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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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stuart cameron was appointed new chief a month ago after burk resigned. cameron was one of the lead investigators on the gilgo searches back when they began. >> when i became chief of department, i wanted to take a fresh look at this case and the commissioner and i agreed on that who sad in with homicide and got briefed on the case. >> reporter: suffolk police say the fbi will play a prominent and active role in the investigation moving forward. john ray, the attorney for the family of shannan gilbert, one of the woman whose bodies was found says he's been asking for the fbi to get involved since day one. >> this new involvement me hope because i have investigated this case now for almost four years. >> suffolk county police would not discuss here today any progress that has been made in the investigation nor would they discuss exactly how they plan to work with the fbi, but
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we are live in yaphank, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. following breaking news right now. newscopter 7 is over an overturned truck on the northbound new jersey turnpike in secaucus. this is on the eastern spur near exit 16e, the toll plaza there. president quite sure yet on traffic situations that are happening. we are going to continue to monitor the situation. newscopter 7 is pulling out. not looking very good. bringing you any information as soon as -- new information as soon as we get it. also following developing news, also happening in new jersey, seven workers have been injured when a scaffolding came crashing down 35 feet. it happened at apartment building at the brookdale apartment complex in hackensack. two of the victims are in critical condition tonight at hackensack university medical center, five are now in serious condition. now to those tough new gun control laws in connecticut. governor dan malloy saying you will issue an executive order with a simple message. if you're one of the 10,000
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list, you cannot buy a gun in connecticut. malloy taking on the nraer nra -- nra gun lobby and reacting to the terror attacks in san bernardino and paris. marcus solis has more. >> reporter: and, bill, governor malloy says he is seizing the moment, that if and when connecticut gets access to that federal gun list, that federal no fly list, that gun sale ban will go into effect. >> i am here to announce that i intend to sign a first in the nation executive order. >> reporter: calling the recent terrorist attacks in california and paris a wake-up call, connecticut governor dannel malloy is seeking to do what congress has not, prevent those on terror watch lists from being able to purchase firearm. malloy today announced he will sign an executive order prohibiting gun sales to individuals named on no fly lists. >> i have been in touch with the white house directly on this matter and we are working
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gain access to their lists for this purpose. >> reporter: the announcement comes days before the third anniversary of the massacre at sandy hook elementary school. the killing of 20 students and six adults led to connecticut laws. two parents whose sons were killed in newtown and who have been fighting for reform praised his decision. >> i think a lot of folks don't know this is an option and i would expect that many states will now follow suit. >> our country we are seeing shootings occurring on a weekly basis, sometimes a daily basis and by starting to accept this as typical or normal, we are causing more of a problem in this country. >> i don't trust the president and i don't trust malloy. >> reporter: but not everyone agrees. dick janatino owns a pistol range and says such a ban wouldn't have prevented the shooters in san bernardino from getting guns. >> they had a straw purchase, somebody was legal to buy it
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which illegal -- which is illegal. >> reporter: the nra called the no fly list a secret government list that is riddled with errors and a group called the connecticut citizens defense league called the approach by governor malloy, quote, shameful and unamerican and the group says it is considering legal action to try and stop the executive action. we are live in new fill ford -- new milford, marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. search for clues tonight happening right now in the ongoing investigation into the san bernardino gun massacre by terrorists. divers of the fbi right now searching a murky pond where syed farook and tashfeen malik used to spend time. it's located a few miles from the site of last week's shooting that left 14 people dead. investigators now looking for any potential evidence that may have been tossed into the water. >> reporter: meanwhile, in geneva tonight authorities are trying to prevent a potential terrorist attack there, working on a tip from the cia. police hunting for four suspects believed to be linked somehow to isis, might be in
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specific attack in the city. geneva home to 23 international organizations including several involved in syria. now to presidential controversy donald trump creates the higher his poll numbers. the latest poll shows more than one out of three republicans support mr. trump. but two out of three americans presidency. all of this in the midst of trump's call to ban muslim immigrants. political reporter dave evans is here now deciphering those numbers. >> you remember a few weeks ago many pundits said donald trump had already hit his top that he couldn't possibly go above 25 or 26% but today's poll has him at 35. it is a strong lead. and today outside his office we found not just a few but many voters, mostly tourists who praise trump and his new plan to try to keep muslim immigrants out. with voting beginning in just seven weeks, donald trump has taken a commanding lead in the
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since october he's climbed 13 points. ted cruz is also up but behind trump, ben carson in third and marco rubio remains in third place. >> he's not going to be the nominee, i'm confident in that and let's continue moving forward on this campaign. i think we are going to nominate somebody who has a chance to win in the election. >> reporter: we talked with voters from all over america and many say they will be voting for trump. >> i love donald trump. make america great. >> i think he's doing a great job. >> reporter: despite all the recent controversy about the muslim comments? >> i think it's being totally taken out of context, absolutely. >> reporter: much of today's poll was gathered before trump's muslim immigrant ban was announced. >> this is about security, it's not about religion. this is about security. >> reporter: last night trump pushed further in his muslim ban despite his rivals say all of this controversy actually hurts america in the radical islamic world. >> donald trump is supplying them with new propaganda.
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>> reporter: today's poll also asked if voters are worried about trump as president. 24% say they are concerned, not scared, 40% say they are downright scared. but actually hillary clinton's numbers are awfully similar to trump's. 23% concerned about her and 34% scared of clinton as president. >> i would be much less concerned if donald trump were president than hillary clinton. >> what do you think of donald trump? >> i think he's scary and irresponsible, frankly. >> reporter: and there could be trouble now brewing in new york's republican party. many republicans apparently don't like trump in new york. former candidate for mayor joe lhota has suggested that the party should boot trump. our primary in new york is april 19th. usually it's obvious well before then who the nominee is going to be but this time new york's 95 delegates could be up for grab and could be a big difference in this race. >> certainly so. we shall see. one more note about donald
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is postponing a trip to israel. he says he does not want to put israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in an uncomfortable situation. yesterday netanyahu said he does not support trump's proposed ban on muslims. today bratton joining the battle for continuing healthcare coverage for 9/11 workers and first responders. bratton traveling to washington today to ask congressional leaders to renew the zadroga act. funding should last through next year but the law expired last month. pushing to get the bill passed before congress adjourns for the holidays. no verdict yet in the corruption trial for former new york state senate majority leader dean skelos. the long island republican is accused of strong arming businesses into giving his son adam $300,000 in fees. closing arguments were held over the last two days but skelos and his son pleaded not guilty. construction workers out in force today not on their jobs but in the streets and calling
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construction sites in new york city. protesters carrying caskets in lower manhattan to remember the 16 construction workers who died on the job this year. supporters say a lack of meaningful safety training, equipment and standards in the nonunion construction sector has led to a surge in workplace few at that time over the -- fatalities over the past year. as we continue, it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in one downtown area but hanukkah not so much. >> a nasty dispute over displays now disrupting the holiday spirit. plus this. >> reporter: we are here world famous harlem globetrotters at the prudential center in new jersey and we are here with mr. rob powers about to teach him globetrotter magic. probably pickup games outside tonight because of all the weather. record high in islip today at 61, 60 in the park. still 57.
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following breaking news happening on the upper east side of manhattan where the department of buildings has issued an emergency vacate order. this is happening for a residential building at 346 east 63rd street. the worry is inspectors say that they are concerned that falling bricks from a nearby building that we have been covering all week can penetrate the structure if they continue to fall off. the building is where hundreds of bricks crashed down onto the sidewalk. some falling 35 stories hitting the street, thankfully no one all of this happening monday persists there.
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>> people can't get in there, obviously no traffic as you can see. what a mess on the upper east side. we move on. have more tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00 on that story. a town in new jersey with its own little war going on over a removed menorah and an installed christmas tree. both displayed coexisting in peace as they should. >> now the threat of a lawsuit and bitterness. it is a mess and happening in the ocean county town of lakewood. >> darla miles is there trying to understand the divide. >> no one is demanding that a menorah be put up. the demand is that it be put back. >> a menorah not once but removed twice from the lakewood town square. >> all the years there always was a menorah, a small one and, you know -- in comparison to the christmas tree but it was fine. nobody ever complained. >> but a complaint came last week from a woman who wanted a nativity scene in the town square too. >> our attorney said our
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down or put up the nativity and since we don't have enough time to do everything, we have to take it down or we will be faced with a lawsuit. >> so the municipality's my nar ra was taken -- menorah was taken down on friday but harold decided to replace it himself. >> if there was a menorah here already, which is perfectly legitimate to have, especially in a town that's over 70% jewish, orthodoxed jewish, and then to take away the menorah, that's not acceptable. >> reporter: and the one that he put up with the display, that was removed on thursday morning. but now that he's threatening to sue, the town may have to put it back. >> we don't know whose menorah or if one is going back but it's possible that one will go back. >> reporter: and with the men norah in the -- menorah in the -- if they made the right call. >> they are telling them to jump in the lake, so we have plenty of lakes here so we could have told them the same thing. >> reporter: in lakewood, new jersey, darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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to be a joke? >> really. so it's not -- you know, if you're in the firewood business or like in the ski resort business, this is not what you're looking for. lee said last half hour at 5:00 that it's the same temperature here as it is in l.a. >> wow. >> and looking nicer because less cloud cover. >> got to love that.
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are we really the same temperature as l.a.? >> i really appreciate you listening to intensively. >> always, sir. >> couple degrees around the l.a. temperature for the high tomorrow in the low 60s. west coast is not -- you know, they are getting it this year and for us, we are just mild. classic el nio year, all the rainfall is out of the pacific northwest not coming to us yet. later in the season we are going to get stormier. are we going to get colder? looking at the manhattan skyline, little haze, air quality, no warning but definitely pollutants near the surface.
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windows open but close them a little bit during the night tonight. the east river is really calm, we have a light wind, the air is not getting mixed around either. 57 degrees right now, south wind at five, barometer on the rise and the high 60 degrees. here's the next seven hours as we slowly dip through the low 50s, a supercomfortable evening as we are now a third down in december and we are nowhere near these normals here. 45 degrees is the average, we are going there at night, still above that, area sunrise and sunset times, and records that's something we will be talking about as we go into the upcoming weekend. last year on this date, 1 inch of snow, a nor'easter passed by gave us 2 1/2 inches of rain, big winds and ended with a little hit of snowfall. instead it's 60s the next four days, record warmth likely and then rain returns on monday. that record is likely on sunday. i think that's going to be closer to 66. in the low 60s on bump up saturday's high. 51 co-mack, 56 -- 51 commack, 56 rosalynn.
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right now. partly cloudy through the first part of the night, mostly cloudy early in spots. giving way to sunshine. clear to partly cloudy right now. what happened is a warm front went through this morning with a couple of clouds. wind streamline, see how they are spread out and light. we have a light south wind helping us warm up. look how the south winds are cranking here and that's what we will get into as we go into the weekend. a nice breeze that will help propel temperatures in the mid- 60s rather than low 60s. all of this cold, the shower activity, going into kansas, that bye passes -- bypasses us. off to the south in the 70s so we have a shot at that over the weekend, at least upper 60s. 60 with a mild mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, on saturday similar story, few more clouds may shoot into the area especially north and west on saturday. no big deal, familiar forecast this time of the year is not really counting on the sun for the warmth. you're counting on the winds coming out of the south. 48 degrees, partly to mostly cloudy tonight. tomorrow another beauty, the record high 64.
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even high of 60 and 49 tomorrow night. your seven-day accuweather forecast looks like this, 60 on friday, 62 on saturday. on sunday it will be incredible, metlife stadium for kickoff about 64 degrees for titans and jets. warm gusty wind on monday. i don't think it's pouring monday morning for your commute but the timing looks like it will be steadier in the afternoon and evening but it will be raining in the 60s. as we go into tuesday, colder wind comes in, i should say cooler wind, we are still going to be running about 10 degrees above normal in the mid-50s and mid-50s follow after that wednesday and thursday. it is late next week into next weekend where we get our first real cold shot but even that doesn't look like it's going to last very long. >> we like. >> thank you, lee. >> you got it. rob up next with sports. 64 degrees, can't wait. jets play sunday, giants play monday. the nfl weekend about to start. straight ahead, how the teams are getting ready and why the heck was coach coughlin doing jumping jacks at the podium there. plus santa claus is coming to town and so are the globetrotters.
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before we go to break, a holiday greeting from a local member of the military and from our area who won't be home for the holidays. >> good morning. my name corporal carlton mckye from hopewell, new york. >> we are part of the black
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there was a time not that long ago when every monday night in the fall, channel 7 would have monday night football. >> as it should be. >> back to the future this coming monday. >> let's do it. they lost on monday night football earlier this season. their overall monday night record not great but the giants will lace them up one more time head to south florida and battle the dolphins anyway. practice at the meadowlands today match-up featuring two,
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their 5-7 looks pretty good in the east. emotions for the giants turned on a dime, right, coach? >> jumping jacks for every meeting like that, that's for sure. no, it's exciting. let's face it, it is exciting. i mean, i have said many times before we have to take care of our own business, but to be in a circumstance where we are in the hunt is a good and exciting thing. >> giants, dolphins, monday night football here on channel 7, our coverage kicks off at 8:00. good news for the jets, they get set to host the titans sunday. darrelle revis says he's ready to play. a step forward in the concussion recovery. as for the game tennessee is 3- 9, lost three of their last four and after this one the and buffalo. any chance of looking past the titans this week? >> we are not a good enough team to overlook anybody.
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like it's the playoffs. basketball hall of famer dolf shaves dead of cancer at the age of 87. john madden on the mend after open heart surgery, still involved with the game. the nfl says madden is anxious to get back to work. and finally from us, playing basketball like only they can, the harlem globetrotters set to play in the area once again. a look ahead starting with what it takes to be a trotter. >> great person, a great basketball player and a great entertainer and that's what makes us so special. >> and special is just what these fellows are, globe traffic report about -- globetrotters about to kick off yet another tour. >> 90th year anniversary. >> you look good for your anal. >> of -- for your age. >> of course i look good. >> globetrotter magic still in effect. >> all kidding aside if that's at all possible, the globetrotters are much more than basketball.
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fun, they bring world records, seven guiness records broken recently. heck, they shot baskets from atop the garden this week and then met me at the prudential center for more. >> we will be in the new york city new jersey area for about 11 games and that will be from december 27th all the way to january 3rd. >> it just ignites all of our teammates, everybody and then we get out there and just the magic happens. >> here we go, moose. >> all the magic happens all right. after a few minutes of instruction, the magic really happened, 90 years of globetrotter magic, back in town and over the weekend you never know what you're going to see. >> don't let me drop the mike now, don't let me drop the mike. >> we want to present you with -- >> and then the invitation we didn't see coming, playing against the trotters december 28th at the garden, me. >> just bring your a game. >> i don't have one.
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we are not going to wait for our 90th year to lose. >> this isn't the year? >> this isn't the year for you to show out. so good luck. >> what? >> december 28th, 2:00 at the garden. >> really? >> yeah. >> that's so cool. >> our cameras are going to be there. >> my kids don't know yet so it will be a surprise. we are going to go there and they won't know i'm playing. >> are you nervous? >> oh, that's so exciting. >> i don't think they are counting on me to really do much. >> they might watch right now. >> you need a short guy off the bench. check in with sade to see what she is working on for 11:00. >> a fighting attack, a woman followed from a bus stop and then assaulted. more on the search to find the man behind the attack. plus a new superbug that doesn't respond to traditional antibiotics. in fact, antibiotics makes it stronger. we are going to have those stories and much more coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 11:00. bill, liz. >> thank you. that's for us for now. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. world news with david muir is up next.
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