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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 13, 2015 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> i'm rob nelson. thanks good morning, america. breaking overnight, ted is cruising, the candidate surging ahead of donald trump, leading in a brand-new poll in the key state of iowa. >> "the des moines register" is the worst. they are the worst. >> trump blasting the paper that from the caucuses, can he bounce new overnight, touching down, reported tornadoes wreak havoc in texas, destroying dozens of homes. >> tornadoes just hit my neighborhood. >> roofs ripped off, houses blown open and the devastating rains hitting right now. caught on camera. police shooting. l.a. sheriff's deputies taking aim at a man at a busy
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apparently firing even after he fell to the ground. the protests and the investigation this morning. and brazen heist. a gold medalist robbed, thieves caught on camera, partying at this paralympian's home. >> they went into your kitchenen, started eating ice cream out of the freezer. >> ransacking it and making off with her most treasured possessions. >> they say gold medalist, that doesn't mean anything to anyone, but it means something to me. >> the clues this morning, only on "good morning america." hey, good morning, paula is off. it is great to have cecilia vega here on a morning where there's a big political story brewing. >> that's right. look at a brand-new "des moines register" poll. texas senator ted cruz cruising past donald trump to take the lead in the key state of iowa.
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moines register," seven weeks before the iowa caucuses, cruz is, quote, crushing it, now leading trump by 10%. >> since the newspaper's last poll in october, cruz up a stunning 21 points. meanwhile, dr. ben carson down by 15%, dropping to third place. so, what does this mean for the race and what is trump saying about all of this? george stephanopoulos is standing by. but let's start here with mary bruce at the white house this morning. hey, mary. >> reporter: hi, cecilia, good morning. after dominating the iowa polls for five months, donald trump is now out of first place. this new poll is now the second one this week to show ted cruz on top in the key state. this morning, donald trump is in an unfamiliar place, second place. ted cruz plowing past trump in the new "des moines register" poll. now, with a ten-point lead in iowa. it's a jaw-dropping rise for the republican. texas senator. 31% leap.
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you to his supporters. meanwhile, trump was quick to blast the new numbers. also tweeting overnight, don't trust "des moines register" poll, saying it's biased. trump has been clear he's not a fan of the paper. >> "the des moines register" is the worst. they are the worst. the worst. no, they're very dishonest. >> reporter: despite falling to second, trump maintains strong support in the key state. cruz and trump have been friendly rivals but their bromance is on shaky ground. trump has been publicly taking aim at cruz this week. >> there's a difference of temperaments and i would give myself the advantage in temperament and, you know, putting people together. >> reporter: after cruz was caught on camera questioning if trump has what it takes to be commander in chief. >> that's a question of strength but it's also a question of
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>> reporter: meanwhile, hillary clinton getting a big boost from the president -- president fitzgerald grant, campaigning for the democratic front-runner in iowa. >> she's by far the most qualified and the most experience. >> now this big shakeup in the gop race comes just two days before the republican candidates face off in their fifth debate on tuesday. you can bet all eyes will be on trump and cruz. everybody wondering if they're going to play nice. >> mary, thank you. let's bring in abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos who's going to be hosting "this week" later this morning right here on abc. if you're donald trump going into this debate, do you attack ted cruz? >> they already started doing it friday night in iowa. perhaps sensing that this poll was coming. started to question whether ted cruz is a real evangelical. also started attacking him for not being for ethanol subsidies in the state of iowa. that is a big issue as well. we'll see both of them in the hot seat on tuesday night.
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about is huge for ted cruz. if you combine, those who his first and second choice, he has strong favorability ratings now. >> there's another pretty eye-popping development in this poll, which is the rather stunning decline of dr. ben carson, who you have on the show this morning, what's going on here? >> well, a huge drop, almost a 15-point drop since october. one thing you're seeing with national security, top of the news, right now in the news in the wake of san bernardino and in the wake of paris, it's hurt ben carson. the question, who do you trust as commander-in-chief, he said that carson is falling on that measure. >> let me ask you about the current commander-in-chief, president obama came out yesterday to celebrate this nations to tackle climate so, two-part question here, how big of a deal is this for the
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planet? >> it's something that he's been pushing very hard all through his seven years in office. whether these 195 nations commitments to reduce carbon emissions. it's a huge deal to get 195 nations to agree on something. looking here at home, you see all of the republican candidates against the deal, they're vowing to undo the steps that president obama has taken to implement the reductions. you'll have debates like that all over the world. but, will this stick? that's the question. it's not legally binding. it depends on the political commitment of each country that signed. >> george, thank you very much. appreciate it. i want to remind everybody, george has a big show this morning, including an exclusive one-on-one with republican candidate dr. ben carson. >> looking forward to that. also looking forward to the next
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saturday night, december 19th. at 8:00/7:00 central right here on abc. we do now move on to that dangerous weather slamming texas overnight. two reported tornadoes touching down, ripping apart homes, devastating an entire neighborhood. abc's kendis gibson is in hard-hit lindale with more. kendis, good morning. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. the mayor of this small town calling it a disaster area. as you take a look around here, you can see why. dozens of homes damaged. a young child's pool tossed and flipped around by the winds. this morning, destruction all around this area and this overnight, severe storms bearing down on more than 18 million americans in the southern plains. >> wow, i think that's a tornado. >> tornado just hit my neighborhood in lindale. >> reporter: two reported
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to 64 miles an hour. one of them damaging 50 homes, ripping up trees, leaving only a path of destruction across eastern texas. >> they're just going inside, probably about two minutes. it was so quick, so fast. >> it went from a relatively nice, warm, calm day to absolute chaos. >> reporter: this scene captured near houston. downed power lines. heavy downpours causing flash flooding, 3 to 4 inches fallen in just a matter of hours. >> several power lines down on the roadways. we have several roads closed. >> reporter: this comes as yet another band of heavy rain and flooding plague the pacific northwest, according to the national weather service, this area has reported more than 2 feet of total rainfall so far this month. the bright spot, and if you can call it that, no one injured as a result of these storms. that's really incredible as you
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but the big concern this morning, as you can tell, is the rain and the possibility of flash flooding. cecilia, dan. >> kendis, thank you. rob is off this morning. meteorologist indra petersons is joining us. she's tracking this extreme weather. welcome. >> it was definitely a rough night last night. we saw the damage that it already did. keep in mind, this morning, a second line of storms is making its way through, 1 to 3 inches of rainfall has already fallen. now, imagine, heavy rainfall falling again. an additional 1 to 3. we're talking about flash flood warnings in the area. keep in mind, this is not just for oklahoma and texas. upper midwest, look at what just got posted, flash flood watches are currently out there. this system is making its way to the north. the bull's eye of rain is south. as we go into sunday, watch this change, here comes your new threat, up towards
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now, you're talking about an additional 2 to 4 inches of rain. rough weather is still expected. >> indra, thank you. we'll turn now, though, to the new questions about the female shooter in the husband and wife terror team who carried out that deadly attack in san bernardino. it turns out tashfeen malik may have posted even more extremists view on social media than we previously known. and she was still given a visa to come to america. let's get the latest now from kanya whitworth. >> reporter: the home computer may provide more evidence of her footprint. that's begging the question, how could this be missed? overnight, one of the many funerals of the san bernardino massacre. shannon johnson's brother
8:11 am
the hero who saved denise's life, telling her i got you. was one of three victims of the terrorist attack laid to rest saturday. as investigators work around the clock trying to piece together how this happened, this morning, the search of a small lake has been concluded according to the fbi. the agency telling abc news, items were retrieved but they cannot comment on whether they're related to the case. investigators saying, they were hoping to find the hard drive missing from the terrorist couple's home computer. to dive more into their social media footprint. >> rest assured, this investigation hasn't stopped to wait for what's coming out of that lake. >> reporter: this morning, "the new york times" reporting that malik talked openly on social media about her violent jihad views. "the new york times" writing, she said she sported it and she said she wanted to be a part of it. malik's facebook page has been taken down but authorities
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of moderate muslims. "the new york times" also reported while malik was being vetted. cecilia. >> still so many questions on how this could have been missed. we turn now to a major health concern for new parents in california, fears that hundreds of newborns may have been exposed to tb by a nurse. abc's aditi roy has the latest to track these families down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. this morning, some very scary news to say the least for hundreds of new mothers and their babies in the bay area. to track down all of the newborns who may be at risk of tb after being exposed to the infected nurse. this morning, a scare at a san jose, california, hospital after a nurse in the maternity ward
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tuberculosis. now officials tracking down more than 350 newborns who had contact with the nurse between mid-august to mid-november. >> tb leaves the lung and causes other problems such as meningitis. it's appropriate to take the protection of newborns very seriously when exposure has occurred. >> reporter: hospital officials say the nurse's annual tb test in september had negative results, she showed no symptoms and was diagnosed with tb in november after treatment for an unrelated illness. doctors say tb blood tests are extremely unreliable for infants and recommend the 350 potentially exposed babies undergo antibiotics for the next six months. abc news spoke with one parent after hearing about the possible exposure rushed her baby born at the hospital in september to be tested. she learned on friday that both
8:14 am
the hospital is offering treatment and monitoring to mothers and hospital employees who also came in contact with patient zero. and in all of this, a small silver lining, officials say that she did not show some of the worst symptoms of tb, coughing and sneezing, often the most contagious. dan. >> aditi, thank you. we have a holiday story now that should be fun but may in fact be dangerous. in fact, people are buying laser light displays for their homes but they could pose a threat to pilots overhead. and abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: good morning. you can see an example of star shower laser lights on this house just behind me. red and green dots. those are the lasers. as it looks festive. from above they can cause a problem. >> it's amazing light show. >> reporter: across the country, star shower and similar lights nearly impossible to keep on the
8:15 am
>> reporter: but on top of lifting spirits, these star shower laser lights raising overhead. >> there's danger that you could injure the crew. >> reporter: an american airlines pilot approaching dallas/ft. worth airport reported seeing a laser from 13,000 feet above the ground. sparking a warning from the faa. the agency said that it's investigating the incident. in the meantime, telling decorators to use caution while setting up the colorful lights. >> if the box is aimed a little high some of the laser light will not hit the roof of the house for example, it will just keep going off in space. >> reporter: or worse, right last month, a cockpit pilot blasted by a laser light. >> reporter: only after landing had come from a christmas display. >> i was very surprised that a commercially right now off the
8:16 am
illuminate an aircraft. >> reporter: the manufacturer of star shower, said in a statement to abc news, star shower should be pointed directly at your home, never directly into the sky. another concern is that decorators are so delighted with the effect of one star shower and why not add another, suddenly the whole house is lit up. >> gloria, thank you. we turn it to ron. starting in california. >> that's right, with a county, raising some questions this morning. two los angeles county sheriff deputies caught on camera. suspect. on saturday. the gunman appears to be walking away as the deputies open fire. some witnesses said the suspect turned and pointed the weapon at the officers.
8:17 am
the shooting unjustified. and a gun scare for some holiday shoppers in pennsylvania. police say a gunman who entered a walmart late saturday evening was shot and killed by police. the suspect was allegedly carrying two handguns and store. walmart said no one else was injured in that incident. and also in california, a 23-year-old man is under arrest accuse odd of a hate crime in arson of a mosque. 75 miles from that killing rampage took place in san bernardino. carl james was charged with setting the fire. in that mosque's lobby. witnesses say a fire bomb was hurdle at the front door. and, in argentina, a helicopter crash kills two members of a film crew from an mtv show. the chopper went down saturday. the two were on a way for a
8:18 am
the cause of that crash under investigation investigation. and we're learning new details about pope francis' upcoming visit to mexico the vatican just releasing a schedule including a papal mass. just across the u.s. border from el paso, texas. the pope is expected to talk about the issue of immigration. and alabama running back derrick henry is this year's winner of the heisman trophy. henry, a junior, the number two ranked crimson tide, he set a s.e.c. record for conference record with 23 touchdowns. he's alabama's second heisman trophy winner. he called the trophy, quote, a blessing and an honor. nobody's perfect, not even the golden state warriors. their 24-0 start to the season came to a screeching halt to the milwaukee bucks. the bucks not the greatest team in the league. the warriors lost for the first time this season. final score, 108-95.
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t-shirts with 4-1. and finally -- >> reminds me of that l.a. season where they won 33 games. >> you got that stuck in your head. >> those are my warriors. >> nice try. >> indra, i'm a really a sports aficionado. but there's more. look who's back. >> there he is. >> this is an important day. i've made a big decision, i'm entering the race for president of the united states of america. poor jeb, you got to admit, it's a pretty good plot twist that i turned out to be the smart one. >> ouch. will ferrell making his return to "saturday night live," dusting off an old favorite, his impression of former president george w. bush. he also mocked donald trump mocking his proposal for his ban on muslims.
8:20 am
leprechauns to enter the country. >> i just think america should know as you read the newscast, there are papers flying across -- >> let's say, ron has a system. it's been working very well for a while. >> how did that happen? >> you threw it. >> no, you did it. >> as they play the blame game, indra, take it away. >> can i say three words first, good morning, america.
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>> thanks. the number to beat today is 64 degrees. 1923. we're forecasting a high of 65 today. mostly cloudy and warm. be aware. spot drizzle late. and 54 the overnight low. tomorrow a brief shower. sidewalks could be damp. in the accuweather 7-day on tuesday. cooler and breezy on wednesday with mid 50s. >> thanks, indra. coming up on "good morning america" -- caught on camera. home of a olympic skier's home broken into.
8:22 am
plus the annual tradition. the great christmas light fight. the outrageous displays. whole neighborhoods battling it out. a preview of that big show. and kevin spacey from "house of cards" wants to teach you how to act. the story up ahead in "pop news." "good morning america" is
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at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. >> good morning. it is now 8:27 on this sunday, december 13th. i'm michelle charles. topping headlines this hour, investigators are looking into the cause of a fire that damaged six postal trucks in manhattan.
8:28 am
night. it is unclear whether or not flames and smoke. investigators say a 29-year- old was riding a vespa and was morning. the driver may have ran a red light and slammed into an suv. one person inside the delivery cab suffered minor injuries.
8:29 am
welcome back to "good morning america" on a sunday morning. happening right now, the big shakeup in the race for president. republican front-runner donald trump losing ground now to ted cruz, a new poll showing cruz jumping into first place in the key state of iowa. pulling ahead with a 10-point lead. sflmpls also right now, amazon is reportedly concerned about the safety of one of this year's most popular christmas gifts. the company said to be considering halting the sales of hover bordz after reports of some bursting into flames. also the navy's new stealth ship to the rescue, the new destroyer with its unique design answering a distress call off the main coast after a fisherman reported chest pains. the ship launched for the first
8:30 am
good morning, once again, everybody. coming up on the show this morning, the great christmas light fight. inside the neighborhood showing off their displays. the competition is fierce. sara is approving. but first, here, caught on camera. the thieves targeting the home of a well-known paralympian. a sky -- skier who has taken home medals. >> they are rummaging through stephanie victor's house making off with jewelry, electronics and cars, even the medals she worked so hard to win. marci gonzales is here with this story. >> good morning. she says the thieves can keep the electronics and the money it's the priceless keepsakes that she can't replace that this champion athlete is so desperate to get back. this morning, this is not the only video on stephanie's mind. grinchlike thieves caught on surveillance cameras breaking into her home leaving little
8:31 am
>> they went into our kitchen, started eating ice cream out of the freezer. and then, slowly over the course of the evening, dismantling tv, computer, christmas gifts. >> reporter: at least eight surveillance cameras in and outside the home giving police a clear picture of the suspects. and the details of their crime. but it's what else was missing from this ransacked mess that haunts victor -- videos of her most treasured memories. >> stephanie victor takes over the lead. >> reporter: including this, the first steps she took after losing both legs in an accident in 1985. >> i have been shooting since the moment i woke up in icu, three years in the hospital, 14 surgeries, all of the doctors telling me you'll never walk again. >> reporter: hard drives holding the raw footage of 20 years of irreplaceable memories, all
8:32 am
olympic medals and rings. >> and they say gold medalist, that doesn't mean anything to anyone, but it means something to me. >> reporter: los angeles police, so far, finding the couple's two missing cars, but nothing else, saying they're still searching for these men. and police are telling people in that area to keep an eye out, hoping someone will recognize the men in those surveillance videos. as for victor, she's pleading to get her videos back because she's been working on a documentary about her life. and the challenges she's overcome. which she can't continue without that footage. >> so frustrating. >> absolutely. >> thank you. and indra petersons is here with more weather.
8:33 am
>> i hear ev >> the weather is brought to you cecilia. >> easing me into my first winter in new york, thank you. >> they're not normally like
8:34 am
coming up on "good morning america," christmas lights on steroids. the competition for the best and the brightest. >> speaking of the best and brightest, sara, what is popping on periscope? >> today, we're having a analysis of trainwreck with dan harris. so, if you click into our early periscopes you really delve into the good, the bad and the ugly of the movie. >> lebron james. >> i love that you knew that was lebron james. >> it's time for a commercial.
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among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. all across america this time elaborate holiday displays. now it's getting competitive. >> it sure is. zblen wig big money is at stake, abc's david wright is right there on the front lines of some of these dazzling displays. >> reporter: silent night. maybe if there's a power outage.
8:39 am
halls of entire neighborhoods in the great christmas light fight like this one in celebration, florida, 11 houses synced up keep in mind, this is a florida winter, 70-degree heat, 45% humidity, but even here, a 100% chance of a white christmas. >> when that machine goes off it's a swarm. >> reporter: celebration is one of three different neighborhoods being featured monday on abc's third annual christmas lights reality show. >> of course, we think we have the best one. >> well, i think everyone thinks they have the best one. that's true. >> reporter: three neighborhoods competing for $50,000 in prize money. in addition to celebration, there's also a city in hawaii and gilbert, arizona. >> that is crazy! >> reporter: suddenly it's not so surprising to learn that americans will spend $7 billion
8:40 am
lucy in brooklyn looks forward to this all year long. >> to me, i like my whole house >> reporter: and she's not alone. just ask keith shaw of cranberry, new jersey, he has the biggest tree in all of the garden state. how many lightbulbs? >> so, there's over 47,000 on this tree. >> reporter: that's just one feature. his wall of snowflakes. >> 6,400 lights on the snowflakes. lights. with music. but there's one thing missing -- no sinatra? no springsteen? for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, new york. >> okay, cecilia, referee this debate, sara and i argue about this all the time. i admire the creativity, but i wouldn't want to live next door.
8:41 am
day long. >> i agree with dan. i don't think i could survive being a next-door neighbor. >> i'm agreement with your position on the lights. >> ron, i would invite you over to watch, and we would sing carols and drink hot cocoa. and smile at the neighbors. >> show, ron doesn't want to do that. >> he does. he does. >> there's more to come. you can catch "the great christmas light fight" tomorrow on abc. coming up, the weekend download. the new movies that need to be at the top of your must-see lists at -- as we head into the holidays. chris connelly after the break. keep it here.of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal.
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all right, time for the "weekend download." and today, we're helping you plan your holiday vacation, holiday movies. abc's chris connelly is here with his top five. you. what's number five? >> "the big short." comedy about the housing market's collapse. >> so obvious. >> why didn't we think about it? the writer does a great job. making his passion of what happened to the audience. he wants to entertain you. so ryan gosling, steve carell. >> number four, spotlight. >> this is about boston globe's investigation of the archdiocese of boston of the priest. wonderful acting. beautiful writing. straightforward movie that everyone can enjoy and be moved by. >> ron claiborne covered that story very aggressively.
8:46 am
know how to pronounce this -- >> the revenant. >> the revenant. >> this is leonardo dicaprio, hugh glass, it's powerful. it's shot in the middle of canada somewhere. you really go on the ride and he does an amazing job. likely candidate for best actor. >> number two quickly, it's carol. >> an amazing movie with cate blanchette and rooney mara. but we have limited time. i want to get to number one. which is, drum roll -- >> "star wars: the force awakens." if you don't see this movie, you better have a lot to talk about. you better know a lot about lebron james to get through christmas if you don't watch "star wars." i haven't seen it. >> nobody's seen it. >> nobody has seen it. a whole bunch of fresh face newcomers.
8:47 am
>> i'm very excited to see it. i have made no secret of that. chris connelly, thank you very much. very excited to have you in on a sunday morning. >> nice to be here. coming up here on "good morning america" -- keeping it here, the singer meghan trainor has a surprise for her fans. sara haines has it after the break. singer meghann trainor has a surprise for her fans.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. light. time for "pop news" and sara in the break has been trying to argue politics with me and actually she's winning. >> i was just right, cecilia confirmed it. too bad, dan, slam dunk. that's a basketball term. meghan trainor is more than all about that bass.
8:51 am
new song "just a friend to you" when you say i'm everybody knows you love me too >> i would be one of those backup dancers. the singer had a great week, scoring a grammy nomination. >> i interviewed her once, she told me i was dope. i was all right, like, thank you. >> did you get that writing? >> did you get that writing? >> it's a matter of interpretation. >> minor detail. now, if you think kevin spacey is an acting genius, now you can learn how he does it. the award-winning actor offering an acting class online. the house of cards star giving his students an inside look on how he approaches his roles. >> the craft of acting is to step into someone else's shoes, someone else's ideas, to look at something in a mirror and not see ourselves.
8:52 am
but feel free. >> i would so take that class. his class features lectures covering 29 different lessons. a workbook and even skype time. but if you're going to get a lesson from someone that's the guy to do it from. >> absolutely, a master of the craft. >> he's a natural at that. >> he is a natural. >> he's not a dope, like dan harris. time for a sneak peek at what makes a classic. did unprecedented look revealed behind the magic of snow white and the seven dwarfs. creating the first historic look at the film. >> walt's wish from long ago came true, the biggest turning out for a premiere and it was his cartoon. >> walt was very nervous. he had a lot at stake. he had no idea if an audience
8:53 am
>> catch behind the magic: snow white and the seven dwarfs. right here on abc. i wouldn't leave you without food. luke's lobster provided us with their tasty lobster rolls this morning. while you guys are all munching away -- >> wait, what is the connection? >> it's a luke thing. i can tell you, on premiere day next friday, the restaurant is offering people named luke a free lobster roll. a very interesting promotion since luke has been absent from the trailers. you don't have to use the force. you just have to have an i.d. so, you can also be a luke, ss. we'll all go by luke this week. >> i'll take the pickle. >> thank you. good job on "pop news" today. appreciate it. and thank you, everybody, for joining us this morning. these are good, ron? >> really good.
8:54 am
taster. i see whether he survives. cecilia, thank you very much for joining us. keep it here for "this week" with george coming up. we'll see you soon. [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] [coughing] coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why so many people are turning to delsym for longer lasting
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delsym has an advanced time release formula that helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. that's three times longer than the leading cough liquid. all night... or all day. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter.
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000 . as we close in on 9 a.m. several u.s. postal trucks went up in flames inside a parking garage in chelsea. could this mean trouble for mail delivery? two people have been rushed to the hospital, one fighting for his life after a motor scooter and a livery cab collide. we have the latest details on that. midtown and local manhattan. hazy out there on a sunday, december 13th. so good to have you with us. >> it doesn't feel like december 13th but no complaints
8:57 am
>> we're good. >> we're good. good morning, everybody. happy sunday, thanks for being with us. >> really nice outside. we have a great surprises in this hour. >> yes. >> a little holiday festivities. >> festivities. >> festivus for the rest of us. >> none of that for you? ! >> warm wishes across the board for this holiday season living up to the motto. temperatures are warm already, stretch of weather still to come. if you have liked what we've had the last couple of days, we're going to deliver more. one challenge mixed in, but currently at 62 degrees. we have some haze at the surface, a little bit of patchy dense fog this morning, and it's lingering in spots. so be aware of the reduced visibility. nothing to slow you down as far as comfort goes, though. record for this date is 64 set back in 1923.
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