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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  December 11, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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how weather may have played a role. >> frightening moments in new jersey, several workers are hurt after a scaffolding collapsed beneath them. good morning, i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. we thank you for joining us. it is friday, december 11th. >> and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans and the weekend accuweather forecast. >> parts of the area this morning have terrible visibility. it's nothing personal. it's just there's a lot of fog out there. we're looking at zero visibilities at white plains. the park is reporting like an 8 to 9-mile visibility. right at the coast you see a tenth of a mile on long island. toms river. there's a dense fog advisory in effect until 8:00 there as well shore. i'll zoom this out so you can get a look at this also. state parkway. got some real issues this this afternoon. fog.
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then it's really warm this weekend. we'll talk about that next. record highs. it's weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. how's it going out there? >> we'll go over to our mass transit chart and tell you mass transit is doing great. it's a great idea for today. it's a gridlock alert day. new jersey transit, long island railroad, ferries, path trains, subways everybody's doing fine at this point. a couple issues on long island, southern state west, sunrise highway east at horton avenue another accident. bell parkway going east at map street, a crash being cleared away and as you go on to the west shore expressway, south at victory boulevard a vehicle fire extinguished, cleared, all lanes have been reopened. let's show you the southern state parkway. i can show you how foggy it is out there. you definitely want to use some caution. you can understand why they're dealing with this accident on the southern state, another one at sunrise highway. this is the l.i.e. out by hawkins avenue. as you go out east, even in nassau county you are finding that fog and that's causing the
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visibility. effect. day. shirleen, ken over to you. 6:02. we are learning more about a breaking story in the bronx, a huge fire injuring people including firefighters and forcing nearly 100 people out of their homes. >> the fierce flames quickly gutted nine homes before firefighters put it under control. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson is live in the tremont section with more. >> reporter: shirleen you can see behind me this is still a very active scene. firefighters still up on those ladder trucks battling this fire from the air more than six hours after it started. the good news is that the fire was brought under control about three hours after it started. the bad news is that 89 people have been displaced by this, including 15 children. the video from overnight shows just how a dramatic a fire this was, able to spread so quickly
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homes that are so very close together. most of them are wood frames making matters worse. it took about 200 firefighters and three hours to bring this blaze under control here an valentine avenue. there were nine injuries, six firefighters and three residents. all of those injuries are minor. this fire did shoot up to 6 alarms shortly before midnight. some of the buildings are so badly damaged they may have to be demolished. the deputy assistant fire chief gave the media an update a few minutes ago and explained the extent of the damage. >> there were five buildings that were row frames, the fire took advantage of the combustible construction and they're pretty much devastated. >> reporter: and again, that seems to be the key phrase in why this fire got so bad, combustible construction, those wood frame homes. nine homes in all were gutted. we understand three of them were vacant.
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people have been displaced by this. we understand the red cross is here at the scene and those displaced families are being moved to temporary shelters in terms of a cause of this fire, what sparked all of this, that is still under investigation. we just don't know just yet what sparked this. reporting live from the tremont section of the bronx, rob nelson, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. 6:04, and seven workers are hurt, two critically after scaffolding that they were working on collapsed right beneath them. it happened yesterday in an apartment complex in hackensack new jersey. the scaffolding gave way sending a roofing crew plummeting. a 10-year-old boy in a second floor apartment watched the victims fall. >> saw a quick shadow falling down, then more pieces of roof fell with the shadow, and then suddenly i heard workers screaming. >> wow. people in the area say the you was repairing or replacing the roofs on all the buildings in the complex. new this morning, we have
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predator on the loose harlem. take a closer look at this surveillance video we received overnight. police say the man attacked a 60-year-old woman inside the come actor room of a building. he pushed the woman to the floor, tried to rape her, and then he choked her. she is recovering after suffering cuts and bruises. 6:05, developing this morning, a deadly crash involving a medevac helicopters. the chopper went down at the macfarlane. the chopper was headed to bakersfield when it crashed. it was carrying a pilot, a nurse, a paramedic and a patient when it went down in heavy fog and rain. all four were killed. >> immediately came into the area of the last coordinates of the helicopter. ground units couldn't gain access to the rough terrain. >> federal investigators are headed to the scene. connecticut could soon become the first state to forbid gun sales to anyone placed on the federal no fly list.
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use an executive order to impose the ban as soon as the state gets access to federal watch lists. if you can't fly because the government believes you're a possible threat malloy says then you shouldn't be able to buy guns. >> i have been in touch with the white house directly on this matter, and we are working with federal authorities to gain access to their lists for this purpose. >> gun rights activists are calling governor malloy's move unconstitutional, and they are promising a legal challenge. 6:06, developing right now, the government in switzerland has confirmed it's trying to prevent what it calls a terrorist event in geneva. police are searching for these four suspects linked to isis. they are suspected of being in the planning stage of an attack in that city. the cia alerted swiss authorities of the four men. security has been stepped up in places including the u. n. office. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and
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>> we take a look from our camera in astoria. where else would you find your princes but in betweens, astoria queens as we look towards the east river, to the left that is the socrates sculpture park. there you see the fdr and midtown. we've got a good visibility, 51 degrees now is our temperature. way warmer this hour of the day. a few clouds and some fog eastern long island, jersey shore. partly cloudy, clear skies back to the ohio valley. we're looking at 55 by the time we get to 9:00, 57 to 59 at noon and low 60s this afternoon warming into the mid-60s, maybe even upper 60s on sunday. at the bus stop here are the kiddos, the lug nuts are there. they're always there. 52 degrees at the bus stop this morning warming to 62 this afternoon. all right kids have fun at school. be very safe. >> you know what, you can always depend on us. we're always there. >> we're like the sunrise and
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>> we're always here for you. lets go over to a webcam. you know what else is there for you. if you're headed out the door and you travel through long island, here is the southern state parkway. this is suffolk county. if you're traveling through nassau county different story, but lots of traffic. lets go right over to our maps and i'll tell you that the southern state parkway westbound near the wantagh an accident. sunrise highway east at horton avenue another accident. you are on or close to schedule, new jersey transit, metro north, long island railroad, subway status. that subway service is running on or close to schedule. on the bell parkway you have an accident. then you have the fdr drive very slow southbound getting into 63rd street. that is all because of that disabled vehicle. ongoing accident investigation as you travel on to the garden state parkway north at exit 98 it's in the left lane but it's not causing too much of a delay. it is a gridlock alert day today. leave the car at home. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect.
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6:08, and still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, the man at the center of the fifa corruption scandal loses another court battle overnight. what he will not be allowed to do this weekend. >> and three major airlines have decided they would ban
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6:11. new this morning, one of the men hoping to be fifa's next leader suffers major defeat. michelle pa tee knee lost his appeal to lift his 90 day ban by fifa. he is currently suspended while under investigation for corruption along with sepp blatter. the court ruled the ban does not cause irreparable harm to him at this point. faculty members at temple university are urging the school to rescind an honorary degree awarded to bill cosby. the faculty voted to condemn cosby who stepped down as a trustee last year amid allegations of sexual assault from women. they condemned the chairman of the trustees who defended him
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hoverboards have now been grounded by the country's top three airlines, american, delta and united have banned the self- balancing scooters amid increasing reports about the popular items bursting into flames. delta pointed to issues with the battery strength of the devices. alaska airlines and jetblue have also banned the items. the consumer products safety commission is investigating the scooters after receiving reports of at least ten hoverboard fires. 6:13. now time to check the accuweather forecast. >> let's go outside shall we? meteorologist bill evans is there outside our studios. hey bill. >> hey here's what's going on this morning. we've got a morning where we start out with mild temperatures, even for a jacket and a coat might be a little warm, particularly around the five boroughs. it's a warm morning, starting out with temperatures about 20 degrees warmer than normal. here's our camera on the roof looking down toward midtown plant. the lights are on at wollman rink.
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to be a very warm day with the temperatures starting out at 51 should be at 34. we're starting out around 38 poughkeepsie, 46 on long island. 45 degrees down the jersey shore. very mild, very warm for this time of the year for these seasonal averages should be about 33 degrees. with this warm air surging we get this fog, and there's dense fog on long island, parts of coastal connecticut around new haven and down the jersey shore. this will continue until about 8:00. then you see that cloud cover there east. that'll burn off today. we've got a calm wind that allows that to develop. the water temperature is about 49, 48 degrees, and the air is warmer. so you get this fog right at the coast. back to our west we have partly cloudy to clear skies. we'll have sunshine today, it warms up to 62 after school kids going to be absolutely great. temperatures this weekend are 10 and 20 degrees warmer than normal. look at the ohio valley, 20 and 30 degrees warmer than normal. your weekend shaping up is 62, 66 on sunday.
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shore or coney island or coastal connecticut. head to the beach. water temperatures 49 to 51. we're looking at 62 today, after this morning's fog that burns off. partly cloudy and mild tonight, 49 is the low. tomorrow it's a warm blend of sun and clouds. the temperatures going to be 64 degrees, and you look at the accuweather seven-day forecast, we're going to be looking at 66 on sunday. that will break the record high set back in 1923 when i started at eyewitness news, and then there will be some rain on monday. still the temperatures are mild on monday as we are looking. look at all the -- >> maximus. >> we've got lulu and siri and maximus, how's it going this morning gang? >> i love their bows. >> they've got their christmas stuff on today. >> the girls are dressed for christmas. >> blue and red. >> i want to thank danica for that. hey buddy what's your name? i got you a christmas gift.
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>> oh, no. >> he can have two. >> too soon, bill. too soon. >> ladies, have a great day and have a great weekend. i know this warm weather makes you crazy doesn't it. >> ladies and gentlemen thank you. over to heather. >> let's talk about our mass transit if that's the way you're going to go, then that's a great idea because it is a gridlock alert day. new jersey transit, metro north, long island railroad, path trains ferries doing fine. subways running on or close to schedule. two problems on long island still being cleared. southern state west near the wantagh and sunrise highway east near horton avenue, another accident being cleared. the bell parkway going east crash. you can see delays getting into area. as you go up here on to the fdr drive going southbound we had an earlier disabled vehicle, they've cleared that away.
6:17 am
garden state parkway going north, exit 98. if there is some beach traffic heading home from the beach you delay. it's 5 minutes george washington bridge, the lincoln is 15. the holland is a 10 minute delay. then we still have 1st avenue closed down north after 57th brick incident. 63rd street closed between york avenue and 2nd avenue. street cleaning rules are in effect for today. shirleen, ken over to you. it's 6:17. facebook adding a new feature that allows people to use the site when there is no internet access. >> inned to's tech bytes, bad connection, no problem. >> facebook is launching new technology that would allow users to access their news feed and post comments even with a poor internet connection. >> it's meant to help in places like subways and large events. >> there's a brand new way to make purchases at wal-mart. the retailer just launched wal- mart pay which allows users to
6:18 am
app on any iphone or android device. >> the service works with all major credit and debit cards. >> abc news wants to take you on a virtual reality tour of north korea. >> iphone and android users who download the jaunt vr app will be able to travel with bob wood rough. >> i think it's going to change the world. i love bob woodruff he's already changed the world. still headway you need to know about a growing recall of iced tea. >> a renewed push for changes to the common core system in new york state, what governor cuomo says needs to happen. >> the nation's largest retailer making it easier for customers at the checkout counter, the new digital payment method coming to a wal- mart. >> first a message from a member of the military who cannot be home for the holidays this year.
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6:22 on the money this morning, the dow jones starts date up 82 points at 17574, the nasdaq and s&p 500 also begin higher, right now futures are way down. >> checking markets overseas japan's nikkei average finished higher but hong kong's hang seng fell a percentage point. iced tea drinkers, more than a million bottles of sweet leaf tea being pulled from store shelves. it has received reports of glass fragments in its drinks. sweet leaf says no one has gotten injured. the recall affects six flavors of teas in 16-ounce bottles. if you're looking to book flights you may want to wait until the weekend. ticket prices tend to be highest on fridays and those prices go up if you're booking
6:23 am
that is because people traveling for business tend to book flights at the end of the workweek. the study says it's no longer necessarily true that tuesdays are the best days to book flights since ticket fares are adjusted all the time. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans and the screws accuweather forecast. >> we're taking a look at cloudy skies, good visibilities here, temperature 51 in the park, 48 newark. we have a wind that has been mostly calm but out of the south and very light. today we'll be looking at just that, a light wind around, temperatures 48 degrees. we'll be looking at this afternoon's temperature of 62 which is nearly 20 degrees warmer than normal. sunny breaks, 59 by noontime. cloudy skies and mild temperatures tonight. kiddos after school today wow is it nice. jackets and sweaters this you'll be fine. accuweather forecast. it's weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. that's heather o'rourke.
6:24 am
we're going to go to our mass transit chart. there's a broken gate in west bury. you have 10 minute delays port jefferson and ronkonkoma branches. new jersey transit doing okay. 1 train signal problems at portland park, expect delays in both directions as a result. we had an accident southern state west near the wantagh. that has been cleared. bell parkway going east near knapp street an accident and it is a gridlock alert i did. you want to leaf the car at home. disabled vehicle cleared off the fdr drive. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken over to you. thank you. 6:24, a task force put together by governor andrew cuomo is calling for an overhaul of common core learning standards. the remits released late last night also include renaming common core, shortening the time spent testing students, and delaying plans to use the test to grade teachers. governor cuomo is calling for a total reboot of common core. these recommendations are being
6:25 am
while many of you were sleeping, the knicks recent woes continued. they dropped their fourth straight game in eight in the past ten out west in sacramento, carmelo anthony missed the potential game winning 3-pointer. knicks lose 99-97. they try again in portland tomorrow night. game 1 of week 14 in the nfl was a nail biter in the desert. the arizona cardinals edged the minnesota vikings, final score 23-20. the win clinches a playoff spot for the cards. arizona has now won seven games in a row. they could become the first nfc team to clinch a division title if seattle loses this coming sunday. the giants play a key game monday night. they're in a three-way tie for first. our coverage of monday night football kicks off at 8:00 here on channel 7. don't read into the fact that i happen to have dolphins colors on. that means nothing. >> we won't.
6:26 am
we are following breaking news in the bronx. several people are injured including firefighters after a fast moving fire engulfed a row of homes. we are live at the scene with new information on what could have fed flames. >> and days after bricks came crashing down from the building on the upper east side, a new set of evacuations is now in police. >> and if you are loving this kind of weather, then this is the weekend for you. meteorologist bill evans
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this is breaking news from channel 7 eyewitness news. that breaking news is in the bronx. a raging fire forcing dozens of people out of their homes in the middle of the night. we are learning new details about why those flames spread so fast. >> the situation is going from bad to worse for drivers and people living on the upper east side after bricks fell off the side of a building. why the problems may last well into the weekend. >> and some extra travel time this morning with the dense fog in the area, and you think it's
6:29 am
just wait until the weekend. sorry, snow enthusiasts. good morning, i'm ken rosato. for lori stokes. we thank you for joining us. no need to apologize because you know what, it's friday, december 11th can't get me down. >> huh-uh, and you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we've got some clouds. we have pretty good visibilities as we look from our camera across the park over to the east side. temperature is 51 degrees and we're looking at a morning where we're going to be starting out with numbers nearly 20 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. we are looking at 40 around west hampton, 47 oyster monticello. parts of the area have terrible visibilities. white plains is at zero, and toms river and belmar half mile. today that's why we have this dense fog advisory until 8:00. that will burn off, and then it gets very warm. we'll be at 55 by noon, 62
6:30 am
record heat you've been hearing about that's coming up this weekend. we'll talk about long island railroad where we have 10 minute delays on the port jefferson and ronkonkoma branches because of a broken gate. we have metro north, new jersey transit doing okay. our subway status, signal problems at van cortland park, expect delays in both directions. the bell parkway headed east, that accident being taken care of. this problem on the garden state parkway is stylus northbound exit 98. it's an ongoing accident investigation. as you travel on to the southern state parkway west that earlier accident cleared. sunrise highway east near -- fdr drive south at 63rd street that disabled vehicle has been cleared away. 1st avenue remains closed north 57th street up to 65th street because of monday's brick incident. we do have mallory hoff on the scene of that. our street cleaning rules are in effect. plus it's a gridlock alert day.
6:31 am
it's 6:32. now to that breaking news in the bronx, a fast moving fire under control at this hour, but not before making a big impact on one neighborhood. here's the situation we have right now. nine people got hurt including six firefighters. 89 people have been displaced, and nine homes are either damaged or destroyed. eyewitness news reporter rob nelson live at the scene, he's been there all morning in the tremont section with the latest. rob, what do we know? >> reporter: this fire began shortly before midnight and quickly shot up to 6 alarms. 89 people have been displaced as firefighters behind me continue to put out those stubborn hot spots early on this friday morning. take a look at the video from overnight. it shows the intense flames that literally swallowed this section of row homes along valentine avenue in the tremont section. it took about three hours for 200 firefighters to get this blaze under control. already done. nine homes in all have been heavily damaged or destroyed,
6:32 am
to be demolished including three billions that were vacant -- buildings that were vacant when the fire broke out. five of these buildings were wood frames which allowed this fire to spread so quickly and do so much damage. this was already a raging fire by the time officials arrived at the scene. there were also several injuries in this blaze. six firefighters and three civilians were hurt. thankfully all of those injuries are minor. when we arrived here at the scene about 3:30 this morning, we talked to one resident who managed to escape after very frightening moments inside his building. >> i just heard a bunch of breaking glass, people yelling, i looked out my back window, everythings red. i stepped out into the hallway it was full of smoke and there was a firefighter at the bottom of the stairs and he said you need to get out, so i'm out. >> reporter: now the cause of this fire is still under investigation. we do understand the red cross is here at the scene helping to find temporary shelter for the 89 people who have been
6:33 am
children. reporting live here from the tremont section of the bronx, rob news. >> thank you. new problems this morning for people on the upper east side. turns out the issue that caused bricks to fall off the side of a building may be worse than first thought, and the situation is expected to create a traffic mess. once again today eyewitness news reporter mallory hoff is live at the scene for us, mallory. >> reporter: shirleen a tough situation for all parties involved, for those who live in this area and those who are trying to navigate through it. 1st avenue is shut down, shut down between 62nd street and 64th street, and that's expected to be the situation all weekend long. the closure will stay in place as crews work to secure the brick facade of a 30-story building. this morning dozens of people can't go home. last night the building's department ordered evacuations
6:34 am
that building is right across the street from the building where bricks came crashing down on monday. now inspectors are worried another section of that building's facade could collapse that could potentially street. >> we had two and a half hours to evacuate our building. it's been crazy. >> hopes that they fix this as soon as possible and going to our regular life. >> reporter: the traffic weekend. the closure has led to traffic jams and problems for ambulance drivers trying to get to hospitals in the area, and back out here live, workers say there is still a lot of work to be done here, we have learned this morning that the closures they could last into sunday night or maybe even monday. live on the upper east side, mallory hoff channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wow, all that traffic behind mallory already. thank you. we learned overnight that police arrested a homeless man
6:35 am
police used this surveillance video to track down velazquez. the 39-year-old is accused of attacking a man last week in williamsburg. he punched a man in the head while yelling anti-white statements. 6:36. a murky pond a few miles from the site of the san bernardino shooting massacre is now the focus of an intense fbi search. divers with the fbi began searching a pond where syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik used to spend time. the couple may have gone to the pond after the shootings last week. 14 people were killed. it is 6:36. new this morning, more than 160 syrian refugees have arrived in canada. take a look at this video of a military flight that's landed in toronto late last night. the group was then greeted by prime minister justin trudeau, canada's newly elected liberal government has agreed to accept 25,000 syrians by the end of february. another flight is expected to
6:36 am
hundreds of people gathered in manhattan to show refugees from the middle east that they are welcome in new york city. this was the scene at columbus circle last night, a huge show of support for refugees from syria and iraq. the demonstrators reject the wave of anti-muslim sentiment that has september much of the nation. they're calling on the u.s. government to accept more refugees. today a judge will issue a verdict in the trial against a nassau county police officer accused of attacking a man during a traffic stop. officer vincent logiudice is accused of beating kyle howell during a traffic stop last year. surveillance video appears to show him punching and kneeing the 20-year-old more than a dozen times. defense attorneys say it was reasonable because howell was reaching for his glove box making the officer fear for his life. 6:37, you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans has your exclusive accuweather
6:37 am
>> let's take a look outside, shall we? because the picture tells everything, a beautiful sunrise in progress. we're going to have a great day today. we're going to have a very warm day today. mild this morning, clouds and sun to start your day. sun's up officially after 7:00 as we look across the park here from our camera. today also we're going to see temperatures continuing to warm every day right through the weekend. we've got cloudy skies, good visibility here, 42 around paramus, 51 around the park, 45 around new city to 48 toward jersey. taking the ferries this morning, you're going to be looking at a nice ride this morning, comfortable ride too. you actually could be outside and enjoy that comfortable ride with these temperatures at this level. the water temperature's about 49. the air is 51. that's creating some of this fog that we have. that will burn off quick. we've got clear skies back to the great lakes. that means we clear all weekend. by the time we get to 10:00 it's 56. 61, 62 degrees this afternoon, and it only gets warmer this weekend. we might need a jacket at the bus stop kiddos but it will be
6:38 am
weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. let's take a look at the west side highway southbound, you're going to find some very heavy delays. let's go right over to our maps. i'll explain what's going on here. west side highway south right near 57th street, that is an accident. 10 minute delays, long island railroad, because of a broken gate. metro north, new jersey transit are okay. 1 train signal problems at van portland park have been corrected and we also have the belt parkway going east near knapp street. another accident being cleared away. pretty heavy delays as you go through that spot. garden state parkway north exit 98 ongoing accident investigation. it's a gridlock alert day. you want to leave that car at home. we also have our street cleaning rules in effect. shirleen, ken over to you. 6:39. still ahead on eyewitness news, a woman suffering a seizure inside a locked bathroom in a
6:39 am
by the time workers get to her it's too late. family members are taking action.
6:40 am
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burger king bathroom while she was suffering a deadly seizure is suing the fast food chain. the family of shirley mccarthy says she was laying on the floor and pleading for help for 10 minutes in september. the restaurant staff initially did nothing, and then couldn't find the key. firefighters broke the door down. mccarthy was later declared brain dead. >> if i would have got to the door when i heard her and i opened the door, she would have been standing here today. >> a burger king spokesman expressed condolences. a group of teenagers is in custody accused of punching a man in central park and robbing him at gunpoint. the fourteens also behind two armed robberies in the park on monday night. the youngest of the suspects just 14 years old. there have been four robberies in this park this week. one of them happened yesterday morning, but police do not believe it is connected to the other three.
6:43 am
undergo surgery today to repair a hernia. mayor's office says this will be an outpatient procedure. de blasio cleared his schedule until sunday. de blasio developed that hernia just recently. also today a special honor for an nypd detective killed in the line of duty in queens. a street will be renamed in queens village in memory of detective brian moore, the intersection of 222nd street and 92nd road home of the 105th precinct will be named detective first grade brian moore way. the 25-year-old was shot and killed while on duty in may. 6:44. good morning america is coming up next. george stephanopoulos live in time square. good morning to you george. >> a lot to get to this morning, donald trump the story of the week rising to his highest level in the poll this is year so far and fear of another terror attack seems to be fueling that. this new york times poll shows that 4 4% of americans now
6:44 am
the next few months. those are the highest levels since the days after 9/11. brian ross has a new alert that's showing how isis may have learned how to make these fake passports and that will allow their followers to slip undetected into the united states. we're going to switch gears, think about the holiday as well. lots of people going online to shop and that is creating a real backlog at ups. they're slammed with far more ordered than they expected this year: it means you better get online early. >> none of that last second stuff. >> gma7 a.m., thank you. >> it is 6:45. time to get a check on the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans on that coat weather. >> kind of non-coat weather. suit weather is okay but if you're a little cold natured you might want the coat but later on today certainly with the sun and warm air and the southerly wind it's going to be very warm, 20 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year. i've seen people out this morning in t-shirts, coats,
6:45 am
here's a look outside this morning. we'll have the skies that are going to make a beautiful sunrise later on. we have a 74% humidity, which is moderate. a calm wind. the barometer's steady, pretty close o'30. 60s for the next four days, record warmth likely sunday and rain arrives on monday. temperatures will still be in the 60s even with that rain. it's 50 around laguardia and over toward whitestone queens. 52 toward the bronx and the hudson river valley. should be at about 33 in the park to 23 outside the city, to to 20 up there towards monticello. i wanted to show you the wind. there's a light southerly wind that has been pumping up the moisture overnight. when the winds calm down, then you get this. fog, that is a problem at white plains with zero visibility. you see it's under a mile down garden state parkway. this will burn off about 8:00, dense fog advisory. then we've got clear to partly
6:46 am
that's high pressure, warm high pressure. that will keep the temperatures warm going into the weekend, and we'll see temperatures just soaring later on today like after school kids we're at 62 degrees after school today. get outside, put down those phones and the video games and get outside and have some fun. it will be like that all weekend too, with temperatures 10, 20 degrees warmer than normal, 30 degrees warmer out to our west. it's warm all across new england, the northeast, the ohio valley and the midwest. 62 for saturday, 66 on sunday, sunday's 66 will smash the record high set back in 1923. so we're looking at 62 degrees, and we're looking at about 49 tonight, and then tomorrow we're even warmer. we're going to be right around 64 degrees with clouds and sun. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast, 66 sunday. then a cold front comes through on monday with some showers. now that will cool us down next week. next week's temperatures are still in the 50s, so 50-degree
6:47 am
warmer than our seasonal averages. normal average afternoon high is 44 during the day, and 33 at night. we're going to be well above that. you like the warm stuff, this is your end of fall, not the beginning of winter yet. >> giddy. >> that's the word that comes to mind. >> we've got a long way to go. >> yes, we do. >> enjoy and have a great weekend. >> thank you mr. bill. you're the bestest. >> hi ladies, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. >> the official greeter. i love that. >> good morning,. >> 6:48, over to heather. let's go over to our mass transit chart, talk about long island railroad. we have broken gate so the port jefferson and ronkonkoma branches dealing with 10 minute delays. 1 train signal problems at van cortland park have been corrected. now we had an accident on the belt parkway and it was over by knapp street over here. that has been cleared away. now we have a new one westbound right near flatbush avenue, and then you have this accident on the west side highway south of 57th street.
6:48 am
away, and then that problem on the garden state parkway is still with us, northbound exit 98 an accident investigation. the left lane is blocked off as a result. 15 inbound george washington bridge, the lincoln is 30. the holland is a 20 minute delay. we still have 1st avenue closed down because of monday's brick incident. 63rd closed down between york and 2nd. our street cleaning rules are in effect but it a gridlock alert day. 6:49. as bill just said we are expecting record high temperatures. that record has stood for the past 140 years. that's good if you hate wearing those cold weather clothes but it's bad if you make a living selling items people need for winter in new york. street vendors have been stuck with lots of hats and gloves and hardware stores have a full stock of cold weather products. >> we have snow melt and shovels and ice choppers and weather seal, all those things
6:49 am
weather, and at just a hint of a snowstorm we start getting purchases, so it's very, very helpful. it's very important to our business. >> we still have time, last year on december 11th, the high temperature was 38 degrees and we'd already seen snow by then. 6:50, still ahead on eyewitness news this big announcement overnight, the changes coming to the maternity leave policy in the air force. >> and the big college basketball celebration that led to a bad injury on the court
6:50 am
what sent holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
6:52 am
tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. 6:53, welcome back, air force secretary debra lee james wants to triple the amount of maternity leave for female airmen. maternity leave would extend to 18 weeks after the navy made a similar move. james says she expects the pentagons force of the future initiatives to include the maternity leave but said she would make the change on her own if needed. three crew members from the international space station are headed back down to earth. the crew including nasa astronaut chel lundgren said good-bye to the rest of the crew on the iss around 1:00 this morning. they are inside the rocket that will take them back to earth. it is set to land within the next half hour. happiness is hitting a game winning shot in a basketball game against your in-state rival, unless of course you
6:53 am
reporters assigned to cover the thing. iowa state fans stormed the court after a come from behind wind over iowa. they also trampered des moines register randy peterson. here he is in the hospital still wearing his press pass. never take off your press pass. peterson tweeted a one word message, that message, ouch. feel better. >> hope he feels better indeed. 6:54. we continue to follow breaking news in the bronx. a fast moving fire has destroyed a row of homes and
6:54 am
we've been following a breaking story in the bronx all morning long, a huge fire forcing dozens of people out of their homes. >> rob nelson is in tremont where an entire block was devastated by flames. rob. ken, good morning, just two weeks before christmas, and 89 people in the bronx will now have to find someplace else to live. take a look at this video from overnight, shows how dramatic this fire was when it broke out around midnight along valentine street and went up to 6 alarms. nine buildings were damaged or destroyed. some of them may have to be demolished. it took 200 firefighters and three hours to bring the blaze under control.
6:55 am
displaced with the red cross stepping in to help. the fire was able to spread quickly because many of these homes. there were also nine injuries in this blaze. six firefighters. those injuries are minor. reporting live from the tremont section of the bronx, rob nelson channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. we learned overnight police arrested a homeless man for a hate crime attack in brooklyn. police used this surveillance video to track down angel velazquez. the 39-year-old is accused of attacking a man last week in williamsburg. investigators say he punched a man in the head while yelling anti-white statements. the victims not badly hurt. 6:58, and we have lirr issues. >> that's right. there's a broken gate in west bury, so it's causing about 10 minute delays, port jefferson and ronkonkoma branches, metro north doing okay. f train signal problems. you can expect downtown delays heading on to the belt west flatbush avenue, that's an accident, then we still have
6:56 am
state parkway. however, the accident investigation is actually on the southbound side. it was reported as the northbound side earlier. it's right near exit 98. still out there trying to get that taken care of. gridlock alert day. leave the car at home. >> listen to heather. >> take your truck, do like me. >> you said car. >> here's what's going on. [ laughter ] >> it's 50 degrees right now. sun's coming up. it's going to be a very mild start to your day and a very warm afternoon for this time of the year. 47 bridgeport to islip. 57 to 59 by lunchtime, 62 the high this afternoon. tomorrow we're at 64, unusually warm on sunday it's 66. we'll set a record high and then we'll cool down a little bit next week. have a great weekend. >> thank you, you too bill. that is the news for now, shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. >> i'm ken rosato.
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