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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  December 12, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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hampton bay has # 5. ronkonkoma 50. 51 for merrick. roslyn at 58 degrees. down the shore temperatures are warm to start as well. we're anywhere between 5 to 10 degrees warmer right now than we were yesterday at the same time. i think we beat yesterday's high of 61. 60s for the next three days. in fact, it looks like record warmth is likely for tomorrow least. the other records are also in jeopardy. rain does return to the forecast on monday. until then skies will be mixed. a little bit of sunshine, a little bit of clouds, a light west wind through the afternoon. forecast high, 64 degrees. the record is 68. coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll talk more about the records, just how long can this pattern hold, and we'll answer questions about monday's rainfall. i'll have that in just a few minutes. amy is it time to celebrate or groan. santa suit clad people are going to be bar hopping from brooklyn to manhattan for the annual santacon. the nypd is issuing a warning for anyone who is taking part. eyewitness news reporter marcus
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williamsburg right now with marcus. >> mixed opinion on this michelle, no doubt one woman just walked by and said i'm day. not looking forward to what some call holiday revelry, what others say is a drunken mess headaches. it is santacon 2015, and it's taking place, a 2 borough bar crawl gets underway at 11. those revelers dressed in their santa suits, you know, in years past there's been some brawling, passing out puking. for the first time organizers have publicized the route in advance and sought permits from the park's department to gather. the route ends at madison square park later this afternoon. police they'll be on hand to make sure things don't get out of hand. >> you can be naughty but you have to be nice. >> we're in trying times all throughout the world, and to
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on an event like this at times it's frustrating. >> other jurisdictions have also issued warning, new jersey transit, the mta no alcohol allowed on commuter rail lines for folks on their way in to celebrate santacon 2015. we're live in williamsburg, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you marcus. new video this morning of the moments before a gunfight that ended with police shooting a suspect in brooklyn. security cameras recorded several men attacking a man after he walked out of a bodega in fort greene last night. two people chased man across the street where witnesses say several shots were fired. one mat was shot in the leg. a worker at a nearby business described the scene. >> i was, you know, in a store and i heard some gunshots, like four or five. after that i see one person
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>> police officers in the area heard the gunshots and responded. officials say an officer fired one round and shot a suspect in the shoulder. both injured men were taken to the hospital. one person has been arrested. we are seeing video this morning of the suspects wanted in a string of robberies in central park and in other spots on the upper east side. police want to talk to the five men seen in this surveillance video about three armed robberies on monday. police officers say they pushed a 19-year-old plan and stole his cell phone. fortunately no one was hurt. there's video this morning from the upper east side where one of the feeder streets leading to the 59th street bridge is closed because of those falling bricks. it will not reopen before rush hour on monday. last night high above the street crews were working around the clock to remove the remaining bricks one by one. 1st avenue between 61st street and 64th street closed since last monday.
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fell off a building facade at the corner of 63rd. been hurt. on staten island there was a violent crash, two cars hit out of control. news copter 7 was over the scene last night in the don began hills section. >> one driver left the parking lot, jumped the curb and hit four parked cars before colliding with a passing car. two people went to the hospital with serious injuries. we are learning new details ant a scary encounter between a long island mother is a stranger who she says tried to take more baby. the woman says the suspect approached her and said "give me the baby" and then grabbed his arm: it all happened in a bathroom at a kohl's story in valley stream. the suspect is 5-foot 5 with long blond hair.
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a yellow shirt and a multicolored skirt. another form early powerful politician in new york is now a federal felon. this time is it former new york state senate leader dean skelos. a bribeerer scheme uncovered during a federal investigation of corruption. the elder skelos used his influence to strong arm a $300,000 salary and other benefits in a job he acquired for his son adam. it follows another federal corruption case. last month you'll remember that of former assembly speaker sheldon silver. the computer hard drive used by alleged killers that is one of the many things divers are searching for in the murky waters of a lake near the scene of that massacre in california. the fbi received a tip that the small lake in a park about 3 miles from the attack might hold that computer hard drive. the tipster told agents the shooters may in fact have been
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days. and was this a target of hate. about an hour's drive away from on fire. its leader said it was ignited by a fire bomb. worshipers at the islamic center of palm springs heard a loud boom and saw flames in the no one was injured. afterwards worshipers prayed right there on the sidewalk. the fbi is now investigating to determine if that mosque was deliberately targeted. new york mayor bill de blasio will spend this warm surgery. his office told us the mayor is resting at gracie mansion. he apparently developed a hernia just recently. de blasio will have no public schedule this weekend. his office says he will be back at city hall monday morning back at work. coming up on eyewitness news saturday morning, donald trump opens up a 19 point lead on his republican competitors despite the many controversies
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and now he's taking his barbs let's say to another person who's beginning to climb in the polls. we'll give you details on that. >> and how does this look, how does 60 degrees sound. meteorologist amy freeze has it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs.
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drenching rain is causing problems for business owners in the pacific northwest. a sinkhole has opened up behind a furniture store in oregon. the ground is now collapsing building's foundation. officials say part of the problem is an overflowing creek which has also flooded the business as well in the same area. 15-foot deep sinkhole has literally washed away a road there. city engineers say ongoing storms make repairs that much more difficult, almost makes you feel guilty about the heavenly weather we've had here today.
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i had no business with my coat on today. >> i don't even need this. no. man, thank you for that. >> don't be that guy. don't be that girl that's wearing the heavy coat around and you get so hot, then you have to carry it, and then you're trying to shop and you've got bags and a coat. that is so uncool. that is so uncool. >> then you're wrapping it around your waist. you've got eight bags. >> then it comes undone because it's the slippery down jacket thing. >> and i shouldn't pull up the hood with the fur lining? i shouldn't do that today? >> i'm sorry, no, you're got to go lightweight. right now this second it's warmer than our normal average daytime high. >> wow. >> el nino. >> or the jet stream, pick your poison. all right, let's start this morning with a look at the numbers and get you up to speed on what's happening. outside right now approaching 60 degrees already.
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the record is 68 degrees. that was set back in 1931. all right, what great shot. i love this. there's been a little bit of patchy fog in some spots at the surface. blue sky showing through here, and a little bit of haze as well from this vantage point. nonetheless, a great start to the day. southwest winds currently at 10 miles an hour. we'll have a westerly wind that's dominant through the afternoon, and that's what i think will help everybody get yesterday. pressure's holding steady. it's weather that's out of this world right. this is a pattern that lasts right through christmas week where we've got chilly shots of air coming into the great lakes further south. can't have the general storm track is just to the north of us. it's basically headed in the same spot just to the east of chicago into the great lakes, but we're on the other side of what's keeping the cold back here to the north and west, and then we've got persistent warm air coming up from the south,
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temperatures, and hardly a storm to talk about, at least until we get into monday night. so the weekend is completely dry and the skies look good. a mix of sun and clouds today. about. we get down to the boroughs and the radar picture. you can see it's a very thin layer of cloudiness we have over the area. so everybody's looking good. lows this morning started in the 30s, 40s, and 50s depending on where you were: even monticello, sussex and somerville that were in the 30s to start have quickly warmed up and temperatures are now into the 40s and 50s everywhere, and it won't be long until we see our first 60s showing up on the map. very comfortable air out there. we do a year to year comparison, and this certainly is going to be the december to remember. last year at this same time for areas in blue, those were the high temperatures, which were either at the average line or below it. in fact, yesterday on this same stretch of weather we had snow. now our temperatures are
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the average, above last year's readings. very, very warm compared year to year, so it's unusual but it's not unheard of, and because of that we know that there are records to break. we're getting really close to some of them. it remains to be seen if we'll actually go down in the history books for this one. the consistent pattern is really what's making it so unusual. futurecast shows clouds coming in for tomorrow, and our temperatures could be even warmer pushing near 70 degrees by sunday afternoon. then monday it changed. a cold front's going to come in from the northwest. by 5:00 until about 10:00 at night, there will be showers racing through the area. we're expecting a half inch to an inch of rainfall. that's monday night. looking at the accuweather seven-day forecast, first want to give a highlight to sunday afternoon, kickoff 1:00 for the football game. 64 degrees the high during the game is 68. so that should be pretty impressive. as far as temperatures go,
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couple of days, everything is 15 degrees above average through monday. we'll be running in the 60s with really comfortable weather. tomorrow could be the record breaker. the record is 64 tomorrow, and we're forecasting a high of 68. that looks like it will be the date that goes down in the books. here's the accuweather seven- day forecast. tuesday our temperatures are just shy of the 60-degree mark, and then we're in the 50s wednesday, thursday, and friday. again, monday night is the time frame that we could get wet weather. if you're one of the ones who's waited for the mild weather to put your holiday lights up, it's all a go this weekend. now next weekend the ten-day patterns are showing we'll be back into the 40s by next saturday and sunday. there will be a little change for us going into next weekend. i don't think that rob or michelle heard a thing i said because they've been waving to people outside. >> we're making friends. >> thank you for being with me
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>> and we heard the same forecast at 6 a.m. so we're good. we're going to put the camera outside and show these -- if we can for a are jumping up and down. they're waving and jumping. >> hi loves, we're trying to put you on tv. >> and they're like yeah. >> so cute. 66th and columbus. >> and no coats, did you notice? >> no coats. >> no coats but ties. >> there's one kid his mother made him wear the coat. everyone else is coatless. >> that kid's sweating he's about to pass out. >> oh, man. poor thing. >> oh well. we tried. i'm sure there's a reason for it. all right. that's good. thank you for the forecast. amy looking good. >> you got it. >> straight ahead on eyewitness news on this saturday morning, it has been five months since sandra bland was found dead inside her texas jail cell. will there be charges this her death. a grand jury will decide. >> a former oklahoma city police officer convicted of multiple rapes will likely
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the victims of a police officer convicted of rape are now speaking out about their abuse at the hand of that officer. a jury convicted daniel holtzclaw overarming or sexually assaulting eight black women although investigators say there were at least 13 victims. that cop preyed on women who had criminal histories. tried to intimidate a string of women. the accusers say he used his authority to get away or try to with what he did. >> i was afraid for my life. i kept begging him, sir, please don't make me do this. don't make me do this, sir, please. >> holtzclaw was convicted of 18 counts of rape. he sobbed in court as the verdict was read. he will probably sob again when he's sentenced next month. prosecutors asking for more than 250 years in jail.
9:19 am
developing story out of the african nation of barundi where political violence has escalated. 28 people were fatally shot in different neighborhoods in the capital city over the past day. it is unclear whether or not the victims are linked to the attacks on three military installations in the country. that happened on friday. violence has been increasing since the president's disputed reelection that happened in july. a grand jury in texas met friday to determine whether to press charges in the case of sandra bland. she's the 28-year-old woman who was found dead in her jail cell three days after she was arrested back in july. the medical examiner did rule her death a suicide. however, the incident raised concerns about the arrest and exactly how bland was treated while in custody. prosecutors say it will take time to present the grand jury with all information involved in this case. >> the process has been much more complex than we anticipated when we took on the job, just because we want to do
9:20 am
all take that very serious and want to make sure justice is done. >> the grand jury will meet at least once more before the end of the year. bland's family has filed a wrongful death suit against the trooper who made that arrest and also a suit against the jail as well. republican presidential hopeful donald trump has now gone after rival ted cruz for the first time after a poll showed the texas senator gaining ground in iowa. trump slammed cruz for his ties to the oil industry and for opposing ethanol subsidies which are popular in the state. the two had avoided attacking campaign. earlier this week, audio emerged from a fundraiser in which cruz raised doubts about trump's judgment and said he plans to inherit his supporters. the democratic presidential front runner meantime, hillary clinton says she is the only isis militants.
9:21 am
of state givers her the foreign policy experience. she made a campaign stop in oklahoma where she told supporters she can dismantle combat troops in. >> she's going to appear in an episode of broad city. it's this incredibly raunchy funny show based here in new york. i can't wait to see how that plays out. you would love this show if you've ever seen it, really really good. it's been a heavy week. >> yeah. yeah. >> enough already. >> when we come back, sports with rob powers. >> first we want to see your decorations. take a look at some of the photos you already have sent in to us here at channel 7. the better. don't we? tag these photos with the hashtag abc7ny or just post
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welcome back everybody. it's almost 9:24. >> time for sports with rob powers. >> that's the thing about baseball's hot stove, some players come and some go. apparently michael cuddyer is going. espn among many outlets reporting last night cuddyer has decided to retire, a 15- year career. he played one season with the mets so he would leave one year early. he was due to make 12 1/2 million dollars. cuddyer only hit 259, 10 home runs, 41 rbi. nothing official. the mets would not confirm. the mets would not deny. the game comes up tomorrow, yesterday finally practice for the jets doo real roadway vis listed as probable to play against the titans. suffered a concussion. revis said after the workout he expects to be on the field.
9:25 am
in on the playoffs against 3 and 9 tennessee. the giants waved defensive end demonte moore. big blue cuts its losses and moves on. giants head for miami means plenty. >> growing up it was always the game, and you got excited when stay up and watch it. to play on it, to be the only game on and to know what it means for this team and this organization and our playoff hunt. >> yep, monday night football, the giants at miami, you can catch it all right here on channel 7. our coverage begins monday night at 8:00. on ice last night the rangers 2, 5, and 1 in their last eight games at edmonton, the oilers in a four-game winning streak. now the ranger president, he helped build those strong oiler teams. they honored him, and then we had hockey. mat zuccarello.
9:26 am
strike in the 2nd but the oilers come back and win night at home. now to the devils they played at home last night against the red wings, detroit on a 12-game point scoring streak, 2-0. then the devils roar back. that made it 2-2. they go to overtime, kenny danico called that an alley-oop and it was. 3-2 devils win a thriller in overtime over the wings. knicks and nets had last night off. they get back to work today. we go to boston where the golden state warriors tried to push their record to 24 and 0. stef curry 38 points helped push the game to overtime. the celtics kelly olinic hits a 3 to push the game to double overtime, and dremon green did the damage there. 124-119. the warriors get this one. they go to 24 and 0. from us an exhibition game
9:27 am
their first action since the regular season wrapped up. game is tied 1-1. quaduopocu. nycfc a winner in the friendly at puerto rico. final was 2-1. whatever happens this weekend laura behnke's got you covered. i'm rob powers. i'll see you right back here monday for the giants on monday night football. >> thank you rob. >> much more ahead on eyewitness news on this saturday morning including a live look at today's top stories. >> it's the most wonderful time of the year or is it. santacon 2015 is here. i'm marcus solis, details coming up in a live report. >> isn't it nice that marcus makes friends on assignment, that's nice. >> the first global agreement on climate has been reached tentatively in paris. details on what could be a breakthrough deal. >> and we are getting a set of 60-degree days.
9:28 am
for helping protect our children. happy saturday morning, welcome back to eyewitness news, taking a live look at 66th and columbus. people walking around with boxes, no coats, no hats, doggies and baby bjorns and babies and a beautiful saturday morning greets you on this december 12th. good morning, everybody. i'm michelle charlesworth. >> and i'm rob nelson. thanks for tuning in. you can tell when the weather's good, everyone's in a good mood. folks happy. they're stunned it's december 12th and it's this mild outside. every's in a good mood. >> it's good. good morning everybody, meteorologist amy freeze giving us look at the weather and the reason everyone out there is smiling and walking around in a good mood today. >> yeah, i mean it feels so nice. we've had 60s the last two days. we have at least two more beyond that.
9:29 am
weather right in the middle of december, and this pattern sort of holds leading up to christmas week as well, so right now we do have a few clouds filtering the sunshine, but it's not slowing down the numbers. 58 already in central park. looking out on the island right now we have temperatures in the mid-50s. yesterday those there's a real southerly component to the wind. that kept the south facing shores cooler. everyone should warm up at least into the 60s. we're anywhere between 5 to 10 degrees warmer right now than we were at the same time yesterday, and it really looks as though we could break records tomorrow. so we've got 60s for the next three days, the potential record breaking weather. today we're forecasting 64, the record is 68. seems to be far out of reach but you never know when the thermometer gets cranking what will happen. rain returns to the forecast on monday. until then it's going to be these skies mixed with sun and clouds and these gentle winds
9:30 am
westerly winds will drive the temperatures up into the mid- 60s. we'll go for 64 in the city, and then overnight lows again, mild, very mild this evening allowing for temperatures tomorrow to get to almost 70 to close out the weekend. we'll talk about that, the return of rain, and potentially what could happen in the seven- day stretch as far as our temperatures staying above average. not bad at all. thank you amy. topping our news right now, safety at santacon. new york city wants thousands of santas to time tonight, but maybe without all the controversy of years past. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis who made some friends we saw a few minutes ago is live in williamsburg with more on this story. hey marcus. >> reporter: working hard. we are seeing some santas this morning. they are drinking coffee at this point just walking around. you might hear some of the music they're setting up in the background. at 10:00 they'll start gathering here at mccarron
9:31 am
it is a two-borough bar crawl, santacon 2015. thousands will be heading here. they'll be going to the lower east side. they'll be going to madison square park. this is the first year that the route has been publicized in the advance. the organizers say they're trying to work with the police department. they've gotten permits from the parks department, trying to make this a more coordinated safer event. now police say it's a drain on their resources because there have been in the past issues with public intoxication. we're across the street from a fine establishment, turkey's nest tavern, and the owner says he is not going to be opening up early this morning. >> i've been here for 35 years and the community doesn't want it. it's a strain on the police department. i have a great relationship with both, and i'm not going to put anybody in jeopardy. from a personal level i feel that santas walking down the street intoxicated are a bad example for kids.
9:32 am
they can go somewhere else. >> some would say baa humbug to all of that. organizers point out that last year 13,000 participants, no arrests. we're live, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. >> drinking starting at 11, what could go wrong. thank you marcus. up to $10 million worth of diamonds was stolen from an office in midtown. jeweler jonathan bernbach filed a police report about the theft. he believes the jewels were stolen last month but just missing. he left the safe during business hours, even though contractors were working there at the time. a driver is very lucky to be alive after something came crashing into his windshield. you will not believe exactly how lucky he is until you see check it out. a metal loading ramp that
9:33 am
right into the front windshield of a bmw on interstate in san jose california. the driver amazingly escaped with just a scratch on his arm. he has a guardian angel somewhere. wow. >> some serious questions this morning about the safety of one of the most popular holiday gift item this is year. take a look at what was left of a hoverboard. it's the most recent in a rash of fires that have happened across the country caused by the self-balancing scooters including one earlier this week inside a home in westchester county. the size and strength of the gadget's lithium battery could be a cause of the sudden fires and airlines are saying don't think about bringing those things on planes. america will have to wait a little longer to find out which woman will replace alexander on the $10 bill. treasury has said it would be announced
9:34 am
now it will be delayed until sometime in 2016 to give the agency time to carefully review and consider all options for the redesign of the currency. >> it's all good. >> we'll keep you posted. >> coming up next on eyewitness news this saturday morning, a reenactment of a school shooting is happening just steps away from a college campus. why one group says this exercise promotes safety. >> also ahead, where exactly did winter go. not a question i'm asking. want. it does not feel like december out there at all. amy's coming back with the accuweather forecast. maybe we should put mother nature on the $10 bill. she's earned it. >> hazy, lazy down the shore, a live picture of asbury park. before we go to break, here's a message from a member of the military who can't make it home
9:35 am
>> hi, i'm ken john delarnetes in korea, my brother nicholas in wrightstown new jersey and all my family and fr music: "thunder clatter" by wild cub most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price,
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welcome back everybody. what's going on ms. amy freeze, >> look at the people. >> there's so many people out. they're enjoying it. they're not wearing heavy coats. >> no, they're running. >> basking in the 60s. >> we've got short sleeves gentlemen. >> with the golf shirts walking. >> everybody's running past. >> we're looking outside our fish bowl. you can see what's happening. >> those santas will need to stay hydrated tonight because it's going to warm. >> they're going to be hot in the fur. >> yeah, ooh, that's going to be sticky. >> good luck with all that. >> it's not advisable.
9:37 am
we've had 60s the last two days, but those were just like we made 60 degrees. we hit 61. today it's mid-60s. tomorrow we're almost 70 degrees. so it really is going to be a nice transition coming our way to see even warmer air across the area. 58 degrees right now in central park. southwest wind is coming out of the park, but we will be dominated by even a westerly wind throughout the day today. pressure is holding steady. call it out of this world, but it is really a nice pattern that's set up. it takes us all the way into christmas week, what it means, where's the cold air, why are we having october-like weather in december, it's mainly because of the general storm track is way up north, and it's basically holding back these cold shots of air that we would typically get this time of year moving into the northeast, and instead, it allows for the warmth to continue to come in our direction. we'll put little squeeze on this on monday, and that's
9:38 am
changes. until then we are rain-free, just a few clouds coming and going from time to time. it won't be until monday that we see any opportunity to get a shower around here, and the skies look so this sun and cloud coming and going throughout the afternoon, even right down to the boroughs. we have this very thin layer of clouds that's overhead. it's making for a beautiful start to the day. now temperatures will be even warmer tomorrow, despite the fact that we'll have a little more cloud cover. it's going to hold the warmth in overnight. it's going to be nice. lows this morning were in the 30s, 40s, and 50s depending on where you were. a very mild overnight. most places stay in the 40s and 50s overnight. 55 for toms river, islip's up to 57. places along the south shore that were a little bit cooler yesterday than everybody else will warm up nicely with the west wind dominating. so all in all, it's a go with temperatures flirting with the records.
9:39 am
history books, this year versus last year areas in blue were the temperatures last year. yesterday's, you know, year-to- date comparison, we actually had snow, so temperatures were below average or at average for this same stretch last year. so five days where we had just normal december weather. here we're running 20 degrees, even 25 degrees warmer than those temperatures consecutively day after day. so it's unusual, but we know that there are records. so it's not unheard of that we have 60s or mid-60s this time of year. it's just that this pattern lasting day after day is quite unusual. very comfortable, more clouds tomorrow as we said, and then sunday we're looking at a cold front. doesn't come in until later in the day. there could be some isolated early showers north and west, but the front itself arrives after 5. it's with us until about 10 p.m., and then it scoots out of here heading into tuesday. so it feels like october is the main message for the next two
9:40 am
today's record is 68 degrees. i think we'll fall short of that. tomorrow's record is 64. i think we'll definitely take that one and go down in the books. it's 15 to 20 degrees above average for this time of the year, and even the overnight lows are running in the mid-50s for the boroughs, and that's even higher than the daytime high averages, so it really is feeling very nice, 68 tomorrow. i wouldn't be surprised if we get one or two areas, official reporting stations showing up with 70 degrees. so that will be something to watch for. accuweather seven-day forecast also on sunday, football at metlife stadium, kickoff at 1:00, 64 degrees. so if you're going to cheer on the jets, wow, it's going to be a great game. a lot of tailgating before. late rain comes in on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday in the 50s. tuesday we're shy of the 60- degree mark by a degree or two. but the long-term trends, which we were able to see last week at the same time that we were
9:41 am
potentially record breaking, the same ten-day stretches showing that friday into saturday there's a stronger cold front that could bring our temperatures back towards normal, and so that will be the trend towards next week as we get a little more normal. doesn't mean there's going to be extreme cold or anything outrageous. that general pattern does hold through christmas. >> not bad. until then just enjoy the warm ride. >> yeah. >> you got me a little nervous with the arm flail. >> yeah. >> so i watched the body language too. that doesn't mean, like, i'm putting up the warning signs. this is the footnote. mom speak. i like it. duly noted. coming up on eyewitness news this saturday morning, a landmark climate deal has negotiations in paris. what's next for the agreement board. >> before we go to break it's been a very special day for the community calendar since the 6:00 hour because today is frank sinatra's 100th birthday. lots of events going on.
9:42 am
dedicated to the chairman of the board and this remix is of the classic quintessential frank sinatra song, one of the great tunes ever. >> this is a remix of come on the one, the one. >> new york? >> my way. >> come on now. >> step into the busy elf workshop at stepping-stones in norwalk, and tinker up your own tornado gift to give a loved one. >> in manhattan be sure to come early to get the best selection on the 7th annual taste of christmas cookie walk in the picturesque st. nicholas orthodox church. >> enjoy historic new york grand ferry and the stories of the surrounding neighborhood and park. >> come to hands on history winter wonderland and learn about 19th century seasonal festivity. >> george lucas and the creation of star wars
9:43 am
new film and the inspiration of the biggest science fiction saga ever. >> in the bronx, the geminid's meteor shower produces up to 120 multicolored meteors per hour at its peak. for more information about these events and to submit an event that could be featured on the calendar, just send it's the holidays. and of course, everyone wants to get online at once. to watch things. buy things. but slow internet makes it hard. that's why it's time to get fios. it has the fastest internet and wifi available. with speeds from 50 to 500 megs. and right now, you'll get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for 79.99 a month online for your first year. and with a 2 year agreement, we'll give you all the premium movie channels for a year. plus, 400 dollars back. so go online or call now. get out of the past. get fios. i'm not a fan of putting my personal info in these online shopping forms. hellloooo??? i don't have time to be filling out my address, i need to be buying a dress. that's why i use masterpass.
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a mock mass shooting is being carried out near a
9:46 am
the setup will include actors, fake blood, the sounds of guns and the event is expected to even be met with some protests. >> gun rights supporters say they're performing this drill to promote concealed carry on school grounds. kendis gibson has details from austin. >> where's the shooter. >> frightening footage but it's just a drill. this morning fear that active shooter situations have become the new norm. driving a nationwide wave of shocking simulations. at this school in connecticut officers come storming through the doors freeing hostages before taking down the gunman. >> today plans for a mock shooting at the university of texas austin. >> the goal is to help the public, to raise public awareness and to really start this national conversation that gun free zones kill us. >> the event originally planned to be on campus in the midst of final exams moved 20 feet outside ut's property after
9:47 am
>> i'm scared and very unhappy. >> jill newburgher says the event is meant to intimidate students. terrible idea. >> organizers from come and take it say they'll be using cardboard guns so no one will mistake their staged thing. the deadly san bernardino debate. law enforcement. >> knowing that they are around already makes me feel safer. >> now schools and businesses across the near weekly active shooter drills. that was abc's kendis gibson reporting. in other news leaders at the climate talks in paris have presented what they're calling the final draft of an agreement for slowing global warming. delegates from 190 countries
9:48 am
and vote on whether to adopt it or not. talks were extended in order to resolve some conflicts with the exact wording of the agreement. that agreement aims to reduce carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. if the plan is ultimately approved, the nations will commit to keeping global temperatures from rising more than 3.6 degrees fahrenheit by the end of the century. this is a potentially landmark international unprecedented is ultimately given. a surprise performance from one of the greatest singers in the world happened in time square. it turns out it was a unique charitable contribution. last night renowned singer andrea bocelli serenaded the car with an impromptu acoustic performance. he raised hundreds of dollars in cash in less than 10 minutes and gave it all to a person who was right there homeless. >> as stunning a talent as he is, i'm a little shocked that's
9:49 am
>> i know, thousands. >> was 500 bucks. >> as opposed. you know what -- i wonder if people really got who they were listening to. >> like this guy could really be something. i don't know. >> he's going places. >> i should get him on the voice. >> or american >> super cat saturday, what's shaking over there. >> we've got some cute cats and i think this one's been doing a little social media stalking on us this morning to be quite frank. bandit's wearing his sunglasses. we also posted our instagram of us in sunglasses. there's a trend happening and we are leading it. good morning to you this morning. it's really been a theme of christmas around the super cat pictures this morning. luke and darth, this is the week. it is the week. zoe nice to see you, and a happy holiday from bootsie.
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9:our top story is an image makeover for the annual santacon pub crawl. >> organizers of the event are working with the city to keep the revelry safe and legal and under control. eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is live in williamsburg hey marcus. >> rob and michelle, the santas are arriving. they are gathering in
9:53 am
this is where it all begins a two-borough pub crawl that starts in williamsburg and end at madison square park. now in the past this has been an issue with public intoxication. there's been some brawling. this year organizers publicized that route in advance wanting department. they've gotten permits from the parks department to gather at mccarron. they say that they want to keep things organized, under control. police department says it a drain on their resources. nevertheless, the event is going on. last year 13,000 participants and organizers say no arrests, and again, this goes on until about 4:00 this we're live in williamsburg, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. >> all right. >> have a good time tonight marcus. >> stop it. >> joking, joking. >> would you do santacon? would you do it? i would. i would absolutely do it, but i would do it like -- you know, don't scare children.
9:54 am
>> pace yourself. in a santa suit. i don't want to be in a santa suit. >> not today. >> especially today. >> it's almost 60 degrees. >> it's going to be fantastic. the weather's going to be so great. you're going to have to cut off the red pants. >> that's right, shorts. >> you're going to have to go cue lats. >> it's going to be nice. temperatures already in the upper 50s. we're going for the mid-60s for highs, asbury park looks so nice down the shore. going to be beautiful across the board. enjoy it. if you can get to one of the boardwalks today and sort of enjoy these rare december days in the 60s, please do. accuweather seven day forecast showing a high today of 64. the record is 68. tomorrow the record is 64. we're going for 68. likely the record will be broken tomorrow, but they are in jeopardy here three days in a row of 60s, and the tuesday number is actually 59.
9:55 am
through friday of next week. this pattern is not breaking anytime soon. the major change will come in monday night as a cold front brings rain into the area anywhere between a half inch to an inch of rain. just check out abc7ny if you have any questions about the weather and want to track the temps with us. >> okay. all right. your goal is to get me to run a marathon. my goal is to get you into santacon. >> that would be a fair trade. that would be a very fair trade. >> that's it for us. i'm michelle charlesworth thanks for being with us.
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