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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  December 13, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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it's in jeopardy. the rain returns on monday, and then we'll have mild temperatures right through friday. so even with the showers we're expecting tomorrow it's not going to mess up the temperature trend we've been on. visibility reduced for mont cello, o. lows this morning started in the 40s and 50s. these numbers, the majority of them, except for one of two, all are warmer than our daytime highs averaging this time of year. a very nice start. more clouds than sunshine but late afternoon and a high of 65 degrees. we're already at 62. i think early afternoon we hit the high and go down in the record broeks. books. much more coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. topping our news this morning, a three alarm fire at
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manhattan. >> it happened late last night. and six trucks somehow went up in flames. we are live in chelsea with what we know right now. >> reporter: that's the question, how did this all was this one truck that caught on fire and then spread or multiple trucks? we don't know. i'm going to pan up and show you where this happened. right up this and taking a look at the third floor of the maintenance facility. hankfully no one was -- thankfully no one was hurt. six trucks at the u.s. postal service off the west side highway in chelsea caught fire. this was a three-alarm fire. the video was provided to us by a viewer passing by at the time. the trucks on the third floor of the building. other offices so it's unclear if any of these holiday packages were on the trucks at the time.
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the u.s.postal service about that and what caused this fire. . and new this morning, police are investigating a collision at an entrance to central park that critically injured a scooter driver. investigators say a 29-year-old man was thrown from his vespa when he collided with a livery cab. all this happened at 85th street at 3:30 this morning. the scooter driver may have run a red light and then hit the suv which was turning on to 5th avenue. one person inside that suv did suffer minor injuries. police have increased patrols around rutgers university following a series of robberies this weekend. three robberies occurred between 1 and 3 in the morning yesterday. the victims were held up at gunpoint, all of this happening in new brunswick. in one case police say a man attacked two people on the street, punching them several times. it is the latest in a series of crimes that has the university
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>> kind of freaky. doesn't make you feel that safe on campus. >> most people who live here know that this is a college area, so, you know, they understand that these are kids and they could be preying on them and waiting on them. >> police are trying to determinewhether or not yesterday's attacks are in some way connected. rutgers has increased security in response to the crimes. new information now in a hit and run that killed a teenager in queens. police have released surveillance images of a man they want to question. police say this man was caught on camera getting out of the passenger side of the hit and run vehicle a short time after the accident. detectives would like to interview him to get information. a black toyota camry struck and killed a teenager on tuesday night at an intersection in corona. police have made an arrest in a double murder that happened in new jersey. two body were discovered in a home in raritan friday. police have not released the identity of the victims or how
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yesterday officers arrested ramon cadiz as he slept in his car in north brunswick. he's been charged with murder and held on $2 million bail. the nypd got its wish from santacon. there were no reports so far of any arrests during the big annual avent. hundreds of folks dressed up at santa and headed to a few bars in lower manhattan. participants say they don't understand why santacon has gotten such a bad wrap when it's simply all about getting together with friends and having a little bit of fun. >> we come here for the last three years and we have a great time every year. a good time to get together with friends and get in the spirit of christmas. >> we try to get in the spirit, we all sing along with christmas carols while walking everywhere. >> if people oppose santacon then i have to conchewed there
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anti-fun. organizers started planning with police more than a month ago. they did get a permit to assemble in the park. they sent out reminders to participants about safety. so unlike other years, at least what we know so far, no arrests, santacon has changed its image. >> turned the corner. >> yes indeed. our jobs are in jeopardy. we have a new anchor. elf the musical is in the house. have you to see it and he's here in the studio. how are you. >> i'm doing well. >> hi, elf. >> you seem festive. >> are you in the holiday spirit despite the warm weather? >> every day. i brought the snow for you. real snowflakes are smaller than buildings. >> that's so true. >> i never thought about that before. it's frightening. [ laughter ]. >> we have a lot more coming
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you're hanging with us, right. >> i'm working. >> he's in the scripts. we're in trouble. >> hang tight this morning with us. good to have you buddy. >> thank you. >> i cannot wait to see what thegreen screen with tamy, with the amy. >> the weather wall. we have duties for him. it will be good. >> amy will be right back with the accu weather forecast. when we come back, eyewitness sunday morning continues right after this, on a mild sunday
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. one of the most treasured holiday hits of the past decade is on the stage. efl ends up in the north pole and comes to new york in search of his family n this year's production there's a real life family story you must see. so awesome, buddy in the house.
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>> hi! >> you're dressed very warm. >> well, it comes in handy. it's kind of like from uniglow. >> exactly. >> so good. >> i brought you a treat. >> yes. >> so nice. >> this is my favorite food of all time, it's maple syrup. it goes great with everything, burgers, spaghetti. >> it's left over, has to be cold. >> five major food groups in the north pole. >> she's ahead of us. >> and she's the het night. go ahead. >> it's a condiment. >> not enough people know that. >> do not try this at home. >> if you want to drink maple syrup. my good friend charlie didn't. he had a problem with this.
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>> sugar, sugar, suingar. sugar. happiness to everybody. >> you're at the garden until the 27th. >> madison square garden until the 27th. >> the cast is great. i love the special effects of the ehves dancing. i have charlie, bambi, braidan and hailey, those are my favorite he elves. >> tell us how you ended up in santa claus's sack. >> i am an orphan and santa came to deliver presents to me and other orphans and i crawled into his sack and he took me back to north pole and the elves took me in as one of their own. >> and you thought you were an elf. >> for 30 years. >> and then you found out you were not. and what was that moment like
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really an elf. >> i was scared. but santa gave me my satchel, he gave me my trusty map. do you know which -- it plays music. >> oh. [ laughter ]. >> that's so romantic. >> yeah. so santa. >> stop flirting with the elf, amy. >> if you had a snow globe like that you might find romance. >> maybe i do find romance so maybe i do, and you saw the show. >> spoiler alert! >> i went straight from the bottle, i went straight, you know. >> we need some insulin. no, it's very good. >> very good. >> go straight for the forecast . >> i know it's not the north pole around here but we're talking about above average temperatures, and since you're above average in your happiness and much more. >> ah! >> if i start the forecast will
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>> of course. >> she likes you, buddy. get your game on. get your game ton. >> let's see what we can do. today may be a record breaker for us. the record for today is 64, it was set back in 1923. i'm sure santa remembers that year, it was a good one. 65 is the forecast high for today. so that's how we could potentially break this record. so, looking up the upper west side all the way to the gwb, we're trying to get a little bit of the bridge in range but the visibility is reduced because of the fog that we've had around here. now, welcome to the weather center. over here in the weather center this is where we put the temperatures together and we look at the readings and all that kind of stuff. you're perfect. you see yourself in the camera. >> yeah, o'. oo. >> the viewers can see what's happening. >> is it cold there?
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it's very cold there. traditionally the temperatures below freezing all the time and sometimes even below zero. so i'm sure that's why you get a lot of work done in the winter, right? >> yeah. >> so this is what we've got going on today. highs in the area in the upper 50s and 60s. that's very nice this. is our radar and satellite picture, and you want you to get a picture of the north pole. >>ooh. >> and not only has it been warm but we've been rain free. the you see what's happening there on the map? [ sings a note or two ]. >> it is rain that is coming across the country and eventually gets in here to new york. so what new yorkers need to know is that mild weather continues, they can leave their coats at home tomorrow. >> okay. >> you don't need to overdo it with the coat. >> i always wear this. >> everybody else at home, just
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will be rainy. here is the futurecast. aim going to let you talk about the futurecast while i make my way to the weather wall. when do you think it's going to rain, buddy. >> the futurecast it will be raining monday at 9 p.m. >> that's exactly right, monday at 9 p.m. [ laughter ]. >> between 5 and 10 p.m. there will be rain across the area and then it clears out just in time for tuesday and the sun will be back. that's another broadway musical, annie, "the sun comes out tomorrow." thought i'd put that in there. we clear out nicely and tuesday. so as the forecast goes the next couple of days, 65 today. that does mean that the record is in jeopardy and if you're going to the football game it should be fantastic weather for tailgating. first kick at 1:00. in the mid-60s. tonight temperatures go to the mid-50s. and then we're 63 again tomorrow and you need the rain
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i thought this would be fab tas fantastic for everyone to see. >> oh my goodness, i swallowed the sun? >> yes, yes! this is why you can't wear oh, that is pretty cool. [ laughter ]. . >> it's magical, isn't it? hmm. i could have you hold me and that would be i was on air -- no, excuse me. that was over the top. >> there you go, buddy. >> we walk back to the wall, and we're not quite done. >> i can stay here because they can see through you. >> we're not done with the mild weather. all the way through thursday we're staring down records, i think thursday is the best bet we could get temperatures even warm enough to break another record. we cool it off on friday, 50, and 45 on saturday. buddy, thanks for being a great sports.
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>> he brought snacks and i hope you get the girl. it's not supposed to be a full on romance, but. >> it is very romantic. >> it is. >> it really is. >> especially at central park. >> it's so cute. go see it. elf the musical at the garden. >> oh on oh. -oh. buddy is stepping out. >> he has the moves. chaos. >> there is's chaos. >> all right. my favorite forecast, ever. straight ahead, we've been talking about it all morning and of course the elf as you've seen is here in the studio with us.
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musical at madison square guard zblen we've . guard zblen we have square garden. >> elf has been here, he's been good. he's a tough act to follow. >> so this is a lot like the film. >> absolutely. >> the musical. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> and this is perfect for a family. >> a great family show. we tip our hat to the movie because it's iconic. it's the new family classic that people gather at christmas time and watch the movie. you can come to the garden and see it on stage. we tip our hat, he eats spaghetti and does all the things he does in the movie and wu get a big broadway show with singing and dancing and we get to exflor the chashg explore
9:18 am
out of this? >> there's a great thing, he goes to new york, and there's nothing like new york at christmastime. >> amen to that. >> a special thing. i take my daughter and son here, we bring them to new york every year at christmastime. we see the tree and holiday things. and buddy goes to all those places so we go to those places in the musical. but also the show is -- the point that buddy comes to is it's more than santa. christmas is more than santa, it's about spending time with your family and that's what makes it magical and special. he realizes that. that's a great family message to send, so proud to be a part of it. >> it's beautiful. a lot of the music came from the ideas of course in the film. >> absolutely. >> there's a tap dance. >> our elves tap dance. >> with their little knees. >> they do. >> how does it work? >> there's a theatre imagine thaik goes on there.
9:19 am
this fantastic tap dance and yes our actors are on their knees and they do a spectacular yob. job. >> it's fun. >> what is it taking a movie to the stage. >> it goes to a lot of locations so christine peters we sat down and wanted to make the show move like the movie does. you go from location to location. >> the theatre at madison square gardens, everybody has a great seat, and they start at to go. >> aboslutely. >> and have a real street. >> and cotton candy at intermission. >> spaghetti with syrup. >> that's what i'm saying. >> thank you, san. >> we're having great time. merry christmas to you guys. >> merry christmas.
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et or >> let's talk about a little sports when we come back. . holiday spirit after that. [ laughter ]. >> that was good. it's 9:24. >> time for sports. >> good morning, everyone. well, just under a month ago the knicks had one four straight and were starting to make people believe in them. entering last night new york was the owner of a second four- game losing streak in the last the knicks met the trail bladers. portland with the fast stuff. the knicks trying to keep up. lopez against his former team, meanwhile the blazers were building a heed. lead. they led 22-11 at that point. the knicks making the charge before the half. anthony broke in the perimeter for the three and the knicks
9:23 am
nets trying to keep up their home success hosting the clippers. jordan is good and powerful. dunk. the nets were keeping it close in the first. bogdanovic the triple. brooklyn took the one-point lead, the nets trailed by 13 at the break. but they made things interesting in the second half. spin and floater in the lane,ed lead . griffin put this one away, 105-100, the nets fall. and one day after their double overtime thrilling win in boston friday night, last night the warriors were trying to stay perfect facing the bucks. golden state off their game. the bucks took advantage. it's the sixth win streak of 12 or more that milwaukee has snapped in franchise history. 108-95. warriors 28 game win streak now over.
9:24 am
the rangers' stretch of 9 straight wins seems like another season ago. they were trying to salvage one win. late last night. rangers facing calgary. the give and go here from new york. stalberg to miller who flips it in. that made it 1-0 rangers. but the flames come back and the rangers lose their third in a row. the islanders also on the road last night visiting the blue jackets in columbus. they had a lead in the third period until right now. atkinson, evening the game, ninth of the year, overtime, okposo finishes it 3-2. the islanders get the win. cuddyer officially announced he is retiring. the 36-year-old spent last season in new york and had one more year and $12.5 million
9:25 am
quits. making the announcement on derek jeter's players tribute website saying it goes against every grain in my body to consider a future without the game but after 15 years the toll on my body has caught up to me. and one other note for you. alabama's derrick henry is the winner of the heisman trophy. that will do it for morning sports. see you later tonight at five. much more ahead on eyewitness news on this sunday morning including a live look >> fire officials have investigating how six u.s. fire. also ahead, police in southern california opening fire on a man as he appears to be walking away. the video sparking outrage from the family this morning. and dozens of patients were trapped as fire raced through a mental institution.
9:26 am
devastating and deadly fire. . and you heard amy, we're on track for record-breaking warmthed today here in mid-
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. welcome back everybody to eyewitness news. taking a look outside right by our studios on columbus and 6th 6th 6 he have. 6th. you don't see all the winter madness out there. potential record breaking warmth on this sunday morning. man, here we are. good morning, everybody. thanks for being with us. hope you're staying cool this sunday morning. >> windows open, i'm sure. welcome to eyewitness news on sunday morning, the 9:30 half
9:29 am
they want to, as a fashion >> everybody is out, everybody in a good mood. amy giving today a what on a freeze factor scale. >> it's a nine. it's a nine. a really comfortable day for climate, compared to the actual weather, it's a beauty. i wish there was a little more sunshine that's why i'm keeping it shy of a 10 on the scale. you get my drift? so, beautiful day out there. 62 already. that's where we begin. there has been some limited visibility here is what you need to know as far as the fog goes. it's not everywhere and it's just patchy in spots. so monticello has limited visibility. long eye hand and bridgeport, 5 mile visibility right now. islip yesterday, a record for you. possibly more records going down today. central park, the official reporting station for new york city, may be able to break the
9:30 am
it's 64, we're forecasting 65. 24-hour temperature change, a least a handful of degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this same time. a few clouds today, north material component to the wind, light and mild. despite thaul we're going for -- all that we're going for 65. this is not the end. we have more 60s heft in the wabc left in the accuweather seven-day forecast. all those details ahead. >> thank you so much. new details on the fast moving fire that caused problems for the busy holiday shipping season. we learned six u.s. postal service trucks were damaged in the garage they're kept in. we're live with more information this morning. >> reporter: yeah, it's unclear at this point if one truck caught on fire and then set the other ones on fire or how this all happened. what we do know.
9:31 am
this maintenance facility in chelsea. six trucks up there when it happened. thafrpgfully no one was -- thankfully no one was hurt. it is off the west side highway in chelsea. those trucks caught fire. this is video that a viewer sent to us. this fire rose to three alarms. the trucks were on the third floor of the building. the maintenance facility houses other offices. it's unclear if there are holiday packages on the trucks at the time. i did speak with a gentleman who works here. he says this has been some electrical problems with some of the trucks. we're checking in that. and we're checking if there were packages on the trucks. >> thank you very much. in another big fire to tell you about, this one in west chester county, intense flames
9:32 am
mainor complex. manor. firefighters contained the flames in just about an hour. authorities will survey the extend of the damage later today. an attempted kidnapping in a department store. this is a woman who approached a mother and her young child at the kohl's and the green acre's maul in valley stream. the woman said give me the baby and grabbed the child's arm. the mother was able to fight off the woman. she was last seen leaving that kohl's in a black livery cab. a long island man accused of stealing from a church will go before a judge today. he used a rock to break into boxes at a church. he took off with money that was meant to help less fortunate people in the community. he will be arraigned on burglary charges. overseas, officials in russia saying a wiring problem
9:33 am
at a psychiatric fire. at least 23 patients were killed and 23 injured in this fire at the facility which is about 300 miles south of mossco. moss could you. moscow. similar fires at two other institutions took the lives of 75 people back in 2013. new this morning, authorities in california are investigating a deadly police shooting. a bystander recorded cell phone video of sheriff deputies firing at nick robinson in los angeles county yesterday. robinson was shooting a gun into the air and did not comply with orders to drop the weapon. robinson was pronounced dead later at the scene. the sheriff's department investigators are reviewing the video along with physical evidence and witness testimony as well. british prime minister
9:34 am
sweeping ban on some automatic guns across the european union in a plan set to be announced thursday in brussels. member countries must have a unified policy on high powered sme semi- -- same-sex semi- semiautomatic weapons. the mayor is on the mend and ready to get back to work. he's doing well. the surgery was a success. the mayor developed a hernia issue and the doctor told him it was time to deal with it before it warsened. he was discharged yesterday. no public events planned today. he is recuperating at gracy mansion and will return to city hall tomorrow. turning to the race for the white house. bernie sanders issued a challenge to donald trump's proposed ban on muslims
9:35 am
>> to force or try to get the american people to hate somebody because of their religion or because of their country of birth, that is disgusting, that is unacceptable, and as a nation, we must reject it. >> democratic front runner ner hillary clinton says the ideas are dangerous and paranoid. ted cruz has taken the lead in the key voting state of iowa. heeding donald trump by 10 points according to a bloomberg survey. the second poll of the week showing cruz ahead of the mogul. it may be due cruise picking up -- cruz picking up voters from chris christie says he
9:36 am
hateful. he's pointing the finger at the media. >> i've known donald trump for 15 years, i can disagree with him and i have. i think it's wrong for his people say is's hateful and a bigot. polls show him in second place behind trump in that state. the g.o.p. candidates will face off in their fifth and last debate of the year this coming tuesday out in las vegas. so many dynamics have changed since the last debate so tuesday should be fascinating politics and good television. >> pay atepgs. -- pay attention. a pair of powerful tornados ripped apart homes and businesses in texas. new video of the damage overnight. . and they're already outlawed on public streets and sidewalks here in new york
9:37 am
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. they are cleaning up in eastern texas after severe weather damaged dozens of home. officials in lynndale 80 miles east of dallas say two tornados touched down yesterday afternoon. 35 buildings were damaged and trees uprooted across the community. the red cross has set up a shelter for displaced residents and the mayor has issued a
9:39 am
dk dk -- -- declaration. >> severe weather can happen any time of the year. >> it pops up. >> it pops up. >> we're sitting pretty here. a nice run, a nice stretch. >> it has been fantastic. >> does this portend horrendous things for january through march? >> no, an important principle i'll share with you right now. climate is not weather. climate is what happenings other a longer period of time. it is what we generally expect when we look at long-term averages. just because we expect it to be cold right now doesn't mean it will be, because that is climate. weather is what actually happens. >> i'll buying what you're -- i'm buying what you're selling. >> that is deep. >> deep, deep.
9:40 am
>> it is unusually warm no, sir warm not unheard of. but it does not determine what the weather will be if the climate is not what we think it should be. >> so to simplify. no one knows. >> well, no -- >> no one knows, that's why we prognosticate, but however there are some principles of science that could heed us to some -- lead us to some conclusions. the warmest november on record which happened in the early 2000s, head to a winter with only -- led to a winter with only 5 inches of snow. interesting. we just tied that warmest november with our weather that happened less than a month ago. right now we are on track to be the warmest december ever here in new york city. all the facts aside, look, it's warm again today. we have the 60s. last couple of days we've been
9:41 am
oranges have happened. we're forecasting two more days in the 60s, so today and monday. but you compare that to what it was one year ago and can you see, the climate line is right here, all days were below or at the average line. we're soaring above it day after day after day. that being said, we can look at the record books and see eight degrees is the extreme cold back in 1960, the record hoe, and these are the climate highs and lows over a 30 year average. i don't know why the camera keeps disappearing on me with the computer, we'll see. 62 is the current number in central park. we are forecasting 65. we need 3 degrees between now and sunset, i think it can be done. two things that could show down temperatures today. one cloud coverage. we had a few sprinkles earlier
9:42 am
thin layer of clouds and it will produce more clouds than sunshine. the skies produces more clouds than sunshine today. that could slow us down. the winds have a northerly caponent component. north new jersey has a turn in the winds where we could get a northwest. so the wind could play into this if we get the record breaker here in new york city in central park. yesterday, islip went down with 68 degrees and they broke their record. so hopefully we'll be under the influence of that microclimate set up there where we could forecast hour by hour. into the futurecast, monday, we have more clouds around in the morning than we've had the last couple of days. then we have the chance for rain. after 5:00 until 10 p.m. that's the window of rain on monday. yes, there could be a shower early monday morning, that's
9:43 am
on monday evening, that's when you'll need your rain gear as the second part of the commute, the afternoon compute. tuesday looks good, sun is backs, our temperatures are impressive as well. mainly cloudy, the record is in jeopardy, 65 for the high. tonight we go down to the mid- 50s. there could be drizzle overnight. that gives us the dampness tomorrow which sets the stage for the other system coming in but we'll still get temperatures in the 60s tomorrow. metlife stadium, 64 for the first kick. good tailgating before the game, and pretty fantastic football weather. accuweather seven-day forecast we take 60 toulouse tuesday, 50s by wednesday, bounce back to near 60 on thursday. a look at monday, the morning shower, the steadier rain. four degrees off the record for monday. there's your accuweather seven- day forecast. a lot happening even though it's mild and calm outside it
9:44 am
does it mean for the future. >> we'll sit here in january and february and see what's going on then and reflect on these days. >> i'll vey this right now. i'll print this. mild winter, with temperatures, i don't think a ton of snow because temperatures will be trending above average, not just for us, but the entire east. print it. >> no one knows. >> okay. >> got it. still ahead, an mtv reality show takes a tragic turn in south america. >> let's look at the community calendar featuring a remix of the greatest voices, this is a remix of ray charles, spirit of christmas. if you haven't heard it, google it. roll it! . [ music ]. . >> artesians, farmers, bakers,
9:45 am
museum holiday market. the queens museum invites you to warm up winter and enjoy the holiday with live musical performances, and an amazing market fills with local arts and crafts i the ginger bred workshop invites families with children to build tasy homes. mary tuba christmas brings together hundreds of players at rock feller center to perform holiday songs. st. john's episcopal church features dramatic costumes, animals, carols, and the largest pipe organs in new england. celebrate the tree and menorah
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. a helicopter has crashed in argentina killing people on board. officials say the chopper was fighting through a shooting location for the tm zee show. the network says neither of the victims was a member of the cast or crew. it is the second deadly crash in argentina this year. safety concerns are causing
9:48 am
the years hottest toys. it has officially removed swag way hover boards from its website. the move comes after several fires linked to the devices, including in our area, a fire at fire at chappaqua. the large lithium batteries inside those gadgets can cause sudden fires. and they're illegal here on sidewalks in new york. that green christmas could be on the wait for you and your family. the power ball jackpot is $180 million or a mees lyn mesaley 112 million if you take the cash. the next training is on wednesday night. tune in to eyewitness news at 11 to get those winning numbers. >> yeah, 112, take the cash. >> that had fit in your stocking. >> i think i can make do with
9:49 am
the movie for ray charles, my favorite, national lampoons christmas vacation. >> it's good. >> it's fun. >> lesser known but good. >> so good. that good one. we'll be right back with a look at the top stories. >> here is bill ritter with a look and what's coming up later. >> this morning on "up close" the fallout from donald trump uber can controversial place to ban all muslims. plus will the big recent corruption cases including the conviction of silver lead to reform in albany.
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9:53 am
off the west side highway in chelsea. this is video of the scene we were provided by a viewer. this fire did get up to three alarms. all the trucks on the third floor of the facility at the time. the maintenance facility houses other offices so it's unclear if there were any holiday packages in any of those trucks at the time. so we're still waiting to hear back from the postal service about that and also about how this fire started. . >> thank you so much. real quick shout out to weekend news super fan donna turper. turner. her birthday is today. >> she is a super fan. >> she's on social media commenting on what's going on. i. >> 62 degrees and we might set a record today. >> thank you, michelle. and 65 is the forecast high. tomorrow it's still going to be
9:54 am
actually had have rain in the air -- will have rain in the area. mild temperatures but rain. 62 on tuesday, a great day. we could break another record on thursday. back to the 40s by next weekend. >> man. >> it's been a nice run. no complaints. >> 1923 record was last set and we may break it today. we'll let you know. >> that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. >> for the entire family here
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