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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thanks. the governor of connecticut taking action when congress won't. governor dan milloy plans to issue an executive order to ban the sale of guns for people on the no fly list and the terror watch list. >> connecticut the first state to do so. the state doesn't have access to the names on that watch list. marcus solis is live from new milford. marcus. >> reporter: well, sade, diana, the governor's office says it is working with the white house to get access to those lists and once it does, that executive order will be signed. the governor calling the recent terrorist shootings in california and paris a wake-up call. >> this is a moment to seize here in america and today i'm here to say that connecticut, we are seizing this moment. >> reporter: connecticut may have been the fifth state in the union but today it was first, the only state so far to ban firearm sales to individuals on the federal terror watch list.
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people from boarding an airplane to and from the united states but there's nothing pre 10th them -- preventing them from buying a gun or an assault rifle until now in connecticut. >> we believe we have the power under executive order because what we are denying is a permit and it's a permit process and there's an appeal in the permit process if you're denied. >> reporter: following the massacre at sandy hook, governor dannel malloy pushed for stricter gun control laws. after last week's mass shooting in san bernardino, president obama called for a ban on sales to those on the no fly list. >> this is basic common sense, the american people get it. >> reporter: the nra was quick to react. in a statement saying the president knows full well that law abiding americans who pose no threat to national security are mistakenly on the terror watch list, a secret government errors. a sentiment echoed by the owner of a new milford pistol range. >> it is a slippery slope and malloy, little by little they
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and their aim is obvious. they want to disarm the entire public. >> reporter: this announcement comes just days before the third anniversary of the shootings at sandy hook. coming up we will hear from parents who lost children now part of sandy hook promise, a group that is committed to reforming gun laws, their reaction to this announcement coming up a little bit later. for now we are live in new milford, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, marcus. new information tonight about the san bernardino shooting massacre. acquaintances of the killers syed farook and tashfeen malik, say they cannot find a place to bury them. the couple was killed in a shootout with police last week. investigators now say they have found photos of the high school on farook's been a planned target for another attack. meanwhile a funeral today for 27-year-old yvette velasco. she is the first of the 14 san bernardino victims to be buried. vasco was expecting -- velasco
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badge recognizing her as a health inspector on the day she was killed. an entire community in queens banding together tonight to support the victim of a possible hate crime. the victim a muslim store owner. the suspect behind bars. eyewitness news reporter stacey sager is live in astoria tonight with the story. stacey. >> reporter: the suspect in this case is now charged with misdemeanor assault, but police confirmed to me they are now investigating this as a possible hate crime. now, earlier today this whole community came together in front of this man's store, community leaders are calling this a targeted attack because the owner of the store is muslim. >> i behind me so i'm so happy. >> reporter: clearly overwhelmed by this showing of support, muslim story owner sarker haque spoke in astoria.
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falling down on the side and then he scream at -- and i scream what's going on, what are you doing here? what's wrong with you? then he said i kill muslims. >> reporter: i kill muslims the words his attacker allegedly says after the victim says the attacker looked at a newspaper cover in his shop with this photo of san bernardino terrorist tashfeen malik on the cover. haque still has a black eye and this community known for its diversity trying hard to work through its bruised spirits. >> this is his neighborhood. >> reporter: it was thanks to good samaritans that police caught haque's attacker, now they are investigating it as a possible hate crime. today muslim and community leaders urging others not to be afraid to speak out. >> because if it gets much worse, then these people will have worse incidents on their hands than the ones we are dealing with right now. >> reporter: the pain so strong in a place in haque never thought he would live in fear.
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i was in this country since i was 4 years old. [ applause ] >> reporter: clearly very emotional today. mr. haque says he's never seen something like this before, not in this community. now, as for the suspect, police say his 55-year-old peer -- he is 55-year-old piro colvani. authorities had believed him to be emotionally disturbed. now investigators will have to sort out whether or not he snapped and committed a hate crime. live in astoria, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. yet another poll shows presidential candidate donald trump with a big lead among the republican pack. trump has the support of 35% of republican primary voters in a cbs news new york times poll he
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the poll was taken largely before trump's statement monday proposing to temporarily ban muslims from entering the country. meanwhile, trump says he is postponing a trip to israel because he doesn't want to put israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in a bind. yesterday netanyahu says he does not support trump's view on muslims. prosecutors say the victim was stabbed nearly two dozen times. 19-year-old dylan lintini was -- last week inside his apartment in west nyack. while in court, lintini's lawyers claim it was self- defense saying their client was a victim of unwanted sexual advances. a man is under arrest tonight charged are robbing and raping a woman in brooklyn. police say 31-year-old raji wilson followed the victim into an elevator in a building in coney island on sunday night. they say wilson pulled out a
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the stairwell where he raped her and then stole her money and keys. he is also accused of robbing another woman less than an hour later. traffic is flowing again on route 9 in new jersey tonight after a big security scare during the morning commute. new jersey transit bus was stopped when passengers reported a suspicious device on board. this happened about 8:30 this morning. investigators say passengers thought a man holding an alarm clock was behaving strangely. the bus was evacuated. police talked to the man and they determined there was no threat. well, the family of a teenager struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in queens is pleading tonight for traffic safety improvements. new york state senator and relatives of -- gathered at northern and junctions in corona today. they say mayor de blasio needs to use resources from his vision zero initiative on this dangerous intersection. >> we need to increase the
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streets in order to catch those cars that think they can hit someone and simply drive away and get away with it and what better location, mr. mayor, than this location right here. >> peralta also urged the driver who struck to surrender. that driver was in a black toyota camry. construction workers carrying caskets through the streets of manhattan to draw attention to what they say are unsafe working conditions. supporters rallied in lower manhattan today. they say there is a lack of meaningful safety training and equipment and standards in the nonunion construction sector. 16 construction workers have died on the job this year. today new york city's top cop joined the battle for continued healthcare coverage for 9/11 workers. commissioner bill bratton traveling to washington to ask congressional leaders to renew the zadroga act.
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next year but the law expired last month. >> this country has an obligation, it has a debt to those who went toward the dispairnlg stayed in -- towards the danger and stayed in danger. no verdict tonight in the corruption trial of former new york state majority leader dean skelos. the long island republican is accused of strong arming businesses into giving his son adam $300,000 in fees. closing arguments were held the last two days. both skelos and his son have pleaded not guilty. stocks on wall street snapping a costly three-day losing streak. energy companies led today's rally after suffering big losses earlier in the trading week. this despite another drop in the price of crude oil. the dow rose 82 points, closing at 17,574, the nasdaq climbed 22 points and the s&p 500 added four points. a lawsuit over a woman's
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the woman crying for help from inside a locked bathroom. coming up, what her family says happened that has them going after the fast food restaurant chain in court. plus, a subway operator attacked while clearing cars at the end of his shift. who he says went after him. and a boy from new jersey gets severely ill overseas. his parents talked to us about their fight to bring him home. and i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. the docile december continues, temperatures running about 15 degrees above average. it was islip hitting a record of 61 pack in 2012. last year on this date we had snow after a nor'easter passed by.
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she died crying for help but help arrived far too late. a mother experiencing a seizure in a queens burger king bathroom that was locked. tonight her family says the fast food workers' inaction cost their mother her life and now they are suing. n.j. burkett is in jackson heights. n.j. >> reporter: well, the family says that she was on the floor locked in the bathroom for at least 10 minutes and maybe longer.
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thing to have a rest room door that locks from the inside, what you would expect. they say it is something else to have a door that can't be unlocked from the outside. that, they say, is an outrage. >> died in that bathroom. she wanted to live like everybody else. god bless her soul. >> reporter: ricardo knox is heart broken, three months after the death of his girlfriend, shirley mccarthy. miss mccarthy was in this burger king in jackson heights with her family when she apparently began to feel sick. she went into the rest room to compose herself, locked the door behind her and suffered a seizure. sprawled out on the tile floor and unable to open the door, relatives say she pleaded for help.
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did nothing and when the manager got involved, they say he couldn't find the key. the family's attorney says miss mccarthy was locked in the bathroom for several minutes before responding firefighters were able to break down the door. she was later declared brain dead. >> so quip a restaurant bathroom with a lock that cannot be opened from the outside and especially in emergency this is stupid and -- >> reporter: lawyers say the lock has since been replaced. ricardo knox who was there when it happened says it's an outrage. >> because if i would have got to the door when i heard her and i opened the door, she would have been standing here today. i couldn't open the door. >> reporter: the family now filing a wrongful death lawsuit against burger king. tonight a spokesman for burger king expressed condolences so the family but declined to
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live tonight in jackson heights, queens, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, n.j. the search on in boston tonight for the person who tampered with a passenger train that took off without an operator. massachusetts governor charlie baker says someone who knew what they were doing did something to that train. it left the brain tree station at about 6:00 this morning. it drove past four stations before power to the third rail was cut off. the 50 passengers on board were not hurt. in chicago a group of medical students staged an unusual police protest today. a so-called die-in. they laid on a downtown sidewalk today for 16 minutes, that's one minute for each of the times that a police officer fatally shot a black teenager last year. it was the latest in a string of protests since video of that shooting -- a shooting was released last month. more protests are planned for this evening. some new york city workers are bringing glamour to a dirty job.
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tysen has created -- san tysen has created a -- sanitation has created a calendar posing with the tools of their trade including trashcans and garage trucks. the department says it's a fun way to show appreciation for the people who keep the clean. and you can see all of the photos from the calendar on our website, walking back to the garage last few nights, times out, one of the trucks always goes by on 66th street, guys are on the back of the truck saying keep it coming. they are so comfortable out there and they love it. >> springtime in december. >> it's incredible. 15 degrees above average and not like it's a one hit wonder. outside tonight, supercomfortable, no real heavy coats on the west side and throughout the tri-state area. the suburbs. we are at 57 degrees right now, a south wind at three and a high we can update did hit 60 degrees in new york city. the next seven hours slowly dropping to the low 50s with a
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comfortable night, great for evening walk. this weekend's outlook, 62 saturday, 6 degrees from a record, i think we try or break the record on sunday. both days feature cloudiness early and then sun and clouds the remainder of the day. here are the numbers right now, long island in the low 50s right now across the sound in connecticut around 15, bridgeport, 50 white plains, 50 poughkeepsie. newark at 53. summit, new jersey around 51 or so, 52 belmar and 52 in wrightstown. going through the evening hours, partly cloudy skies, turning mostly cloudy later on tonight but look at these numbers, around 50 to start the day tomorrow and that will us a run at 60 degrees during the afternoon. i think what will happen is it will be partly to mostly cloudy early and then just like today the clouds will tend to thin out during the day. showers from early this morning that rolled through but came with a warm front. there's that warm front now off to -- actually a couple warm fronts keep coming through that will take our temperatures up a level or two over the next few days.
5:18 pm
all the time. over the next few days there will be a fair amount of cloudiness at times. the center of this storm headed towards hudson bay so it takes its cold into canada, doesn't come right at us and we remained on this, the mild side of the front where it's in the 60s and even 70s in the mid- atlantic so we can take a run at that over the weekend. tomorrow is a mild mix of sun and clouds, few clouds in the morning give way to sunshine, 60 degrees, couple degrees warmer on saturday, there's another little warm front here, a few clouds streaming in especially in the western suburbs during the day. but a family forecast and even warmer on sunday. so partly to mostly cloudy overnight, patchy fog on the suburbs, 48. 60 tomorrow, the record 64, not too far from it, another very mild day and then tomorrow night partly to mostly cloudy and still mild, around 50 most of the night. here's what we are working on for 5:30. will we reach the 60s through monday? that would make it four straight days? could we smash sunday's record. right now calling for a tie. could even be higher than that and will the rain wait until monday after, our next rainfall, if that happens then we can have 60s on monday.
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minutes, make sure you check out our accutrack weather app. are in, which vehicles rank the best when it comes to safety. plus the photo of cadets at the citadel that might get some of them suspended. and the holiday hustle and bustle can really throw a wrench into your sleep cycle so how do you get some restful zs during one of the most stressful times of the year? we will tell you. i'm lauren glassberg at a bee teak that may -- boutique that may inspire you to shop your heart out because 100% of the net profits go to charity. we will take you shopping and show you how this started coming up. here's a message from a member of our military who can't be home for the holidays. >> hi, i'm specialist matthews
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president obama signed a new law today that overhauls the no child left behind educational act. the every student succeeds act shifts more decision making powers back to the states. this means the government won't mandate or give incentives to states to maintain the academic standards of common core and changes the way that poor performing schools are pushed
5:21 pm
meanwhile, first lady michelle obama is pushing education too but in a different way. >> south side chicago, we all know we had to do overtime every night to make it tomorrow. and everyone can really make their dream true, hey, kid, listening in michigan that could be you. >> wow. the rap video was produced by college humor. first lady using rhymes to tell high school seniors why they should go to college. >> first lady rapping. a new boutique opened for business in morris county, new jersey, sells clothes, jewelry and handbags but what makes this store unique is it gives 100% of its profit to charity. eyewitness news glassberg explains how it works and the motivation behind it. >> reporter: in the market for a handbag, a knack las or a -- necklace at or a hat in buy one at this new shop and you will be giving back in the process. >> a great holiday gift item. >> reporter: marisa opened in november and with each sale comes the promise of good work
5:22 pm
goes to charity. >> it's a way of giving back and honoring my husband. >> reporter: he was 57 when he was murdered in puerto rico while working for one of the island's biggest mortgage companies. the 2011 case made headlines and still hasn't been solved. >> he was just the love of my life. he had really made it in his life professionally and it was really his dream and my dream to devote our life to charity. >> raising money for charity by selling handbags at auction but now she has left her career to focus on charity through sales at her new shop. her gift is named for her daughter. >> i kind of heard the back story a bit, we were touched by that and wanted to come in and check things out and then once you get inside, it's a treat for you and a treat for others. >> reporter: the bags range in price from 45 to $2000. there's really something for everyone and that's why she believes her store can raise as
5:23 pm
the first year. marisa doesn't yet draw a salary but plays her employees and rent and once all the expenses are covered, she will donate 100% of what's left to local causes she cares about. >> i plan to make enormous sums of money and donate all of it. >> she des- doing this gives -- she says doing this gives her peace, something she hasn't had in a very long time. in morristown, lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. well, a terrifying attack, a subway operator wrestled to the ground and his head pounded would the pavement. he describes a frightening moment and who came to his rescue. and could one part of our area be the next place to raise the age to buy cigarettes? plus, a local teen seriously ill and trapped overseas.
5:24 pm
we are back and we continue to follow breaking news. seven workers injured when a scaffold collapsed in new jersey. this happened at a three story building at the brookdale apartment complex in hackensack and that scaffold was about 35 feet in the air, two of the victims right now are in critical condition. we will continue to follow this story. new at 5:00, a boy from new jersey seriously ill and stuck overseas. his family's fight to bring him home. plus -- >> i see him jogging at me, knocked me straight down head first on the pavement. >> a subway operator viciously attacked. he talks to eyewitness news about the terrifying moments. >> and that train operator says he was just doing his job when a homeless man suddenly tackled him. >> gary ferrera was on a d train waking up sleeping homeless people at the last stop at 205th street in the norwood section.
5:25 pm
shirleen allicot has more on what happened. >> my last stop is 205th street. >> reporter: and like every night, gary ferrera says he gets out and does something he calls cleaning out the cars. >> that means the homeless or the people who are sleeping, i wake them up, i says, sir or miss, it's the last stop. you got to get off and then usually they get off. >> reporter: but not this time. >> i opened up my cab door and saw this homeless man sitting on -- right where i opened the cab. >> reporter: ferrera says the man identified as theodore wells put his foot out to apparently try to trip him. >> i walked out and obviously he put his foot there out a little more until i deliberately -- he deliberately tripped me. i tripped a little bit. my balance a little off and i said what's wrong with you? right? and then i walk off the train and i see him -- i look back and i see him charging at me, just knocked me straight down head first on the pavement. >> reporter: 53-year-old
5:26 pm
of his wrestling him for some time until a passenger called track workers over to help. >> i had no time to defend myself because he just like ran after me. it was like a split second. i don't know how the hell i got him off. >> reporter: ferrera was taken to the hospital with a big red knot on his head but otherwise okay. wells was arrested. passengers today on the d line say they are not surprised. >> i come on this subway every day and people are always on at the last stop and a lot of times people don't want to get up when they are told to do so, so unfortunately not really that much surprised. >> i am not turning my back anymore. >> reporter: wells who has seven prior arrests is facing felony assault charges. he is due back in court in january. reporting from the norwood section of the bronx, shirleen allicot, channel 7 eyewitness news. an air traffic control worker is facing drug and gun charges on long island. police say officers stopped him for not signalling for a turn in wantagh yesterday.
5:27 pm
handguns in the vehicle and a controlled substance in his pocket. he works at the facility in westbury that manages air traffic for area airports including jfk and laguardia. faa officials say he has an administrative job and does not work directly a courtroom apology and sentencing today for a man who stabbed the man he says raped him for years as a child. clark fredericks learned his fate today and it's a case where the judge struggled with imposing any more time behind bars at all. our new jersey reporter toni yates was in court today in newton more. toni. >> reporter: and i tell you, diana, if you had been in that courtroom, you would have known exactly how the judge -- the sentencing judge felt in this case. clark fredericks had to be sentenced for killing the man who molested him during his young childhood. basically destroying him, his childhood and nearly destroying
5:28 pm
>> when i think of the young mr. fredericks being abused and exploited in this way, i would like to not only set him free in this moment -- >> reporter: clark fredericks listened today as the judge balanced the law and life and death. >> every person whose life comes to them by the hands of god and not by leave of man, be them a victimized child growing into a man. >> reporter: fredericks fate was in his hands alone. he pled guilty to stabbing to death in 2012 the man he says consistently sexually abused him as a child. dennis peg was his boy scout leader, his mentor and a sussex county sheriff's office. >> i couldn't come forward to the police, that nothing would be done to dennis and i would only further humiliate and traumatize myself. >> reporter: the prosecutor who had agreed to the plea deal that reduced the charges read a letter from peg's family. >> you clearly have made a
5:29 pm
course of your lifetime that have hurt yourself, your family and our community. >> reporter: judge critchly took his time, chose his words carefully and had the courtroom fixed on his final decision. >> whereby he will serve in effect somewhere between 4 1/2 and five years is appropriate. >> reporter: fredericks has already served 3 1/2 years of his sentence, an eternity already for his family. >> i don't think there is a night in the 3 1/2 years that he has been away that i could go to bed and go to sleep and sleep soundly. >> reporter: now, fredericks may be out in a year and a half or even less and when he gets out, a friend has a house, a home especially for him and his mom, jean says all she wants to do is prepare her own home cooked meal for her son. for now we are live here in newton, toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> toni, thank you. in queens, new video of the suspect in a string of seven
5:30 pm
he was caught on camera walk near the scene minutes before a fire broke out on 68th drive on november 8th. his face is covered and he's wearing gloves. stops and removes something from his left ankle and puts it in his pocket. police think that item may have been a gun or the ignition device used to start the fire. a gas leak that triggered evacuations in brooklyn are now under control. four multifamily homes in boro park were evacuated overnight. utility crews had to rip open the street to turn off emergency valves. they have now installed a special bag to contain the leak. people have been allowed back into their homes and the broken main being prepared. more problems at that building on the upper east side where hundreds of bricks crashed down onto the sidewalk and the street. inspectors say there is more structural damage to the high- rise on 63rd street where a 10 by 10-foot section of brick fell on monday night. the contractors say the new damage may delay further
5:31 pm
building and the reopening of first avenue to traffic. the same day connecticut governor dan malloy proposed an executive order to restrict gun sales representatives of the victims of the sandy hook elementary school massacre pushed for gun control in washington. the families met with house minority leader nancy pelosi and other members of congress. they say it's time for the nation's so mass shootings stop. >> in our country we are seeing shootings occurring on a weekly basis, sometimes a daily basis. this is not a hopeless and helpless situation. there are actions that people can take, there are common sense actions that people can take, states can take and we can take federally that don't infringe on people's rights with that offer of protection. >> monday marks the third anniversary of the deadly shooting that killed 20 children and six adults. there will be no disciplinary action for the yale students accused of excluding minorities from frat party. some students said that members
5:32 pm
fraternity said only white women could come into the party back in october. now the new haven hemorrhage is reporting that a school investigation has found that all students were permitted entry until the party became overcrowded. after that, the students used what the school's dean described is poor crowd management controls. could new jersey be close to raising the smoking age? today an assembly panel approved a bill raising it from 19 to 21 for someone to buy cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. right now new jersey is one of only four states to set the legal smoking age at 19. if passed the state would be the first to set the age at 21. the family tragedy for a reality tv star and her nfl quarterback husband. and photo outrage at the citadel. the snapshot that may get some cadets suspended. and the new report on safety cars on the road. see if your ride made the cut. last year on this date we were thinking of snow tires, an inch of snow.
5:33 pm
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which guarantees a watertight fit. plus, they do it all in just one day.
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a sheriff in utah has confirmed a body confirmed that to be of kristin cavallari has been found. it was found 12 days ago. they are looking into whether the 30-year-old's disappearance was connected to his recent arrest on allegations that he threatened a woman with a gun. criminal charges against ll cool j's son dropped tonight. 26-year-old naji smith was charged with criminal trespassing following a fight inside coach restaurant in the -- catch restaurant in the meat packing district. the accusations couldn't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. the sit del is investigating -- citadel is investigating a controversial photo of some of its cadets that surfaced on social media. they show the cadets dressed all in white but with
5:36 pm
some people say it resembles the ku klux klan. the citadel says it has started proceedings to suspend the eight students involved. toyota, honda and subaru awarded the most winners with a combined 23 vehicles. the insurance institute for highway safety awarded 48 vehicles with its highest rating top safety pick plus in its crash test. that's up from 33 just one year ago. and if you want to check out the full list of safety rankings, it's on our website, new at 5:00, a school district on long island now the first in new york state to quip all of its schools with -- iquip all of its schools with life vac devices. they hope the portable suction device will save lives. >> we are very pleased in the state to hear that a school
5:37 pm
commitment to the safety of its students to equip every school, every and yet effective device. >> the life vac is intended to be used after standard choking protocol such as the heimlich maneuver fails. a boy from new jersey stuck in a hospital in europe. >> his family's christmas wish is to bring him home. what's standing in the way? plus this. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. happy holidays, welcome to the most stressful time of the year. doctors tell us put away the caffeine and the alcohol but how do we do that? should we take a nap? helping you rest this time of year coming up. we will follow the breaking news tonight, the fbi's search right now, divers in a lake at this hour after the terror in california, our team on the scene with new reporting.
5:38 pm
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say today is we are going to get paid back big time january, february. >> you can look at it as pay back or reward for what we had last year. and maybe el nio is helping us. you are sleeveless, in good shape. just need a light jacket outside. beautiful outside and flashing lights there on the fort lee side not slowing things down, moving steadily. lots of volume as it should be on a thursday night. 47 degrees, partial cloudiness, a light wind out of the south and supercomfortable. we talked about how we had an inch of snow last year on this date. this year so far the current snow depth, it's early openings for all of rockies, especially the northern rockies but for the northeast you have to go to extreme northern new england to get a little bit of snowfall and we can't muster up consistent nights to keep going in the local ski areas. that's not going to happen tonight, obviously. lower 50s in central park and patchyness late.
5:42 pm
30 and low 40s in the week will stay in the low 40s. mostly to partly cloudy early, just like today, temperatures make a run at the 60-degree mark, 4 degrees away from a record high. you can see the clear, pleasant evening, clouds try to roll in later on, lower 40s to start the day in newburgh and suffolk. lower 60s south and west of new york city. headed out of town for the weekend, pacific northwest and into the rockies as well and we are only a couple of degrees cooler than l.a. and there's probably more cloudiness there. it's nicer in the east, temperatures near 80 in miami. seven-day accuweather forecast looks like this, we've got our 60 tomorrow, saturday bump it up to 62. look at the overnight on saturday night, it will be 50. then on sunday 64 degrees probably, i think we are looking at, and that would be kickoff metlife about 64 and a light wind out of the south,
5:43 pm
here's the deal on the monday reform. i reform -- rainstorm. i don't think heavy rain on monday. warm, gusty winds, winds over 30 miles an hour and then some steadier rain will come into the afternoon and early evening, thinking about a third of an inch, maybe half an inch of rain that winds down quickly on monday evening. on tuesday there's a gusty wind but still no true arctic air coming in, so we are still going to be in the mid-50s on tuesday with the cool wind, maybe the wind makes it feel like upper 40s and then wednesday and thursday of next week, right back at it in the mid-50s. still think we are looking toward the 19th or 20th for some of the coldest air. that's the time when maybe we start dipping into the 30s during the day. 6:00. until then make sure you look >> thank you. the holidays are here and between the visits with the family, the parties and the shopping, it can be really tough to get your zs. >> eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth shows us the secret to getting a good night sleep during the busy
5:44 pm
>> reporter: no rest for the weary, little nutrition or sunlight. this time of year is the perfect storm for bad sleep patterns, lousy moods, even depression. >> sleep deprivation makes people cranky. >> reporter: this sleep expert says the bad news doesn't stop there. >> it also increases appetite and makes people gain weight. >> reporter: we get fatter because we are tired? two things doctors caution we should stay away from this time of year is caffeine and alcohol. while we may go to sleep at night, the kind of sleep we are going to get for the next 7 1/2 hours if we are lucky is not quality sleep. for ruining sleep. >> what is the best thing if you can't? a little orange juice. >> reporter: the doctor warns cocktails may make you fall asleep but you won't rest and you probably won't even realize it. >> to cap it off, alcohol is a perfect drug for bringing out snoring and if you senator
5:45 pm
have sleep apnea, making it >> reporter: take frazzled alcohol and night driving and you have a dangerous combination. dial it back. >> we don't go out a lot at night especially this season. >> reporter: and the doctor advises channel santa, make a list. your mind. all the things you got to remember, what you want to do tomorrow, the things that are really bothering you and the away. >> reporter: also do not use electronics, our eyes and mind think that light is sunlight, which wakes us up. >> i'll have lunch and take a nap. >> reporter: finally get up at the same time every year. good luck and good night in midtown, michelle charlesworth, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> what keeps you up at night during the holidays and how do you beat it? head to our facebook page and join the conversation. you can hear from others in the same boat. a family separated from their sick son. the boy seriously ill and stuck in a hospital overseas. >> tonight his parents talk to
5:46 pm
battle to bring him home. and i'm liz cho. new at 6:00, 10 bodies, five years, zero arrests. the hunt for a serial killer preying on prostitutes and burying them on the south shore of long island going nowhere. tonight local police turning to the fbi for help. and a nasty dispute in one local town over holiday decorations. why would they take down a menorah but leave up a christmas tree? what happened to peace on earth? it's all coming up next at 6:00. it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone
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medicine that contains sovaldi. side effects may include tiredness and headache. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. a family in new jersey now fighting to bring home their sick son this holiday season. they were traveling in europe when the teenager became severely ill. >> and now they are struggling to get him home but also trying to figure out what costs their insurance company is going to pay. they spoke to eyewitness news reporter rob nelson. >> reporter: vito just wants one thing for christmas, to
5:50 pm
>> it's a tragedy of epic proportions. you're lost. you don't know what to do. >> reporter: his wife and 13- year-old son marco were visiting family in finland back in september when the teenager suddenly became severely ill with what's believed to be a motor neuron disease that now has some -- has him confined to a hospital bed in a foreign country, unable to talk or swallow and breathing through a ventilator, communicating only through text messages. >> he doesn't know what's going on. >> reporter: for nearly three months now vito and his other son have been at home in monday clare -- montclair, separated from family and wrestling with a bureaucratic maze of hospitals, insurance companies and most urgently airlines that have the necessary equipment to bring marco home, a specialized flight that could cost more than $200,000. >> we lost the window for a direct flight so now we have to go through -- we are looking at different flights. we don't know exactly how it's going to happen. >> reporter: a "go fund me"
5:51 pm
$60,000 in just the last month and vito has been overwhelmed by the community's support. still he knows his son will require extensive medical care, all at a staggering financial cost, much of it not covered by insurance. >> a lot of challenges that we ever had, but one moment at a time, you know. i'll just be glad to have my family together once again. >> reporter: vito found out just today that children's hospital in philadelphia does have a bed for marco but the huge hurdle remains of just getting his once vibrant, healthy son back home for the holidays. >> always been together for christmas, always, and this is the first christmas that there's a possibility where we may not be. >> reporter: rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow. i know how hard that is, wow. >> yeah. >> we reached out to the family's insurance company and a representative said they couldn't comment because of privacy laws. still ahead, dispute in one local town over holiday decorations. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts
5:52 pm
>> this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho, rob powers with sports and lee goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6:00. this is basic common sense, the american people get it. >> tonight one of the toughest gun control laws in the country about to get tougher. connecticut nearing the third anniversary of the sandy hook gun massacre, now making it even harder for people to buy weapons. but first, it is a serial murder mystery that has stumped police on long island for five years. tonight police in suffolk county finally asking for help from the fbi. and good evening to you. it's 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. the request for the fbi to help solve a serial -- the serial murders on long island coming one day after chief who was once in charge of this investigation was indicted. >> at least 10 bodies, most of
5:53 pm
buried along the shoreline near gilgo beach. >> kristin thorne in the suffolk county of yaphank with our lead story tonight. kristin. >> reporter: bill and liz, the suffolk county police department asked the fbi to help them out with the investigation because they know if there's anything that's going to help solve these misteries, it's teamwork. >> during the fbi -- bring the fbi to the table with all of its expertise and resources is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: it's a new day in an investigation that has weighed on the suffolk county police department for the past five years, between 2010 and 2011 investigators found at least 10 sets of human remains in and around gilgo beach. to date no suspect or suspects have been named. >> and we want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to solve these murders. >> reporter: the announcement comes just one day after the arrest of suffolk's former
5:54 pm
stuart cameron was appointed
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