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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  December 17, 2015 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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you can see the wet roads and traffic, it's not moving near kennedy airport right now. >> and the rain not stopping some people from lining up early to see the new star wars film. no storm troopers in there, just umbrellas. lee goldberg timing it all out for us. he's outside the studios with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> it's coming down out here. there's a lot of water. and folks have to the navigate through this as they walk to the bus or subway or just walk home. take the big step over the crosswalk, water pooling there and puddles on the roads too. here's a look at central park. well, that doesn't look like central park but the visibility is low. it's a mild rain and temperatures are not the problem. we're at 59 degrees. look at the rainfall amount so far, that's newly updated, .80. new wash pushing an inch before the storm. and lighter amounts to the east but it's make up for lost time over long island. look at the rain over the five
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passaic, rockland county but the heaviest is over nassau and suffolk county. boy the l.i.e. and the southern state just a mess right now. and the good news, look at the back edge of the rain, almost getting to philadelphia in the next hour or so. and in fact, the back edge could start sneaking into sussex, warren and huntington counties so we will be watching that. but for now, it's raining heavily. another look, between the 6:00 and 8:00 hour, dramatic improvement. and then steady over long island and connecticut. a soaking rain until 6:00. 8:00 for eastern long island. we have .50 to 1.25 and that's causing street flooding and puddles around the area. and for tomorrow, the front is not moving away. and then we talk about wintry chill that we haven't seen in quite a while. for now, we will help you navigate through the pouring rain. another update is a few minutes
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away. >> thank you. well a judge ruled today that new york city cannot require all children to get a flu shot to enter preschool. the state judge sided with a group of mothers who sued last month. the decision is now being cheered by some parenting groups but some say it puts children at risk. >> reporter: well, liz, the city health commissioner says the lawsuit was completely misguided. this was supposed to go into effect in two weeks. kids in preschool and day care required to be vaccinated against flu, but yes, tonight the regulation has been down. several parents joined with victory. they sued the city claiming only the the state legislature could mandate which vaccine their children had to have. and flu was not one of them. tonight a state supreme court justice now agrees with them. the regulation would have taken
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effect on the first of the year but crickets said they weren't comfortable with the vaccine and despite mountains of research to the contrary, some feared a link to autism. they insisted the choice should be up to them. >> no one is from getting a flu shot here. every parent can get one if they want one, they're just not required to do so which is important. >> reporter: the city's health commissioner totally disagrees. the requirement will save live, she says. while we evaluate our legal option, we strongly recommend that parents vaccinate their children against the flu, end quote. every year, 20,000 children nationwide are hospitalized with flu and last year, 140 children died. we're going to talk to one man, a dad who lost his 4-year-old daughter who hadn't been vaccinated. that's all coming up on eyewitness news at 6:00 tonight. channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you.
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mayor de blasio focusing his attention on the homeless crisis in the city as he announces an ambitious new initiative today. the mayor promising a city official will respond within one hour of a complaint or concerned call about a homeless person. and he announced the program called nyc home stat. it will include a mobile canvassing force where teams will visit every block from canal street to 145th street each day the find homeless people and provide them with services. >> for all this to work, the city of new york has to own this problem. we have to own it more assertively than we ever have. we have to reach the street homeless literally every single day. >> this is all part of a shake- up of the city's homeless services programs. this week, the mayor announced the resignation of the commissioner of homeless services amid criticism about the growing homeless problem. well just days before christmas, a church on long island is the target of
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the windows smashed. we are there with the details. >> reporter: well, liz, we are jude's. and i want to show you, it's believed that someone, it or not, stole this bird bath from a neighbor, took it and threw it through the window that flew over here, knocking over candles and if you look up, you can see the wax if the candles now all over the wall. and there was glass here in front of the the statue of st. jude, all that glass is now gone. morning. if you look closely, this is pictures that st. jude's provided to us. surrounding the statue. as far as who did this, well, that's anyone's guess at this point. the church, those with the church didn't want to go on camera to the talk about this but they told me there's been vandalism of the shrine in the past. in fact, the three years ago, they had to start shutting down the shrine at night.
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they used to leave it open but anymore. suffolk police say they are investigating this. criminal incident. we have several people from the department investigating the incident. and i'm going to decline to further specify the investigative steps being taken because it's an active investigation. >> reporter: if you know who may have done this, you're asked to call suffolk police. channel 7 >> thank you. police in brooklyn need help finding a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the stairwell of her apartment building. it happened last night around 8:00 in east flat bush. authorities say the man in the video attacked a 33-year-old woman as she was entering her apartment building. he stole her cellphone and cash from the purse before taking off. police say as you can see he is between 18 to 25 years old and riding a bike.
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san bernardino shooters is now under arrest. investigators say he bought two rifles used in the mass shooting that killed 14 people. he once lived next door to syed rizwan farook. authorities believe syed rizwan farook asked him to buy the assault-style rifles, about four or five years ago. syed rizwan farook and his wife, tashfeen malik, were killed in a shootout with police shortly after the attack. president barack obama made a rare visit to the national counterterrorism center to the reassure the country today. he says there's no specific or credible terror threat to the united states over the holidays. >> i want every american to know as you go about the holidays and travel and gather with family and the kids open presents and as you ring in the new year that you've got dedicated patriots working around the clock all across the country to protect us all. >> the president says the types of threats have evolved. he says people acting on their own and in small groups are
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san bernardino as an example. tomorrow the president will visit privately with family members of the victims. a new development involving the terror attacks in paris. it seems authorities in belgium may have missed a chance to get a key suspect. he may have slipped away while police waited overnight to search a possible hideout two days after the attacks. a law bans home searches overnight except for certain crimes. and authorities say they wanted to be sure none of the early morning worshipers at a nearby mosque would be hurt. schools remain open today after receiving threats to the ones similar to the ones -- threats similar to the ones from los angeles and new york city this week. meanwhile, two school districts in central indiana did cancel classes today. police arrested two high
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school students in indiana. they are accused of making death threats against classmates but the fbi is investigating additional threats made in an area after those two students were arrested. well prosecutors in baltimore have not yet decide thed if they should retry a police officer after a mistrial was declared in the freddie gray case. the city had bracedded for possible repeat of the protests that engulfed the city in april. yesterday a jury was deadlocked over whether officer william porter was guilty of failing to take measures that may have saved gray's life during his arrest. stocks on wall street losing ground as investors absorb the hike. energy stocks led the decline one day after the market rallied over the news that the fed would raise key interest rates for the first time in yearly 10 years the. the dow dropped 253 points
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well he is is notorious ceo who made headlines for hiking the price of an important hiv drug. and now he is making headlines once again for what prosecutors scheme. details on the alleged fraud that landed him in court today. die hard star wars fans. waiting in the rain for the
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let's check the roads on this rainy thursday afternoon. and look at that traffic. this is westbound route 80 in new jersey. i'm sorry liz, what was the sound? >> ugh. >> this is near the garden the state parkway. at the hudson river crossings, only 15 minutes at the lincoln. outbound holland about 15 minutes.
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are good at the george washington bridge right now. u.s. defense secretary ash carter is admitting he used a personal unsecured email account to conduct official business. he acknowledged that the personal emails were a mistake and he's not doing it anymore. senator john mccain says his panel will review the emails to ensure sensitive information was not compromised. a popular messaging app is back up in brazil after a reversed his own decision. he temporarily blocked the app in the country. it's a free cross platform mobile messaging app used by about 100 million people in brazil. the court ordered it blocked in connection to a criminal case because they wouldn't hand over user information but the judge changed his mind saying it was not reasonable for the users to behavior. well, 4:13 right now. we are just about two hours away from the official opening
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here in the united states of one of the most anticipated movies in recent history. oversea, "star wars: the force awakens" is already breaking box office records. it earned $14 million at screening just yesterday. and more than $100 million in presale tickets have been sold here in north america. >> wow. the it's like a phenomenon. we showed you people already lined up for tonight's 7:00 p.m. showing on the upper west side. and we are out in the rain joining us with excited fans. absolutely. the rain is not dampening their spirits. you know, years ago, fans used to camp out for up to a week to be the first on the block to see the new movie. of course with online presales, that's not longer necessary but look at this, these fans are no less dedicated parents waiting for a week, rain. and what they'll see is an intriguing mix of veterans and
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newcomers. when the force return, the cast is a mix of old and new. >> i'm shaking. like this is insane. >> reporter: the newest star of star wars is the 23-year-old son of nigerian parents. he discovered acting at school in london at nine years old. >> i was in the school play and it worked out. and everybody was entertained and i loved the feeling got. >> reporter: the future star was recruited and started working professionally while he was still a teenager. >> for the part, we had no clue the gravity of the roles and how much he would play in the movie. >> reporter: he's a lowly storm trooper fighting for a dark
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disillusions and starts helping the resistance. it's no surprise they had to audition for seven months before getting news they had won out over so many other young actors. the process was so long that by the time he got to the set -- >> no nerves at all. >> reporter: not even playing opposite harrison ford. >> chewy, we're home. >> reporter: much as original star wars catapulted four to worldwide fame, so it is new for him. >> i don't want this moment to pass me by. i want to feel every emotion, everything. >> reporter: that young man is riding a rocket ship right now. it is from disney owned by the same parent company as abc 7. and at 6:00, we will be talking to some of the die hard fans standing in the rain and find out why they think it's worth it. for now reporting from the wet
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upper west side, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> before we let you go, anyone there? >> reporter: there's not grumbling and yes, underneath that rain beer, i saw a few costumes -- rain gear, i saw a few costumes. >> we appreciate that. and lee, you were saying that most of the people, they're going to be waiting in the heart of the rain until the movie starts, right? >> trust me, it does not smell very good. not pretty out there. the george washington bridge is right there. trust me. a lot of faith leaving the toll plaza and heading over the bridge. visibility super low. big delays at the airports. 59 degrees, humidity 87% and southeasterly wind at 10 miles per hour. and the high just shy of 60 degrees. and another day way above average by 16 degrees. here's the key over the next seven hours. after 6:00 or 7:00, rain shutting off at least in new york city and points west.
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and numbers will hold in the 50s at least initially. and then once the winds shift west and southeast, eventually north later tonight, the temperatures will drop and dry out. rainfall amounts, .80 in newark. pushing .90 close to an inch in toms river. and piling up quickly in islip. and rain right now. and almost an inch in bridgeport. so again with the evening planner, the the heaviest rain through the early evening hours. so 4:18 right now. another three or four hours and then things quiet down in a hurry. mainly cloudy overnight. and some will be hard to come by, at least the first half of the day . could be breaks inland. and wind to the north and freshening during the afternoon hours and temperatures in the up 40s to around 50 during the day. numbers are mild here, although it's 46 in monticello. and heaviest rain from new york city and long island as well.
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yonkers and towards city island. and the heaviest rain is over long island to lakeland, over to twin forks. and more heavy rain just off the jersey shore. so the back edge starting to get in right now. it's still a few hours away but the back edge is making progress. and by the way, on the other side of the storm, chilly air. it doesn't arrive for 24 hours. but you will notice it for the weekend. feels like 40 degrees. despite sun and wind. and 46 degrees on sunday, less harsh. and back to the short term futurecast, again, the key time period 6:00 to 7:00 when things get lightener new york city. and make it 8:00 on the eastern end of long island and eastern connecticut. and after that, clouds will hang tough into the day tomorrow. and better chance of brightening north and west. and i do think during the afternoon hour, we will see clearing down to the coast. highs around 50 with the cooler breeze during the day. dress for 40s tomorrow. by the time we get the saturday, check this out, i mean 40 degrees at best.
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clouds and sunshine. can't rule out a stray flurry north and west. and feels like we're in the the accuweather forecast. tomorrow, the only jump a couple degrees, breezy and cooler and the wind notice until the afternoon and gusting over 20 miles per hour. and clouds break for sun. and maybe just a morning shower the east of long island. and sunsets at 4:30. tomorrow night, partly cloudy and much colder. wind chills in the 20s. 34 for tomorrow night for the low. coming up at 4:30, we will look at the big high on sunday. and get less harsh. now it will be chilly sunday morning but getting better in the afternoon hours. a big game over at metlife. and i'll give you weather for that in next half hour. it is soaking sandy right now. >> and kind of exciting with the cold weather coming. >> a little bit. >> a change of pace. >> i little bit. >> i wish it could last for christmas.
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wait till you hear that forecast. when it comes to preventing cancer, how important are the choices we make? new research is shedding light on the impact some decisions have on our health. and up next, a former nba player under fire over his comments he made about the wnba. the controversial post some are calling down right sexist. and now a message from a service member who can't be
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well investigators say road rage may have been the motive in a highway shooting rampage in oklahoma that killed two people. a gunman fired at other vehicles apparently at random along interstate 40 last night eight man and woman were killed in separate shootings more than 10 miles away. at least two other cars were hit. the suspect surrendered after a short police chase. he is being held on a dui complaint but more charges are likely. the father of a little girl killed in the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut being honored for the way he paid tribute to his daughter. he turned to music to help him cope with the loss of his 6- year-old daughter anna. his goal is to share his
4:24 pm
and now his album, a beautiful life, earned him two grammy nominations and he knows anna would have been proud. >> she loved to sing. and she loved a lot of the songs that were on the recording. and the prayer that i recorded was something i prayed with my kids every night before bed or many nights before bed. >> and possibly even more touching, the album features home recordings with anna and her brother who survived the massacre. >> just gives you chills. the curtain is set to rise on a new heat on broadway. it will be in the old hudson theatre on 44th street near times square. the 112-year-old broadway play house has undergone renovation received a significant backstage and technical upgrade. the women's bathroom, seating and dressing rooms and lounge
4:25 pm
it's expected to open for the 2016-2017 broadway season. and stonewall in is one step closer to becoming the focal point of the first national park site dedicated to the lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual. riots resulting in early morning police raids at the greenwich village back in 1969 are considered the start of the civil rights movement here in this country. a former nba player is under fire for shocking comments he made about female basketball players. he posted this picture on instagram with the caption, now this is what america was hoping for when they announced the wnba back in 1996. he has not apologized the post remains with over 15,000 likes.
4:26 pm
many speaking out against the post tweeting. the nba and wnba released a joint statement saying that the comments are disrespectful and flat out wrong. a lot of people agree. >> amen to that as well. still to come, he came under fire after increasing the cost of a drug by more than 5,000%. there's new information on a ceo now in trouble with the law. and a new study reignites
4:27 pm
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our top story this half hour, a drug company ceo who bought a hiv drug and hiked the price 5,000% has been arrested today. >> martin shkreli accused of security fraud tied to a firm he started four years ago. it was in court in downtown brooklyn and it's one of the
4:29 pm
we are in down the town brooklyn with the story. >> reporter: the reviled ceo back in the headlines once again, this time for something entirely different as the brooklyn u.s. attorney put it, a ponzi-like schemed where he used his company as his personal piggy bank the to deceive investors. this morning photos of martin shkreli donning a hoodie and handcuffs being led away by federal officials. the 32-year-old who caused public outrage by raising the price of a life-saving drug by more than 5,000% now facing a number of charges. >> he ran his company like ponzi scheme where he used each new company to pay off investors from the prior company. >> reporter: it relates to his management of a hedge fund. and and a pharmaceutical company. >> they entered into settlement agreements with some of the
4:30 pm
them using the assets that they hid from the board of directors and from outsiders. >> reporter: the ongoing investigation charged the outside council for helping him cover his tracks. >> these charges in today's indictment highlight the bredth of his schemes and the web of lies and deceit. >> reporter: he left the courthouse just moments ago on $5 million bond. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. reporting from the brooklyn federal courthouse, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a husband claims his wife was wrongfully jailed and he has the evidence to prove it he claims. he went into the prison where she works near california but she never came out. deputies say her fingerprints are an identical match to a woman wanted for identity theft. and her husband says they got the wrong person.
4:31 pm
his proof he claims, he says his wife's social security number, birthday and picture do not match hers. >> it seems like a tv show. and like this is never going to happen to me. and here it is happening. >> well public records show she gave up a baby for adoption in 2002 under a stolen name but he claims his wife can't give birth. the judge plans to look at the case tomorrow. prosecutors seeking a 300- year prison sentence for the woman convicted in the kidnapping and sexual abuse of wanted. she was sentenced to the maximum possible term while her years. the couple admitted to kidnapping the two girls and sexually exploiting them as well as four other children. the new york city council
4:32 pm
took steps today to impose a civil fine up to $15,000. the city council also approved a measure requiring the police department to compile more data on hit-and-run crashes. a new jersey state lawmaker has offered up competing plans to rescue atlantic city and let voters decide on whether to expand casinos. both houses voted to their versions of the bill that would put a referendum on the ballot. lawmakers can choose one of the next week. well earlier this year, a medical study suggested that most of our risk of getting genetic. exposures didn't matter as much as originally thought. >> right. but today a new study says not so fast. study. this point? >> reporter: yeah, it drives people crazy because one day that.
4:33 pm
the study this year said we're overestimating the importance of exposures like radiation and chemicals, that all of our cells change and mutate at a certain rate and those parts where it mutated faster were likely to develop cancer. the new study says the exposures can speed up number of times or how quickly the cells change. >> so what should viewers do? >> so, you know, certain things you have control over. and certain things you don't. you can't change what you inherit but you can change what you are exposed to. ways to reduce risk. don't smoke, and if you do, try to quit. dial 311 and the quit line. use sunscreen to limit your exposure to rays. eat a healthy diet. and get vaccinated against hpv and hepatitis b. and then remember, you can do everything
4:34 pm
right and you still have risks so get your screening where recommended. >> and it comes back to the same. we know smoking is bad for us. that's not going to change. it comes into like industrial where chemicals. but some are those are obvious too. >> yeah, it's really a shared thing. you know, learning more about how you can change your genetics and what it means, and understanding that, that's really important but it doesn't take away from the importance of doing those things that are proven to reduce your risk of cancer in a major way. >> and know your family history. >> exactly. it's so important. because that will will affect what you get screened for. >> and holidays are come up. perfect time to talk about family history. >> yes, find out. don't be afraid to ask the questions. >> thank you. well, just in time for winter break, disney world along with other amusement parks makes a big change trying to keep visitors safe. and from star wars to the
4:35 pm
other blockbusters coming out, expect big crowds at movies this holiday. what you can do to reduce your chances of picking up germs. pushing an inch of rain in new york city right now. still coming down hard but the radar starting to look encouraging. we are at degrees. this is a close-up radar over queens and it's pouring in to long island but the back meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. call now to get more. more speed. like, 300 meg. more tv shows and movies on demand. more places to make more unlimited calls. call now. for $89.99 a month, you'll get 100 meg ultra fast internet, hundreds of hd channels, and unlimited calling to international destinations. we find more good things every day!
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you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! you might even get help paying for it! go to or call 1-855-355-5777 deadline extended to decemeber 19th a rapper in trouble with another confrontation. she has been arrested for allegedly attacking a bouncer at a nightclub in chelsea. it happened as the 24-year-old was thrown out of the up and down club yesterday. police say she bit the woman escorting her out and she also tried to punch her in the face. she was arraigned on assault, harassment and disorderly conduct charges.
4:39 pm
well thousands of adele fans were left empty handed when tickets for her new tour seemed to sell out in mere minutes. fans took to social media this morning when they couldn't get tickets to the u.s. tour. and that includes six shows at madison square garden. her current single hello already has more than 730 million views on youtube. and nearly just a month after the release, the album remains number one on itunes. by the way, a quick search of stubhub found those tickets selling for $300. it's a sign of the time, all three major orlando theme parks installed metal detectors today in front of their attractions. walt disney world, universal orlando and seaword are now all using the devices. disney land in california taking the security step. it's not known if the detectors will become a permanent feature. security concerns have grown following the attacks in paris
4:40 pm
and san bernardino. plenty of folks are planning a trip to the movie theater this holiday season. like any crowded place, theaters can be breeding grounds for germs. we know that. either wash your hands or use hand sanitizer if places where a lot of people are gathering. >> it's important to know that even if they're there, you can take necessary precautions to avoid getting sick. it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to get sick just because you touched those things. >> did you hear that? wash your hands. >> thanks, mom. such a mom. >> experts say it's especially important to wash your hands before you put food in your mouth. in case you forgot. >> stop nagging. i got you. i know how to do this. still come on eyewitness news first at 4:00, never miss a movie by falling asleep again. >> that's me. >> is this for real? netflix says it's figured out a way to hit the pause button
4:41 pm
when you doze off. >> ahh. and nothing says the holidays like the yule log. and we will show you the one that's gone to the dark side. the trend is next. ask a programming reminder. the new york holiday this
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
despite the warmer than normal december, a winter charity is putting a call out for winter coats. new york cares says there's a need for winter coats. they have collected 30,000 coats but it needs 100,000 more. they have requested to donate coats until january 1st. meanwhile, one person was feeling generous with their holiday donations this year. in miami, someone left a diamond ring in a red kettle bucket. the ring is worth $3,000 it was wrapped in a $20 bill. it had a handwritten note saying there are so many people who need help, keep doing good. >> i love seeing that stuff. well now to what could be
4:44 pm
the perfect liz cho gift or loved one in your life who keeps fall ago sleep in the middle of the movie or tv show. >> that's so me. >> listen, liz, watching netflix, they have come out with a pair of socks that will pause the program on a netflix streamed device whenever you doze >> to me, it looks like a publicity stunt because if you go to the site, they don't explain. but the instructions, they're laughable. all of us fans of dozing off, we can dream. >> thing is the perfect gift. >> don't you any. >> my goodness, i have not made it through a full episode of homeland yet. can is not on netflix but still -- >> the actual show. >> that too. but walking dead, i'm out. >> not with the socks. >> so true. >> the socks should wake you up. >> that's right. rather than pause the show.
4:45 pm
>> and i like the socks. walking around. >> that's lovely. >> yeah, exactly. a lot of good. >> such home bodies. meanwhile, it looks like it's going to take a longtime for anyone to get home if they are driving in this traffic. >> i know it looks that way, but in terms of the rain, that is flying eastward. so i think it could be in new york city by 6:00. conditions will improve during the evening hours. if you're headed to dinner or broadway, you're in good shape. things will improve. a lot of folks headed down there. and folks waiting for star war, things will dry out. another 12 hours. the ceiling is low over lower manhattan, about 500, 600 feet. the high today 95 degrees. way above our average. and we just go ahead and look outside and we want to switch shows here. rite now after we look at the planner here with the rain showers working through 7:00, things are going to change.
4:46 pm
right now, what we're looking at is the steadier rainfall through the area. but as we go through the next couple hour, we will see a difference in what happens here with the rainfall. so our temperatures as we go through 4:30 and 5:00 is going the stay in the mid- and upper 50s. visibilities are fairly low. and going to take a while for these two improve because we're going to have the winds shift around to the north. and that's going to take until this evening. there's the planner showing the rain shutting off after 7:00 in new york city. that may happen earlier. and look at long island, and look how it will take until 8:00 over suffolk county and then push off the east end. for the day tomorrow, clouds along the coast, best chance of brightening in the afternoon, upper 40s. the wind could gust past 20 miles per hour. pouring on the twin forks and back and over into riverhead, over huntington and back to east rockaway right there. and over the sound over to city island and back to manor haven.
4:47 pm
to moderate rain. new jersey, that's east about 50 miles per hour. between the 6:00 and 7:00 hour, dramatic difference as it tries to shut off. make it until about 8:00 and then we continue to dry out. not that there couldn't be drizzle left over but no more heavy rain. and by tomorrow morning, clouds lingering. and 35 in the coldest spots northwest. and 40s in most places and it will brighten up first to the northwest and then the coast and it will remain cloudy until mid afternoon. through saturday, look at the low friday night, 34. colder on saturday. these are the wind chills just midday afternoon. only in the upper 20s and low 30s. we're not used to that. after a cold warn, the afternoon gets better, 44 for kick-off at metlife. turning milder next week. could be a shower late damon. and rainy tuesday. and record highs possible wednesday ask christmas eve in
4:48 pm
the 60s through christmas. so santa and shorts. >> wow. >> thank you. >> i can't remember the last time in this area that it's been that warm on christmas eve, chriss if day. >> guess what, in the 60s to around 70 right before christmas so it does happen. >> and that was a nasty winter. >> yes, exactly. >> thank you. to the trend. again star wars burning up social media with the movie opening tonight. that in a moment. but let's begin with the rock 'n' roll hall of fame naming the 2016 class, chicago, deep purple, steve miller and nwa. can't believe they weren't already in the hall. you can go to abc7ny facebook page to vote for your favorite. they'll be inducted in april at the barclays center. >> hey, knave. >> yeah? >> i want you to want me. >> you're such a cheap trick. and michael moore trending for the latest target of his brand. he parked himself outside the
4:49 pm
sign saying we are all muslims. moore taking a stand against muslims. the #weareallmuslim. and he was asked to leave by police. and netflix releasing the the first trail for the record spin-off of the full house series, fuller house. 26th. i don't think you need the special socks for this. the gang is back. and to quote uncle jesse, have mercy. star wars continues to trend. there's the darth vader you love. five hours of yule log fun. this did you want even bother him. it's darth vader. and finally, a die hard fan thinks he has gotten tickets to vip preview of the force awakens. but he is the victim of an office prank.
4:50 pm
something he discovers after the opening credits hit the big screen. >> got a bad feeling about this. >> yes, the pranksters rented out a theater and made their own silly version of the movie. the poor guy sitting there and everybody was in on the joke. they're like, agh! silly movie. >> he seems so bummed that he actually missed out on the film. >> yeah, he does. >> as always, check out the trend online, abc7ny. and send us your trend ideas. >> chewy was so funny. >> poor lee would have flipped out. >> he would have lost his mind. >> i know, not just his wallet. >> another story for another time. >> i had forgotten about it for one minute. >> sorry. anyway, still to come on eyewitness news first at 4:00, a family under fire for their holiday card. details on the photo that has some people outraged.
4:51 pm
and before we go to break, a quick check of the delays of the hudson river crossings.
4:52 pm
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this is a gorgeous acrylic tub that fit right over the old one. and only bath fitter has seamless walls, which guarantee a watertight fit. when you change your tub, you change your bathroom. and that can change your life. i know because i did it. it's that time of year when the mailboxes get flooded with holiday cards. >> for a family in louisiana, they thought they were funny with their card but it has
4:54 pm
lauren glassberg has the story. >> the holiday photo causing controversy on the web. comments pouring in from around the globe. one poster writing the fact that you and your friends find this funny show what a sick bunch you truly are. another calling the image sick. >> i have received messages from people in germany. >> reporter: you see them posing between rose of christmas -- rows of christmas tree and the mother and daughter with a mouth taped shut and a sign saying peace on earth. the picture sparks outrage with many feeling it is sexist sending the message women should not speak. >> the negative feedback was disheartening. the family saying it was a joke. >> originally my idea. i found a photo like it on pinterest and decided let's do it. >> the johnson family is
4:55 pm
standing by the photo. >> it's a family photo. if you like it, great. we love it. if the not, scroll up and a half second later you won't see it any more. >> you can see the family standing behind that picture. there is more news ahead. >> "eyewitness news at 5:00" begins right now. drenching rain coming down in the middle of the evening commute. we begin with an accuweather alert. good evening, i'm rob powers. diana williams is off tonight. >> i'm sade baderinwa. we are in the peak of the heavy rain. it will ease up soon. >> meteorologist lee goldberg is outside the studios on the upper west side. what doll you got, lee. >> reporter: heavy rain. drenched like this. heavy rain. now pushing close to east of new york city. rained lighter than "first at
4:56 pm
4:00" but raining around the area and ponding and a lot of water near the crosswalks and puddles. let's look at the weather map. we are looking at the george washington bridge. you can barely see it on the fort lee side. delays on the airports and roadways. 59 degrees. mild rain. there is the latest rainfall totals. you know a rainfall deficit for this month is what we have right now. a little over an inch of rainfall. we are normal in december. an inch across much of new jersey. raining heavily over long island. an -- an inch and a quarter over here. huntington to stony brook over to uptown. heavy rain near old bridge to holmdel but the back edge is moving through sussex into western passaic. in one hour it will be closing in on bayonne and edgewater, new jersey and probably the hudson river.
4:57 pm
heaviest rain in about an hour
4:58 pm
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