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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple. get the recipes at anybody know what's going on? >> negative, negative. >> not again. a prison in in police custody makes a run for it. the sixth time since june. he is on the run and a massive subway. good evening at 11:00. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. the prisoner escaped still wearing handcuffs. police have been searching above ground and underground temporarily shutting down some subway service. >> he made a break near
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this is at tribeca. tim. >> reporter: that shot you just had a moment ago of the police officers on that subway platform, that was right here at the franklin street station. they were searching that station for a couple hours this evening. it was only about a block right up on barrick where that prisoner managed to escape. this is the sixth since june. the escaped prisoner is in his 20s. he was arrested for shoplifting at a nearby gap store. he was handcuffed behind his back and was in the backseat of the patrol car when he managed to escape. police believe he took off on foot. the nearest escape route they think is the subway station down here at franklin street. now, subway service on the number one line is back up at this hour but with some delays. it had been shut down as police were continuing their search especially into the subway system between south
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>> it's unfortunate that the police can't hang on to people. you're in handcuffs, all of a sudden you're in custody and you can get away. so it's a problem that police have to deal with. >> i don't think it makes me feel that anything is less safe. it's an incident that could happen. >> reporter: again, subway service has resumed here at the franklin street station. but again the manhunt is still on for this prisoner in his 20s who was arrested and managed to escape police custody after being arrested for shoplifting. tim fleischer, channel 7 eyewitness news. another random knife slashing in new york city, the second day in row. this time a man knifed in the brooklyn. this comes after yesterday's come from behind slashing of a queens. we have new information on that attack and this latest
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jim dolan with the story. >> reporter: bill you are going to meet one of the victims in a moment. neither victim had any idea attacked. the violence was sudden. the attackers have something in common. they're both out there still. when the a-train pulled into the station last night, and the doors opened, john and another passenger both started to step out. >> i told him, go ahead. he said, oh, go ahead, so i just went ahead, didn't think nothing of it. >> reporter: and no eye contact? >> there was no eye i can't even honestly tell what you he looked like. >> reporter: john who did not want his face shown, started to walk up the stairs. >> i was close to the top of the stairs. i felt something brush over me, i didn't think nothing of it. the guy ran off, but people started screaming, he cut you, he cut you, you're bleeding. >> reporter: er doctors closed the wound but the blade came
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arteries that could have cost john his life. it was so random. >> if it was a fight and if something happened at least we have something to go on but just random slashings, like i said there's a lot of sick people out there. >> reporter: there are. earlier in the day wednesday teenage girnl whitestone, queens, was slashed in the neck and face as she walked to school by a man she didn't know and had not spoken to. police say the two incidents are unrelated. >> you hear it all the time, things like that. you don't think it is going to happen to you. but it happens. that's life. >> reporter: he says he will keep riding the train. he says he is not afraid, which is remarkable. the man who slashed his neck ran down into the tunnel and into the -- onto the tracks where the train had just ridden. eyewitness news. >> jim, thank you. meanwhile, as if new yorkers aren't a little
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this time a woman punched in the head on board the a-train. police say he hit the woman, then took off. the 29-year-old woman was not seriously hurt. new at 11:00, line up all the expensive jewelry and watches and even the 5,000 booze, and it looks like the holiday window display on fifth avenue, but this is the hall of a professional burg lar. we got a look at more than a million dollars of stolen goods that were recovered from a storage unit in new jersey old thomas earl. >> we found he started doing burglaries in 1970 when he was 10 years old. he has been doing it since. from what we can determine through our research is he does it for the rush and the thrill of it. >> right now he is six separate burglaries. more could be on the way as police found items from 20 active burglary investigations
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to get another look at all the goods go to our facebook page or abc7ny. the young ceo of a pharmaceutical company who ignited a fair storm after lining the price of a life saving drug, out of jail tonight after pleading not guilty to securities fraud. his name is martin shkreli. he is charged with losing investors' money through bad trades, then taking $11 million to pay disgruntled clients. earlier this year shkreli raised bi4,000% the price of a drug for a rare infection. happening tomorrow president obama will be in san bernardino visiting the families of the victims of the mass shooting. today at the present time made a rare trip to the national counterterrorism center. he says the government is doing all it can do to protect the american public and that there are no specific or credible terror threats to the united states over the holidays. meanwhile a friend and neighbor of one of the shooters is in custody of u.s.
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enrique marquez is charged with inspiring with syed farook to commit terrorism though he never carried out the attacks. marquez did rifles used in the massacre. he is also charged with illegally buying the two weapons. also new at 11:00, a teen in federal custody accused of beg an isis sympathizer likely planning a terror attack. authorities say a search of his apartment in harrisburg, pennsylvania turning up a backpack with hey-capacity weapons, magazines, and ammunition. he allegedly ran 57 pro-isis twitter account, reposting the names and locations of u.s. military members. meanwhile at the u.n. the security council unanimously approving a resolution to reduce sanctions against anyone doing business with isis. a new jersey state trooper is dead killed in the line of duty while responding to an emergency call. trooper eli mccarson was
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the road and crashed into a utility pole. mccarson was just 30 years old. he was asigned to the woodstown station and graduated in february. after much criticism a major overhaul in the way new york city deals with the homeless. the mayor announcing a new program today including daily canvassing throughout most of manhattan after accepting the resignation of his commissioner and reorganizing the department mayor de blasio is promising a one-hour response time to complaints about the homeless. >> for all this to work the city of new york has to own this problem. we have to own it more assertively than we ever have. we have to reach the street homeless literally every single day. >> 200 staff members and new york police officers will concentrate on homeless outreach. doctors insist flu shots help stop the spread of the flu but tonight a judge in new york throwing all that out the window and overturning a city law that requires kids under five to get vaccinated before
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a small group of parents sued to overturn this law. they say they were concerned about potential side effects including, they claim, autism, despite no scientific link. health officials say the ruling will cost lives. turning now to the 2016 election, donald trump drawing praise from a political heavyweight. just not one in this country. russian president vladimir putin lawing trump calling him bright and talented. trump says was honored by the comments. the really estate billionaire claims that if he is voted president he wants to improve relations with russia. and from praise atbrowd criticism back home, a push tonight to remove trump's name from a park in westchester county. trump donated the land for the undeveloped state park in yorktown back in 2006 to state lawmakers upset about trump's proposal to ban muslim immigration.
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that would remove trump's name from the site. as we enter the last two weeks of the year it is going to start feeling like december. >> wouldn't that be something. rain exiting eastern long island just before 8:00 but the clouds are happening tough. we'll time the clearing and the arrival of the coldest air of the season. drivers attacked. a warning going out tonight about to threat on public transportation. >> reporter: we caught one some of the first to see the star wars film. reactions next. but the opening night didn't go as planned in one theater on long island.
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it's not just another movie now playing everywhere. what is it about star wars and this 7th episode that has so many people standing in line, sometimes in the rain, waiting to get into a movie? it's not like star wars won't be in theaters quite awhile. why go this first night? a.j. it. she's at a theater near you, if you happen to be in paramus, is new jersey. a.j. >> reporter: bill, you are right, for so many this is more than a movie. it's a force, an event, an experience shared for generations. scar wars has captured countless hearts and imaginations. right now even at this amc theater at garden state mall, long time fans are anxious for this next chapter. the wait is finally over.
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awakened at a theater near you. >> i have finished what you started. >> reporter: marking the 7th installment in an epic series that has become a cultural global phenomenon. >> i was born in '37, so i'm like a little kid again. >> reporter: from character inspired costume and festive attire, fans packed this theater to get the first glimpse of the long awaited film. >> i just can't imagine life without it. i've instilled it in my sons. >> it's an experience that you can never, never get by yourself. it's something that's community, and i'm so happy. >> reporter: without giving anything away, fans say this movie was everything they hoped for and more. >> it was better than seeing adele. >> it was very enjoyable, very
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i'm not going to give anything away, but definitely worth coming out to see. >> reporter: just a quick disclaimer, disney, our parent company, owns the rights to star wars. we're told with the overwhelming demand they are increasing shows across the country. this time there are still 22 million particular available for this weekend's shows. live in paramus, new jersey, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. things did not go quite as planned as the regal theater in deer park. long island reporter kristin thorne tweeting out video as people were told they wouldn't be able to see the rest of the movie. it stopped playing after 90 minutes. workers weren't able to get it going again before giving tickets for another showing. the city of houston, texas kick off a new safety campaign by releasing this video. it shows a driver being violently attacked by a customer who was asked to lower his voice.
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being cursed out and spit upon. officials say police patrols have been stepped up. new at 11:00, the acclaimed actor martin sheen pass surgery. sheen's son tweeting this picture of his father touting the success of what he called a proactive procedure. the 75-year-old star of the west wing and apocalypse now out of intensive care. he is expected to be home by christmas. you might recall when sheen was filming apocalypse now he suffered a heart attack on the sthee. they're heroes and helpers. now being awarded for their good deeds with a shopping spree. the second annual heroes and helpers event was held at target in south brunswick offering ex sessional students recognition for their the students received a gift card and their own personal police officer to help them load up their carts. >> the intent is to celebrate some of the best kids that we've got in our town, some amazing things.
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taken care of their fellow students. they've been a positive influence in their school community. >> that's great. the ten recipients were chosen from a pool of 9,000 students tin district. a lot of people doing good out there. >> sergeant santa. that's what we call him. that's awesome. i'm so glad that it stopped raining. >> yes, drying out. a lot of viewers have said i want it to be a little colder as we get towards the holiday. be careful what you wish for. right now outside very mild. low clouds and fog over new york city but now our winds are shifting over to the west. that should help to lift that fog and break it up although long island you may wake up to fog tomorrow morning. 59 was the high today. that's three degrees shy of a record set in 2000. an inch on average across the area. some lighter amounts to the north. over two inches in bridgeport. heavy rain are over bridgeport multiple times. clouds hang tough tomorrow especially at the coast but i
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in the clouds during the afternoon hours especially north and west. a coder wind is going to kick in. you are going to notice tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night that by the time we wake up it will feel like we're the un20s. it will still be chilly. then right back to talking about records within beach by next wednesday and christmas eve. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning, 48. wind is out of the north, still mostly cloudy, maybe partly cloudy north and west by noon, then the sun is definitely coming back later in the day. the winds are cranking at that point. you need the heavy coast as we go into tomorrow night. there's the rain leaving the scene but the clouds aren't. what's happening is a front is moving through but it has buckled off to our south. lows are going to enhance the cloudiness one more time. that's going to delay the departure. it will eventually happen during the day tomorrow as we clear out. that will open the floodgates for these colder winds out of the midwest. we haven't seen this all season long. teens and 20s. that will replace the 50s we
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we get to tomorrow night and watch the futurecast. lot of cloudiness. not out of the question we still see a couple of showers brush eastern long island. we're starting out generally in the 40s, some 30s well north and west. then the clearing will happen. maybe not until tomorrow evening on eastern long island. for the most part we will see some breaks of sun, upper 40s to around 50. by saturday morning, a couple of flurries with this coldest air. a lot of places will be in the 20s north and west, close to freezing in new york city, recovering to 40 or so. again a mix of sun and clouds, very gusty winds, stale flurry possible north and west. mostly cloudy at 7:15 at sunrise, 48 degrees. patchy fog left over in long island and connecticut. gusty breezes as the afternoon goes up. maybe a shower east. tomorrow night about 34. windchills in the 20s. so back to twhairnt coat tomorrow night. as we look at the seven-day forecast, look at the windchills even in the afternoon hours.
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degree high with sun and clouds. on sunday not as harsh after a cold morning. pretty nice for panthers and against. 44 at kickoff. on monday, 54. tuesday, rainy day, mild, and look at wednesday and christmas eve. we're back in the middle, perhaps even upper 60s. we're making a run at a record. although it may be slightly cooler i still think we have a shot to be above 60 on christmas day. looks like a green christmas but maybe a couple of flurries saturday morning. >> wow. >> thanks, lee. up next, iphones for a dollar? we'll tell you about the big sale coming tomorrow. also, autism linked to a specific chemical. the big medical discovery coming up. but first, jimmy kimmel. >> thanks sade. hello new york. tonight ryan seacrest, music from gavin james.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. new tonight forget black fry game. rumors are true we will see one of the hottest deals of the year tomorrow. according to apple tracking website best buy will be offering the latest iphone for just one dollar. the deal will require a two- year agreement through either sprint, verizon, even better, trading in a previous generation iphone could net awe $200 gift card. in health alert a potential break throughtown locking the mystery of awe at this time. scientists say they have discovered a chemical in the brain that is linked to the disorder. researchers say it is
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of a signaling pathway used by a nur rough transmitter. it is the first time a neuro transmitter in humans has been linked to autism. rob powers up next with sports. >> science is something. that's something special rate there. the countdown to kickoff, jets on saturday, gaintsz on sunday. we take a look at both games. straight ahead the giants get ready for the panthers by bringing back a piece of their past. plus what happens when a frozen piece of vulcanized rubber gets bounced off your forehead? unfortunately the rangers
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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[ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ] oh no! look, the sky's awake! that. was.
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the giants' road to the future might be their past. >> the giants were able to beat miami monday but at home sunday against in the beaten carolina panthers is a big test. today what could be a big help, defensive tackle barry cofield on the field to try to get ready for game day. >> he brings veteran presence. he brings a guy that is very aware of the way in which we play here. he will to have do some catching up. he's been away few years but i think it will come fast for him. as for the game itself a tall order for the giants. all hands on deck, maybe most important the hands of odell beckham junior. key be matched up with carolina corner josh norman
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down an opponent's top sever. >> i like players like. that they make the game fun. fun. let's see how that comes out on sunday. jets with a saturday night special in dallas trying to win four straight for the first time in five years. the jets after top ten offense and a top five defense. the cowboys after 4-9 record. dez bryant, 13 straight games with a touchdown against afc opponents. ryan did have foot surgery. some say he may have lost a step, others say no he hasn't. >> at 90% he's better than 90% of the receivers. at 80% he's better than 90% of the receivers so we expect him to be 100%. >> i didn't know there was going to be on ice we start with the rangers. 0 for 3 on a road trip last week, back home for one game, won it, then made tracks for minnesota. won three of the last four games they played there. raanta takes the slap shot off the forehead.
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no update on how he is doing but henrik lundqvist did have to replace raanta. he came in cold. rangers lost another one on the road 5-2. moore and mcdon mcdonagh. here's the first score. devils lose 5-1. they lost for the second time in three games. only 16 shots on goal. the panthers beat the islanders 5-1 tuesday. the isles in colorado. brock nelson, unlucky bounce. it goes in. it just went final, 2-1 avalanche. they are winners tonight. former nick shumpert is a dad. his fiancee delivered.
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they went to the hospital a as a family. mom wrote, mommy carried you,
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an update on breaking news. we are closely following the search for a prisoner who escaped from new york police custody in tribeck could. the sixth tame this has happened since june. the man is in his 20s. he had just been arrested for shoplifting at a nearby gap. >> we're going to keep you updated on this story all night at abc7ny. you can always check out our social media pages. >> also beginning at 4:30 on eyewitness news this morning. and that's it for us for now. thanks for watching.
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