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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  December 16, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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and now check this out, police were dusting off a box cutter in the street this morning for fingerprints and then a few seconds later, they removed the box cutter as evidence. they say the 16-year-old girl was just walking to white stone academy this morning. she is an exchange student from china. she has only been in the country for about eight months. she is pushed from behind and then slashed twice in the face. she then races back to her aunt's home and gets help but the suspect is still on the loose. this is a quiet neighborhood and what appears to be a random attack. >> poor thing. that's terrible. >> that's horrible. >> that's terrible. you send your children to school in the morning and you don't want to hear that they have been hurt let alone something as vicious as being slashed. >> i don't have words. this makes my heart race. i feel really bad right now. i hope that person gets caught. that's terrible. >> and quickly. before it happens to somebody else. especially with the children
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couple hour, you don't know where they are. >> reporter: and again, residents quite concerned about this, especially with the kids walking to and from school. once again, this girl went to white stone academy. and she was taken to long island jewish where she is recovering and she is slashed twice in the face. the interesting thing about this, police say the suspect was wearing a surgical mask and gloves. they say he is an adult male and he had a light gray or blue hoodie on and dark pants. they are hoping to release video later today. we will bring you the latest as police try to figure out who did this. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new at noon, the fbi director joined the nypd in manhattan today to talk about the fight against terror in the wake of the san bernardino attacks. dray clark is live with more. >> reporter: good afternoon,
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the fbi director was here at one police la azoo to address the shield conference. he spent a significant amount of time talking about how isis has revolutionized terrorism through social media. he says isis has successfully recruited people to either come and join them on the iraq and syrian border where they have a strong hold or to carry out attacks in the name of isis where ever those individuals may be in the world. it's unclear if the recent attacks in paris or even in san bernardino were pulled off through the use of encrypted messages but it's a big part of the fbi's investigation. and director says encrypted mobile messaging & makes the individuals nearly impossible to find that's a serious concern. >> the use of encryption is at the center of terrorist trade craft for the last two years.
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and changed the way they conduct themselves to stop our ability to see them. >> reporter: now the director says right now the fbi has investigations in all 50 states focusing on either isis sympathizers or operatives but there are others out there not on the radar like syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik, the two individuals that carried out the attacks onin san bernardino. it's important that everyone is aware of their surroundings and if they see something or feel something that's just not right, it's important to speak up because in most cases, many of the attacks can be avoided if someone has the courage to speak up and let the authorities know. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. meanwhile, the secretary of homeland security has announced a major change to the terror alert system. an immediate level is being
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right now, there's only an elevate and intermediate level. the department of homeland security will provide alerts to the public as well as bulletins. an alert is being issued today that will expire in six months. >> we are in a new phase in 2 global terrorist threat which has implications on the homeland. particularly with the rise in use by terrorist groups internet to inspire and recruit. we are concerned about the self- radicalized actors. >> the secretary says recent international attacks warrant increased security here in the u.s. as well as public veg lance and awareness but -- vigilance and awareness but there's no specific threat about a credible threat. students are back in class today in los angeles after being closed yesterday for a terror threat.
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new york city also got a threat but schools remained open because school officials and police thought the threat was a hoax. traffic moving again on the van wyck expressway after a commute. police tried to determine what caused the driver to slam into the back of a tractor-trailer. it happened in the southbound lanes. the car died. reported. a section of the road closed for more than three hours. a flight from north carolina to newark landed safely after another laser attack. the crew of the united airbus reported seeing a laser at about 3,000 feet during their approach to newark last night. the faa is trying to track down whoever is responsible for the stunt. and also in new jersey, no word on what caused a fast- moving fire that left 13 people including three children homeless in jersey city. the fire broke out around 3:00
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and it spread quickly, gutting two homes before firefighters finally put out the flames. luckily no one was hurt. the red cross is now helping the displaced families. congress has approved a 75 year extension of the zadroga act for first responders and victims of the september 11th terror attacks. the more than $8 billion measure part of the year-end tax and spending bill. under the agreement, the fund will continue through 2021 with no caps on awards. the world trade center health to 2090. the house and senate are expected to vote on the deal as early as tomorrow. news that the federal reserve plans to raise interest rates for the first time in nine years didn't stop stocks higher. the fed will likely hike short- term interest rates by .25%. interest rates fell to near 0% in december 2008 during the country's financial crisis. big board.
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average up about 34 points at 17,559 right now. the issues of national security and foreign policy dominating the republican presidential debate. former florida governor jeb bush among the aggressive challengers of donald trump last night. bush called trump, quote, a chaos candidate who does not have the temperament or experience to lead the country. new jersey governor chris christie defended his call to ban syrian immigrants from entering the u.s. >> it's so ineffective, it's so ineffective, when the fbi director tells me that he can vet those people then i will consider it because your safety and security is what is most important to me. >> and there were fiery exchanges between ted cruz and marco rubio over u.s.
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national security. it was the final gop debate of 2015. the democratic candidates will debate right here on channel 7 this saturday night. a father of three the road. now his family talks to eyewitness news as police hunt for the hit-and-run driver in a stolen pickup truck. and the actress' international custody battle. will she be allowed to bring her children back to america? plus, children found locked inside a day care center without adults and a parent captures it all on camera. i'm bill evans here in the weather center. check out these temperatures at noon. they're a little cooler than yesterday. but still well above normal for this time of the year. toms river, 51 degrees. and 50 in newark. a little east wind here. well, it's going to rain tomorrow.
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police in connecticut have released new video in the search of a burglary suspect. police say a man broke into two businesses on tuesday. he has multiple tattoos on the back of both hands. deliberations resume in the freddie gray case. a judge ordered jurors to keep trying to reach a verdict after they said they were deadlocked yesterday. the baltimore police officer william porter is charged with manslaughter. prosecutors say he failed to make sure gray was wearing a seat belt and didn't get him medical care when he was injured. authorities investigating two men for possible links to last month's attacks in paris that killed 130 people. the prosecutor says the two
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in a migrant shelter. they are suspected of participating in a terrorist organization. the prosecutor said they arrived in europe from the middle east but said releasing specific details would jeopardize the investigation. the faa investigating a hell cotter crash that kill 2 of three people onboard in arizona. the helicopter went down in a rugged area of the state yesterday. the chopper carrying a pilot, par med and i can a nurse. officials have not identified the survivor but say they were able to use a light to signal a search helicopter. actress kelly rutherford has lost custody of her two children. >> no words at this moment. >> and that's all she said outside the courthouse. n monaco. a judge had just banned her from bringing the 9-year-old and 6-year-old to the united states. the judge ruled they should stay with their father who is her ex-husband. she can only visit them in monaco or france. well, caught on camera.
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himself right in the middle of a bank robbery investigation. plus, he argued he was too spoiled to go to prison. and now the teenager in the so- called affluenza case is back in court. a message from a member of the military from our area that can't make it home for the holidays. >> hi, i'm specialist williams stationed in italy. and i wanted to wish a merry christmas and happy new year to
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a suspected tornado hit a suburb in australia. cellphone video captured the storm and winds. the winds were more than 100 miles per hour. it toppled tree, triggered flash floods. fortunately despite all of that going on there, no injuries have been reported. >> it helped that local authorities rounded up the suspected tornadoes. >> that's true. >> sound like outlaws or something. >> the suspects will be rounded up. >> we don't want to call it a tornado until we've done every
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>> well, who is responsible for this weather we're having? >> i don't know but whoever it is -- >> i think it should be you. >> well, it's a lot of pressure. here we go, some of the fair weather clouds here at noontime. isn't it pretty? the clouds creating the shadow over wall street overhead. and there goes the sea streak headed up. the ferries are working it into the lunch hour. and the temperature is 51 degrees. the humidity dry. the wind is east at 8 miles per hour. and the pressure has been steady. above 30.00 which is the mark of fair weather. normal high 43. today. just to give you an idea of what it should be like. 32 at night and started the day around 47 and the sunsets at 4:30. rain returns tomorrow. steadiest, heaviest in the afternoon and the evening. and december for a day on saturday.
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and then, records are within reach. record high temperatures next week. 50 around sunset beach already. 51 in murray hill. 43 around monticello. so you see we're already above the normal afternoon high. this northerly wind goes northeast. and it's going to turn around to the southeast this evening and that's very important because that will start putting in moisture in here and a sprinkle or two. and then tomorrow afternoon, this is the front we're talking about over chicago right now. it will head through detroit and through the pittsburgh area and then start working its way our way. by the time we get to tomorrow morning at 6:00, sprinkles and here comes the front. rain ahead of it. rain by 1:00, through the evening commute and into tomorrow night. and then it pushes through and it's out of the way by friday. but behind this, will be colder air coming in for friday and the weekend. and now this evening and tonight, you see the temperatures still tonight upper 40s, above normal. tomorrow we start in the low
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and then we the upper 50s. here comes the rain. and then tomorrow evening, we're still in the mid- to upper 50s on the computer model. and then the cold air has come in. so probably .50 of rain. this is the way the model looks right now. and maybe more. the important thing to note, jeff smith was talking about this last night, the departure if normal. so far this month, temperatures have been running 12 degrees above normal for this time of the year. 12 degrees. and that's actually warmer this december, jeff was telling me, than it was cold last february. and last february was the record. all right. cold. we will have some clouds and we will also have some sun on the 30s. afternoon. patchy cloud, 54 tonight. and turns out, cloudy, brief showers or drizzle after midnight and then the rain tomorrow.
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inch. and then the starts to cool particularly on saturday. and it will feel like the 30s. and then you see, we warm back up next week, 52 on monday. and we get to 58 tuesday. we can have record highs next week in the mid-60s by >> stop. >> okay, i stopped. >> no way. mid-60s. did you make a tee time? >> i'm a little worried, i can't get over it. driver for christmas? >> right, now i can use it. this is great. thank you for that, bill. >> in need for a snow blower. >> oh, well, crazy. >> not yet. >> we have january and february. >> have a lot of winter left. thanks, bill. day care outrage. a parent discovers children locked inside the building. where was the person who was
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plus, we are now hearing
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locked in a day care, a heroic head-on crash and an unexpected moment caught on tv. a mother in north carolina was horrified to the find her young son and seven other children locked inside a day care center without adult supervision. jessica lewis took this
12:22 pm
at the play date center on friday afternoon. she says she walked up and saw her son standing next to the window. when she asked where the teacher was, he said the teacher left to pick up other kids. she called the police right before the owner showed up. >> she had an employee there and the employee sent her a text message saying that she had to leave because her mom was having a heart attack. >> police say the day care owner was lying and she intentionally left the kids ages 11 months to seven years alone. abuse. the state department of health facility is not licensed. also caught on camera, a sheriff's deputy watches as a wrong-way driver comes right at his vehicle. the deputy is being hail as a hero because his cruiser blocked the driver.
12:23 pm
wine in the driver's purse and she's facing dwi charges. a reporter involved in a breaking news story in the truest sense of the term. adam was doing a live report on a bank robbery in iowa when apparently the suspect returned to the scene of the crime. this bank in -- >> that guy right. >> that's the robber. >> oh, that's the robber. ugh, this is live tv, folk, that's the robber just went by according to the bank employee. so i got to go here and call 911. i'll talk to you later. >> what a reaction on live tv, right? the stunned anchor assured the viewer that it was not staged and recapped the story. officials say police caught the robbery suspect in his car a short time later. >> wow. that was reaction. >> what do you do? >> well, look, it could have been our reporter, jim, they would have caught the guy.
12:24 pm
down the block. suspects -- >> no, that was the real deal. all right. thanks, a lot. well we have much more news ahead in the next half hour. a father killed in a hit-and- run crash involving a stolen vehicle. this afternoon, we are hearing from his family. plus, a tuition hike plan for a major university in the tri-state area. could it discourage teens from going there. and aproposal on a highway brought tears of joy but it upset a lot of people and now the couple is in trouble. we will hear from them.
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top stories this afternoon, a 16-year-old slashed on her way to school in queens. it happened on 13th avenue in the white stone section. police believe a chinese exchange student may have been followed by her attacker. fbi fbi director was in manhattan this morning. he discussed terrorism and the use of encrypted messages and he said the san bernardino shooters pledged support for jihad back in 2013. meanwhile, the u.s. government has changed the u.s.
12:28 pm
now officials have added an intermediate alert. hello again. police say a truck slammed into the car and then the driver ran off. we are spoke with the relatives. and we are live with new details. >> reporter: dave, the family is devastated. they say that he was such a good, good man. i want to show you at the scene, you see the evidence line oscars on the road. we believe this is if the suspect's vehicle which came down the road right there. the victim's vehicle was coming across the way here heading eastbound. so it's unclear if the suspect ran through one of the stop signs here. this say four-way stop. police say the car that the suspect was driving was reported stolen a week ago his family is begging for that driver to come forward.
12:29 pm
there and you're watching this and just please, or whoever knows anything, just please contact them. and just help us find who did this. >> reporter: a plea from the family of the victim, the 32- year-old on his way to bring his mother out to dinner last night when this trailblazer crashed into his car. whoever was driving the trailblazer ditched the car and took off on foot. >> i hope he understands what he did is wrong. messed up thing he did. family today. >> reporter: he was pronounced dead at the local hospital. what hurts the family so much is they know he would never have done this to someone else. >> taking it very hard because he's so kind. he would give his last dollar. he would help anyone. >> reporter: if you know anything about this accident or know where that driver may be,
12:30 pm
police. channel 7 eyewitness news. heart breaking. new at noon, the newark school system has reached an agreement with federal education officials over its one newark reorganization plan. the one newark plan was put in superintendent. the department of education said in a letter to the district last week its preliminary investigation found a significantly disproportion yacht number of black students who were affected. the district has agreed to address the alleged discrimination. and new details about an armored car heist in bronx. police released images of the get-away car. it's a honda acard with tinted windows. investigators believer it's part of a robbery pattern. the most recent happened a few blocks away on december 4th. in yesterday's armored car robbery, the thief made off with $78,000.
12:31 pm
midtown. a security guard accused of the job. workers accidentally threw out three wooden boxes that looked old not knowing that jewels witnesses say he took several jewels out of the box including a 17-carat diamond worth more than $3 million. he sold some of the stones to other jewelers in the same building. also in manhattan, newly released video shows two armed thieves hauling off a sack full of phones and cash from a tmobile store in manhattan. it happened sunday afternoon at 1st avenue and 19th street. the thieves ordered employees and a customer into a back room. and that is where they loaded up 40 apple and samsung phones and $1,500 in cash. students will soon be paying more to attend the university of connecticut. this morning the school's board of trustees approved a plan to raise tuition nearly 31% over
12:32 pm
starting next fall, in-state students will pay about $700 more per year. for non-resident the increase will be more than $1,000. well runway scare involving a southwest plane. the plane skidded off the runway last night after it landed in nashville, tennessee. at least eight people were injured. we have the details. >> you just heard, everyone get off the plane. leave your luggage. just get off the plane. >> reporter: frightening moments for 133 passengers 737. >> terrifying to feel the plane bounce up and down. >> reporter: southwest flight 31 departing from houston and making a rough landing at nashville international airport at 5:20 p.m. it was a lot rougher than what it usually is. right. >> reporter: the taxiing plane roll off the runway on to the grass, getting stuck.
12:33 pm
shutter and heard basically swerved into the ditch. the flight attendants told us down, down, down. >> reporter: passengers then evacuating down the jetliner's emergency chute. and ambulances immediately called to the scene, eight passengers rushed to the hospital and later released with minor injuries. both the nose of the plane and the side suffering damage. the faa is still working to figure out what went wrong including the possibility a wheel collapsed or the plane may have blown a tire or had problems with the landing gear. channel 7 eyewitness news, new york. >> all right. thank you. we want to turn now to ill evans with the after-school accuweather forecast. >> well, pretty sunshine as you see as we look up the hudson river here past the george washington bridge around the bend. next seven hour, temperatures still in the low 50s this afternoon. and get into the 40s this evening. and starts to get cloudy. after school it's really pretty
12:34 pm
great for sports, outdoors great. continues to be wonderful. and temperatures should be 42. we will be at 5 2 . cool weather for the weekend coming up and some warmer air next week. we will talk about that next. back to you. >> thank you. praying on the football field after games. coming up, one high school coach now taking on his school district after he was told to stop.
12:35 pm
new video shows how not to visit a friend in lock-up. deputies say he smashed his car into the county jail in florida. authorities say he then drove his car into a razor wire fence surrounding the jail and got stuck when he tried to climb over it. he is now locked up with his friend. depp theties say he was high on a synthetic drug. well, we showed you the video yesterday. a man proposing on a highway in texas and now we're learning it got him in trouble with the law enforcement. it came toy astand still on sunday. some people got out of the cars, stood in traffic, all to help a friend propose marriage to his girlfriend on the highway. a video of the proposal posted on internet but not everyone was celebrating. the district attorney decided to file charges. >> just wanted to apologize to
12:36 pm
that wasn't my intention. you know, at the beginning. i just wanted to do something different. >> i have seen the comment, the hatred, you know, we're really sorry. >> well, now the engaged boyfriend turned himself in yesterday. he faces a charge of obstructing a highway and he could get a fine for or up to six months in jail. facebook is relaxing its policy of having users go by their real names on the social media site. transgender users and domestic violence victims say it puts them at risk for physical harm and discriminates their identity. facebook says they'll have new tools to allow users to explain the special circumstances surrounding their name. a former high school football coach has filed a complaint with the equal opportunity commission claiming the school district violated his religious rights. the school district suspended joe kennedy for leading players
12:37 pm
it started back in 2008 but he was not ordered to stop the doing it until this october. >> hi to hide and no one could see me. and it's just not right. just giving thanks. >> we decided that enough was enough. he has got to stand up somewhere. they said, well, now you're suspended. that's ridiculous. >> well kennedy says he has every right to practice his faith and he insists he never requires athletes to pray with him. the school district told abc news they have not received an official complaint at this time. video shows a truck slamming into a track on the street. and before we show you the video, everyone is okay. but it's hard to watch. video shows the driver of a small tractor turning on the street when the truck slams into it. the driver of the truck was thrown onto a curb and believe it or not, the only injuries suffered, a broken hand and some bruises. police say the driver of
12:38 pm
so scary to see that. >> unbelievable. survived. thankfully. >> close call. still to come, a grocery store cashier's act of kindness that's lighting up social media. and the teen who claimed he
12:39 pm
right now, police are trying to find the teen who made national headlines in a drunk driving trial. he used the so-called affluenza defense but now police are looking for him and his mom. >> reporter: an arrest warn has been issued for ethan couch, the teen who received probation for killing four people in a drunk driving crash in 2013. his lawyers argued that the 16- year-old was too spoiled to go to prison and the case known as affluenza. >> too rich for jail. >> the lawyer told the judge he
12:40 pm
>> reporter: according to wfaa, he miss a check-in with the probation officer this month. court officers searched for the teen but have not been able to find him or his mother. the father claims he does not know where they are. he lived alone in this 4,000 square foot house with a pool and wet bar. >> kids laying in ditches. >> you at the accident right now? >> oh, there's another child in the ditch. oh, my god. >> reporter: four dead, 11 injured. he pled guilty to manslaughter was sentenced to 10 years probation and rehab. abc news, new york. >> so sad. and star wars mania. a good way to describe the next story would be making the the world a happier place one light saber at the time. a pod cast put together a flash mob. organizers in colorado were
12:41 pm
world record of 1500 people battling at once. and they really needed bill and i. we should have been there. >> i got one. >> they fell short. we're happy to have the chance in there. >> yeah. >> by the way, our cindy was at the special screen last night, bill evan, a couple others also. but really the review of the film first at 4:00 that you do not want to mis. great insight to the film. >> a many bunch of media types had the opportunity to see the movie. >> and i can use one word that we all agree, without giving away, it's fun. >> so much fun. >> am i wrong? i can say fun, right? >> good time was had. >> yes. and you know, i went with max and he kept pulling on my arm the whole movie. >> i saw that. it was very disruptive.
12:42 pm
we take a look outside. you know, at noontime, it looks really good. there was some interesting clouds going by. you will see the rare and hardly often seen blimp cloud i put that on twitter. >> what's a blimp cloud? >> there's no such thing but it looked like a blimp. sometimes people look at clouds and see things. looked like a blimp so i said it's the famous blimp cloud. you can call it whatever you want. they're your clouds. particularly up in new jersey up to the george washington bridge. so this afternoon, a for more clouds and the humidity is dry. and the pressure steady, above 30.00. fair weather. really warm. very warm as a matter of fact. and the departures from normal. 12 degrees warmer than normal. and we are at 51 right now.
12:43 pm
and that might cap out as the high temperature. the wind is northeast. it will come around southeast. and that could give us a sprinkle. well, friday into sunday, wouldn't you know it, the front will bring cold air. with this winter being what it is, you know, it will buckle and it will go back to the north because it's an el nio year and it will get out of the way by monday. and next week with the jet stream going back to the north and the influence dropping south, well, when it turns up into canada, it allows the cold air, boy, it's going to get warm next week. even though we have one day on saturday of december weather. patchy clouds this afternoon. be on the lookout for that infamous rarely offer seen blimp cloud. tonight, drizzle after midnight. and rain heavy at times and tomorrow evening. .50 to an inch possible. we will be at 95 degrees. and then the chilly air filtering into the weekend.
12:44 pm
and it will feel like the 30s. you see on sunday, we're at 46 but there we go. back with the gradual warm-up, 52 on monday. and 58 on thursday. so you know, this is -- tomorrow is that day. you might between see star wars. i was reading a comedian online who said he was going the to wait till the mania was over but said there's so many people talk about it -- >> yeah, all the twists will be out by then. >> yeah, avoid the spoilers. >> go see it. >> just got to buck and will fold. >> yes. >> thank you, bill. all this warmer than usual weather has changed the meaning of hitting the slopes this holiday season. as you can imagine, this is how they're tubing in the poconos without snow on the ground. it's kind of sad. the blue lightning course takes you down what would normally be the snow-cover peaks at about 30 miles per hour. it will stay open until jack forest makes his debut.
12:45 pm
we haven't been lucky enough to get it this year. >> it's like christmas morning without presents. >> yeah, some people would describe it as such. there are also zip lining and tree top courses until the snow arrives. and an architect wants to build a ski slope on top of an apartment billing. it would go down 1,000 feet down from the 20 story >> excellent. >> and by the way, it's called the slollum house. pretty cool. >> that give me heart pap biations. >> a fun ride down. >> a scary ride. hey, today we're celebrating the two magical word, snow day.
12:46 pm
perfect for the winner and i there is a place... ...where the cold melts away, the hustle and bustle dies down, and the only thing left... what's truly important. the radio city christmasspectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
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eyewitness news. the widow of a slain nypd detective talks about how she's trying to make a difference nearly a year after his death. plus, are these unseasonably warm temperatures causing more people to become sick? we answer your health questions. and a man in new jersey with a massive star wars collection will show you his impressive stash that includes io the testimonies from the actual movie. those stories and more tonight beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. >> right. time for the feed, the stories that got their start on social media and are being shared and retweeted and you never know where you will discofer an act of kindness. the picture here tells the story. the ohio cashier holding on to help his mom. but he didn't know that the brother is in the hospital.
12:48 pm
tremendous stress. the mom so thanful for this little act of kindness she posted the picture on facebook and wrote how much it meant to their family. the post already getting over 100,000 likes. >> i love it. and another act of kindness. an iowa man spotted two young people panhandling and he offered them a job. awesome, right? >> yeah. >> guess what their response was, no, thank you. >> what? >> over the weekend, the same boys, they were back at it, holding signs saying they're broke and hungry. once again, he offered them a job. again, they declined. so he joined them. pictures capture him standing on the corner holding his own sign. you know what it said? offered these guys a job, they said no. don't give them money. and that has gone viral. >> well,. >> okay. an act of tom foolery. you know, some people use christmas cards to make announce.
12:49 pm
well, friendses of a family of a michigan college student thought he had gotten married. he got a woman and her two children to pose with him as if he had joined the family. and they stuffed their shirts so she would look pregnant. he posted the card online and it ended up all over the web. >> nothing like a christmas card prank.
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