rebuild. and we will be stronger when we get to that other side. >> reporter: right now, there is still a team at the crime they are methodically revuct constructing just how the shooting unfolded -- reconstructing just how the shooting unfolded using technology used in surveys. we have learned that the fbi plans to meet individually with the family members who were killed and injured to try to answer their qi questions. a man who was accused of an attack on london had material on his phone that referenced the attacks on san bernardino and paris along with propaganda. muhaydin mire injured three
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attack and shouted this is for syria, my muslim brothers after being arrested by police. republicans are piling on the criticism tonight after president obama's oval office address about the growing theft of terrorism. the president's speech was less than 15 minutes longer and the g.o.p. says the address offered nothing new and the president failed to give a clear strategy when it comes to defeating isis. >> i was disappointed last night when the president failed to lay out any new steps to fight this threat. instead, he doubled down on the strategy of hesitancy and half measures. >> the supporters of the president says he has shown steady leadership in the u.s.- led coalition effort to stop isis in the mid east. a stunning proposal tonight from republican presidential front-runner donald trump. he is now calling for quote a complete and total shutdown on muslims entering the united states. trump plans to announce the controversial proposal tonight.
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response to the level of hatred among, quoting again, large segments of the muslim population towards americans. trump's plans include muslims seeking immigration visas, as well as muslim tourists. and just moments ago, the council on american islamic relations condemn trump's proposal calling it orwell yan and fascist and trying to one- up himself with his rhetoric. the government is revamping how it is notifying the public about threats in san bernardino and paris in the wake of the attacks. the homeland security chief says the system will reflect what he called the new phase of the terror threat. details of the new advisory system will be released in the coming days. this will be the third terror alert system put in place since the september 11th attacks. new video out of chicago, as the u.s. justice department launches a federal investigation into that city's police department. newly released dash cam video
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police. times. johnson was hit twice. charges will not be filed against the officer. meanwhile, a new federal investigation will review how the department disciplines accusations. closing arguments are expected tomorrow, in the corruption trial of state senator dean skallos, the former republican leader is facing federal extortion, fraud and bribery charges. prosecutors say he used his position in government for financial gain. for himself and for his son. defense attorneys say skellos has not ruled out testifying in the case. former giants and jets player plaxico burres pleaded guilty to tax evasion charges in new jersey. the plea could potentially spare him from serving a year in jail. the 38-year-old admitted that he didn't pay more than $45,000 in state taxes in 2013.
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have to pay roughly $56,000 in restitution and penalties. after issues both on and off the field, rutgers football has a new coach. the university's board of governors approved the $11 million guaranteed contract today. laura benke is in the newsroom after w-details. >> reporter: after one week of cleaning house and firing the athletic director and the head football coach, rutgers officially began the rebuilding process with chris ash at the helm. the 41-year-old introduced today coming as his role of co defensive coordinator for ohio state the last two seasons. this is the first time as a head coach. the iowa native though very familiar with the big 10. after working with the buckeyes and wisconsin before that. ash is well aware of the issues that plagued the scarlet knights this past season with player arrests off the field, major struggles on it. he is committed though to turning this program into a competitive force in the big 10. and beyond. >> we need to create some positive energy around this program. it is going to take an extreme
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it is going to take a lot of the right people. everybody is going to have a role. and i am asking that everybody be the best that they can be at whatever job that is that you have to do, for us and this program, to reach our goals of being one of the best football teams in a great conference here in the big 10. >> ash is no stranger to success. he did help ohio state win a national title last season. this season, the buckeyes are 11-1. his defense currently ranks among the best unit in the nation. diana? >> thank you. a menorah near gracie mansion vandalized. coming up, what is being planned at the park tonight, in response. >> and plus, a woman found murdered in her home. her son told neighbors about a masked man, so why did it take so long to find the woman? and new jersey's controversial bear hunt kicks off today. how was turnout this year? and a driver is pulled over and says she was looking for new jersey. so why did police arrest her? >> i'm meteorologist lee
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today, kicks off the start of bear hunting week in new jersey. more than 8,000 permits have been handed out. wildlife officials say the hunt helps control the bear population in the state but critics say it is inhuman. and anthony johnson tweeted out this photo of the protesters and has more on how the hunt went. >> reporter: this is one of the biggest black bears brought in on the first day of the hunt. weighing nearly 700 pounds. the bear was scouted out and selected by a hunter from finland who says he chose this bear because of its age. >> it might be 20 years old. so it would have gone at some point in time anyway. >> this hunter took his 9-year- old daught near the woods. >> it was kind of scary when they were running at us. >> after shooting their bear, others surrounded them, and that's when things became frightening. >> it got a little crazy, because we shot them and before we knew it, three ran at us and
5:15 pm
and chased them away. >> 272 bars were hearted in 2014. and 221 in 2013. that compares to the 592 hearted in 2010. >> i was -- harvested in 2010. >> the bear came in a little after 7:00. and here i am. >> i saw the bear come in about maybe 9:00. and watched it for a while. and then it walked away. and then it came back. >> black bear are becoming fearless, coming closer to human population, mostly looking for food. >> we have the densest black bear population in the nation and the most dense human populated state in the nation. when have you those two, it is a perfect recipe for a human/bear conflict and we are trying to reduce that. to happen. >> it is insane. these people who do this are evil and cruel. >> state wildlife officials say the goal this year is to harvest 700 bears. if they don't so, in the six-
5:16 pm
to extend it for four more days next week. and in newton, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. lawmakers and 9/11 first responders came together in brooklyn today to push for a permanent zadroga act extension. congress allowed the program which allows medical coverage for medical responders who get sick after the terror attacks to expire in september. the rally was on coney island today. the medical coverage will last only one more year unless an extension is passed. crews have repaired a ruptured water main in westchester county and expect to have service fully restored in the next few hours. the utility officials say workers fixed the pipe in pleasantville about an hour ago. however, a section of marble avenue remains closed. the water created a sinkhole overnight and is expected to take until tomorrow to repair. and a rough start to the trading week on wall street, energy stocks led a sizable sell-off in late afternoon
5:17 pm
trading at the lowest level in seven years. and the dow closed at 17,730. the nasdaq fell 40 points. and the s&p 500 dropped 14 points. today marks 74 years since japanese planes attacked pearl harbor. this morning, a ceremony at the intrepid sea air and space museum in manhattan, honors the lives lost. meanwhile thousands of people joined the few dozen survivors of the 1941 bombing, gathered in pearl harbor. more than 2400 americans were killed in the attack. >> fewer and fewer from world war ii. >> yes. >> the weather on that day, we studied it, and the japanese commander, actually heard a radio report of the honolulu weather at that time with clouds over the mountains. otherwise good visibility. >> right. >> back in the day, you needed good weather to do something like that. >> exactly right. >> horrible. >> unfortunately it was conducive for it. there you go. for today, our weather is amazing.
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as we head through late fall and approach early winter, with no winter chill in sight. outside we go tonight. with an air quality warning, that's the one problem we have, because we have some pollutants trapped near the surface. because of the way the atmosphere is profiled today. we have westchester and rockland county, five buroughs of new york city. and an air quality warning. all right, so our temperature, at 5:00, it is at 51. and 43% humidity. the barometer is on the rise. and the high is 54 degrees. 7 on 7, the next seven hours. very, very pleasant for getting close to the middle of diseaser as the numbers drop to the mid to upper 40s very slowly this evening because of cloud cover. 46 degrees, the average high. so way above that. tomorrow, it is our day closest to average. in the upper 40s. and there are your sunrise and sun set times. last year in this state, it was mostly sunny and 42 degrees. and if you notice our numbers, they are dropping, places like andover new jersey, and millford and pike county. and our far northwest suburbs, just like this morning, if we see our clouds thin enough, our
5:19 pm
dew point, meaning there will be some fog, and that could actually freeze in some road surfaces. so just be aware of that. maybe some slippery spots tomorrow morning north and west. and 39 in monticello and the clouds are going to be thicker along the coastline tonight. and partly cloudy now, and mostly cloudy later. fair amount of clouds around early tomorrow morning. we will try to thin out. i think there will be waves of clouds really through early afternoon and more in the way of sunshine later in the day. a light wind. and temperatures in the upper 40s. there is the cloud cover, trying to come in right now. and there are two storm systems. one low here. and one here, and they are going to work together, to produce a sizable ocean storm. but too far offshore. we get brushed with loud cover and maybe some rain -- cloud cover and maybe some rain over eastern long island. the clouds want to cloe extra cloudiness tomorrow afternoon. and rain is con fibed to suffolk county. maybe parts of connecticut. that is early in the morning and shift offshore. a mix of clouds and sun. the numbers are on the way up on wednesday. partly to mostly cloudy tonight.
5:20 pm
clouds will break for sun at clouds will break for sun at times tomorrow, especially in about 48. watch out for the morning showers, east. and a couple of slippery spots on the roads north and west. showers this week. seven-day forecast. record warmth this weekend? that is a possibility. and significant rain be about a week away. all in the seven-day accu- weather forecast in the next half hour. back to you. >> lee, thank you. coca-cola pulls off an ad, off the air, coming up why some say it was offensive. >> plus, dramatic video of a jewelry store robbery. why this store's location made people especially frightened. >> a staten island cartoonist whose works appeared in the new yorker can't get paid her late publisher. see what happens when she drops a line to 77 on your side. coming up. >> i'm lauren glassberg. if you were a kid in the 1980s, you probably remember these.
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opening the holy day of saint peter's basilica, symbolizing the church clearing an extraordinary path to salvation during the jubilee year. the widow of a well known cartoonist reached out to us her husband died. and the royalties for his work stopped coming in. >> more than the money, she wanted the recognition that his work was being kept alive. we stepped in when the widow's nina? >> reporter: thousands of cartoons go into a cartoon bank and when the publication prints it, the cartoonist gets paid. and it worked that way for a staten island artist for many decades but after his death, a delay had his wife feeling frustrated and ignored. >> where would he draw? >> good question. >> the laughter lives on through aaron bacall's ka toons. and cancer took his life last june, his witty humor continues to be published. >> royalties from all around the world.
5:25 pm
side of work and teaching ran in the staten island advance for 30 years. laugh. >> and he reached the cartoonist mount everest, the yorker. talk. i will e-mail you. >> lynda was thrilled to get a statement and some of his cartoons sold. >> the funds generally are delivered within a few days. ago. >> that is a mistake. royalties are not paid until over 100 bucks. and the next month, jackpot, more cartoons published and waiting week force payday. >> i got very upset because i want to keep his work alive. his work is wonderful and i can't let it go. >> letting go of her husband of more than 50 years was hard enough. >> he used to hold my hand and that was everything. >> we called the new yorker on the widows behalf and she got a call the next day. >> all of a sudden the guy that i had tried to reach called me back.
5:26 pm
>> lynda says she was told there was a royalty payroll delay. but within days -- >> without wabc7 on your side, this moment would not have happened. >> she received the recognition for aaron's money, $414. head. and that is what he wanted. head. thank you so much. thank you. >> a rep from conde nast publication who owns the new yorker says payment was on schedule less than a month of the royalty statement and not a result of inquiry but mrs. bacall is getting ready for an exhibit of her late husband's work at the jcc on manor road. hundreds of the cartoons. >> more about the recognition and not the money. >> the work is wonderful. >> you remember a book. he was prolific. >> thank you. a murder mystery tonight in new jersey, a woman found dead,
5:27 pm
intrude ner their home. we hear from the neighbors about the gruesome discovery. also, a menorah vandalized not once, but twice. tonight, community leaders react to the hateful act. and what they plan to do in response. >> caught on camera. armed men try to carjack a
5:28 pm
out of control parties, a homeowner finds a news conference happening in his front yard. when neighbors complain about his wild air b&b renters. >> and the menorah in an upper east side park knocked over the past two nights. will it happen again tonight? and what will be done to stop whoever is doing it. breaking news in new jersey. an accident that is causing some big delays on the garden
5:29 pm
shannon stone is live in news copter 7 over the scene and not seeing anything moving. >> that is the problem. central avenue. that is essentially 135 off the garden state parkway. a truck slammed into this pole. knocking it down. as you said, nothing moving in either direction. if you are heading east on central avenue, you're basically being stopped at raredon road. what we really want to show you is the other direction. if you're coming at this, from valley road, or branch avenue or the garden state parkway, everything shut down there. that is the parkway coming into your picture and all of this exiting volume is just standing still. no plan in place yet. on when they will get it reopened. reporting live, over clark, shannon stone, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks, shannon. now to a gruesome discovery inside a home in new jersey. >> a woman was found murdered in her basement but how she got there is a big mystery. hours earlier her son found an intruder inside the home and that suspect is still on the loose tonight.
5:30 pm
>> and tony yates is outside the prosecutor's office in elizabeth with the latest. >> reporter: yes indeed. the union county prosecutor's office is still trying to figure out exactly what happened. they are still gathering a lot of information, so they are not quite ready yet to go on camera to talk about this homicide. 35-year-old yolanda vega was found dead inside her home. now. and her body was found at 4:00 this morning. but the crime actually began yesterday. so one of her neighbors says that vega's son came to him saying that there was a masked gunman hiding inside vega's closet. the neighbor's wife called 911 but the neighbor, he went outside and said he saw the suspect walking away from the house. and so he is again chasing him. and the neighbor says police eventually got to the scene and police started chasing him. as he was chasing the suspect. who eventually got away. by this morning when no one had
5:31 pm
her basement. behind some window curtains. vega, neighbors tell us, lived in the neighborhood for more than 13 years and well loved on the street. >> very upsetting. she was a great woman. together. she was a good mom. she went to work. stayed to herself. you would never think, especially here, it is so quiet, that anything like that would happen. >> reporter: again, so many questions surrounding this crime right now. police have no suspects, but a $10,000 reward is being offered suspect. for now, we are live here in elizabeth, outside the prosecutor's office, tony news. >> and just to clarify, this is lottery. new at 5:00, police are
5:32 pm
a menorah as a bias crime. it was knocked down the last two weeks as the jewish community celebrates hanukkah. what is being done to make sure it doesn't happen again tonight? eyewitness news reporter mallory hough on the upper east side with some answers. mallory? >> reporter: members of this community say they're upset and frustrated and want answers. but at this time, they say it is so important that they stand together here as a community. and that's why in an unplanned event, later tonight, this community will come out and light the candles here for the second night of hanukkah. we are told in attendance tonight, according to a rabbi in this community, will be mayor deblasio. members of the jewish community say a menorah was knocked over, two nights in a row. and then damaged near 86th street and east end avenue, on the upper east side. >> the symbol of light, it has brought hundreds of people together, to celebrate. and enjoy, it is now lying on
5:33 pm
because someone did something so terrible. >> they toppled it over. and in an act of violence, of hatred. >> now the menorah has been put back together and the situation is being investigated as a possible bias incident by the hate crimes unit. >> here you have the menorah, nine feet tall. >> the rabbi says the menorah is sturdy. >> and everything is hammered and nailed and drilled in so that it remains secure. so that wind won't blow it down. inclement weather won't take it down. for the last seven years, we haven't had an issue. and as you can see, this planter is not so simple to work. >> the rabbi told him they received a report that the menorah was tipped over saturday night but no significant damage. the next day, after hundreds gathered in the park to light the candles on the first night of hanukkah. another report of a tipped over menorah. >> this holiday, hanukkah is all about light. it is all about hope.
5:34 pm
darkness in the world. but we can pierce that darkness with light. just because things are going on that we can't control doesn't mean we stop doing what we know is right. what we know is right is this light. >> and for that very reason, at 8:00 tonight, hundreds of people in this community are expected to come out to light this menorah, for the second night of hanukkah. live on the upper east side, mallory hough, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, mallory. four people are in custody after a police raid to save two kidnapped university of rochester students. police say the college seniors were abducted on saturday night. in less than 24 hours, police tracked the students to a house, a s.w.a.t. team staked out the place and then moved in. >> i just heard like explosions or something. >> what did it sound like? >> boom. boom. >> what were you thinking? >> oh, my god. what is going on?
5:35 pm
leg. but his injuries are not serious. the two students were targeted. danger. 15 pounds of marijuana, that's what police found in a rockland county home and it was also a 10-year-old girl living in that home. in stony point. police showed up at the home on tompkins avenue because of the stolen vehicle investigation. when officers got there, two contained pot. two men and a woman in the home were arrested. we just learned about a theft that has been returned. someone was taking a box from karen delmonico's front porch in edison. the package contained a memory quilt made from the clothes and military uniform of her son who died last year. the quilt has now been returned to the family. >> that's good to hear. a party house in the bronx, driving neighbors crazy.
5:36 pm
air beg b&b saying it is his right. lawmakers are stepping in. >> robbers smash up a jewelry store. the violent crime caused extra
5:37 pm
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a woman accused of drunk driving in new jersey was apparently in such an intoked state, she didn't know -- intoxicated state she didn't know what state she was in. carolyn lundino was pulled over near the entrance of the holland tunnel but according to the arresting officer, she was three times the legal limit and was quote looking for new jersey. this is by the way the number one story on our web site. chaos at a mall in california when the sound of breaking glass made some people fear a terror attack was under way. police say three suspects used sledgehammers to smash the counters at a jewelry store at a mall in riverside and grab items.
5:40 pm
was gunfire and started running. and others were trapped inside locked down. >> hundreds of people came running toward me. is happening? what is happening? we grabbed each other and started running out the door. attack. i just said that i loved them, called my mom and said i would be okay. >> police officers searched the mall, but didn't find the suspects. two would-be carjackers were scared off, by a noisy bus driver. surveillance videos show two men running up to a car when a woman was putting gas in at an exxon station in tennessee, just then a city bus pulls up and the driver sees what is going on and tells the passengers on board that she thinks a woman is being robbed and hits the horn until the men run away. nobody was hurt. an intense search tonight for the relative of a tv star
5:41 pm
vanished over the thanksgiving holiday. kristen cavalari posted a picture on instagram showing herself with her missing brother michael from when they were kids. 30-year-old michael's car was found by the side of a road in utah, the day thanksgiving. the engine was running. the air bag was deployed. and the cell phone was left behind. cavalari, the brother-in-law of jay cutler, quarterback for the chicago bears. still ahead, coca-cola pulls an ad off the air. >> the soft drink company apologizing tonight, and why some people are calling the commercial offensive. >> plus this. >> maybe these look familiar. they are 3d freakies. they change color when it gets cold outside. a little nostalgia for you as we head into winter. i'm lauren glassberg with the story of them coming back, coming up. >> look what lauren gave me for the second night of hanukkah. it has a rocket ship on it and everything. not showing any cold right now. no gloves outside right now. seeing some clouds and temperatures that are generally
5:42 pm
right now clouds are working in. and our temperatures are basically in the low 50s. and even some mid-50s right now. we are watching some rain offshore right here.
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coca-cola is apologizing for an ad that offended many viewers in mexico. the commercial shows a group of bare-skinned young people bringing soda and improvement projects to an indigenous community. the company says the ad was meant to depict unity. however many say it reinforces cultural stereotypes. coke has since pulled the ad. and we have lee who took >> freaky for you. >> yes. >> well, listen. they are not only gloves, but they essentially are sort of a thermometer. with the chill. >> they were cool as a kid. >> yes no doubt about it. nice to see them back. moment. i wish we would give you some weather where the gloves are necessary.
5:45 pm
george washington bridge. a lot of volume but moving steadily. our temperatures as we go bast 5:46, 5:47. it is 51 degrees with partly to mostly cloudy skies and i think we will have a lot of clouds through the overnight. the haze diminishing a little bit. but the air quality will go until midnight. but a place like woodbury new york, up to the commons tomorrow morning, you have to be careful because we will drop close to freezing and the clouds are a touch thinner there, with some fog and some slick spots on the area roadways. be aware of icy patches tomorrow morning. otherwise talking about mild weather. tomorrow, clouds will battle with the sunshine, a fair amount of clouds around early. especially from the city north and east and some breaks in the clouds. and the clouds may try to thicken up again during the midday and break up later in the day. sort of off and on and the temperatures top off in the upper 40s. close to average as we go into the evening hours it should turn partly cloudy. the future cast, the heavier clouds along the coastline, closer to storm offshore and
5:46 pm
rain in the twin forks and parts of western suffolk county. at 7:00 a.m., it could be mainly clear to partly cloudy south and west of new york city. look at the numbers, 28 sussex and 28 newburgh. with fog or moisture near the ground, there could be icy spots. the clouds will thin out at times. that's why we top off in the upper 40s. and partly cloudy tomorrow night. the seven-day forecast. 48 degrees tomorrow. 52 on wednesday. a little bit more sunshine coming back. and we are going to make our transition to warmer weather on thursday at 56. and that warm front coming in will trig area shower or two. on friday, it is a mild mix of clouds and sun. more clouds at 58. and then look at the weekend. the jet stream goes way back to early fall levels. and positions. as we get close to 60 on saturday. and maybe record warmth on sunday. the record is 64. and we will be in the low 60s. a decent threat of a rainfall early next week. but we could get three straight days in december in the 60s, guys. saturday, sunday, and monday.
5:47 pm
>> okay. >> thank you. >> are you ready? >> yes, i am. the temperatures, are not dropping, are they diana? but eventually the cold will come this winter. >> i am doing the michael jackson thing with the one glove. there are others. here is the other. >> you may remember freezing freakies. >> kid's gloves back in the '80s. >> now, a company is bringing them back. for adults. lauren glassberg has a blast from the past. >> that's right. put on a pair of these gloves and it is like putting on a lit bit of nostalgia at your fingertips. they had their hey day years ago. >> this is my childhood right here. >> referring to his hands or more specifically his gloves. >> the item i most liked to wear as a child in the '80s. >> and if were you a child in the '80s, particularly in the northeast, you too may have loved these. >> it made going to school a lot more fun and we would show up to school with these crazy
5:48 pm
and everybody at school was like you guys are cool. >> the two new yorkers are channeling their childhood cool by bringing them back. but this time, they are for adults. >> and very early 80s. we started producing freezing freakies and we distributed them mainly in the northeast. and basically, in sort of 1989, they stopped producing them. and the brand kind of went quiet for several decades. >> the brothers secured a license and earlier this year they waged a kick starter campaign to see if the allure was still there. and apparently, it is. >> everybody who grew up with them stopped me. and they are super pumped. they said are those freezey freakies? >> two more old school patterns and today, they are showing their magic. it is a little ice that helps. >> here we go. >> rubbing the ice. >> let's see. i see my pegasus coming through. >> bingo. >> that magic is in the ink that changes when it comes to 40 degrees. if these were not a part of
5:49 pm
>> that's why we are doing this. luckily they are now available for people that didn't have them in the '80s. >> for adults only. sold online. they are $34. a pair. and we will have a link at and you did not grow up with these. >> no i didn't. >> now is your chance. >> we did not have them in florida. >> you can have them now. and they happen to be warm. not great for arctic temperatures but it doesn't seem like they are happening any time soon. >> i can't wait to show off my pegasus. >> they will turn. >> i love the snow ones. >> okay. >> that is an idea. >> yup. >> still ahead, neighbors outraged over a homeowner renting out his home for wild out of control parties. >> today, a confrontation between them is getting heated and now how a state lawmaker is stepping in to shut down the trouble. >> and no pay raise in 20 years. some local part-time legislators want to double their pay. and some say they deserve it. >> plus, jewish residents in
5:50 pm
second night of hanukkah. police believe the same arsonist has torched seven buildings in the last few weeks. all of them owned by jews. but what if anti-semitism is not the motive?
5:51 pm
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5:52 pm
are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. strippers loud music, loud partier, people in the bronx say they are fed up with a neighbor who keeps renting out his home on air b&b for out of control parties. >> now, state lawmakers are stepping in and things got heated during a confrontation outside the house today. eyewitness news reporter bill tores was there for it all. >> reporter: renting out that home on air beg, for late night parties, involving, yes, stripper, poll dancers, loud music, the homeowner there doesn't deny it at all.
5:53 pm
>> if it was up to me, i would do it every day. because i am a party animal. >> that would really upset the nearby homeowners here on fenton avenue in pelham gardens. they say their unruly and inconsiderate neighbor using air b&b to rent his two family home for loud, lewd and late night parties. involving pole dancers, jello shots, and patio lap dances. >> there are about 40 or 50 people out here that i can see. and they are fighting and arguing in the middle of street. i am fearful. i have a 9-year-old daughter. >> there is a press conference and you don't know what are you talking about. and you want to hear the lies of one individual. >> this guy. >> who by the way -- >> everyone out here -- >> i'm lying? >> i will deal with you later. >> he has lived in this home for four years. he showed up near the end of a news conference, held by state senator jeff kline. frustrated homeowners notified
5:54 pm
lawmaker who has his own solution. >> my plan is to introduce legislation to have the same standards for single family homes that apply to multi- family dwellers. two prevent the short-term rentals of these types of properties. >> air b&b has listing. sal and jean, they live two doors away and sought the political muscle after trying to solve the matter face to face with their neighbor. >> i tried approaching him once. and i simply asked him if he can keep the noise to a minimum respectable hour. he looked me right in the eye and he said i can't promise you that. >> this is how i make my living. >> senator kline told us he expects to introduce his legislative proposal in january and he hopes it will become the law of the land by the end of next year. in pelham gardens, joe tores, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> still much more ahead.
5:55 pm
starts right now. a frightening hanukkah for some people in queens. an ars sift targeting homes and all of them owned by jews. but is that the real motive? >> and in a country founded on religious freedom, donald trump tonight says he will close u.s. borders to the world's second largest religion. trump tonight calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslim immigration into america. good evening, everyone. it is 6:00. i'm bill ritter. liz is off tonight. it has never been done before. preventing someone from emigrating here because of their religion. that's what donald trump is proposing tonight. legal experts say it is likely unconstitutional but the proposal coming one night after president obama addressed the
5:56 pm
unity at a time of rising intolerance. dave evans is here with the strong reaction to trump's proposal. david? >> reporter: as we all know donald trump has said plenty of controversial things in the past but this one is really upsetting a lot of people and it is being called an outrageous escalation in the attacks on ausmus limbs. trump's -- on all muslims. trump's campaign today issued a statement and part of it calls for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states, until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. well, then a major islamic association late today responded that it is really incredible that the leading republican party presidential candidate would make what amounts to almost a fascist statement. late today, the mayor called trump's proposal outraidgesz -- outrageous. each trump's fellow republicans are denouncing it including new jersey governor chris christie. >> this is the kind of thing people say when they have no serious -- they don't know what
5:57 pm
we should not allow that type
5:58 pm
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