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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  December 15, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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more than a month after the crime. >> arrested again, the disturbing charges one long island man is now facing. >> and the gop candidates are getting ready for their final debate of the year with one candidate burning the midnight oil on the las vegas strip. good morning, i'm lori stokes. >> and i'm shirleen allicot in for ken rosato. it is tuesday december 15th. you may have heard the wind howling last night. check out this video overnight from yonkers. this large tree was no match for the powerful gusts. the tree also snapped power lines knocking out electricity to homes on washington avenue. >> can we expect more rain and more wind. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> rain is leaving. wind will continue all day long. doesn't take a whole lot to knock the tremendous down, we've got 25 miles an hour wind gusts. 63 degrees, cloudy skies, west wind 12 to 17
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56 kingston, poughkeepsie, newburgh, temperature still dropping a little bit here. we're looking at a temperature around 62 long island, 59 down the jersey shore. a couple little sprinkles are left on the eastern end of long island and up toward ulster and sullivan county. that will cut across dutchess. sunshine returning today. 60 by noontime, 62 this afternoon. stihl we'll have that wind today up to 25 miles per hour. more rain is coming and a big chill this weekend. we'll all talk about that in the accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. it's weather then heather every 7 minutes. >> let's see what's happening. good morning everybody. seeing delays on the 7 train. the problem is ongoing signal problems over at willets point. new jersey transit, metro north, lirr all on time. watch for this problem on 84 eastbound towards exit 17 in dutchess county, a collision. here's a look at the westbound
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side of the southern state, very solid here right through eagle avenue in nassau county. going to our other camera, the belt parkway westbound picking up a lot of volume heading right out toward kennedy airport. alternate side parking rules are in effect for today city wide. back over to you. thank you. 6:02 and a murder mystery this morning in brooklyn. police first thought an elderly woman died of natural causes. that was five weeks ago. now they say she was murdered. the 82-year-old victim was found dead inside her apartment at the woodson houses. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live now in brownsville with the bizarre turn of events. dray. >> good morning, lori. certainly bizarre is one way of putting it. there are still two primary questions that need to be answered. one is how did the medical examiner miss the mark while examining the elderly woman's body. second who was responsible for killing the 82-year-old victim.
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unresponsive inside her sixth floor apartment on november 9th and eventually declared dead. police had gone to her apartment here at the woodson house for a welfare check because no one had heard from her. as mckenny's body was being prepared for burial, workers at the caribbean funeral center noticed a knife wound in the back of her neck. the medical examiner has made her death a homicide. investigators spend a significant amount of time inside her apartment yesterday looking for anything, any kind of evidence that might lead them to her killer. certainly people who live here at the woodson houses were very surprised to hear that the elderly victim had not died from natural causes but rather she was murdered. we're live in brownsville, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news.
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tornado driver is still on the loose hours after a deadly hit and run. witnesses say the truckdriver actually got out of his rig after hitting a man in newark, then drove off after realizing what happened. the victim was hit at the intersection of chancellor avenue and leslie street around 6:00 last night. he died at the hospital. the truck also damaged an suv. 6:04, and police say a serial sex offender on long island has struck again. edward ramirez is charged with molesting two young sisters while delivering furniture at their queens home over the week. this is his third arrest in little more than a year. previously ramirez was accused of planting a recording device in the women's room of a restaurant. he's being held on $50,000 bail on this latest arrest. we have new details in the weekend double murder of a mother and daughter in new jersey.
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beaten to death rareton by 51-year-old ramon cadiz. the victims have been identified as 51-year-old sandra giuseppe and her 15-year- old daughter kimberly strength. 6:05, his front runner status puts donald trump center stage tonight with senator ted cruz right beside him thanks to a surge in the polls. the preparations in las vegas have been intense. remember, there are just six weeks to go before iowa republicans cast their votes in the nation's first caucuses. trump is going into the debate hot off a rally near the vegas strip. this will be the first debate for republicans in more than a month and the first since the attacks in paris and california. the four previous debates got record viewership. trump says it will be the same tonight because all the other candidates gunning for him.
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>> so we're watching television before we're hearing these announcers saying who's going to take on trump tonight, who's going to hit him hard. yeah i would say bring them on. who cares. what difference does it make. but i would say it won't be -- this will not be like an evening in paradise for me. do we agree? >> the three democratic candidates will be in new hampshire for their debate on saturday. bernie sanders is campaigning there this week but hillary clinton used brooklyn for a warmup attacking republicans who have turned against immigrants and refugees after the paris and san bernardino attacks. >> the time when a lot of americans are fearful about future attacks here at home, some candidates are even stoking those fears more and turning people against muslim americans saying some really hateful, hurtful things. >> clinton called for a break in fees for immigrants applying
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to be u.s. citizens. 6:06. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. >> let's take a look from our camera here on the roof across the park to the wollman rink on the right there. that's 432 park. we're looking at what's going to be. skies clearing up. we'll have a good looking sunrise here. you see the back edge of the clouds in the distance. sun will be coming up in 45 minutes. we'll be looking at a lot of sunshine and prettier sunset. 62 degrees, cloudy skies. last of the shower toward the twin forks right here around south hampton, deeing harbor around riverhead, eastward to shelter island to gardner's island out toward orient point in montauk. high pressure builds in today makes for a lot of sunshine. we're going to cool down a few more degrees into the upper 50s by 7, 8:00. 60s by noontime. 62 this afternoon, still temperature 20 degrees warmer than normal. we'll have a clear night, a great night tonight and the
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kiddos grab a jacket or sweater this morning. by afternoon we're at 62. it's going to feel great. you'll need jackets and sweaters again this evening. i give it a b. this weekend is brisk. there you go debbie duhaime. >> b is okay. we'll take it. good morning to you bill. good morning to everybody. let's see what's happening as we head to the subways right now. on the 1 train delays downtown with the ongoing signal problems at 145th. and on the 7 train delays hudson yard bound. it's all due to ongoing signal problems at will ets point. watch out for slowdowns on 84 eastbound exit 17. let's go outside. l.i.e. westbound moving slowly right through queens getting out toward kew gardens. watch for stop-and-go traffic there. going over to the other camera, the westbound belt still very busy heading out toward kennedy airport.
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are in effect. back to you shirleen, lori. >> still ahead on eyewitness news another new yorker crossing the street struck and killed by a city bus. >> dozens of fishermen trapped on thin ice. see how firefighters swooped in to save them. >> and moments ago a rocket carrying the latest group of astronauts blasted off to the international space station.
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dozens of people are safe on solid ground this morning after a scary scene on a minnesota lake. 50 people were left stranded when the frozen lake began to crack leaving fishermen and their ice houses floating. first responders were able to make a path to the shore and get everyone to safety. officials are warning people to be careful in spots where the ice is thin. the fbi's search at a lake near the scene of the terror attack in san bernardino california has ended without any significant evidence. law enforcement officials say federal investigators did not find new clues in the attack cached out by tashfeen malik and syed farook.
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the white house is asking for a review of how would be immigrants are vetted. the focus on their online presence. the state department is looking at ways to use social media posts in its vetting process. army sergeant held captive by the taliban will face general court martial. after five years in captivity, now under general court martial bergdahl could face a life sentence if he's convicted of misbehavior before the enemy. he faces five years in prison if convicted of desertion. saudi arabia said 34 muslim nations have agreed to form a military alliance to fight terrorism. it will have a joint operation center based in the saudi capital. the coalition includes egypt,
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qatar, the united arab emirates and turkey. three new crew members are on their way to the international space station. they blasted off in a russian spacecraft just about 15 minutes ago. nasa astronaut tim with veteran cosmonaut and tim peak. he is the first british astronaut to visit the space station. it will be a six-hour journey to the i. s. s. with docking scheduled for 12:24 p.m. once aboard three crew members will quickly become involved with many research projects including experiments on the effects of space on the human body. and we'll also test out an inflatable capsule similar to one that may be used on missions to mars. time to get a check on that accuweather forecast.
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we have a wind out of the west. be aware of that making your commute today. if you're around the five boroughs, there's that canyoning effect that doubles the wind speed. be ready for that. things can get blown around, debris and dust. it's a refreshing morning here. you can tell that the humidity is gone as compared to yesterday, yesterday evening when we had the rain. we have a half inch of rain in a lot of spots. here's how it looks outside this morning. we're going to have a beautiful sunrise. lights are on at wollman rink. 62 degrees, dry humidity, a west wind up to 18 and the pressure is rising. look how low it is. it's really low there. that means it's going to be windy as high pressure builds in today. low 60s around the five boroughs. 58 up toward white plains. all these numbers are nearly 20, 25, 30 degrees warmer than normal. we'll have this all day with gusts at 25. on the radar the last of the showers on eastern long island
6:16 am
high pressure will now build in. clears us out. our futurecast shows us sunny today and tomorrow. here comes thursday, rain, 1:00 on thursday into the afternoon, into the evening and into overnight thursday night and friday we'll clear out. temperatures today is going to be right around 62 degrees, and then tonight we drop down in the 40s. look at tomorrow, temperatures are going to be around 50 degrees, 48, 47 degrees, so much cooler for tomorrow. after school today kids it's going to feel great. we're right around 62 degrees, 42 is our normal high this time of the year. great weather this afternoon. tonight we've got less wind, 45 degrees. tomorrow we've got sunshine, a cooler day, warmer than normal by 10 degrees. we're at 52. your accuweather seven-day forecast, there's the rain on thursday. friday's cool and saturday a bit brisk and chilly with a wintery wind on saturday it will feel like the 30s as we go into saturday.
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we warm back up next week. the big star wars premier is tonight. are you going to the star wars premier? >> shirleen is going and alex, my little alex is going. >> i am going tonight and i have a date. >> who's your date? >> i'll show you. my date is the maxi moose. >> yeah. >> this is my date max sky skywalker. >> i am your father. >> you are the master. >> wow. >> and also cleo pup is here this morning. >> i thought the movie was something to look forward to. i want to see this. >> you can see him in a storm trooper out there. he's 80 pounds, 60 pounds fuzz. >> yeah, all fuzz. >> you guys have a great day. i want to tell you what's happening as we take it over to the 1 train, downtown delays
6:18 am
and on the 7 train delays with signal problems at willets point, delays hudson yard bound. lincoln only 5, holland looks okay, throgs neck, whitestone and watch for this closure on 63rd between 1st and 2nd blocked after last week's partial building collapse over there. let's go out to the webcam, the fdr drive southbound moving slowly down towards the 70s. our other camera, the grand central parkway westbound moving really slowly heading out toward the rfk bridge. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you. thank you. drones are growing in popularity and the owners will soon have to get them registered before their first flight. abc's reena ninan and richard bacon have this morning's tech bytes. >> registering drones. >> it will be required by late february for the hundreds of thousands of drones currently flying.
6:19 am
have to register it right way. the faa registry week site opens next monday. >> google map rolling out new features. >> users will be able to pull up a store's holiday hours as well as days on the retailers busiest times of day. >> facebook is getting in on the star wars excitement. click the try it button from the star wars account posts and choose between the blue lightsaber, the color of the jedi or a red lightsaber. what's it going to be? >> blue. >> i prefer the color red. >> that debate settled. those are your tech bytes. >> have a great day everybody. >> i think that's darth vader's color, too. i don't know rena. >> 6:19. have you completed your holiday shipping, some important deadlines are fast approaching. >> and you saw it right here on
6:20 am
giants now squarely in the playoff race thanks to lucky number 13. >> fist a holiday greeting from a member of our military overseas. >> hi my name is la trisha thomas here at naval base guam happy holidays to my announcement: this storm promises to be the biggest of the decade. with total accumulation of up to three feet. roads will be shut down indefinitely.
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on the money this morning, wall street begins the day oil prices. the dow jones stars the day at 17368, and the nasdaq composite and s&p 500 begin higher as well. checking stocks overseas, japan's nikkei average lost 1 1/2 percent. hong kong's hang seng finished slightly lower. a new law in seattle clears the way for drivers at uber and lyft to organize a union. companies like uber usually classify their drivers as i believe dependent contractors who don't get benefits.
6:24 am
the seattle ordinance allows them all to bargain collectively. if you're hoping to get your presents under the tree in time for christmas morning you better get to the post office. today is the last day to get presents delivered by the 24th using standard postal service shipping. and the rush to beat santa to the punch has people lining up at the post office. if you want to skip the long lines you can request a package pickup using the usps website. 6:24. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans. >> we look at the ferries from staten island, jersey city, should be a fine ride here, a little breezy this morning with a west side wind here. she's got to push you a little over toward the brooklyn side. should have a nice ride from brooklyn back and forth toward the hudson river. even if you're taking the ferry over from bridgeport to port jeff water temperature 51. still warm for this time of the year. by the next seven hours we're looking at temperatures of 58 degrees cooling down a little bit. then we warm back into the low
6:25 am
60s later on this afternoon. and we're going to be looking at temperatures here around plain view long island looking at 59, 60 degrees. by noontime low 60s this afternoon. it's weather then heather. debbie duhaime's filling in today in the traffic center. how's it going out there? >> good morning bill, good morning everybody. ferries are on time but a problem with metro north on the danbury branch. delays with a disabled train. engineer transit lirr on or close. on the 1 train downtown delays, signal problems at 145. on the 7 delays hudson yard bound because of signal problems at willets point. the l.i.e. westbound taking up volume getting into little neck parkway. our other camera the southbound van wyck moving slowly into kew gardens. alternate side parking rules are in three words explain why the giant's three-game losing streak is over this morning,
6:26 am
the second year star had another big night for big blue. he caught two touchdown passes in the second half to lift the giants past miami 31-24 on monday night football. the win moves giants back into a three-way tie for first atop and philly. minutes. we hadn't been doing that. we hadn't been finishing. that was a major goal and we did that. >> we obviously knew what happened yesterday in the division, another team, so we had to stay son track. >> up next a home date with the undefeated carolina panthers. game time is 1 p.m. sunday at metlife stadium. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a heartless thief targeting a senior citizen. the nypd asking for help to track him down. >> new information on the latest malfunction to shut down reactors at the indian point nuclear plant.
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now new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. a dangerous scene overnight in manhattan when scaffolding comes crashing down. new video of the damage in the village. >> a woman crossing the street struck and killed by an mta bus. it's the fourth similar tragedy in the last two months. >> and the vote coming today that could mean a big change for part of the controversial common core. >> and good morning, i'm shirleen allicot in for ken rosato. >> and i'm lori stokes. thanks for starting your morning with us. it is tuesday december 15th. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans. >> we're starting out with skies that are clearing up. we're looking from our camera on the fort lee side of the george washington bridge looking back across the east. pretty sunrise in progress, 62 degrees around laguardia. to the north it's very mild even though temperatures have been dropping a few degrees. we're going to be looking at sunshine today.
6:29 am
more this morning but warm back into the low 60s this afternoon. we're going to be looking at fair weather with warmer temperatures tomorrow. rain on the way and a brisk weekend coming up. debbie duhaime is up in the traffic center in for heather this morning looking at the commute. >> a couple of problems now. good morning to everybody heading over to the maps on the 84, 84 east exit 17 out past the newburgh beacon bridge, it's an accident. expect delays there. metro north danbury branch running with delays with a disabled train. new jersey transit, lirr on the time. downtown delays but signal problems at 145th. on the 7 delays hudson yard bound with signal problems at willets point. george 10, lincoln 10, holland 5. this is volume on 139 out toward the holland tunnel. and going to our other camera volume across the upper level of the inbound george washington bridge. back over to you.
6:30 am
thank you. new this morning, video of a partial scaffolding collapse in greenwich village just happened at the 125-year-old mills house number 1 on bleaker street. the building used to be the home of the old village gate jazz club. the scaffold fell at about 2:30 this morning. no one was hurt but the sidewalk was closed for a short time. 6:32. new details in a deadly accident involving a city bus in brooklyn. a 62-year-old woman crossing the street struck and killed by a b36 bus. it happened last night on east 17th street and avenue z just an hour before the nypd announced a new initiative focused on pedestrian safety. eyewitness news reporter kala rama has more from sheepshead bay. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is actually the fourth pedestrian struck by a bus in six weeks.
6:31 am
crosswalk just behind me here. 62-year-old eleanora shulkina was killed while crossing east 17th street. an mta bus making a left on to east 17th from avenue z hit and killed her. the bus driver remained on scene and has not been charged. one man who lives in the area decided to bring his young son to the scene yesterday evening to use this tragedy as a lesson. >> i think it's good for, you know, a child to be aware of, you know, that when you're crossing the street you have to be careful and you have to pay attention and you have to look for cars and buses. >> reporter: just after the 62- year-old woman was struck and killed the new york police department launched their holiday pedestrian safety initiative. it runs this week through sunday and targets vision zero violators like speeding drivers, texters or those who don't yield to pedestrians in areas near senior centers
6:32 am
despite these events of deadly pedestrian accidents, fatalities of pedestrians are down by 4% in the last year. we're live in brooklyn, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. it's 6:34. new this morning, police want your help catching a robber who beat up an 81-year-old man in palestinian. here's a picture of the person that police are looking for. the attack happened earlier this month. police say the suspect walked up behind the victim on louis a and hit the man in the head. 6:34. the man accused of killing 6- year-old etan patz, 36-year-old ago heads back to court today. attorneys for pedro hernandez are asking a judge to dismissed charges against him. hernandez is facing a retrial for the 1979 kidnapping and murder. hernandez confessed to killing the boy after luring him into the bodega where he worked. his first trial ended with a hung jury. a special education teacher
6:33 am
jersey accused of abusing students in her care. ashley fabrezio is charged with two counts of child abuse and assault. she works at the 16th avenue elementary school in elmwood park. police made the arrest on saturday after they were notified by the school about possible abuse. febrezio is out on bail and ordered to stay away from children. after a final vote today in the scores that new york students get on state exams will no longer count in the evaluations given to their teachers state board of regents support a fur-year moratorium on any use of the common core test scores. the legislature had voted to actually increase the weight of those test scores in teacher evaluations but an unofficial vote yesterday showed the regions are united in throwing out that policy. it will be the final year for preschools many brooklyn if
6:34 am
way breaking from his strategy of turning around failing schools. peace academy middle school and the school for the urban environment and foundations academy high school are all battling low enrollment and high staff turnover. 6:36. secretary of state john kerry arrived in moscow for tough talks with russian president vladimir tore kerry is trying to narrow gaps to end syria's civil war and settle on any potential role for syrian president bashar al-assad. 6:36. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic and meteorologist bill evans. bill. >> let's take a look from our camera at 4 time square. we've got a good looking sunrise, the choppers are up this morning, and it's a day where we're getting it going. we're going to be looking at skies that are clear to partly
6:35 am
cloudy as you can see, and we're going to be seeing a lot of sunshine today. we've got a wind today. it's going to be coming in out of the west and northwest. a pretty view as we look from the beach this morning. i want to show you the view of the sun vise down the jersey shore. here's what's going on this morning. we have a morning where we start out with partly cloudy skies. we look down the beach here and out toward the buoys. 60 around paramus, 62 around the park. 48 up we're going to be looking at degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year, and we're going to be looking at highs today still in the 60s today even after a cold front has pushed through the area. today the last of the showers have pushed out towards the east. have more high pressure building in for the day today. debbie duhaime is in the traffic center looking at your commute. good morning everybody. heading over to 84 eastbound slowing down towards exit 17 heading out toward brewster.
6:36 am
traffic is very heavy there. on metro north danbury branch, delays, a disabled train. new jersey transit lirr on time. 7 trains delays but sill problems at willets point. is signal problems at 145. i'll show you the garden state parkway northbound moving slowly up and over the driscoll bridge. more volume by the union toll plaza. alternate side parks rules are in effect for today city wide. back over to you. thank you. 6:38. new this morning, can you guess webster dictionary's word of the year. you'll only need three letters to spell it. that's the only guess you get. >> an emergency shutdown at the indian point nuclear plant that triggered the disturbance and also the full investigation being ordered. >> a piece of transportation history from the september 11th attacks heading to its final resting place today. >> and the reviews are in.
6:37 am
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6:41. the first of six baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray could learn his fate as early as today. jurors will resume deliberations today in the
6:40 am
investigators say gray died after his neck was broken during a 45 minute ride in a police van. gray was not buckled in and repeatedly asked officers to be taken to the hospital. governor cuomo says a full investigation is underway into the overnight shutdown of a second reactor at the indian point nuclear facility in buchanan. the reactor was thrown into automatic shut down at about 7 p.m. that's when an electrical disturbance occurred on the non- nuclear side of the plant. there was no release of radioactivity reported and no danger to the public or plant workers. boston university has revoked the honorary doctorate it gave bill cosby las year. the university cited cosby's sworn testimony in a deposition saying cosby had brought significant and lasting discredit on himself. meanwhile, cosby has filed a counter suit against seven of
6:41 am
cosby says the seven made "malicious opportunistic and false defamatory accusations. 6:43. you won't have to travel to a galaxy far far away to see the newest installment in the star wars series. >> the force awakens premiers tonight in manhattan and hundreds of diehard fans showed up at three different theaters last night in los angeles for the world premier. stars and stormtroopers lined the red carpet as characters filed in to see the film. without giving away any spoilers fans who got a first look at the movie were not disappointed. >> it was everything i expected and more and there was a lot of surprises. >> there was a really big plot twist that kind of blew my mind a little bit. i was not expecting that at all. >> i think it does an incredible job brink back the older characters and weaving them into the story. the force awakens opens nationwide
6:42 am
the much anticipated movie has already broken presale ticket recordings. it is 6:43. good morning america is coming up. let's check in with robin. >> we have the race for president, the candidates gearing up for tonight's republican debate. donald trump still leading in the polls but is ted cruz catching up. we'll have all the latest on that. >> also ahead, the successful financial advisor now wanted for attempted murder. the suspect on the run after stabbing a woman for no apparent reason at a drugstore. the search for her is underway right now. >> and a dramatic rescue on mount hood. four members of an oregon family trapped overnight. the family sharing their survival story this morning. >> it's incredible. >> it is incredible here on gma. >> and will smith is going to join us live. >> sounds like a fun show. >> he's got that new movie out concussion. >> yeah, concussion. >> thanks robin. >> it's time to get a check on that accuweather forecast. >> let's step outside with meteorologist bill evans.
6:43 am
>> it's nice and refreshing, a little west wind here, and the west wind is kind of gusting in through the buildings this morning. you'll feel that but it's dry. it's comfortable. you just need a little jacket, a sweater, and just fine today, another mild day of weather after the rain we had overnight. it's a half inch to an inch in a couple of spots. we take a look from our camera in asbury park looking down the beach, west wind at about 18 miles an hour. some of those gusts will go to 25 today. 62 degrees, dry humidity, it's way low. day. we set a record high overnight. at 3 a.m. it was 68 degrees. it's a balmy morning. tomorrow. some rain returning thursday, then some brisk and chilly weather coming up for the weekend. a little more seasonal, normal weather coming up this saturday and sunday. 67 around west hampton beach, down the jersey shore about 59 degrees.
6:44 am
these numbers way warm by 20, 25 degrees warmer than normal for this hour of the day for this time of the year. a west wind all day long from 10 to 18 to 25 miles per hour. that's what we have right now and that has pushed all the showers and the front to the east end that will keep carrying itself away and the showers are going to be out past orient point and gardner's island as we go into the morning. more of this high pressure ridge back to the west will keep building in. our futurecast, our computer models show sunshine today and tomorrow. here's thursday. clouds increase. we get rain by noon, 1:00, 2:00 into the afternoon. that will last into thursday night and then we clear out overnight. and we'll be seeing cooler weather for friday, is particularly for the weekend. temperatures this afternoon around 60, 62. we'll warm back up this afternoon. cooler temperatures overnight tonight, tomorrow's afternoon highs are around 50. still those temperatures are 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of the year.
6:45 am
kids this morning you need a jacket or sweater at the bus stop. after school it warms up nicely. here's a peek at your weekend, 40 on saturday. it's going to feel like the 30s and sunshine believe it or not, those are normal temperatures for this hour of the day. 62 today, 45 tonight, a cool and crisp night. a very nice night. 52 with sunshine tomorrow. your accuweather seven-day forecast, rain on thursday. we cool down on friday. it gets brisk and chilly on saturday. it's going to feel like the 30s all day but, you know, don't get used to that or get excited. we warm back up into the 50s, 60s, maybe even next week. we'll have some chilly weather, this is your weekend. >> thank you bill. >> want some wind, this is your morning. >> we can hear it, yes. >> we can. >> let's check in with debbie duhaime. >> thank you lori. lets see what's happening as we head over to the danbury branch of metro north heading into danbury. an hour delay because of a
6:46 am
disabled train. new jersey transit lirr on oracles to schedule. if you're going to be taking a ride to 33 eastbound getting into route 18 in neptune watch out for an accident there. one lane is blocked and problems continue as you head to 84 eastbound getting out toward exit 17 heading out toward brewster with a collision over there. stop-and-go traffic on the northern state west into willis avenue with an accident reported. inbound george 10, lincoln 20, holland a 10 and the 1 train delays downtown with signal problems. lets go outside, i'll show you the northern state parkway westbound moving slowly out towards willis avenue. a lot of stop-and-go traffic on the southbound van wyck. it's bumper-to-bumper heading right into kew gardens. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you shirleen, lori. thank you. happening today in the last
6:47 am
9/11 attack will be moved today from hangar 17 at kennedy airport to a permanent display at the new york trolley museum. path car 143 was part of the train which was crushed in the trade center station when the twin towers collapsed it's been stored for the past 14 years. enough for salvage. the other five were destroyed or had to be cut apart to be removed from the station. merriam webster dictionary has picked a small group of letters. it's the suffix ism. the dictionary's top lookups were for the records like socialist, fascism, communism, capitalism, and terrorism. lots of isms. now that takes on its own identity. new figures out this morning showing an alarming
6:48 am
rise in a certain type of crime on the subway. >> plus a coffee shop employee serving up some dissatisfaction
6:49 am
6:50 am
l eland? abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. it is 6:52. the number of sex crimes reported on new york city subways is on the rice. investigators say there were
6:51 am
january and november of this year. now that's 100 more than lastier. the most common crimes are groping, public lewdness and unwanted surveillance. the nypd says the higher numbers are in part because ridders are more serious about taking pictures of the incidents and reporting them. 5:3 a food fight between a customer and an employee at a drive through window heats up. check this out. as a tim horton's worker throws hot coffee at a customer's car in michigan. the customer says he refused the coffee after an employee would not throw away a cup of cold coffee for him. the customer runs back to the drive through window and hurls that cup of coffee. the worker fires back, this time with doughnuts. the customer says he was also yelling racial slurs. >> yikes. >> still ahead, police in brooklyn unraveling a murder mystery. an elderly woman found dead
6:52 am
you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! you might even get help paying for it! go to or call 1-855-355-5777
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au a brooklyn woman's apartment is a crime scene after a startling discovery weeks after her death. >> eyewitness news reporter dray clark has the details from brownsville. dray. >> reporter: good morning guys, you certainly can imagine how surprised people were after learning that the victim had not in fact died from natural causes but now police say she was in fact murdered.
6:54 am
now they're trying to find out who killed the 82-year-old victim. myrtle mckenny was found unresponsive inside her apartment on november 9th and eventually declared dead. police had gone to her apartment for a welfare check because no one had heard from her. december 14th as mckenny's body is being prepared for burial, funeral workers realized there was a knife wound in the back of her neck and notified the police. the medical examiner has ruled her death a homicide. investigator spent a significant amount of time inside her apartment yesterday looking for any evidence that might lead them to her killer. dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. a 62-year-old woman dead, the most recent pedestrian hit by a city bus. >> eyewitness news reporter kala rama is live now in sheepshead bay. >> reporter: lori, shirleen, good morning to you. 62-year-old eleanora shulkina
6:55 am
struck and killed by a bus in six weeks. an mta b36 bus making a left on to east 17th street hit and killed her. the bus driver remained on scene and has not been charged. this incident comes as the nypd launches their holiday pedestrian safety initiative targeting vision zero violators for speeding or not yielding to pedestrians. the initiative runs now through sunday. we're live in brooklyn, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. the new york city council's transportation committee meets to vote this morning on new hit run legislation. mayor de blasio's vision zero traffic safety program has reduced fatalities. this new legislation would rise the civil penalties imposed against drivers. 6:58. let's get another check on the morning commute with debbie duhaime. >> let's go right to the maps tell you what's happening on
6:56 am
slowly towards bridge. still seeing stop-and-go traffic on the northern state westbound with a collision there. it's been busy on 84 eastbound towards exit 17. watch for delays on the danbury branch of metro north as well with a disabled train. back over to you. debbie thank you. >> here we go this morning we're looking at a beautiful sunrise. it is windy. it is going to be cool and crisp to start the day. we see a temperature of 61 now. temperature's going to fall into the upper 50s through the morning commute and then warm back up this afternoon. we already hit our high. it was a record, 68 at 3 a.m. this morning. 59 at noon. this enwe warm into the low 60s 52 tomorrow. still warmer than normal, rain on thursday. saturday a wintery wind. the oww, wintery wind on
6:57 am
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