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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 18, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> i'm lori st good morning, america. stunning new details about plots planned by that san bernardino terrorist. his friend under arrest telling authorities they wanted to use pipe bombs and guns to trap and kill motorists on a california freeway during how they planned to gun down students in a college cafeteria. a major breach of hillary clinton's campaign. a top staffer for bernie sanders fired for accessing clinton's private files. the dnc taking action as the rivals gear up for tomorrow night's big debate. courtside crash. lebron james slams into a fan. the 250-pound superstar collides with the wife of another star athlete taken out of the arena on a stretcher. her condition this morning and what lebron is saying about it. and the force finally arrives, "star wars" storming into theaters overnight. >> it was amazing.
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it again and then again and then again and then again. >> the movie already breaking records, fans out in full force and the mysteries finally answered. and good morning, america. happy friday. standing room only at midnight. theaters all across the country last night, 4100 of them, of course, for "the force awakens." it is finally here. >> and, dan, you're seeing it tonight. >> either going to dress up as boba fett or queen amidala. >> trust me you'll want to see it again and again and again. >> i need to clear my schedule. we begin with those stunning new details from san bernardino. enrique marquez, the childhood friend of syed farook arrested on terror charges revealing to authorities the neighbors had planned other attacks. this all comes as president obama visits the victims in san bernardino this evening. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is here
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good morning, brian. >> reporter: good morning, amy. it could have been so much worse, authorities say today. if syed farook had followed through on his other terror plot for southern california with attacks on a college cafeteria and a crowded freeway at rush hour. that's the bottom line from the criminal complaint filed against farook weigh lodgetime friend enrique marquez. marquez was brought to court in the back of this fbi vehicle interrogation. he wore handcuffs during a brief court hearing when he said little other than yes when asked if he understood the charges against him. but according to prosecutors, he has freely revealed that he and his longtime friend, troouk troouk, planned terror attacks some four years ago when he bought the two assault rifles used in the san bernardino attacks. the earlier plots involved an attack on students in this cafeteria where farook and marquez attended classes. >> i was kind of shocked and saw
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>> reporter: the other plot was aimed at this california freeway during afternoon rush hour. the plan was for farook to throw pipe bombs onto the freeway and farook allegedly planned to then move among stopped vehicles shooting into them while marquez shot into vehicles from a position on a nearby hillside. according to the federal complaint, it was farook who persuaded marquez to convert to islam some eight years ago and then radicalized him using online videos from al qaeda including the extremist preaching of the now dead american anwar al awlaki. authorities also charge that farook got marquez to marry a russian woman who was an extended member of farook's family so she could come to the u.s. and marquez confided to his friends it was a sham. >> he said he married her for the visa da and gave her 5 or 10 grand, whatever the money was. >> reporter: in the month before the attack according to the complaint marquez wrote this on facebook "my life turned
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involved in terrorist plots, drugs, anti-social behavior, marriage, might go to prison for fraud, et cetera." prosecutors say there is currently no evidence that marquez was part of the terror attack that killed 14 people in san bernardino. but hours after that attack, they say marquez called 911 threatening suicide, asked why by the operator marquez said i don't know. my neighbor, he did the san bernardino shooting. the ex-mre 'tis, used my gun in the shooting. you said he used your gun? yes, oh, my god. what was the guy's name that had your gun? it's syed farook. this morning, marquez is being held without bail after his first appearance in court and be back in court for a bail hearing next week on monday. if convicted on these charges he could face up to 35 years in prison, amy. >> brian, much of the trouble marquez is in is from his own admissions before he had a lawyer. >> that's right, the fbi
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a right to remain silent and continued to talk and may have talked himself well into prison for a long time. >> thank you. we move to the race for president now and some trouble for bernie sanders' campaign ahead of tomorrow's big debate forced to fire a top staffer who improperly accessed hillary clinton's campaign files as our new abc nusews/"washington post" poll shows clinton with a commanding lead and we have more from cecilia vega in new hampshire. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. the way this is being described if this was the superbowl it would be like bernie sanders' team getting ahold of the playbook before the big game. it is set for the big debate behind me that happens tomorrow night. overnight a major campaign violation, a bernie sanders staffer fired accused of breaking the rules tapping into rival hillary clinton's confidential campaign database that contains valuable information about voters from around the country.
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national committee temporarily suspending the vermont senator's campaign from accessing the party's voter file. a major blow just as the race for the white house heats up before the crucial iowa caucuses. the sanders' campaign blaming a software flaw saying a glitch briefly allowed them to see ocho other's private data. that's when the breach occurred. a sanders spokesman saying that behavior is unacceptable and that staffer was immediately fired. this new campaign turmoil coming just as sanders, clinton and former maryland governor martin o'malley prepare to face off in the final debate of 2015. sanders telling "the huffington post" he's already looking far past election day. >> i started writing my inauguration speech as opposed to the speech i have to give tomorrow, look, the answer is, yes. >> reporter: and there's plenty of supporters who want to see him go all the way.
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hitting the 2 million contribution mark mainly from small donations less than $30 each. overnight, hillary clinton also racking up campaign cash, her daughter chelsea there for the first time to help drum up those dollars. the star-studded new york city fund-raiser with celebrities like drew barrymore and katie holmes andholmes posting this saying mothers and daughters #wearewithhillary. so far no response from the clinton team but ramifications for sanders could be huge. it's like being able to ago -- not being able to access voter files could be a real setback in the campaign. you can bet all this will come up right here in new hampshire tomorrow night. >> they'll hope that suspension doesn't hold. cecilia, thanks very much. the debate and the democratic campaign with matthew dowd, our chief political analyst. we saw that commanding lead for hillary clinton, 31 points nationwide but sanders does have some real strength. >> he does and if you take a look at the comparison between
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obama in 2007 when barack obama was 28 points behind hillary clinton and ended up winning iowa and then going on and securing the nomination, so they're very much in the same place. hillary clinton has a commanding lead. but bernie sanders just like donald trump on the other side is drawing huge crowds. he's got the biggest crowds of anybody other than donald trump. he has the largest number of contributors that anybody's ever seen in the course of a presidential race and his voters are very fervent, again, very. like donald trump, so he has a shot, i think the question is is can he overcome -- >> so far at least he's ahead in new hampshire according to the most recent polls and saw this strange situation yesterday. vladimir putin at his year-end press conference praising donald trump and donald trump praising him back, a little bit of a bromance developing. any political implications. >> they ought to get silvio berlusconi and call them incredible ego trio. what's going to happen, donald
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that's right. he's not even elected president and people who don't like donald trump say they have the support of a dictator from ruiz. it will split along the supporters and opponents' lines, but his supporters will love the fact that putin is saying great things about donald trump. >> okay, matthew dowd, thanks very much. we'll be headed to new hampshire and our whole political team will be there with the debate moderated by david muir and martha raddatz. i'll anchor special coverage at 8:00 and live sunday morning with "this week." we turn to who many are calling the most hated man in america. the he became notorious for jacking up the price of a life-saving drug by more than 5,000%. he is now free on $5 million bond this morning after being arrested for fraud. abc's linsey davis is here with that story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, amy. earlier this month martin shkreli tweeted, i late being in the news. well, this morning he's back in headlines again, this time accused of fraud, a ponzi scheme
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for shkreli issued a statement saying, ponsi victims do not make yet mr. shkreli's investors enjoyed strong results. this morning, the so-called bad boy of farj executepharmaceuticals raising a drug from $13.50 to $750 a tablet out of jail on $5 million bail after being arrested thursday morning for unrelated fraud charges. >> for shkreli essentially ran his companies like a ponzi scheme. >> reporter: court documents allege martin shkreli, the 32-year-old hedge fund ceo got millions from investors allegedly and when he lost their money through a series of bad trades took money in new investors to pay off the old ones and started a company called retrophin acquireing old drugs and selling them for higher prices. according to investigators, using that money to pay off his hedge fund investors. >> these charges in today's indictment highlight the brazenness and breadth of shkreli's schemes and the
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>> reporter: shkreli pled not guilty on thursday. we interviewed him back in september. after he increased the price of a drug used to help people with aids and cancer by more than 5,000%, donald trump called him a spoiled brat. >> there was a lot of vitriol out there targeting you, one of the headlines even saying that you were the most hated man in america. >> i'm not a greedy person. >> reporter: but at a later event -- >> i could have raised it higher and made more profits for our shareholders which is my primary duty. >> reporter: the 32-year-old posting hours of video of himself online, eating, sleeping, on his computer, turning heads for tweets like this, 50 to 100 date solicitations for me. the world's most eligible bachelor. sorry, but you have to be a shareholder to meet me. >> i don't care about meme hating me. who gives a [ bleep ]. >> reporter: he purchased the
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promising he wouldn't release it publicly. he is confident he will be cleared of all charges and online people are joking his attorney should actually raise their fees 5,000% to represent him. >> like 2 million for that album and they don't know where he got the money. >> police tweeted last night that they didn't seize -- this was a seizure arrest so didn't get the with you tang clan album. another young man behaving badly. most wanted teenager in the country ethan crouch escaped with just probation after killing four while driving drunk. he is being sur sued by the fbi and u.s. marshals and matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: investigators telling abc news the teen fugitive infamous for that so-called affluenza defense in court may have a huge head start on authorities. >> i believe they planned in time their getaway to give them the maximum amount of time to be gone before we started looking for them. >> reporter: abc news learning investigators are tracking the
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records and possible passports. concerned the teen has fled the country. >> with the amount of wealth that these people have, there's a tremendous amount of different ways they could have gotten away, charter a boat, a plane. >> reporter: in 2013 the then 16-year-old loaded himself with booze and his truck with friends, he pleaded guilty to killing four in this horrific drunk driving crash. his sentence, ten years' probation and zero jail time. his legal team argued he suffered from affluenza. that he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. investigators say shortly after this video was posted to twitter, purportedly showing him at a boozy party, couch vanished. now on the run authorities believe with his mother. >> do you recall ever disciplining ethan for anything? >> sometimes i would take little things away from him or we would just discuss the problems. >> reporter: but now his mother may be the one to suffer consequences.
7:14 am
fugitive and the sheriff tells us if there's any way to prosecute her they will. ethan couch because he's still considered a juvenile under the law he's unlikely to face any jail time if apprehended. >> hard to believe, okay, matt gutman, thanks very much. dan harris with the other top stories starting with a major battle with isis overseas. for the first time in months isis carried out a significant attack in northern iraq near their stronghold of mosul. hundreds of fighters launching at least four coordinated attacks but they were repelled by american air strikes and by kurdish and canadian forces. this does raise concerns that isis can still launch a major assault despite months of coalition air strikes. back in this country, in chicago, they're bracing for a day of demonstrations as the police officer charged in the shooting death of laquan mcdonald is set to appear in court. protesters are planning to block traffic near midway airport and in areas of the downtown. in los angeles, nearly 1900
7:15 am
relocated because of health concerns stemming from a massive gas leak. infrared video shows the gas in purple hovering over porter ranch, the ongoing methane leak at a storage facility already forced hundreds of families to evacuate. pope francis has paved the way for mother teresa to become a saint and recognized a second miracle attributed to mother teresa known as, quote, the saint of the gutter for her work with the poor. she's expected to be canonized next september. and finally, check this out. an amazing reaction to a convenience store holdup. look what happened when a shop owner in new york was confronted shotgun. what does he use to fight back? he throws the slipper at the dude. the guy turns and runs and operating with one slipper incredible. the owner, by the way, was later asked if he's going to upgrade security and he said, no, he's sticking with the slipper.
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>> that's probably not something police would recommend, though. if a shotgun is pointed at you. >> that's probably correct. >> intuition worked in that moment. >> it did. >> all right, now let's talk about a scary moment at the cleveland cavaliers game last night, lebron james chasing after a ball slamming into the wife of another star athlete taken out of the arena on a stretcher and kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: as 6'8", 250-pound lebron james scrambled for a loose ball possession, he follows the ball into the courtside seats then a frightening collision -- >> made contact right here. >> with a petite woman sitting in a courtside seat. >> she is still laying down. they're trying to help her up right now but she is still down on the ground on her back. >> reporter: that woman ellie day, the wife of one of the top golfers in the world pga champion jason day. >> a phenomenal talent. >> reporter: he was by her side
7:17 am
after several moments of laying on the floor, ellie strapped into a stretcher wearing a neck brace rushed to the hospital. jason running after her. after the game, relief from lebron who went over to check on ellie during a time-out. >> obviously, you know, her health is very important and, you know, hopefully she's doing well. the guys told us that she's doing great now. >> reporter: for "good morning america," kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> lebron so concerned about this tweeted out a sweet message, "ellie day, i hope you're doing okay. my apologies. hope you guys come back to another game soon, love lj." >> she might sit in the second row. >> you're powering through this morning. >> all the screaming at the cavs game. >> absolutely, go, cavs. yeah. i don't sound good. hopefully i look okay. >> you look fabulous. >> okay. so does ginger but not that destructive storm in the northwest? they got smacked again. this he'll get another one by
7:18 am
state. wrecks on the highway.
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coast, eight plus inches of >> and great news for the southwestern united states. you're going to see yourself next time you see me. i'll be back and i'll show off the map. >> all right. >> so excited for you, ginger. >> tomorrow is the big day. it's fantastic. >> all right, ginger. so much more ahead this morning. the former prep school student convicted of sexual assault speaking out for the first time, why he says he has no regrets. only on "gma" this morning. and "sports illustrated"
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give extra. get extra. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning, it's 7:24 on this friday december 18th. i'm lori stokes. looking at the latest headlines, police have recaptured the suspects who broke loose locked in handcuffs in the back of a police
7:24 am
the 20-year-old is charged with pet larceny and. he was arrested last night for shoplifting at a gap store in tribeca. a woman is dead after a crash involved a porsche and parked school bus in queens. no one was on the school bus at the time. the driver of the porsche lost control crashing into the bus parked outside an elementary school on sanford avenue in flushing. the passenger of the porsche was killed. 29-year-old driver is being treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. new this morning, police in brooklyn want your help to catch a burglar who was scared off when his victim woke up. he's been on the run since last month. he snuck into an apartment on
7:25 am
ed day is finally here for star wars fans. the force awakens opens in theaters nationwide today. many fans were not waiting for the release date opting for a screening starting late last night and into this morning. the newest installment in the iconic syfy series is breaking presale records and expected to break even more over the weekend. let's get a check on your morning commute. >> we are going to take a look at our maps and talk about what's happening on the belt parkway eastbound near erskine street. at least two lanes closed down. check out that delay on the eastbound side. we also have the l.i.e. going east right near exit 23 which is main street. another accident being cleared. 30 minutes inbound george washington bridge, 45 at the lincoln tunnel, the holland tunnel has a 30 minute delay. t is a gridlock alert day today, leave the car at home. our street cleaning rules are in effect. thank you. meteorologist bill evans has your accuweather forecast. we have cloudy skies.
7:26 am
have most of the day. they hang into the coast. we're going to be looking at breaks of sun. it's now 50 degrees ask the temperature's going to keep falling. riverdale at 47. you get up north. it's 34 around monticello. today the temperature keeps falling all day long. it's going to be windy. breaks of sun but the coldest day is going to be tomorrow. we warm back up next week. lori. thank you bill coming up on
7:27 am
welcome back to "gma" and t.j. holmes stormtrooper marching towards "the force awakens" midnight showing last night. he has his game face on for the biggest movie of the year and we'll talk to a lot of fans who saw it last night but promise no spoilers. >> don't spoil it for anyone because there's just this moment -- >> okay, stop. >> you don't want to ruin it for anyone else. >> i said my peace. the neighbor of those san bernardino killers arrested on terror charges. enrique marquez revealing to authorities he had plotted with syed farook to attack a community college and ambush drivers on the highway. he is back in court on monday. plus, adele fans desperately trying to get seats to her upcoming tour getting shut out online. adele fighting back against
7:28 am
seats and raised the prices. this christmas photo released by the royal family overnight. prince george and principal chess charlotte with their mom and dad. >> that is so sweet. >> look at that little baby smile. so great. more on that but we begin with the former prep school student accused of assaulting a classmate. owen labrie is speaking out since his conviction that you'll only see on "gma" today and gio benitez who followed the story is here. >> reporter: labrie is appealing that conviction with the new hampshire supreme court but among other things the young man whose story made headlines is spending time building a chapel. it was a trial that lived in the headlines this summer. an alleged sex assault. one of the premiere boarding schools in this country. >> i was raped. >> reporter: a 15-year-old st. paul school student claiming she was raped by a fellow schoolmate owen labrie.
7:29 am
what he wanted and not take no for an answer. >> it wasn't my intention going into the night of having sex. >> reporter: they convicted him on misdemeanor sexual assault. this is owen labrie now out free while he appeals his one-year prison sentence. instead of studying at harvard's divinity school as he planned he is now building a chapel speaking out for the first time since his conviction. the now 20-year-old still insisting he had done nothing wrong telling nuke nuke in an exclusive interview it was the only thing that sustained me knowing that i had told the truth. i had done what was right. i walked out of the courthouse with my chin up. >> he's add perhaps but resigned to the consequences. >> reporter: labrie expressing no regret about refusing plea deals that would have required him to admit to sex with the girl but put him behind bars for less than a month with no sex offender registration telling the magazine, he'd handle his
7:30 am
way but he wears the sex letter. >> it's a fairly small town up there and, you know, people come up to him, you know and use words that you can't use on television. he's gotten a lot of support. there were a lot of classmates and their parents who gave to a legal defense fund and he gets it from all sides. >> reporter: now at home with his divorced parents the once harvard-bound superstar student is under a strict curfew. sometimes he says even defiantly still wearing his st. paul's shirts. >> how could someone so smart with such a bright future ahead of them, whatever you think about what may have happened that night how could he have risked so much? >> reporter: and perhaps most surprising, "newsweek" tells us he is personally trying to handle his appeal himself reaching lawyers and experts across the country to prove his point but he could still face charges for deleting messages on facebook during that investigation. now we've tried to reach the accuser's family about this
7:31 am
it is a very complicated case. >> at least it seems like he's making the best of his time. thanks very much. "newsweek's" exclusive with owen labrie hits the stands next week. dramatic rescue on the highway. a police officer springing into action stopping a runaway truck caught on camera and now hearing from that officer and abc's ronan reena has the story. >> he might be passed out. >> do you want to stop him. >> reporter: we're hearing for the first time from the heroic officer who stopped this semi tractor trailer barreling down a nebraska highway. >> knew what we needed to do, felt comfortable doing it so did it. >> reporter: senator todd volk leaping on and into the semi's cab taking over the wheel as the driver was suffering a seizure. >> i just had the perfect angle. there's not much speed left in me. >> reporter: sprinted at miles
7:32 am
ten tons of moving steel before anyone was injured. >> there's so many different possibilities that could have happened even before. >> reporter: many who saw it think sergeant volk looks like a stunt man. you. >> reporter: similar to tom cruise attempting to stop a plane as it takes off in "mission: impossible" and this scene in "the transporter" looking eerily similar. sergeant volk saying he did what needs done. >> my wife telling me this might be one of the crazier ones. >> reporter: the driver grateful for the officer jumping into action. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> amazing what he did. supermodel bar refaeli arrested. the "sports illustrated" cover model suspected of tax evasion, did all those celebrity freebies land her in trouble with the law? those long lines for "star wars" fans. t.j. holmes is there for "the force awakens," a lot of
7:33 am
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and we are back now with the story of one of the most beautiful women in the world facing some ugly charges. supermodel bar refaeli has been arrested in israel charged with tax evasion for failing to report income and free gifts including luxury cars. abc's linzie janis here with the story. >> good morning, george. she's the "sports illustrated" cover model who has turned looking good in a bikini into a multimillion dollar fortune but this morning authorities accusing her of mishandling those millions. >> right here for me. >> reporter: bar refaeli this morning best known for this steamy 2009 "sports illustrated" cover and for dating leonardo dicaprio being investigated for failing to pay taxes on millions in income. israeli authorities allege inging refaeli lied about living outside of israel even putting a swanky apartment in her mother's name to be exempt from paying
7:37 am
investigators arresting and questioning both women for several hours then confiscating their passports. overnight their lawyer saying they did nothing wrong telling israeli media there's no drama and this is just a civil dispute. israeli media sources reporting the 30-year-old swimsuit model is also allegedly accused of failing to report hundreds of thousands of dollars in free gifts including a rent-free apartment and free use of luxury cars. >> the taxing authority is saying, you have to claim that product and the value of that product in the same way you would have to claim a paycheck that was provided to you in exchange for your services. >> reporter: refaeli who received a style icon award in 2013 reportedly earned over $2.3 million that year, working on campaigns for brands including the gap and samsung. >> this case is going to be a wake-up call for many individuals who are accustomed
7:38 am
exchange for using their image, using their likeness to promote a product. >> reporter: refaeli and her mother have been barred from traveling abroad for six months without permission from israeli authorities, both could face serious fines and, of course, if she can't travel that's bound to affect her income going forward. >> bound to impact so many others running to their cpas to make sure they have all their ts crossed. >> staying inside the lines. record-breaking sales for "star wars" tickets making them such a commodity online. one has them listed for up to $225 for a pair. t.j. holmes is with people who have lucky tickets in their
7:39 am
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it is 7: and we have been talking about it all morning, the wait finally over. fans flocking to theaters overnight and early this morning to see "star wars: the force awakens." among them, t.j. holmes. he's at a theater down the block from us. good morning, t.j. >> good morning, and what's better than with your eggs and bacon in the morning than a little "star wars." it played all night playing all morning, yes, 2 a.m. show, 5 a.m. show, 7 a.m. shows.
7:43 am
got my fan, i got my stormtroopers. everybody is good to go but what did people think last night. some of the first to get in line, check them out. it's finally here, the wait is over. >> i told my mom all i wanted for christmas was for the "star wars" to begin. >> i'll like die when i watch this movie. >> reporter: they're coming out in full force to see the newest installment of "star wars." >> we wanted him to be princess leia. he refused. >> reporter: even a wedding in line in l.a. theaters everywhere are prepping for the huge onslaught of faithful fan, some venues adding extra security. >> clearly, one of the biggest nights in moviegoing history and we'll be ready for it across the board. >> nothing will stand in our way. >> reporter: fandango breaks an all-time record, most ticket sales on their site ever. even before opening night.
7:44 am
verdict? >> it was amazing. >> it feels totally true to the old films. >> oh, it was an emotional roller coaster. >> it redeemed the prequels entirely, thank god. >> i have spent the last almost 20 hours watching the past six movies and i can't believe that prepared for it. i have to go back and watch it again and then again and then again. >> and, lara, i must admit since the time i was a little boy this is the money shot i have been waiting for my entire life. >> he's got his game face on. >> i have to tell people -- yes, it was crazy last night. it was crazy last night and a lot of places were sold out but a lot of people think, well, i can't get tickets. there are millions of tickets still available to see the show this weekend. a lot saying they're coming back twice. even some folks i talked to last night had never seen any of the
7:45 am
wanted to see this to be a part of the cultural experience and that's exactly what it was last night. >> that's awesome. that's great. we also, t.j., have some pictures of very young fans, check out this one. >> ah. >> i love that. that's from facebook founder mark zuckerberg with his newborn dressed up -- what's he dressed as. >> that's obi-wan kenobi. >> she. >> she looks like a slightly annoyed version of obi-wan kenobi, i would say. >> i wonder why. i know you have a photo, a video for us. >> i have a video of my son alexander in the bathtub. don't worry. this is not pornographic chewing on "star wars" toys we gave him. yoda, i gave him c3po and put the droid's head in his mouth. i warned him that might adversely make it malfunction. he ignored me.
7:46 am
>> i'm a nerd on a lot of stuff. it came out when i was 6 or 7 and had a little brother. she used to bring us in the middle of the movie and leave us until we stopped caring. >> the answer is yes to my question. >> yeah. >> can't wait to hear what you think, 2:30 you're watching it today. >> 2:30. >> we'll get a review from dan in a bit. can there be too much christmas? take a look at the mom who piled all these gifts under the tree. she's facing an online firestorm for posting this.
7:47 am
of the story when we come back. the snow is starting to fall and our loved ones are gathered all around, so share that extra joy in your heart and make this christmas even more special than the last. walmart. big news! the new sprint lte plus network is faster than verizon and at&t... based on data from the world's foremost authority on independent measurement. to celebrate, we're gonna cut some prices in half. switch to sprint and save 50% on verizon, at&t or t-mobile rates.
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7:49 am
4 below in north platte. 18 in chicago, dallas at 26, oh, my goodness, 19 in indianapolis and that cold shifts east by tomorrow morning, a freeze watch in place all the way south to tallahassee.
7:50 am
"good morning america" is
7:51 am
you go. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. >> good morning, it's 7:56 on this friday december 18th. i'm lori stokes. topping the headlines at this hour, police are searching for a man who violently attacked a woman on board an a train. police released surveillance videos of a man they're looking for. they say he punched the woman on her shed and took off. the 29-year-old woman was not seriously hurt. state lawmakers are pushing to remove donald trump's name from a park in westchester county. trump donated the land for the undeveloped state park in yorktown in 2006. lawmakers are upset about his proposal to ban muslim immigrants. let's get a check on the morning commute with heather o'rourke. >> we're looking at mass transit once again. it looks like mass transit is the way to go this morning.
7:52 am
systems running on or close to schedule. it's 20 minutes inbound, george washington bridge, the lincoln is 40. the holland is a 30 minute delay. as you go up the west side highway, we have an accident right before the bridge, and then as you head over here going on to the l.i.e. going eastbound right near exit 23, that's an accident that is being cleared away. we can take a look at a webcam and show you the l.i.e. you can see that backup because we still have two lanes closed for a couple more minutes. street cleaning rules are in effect. it's a gridlock alert day. thank you heather. let's get the accuweather forecast with bill evans. >> cloudy skies, breaks of sun and we're looking all the way down towards wollman rink. we have some great weather if you want to do a little skating todays it's going to be a lot cooler day. temperature now 48 degrees. we're into the 40s already. the temperature will keep dropping this afternoon. 49 whitestone looking at 50 cambria heights. all these numbers will keep dropping today as we go on into
7:53 am
saturday. lori. thank you, bill. that'll do it for us. up next on good morning america, folks there talking to a mother whose christmas tree
7:54 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and we have the mom under fire for over 300 presents under her family's tree. shamed hundreds of thousands times online for this photo. now she's here live speaking out for the first time. hello from the other side >> backlash over tickets to adele's huge concert tour fans crying foul after concert tickets sole out in minutes now dollars. how adele tried to stop the scalping and help her heartbroken fans. new overnight will and kate card. charlotte and george steal the backyard. new details now about the little prince and palestinianrincess. the perfect holiday hacks for your weekend. cool tricks from "gma" viewers to decorate your home in a
7:55 am
>> good morning, america. and good morning, america. happy friday. one week to go till christmas. there they are. our diy experts helping you crack those christmas dilemmas. all kinds of tricks to help you this holiday. >> i like that garland as a pom-pom. >> or a feather boa. live in times square, the mom whose christmas tree photo caused a major online uproar. all those presents are in the christmas spirit but some say she isn't actually getting the true meaning of the holiday. what she has to say directly from her in a "gma" exclusive. powering up your phone. we all know that sinking feeling when your battery starts to die. becky worley has tested the newest backup batteries on the market. i'm excited about this and tell us which ones should be on your
7:56 am
>> that is all coming up. first to dan harris with the morning rundown. >> hey, thank you. the big story, the longtime friend of one of the san bernardino attackers is now being held without bail until his appearance in court monday, enrique marquez bought the rifles that syed farook and his wife used to kill 14 people and prosecutors say he has freely revealed he and farook planned attacks on a local highway and in a college cafeteria back in 2011 and 2012. meanwhile, the fbi arrested a man in pennsylvania who tried to help isis by running more than 50 twitter accounts posting names of u.s. military members. in upstate new york the owner of a pizza shop pleaded guilty to trying to help isis by plotting to kill american soldiers. in the race for president a stop staffer in the bernie sanders campaign is fired. the democratic national committee is blocking sanders team from accessing the party's
7:57 am
heading into the iowa caucuses. crime. a newlywed stabbed in a random attack in the middle of a drugstore now died and the suspect, an mba graduate with no criminal record is now facing new charges. abc's mara schiavocampo has the details. >> reporter: this morning, the charges against a petite 40-year-old financial adviser have been upgraded hours after her alleged victim died from her injuries. rohinie bisesar now facing second degree murder charges in what police say was a completely random attack. >> we still can find no correlation between the two. we still believe them to be complete strangers. >> reporter: police say bisesar, a professional with no criminal history, attacked a woman at a drugstore last week and stabbed the victim without provocation. leaving her in critical condition. late wednesday, 28-year-old rosemarie junor succumbed to her injuries.
7:58 am
in toronto and had been married less than a year. loss. >> we're all trying our best to make sense and to try to figure why. >> reporter: police say bisesar fled after the attack and was on the run for four days. shortly before her arrest a canadian newspaper said they received an e-mail from her account saying in part, something has been happening to me and this is not my normal self adding, i am sorry about the incidence. >> that kind of evidence exhibiting mental illness could be used mounting a defense of not criminally responsible. >> reporter: bisesar has not yet entered a plea expected back in court this morning. for "good morning america," mara york. >> mara, thank you. new concerns about the safety of infants in car seats. a survey out this morning finds more than 90% of new parents made a serious mistake while installing their car seat or buckling up their baby which
7:59 am
risk of injury or death in a crash. experts are calling on manufacturers to come up with more user-friendly designs. and finally, everybody loves a feel-good story on a friday. check out what happened in a burger king in south carolina. workers gathered together and went to get nancy martin out of the kitchen when she was cleaning. her mop till in hand there was a big surprise for her. it was her son who had just gotten home from serving overseas in the u.s. military. you can't hear it but what she's saying there is, oh, i am not going to stop hugging you. >> oh, man, you can see it. >> that is so beautiful. >> i usually like to do something snarky at the end of a newscast but that video is too good. >> good choice. >> you had such a nice moment there, dan. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu," the woman being shamed online for putting too many gifts under the tree.
8:00 am
and the adele ticket backlash. so many fans trying to get seats to her upcoming tire. how she's fighting for her fans. [ cheers and applause ] coming up from times square on "good morning america." i sure had a lot on my mind when i got out of the hospital after a dvt blood clot. what about my family? my li'l buddy? and what if this happened again? i was given warfarin in the hospital but i wondered if this was the right treatment for me. then my doctor told me about eliquis. eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. not only does eliquis treat dvt and pe blood clots, but eliquis also had significantly less major bleeding than the standard treatment. knowing eliquis had both... turned around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to. eliquis can cause serious and in rare cases fatal bleeding. don't take eliquis if you have an artificial heart valve
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welcome back to "gma." just one week until christmas but one mother of three is feeling backlash now, not the spirit of the season after posting this photo on instagram. her christmas tree surrounded, actually, dwarfed by hundreds of presents. critics say she's spoiling her kids. well, she is firing back and we'll talk to emma tapping live in just a moment. how do you know if there really are too many gifts up the tree? one mom found out after sharing this photo of her family's massive present pile on instagram sparking a christmas controversy. the stack of 300 gifts shared by mother of three emma tapping instantly going viral after outraged critics shared it with the #toomanypresents.
8:06 am
captioned the tidal wave for yuletide loot. hour others calling it disgusting and a perfect example of spoiled brats but tapping is fighting back against her holiday haters. on her facebook page she writes "i refuse to reply to people messaging me telling me how i should spend my christmas. how about concentrating on your own." she points out some are for adult family members and that the entire bounty cost just $2300 adding police try and remember this is about three little children, their christmas, their tree. and emma tapping is joining us now speaking out about all this backlash. >> thanks for having me. >> i understand to each his own but when you put it out on social media you open yourself up for criticism. why did you put it out there, this photo. >> i put it out there, i put up the decorations we made up and one picture of the year.
8:07 am
closed to my facebook friends and upon instagram for it to be shared all over the world and the way i see it is thousands of pictures go up on instagram every single day, do we have the right to judge people just because they have a better car or a better -- >> would you do it again. >> yes, i'd do it again. nobody is going to tell me how i spend my christmas. >> sock backlash says you're spoiling your children and been insensitive to those who have less, completely taking away the christmas spirit that some people think is about, you know, giving and not getting and that your children are being spoiled. were there certain comments that hurt you more than others. >> comments about the children obviously. but since it's come out america has kind of been protective over me and said she's just a mum. she pays for them herself. they're her own children. let her do what she wants to do. >> what have you told your kids about it? >> the kids just know it's
8:08 am
don't read anything obviously because i don't, you know, my eldest is on social media. everybody knows that know my kids know they're lovely, lovely kids and i'm hoping that i can share with, you know, with the public especially america, get as far as america and show how i save money all year round and how i save up to get my christmases this way. >> 300 presents under the tree, 8 85 for your two girls, 30 for your son. i know you don't want to give away but what could you possibly have inside. >> a lot of things are things they need because i don't spoil them throughout the year. so they get their clothes for the year. they get their bubble baths, their perfumes, makeup for the older one for the year because in they want anything else they have to save up for that themselves. >> what's a smelly. >> a smelly is like -- >> thank you for asking that. >> is that very british?
8:09 am
lotions. so we don't have to buy shampoo or bubble bath throughout the year once christmas is done. >> $2300 the equivalent in the u.s. and you know how to save and you've got some tips for people trying to do just that for the christmas season. >> absolutely. yes, i've been doing it for years. and i mean one of the presents under there, mom, please don't march but it's $100 coat for $5. >> because you buy things when they go on sale in the summer -- >> yeah. >> or i -- it's another british way, i haggle. i will haggle. >> i haggle too. >> i love a haggle and i think it's important for people to know how to fight the major stores and get a bit of money -- >> do you haggle over any of the smellies. >> oh, yes, absolutely. i know what days to hit the sales, the january sales. >> i did not like that picture but you make a pretty good case. >> thank you. >> i think each his own. >> thank you very much.
8:10 am
you know, i hope everybody has a christmas in their way but if the picture offend, don't look. >> just stroll up, right? >> exactly because i'm being blasted about a bad mother when there's grown men and women with three little children at christmastime -- >> if this is the way -- >> it's not excessive spending but maybe excessive wrapping. >> listen, thank you for coming on. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you. we'll move on to that backlash over adele tickets. fans are crying foul after her concert tickets sold out in minutes online. some sees priced below 100 being scalped for thousands. abc's rebecca jarvis with more on what happened. >> hey, george, pretty incredible. what is more depressing than an adele song? apparently if you're trying to buy tickets to her upcoming north american tour that's it. fans taking to twitter this morning voicing their frustrations while the scalpers, the resellers have swooped in with tickets at outrageous
8:11 am
so hello from the other side >> reporter: perhaps this fan said it best, hello from the ticket line. i've clicked refresh a thousand times. after tickets for her 56-state north american tour sold out in under an hour. prices originally set for 39.50 to $149.50 on ticketmaster but scalpers flooded the internet with resales of those seats. markups. we found tickets on stubhub going for as much as $11,000 so how are regular adele fans supposed to afford to see their idol? the ticket scalping market is now an $8 billion a year industry. the president of ticketmaster telling "the new york times" artists that sell the least suffer from scalpers the most and use lightning quick computer programs to monopolize ticket buying and upcharge to stubhub
8:12 am
adele teamed up with song kick, a site that specializes in ticket sales. they sold 235,000 tickets for adele on this tour, they say, blocking at least 53,000 scalpers saving the real fans $6.3 million in markups. but there were heavy restrictions on the site in north america and it accounts for only 8% of available adele tickets. heartbroken fans venting their anger online. one posting this scene from the movie "mean girls." asking how many of you feel personally victimized by ticketmaster? one person writing attempting to buy adele tibbs is more depressing than an adele song. >> whenever there is a big tour there is a huge rush for tickets and owe situation naturally computers go down. never has it in my memory happened on this scale. >> the pain. how do you score tickets to one of those shows? many of the true fans who did
8:13 am
it through the ticketmaster app on their phone and joined her a fan club. check with your credit card company, they do frequently also give people access to presale and a lot of the tibbs get sold through presale. >> very good tips. thank you so much, rebecca. i have this happening to me more and more now, that panicked feeling because it's happening like every day when your phone battery is about to die. yeah, i know, what are you going to do? abc's becky worley joins us with a solution to that digital dilemma. an exclusive reveal of the top picks in backup batteries for your phone. take it away, becky. >> reporter: amy, you are so right. there is no worse feeling than having 10% left on your phone and knowing you have to be connected. so, bring in the battery backs. they are flooding the market so consumers can recharge on the go but choosing the right one is a lot more complicated than you think.
8:14 am
paces to help you stay charged. a dying phone, ah. products like these can save the day, but with brand names you may never have heard of coming in all manners of shapes and sizes how do you decide? enter mark from gadget website, the wire cutter. batteries, they're all the same. just buy the cheap one. >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: mark breaks them up into categories by physical size and factors and many things including cost, shape and features. is that a light? >> in a lot of these they do throw on a little flashlight. >> reporter: "gma" teamed up with cadex electronics in the battery testing industry to put up 17 different ones through a test. >> this is the cadex 7400-c battery analyzer to test the capacity. >> reporter: it looks to see how much of the batteries' listed capacity meaning the amount of available charge on the box is
8:15 am
gary tests three of each model then mark analyzes the results an make his top picks. in the credit card size if you need a few extra hours on your phone, the amazonbasics portable power bank currently listed for less than $5 or this incipio offgrid, $40 for iphones and the small pack, the size of a deck of cards giving you two or three full charges, the easy acc power bank is the top pick at $17. and while much of your buying decision is based on how you plan to use the battery. >> it depends on what you really need. >> reporter: the real power in picking one of these is doing your homework and buying one that's been tested and reviewed. we posted all the information on our website, on yahoo! but here's the deal. the best backup battery is probably the one you have charged and with you so enter battery cases. you keep them on your phone all the time. when the phone charges, the backup battery charges too, set it and forget it.
8:16 am
version last week, the cost $99. now, our friends over at the wire cutter say that this anchor battery case is also a top pick at just 40 bucks. amy, i know you have to be a phone phoneaholic in this job so merry christmas. >> oh. >> it makes the phone so heavy but you like it, george. >> oh, george. >> that's right. >> george has anger management problems. >> no, his phone is too heavy. that's the problem. >> i got a good 85 in there. >> all right. but it's weighing, what, like a i hate it. >> too heavy for me. >> this is fascinating. as much as i'd like to hear about it, we have weather to get to. >> happy friday, everybody. this is colin, this is liam. you guys are from new jersey but like the dolphins then you said, wait, what time do you like. >> the giants.
8:17 am
yo thank you, ginger, good morning, i'm meteorologist bill evans. we've got cloudy skies, we're going to have breaks of sun. the temperature just keeps falling. the temperature right now is 41 degrees. we started our day at 56. it will keep falling the temperature will. this afternoon the wind picks up fall is going to feel like it could, very cold. the high. it's going to feel like the 20s to start the day. possibly >> that's a nice message. keep calm and watch "gma." lara. >> that's beautiful. now get in here because it's time for "pop news" and i don't
8:18 am
little hoarse. doing my best brenda dan offered to help me. i will just iventnterject. >> the highlight of my journalistic career. the fourth time is a charge. nwa being named into the rock and roll hall of fame led by dr. dreher and ice cube. "straight outta compton" a hit and a great movie. >> time for a musical change. >> yep. >> there we go. >> thank you, lara. >> that is, can you rec -- can anybody -- >> a little "jungle love." >> the rock and roll hall of fame is feeling love for "jungle "love, steve miller, deep purple and cheap trick, pop pioneer, the class of 2016 will be inducted with a ticketed sear mean at the barclay center. >> number two, go. >> in the world of the great jimmy buffett it's 5:00 somewhere. >> good line.
8:19 am
glass to this. sun of a son of a sailor with an item -- i don't know much about him that the news that he will make "margaritaville" the musical. it's been percolating for awhile but took him some time to find the right people to take his story to the stage. he has frank marshall who has a few producing credits on broadway and worked on major movies like "indiana jones" and "back to the future" and maybe will find that lost shaker of salt. >> thank you. >> lara wrote that. i take no responsibility for the bad puns. >> you delivered it well. >> this last one is actually i picked it for you. >> all right. here we go. finally, everyone, and we mean everyone seems to be excited about "star wars." take a look at these flightless friends at the endberg zoo. >> he hadden borough. >> correct me. >> producing and directing.
8:20 am
>> you had to hear them. did you hear them? >> that's really how they sound. >> really. >> really? >> yes. that's how -- >> that's what chewbacca does -- >> if it were a real "pop news" they would talk next. >> in semi related news it was on the cover of "the new york post." chewie and i wear the same color lipstick if you're wondering, it's blankety by mac and we'll be right back. wait.
8:21 am
now we have 30 seconds. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. >> good morning, it's 8:27 on this friday, december 18th. i'm rob nelson. topping headlines at this hour, a woman is dead after a porsche crashed into a school bus in queens. investigators say that bus was empty and parked outside an elementary school when the driver lost control and crashed. the passenger of the porsche was killed. the driver's injuries are not life-threatening. police have recaptured the suspect who broke loose while locked in handcuffs in the back of a police cruiser. maxio cruz is charged with larceny. he had been arrested for shoplifting in a gap store in tribeca. he was caught six hours later at a group home in brooklyn. and the day is finally here for star wars fans.
8:22 am
theaters nationwide today. many fans were not waiting for the official release dated in opting for late night and even early morning screenings. the newest installment in the breaking presale records. and when we come let's check on the commute with heather o'rourke. >> good morning heather. >> good morning rob, we are going to head to our maps and talk about mass transit effort
8:23 am
crossing first, 10 minutes inbound, the lincoln is 45, the holland is 30. the lincoln tunnel has a problem as you go on to the outbound side because of a disabled vehicle that's being cleared away. you have metro north, long island railroad, new jersey transit running on or close to schedule. it is a gridlock alert day today, leave the car at home. street cleaning rules are in effect. rob back to you. thank you. we'll take a look at the all important weekend forecast over to bill. >> we're going to be looking at cloudy skies, breaks of sun, temperatures now 48 degrees. the temperature has been dropping all morning long. it's almost 10 degrees cooler than it was when we started the day. the temperature will be falling all day long, wind out there, dress warmly. breaks of sun this afternoon. temperature dropping into the 30s tonight. tomorrow the real feel's going to be starting out in the 20s, and all day long tomorrow the winds will be around the freezing mark. warms back up on sunday and into next week. we could set some record highs by christmas eve on thursday.
8:24 am
>> thanks a lot. that's news for now. live well, i just learned something on this friday morning but look at that great holiday card right there. the royal family just released this morning. princess charlotte's first christmas. there is big brother prince george right by her side taking a few steps right there. >> a the holiday. >> nursery school starts for prince george in january. love looking at those pictures. ginger, we cannot wait to see your pictures. this is your last day before becoming a mom. >> so great. >> what a trouper working up until the very last day. >> what else was i going to do? really. >> i don't know, rest. >> we've been tracking -- >> there it is. >> every step of the day. >> the adorable baby bump growing. >> look at it pop. >> eddie, thank you very much. eddie took those photos. that great laugh you hear, that one, that's him taking those
8:25 am
>> we want to send you off on your maternity leave with a little surprise so cue the surprise. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> look at that. >> thanks a lot, you guys. this is outstanding and not at all -- that is obviously nonalcoholic. >> no, it's -- >> i made it this far. i can do another couple days. >> my mom was drinking beers on the night i was born. i think that's why i'm so short. but go for it. >> thank you very much. >> how are you feeling? you come in every morning with a huge smile on your face and full of positivity. i know it can't have always been easy. >> i feel like i'm lucky because i've had a really good pregnancy and everyone has been so supportive. thank you, you guys, because it does make a difference with working with all the people behind me. i'm going to get a little emotional. >> do you like your -- >> yeah, that's beautiful. >> are you nervous. >> i'm so nervous. i'm staying up at night once in
8:26 am
night which we wake up at 3:30 in the morning. that's been the hardest part. i feel him moving and there's a real human in here, i feel. >> happening. >> and you're about to meet him. >> you'll be a great mom. >> to ginger. >> to ginger. >> thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> cheers. >> i'll see you in a bit. don't worry, i'm coming back. people keep asking that. no, i'm not going to make the baby jump off a mountain too soon. >> we can't wait to meet him. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. we have a great story we turn to. a christmas miracle for more than 100 christians, a dangerous mission. "20/20" anchor elizabeth vargas with an incredible story. >> these 149 iraqi refugees are from the oldest christian city in iraq. isis invaded their town telling them they had 24 hours to convert to islam or be killed.
8:27 am
in the nearby city of irbil where they've been living in a church courtyard for 15 months, that is, until two americans, came up with a daring and risky plan to get them out. as joseph and michele assad enter the courtyard of this church it's all systems go for the mission of mercy that will soon release 149 iraqi christians from the tyranny of isis. >> when they began bombing two children and a woman died. >> reporter: their bags are packed. the charter plane is ready. with tears and heartbreak they have said their good-byes. then suddenly a bombshell. the airport at irbil closes as they are ready to launch air strikes against isis attacks in syria. 48 hours later the airspace opens and this modern exodus from the shadow of isis begins.
8:28 am
oblivious to the threat outside. >> very good. >> reporter: the buses arrive safely at the airport. for most of them this is their first time flying. the luggage carts and check-in process, everything is a new experience. the flight is called. and then the first glimpse of their chartered airbus a320 that will carry them away. >> it's a real plane. >> reporter: the passengers settle in. and the plane pushes back with no delay. the lights dim and on takeoff, a cheer goes up. as on a wing and a prayer the people break free of the bonds of their bloodied country. and those people will spend their first christmas in
8:29 am
donations. glenn beck did a show on this and they raised more than $12 million from listeners, also the hudson institute is paying the salary for joe and michele assad, a lot of people chipping in to help them. >> many countries turned them away. >> 12 countries turned those christian refugees down before slovakia said yes and there are millions and millions more muslim refugees. we're still encountering a lot of anti-refugee sentiment here world. >> cannot wait to see the rest of this piece on "20/20" tonight abc. outside to lara. all season long we're celebrating macy's annual believe campaign helping bring joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. macy's will donate $1 up to 1 million to make-a-wish for every stamped letter to santa you drop off at one of these special believe boxes at macy's. or submit online. we want to introduce you to a brave young woman whose wish was
8:30 am
animated holiday story, reena ninan has it for you. >> reporter: 'tis the season to believe and when it comes to believing, 17-year-old taylor hay is an expert. eight years ago at the ages of 9 she was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoblastic lymphoma. >> i had allergic reactions and hospitalized five weeks straight. >> reporter: difficult though the time was it cemented in her a deep sense of faith. >> having plaintiff and faith is so important and just to believe everything is going to get better. >> reporter: it was only appropriate then when taylor and an aspiring child actress was given a chance to have a wish granted she asked to voice a role in the holiday special "yes, virginia," the story of a little girl and the importance of believing in santa claus. >> where have you been. >> went to see santa. >> reporter: taylor voiced taylor, a character named after and made to look just like her. >> she's so much fun.
8:31 am
energetic. >> santa brought me a train set. >> he brought mow a dollhouse. >> i got a bow and arrow. >> it was a blast to be able to voice her. >> reporter: for taylor and her mother the making of "yes, virginia" is just what the doctor ordered. >> it meant everything to her which of course meant everything to me to see my daughter doing what she loved. >> reporter: today taylor is cancer-free, a full time college student and proof positive of the power and importance of believing. >> i wouldn't change my wish for the world. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> that is great and you can hear taylor on "yes, virginia" on abc, 8:30, 7:30 central and if you want to help grant a wish drop a letter at your local macy's's in the box or submit one online. go to our website to find out more. right now over to ginger. >> yes, come on over here. i'm with the ladies from louisiana and triplets. i don't know how your mom did it. i only have one coming from
8:32 am
you are how old? this weather report brought to you by toys "r" us. did you know it's national ugly christmas sweater day. yeah, we celebrated a day early.
8:33 am
showdown. although, lara, you looked beautiful. robin did take the top honors and the cake literally though we want to thank our friends at country crock for presenting the big surprise, an ugly sweater cake made for the occasion and we've taken a little chunk out of it right here. >> it is real cake. >> might be able to finish it by next season. >> we'll save you a piece, momma. coming up on "gma," sister-in-lawle solutions to your christmas dilemmas, our holiday hackers are with us to
8:34 am
[ dog barks ] [ bark ] there it is! [ gasps ]
8:35 am
look, the sky's awake! that. was.
8:36 am
we are counting down to christmas with a holiday installment of "there's a hack for that." simple shortcuts for things to make life a little easier and abc's sara haines is our hack reporter. >> i am a hack reporter and you can read that two ways actually. tips and tricks to make christmas merrier. all of these come from "gma" viewers so we'll start with jaime scott with amy and runs a blog called hot and grace where she writes about her family, home, design, crafts. pretty much everything and you are showing us how to take thanksgiving and/or halloween and turn it into the holidays, christmas. >> i love that. >> yes. >> so i had a lot of pumpkins left over after thanksgiving and i didn't want to just throw them
8:37 am
christmas decorations so i thought i would turn them into a snowman so all you need. you just need three pumpkins and you'll spray paint them all white and then you're going to stack them up and you can glue them. >> you'll hot glue them together so they don't fall apart. >> and need buttons and a little carrot. >> anything that you find at your house that you could use to make the eyes and nose and the mouth. >> you can get super creative with this. >> you can. >> kids can help and -- >> keep your girls away from the hot glue gun. this is fun. >> wrap a little scarf around it. >> with continue sell. >> adorable and won't melt. >> i hope not. after halloween it might be melting. thank you. >> okay. next up we have, no, it's not dan harris, he wouldn't have a hack. >> i'm super crafty. >> no, he's not. he's not.
8:38 am
has her own web series called handyman and a surefire way to spruce up an imperfect christmas tree. think charlie brown. >> we'll about to turn that frown upside down with a little bit of garland. >> the tree. >> this is the tree. >> longing for more branches. >> looks like it needs something to eat. >> we'll feed it with garland. you wrap it around like so -- >> get on over here, dan. >> do something. >> wrap it around, fill it in. shove it in there. >> okay, all right. here we go. >> fill the holes like so. >> all right. >> dan, you're not helping. >> she's doing all the work. >> this how you treat your wife at home. >> this is exactly how he looks at home. >> and add stuffing? >> we want to show everyone right here if you guys, our reveal. >> beautiful. >> this is the one dan did not do. >> yes. >> this is amazing. >> and it's easy. >> everything at home and you're done.
8:39 am
the whole family. now we have one more, i don't want to miss you, tanya. >> tanya. >> i was told this. so tanya stewart. now she posted a video on facebook that went viral and it's been viewed 17 million times. this is called thinking outside of the box. show ginger and amy -- >> how many types have you lost half of your box. i'll show you how to turn it into one box. take it, foal it to increase it. you'll turn and fold it and crease it again. you're going to take -- absolutely and take your scissors, at the creases and you're going to make a slit on each side -- box. >> then you're going to do the -- there you go. you're going to bend them in. >> nice. >> you're going to fold. >> all right. >> one box. >> amy, you did it. >> you did it. >> that is a great one.
8:40 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> for more go to on yahoo!
8:41 am
we all know this but browse willis is one of the biggest action stars of all time now making his broadway debut in stephen king's "misery" taken hostage by his greatest fan laurie metcalf. juju chang sat down with the star. >> reporter: we saw him must many his way through five "die-hard" blockbusters so bedridden in "misery" may seem surprising by a return to his early acting days. theater flecking a different muscle? >> well -- yeah, there's no stopping. it's all live. >> reporter: live theater is a family business these days. oldest daughter rumer finished
8:42 am
after winning "dancing with the stars." >> rumer and val the champions. >> you shed a tear or two. >> yes, i did. >> mr. tough guy. >> i'm very proud of her. >> reporter: bruce also proud of his current lay based on the stephen king novel about a crazed fan who takes a famous writer hostage after a car wreck and ultimately tortures him. >> what's the nickname for it. >> the "misery" go-round. here's annie's shrine. who is this, mr. man? >> handsome guy. >> the latest book. >> this is awesome. >> you better start showing me a little more appreciation around here, mr. man. >> reporter: the movie that made looemgs of number one fans think twice before picking up a sledgehammer. >> i'm your number one fan. >> what goes through your mind as you're about to hobble him? >> don't miss. >> reporter: the psycho number one fan on stage, laurie metcalf who won a string of emmys as
8:43 am
>> my child has oreo breath. >> we've both been fortunate to work in theater and films and tv and as i've gotten older i think sometimes i just choose projects based on who the person is that you want to work with. >> so you didn't rewatch the movie? >> misery. >> kathy bates is iconic in it and it would just stick in my head. >> i wanted it to be our thing, you know, just our idea of trying to scare a thousand people. >> what's that? >> that is so -- >> how could this come in handy. >> it so gives me the chills to look at it. >> the hobbleizer. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's for the best. >> pretty please. >> can you feel the anxiety as the sledgehammer is about to erupt. >> they know that scene is coming. >> i get anxious about it knowing -- >> he doesn't like to look down at his own feet. >> i don't like to look down at my own feet.
8:44 am
>> i'm your number one fan and trust me there ain't no number two. >> reporter: juju chang, abc news, new york. chris hemsworth and the son, the holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! everything you need this season, all at one place.
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what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by fitbit. find your fit. >> so if you've already seen "star wars" you may want to check out "in the heart of the sea."
8:47 am
the story that inspired "moby dick." abc's rachel smith caught up with the stars. >> it's the sweeping sea faring epic tale. of the ill-fated nantucket ship "the essex" sunk by a whale in 1820. this true story was the inspiration for the novel "moby dick." >> top of the loft. take the helm. >> reporter: in "in the heart of the sea" stars chris hemsworth, benjamin walker and tom holland as "essex" crew members hunting for whale oil. seems like you had a bonding thing. >> we all starved together, didn't we? >> yeah, something about suffering that brings you close together. >> reporter: to convincingly play starving men adrift at sea for months they all went on a highly restricted diet. i'd love to know what the conversation was like in between takes on set. >> food. >> food, really. >> always. >> it got catty. there was a lot of like did you see ed had a cheeseburger last night.
8:48 am
chocolate? >> yeah. >> prepare to abandon ship. >> we can't roll away home. >> reporter: because it was such an intense diet, did that help you get into character even more? >> i think like when you change your physique you're like embodying a new person so half the job is done. >> as i live and breathe he's mine. >> i was? us fascinated by the story and why some men choose to defy all odds and push. >> these guys are going out for years on end on these voyages to get whale oil. are they ego driven, brave? >> i think a lot didn't have a choice. that was the industry and it was like going off to war. this he didn't come back, some of them a lot of the time. >> and it was the only way to light the lamp in your house really so it's easy to be judgmental of them but they were working with what they knew. >> do you guys have a greater respect for nature after this film? >> massively. >> oh, yes, especially the sea.
8:49 am
to sea any time soon. >> we were cursed. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, new york. >> and "in the heart of the sea" is in theaters right now. >> guess what, we have some more baby news before we go. yes, we'd like to welcome a new addition to the "gma" family. look at that. our correspondent tom llamas and her wife has a new baby girl, juliette elizabeth. congratulations, ginger. good luck.ier wife has a new baby girl, congratulations, ginger. good luck.ser wife has a new baby girl, congratulations, ginger. juliette elizabeth. congratulations, ginger. congratulations, ginger. good luck. this is a channel 7 eyewitness news brief. good morning, it's 8:56 on
8:50 am
i'm rob nelson. topping headlines at this hour,. a particular was scared off -- burglar was scared off when his victim woke up. he snuck into a apartment in bed-stuy while the woman inside was sleeping. she woke up, started screaming and ran off. the controversial ceo of a pharmaceutical company is a free man after pleading not guilty to securities fraud. he posted $5 million bond. he's charged with losing investor's money through trades, basically a ponzi scheme and taking $11 million from his former company to pay disgruntled clients. on this friday the 18th commute with heather. sawmill river parkway. it's in chop request on the northbound side near exit 32. accident with injuries being cleared. path trains signal failure, you can expect delays along long doing okay. 495 west of route 3 as you head out of the lincoln tunnel you
8:51 am
another gridlock alert day for today. leave the car at home. street cleaning rules are in effect. rob over to you. let's check in with bill, get details about a cold weekend ahead. >> no doubt. it's just getting colder each hour. the temperatures falling last hour at 48. this hour cloudy skies still at 48 for your 9:00 temperature. 47 ridgewood and whitestone. we are looking at breaks of sun through a cloudy sky. temperature just keeps falling all day long, down to 35 tonight. tomorrow it's only going to feel like the freezing mark all day long tomorrow. it's only for one day. it's the last weekend of fall. we warm up next week. could hit a record high on christmas eve thursday. thank you bill.
8:52 am
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