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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  December 11, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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for bill evans this afternoon. she's outside of our studios this beautifully and unseasonably warm upper west side weather. >> yes, and you guys one year ago today we had a trace of snow as well that has not happened so far this season. in fact, it's been this stretch of unusually mild weather, and that's actually going to be continuing for us into the weekend. while it's not unheard of -- because we do have records in place for today, saturday and sunday, we certainly will have the opportunity to go down in the history books, and it is unusual any way you spell it. 66 degrees right now. the record that stands today is 137 years old. we'd have to get to 64 to break it. so far we're in the upper 50s in a lot of spots. a few clouds filtering the sunshine. we should be able to make the low 60s no problem, but probably falling short a couple of degrees of today's record. however, the weekend warmth will take us 10 to 20 degrees above average for this time of year. we're talking 60s both saturday and sunday.
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on saturday, and then of course on sunday that record a little bit more within reach set back in the 1920s so 66 on sunday seems like a real possibility. that's the day that could go down in the history books. the rest of this day, enjoy it. hopefully you can sneak out for lunch. it's absolutely beautiful. our temperatures do cool into the low to mid-50s. it's a mild night which gives us a big head start for the weekend. i'll have details on that in the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> should be mandatory you have to sneak out thanks amy. we're following a developing story on long island. a nassau county police officer who was caught on camera punching and kicking a man during a traffic stop was acquitted on all charges. eyewitness news reporter n. j. burkett is outside the court in central islip with all the details. n. j. >> and liz, the verdict came as a complete shock to the motorist, his family and his many supporters here in the community, but the attorney for
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only one reasonable verdict in this case, and that was not guilty. that is exactly the verdict that was handed down here this morning. supporters of kyle howell, his friends and relatives walked out of the courtroom after it was announced furious and incredulous. they simply couldn't believe what they just heard but the officer claimed all along that he resorted to the use of force because howell lunged for the glove compartment of his car moments after a traffic stop in april of 2014. now in explaining her decision, judge patricia harrington insisted that the video, the surveillance video in this case does not tell the full story, how it was trying to get rid of marijuana in his car because he was on probation and did so knowing that it would have appeared threatening or provocative to the officer who claimed he had a reasonable fear that howell was reaching for a weapon in the glove
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to be clear, no weapon was ever recovered. reaction now from both sides. >> this is a mockery of the system that we call to be a justice system. it is not a justice system. it is injustice system. this is not what we expected to take place after a young man is beaten nearly within an inch of his life. >> there was no other verdict that would have been correct. this verdict validates what we said from day one, which is all force used in this case was, in fact, reasonable, necessary, and justified under the circumstances. >> we're very happy with the verdict today. i think for those from the media that were in the court during the trial, i think you would agree that there was no other decision that could have came out but a not guilty verdict. >> reporter: and in the words of the judge quoting from the
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surprise to mr. howell that his actions would be perceived as threatening to the officer. again, the verdict not guilty in the assault case against nassau county police officer vincent logiudice. live in nassau county courthouse, n. j. burkett. also on long island a judge denying bail to the former suffolk county police chief two days after the police arrested james burke. burke is accused of assaulting a handcuffed suspect and trying to cover it up. he resigned in october and has since wednesday. he pleaded not guilty to the charges of one count of conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice. one more story on long investigating an attempted abduction inside a store in the green acres mall. a mother says she went into a bathroom in the kohl's department store. as she was changing her 18- month-old she says a woman tried to take the baby.
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nassau county police and kohl's say they are now investigating that incident. a close call for two pilots. a small plane overran the runway at the westchester county airport in white plains this morning. investigators blame the thick fog for the mishap. the pilot and co-pilotwere the only ones on board. turning now to that massive fire in the bronx, flames ripped through a series of homes injuring three residents and six firefighters. when it was all done dozens of people, some families left without their homes. the fire broke out late last the tremont section. rob nelson live at the scene with more. >> reporter: this is the last kind of news any family needs just two weeks before christmas, but this afternoon nearly 100 people displaced by this massive overnight fire. >> video from overnight shows how the flames swallowed this
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valentine avenue forcing residents to flee their buildings shortly before midnight. >> okay. i'm all right. i'm lucky to be alive. >> the fire quickly shot up to 6 alarms damaging or destroying nine buildings and displacing 89 people including 15 children. >> i heard a bunch of breaking glass, people are yelling. i looked out my back window. everything was red. i stepped into the hallway it was full of smoke. >> it took 200 firefighters about three hours to bring the blaze under control. the fire able to spread so quickly because five of the row homes are wood framed. >> the fire took advantage of the combustible construction, and it pretty much devastated. >> displaced families were take ton a nearby salvation army center for help from the red cross. many temporarily shifted to local hotels.
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emergency housing, health and emotional support. >> now we are back here live at the scene. as you can see firefighters up on that ladder. the inspection part of this investigation now beginning. we should also point out there were nine injuries in this fire, six for firefighters, three injuries for civilians. apparently all of those injuries are minor. there's that little bit of good news. the cause of this fire does remain under investigation, but fire officials told us earlier this morning that some of these buildings are so badly damaged they may have to be demolished altogether. reporting live from the tremont section of the bronx rob nelson channel 7 eyewitness news. rob, thank you. new at noon, a major legal blow for the hugely popular daily fantasy football sites draft kings and fanduel. a judge has barred both from doing business in new york state. attorney general eric snyderman sued to block the sites claiming the games are illegal because they're based on chance and not on skill, but the companies say their games are more skilled base than season
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legal in new york. new details in the investigation into the san bernardino massacre. the fbi now believes it knows where the shooters went right after the attack at a regional center. they think they went to a nearby lake, and now divers are searching it for clues or anything the couple may have dumped there. investigators also now believe syed farook conspired with his neighbor enrico marquez to commit an earlier attack in 2012 but farook got cold feet. marquez helped farook get some of his military weapons. >> there have been some arrests immediately adjacent to that right in their area that really caused them to rethink it. >> marquez is still in fbi custody but has not been charged with any crimes at this time. marquez's relatives did not know he's converted to islam or that he married a chechen woman. new york mayor bill de
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repair a hernia. the mayor's office says this will be an outpatient procedure. de blasio has cleared his schedule through sunday to rest and recover. just recently. new at noon, an nypd detective killed in the line of duty forever honored on the streets of queens. a street in queens village has been renamed in memory of detective brian moore. it's located at 222nd street between 92nd and 93rd in front of the 105 precinct. the street's new name detective first grade brian moore way. >> a life cut too short but a life that was well lived. >> the 25-year-old shot and killed while on duty in may. and coming up at noon, the problem of falling bricks on the upper east side of manhattan may be much worse
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a family of a black teenager who was shot to death by a white chicago police officer is preparing to speak publicly for the first time. laquan mcdonald's family plans to thank the public for demanding justice for the 17- year-old. protestors have hit the streets of chicago nearly every night since video of mcdonald's shooting was released two weeks ago. four people killed after their medical helicopter went down during a rainstorm in california. the helicopter crashed near the town of macfarlane last night. the chopper was headed to a hospital in bakersfield when it ran into heavy rain and fog halfway through the trip. a pilot, nurse, paramedic and patient all killed. the ntsb and faa now investigating.
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massachusetts looking into whether operator error was behind a run away train in boston. the 6-car train carrying about 50 passengers traveled about 6 miles through four stations without stopping. the 9 minute ride ended when workers cut power to the train. no operator behind the machines there. officials say the operator had gotten out of the train at a station to deal with a signal issue when the train took off without him. donald trump's call to temporarily ban muslims from coming into the u.s. is leading to rebranding in the middle east. in dubai trump's name has been removed from much of a golf course and housing development that had licensed his name. meanwhile, the general manager of trump's towers in istanbul said his company regrets and condemns trump's call to ban muslims. we're going to have much more coming up in the next half hour. caught on camera an incredibly close call, a cyclist rides right into a train and survives. >> and are you still looking to
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don't want to break the bank. we're going to tell you the worst and best days of the week to get that airline ticket. >> also got to take another live look outside if you haven't had a chance. this is december 11th. i want to remind you on the calendar. next up your october-like forecast. >> the grass is awfully green there. >> before we go it break, here's a message from a member of the military from our area who can't be home for the holidays. >> i'm george dobson from japan. i just want to wish my wife janice a merry christmas and happy holidays.
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state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. here is a sign of the times for you, all right? this morning at our station there were members here of our staff who held their morning meeting outside at the park. >> a first. >> it's got to be. >> and a first the fact that it's december 11th and we're still being able to do that. >> unbelievable. >> amy it's just gorgeous out there. >> it really is. temperatures are very easy to take, you guys, and i think we're about a week away from any major changes from going that's just how unusual this pattern is is that it's going to allow for mild temperatures for at least the next week before we see a transition. yes, i'm in short sleeves. everybody's got a light jacket
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it's so nice. blue skies overhead here in the city. we do have some spots that have a few more clouds and of course we did start with fog this morning, and so that was a little bit of a murky, moist start for the coastal areas but a south facing wind will do that. from brooklyn looking into lower manhattan, blue skies showing. these clouds are going to sunshine. we're already in the middle to upper 50s across the area with the exception of those south- ationing shores. winds out of the southwest in central park 10 miles an hour. pressure holding steady. we check in with long island, massapequa at 55 degrees. that's one of the spots had that's going to get the influence of this southerly wind that's going to be driving in, so those spots will be limited to see their temperatures in the mid-50s. you can see right here the gusts within the last hour sort of pointing right there taking the air over the water, which is cooler and bringing it inland at the shoreline. that's the difference in the temperatures.
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some spots near the record. in fact, looking at our delayed december graphic, we can compare what happened last year at this time compared to what the weekend. major difference, not just for one or two days but a real stretch of weather, very similar to november where we had a mild pattern in place that was tough to break, and that's going to be the same case here. where's all the cold and snow? right now we do have some snow on the ground back in the pacific northwest, and it's stretching into the inner and the rockies. if you come eastward you've got to go to maine and the border into canada to see any snow at as long as that jet stream is well to the north, the cold cannot come east. it can't come south. instead, the jet way up to the north drives the mild air into town, and we get the effects of that. in the futurecast you can watch the numbers roll. we start with saturday afternoon making into the low to mid-60s. that will be record territory. on sunday early morning we will start socked in with fog.
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into the middle and upper 60s and put the main record in jeopardy offend sunday. that's the one we could beat in central park. right through monday really we have records that are in jeopardy. 62 tomorrow, that's a familiar forecast or 64 i should say. we'll take 62 today, and then we'll build on that overnight tonight with mild temperatures in the upper 40s starting with a little bit of fog again tomorrow and 64. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast. we know it's warm through the weekend, so where's the change. well, by monday there's a front that comes in. it will be warm, gusty winds may be a half inch to an inch of rainfall. then we clear that out. we're still above average. that takes us through the middle to late part of next week. liz and dave, once we get into the middle to late part of next week there is a stronger cold front thursday into friday. i think that's what can take our temperatures back to near normal. we'll talk about the christmas week pattern coming up in the second half hour. i'll see you then. >> while we're all loving this
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if the ski resorts in our area are really starting to worry this close to the holiday break for all those kids and a lot of folks going on vacation. make snow. >> the only thing they're going in mountain creek is playing a little soccer golf where they take the soccer ball from golf hole to golf hole. >> even the ice skating in town is getting sloppy. >> it will come eventually. lawmakers just lose it during an argument in brazil. what sparked these public representatives to turn into street fighters. >> and parking at the mall, we
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a close call for a guy on a bicycle. lawmakers brawling in brazil and a thief who uses a hoverboard to make his getaway, just some of the stories caught on camera that caught our attention. let's begin with that shocking video. it captures the moment a cyclist narrowly misses getting hit by a speeding train. watch as the man bikes towards the railroad tracks in poland. the train comes barreling toward him, the train clips the front wheel of the bike knocking the man off. survived. the man taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> also caught on camera, disagreement in brazil got very
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of representatives. during an ethics committee meeting yesterday, two members began arguing over a move to impeach the house president. others members calmed them down and the session was suspended for 5 minutes. the chairman reprimanded them saying the committee should be a place of respect and dialogue. a thief in england was caught on camera robbing a store without touching the ground. the man rides into the business on a blue hoverboard zipping around the aisles. he zipped right out, never pays for it. hoverboards are now illegal on public roads and footpaths in england. >> just seems so casual and comfortable with that. from a criminal on a hoverboard to a hoverboard ban by the country's top three airlines, american, delta and united have all grounded these self-balancing scooters amid increasing reports about the popular items bursting into flames. alaska airlines and jetblue have also banned the items. the consumer product safety
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the scooters after receiving reports of at least ten hoverboards catching fire. speaking of the airlines, if you plan to travel for the holidays, and you don't already have your plane ticket, do not buy one today. according to experts, a new study says fridays are the worst day to purchase airline tickets. on average tickets purchased on fridays are about 13% higher than those bought on sundays. overall they say you can find the best air fare deals on saturdays and on sundays. >> coming up in our next half hour, new details on that stretch of 1st avenue closed after bricks fell from a building facade. we're going to tell you what's happening with repairs and when
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wherever the journey takes you, carry american express gold. it's more than a card. it's the gear that gets it done. you're watching new york's number 1 news channel 7 eyewitness news at noon with david novarro, shirleen evans. now eyewitness news continues. our top stories this afternoon, a nassau county police officer has been acquitted after being caught on camera purging and kicking a man during a traffic stop. supporters of the man who was punched walked out of court with their hands up in protest after the verdict was read. and dozens of families are out of their homes today after a massive fire swept through a neighborhood in the tremont section of the bronx. a 6-alarm fire damaged or destroyed nine buildings and left nine people injured. >> and don't be fooled by the warm temperatures, it is mid-
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would suggest otherwise. we're nearly 25 degrees warmer year. meteorologist amy freeze will have much more on the accuweather forecast coming up. >> i'm david novarro. >> i'm liz cho. shirleen is off this afternoon. we're going to begin at 12:30 with that ongoing danger on manhattan's east side. residents of nearby buildings have been forced from their apartments after bricks, lots of them, fell from a building, and it could be days before a stretch of 1st avenue is back open. >> eyewitness news reporter darla miles on the upper east side with new details on the repairs, darla. >> reporter: that's right, and liz, that's the last thing that residents and commuters want to hear is that this is going to remain closed a little bit longer. let me show you what's going on on 1st avenue right now. this is the section that has been closed since monday after those bricks fell down from the building. at this point, the building department says it is shooting for rush hour monday morning to reopen this stretch of 1st avenue. depending on how delicate this process is, there may be no guarantees.
12:26 pm
down the street. street. it's just a nightmare. >> 1st avenue, still closed 64th streets. it's what the city calls playing it safe, but it's what some new yorkers are calling a major inconvenience. >> i walked 4 1/2 miles to work, and now i have to go way out of my way to go around. what are you going to do. >> in an update friday morning, the building department says the unsafe bricks have to be taken down by hand in sections, and it is so unstable contractors have to first use masonry apock psy on the facade to keep it from crumbling. >> everyone's looking to point the finger at someone for, you know, either not inspecting properly or shoddy work or so on and, you know, things happen. >> the building is across the street, and they are being very inefficient. they've been stopping buses, people that need to go uptown
12:27 pm
come midtown to come to work and have to take the m15 uptown, that whole thing has been stopped only because there's something across the street. >> and the two blocks that have been shut down all week means a week of missed revenue for about a dozen businesses. >> even we are the only store open, slow business. it has been really slow. >> so now let me just, again, walk you through where i'm standing. this is the west side of 1st avenue. that's where the brick removal is taking place. this is the east side, and i'm told that a portion of the sidewalk on 62nd street on the east side of the street, which is across the street from the facade collapse, some of those businesses may be allowed to open this afternoon, but, again, this is still going to be closed in terms of the traffic until monday morning. we're going to hear from some of those frustrated business owners coming up tonight on eyewitness news at 5. reporting live on the upper east side, darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. there's new information this afternoon about a group of teenagers arrested last night after a robbery near central park.
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is not linked to the robberies that happened earlier this week in the park. a separate person of interest is wanted in those cases. the earlier robberies and they hope to have the person behind that pattern in custody later today. a possible bias crime brooklyn. a menorah was vandalized in leaf ericson park in bay ridge. damaged. the menorah's lights never went out. it has since been repaired. we're going to turn to the race for president and growing fears over terrorism could be playing into donald trump's recent surge in the polls. concern over terror is at its highest level since just right after the 9/11 terror attacks. abc's megan hughes has more. >> being at the center of controversy doesn't seem to bother donald trump brushing hampshire. >> we have people talking, i
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>> controversy and terrorism in the news in recent months has given him a boost. back in late october there were signs he was starting to fade. since then he's jumped 13 points in the same cbs news poll. carly fiorina on cnn's new day. >> when he stops dominating the news coverage he makes an outrageous statement so he dominates once again. >> statements like a proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. new polls show the majority of americans oppose trump's idea but gop primary voters are split. trump's number one rival in iowa senator ted cruz has been careful not to publicly attack trump. >> the voters are going to make a decision about every candidate. >> one poll this week shows cruz leading in iowa for the first time and in private an audio obtained by the new york times from closed door fundraiser cruz questions trump and ben carson's judgment. >> who am i comfortable having their finger on the button? , now that's a question of
12:30 pm
think that is a question that is a challenging question for both of them. >> trump tweeted in response to that new york times recording saying cruz shouldn't make statements behind closed doors to his bosses. it's more fun to bring them out into the open. megan hughes abc news washington. as he continues his campaign for president, new jersey governor chris christie facing tough reviews in his home state. the governor's job approval has hit a new low according to a new rutgers eagleton poll. it shows 33% of new jersey's registered voters approve of the job christie is doing while 62% disapprove, and that's a drop of 6 points since october. we want to go ahead and toss back to meteorologist amy freeze. >> yeah, we had her outside. we had to convince her to come back into the studio. >> i did not want to come back inside and who can blame her. >> people are moving out building in droves, everybody escaping just to get a little feel of this very mild,
12:31 pm
got going on, and later today as you pick up the kids from the bus stop, temperatures in the low 60s. this is the forecast high for central park today, south facing shores of long island, a little closer to the coast for jersey, we'll see slightly cooler temperatures stuck in the middle to upper 50s. that's because of the south wind that's driving in, which bumps up the numbers. it also will bring cooler air just off the ocean and keep most places on those south facing shores in the 50s. by the way, 62 is just a few degrees off the record of 64, which is 137-year-old record, so if we were to get that around here going down in history that'd quite a statement. thanks a lot. >> thanks amy. >> a group of puppies being breakthrough today. coming up, we tell you how these little guys could help cure a disease for pets everywhere. >> if you hit the mall this
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to find a place to park, but listen to this, one math expert
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. crew from the international space station has returned to earth. the crew landed in kazakhstan after 141 days in space. astronauts from the u.s., russia and japan were on board.
12:34 pm
among the crew mates who remain at the space station. the images snapped of pluto snapped within 9500-miles of over the summer. if you look closely, you can see the intricate patterns of pits across pluto's heart- shaped region. scientists believe the pits may have been formed through ice fracturing and evaporation. >> just so cool. >> as for travel closer to home, new numbers out this morning on air travel for the holiday season, more of us are doing it. if you're flying during this week between christmas and new year, you'll be one of about 38 million, and that's up 3% from the same time last year. and it's not just air travel that's crowded this season, finding a place to park at the mall can be challenging, not to mention it can leave you vulnerable to some bad people out there. how do you stay safe and keep time. details.
12:35 pm
malls and mall parking lots which can be dangerous. cars backing out. aaa says this morning most of us are parking the wrong way, 75% of us pulling into a spot. the problem we have to back out and that can be dangerous for pedestrians. every year drivers backing out of a sparking space or driveway kill more than 200 people and injure 15,000. >> i'm going to try and back into this space, and this you're telling me is the right way. >> this is the right way to park. >> backup cameras and sensors can help drivers but aaa says its tests showed that the technology doesn't always work. in its test, systems failed to detect passing vehicles 30% of the time and passing bicycles 40%. >> understand your car but never let the technology replace you being a safe driver. >> i see somebody right here backing in just like you want them to do. >> it's great, see we can do that.
12:36 pm
>> so you do this all the time. >> i do it most of the time, idea. >> of course this time of year finding a parking space can be the challenge. experts say the best tip is to take the first open spot you see and look near less popular stores or use this mathematician's theory, pick an aisle with at least ten cars on each side and wait. within 9 minutes he says someone will come out and leave. >> this motto it works like sure fire. >> for channel 7 eyewitness news, david curley abc news. all right, this is the novarro system, you get as close to where you've got to get to and wait there. i never go for the first spot. >> i can't wait. i'll drive further away. i want get in, get out. >> i want to be closer and i'm going to get it quickly. >> or you'll wait. >> we're arguing in the car the i can just see it. shopping. >> i guess not. >> speaking of holiday shopping, if you're doing yours
12:37 pm
you. some experts are worried all of those packages, they may not make it in time. we'll explain why.
12:38 pm
tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. concerns today over holiday shipping and whether gifts purchased online will make it to their destinations in time. according to shipping company ship matrix on time delivery for ups are down. a surge in online sales over thanksgiving. a similar problem backed up shipping times for holiday packages two years ago. it's too soon to know whether year. order early if you want to be safe. this weekend the real life story that inspired moby dick is coming to life. in the heart of the sea brings the classic tale back to the big screen.
12:39 pm
>> history has fascinated me since i was a child, so i was hooked in by in the heart of the sea, and the boy inside of me enjoyed this epic in the grand tradition. the story begins two centuries ago off the coast of massachusetts where brave men ranged for a and wide in pursuit of giant whales. >> look where we find ourselves. >> in the heart of the sea has left critics split down the middle, half jeering, half cheering, and it's not going to be on my top ten list of the best movies of the year, but i still think it's worth seeing. >> never seen a whale do that. >> director ron howard required the latest 21st century technology to bring the 19th century story to life. >> this whale tale inspired and
12:40 pm
moby dick, in the movie he hears the story directly from the guy who was there. the dialogue is fictional but the veteran whale man played by chris hemsworth really lived and so did his inexperienced boss played by ben walker. >> my name is captain george pollard, pollard >> a couple of hundred years ago the oil for lamps came not from the ground but from the sea from inside giant whales that men risked their lives to kill. an especially large whale attacked their ship, wrecked it and forced the survivors to drift for months in small boats with very little to eat or drink. the measures they took to survive were not pretty, and some have complained the real tale's been sanitized, but i would not want to know any more about it. >> we will survive.
12:41 pm
enough to watch the men get so skinny in the course of their ordeal on the open ocean. director ron howard asked each of his actors to get thin for real. by the end the performers were subsisting on 500-calories a day. you can see my review of the big shortcoming up today on eyewitness news first at 4. dave, liz. >> can't wait to hear that. >> that is one of my favorite movies of the year, and i'm counting the minutes until i can tell you all about it. >> i can not wait to hear about this movie. such anticipation. >> and the special effects in the moby dick film looked really -- >> ron howard. >> good for boys like me. >> i think liz might like it too. >> thanks a lot. >> let's go outside back to meteorologist amy freeze because she just had it in the studios and going back out there. she's in for bill evans today and picked a good day to be filling in. >> and no coat, i mean. >> everybody does have a light
12:42 pm
i'm the rebel and i'm just saying it's so nice and it's december, and i'm going to go without a coat, similar to william my 7-year-old who wanted to wear flip-flops this morning. he did not win the battle, however his mother is in charge of herself, so here i go with short sleeves and really you could get away with it if you're just making a quick trip from building to building or out to get the mail, whatever you have planned for this afternoon. know that it's mild across the area. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s already from brooklyn looking into lower manhattan, 56 degrees. a look at the 24 hour temperature change from yesterday at this time to right now, it's warmer in monticello. we're a few degrees off in newark. we're 3 degrees cooler in islip, but really the gauge right here is how much cloud coverage you have. the clouds do filter the sunshine a little bit. that could slow us down. the southerly winds are helping inland temperatures and really between now and monday we could hit the 60s each day. record warmth is likely.
12:43 pm
sunday, but each day the record is in jeopardy including today. rain returns to the forecast on monday, but temperatures staying above average down the stretch of the accuweather seven-day forecast. so there are the clouds. you can see they're a little heavier north and west. planning the rest of the afternoon here in the city we've got temperatures in the low 60s to reach the high temperature, and then just past sunset we'll be in the mid to upper 50s heading into this evening. now tomorrow a very familiar forecast, we have the southerly winds again tomorrow that allows our temperatures to get into the low to mid-60s across the area. a reminder though if you're on a south facing shore or at the jersey shore, any south facing beaches will be a little cooler. i say beaches because i'm not surprised if people are heading down the shore to check out at least the boardwalks. it just is that comfortable that you could head in that direction and really enjoy the day. as far as the long-term forecast, i mean, we are pretty close to christmas, and could we stay this warm. right now the jet stream is just blocking any cold air from
12:44 pm
looks like leading right up into the holiday we have our temperatures above average. the time period that it could change is perhaps thursday and friday of next week. so we're at least seven days away from any major changes with temperatures at least. we do get that chance for rain on monday. for tomorrow be ready, 64 degrees on saturday. sunday we go to 66. monday, however, we'll be seeing our temperatures get warm before the rain rolls in. if you're headed to the football game sunday, 1:00 kickoff, metlife stadium, 64 degrees at kickoff. a south-facing wind that will be very gentle. 66 for the high in the city. there it is monday, the front coming through, and that's where we could get a half inch to an inch of rainfall. temperatures staying in the upper 50s on tuesday and wednesday, even thursday we're looking at temperatures well above average. by late next week that's when the transition could occur that brings us back to normal which is the 40s. still pretty variable,
12:45 pm
in sight when we look at the long-term forecast. there is a place... ...where the cold melts away, the hustle and bustle dies down, and the only thing left... what's truly important. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
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later on eyewitness news, a mother suing a hospital because she says a nurse dropped her premature newborn. >> and this festive holiday season can be a time of hazards in your home. 7 on your side has 7 tips on what to look for to make sure your family stays safe. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4. okay. time now for the feed, the stories that got their start on social media and are now getting shared and re-tweeted and everything like that on social media. >> that's how it works. >> a breakthrough in science. for the first time ever a litter of puppies has been born through in vitro fertilization. ivf obviously a fairly common procedure for people. it has been tough for researchers to use it in dogs. the research could now be used to help preserve endangered species and to treat diseases >> very cool. fascinating. if you think you're good at decorating for the holidays you might have some competition. both you and me.
12:47 pm
this was transformed into santa's workshop. a pair of cubicle mates took their office decorating contest to heart. the designer posted the video, share the love, share what they're doing. >> looks like those are rolls of toilet paper or wrapping paper. >> wrapping paper, yeah. >> very clever. a lot of spirit there. >> that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. >> i'm david novarro. >> i'm liz cho. >> make sure you're back this afternoon for eyewitness news first at 4. we will be there
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