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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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heaviest rain in about an hour from new york city eastward. cold off to the west. that cold air is coming along the next 24 to 48 hours. notice the futurecast between 6:00, 7:00 a major difference in the rain intensity. 8:00 in eastern long island then we dry out. here is what you need to know. a soaking rain until 6:00. 7:00, 8:00 for eastern long island. an inch and causing street flooding. clouds cling between we have a big blast. back to you for now. >> thank you. you can keep an eye on radar and track the rain 24-7. download the free accutrack weather alert app. with homelessness reaching a fever pitch and the issue a political liability for mayor de blasio, he unveiled a new plan to tackle the crisis.
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outreach teams to monitor the homeless. political reporter dave evans is at city hall. >> reporter: every night there are 50,000 men, women and children living in new york city shelters. the mayor is not talking so much about them but the 3 to 4,000 people that live on the street and panhandle. the experts say there are probably more than that but they praised the mayor for finally addressing the problem. the homeless situation in new york has gone from bad to worse this year. in the last few weeks police dismantled about 30 homeless encampments. he is spending millions on homeless housing with on site social services and he is doing something about the street homeless and aggressive panhandling. >> i want to underscore the point that we are going to go at this problem with everything we got and when we hear a report of someone in distress, someone in need we will go there compassionately,
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but we will not tolerate any form of illegal activity. >> reporter: today at a breakfast, the mayor announced a program called nyc home stat. it includes the homeless from 145th street to canal. he promises a one hour response time to complaints about the homeless and includes 137 new staff and 60 police officers concentrating on homeless outreach. >> over the summer he admitted that there were more people on the street and now saying, yes, this is out of control and we have to do something. >> reporter: homeless experts are praising the mayor today. he accepted the resignation of the commissioner of homeless services. the mayor is finally stopping the blame game of saying it's all his predecessor's fault. >> i think new yorkers are saying we inherited a huge problem. i think everybody under stands bloomberg dug this hole but we have to look forward and look at the solutions which we know
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>> reporter: if the mayor is successful, perhaps we won't see so many homeless on the street in the future, but if it gets worse, he has to take the blame. >> for all of this to work the city of new york has to own this problem. we have to own it more assertively than we ever have. we have to reach the street homeless every single day. >> reporter: homeless experts say the number of people living in shelters right now at 58,000 people every night, that number may climb the next few months because of bad weather coming this winter and because if these people are moved off the street they have to go somewhere and many will go to the shelters. reporting live at city hall, dave evans, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. police canvassing a neighborhood in queens looking for a dangerous and violent man who slashed a teenage girl. watch as the man wearing gloves and a surgical mask pushes the 16-year-old girl and slashes her twice.
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ear to the middle of her throat. it happened near 137th street in whitestone yesterday. in new jersey, linden high school will be open to. students and faculty were sent home when cafeteria workers fell ill on the job. it's the second time this week a local school has been evacuated because of fumes and the source is similar in both incidents. eyewitness news reporter anthony johnson is live in linden for us tonight with more. anthony? >> reporter: well, sade, parents were alerted to the emergency through the reverse 911 system. the students were dismissed from school around 11:00 this morning. all of this being done in an abundance of caution. students at linden high school were rushed out of the building after nearly 20 cafeteria workers complained of trouble breathing and throat irritation. >> i didn't really know the real reason. that's why i was confused this whole time wondering why this whole thing happened.
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nowhere. >> reporter: school officials say they moved to clear everyone out as a precaution and let emergency crews find the cause. >> their investigation is unfounded. the fire department has said that it's very possible that the workers were exposed to pepper spray. >> reporter: a similar incident took place tuesday at west babylon high school where 35 students and faculty were hospitalized and treated after two students discharged mayes inside the -- mace inside the school. officials in linden are trying to determine who was responsible. >> we will do a thorough cleaning of the area as a precaution but according to the authorities, our building deemed completely safe for staff and students to return. >> reporter: we have seen some staff members inside the school this evening. once again, we want to
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linden high school will resume on time tomorrow morning. that's the latest live from linden, new jersey, anthony johnson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> anthony, you that. a new arrest in the california mass shooting. the friend and neighbor of one of the shooters charged for supplying the rifles used in the massacre. investigators say even rick kay marquez bought the two rifles that killed 14 people. he lived next door to farook. he and his wife were buried earlier this week in southern california. president obama will be in san bernardino tomorrow. today he visited a national counterterrorism center. >> we have the very best intelligence, counterterrorism, homeland security and law enforcement professionals in the world. >> the president is continuing his effort to reassure americans uneasy about terrorist threats. he said the government has no specific credible information suggesting a potential attack.
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cities are open after receiving threats similar to the ones in new york and los angeles earlier this week. miami, fort lauderdale, houston and dallas received e-mail threats last night but considered less than credible. two districts in the midwest canceled classes. police arrested two high school students in indiana. they are accused of making death threats against classmates but they are making -- investigating additional threats after those two were arrested. a church be long island hit by vandals who shattered glass. long island reporter kristin thorne is at the scene in kristin? >> reporter: well, hi, sade, we are at st. jude's. this is the shrine which is separate from the church building. it's believed someone stole the
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here and threw it through the window. these pictures are the only evidence st. jude's in mastic beach has of what happened early monday morning. there are no other clues as to who launched the top of a bird bath through the church's shrine shattering glass everywhere. >> it's investigated as a criminal incident. we have several people from the police department investigating the incident and i'm going to decline to further specify the investigative steps being taken because it's an active investigation. >> reporter: those from st. jude didn't want to talk on camera but say the shrine was vandalized before. they will pray for whoever did it this time. if you know who did this, you are asked to call suffolk police. live in mastic beach, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. prosecutors in baltimore are weighing the option of retrying a police officer
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the city braced for a possible repeat of the destructive protests that engulfed the city in april after gray's neck was broken in the back of a police vafnlt the jury deadlocked whether the officer was guilty of failing to take measures that may have saved gray's life during his arrest. >> the prosecution made a strong effort to show that officer porter lied, that he mislead, saying less than the truth when he took the witness stand. >> five other officers a wait trial in connection with gray's arrest and death. turning to chicago, mayor rahm emanuel is welcoming the justice department investigation of the city's police department. investigators were scheduled to meet with him today. the investigation was prompted by protests after the release of dash-cam video of an officer fatally shooting a teenager. officer jason van dyke was indicted on murder in the death of laquan mcdonald shot 16
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we are learning that former house speaker dennis hastert suffered a stroke more than a month ago. the attorney says the 73-year- old has been in the hospital since early november, treated for sepsis and had two back surgeries. he will be sentenced in february for evading banking regulations in a hush money scheme. stocks on wall street losing the gains made during the previous trading session. energy stocks leading the sell off one day after the markets rallied that the fed would raise interest rates. the dow closed at 17,495. nasdaq lost 68 points. s&p 500 fell 31. for the first time we are hearing from a store clerk who fought off a robber. >> put the money in the back. i shoot you. put the money in the bag.
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this dramatic surveillance video. >> plus, a drug company ceo is under fire for drastically raising the price of lifesaving medicine now under arrest. >> a little rain won't keep
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a convenience store owner that used a shoe to fight off a would be robber talks about how it went down. surveillance video capturing the moment when the store owner refused to give up his hard- earned cash. marcus solis is live with that interview. marcus. >> rob, it hardly seems like fair fight. a suspect brandishing a shotgun against a store owner owned with only a slipper. that store owner says he has no idea what made him fight back but he did. >> i'm not scared. i don't know what happened. >> reporter: not scared despite staring down the barrel of a shotgun. this is dramatic surveillance video from monday night when a masked gunman tried to rob the gas station convenience store.
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owner a bag and the 58-year-old begins filling it with cash from the register. there is a scuffle when the gunman demands the larger bills under the tray. >> he said put $100 bill. i said i don't have $100 bill. >> reporter: sing flings a slipper at the suspect hitting him near the face then he rushes the gunman outside of the door. an outside camera shows him chasing the camera. the suspect fired the weapon. >> i fell down. >> he did shoot it? >> he did. >> outside in the parking lot. >> reporter: the blast left a hole in the ground. sing suffered a scraped nose but not seriously hurt. he has owned the mini mart for 17 years and robbed once before. >> amazing. i have a little baby. about it. i guess it was instinct.
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at the suspect but did manage to grab his mask. state police hope the video will generate lead. >> we did release the video and are asking for help and any information they can provide regarding the incident. >> reporter: the suspect took off in a dark-colored sedan. he is described as a white male about 5'10" s. as for sing, no big upgrades considered for security measures. he wasn't scared then and he is not scared now. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a brave man he is. thank you. a popular messaging app is back up in brazil. a judge temporarily blocked what's app a free app used by about 100 million in brazil. the court blocked it because it wouldn't hand over user information in connection to a criminal case. the judge later changed his mind saying it wasn't reasonable for the apps' users
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jetblue and american airlines are applauding a deal that could allow 110 commercial flights between the u.s. and cuba. it will likely be months before the first regular flights take off. u.s. travel to cuba has risen by more than 50% since diplomatic relations were established. this is it, the night so many are waiting for. opening night for "star wars: the force awakens." it is the top selling movie of all time according to fandango. a live look right now in paramus, new jersey. fans are waiting at the theater at the garden state plaza. they will enjoy themselves tonight. lucky for them they have a line inside. >> it's a downpour. >> my son is lobbying for a 5:00 a.m.
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>> good to see the young people, knee legion of fans. >> they will brave the rain tonight. it's quieting down. big improvement, especially the city westward. it will take a couple of hours to leave long island and connecticut. you still need the umbrella through the early evening hours but it's not pouring on the west side. the rain has gotten lighter the past hour. wind hasn't been a problem or temperature either. 59 the high today. still running 16 above average. still well on pace for the warmest december on record and three from a record high. look at the rain shutting off at 7:00 in new york city. a lot of clouds around. i would take the umbrella because a shower or drizzle can be around the first part of the night. after that, cloudy skies. there else the wind shift to the north. you will notice it tomorrow afternoon, gusts over 20 miles per hour. clouds will break from the
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as the afternoon wears on toward the coast. might be a shower on the east end of long island. the heavy rain is shifting away from carmel over to parts of danbury and ridgefield. rough ride still ponding on roadways like 202. bedford your rains are getting lighter. pouring in parts of greenwich. north shore of long island moderate rain. you can see across the five boroughs, it's light. look at the back edge about troy hills. that is 30, 35 miles away from the five boroughs. this is flying eastward 50 miles per hour. this back edge gets here before 6:00. off the east end of long island between 7:00 and 8:00. big system slows down tomorrow. after that, lag time, 24 hours away from a huge dip in temperature. below freezing in chicago. teens in the upper lakes. a piece of that air mass for
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feels like freezing saturday. an early flurry north and west. 46 less harsh. back to the short term futurecast, heaviest rain east of new york city after 6:00 7:00, 8:00. tomorrow outside shot of a shower over parts of long island and connecticut. best chance of sunshine second part of the day north and west of new york city. saturday blustery. flurries. a couple could reach the north and west suburbs. letter rain ends early tonight. mostly cloudy, 48. tomorrow barely 50. breezy, cooler. clouds break for sunshine. isolated shower east and tomorrow night much different than we felt for a long time. colder. wind chills in the 20s. could we see flurries first thing on saturday? will this be the coldest weather since last march followed by regard warmth?
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>> i hope we see the flurries. >> get something that resembles christmas. >> it would be nice. donations and a winterer coat drive coming up short. >> a man who tried to help the homeless is denied and goes after the panhandlers that turned his offer down. >> talk about paying it forward, how a paralyzed man benefited from his daughter's act of kindness. >> i'm lauren glassberg. this is a hoodie.
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the red cross hopes people are moved to give the gift of life. the organization says it needs more than 145,000 blood and
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last two weeks of the year. all blood types are needed. there are about 60,000 people getting help in homeless shelters in new york city. one of the most popular items requested is hoodies. one musician is collecting them as payment when he performs to pass along and help others. eyewitness news reporter lauren glassberg spoke to him about his inspiration. >> you want hoodies? >> reporter: travis has a sensitivity to the homeless. >> i had a homeless gentleman that lived two homes down from my front door. i would see him sleeping on the sidewalk and next to a sewer cap in the wintertime because the steam would billow out and keep him warm. >> reporter: now years later he is doing what he can to keep the homeless warm. turns out he is on to something with a program he calls hoodies for the homeless. >> hoodies and socks are the number one requested item all year-round even in july.
5:22 pm
forecast kiers them in a creative way. when his band performs, his audience members bring a hoodie in lieu of paying a cover. >> when we contact organizations to distribute them, they welcome us in. >> reporter: like the bowery mission. >> what we do is great work. we can't do it alone. to see somebody who will come and say i want to do this, that is great. >> reporter: hoodies for the homeless he wants to be a movement, go through your closet, get your old hoodies and he will pass them along. >> i appreciate it. >> reporter: in the past year he has given out more than 2,000. some are hoods with scars attached. >> like a mini roof over your head. >> reporter: a mini roof that can make a big difference when
5:23 pm
lauren glassberg, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> i definitely have a hoodie to give. >> great idea. >> and needed. >> way to go. april detested pharmaceutical executive is under fire again. coming up, new shenanigans that he is accused of pulling off that landed him in handcuffs. >> new information on chance
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the much maligned poster
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under arrest. >> prosecutors contend that shkreli shrek jacked up the price of a lifesaving drug by 5,000%. it's the ton story on the eyewitness news app and trending on twitter. >> shirleen allicot is in downtown brooklyn with the latest. >> reporter: rob, sade, you are right. this has created a social media firestorm. many are saying shkreli got what he deserved. the price gouging ceo is facing several charges including securities fraud and now the ar may is trending -- #karma is trending. >> reporter: he is faced with a barrage of questions moments after making bail. the p he was arrested this morning. >> these charges announced today describe a security and wire fraud trifecta of lies, deceit and greed.
5:27 pm
decisions. prosecutors say he used his company as a personal biggy bank to pay back shareholders. >> shkreli, essentially ran his companies like a ponzi scheme. they paid off defrauded investors from the prior company. >> he didn't do it alone. the outside counsel is charged. >> these charges in the indictment highlight the brazenness of his schemes and outrageous web of lies and defendants. >> many recognize him as the person to purchase the sole copy of an album for $2 million. the fits do not plan to seize it so the hopes of getting your hands on it aren't promising but if he uses it for his mounting legal problems there could be a chance.
5:28 pm
eyewitness news. >> thank you. an off duty nypd officer in brooklyn is under arrest and facing charges of having sex with an under acknowledge family friend. it is claimed that jacob sabbagh assaulted her for three years. he is suspended without pay. lawmakers in new jersey passed plans on how to help revive atlantic city's economy including a plan to let voters decide whether to open the first casinos in the northern part of the state. those bills would put a referendum on the ballot next november. lawmakers could agree on a unidentified plan or choose one version and vote next week. the state constitution limits casino gambling to atlantic city. new leaders police department making strides to strengthen the relationship between police and the local muslim community.
5:29 pm
diverse communities of suffolk county know that the police department is committed to serving each and every county. >> 25 leaders from local mosques and the muslim community were part of that meeting. the department says there is no better time than now to address the relationship between muslims and police. a study earlier this year mostly connected to genetics. result. the earlier study said all human cells change at a certain rate. it argued scientists were over environment. today's study says environmental exposure can increase the rates of mutation. >> they were 0 more likely to develop cancer and things in the environment didn't matter so much. the new study says the exposures can speed up the number of times or how quickly the cells change. >> both genetics and environment affected the
5:30 pm
haze ladders like smoking increase a risk and eating well reduces the risk. the search continues for a teenager who texas is on probation for drunk driving crash, a crash that his attorneys blamed on of a influence even say. couch was given probation. he was 16 and his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit for an adult. he had valium in his system. his probation officer has been unable to reach him or his mother. >> we know the family has plenty of money and i think this was planned. i believe they planned to get away. i believe they will run far and try to hide. >> prosecutors are looking into whether couch was one of the people seen drinking in a video posted on social media. the district attorney filed a motion to move his case to adult court when he turns 19.
5:31 pm
that housed an iconic food factory will be transinformed into an industrial park. even tahman's bakery is the new sight of a $14 million development deal and more than 519,000 square feet, the building will be turned in to a two to six tenant space intended for food and beverage companies. despite the warmer than normal december, a new york city charity putting out a call for coat donations. they say there is an urgent need for winter coats. they collected 30,000 coats but it has more than 100,000 requests to fill. coming up on eyewitness news, a public school on long island on the chopping block and a sheriff's deputy doing his best indiana jones
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leap on to a runaway truck with disaster seconds away.
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what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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caught on camera. april sheriff's deputy brave leap to prevent an accident. a tractor trailer racing down the highway. another cruiser was next to the truck. not seeing the driver, watch the deputy jump from the car to the cab. he gets in, slows down the truck and pulls it over.
5:35 pm
there, sick and could not >> that is great. one of the largest school districts on long island decided to shudder three schools. they voted to close these schools. september. the plan calls for redistricting. it's not clear how many teachers and staff members will lose their job. a man is taking a stand against two panhandlers that he says rejected their offer of a job. he offered them work at his business in iowa. they then refused and smirked at him. when he saw them begging again, he created a sign urging people not to donate money to them and joined them on the street corner. >> it upsets me that we have younger kids, people that can
5:36 pm
people that do need money, maybe they do but i think they can work, too. >> a picture of him shame being the panhandlers has gone viral. the job offer still stands. 2015 is winding down. that means it's time for barbara walter's ten most fascinating people of the year. you can see the ten most fascinating people of 2015 tonight at 9:30 here on abc 7. >> the count down is on. swamped by medical bills. >> coming up on eyewitness news, the seven ways to stay financially healthy before you get sick. >> the force is finally about to awaken. how fans across the tri-state region are celebrating as the off. >> we have a programming note. a wonderful time to enjoy the
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celebrates the holidays like no other. a new york holiday hosted by eyewitness news anchor lori stokes shows us the places to visit this this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there.
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every time we do a "star wars" story, lee's face lights up. the force is so strong that it nearly broke the internet. "star wars" hasn't hit theater screams but it is fandango's top selling movie of all time. it crashed during ticket presales in october. meanwhile, the power of the force is compelling fans to buy more than the tickets. "star wars" merchandise, hard to believe, hotter than ever. the walmart secaucus filling
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>> you may want to 2r568 through hyper space -- hyper space. ava's cupcakes created a selection of "star wars" inspired cupcakes, classic characters from i don't day to brin -- yoda to princess leia. they are available for a limited time. >> everybody is getting creative. >> when we were growing up a few items. >> not now. >> you are swarmed by them. >> we talked about the movie. people are standing outside to get in. they are committed in the drenching rain but it now stopped? new york city. york city. it will be raining over parts of connecticut and long island another hour or two. outside we go, folks are going with the umbrella. the rain is coming down lightly in new york city. the deluge has been waning. 59 right now. the rain is light.
5:41 pm
5 miles per hour. the planner the next few hours, shut off the rain after 7:00. nothing more than a spot shower or drizzle and temperatures hold in the 50s until the winds shift to the north later tonight then the temperatures drop. different when we talk about port jefferson, suffolk county. you have to wait between 8:00, 9:00 for the rain to come to an end. during the day tomorrow, 9 front moves away but it's just a little too close for comfort. we have to be concerned about cloud cover, especially the first part of the day. the clouds will cling to the coast as well. sunset. temperatures wobble around the 40s and 50s. winds sustained 8 to 16. chilly tomorrow afternoon. long island. rain is heave over miller place, heading to yaphank and we go across the sound, a wet
5:42 pm
fire field and bridge port heavy rain and up to danbury and newtown. go farther to the west and the rain is about to get lighter in cross river, bedford and light down to tarrytown. across the hudson, nyack, i'm sure the movie is playing at the palisades, rain is light. there it is. there is the rain line. staten island a couple of sprinkles left and it's drying out across parts of new jersey. these showers will weaken. allow a brief shower the rest of the night. tomorrow morning a lot of clouds on the coast. breaks inland, chilly. during the day, skies brighten slowly. cooler day, 50 or so. tomorrow night is when the temperatures fall off the cliff. 34 at night. these are the projected windchills.
5:43 pm
sunday, less wind, 46. then we warm it up. decent rain late monday into tuesday. mid- to upper-60s. record highs wednesday into christmas eve. so, chance of cold on saturday and sunday. maybe a flurry saturday morning. then 20, 25 above normal midweek next week. there you go. >> thanks, lee. we all know how quickly medical bills add up. there are steps to off feet the financial hit. >> long island reporter kristin thorne has seven ways to protect your wealth and health at the same time. >> reporter: lynn has been through a lot. two mastectomied and partial hysterectomy. >> i consider myself lucky. >> reporter: her yearly medical expenses went from $3,000 a year to nearly 12,000. >> i wish that when i was working and making my big bucks
5:44 pm
that i didn't say oh, i got money and i can get this for the kids or do that. i wish i had taken more than half of that and put it away and said i don't have to. >> reporter: that's what financial experts advice people to do when they are healthy. save and keep your debt under control because the last thing you want to deal with battling a serious illness is worrying about money. you could consider getting insurance for your credit cards and mortgage. >> understand your insurance. don't just take it. understand what it covers and what it doesn't. >> reporter: financial experts say it's important while healthy to know your budget, know what is coming in and out of your house, your living expenses. let's say you spent $500 a month on living expenses. put away 6 to 9 months of living expenses, about $3,500 just put it in the bank. let's say the treatment, whatever you are diagnosed with
5:45 pm
to have cash on hand to travel, spend the money, get a hotel, see the doctors, pay the bills. >> reporter: if you do unfortunately get diagnosed with a serious illness, call your creditors. >> is there a program or something that they could offer to you to give you relief from making those payments during this time. >> reporter: if you really fall behind, reach out to a reputable debt attorney. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> good information there. a story about paying it forward comes full circle. >> coming up on eyewitness news, a simple act of kindness by a waitress from new jersey goes viral. how herselfless act was repaid with a holiday gift she will never forget. >> new at 6:00, a major health ruling of a effecting preschoolers in new york city. if the flu vaccine prevents the
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a waitress from new jersey made headlines when she picked up the breast fast tab for two firefighters at a diner. >> people are paying it forward in an ex flowed din near way. new jersey transit toni yates has the story -- new jersey reporter toni yates has the story. >> reporter: steve woodward knows his family's love beyond measure. his daughter liz paid for breakfast for two exhausted firefighters. they shared her kind gesture with millions on social media. >> we kept posting it and posting it. >> reporter: it changed liz' family's life.
5:48 pm
he suffered a brain aneurysm in 2010. >> he was in a way in hospitals and nursing homes for 567 days. >> reporter: they took him home in 2013, house wheelchair made ready then -- >> the house was being foreclosed. we lost the home. we have since moved and, like i said, regardless of whatever challenges my family faced, we stayed together. >> reporter: the wood wards needed a van to end steve's years of being home bound except for medical trips, the only trips insurance would pay for. >> the only two times he has been able to get out into the outside world has been for katie's high school graduation a few years ago and for his father's funeral. >> reporter: donations poured in. the fund-raising efforts brought in $80,000 so they could buy the van. the company that makes it
5:49 pm
gave the family the van for free. >> congratulations and merry christmas. this is divine intervention and kindness. >> i can't thank all of you enough. >> be the change that you wish to see. one small thing that can set off a chain reaction. >> incredible. >> it began with a waitress daughter footing the bill for two-tiered strangers. >> it wasn't about the money. it was about her intention. >> reporter: toni yates, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> one of the comments from there, be the change you wish to see. >> some stories stick with you. there is one. still much more ahead including the hunt for a man that slashed a student.
5:50 pm
starts right now. doctors say flu shots prevent the disease but a judge overturns a new york city rule that requires flu vaccines for any child going to day care or preschool. new york city police in a desperate search for clues to find the man who attacked and slashed a 16-year-old girl on her way to school. >> good evening at 6:00, i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. more in a moment. first the weather. rain is moving out of the area but heavy for some. the low clouds making for a foggy slow go home tonight. for those waiting for the first showing of the "star wars" movie, a soggy wait there, too. we look at the traffic building on the george washington bridge. >> timing the end of the storm is meteorologist lee goldberg outside of our studios on the upper west side. how is it looking?
5:51 pm
you need the big umbrella this is much. i can probably switch weapons. go with the smaller umbrella and eventually in the next hour you won't need one. the rain has gotten lighter on the west side and better east of the city. george washington bridge is fogged in. low ceiling. traffic moving slow, sluggish. a lot of ponding. 59 degrees. look at the updated rainfall amounts. we went in today an inch and a quarter below average for the month. an an much of rain on the island. everybody about 1/2 inch to an inch and a quarter. the heaviest east of new york city. a lot of downpours over the east end of long island. then back to the connecticut coast. here is the future scan the next hour, by 7:15 the last of
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