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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good for the brick problems that won't end. developing right now, an apartment building evacuated. residents not allowed back in. the big fear more bricks could come down at any time. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. that story in a moment but we begin with breaking news tonight. four teens taken into police
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and robbing a maine central park at gunpoint because more visible security presence in the park tonight. police believe the teens are also behind two armed robberies in a park on monday night. the youngest of the suspects is just 14 years old. there have been four robberies in the past four days in the park. police do not believe an armed robbery next to the park early this morning is linked to the other three. two suspects held up a man at 70th street and central park west stealing cash, his cell phone, and shoes. folks in an upper east side apartment told they cannot go home tonight because of fears of more falling bricks. the bricks started falling off another building three nights ago. no word on when they will be allowed back. eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett tweeting out the news could it be days before traffic in the area, normally packed, gets back to normal. n.j. is on the east side with the story.
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good time to close down an avenue in new york city but first avenue in the 60s for an entire week in december, that's pain. even if you are not one of those under an emergency evacuation order. >> we had two-and-a-half hours to evacuate. it's been crazy. >> reporter: dozens of tenants were sent packing late this afternoon. a new wave of evacuations three days after the collapse. >> we all got a call from our landlord around 3:00 saying that we all needed to vacate the building in the next three to four hours because it was no longer safe to live there. >> reporter: the collapse on monday night shourd the street with hundreds of bricks. after the facade peeled off a 30-story building at that time corner of east 63rd and first avenue. amazingly no one was injured or killed. but earlier today city building inspectors discovered a series
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facade directly above the collapse. 16 apartments and a five-story building across the street were ordered evacuated. >> we look at the wall that came out. that all has to be removed. >> reporter: but the work will tonight sidewalk scaffolding went up along first avenue w. the avenue closed for blocks, rush-hour traffic was colossal. a major challenge tonight for ambulances headed to and from hospitals here on the east side. and residents are struggling to make the best of a tough situation. >> you hope that they fix it as soon as possible and we're going to our regular life. >> reporter: back now you can see a lot of work to do. so a regular life is several days away. first avenue is completely shut down here from 60th street to 64th street but the commissioner tells me they are
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reopened sometime late sunday night or early monday. so anybody coming in, driving in from queens or long island would want to leave a little extra time or avoid this area altogether. live on the upper east side, new jersey burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. so this is december. get ready for even warmer temperatures tomorrow. we're enjoying an unseasonably warm stretch. a.j. ross has more. but first meteorologist lee goldberg is outside our studios on the upper west side. lee. >> the overcoat is overkill. it's like an october night. we're actually up two degrees to 55. look at the daytime highs. 60 in many spots. the average high is 45 degrees. we're more than 15 degrees above average. 55 in new york city, even our coolest suburbs are in the 20s earlier in the week are around 40 degrees. it is amazing to think last
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nor'easter. pattern. the jet stream has lifted to the north. the cold air can't come east. it is a classic el nio pattern. for tomorrow mild out the door around 50. low 40s in the coolest spots with the help of sunshine we're back to sunshine. weekend. coming up we talk record highs, raising temperatures over the weekend and the latest on the timing for the rainfall next week. take from the an ivy league student, andrew goes to columbia, this is the smart way to dress tonight on the upper west side. >> we'll sigh in a few minutes. we do joke about to warm weather but the look of cold weather is taking something of a financial toll on folks whose livelihood depends on the cold. these warm temperatures freezing their bank account but it could mean great deals four. a.j. ross with the story in harold square. >> reporter: 'tis the season
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who thought we would have this sort of warmth. old man winter seems to be on spring break and that vacation has some businesses hurting but shoppers are catching some amazing deals. around this time last year we had an inch of snow on the ground. this year you barely need a coat making this a december to remember with some businesses cashing in and others cashing out, as shoppers' spending habits seem to be going up and down with these unusual temperatures. >> i never see in this my life. >> it's pretty crazy. it kind of feels like spring. >> reporter: it's kind of hard to sell winter apparel which means some customers can now catch great deals. >> the weather is pretty nice but it's making it harder to sell the winter goods. we have 25% off of nike winter goods which we usually don't do until january. >> reporter: but without blustery winds it's been hard for seasonal street vendors to
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>> no good. nobody need no gloves. it's no good. >> managers at the shops at riverside say who needs a white christmas with warm temperatures drawing in an increased wave of shoppers. >> a lot more people show up when it's warmer out. when it's 20 degrees everybody wants to stay home. >> you kind of want to get out more. i'm in the doing as much on- line shopping. i've gone out more. >> it's the way to get the holiday shopping done. take advantage of the nice weather. >> reporter: i am certainly taking advantage myself but as some vendors i spoke with say those who are hurting, rather, they say if this continues through jarntion february, that's when they're going to have to start making some changes. live in harold square, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. new tonight an armed and dangerous sexual predator on the loose in new jersey. police in hackensack releasing a sketch of the man they are looking for.
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near poplar avenue after following her from a bus stop. the suspect held a gun to the victim, then sexually assaulted her. surgery is set for tomorrow for mayor de blasio. the mayor's office tells us he is scheduled to have hernia surgery. it will sideline him until sunday. the mayors office says the mayor developed a hernia recently j. a new york cop killed in the line of duty will be honored in queens. a street will be renamed in officer of officer brian moore. the intersection of 222nd street and 92nd road will be named detective first grade brian mooar way. the 25-year-old was shot and killed on duty last may j. a murky pond a few miles from the site of the san bernardino shooting massacre is now the focus of an intense fbi search. divers acting on a tip began searching a pond where syed farook and tashfeen malik used to spend time.
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pond after the shooting last week that left 14 people dead. investigators will not say what potential evidence they are looking for. meanwhile today a funeral for 27-year-old yvette velasco, the first of the victims to be buried. velasco was set to receive a gold badge officially recognizing her as a health killed. more funerals are set for tomorrow. one of the country's toughest gun control laws is about to get tougher. connecticut is preparing to become the first state to forbid gun sales to anyone on the federal no-fly list. the governor plans to use an executive order to implement it. if you can't fly because the government believes you are a possible threat, he says you shouldn't be able to buy guns. >> i have been in touch with the white house directly on this matter and we are working with federal authorities to gain access to their list for this purpose. >> gun rights activists are
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constitutional and promising a legal challenge. new details in a manhunt in switzerland tonight for four men believed to be plotting a terror attack there. police in geneva are searching for four suspects linked to isis and possibly other men. they are suspected of beg in the planning stage of an attack. the cia alerted swiss authorities. security has been visibly stepped up at places including the u.n. office in geneva. and new at 11:00 a warning from u.s. intelligence to law enforcement in our country that says isis followers may be entering the u.s. using fake but authentic looking passports printed by the terror group isis itself. an intelligence report obtained by abc news says isis is believed to have obtained a passport printing machine and blank passports. it took over a syrian city last summer that is home to a passport office. also new at 11:00 a show of unity, a gathering to show refugees from the middle east
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are indeed welcome here. hundreds taking part in this show of support in columbus circle for refugees from syria and iraq. the demonstrators say they correct the wave of islamophobia that has swept part of the nation. a dangerous fall. workers rushed to the hospital after a scaffold collapse. we're hearing from a an eyewitness who tells us what happened right before the scaffold came crashing down. plus a close call on a holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. . we're learning new details about that scaffold collapse in new jersey and a dangerous fall. at least seven workers hurt.
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the work on a month-long roof repair project was brought to a halt. it happened in hackensack. >> reporter: bill those workers fell way back there on the third floor at the far end of the building. this driveway slopes down so it's actually much further drop on that side of the building than this side. it was a freightenning moment for contractors and for the residents who heard and saw that scaffolding come crashing down with those workers on it. >> i don't have no comments, please. it. >> reporter: sorry about what happened. >> thank you. >> reporter: a co worker of the injured contractor is back at the seen hours after visiting his friends at the hospital and watching them fall 35 feet after scaffolding came loose. he was too distraught to say much more. >> suddenly i heard some crashing up on the roof. >> reporter: it happened at a
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>> suddenly i saw shadows falling, then more pieces of roof fell with the shadow, then suddenly i heard workers screaming. >> reporter: residents say they heard a loud boom. the window above is here. you can see investigators surveying the scene. neighbors say first responders arrived within minutes. >> there was a police officer saying, come on, stay with me, brother, stay with me. >> something happened with the scaffold. >> reporter: bob manages the apartment complex. he says he's hired these workers before and they have never had any safety issues. >> they're supposed to have harnesses and helmets. i don't know if they did. i wasn't here. during this holiday season i can't think of a more tragic event that would impact their families. >> reporter: those contractors work for penn roofing. we reached out to them but have not heard back. the injured workers were rushed to the medical center two. of them remaine critical condition, three are serious but stable.
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upgraded to fair condition. live in hackensack, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. the family of a woman what was locked in a burger king bathroom with she suffered a deadly see sure is suing the fast-food chain. they say shirley mccarthy was laying on the floor, pleading for help for at least 10 minutes in september. but her family claims the restaurant staff initially did nothing, then couldn't find the bathroom key. firefighters broke the door down. mccarthy was later declared brain dead. >> right when we got to the door, when i heard that, i opened the door, she would have been standing here today. i couldn't open the door. >> a burger king spokesman expressed condolences but refused to comment on the lawsuit. new at 11:00 the former director of the foundation of disgraced subway pitchman jared fogle today sentenced to 27
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the judge handing down the prison sentence after russell taylor begged her not to send him, quote to rot in the landfill of lost souls. the sentence is eight years less than prosecutors had sought j. a close call caught on camera in london. the facade of building suddenly, let's go, raining bricks and wad on pedestrians below. no one was hurt in the partial collapse which is under investigation. it's funny seeing that gay out there with the shorts on. >> he wasn't the only one. we had some moms walking by with strollers with all their holiday shopping. they weren't in big coats. >> it's about to get even warmer. >> through the weekend. plan on your outdoor activities. think what would you do in a mid-october weekend. outside we go. the empire state building in blue for human rights day.
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we're at a pair of 5's at 11:00. the southwest wind at 6 miles per hour. your average high is 45, the average low 34. just so out of black. record highs near 70. a change of temperature for sunday. i bumped it up, then temperatures verifying, we're going to break a record in the mid-60s. weather headline, 60s the next four days. record warmth now likely and rain returns on monday. not first thing although there could be drizzle. partly to mostly cloudy skies. 8:00 a.m., just like today i think the clouds are going to thin out. southwest wind. maybe a little breezier but nothing strong. near sick. and again another mild night tomorrow night in the 50s. we have a lot of cloud cover that's helping to keep the temperatures up along with a mild wind. the difference here as we go into the weekend is the winds are stronger. you can see on our streamlines.
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are seeing temperatures approach 70. that's what will happen for the upcoming weekend. so tomorrow morning still a little chill. you will need the jack at the bus stop in sussex and newberg and westchester and passaic and bergen counties. close to 50 on the island. afternoon hours as the clouds thin we're in the lower 60s and upper 50s. same drill on saturday. any early clouds give way to sn shine. a couple degrees warmer saturday afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy skies, mild. patchy fog, 50 degrees. up to 60 tomorrow, very mild. clouds yielding to sun. sunset at 4:28. 49 tomorrow night. it on the seven-day, through the weekend there's your record warmth. how about kickoff for titans- jets. 68 degrees. monday some light showers. steady rain in the afternoon. it may be a third to half an inch of rain. brisk and brighter on tuesday.
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still 10 degrees above average. new data tonight lacking into early january. no consistent cold even though we will get chilly. bill evans will have an update. >> the shorts will be here all winter. >> this gay hopes so. up next, super bug concerns. a new one has been discovered that doesn't respond to traditional antibiotics. in fact, antibiotics make it stronger. but first, let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see who is on the show. >> thanks tonight calista flockhart,
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gin tonight's health alert a troubling development. a new super bug is so far resist apartment to all antibiotics. researches in china discover ago new sprain of e. coli. it's not just imper vievious to antibiotics but a similar strain that been found in denmark and malaysia. authorities are investigating a heartbreaking case of animal abuse. an adorable eight-week-old puppy set on fire. the chihuahua mix survived thanks to a good samaritan what heard him whim perking in an alley behind his home in southern california and rushed him to a valley. poor little thing. the pup was severely burned on his belly and groin. he is now recovering in an incubator. the man who saved him hopes to adopt him. and we bend a good news tale there so we can bring it
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>> the face was something else. holy cow. >> he is going to adopt that puppy. >> if he doesn't we will. the nets trending upward, meanwhile things couldn't be much worse for the knicks. they hope a trip to the west coast might be able to turn that luck around. and it's a big week for the jets. playoffs on the line. might be a good time to get one of the big players back. sports up next. . i'm stationed in co way. happy holidays to friends and family in you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the knicks in california trying to get something going. anything going. >> kind of hit a wall here, hoping to bust through. the road trip did not get off
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last night but really the knicks have been sliding for awhile. lost 7 out of 9, trying to find the magic tonight. lost three straight, haven't won in a week. early on carmelo anthony. no traveling, right? now for the kings, rajon rondo for three. it's early. it's 36-26 kings. in the second quarter. in brooklyn the nets against the only team standing between them and last place, the 76ers. young, 1 points against his old team. sixers respond. leading the way for the nets, andrea scored 23 off the bench. shane lark in scored 14. a tough night on some fronts, but a win is a win. the nets get it 100-9 1. won six of seven at home. philly now 0-13 on the road.
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big blue could be one of the most excited teams right now. coach coughlin broke out in jumping jacks when asked to describe his team's emotion. feels like their head coach does. >> coach coughlin does a great job of encouraging our team and we had a great practice today. and we're just excited to get back on the field. >> giants-dolphins, monday night football right here on channel 7. coverage kicks off at 8:00. darrelle revis on the field for jets practice says he will be ready sunday although he hasn't been officially cleared to come back from that concussion. jets get the titans at home feeling good. back in the playoff picture, 7- 5. titans only 3-9. the jets say no trap game here. they won't look past tennessee because they can't afford. >> it's not going to matter if we don't do what we need to do
11:29 pm
where our focus is. >> i don't think you will see, hear, or feel that out of our team at all. let's get to the big men on campus. college basketball. seton hall against troy. pirates riding high after beating rutgers. carrington, rodriguez, 9-0 run. jordan scored 25, hit five three-pointers, but whitehead pumped in 20. rodriguez had 18. 78-69, seton hall. back in the local hockey mix tomorrow night but until then, this western hockey league, the calgary hitmen have been doing this 20 years. pick a game just before christmas, first goal, the fans throw stuffed animals on the ice. they collect them, give them to kids who need them for christmas. took over a half-hour to collect all of these stuffed animals. the final tally, 28,815 stuffed animals. isn't that great.
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or macchiato for $1.99. join the conversation. what do you want to talk about tonight? >> the warm weather. >> what are you going to do? >> buy an overcoat that's on sale. that's what i'm going to do tomorrow. thanks for watching. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. jimmy kimmel is next.
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