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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 9, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in agony for hours before anyone called for help. >> kids in the neighborhood do make fun of deandre because he has a limp. they call him limpy. all he wants is a friend to not limpy. >> your suhl la allen has been by her son's bedside since he was burned on his face, neck and chest. the suspect allegedly sprayed a colon on him and lit a match into the stream. >> this kid was fish shows. he streaked the match once. >> reporter: miss allen said the onman that burned her son is a bully. wednesday of last week he pretended to be friend deandre and asked him over. >> he torched the left side of his face, neck and chest. >> reporter: she said she might be most angry at the suspect's mother who left her son in agony and failed to call 911. >> the mother and sister tried
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they waited like two hours to call any authority. two hours to call me. meanwhile . >> reporter: he was in pain that whole time with burns. >> in pain screaming in pain. they tried to put him in the shower, change his clothes, they did so much covering up and i'm angry. >> reporter: she has been by his bedside since it happened last wednesday. she said she is hoping that her son will take some comfort in knowing that all of new york is pulling for him. meantime, the 13-year-old suspect has been arrested and released. he is a minor. she wants the authorities to go after the adults in that apartment. michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> michelle, thank you. from staten island to queens. police are looking for the hit and run driver who struck and killed a teenager. family members say he was hit
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the driver of a white toyota camry continued west. the 17-year-old died at the hospital ashore time later. ovidio jaremello lived with his mother and grandmother in east elmhurst. we continue to follow breaking news. big delays for the commute home. the problem, route 46. the problem because of a truck that overturned earlier tonight. shannon sohn is over the scene in clifton, new jersey, in newscopter 7. shannon? >> reporter: it's a ribbon of headlights west on route 46. the overturned truck causing all of these problems here. it was all happening on the ramp to route 20 that essentially keeps you on route 46. we have tape that we can show you from a few minutes ago when this truck was overturned on that ramp shutting it down entirely from about a quarter to 4:00 this afternoon. terrible timing on this closure in time for the rush hour. we want to come back to live pictures. a glimmer of hope.
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they have finally gotten this tractor trailer out of here. you are seeing the first cars up that ramp. done. you saw the delays on route 46. they even stretch to the southbound side of the garden past paramus. it's a nightmare. shannon sohn, channel 7 >> what a mess indeed. all right, thank you very much. a former police chief of suffolk county behind bars indicted for attacking a man car. then the federal charges allege cover up the attack. kristin thorne is keeping us up to date on twitter. she is at the federal courthouse in central islip kristin. >> reporter: liz, shocking that the former suv if he can police chief will be spending the next few days of his life in jail in brooklyn before he comes back here on friday for a bail hearing.
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custody because they are worried former law enforcement, there maybe people in the jail that would like to get close to him. prosecutors say they wanted burk held because he is a danger to the community. it is a strange site indeed. the former suffolk police chief james burk in handcuffs. the fbi arrested the 51-year- old veteran cop this morning. >> suffolk police chief james burk finds himself on the opposite end of the laws he was sworn to uphold. >> burk was with the suffolk police department three decades. he resigned in october. prosecutors say in 2012 burk assaulted christopher lobe. he had stolen burk's gun belt and other items from his department vehicle parked in the driveway. lobe was arrested and brought to the 4th precinct where prosecutors say burk repeatedly punched and slapped lobe while handcuffed. prosecutors say burk then
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aware of the assault to lie to federal investigators. >> the investigation into the defendant burk's assault of lo b egan 2 1/2 years ago. even knowing it was conducted by this office along with the fbi, burk's efforts to conceal the assault and the fbi investigation of those allegations continued in earnest. >> to the extent these things happened, we don't believe the government can show mr. burk is a danger on an ongoing basis and we think he should be released. >> reporter: lobe's attorney said this was a long time coming. >> the indictment sends a strong message that long islanders are not willing to tolerate corruption in their police force. >> reporter: burk pled not guilty to all charges today.
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could face charges for participating in burk's alleged scheme, the u.s. attorney's office said we should, quote, stay tuned. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. we are learning much more tonight about the husband and wife behind the mass shooting in san bernardino, california. the fbi says syed farook and tashfeen malik were radicalized before they started dating. as early as 2013 they were talking about jihad and martyrdom. >> we believe they were inspired by foreign terrorists organizations. we are working hard to understand their association and the source of their inspiration. >> meanwhile, the father of tashfeen malik says he condemns and regrets his daughter's actions and said the killings in san bernardino. speaking to the associated press he said he is, quote, very, very sad. more trashing tonight of donald trump and his proposal
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the u.s. based on their religious alone. >> widespread criticism continues but mr. trump seems to be basking in the negativity and he is not backing down. political reporter dave evans talking to trump. >> donald trump is a pariah to many in the political world. he is not changing one bit, actually doubling down on the latest idea that has so many people upset. donald trump at our studio refused to back down one bit on his plantar getting muslim immigrants to america. on "live with kelly and michael" and with us one on one calling a ban needed, especially after the recent terrorist attack in california. >> you have to say it. look. we are a country of laws. we are a country where you have to behave, you can't knock down buildings. you can't do the kind of things that have been happening in our country. what happened in california, what happened with the world trade center twice. >> >> reporter: at city hall this
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>> there is nothing left to say about donald trump except that he is a disgusting racist demagogue who has no business running for president period. >> reporter: trumps muslim ban universal condemnation. today's audience gave him a warm welcome and supporters idea. >> a short-term problem that -- i just think it would be good for the safety of the usa. >> reporter: trump in our interview tore into hillary clinton. >> you probably saw the fox poll that came out. i beat hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump predicted that he can win, not just the nomination but the whole thing. could trump win if he runs as an independent splitting the conservative vote? he down played asking why would he leave when he is 20 points ahead. >> i think i will get the republican nomination. i have great friendships.
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nobody expected this to happen but it happened. one of the reasons it happened because i tell the truth. >> reporter: well, there is an old rumor floating around washington that trumps muslim plan is so outrageous and third party bid so damaging maybe this is part of a plan to help democrats. jeb bush maybe donald negotiated a deal with his buddy hillary clinton to put her in the white house. trump called it absurd. liz and bill? >> how we got here. thank you. we will take a quick look at wall street. it was another down day for stocks. do i down 75 and s&p lost nearly 16. as we continue with eyewitness news for this wednesday night. more bricks raining down from a building on the upper east side of manhattan. this time no accident. >> kids get a surprise of their lives.
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more bricks are falling on the upper east side, this time on purpose. the building department is overseeing a controlled dismantling of the bricks after
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fell to the ground monday night. most southeast businesses closed while the work was underway. tonight a story about some folks doing good for others. >> volunteers from united airlines hosting a fantasy flight tore children living with or recovering from serious illnesses. a flight from newark airport to the north policy. >> oh, yeah they will meet santa claus. here is new jersey reporter toni yates. >> reporter: this magical journey began with early morning check is in and a big send off. >> where are we going? >> north policy. >> reporter: these party guests are under medical care at saint barnabas and university medical hospital in newark. kids beaming happy boarding north policy one. >> nothing says christmas or holidays or hanukkah, ramadan
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that they will have today. >> reporter: united airlines employees began planning in july all volunteering their time for this one hour flight to the north policy. it's a holiday party with flight attendants and paramedics turned singing elves. landing to come here, gate c 90 now the north policy. i can't tell who is having more fun, united airlines or the children. this party comes from the heart. you can tell. >> this is the best. to give back and be here and watching the faces on the kids. it's awesome. >> super. super. can't ask for more. >> face painting, student faculty band, parents and smiles. plenty for the best flight of the season. at newark liberty airport, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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>> i love that story. when we come back, lee goldberg with more on this unseasonally warm weather. how long will it continue?
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you don't like being called sparkly. >> it doesn't convey the strength i would like. >> sparkly can be strong. >> yeah, i don't know about that. >> anyway. >> the necklace is sparkly. >> it was meant with love and a compliment. outside we go. it's -- sparkly. >> sparkly. >> there is the george washington bridge right there with traffic moving not too bad
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52 right now. pair of 6s with the humidity and the wind is out of the south at 3 miles per hour. barometer is holding steady. high 52. that is consistency when you talk about this planner. hovering in the low 50s much of the night. cloud cover coming in. wind off the water around that 50-degree number. average high 45. way above that the next several days. there are the sunrise and sunset times. clouds, areas of fog will come in not only tonight but the next few mornings. when you get mild in december like this and the cold longer nights you get areas of fog and drizzle. afternoons get milder. showers return on monday, probably later in the day. looking at the weekend planner, it doesn't change. in and out of cloud cover. tying a record high sunday. 51 toms river. same thing sayreville. numbers will not fall as much north and west.
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partly to mostly cloudy now. lots of clouds overnight. shower in western new jersey. early morning, heading out for the morning commute a couple of spots have a stray area. this time of year the sun is the upper 50s. a lot of clouds around. a shower with a warm front over western pennsylvania. this is about eight hours away. evening plans are fine. no umbrella necessary. you don't need the big coat. futurecast looks like this. even by the time we see you at 11:00 i wouldn't be shocked to see a couple of showers. there is the main line but it weakens toward morning. a stray shower especially north. then the sky will brighten during the afternoon hours and it will be about 58 after the early shower threat. friday low clouds then brightening. now up to 60. letter the climb continues over the weekend.
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a couple of showers late tonight, especially north. tomorrow it's 58. clouds and areas of fog for a while. then sunshine tries to break through. limited brightening, up to 58. comfortable cloud cover friday. numbers are still around 60 south and west of new york city. saturday mild again. there else the potential record high sunday. rain back monday afternoon and evening and now it doesn't look like it's that significant. it will be out of the way tuesday. breezy, cooler. still four or five above average. remarkable. real shot of cold around the 20th. >> like real cold or cold in relation to today. >> first day we may not get out of the 30s. >> that's the day you predicted last month. >> sparkly. the wheeling and dealing continues as baseball hot stove kicks into overdrive.
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just get this straight. mets fans like daniel murphy. >> he will cost a lot of money. >> it's about money. >> always about money, bill. the situation changes quite quickly in baseball's off season. yesterday the mets lost out on ben zobrist who made the last minute decision to go to chicago.
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plan b. new york reportedly close to a deal with pirates for second baseman neil walker in exchange for jon niese. he should be an upgrade for the middle over dan murphy. the free agent infielder turned down a one year qualifying offer this season opting to go for a long-term deal on the open market. murphy was red hot in the off season helping lead to a world series. the cornerback did not practice but for the first time since suffering a concussion he was stretching with the team. no timetable for his return to a game. gang green off the second straight win. they came from behind for the victory generals the giants.
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that is a team the jets cannot overlook. >> they are all big wins. it doesn't matter who we play and how. we have to take care of ourselves and go out and perform every week. >> giants focus shifted away from the three-game losing streak and on to the dolphins, the team they hope will help them end the skid in miami. if big blue needs any inspiration, they need not look further for the standings -- further than the standings. jason pierre paul is playing well after a fireworks accident off season. >> he had no preseason. he was determined to improve and to play better and he did. and he is a strong rallying point for our team.
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football? catch the giants-dolphins monday. kick off is set for 8:30. knicks are out west where they open a road trip against the jazz. new york dropped six of the last eight games but hopes a change of scenery could help them get back on track. the warriors simply refuse to lose. last night they held off a late pacers rally to be undefeated. thompson was better. he finished with 39 points. next they are in boston friday night. saint johns basketball team is on the court looking for the first win struck since the first three games of the season. tonight looking for a second straight win. johnson, the take away, gets up to morrisania who finishes with the lay-up. the saint johns is leading in
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finally a buzzard beating shot is impressive. to win a game better. this is crazy. this is a game they are about to lose by two points until this. full court hail mary. viral video sensation. >> look at that. >> that's nuts. >> i read his lips. he called swish. >> sure he did. >> the other team collapses. >> thank you, laura. let's check in with sade for what is coming up at 11:00. >> that has to be the best one out there. dozens of patients became crime victims at a local emergency room. how their personal information was stolen and what a husband and wife did with the information that has them in big trouble tonight. >> plus, is there a connection between dairy and parkinson's disease? those stories and more 11:00.
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