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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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josh ienger, eyewitness news. >> a cliffside rescue in rockland county. news chopper was over the scene as rescue workers pulled him to safety. we streamed it on nbc 7ny. >> and we have more at the scene, with the latest. >> reporter: that's right, bill, it is the second highest peak in the pallisades. steep in some places. and of course, covered with leaves. the hiker apparently became wedged in between a tree and the mountain face. and according to the local fire chief, he used his cell phone to call for help. and to help pinpoint his location. rescuers rushed the hiker in the back of a pick-up truck. and into a waiting ambulance. conscious, and alert. after a tense three-hour or deal. that became a race against time. >> he is conscious. he's got a gash to the left hip. he can move. shocked and cold.
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hiker somehow lost his footing and tumbled down the mountain face before he was wedged in against a tree. but the scene was so precarious, that it took rescuers three hours to secure the hiker. place him into a stretcher. and bring him safely down the mountain. where he was treated for shock and hypothermia. before he was rushed to the emergency room. hook mountain is the second highest peak in the pallisades. rising 728 feet, above the hudson river. how the hiker managed to fall, and whether he was on an established trail when he fell, were not known. and it happened around 2:30 this afternoon. and became a race against time, for paramedics and high angle rescue teams. with darkness closing in, on the shortest day of the year. >> all right, guys, try and stay away from directly underneath. here. >> but the hikers injuries were not believed to be life- threatening. and medics say he never lost consciousness. >> the hiker's identity could
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the extent of his injuries still being evaluated. mountain. in the emergency room. at this hour. expected to recover tonight. live tonight, hook mountain, in nyack, new york, mj burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. and speaking of dramatic rescues, boy scouts from new jersey were out for a hike and it turned into one frightening experience. a troop leader attacked by a bear, it happened yesterday in a cave by buck mountain, in rock away township. not exactly experts in bear rescue for the scouts, they called 911. tim fleischer is live on the scene for us. tim? >> reporter: and bill, that scout master's wife just a short time ago released a statement and i will read it to you in a moment. but this was not an official boy scout hike here at split rock reservoir yesterday. in fact, it was a father son and two young boys, that had been out for a fun day, and a nice day, hike in the wood, and that's where they encountered this black bear. >> having just been rescued and
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attack, 50-year-old christopher petrinino was rushed to a waiting med-evac with a helicopter, after a harrowing escape from the bear. >> and he entered was gotten by the foot by the bear. >> and they were hikes southeast of winnebago lake. a hunter and guide, jim franco flows the area well. >> would you have climbed into one of those caves? >> no i would not have. >> he entered the cave he was familiar with they say and did not expect to find a bear. >> and he struck the ball twice in the head with a rock hammer. >> and he puts his shirt over his head in a fetal position and yells to the boys to call for help. >> any 12 to 14-year-old boy would absolutely be scared to
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have composure enough to stay and follow the instructions of scout master and get on the phone with the local authorities and try to get hem. >> the bear later left the cave and ran off. rescuers finding the group about a half hour after the call for help. >> we are happy to hear that although serious injuries, that mr. petrnino will survive and recover. the door. in the area, many others had encounter. >> they were trained well. the scout leader trained them for survival. and that goes a very, very long way. >> but jim crumpka, the experienced hiker and hunter he is, says you never know what you may come across in the woods. >> it is is unfortunate that it happens and it is human nature. the curiosity. and just thank god, you know, he is going to be okay. >> reporter: back live now, just a short time ago, lydia, the wife of that scout master, released this statement. and i quote, thank you for the outpouring of love and support for chris.
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the three boys who truly saved my husband's life. because of their quick thinking and brave actions. end quote. they now they are now seeking privacy at this point and will not be releasing any more information. reporting live in rock away township, jim fleischer, channel 77 eyewitness news. >> tim, thank you. a plan in the bronx expected to appear in court tomorrow for the murder of his son. police say that surveillance video shows jose feliciano carrying the body of his 2- month-old son in a duffle bag earlier this month. the baby's body was found saturday in dutchess county. investigators say that the 51- year-old choked and suffocated stop crying. police say he threatened the baby's mother to keep her from calling 911. six american soldiers were killed in afghanistan today. and one of the deadliest attacks on international forces in the country this year. a suicide bomber with explosives crashed a motorcycle, into a patrol near bagram air base.
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not been released. three others in the convoy of afghan and nato forces were injured. the taliban has claimed >> bill? now to the homeless crisis. new at 5:00, mayor deblasio's new campaign to attack the homeless problem in new york city. the beefed up outreach begins tonight. the mayor trying to jump start his drive to handle the problem after enormous criticism of how he handled the problem the first two years in obvious. david evans has more. >> reporter: every night there are about 58,000 men women and children who sleep in city shelters and on tof top of that number, there are 4,000 who sleep on the street every night. they faced a lot of complaints about the new program and a lot of questions here at city hall. >> this is part of the mayor's new effort in trying to solve new york city's growing homeless problem. an outreach team in tom pkin square park trying to convince
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on the street and melissa bishop has more on how difficult the problem has begun. >> my father kicked me out at a young age and i have been here in new york for a long time. i have been on the streets since 12 years old. >> there are homeless encampments across the city. but it infuriated many homeless who protested near today. they accuse the mayor and little they have. >> and taking all of my belongings. taking all of my property. taking everything that i had. and throwing it away in a dumpster. do. we are not going to allow encampments to reassert. i am not going to tolerate it. >> the mayor admitted fixing easy. besides dismaintling the homeless encampments, deblasio will have supportive housing apartments for the poor in the next 10 years. and last week, he announced those 137 extra outreach workers. >> this is a combination of tools that have never been tried before on this scale in the city. not even close.
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work. >> reporter: for mayor deblasio for so long had refused to homeless crisis. the question now, will his plan many new yorkers hope so. super helpful. so hopefully it does some good. >> i think mayor deblasio has his heart in the right place. whether a bureaucracy can do that, without a lot and lot and lot of waste, i don't know. promising that every single day, there will be a homeless count of people who do sleep on the streets, from canal, all the way up to 145th street. about homeless people, their concerns will be answered on 311, within 60 minutes. both of those two programs starting in 2016. now, also today, the city controller says the city's shelter system is a mess. we will have more on that for you tonight at 6:00. see you then.
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eyewitness news. >> we wanted to talk about the audit from the office, and it revealed deplorable conditions and 87% of inspected units had conditions that had safety worries with mold and fire hazards and rodents the homeless shelter facilities. 53% had roaches and rats and other vermen. and stringer says that unsem unacceptable. >> the conditions of the city shelters is unacceptable. a family of five children was placed in a shelter unit three days after a fire in a neighboring apartment. the family had to live with the overwhelming stench of smoke for over a month. >> the audit also found flaws in the ways the department of homeless services uses to move families out of those shelters. governor cuomo will issue conditional pardons to nearly 10,000 former juvenile offenders.
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anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or nonviolent felony, at 16 or 17 years old, who have been crime-free, for 0 years. that means they won't have to disclose convictions on applications. the governor says young people make mistakes, that shouldn't mean life-long hardships. and amtrak has put new safety technology in effect, between new york and philadelphia. and positive train control was activated over the weekend. experts say it could have prevented the fatal derailment in philadelphia last may that killed eight people. this is the last stretch of tracks on the northeast corridor, to get the system. it can take control of the speeding train, in danger of derailing. a scare today at a school in brooklyn. dangerous fumes, sending nine people to the hospital. news chopper 7 over holy angels catholic academy in bay bridge brooklyn and floor wax remover was poured down a sink drain that was clogged. that set off the fumes that made many people feel sick. and everyone went to the hospital, expected though to be okay.
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about a deadly accident in brooklyn involving an mta bus. the driver of that bus, 52-year- old wayne allman, now charged with failing to yield to a pedestrian. 62-year-old eleanora shwokina killing east 17th street at avenue z and sheepshead bay in december 14 when she was hit. the man charged with illegally buying the rifles used in the san bernardino attack will remain in jail. the judge ruled enrique marquez poses a continuing danger to the community. marquez was also charged with conspiring to provide material support to terrorists from abandoned plots in 2011 and 2012. a quick look at wall street. where stocks climbing on this first day of the holiday trading week. and the dow rebounding a bit after triple digit losses last week. energy stocks dropped again as the price of crude oil continued to fall. and the dow up 123 points and the nasdaq gaining 45 and the s&p 500 climbing 15 and change. fall outfrom a giant meltdown, coming up, on
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receiver o'dell beckham jr., learned his fate, for losing it in a critical game. >> on eyewitness news at 5:00, an eyewitness news exclusive. a man accidentally shot by police tells us why he believes the nypd used excessive force to stop a dog attack. >> and war of words. the two front-runners, hillary clinton and donald trump, firing a new round of verbal shots at each other. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg, with winder for a weekend and now back to temperatures 10 to 12 degrees above average. back to the 50s in most spots today.
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and a massive piano music. wow. i'm glad you finally made it, dad. you have to experience this city. that's what you always say. you were right about the food. yeah? welcome. only in new york, right?
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he lost it on the field. now he is paying for it. giants star receiver o'dell beckham jr. sufferedded after losing control during sunday's -- suspended after losing control during sunday's lost against the panthers. eyewitness news reporter rob powers in the newsroom. rob? >> the nfl just released a statement, and it includes part of a let ter sent to o'dell beckham jr., saying your actions placed a fellow player at unnecessary risk. beckham has that one game suspension because of how he acted up in yesterday's game. three personal foul calls. more.
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were on each other. and while ward is not totally incident, beckham's behavior was out of hand. allegations today on the sideline, waved baseball bats in beckham's direction before the game. that may have gotten him going. the game was ugly. something will to be done. beckham has a right to appeal but the league says he sits out the game on sunday against minnesota. >> the best player on the team, coach coughlin said today, he hopes beckham learns from what happened, and it is a big lesson to learn. you will hear from the coach on bill? >> rob power, thank you. i will not apologize. clinton. after a comment she made during saturday's democratic debate that set off a war of words runner. donald trump posting to his twitter page, today, quoting now, hillary said at the debate isis is going to show videos in order to recruit more radical
5:17 pm
story and wants an apology. and mr. trump hammered for making up stories himself but the white house and terror expert says there is no hard evidence that isis is using videos of trump to recruit. there may be another clinten on the campaign trail this fault. chelsea clinton says she is expecting a second child in the summer. the 35-year-old tweeted today charlotte is going to be a big sister. chelsea and her father, former president bill clinton recently stayed off the campaign trail. and hillary clinton tweeted dad and i couldn't be happier for your, mark and charlotte. we are so excited to meet our second grandchild. >> and chelsea will not hit the campaign trail. but so will bill clinton. and she will be with child when she does hit the campaign trail. >> wonderful. some people are excited about the winter but not so much. >> and a little taste of winter. a little snowstorm at my house. >> yes. >> i almost dusted the ground a little bit. and it quickly melted.
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and some breezes coming in. to propel our temperatures in the 50s. not that blustery feel anymore. and the numbers will not drop from here. hold steady overnight. the winds from the west/southwest. and the high is 53 degrees. once again, working 12 degrees above average. there are your records. and we will be challenging records as we go through the middle of the week. a lot of clouds overnight. but second said for consistency, around the low 50s much of the night and rising a little bit. toward dawn. and the christmas outlook, christmas eve, no mistake and 73 degrees. we will smash the old record of 63. is still mild. that's our one day of really highlighting a fair amount of sunshine and 62 degrees. a really a lot of the seven-day forecast showing a lot of cloud cover with the mild weather. numbers right now, are a little cool. poughkeepsie, and andover, new jersey, and with that breeze, a touch of chill in the air. but late december standards, pretty mild. and lots of clouds overnight. it might be a sprinkle that survives into northwestern new
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and by morning at 8:00, rain north and west of town. and during the midday and afternoon, occasional rain just about everywhere. have the umbrella and the rain coat tomorrow. the light rain coat. a couple of showers sneaking into the catskills tonight. they will probably stay just north of i-80, before they weaken. this is is the high that came in. we were on the cold side of the high over the weekend that gave us the blustery conditions and now on the mild side and the moisture will eventually come in as well. this low initially is going north. so a lot of the rain bypassing us to the north and west. and fall apart. what is going on here in the gulf, is a tremendous amount of moisture developing and then the atlantic, all coming to converge on us wednesday afternoon. and we will highlight the heaviest rainfall. rain at times tomorrow, especially from late morning, on. and it could be early morning north and west. and then on wednesday, we may start out dry but then late morning or midday, we get into some heavy rainfall. and cloudy and milder tonight. some late rain north and west. about 50. and tomorrow is another mild day. and 62.
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occasional rain, sunset, 4:31. partly to mostly cloudy sky, and mild tomorrow night. areas of fog, fog is a concern, wednesday, through christmas eve. and it looks like we will have some areas of fog through thursday morning. and here is what we need to worry about at 5:30. working on this. could it be more than an inch of rain in spots on wednesday? thinking about travel, really morning. and then maybe take a break there. until we get out of the heavy rain, thursday morning. all time december high is 75. we could make a run at that. and rain, six of the next seven days. not all the time but a lot of rain in the seven-day forecast. which we do need but it could be problematic for trouble. much more on that the in the seven-day forecast accu-weather in the next half hour. now back to you. lots of rain. >> no snow. >> there we go. >> the world is is all set now. >> yes. horror on the las vegas strip. coming up on eyewitness news, a driver plows through a large crowd on the busy boulevard. what we are learning about the woman behind the wheel. >> and thrill seekers get much
5:21 pm
a ride at sea world today. plus, a life-changing medical procedure at a hospital in manhattan. >> what a team of doctors had to stop what they called a ticking time bomb on a young man's face. there are military from our area who can't be home for the holidays. >> hi, i'm sergeant -- happy holidays an merry christmas to
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some scary momes this afternoon at the sea world park in orlando, florida, when several riderses got stuck high above the ground on the sky tower ride. they were up there for more than an hour, waiting for crews to try to get the ride back on the ground. the sky tower ride carries 400 passengers 400 feet to see the -- 400 feet to see the area and they got more than they bargained for. fortunately, nobody was hurt. the woman accused of mowing down pedestrians on a las vegas strip will be charged with murder.
5:24 pm
the backseat intentionally drove up on to the sidewalk. she has been identified as lakisha hollowway. still why she did it is still a mystery tonight. brandy hicks reports from las vegas. >> reporter: a terrifying hit- and-run on the busy las vegas strip. >> some lady ran, jumped the curb, in her car and went right through the people. >> the people were bouncing off the front of the car. >> police say 24-year-old lakisha hollowway veered on to the sidewalk up to three times sunday night, accelerating into the crowd just outside the paris hotel and casino. >> the video confirms we believe it to be an intentional act. >> the wife and mother of killed. and the go fund me page, set up for her family. at least 35 others were also injured. while holloway's 3-year-old son was inside the swerving car. several witnesses tried to run alongside the vehicle to stop it. >> it looked like she was not trying to stop the car.
5:25 pm
wheel and looking straightforward. >> police caught up to the driver moments later. >> do we have the driver in custody? >> that is afirm tive. >> investigators don't believe it is an act of terrorism but admit they know very little about her or a possible motive. >> we believe she had some disassociation with the father of her child. and homeless. and residing within her vehicle ?rt toddler inside the -- the toddler inside the vehicle was unharmed and in protective custody. >> why did this have to happen? what really happened? >> reporter: investigators don't believe alcohol was involved. but they are testing whether holloway was under the influence of drugs. she is now facing at least one count of murder and possibly several counts of attempted murder. abc news, los angeles. there are reports tonight, of a hacking attack at a dam in westchester county. according to the "the wall street journal" iranian hark hackers were able to access the dam in
5:26 pm
concerns that reached the white house. the systems that were hacked, control water flow and draw bridges and could be used to create an explosion or even a flood. a victim of a police shooting speaking out only to eyewitness news. he was getting attacked by dogs when police intervened. tonight, he is telling us why he believed police went too far. also, ahead at 5:30 the man hunt for a teenager on the run, now a family affair. we will tell you why the teenager's mother is also the target of a massive search by the u.s. marshal's office and the fbi. >> and an out of this world mistake. the wrong miss universe gets
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with select plans. call now. tonight an eyewitness news exclusive, we are hearing from a burglary suspect in queens. shot by police.
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by a pit bull. it started as a landlord tenant dispute that quickly escalated when the landlord's pit bull went on the attack. the victim hit by the gunfire is now looking at charges. >> and gary peterson told us earlier the month the landlord was trying to evict him illegally from his apartment. there was a confrontation, and peterson told us the landlord's dog attacked him in the middle of rock away boulevard. police responded to the scene. the officers shot the dog, but they also shot peterson. the 25-year-old in an exclusive interview tonight told us the officers' actions were wreckless and he plans to sue the nypd. this is not what gary peterson jr. had in mind for his 25th birthday today. crutches. con constant pain and a bullet fragment in his right leg. >> i didn't know i was shot but the officer told me.
5:30 pm
>> earlier this month, a dispute with his landlord, spilled out of the gotham row apartment on to rock away boulevard. and police responded. and found a pair of dogs, one of them a pit bull named hectic, attacking peterson. >> the officers attempted to intervene when the dog turned their attention to the cops and causing one member of the service uniformed member, to fire six rounds from his weapon. and one male was struck. accidentally. in the right knee. and removed to jamaica. >> the bullet actually hit his left knee. peterson said police got something else wrong as well. >> i never saw the dog turn and attack the police. i never seen that. basically, i feel that he is saying that to cover his self. which that is not how it went down. >> the 25-year-old witt will meet with a lawyer tomorrow as he considers -- will meet with a lawyer tomorrow as he considers legal action against the nypd. in the meantime he has no feeling in the lower left leg. he begins intensive therapy this week. and he must return to the
5:31 pm
the bullet fragment in his right leg. >> there was one officer on the scene with the taser, and i want to know why the taser wasn't pulled out? why was it a firearm or gun? >> aside from his therapy, aside from his recovery, gary peterson jr. is also concerned tonight about his defense. prosecutors charged him with criminal mischief and burglary. stemming from the incident. and he has a court appearance scheduled for early next month. live in south ozone park tonight, joe tores, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> joe, thank you. new surveillance video tonight of two suspects wanted for a deadly attempted robbery inside a pizza shop in connecticut. the video shows two suspects, entering the back door, of grand pizza in bridgeport on friday night and police say he shot and killed a worker. 19-year-old oscar martin fugio and shot another work ner the chest, in critical condition. both suspects took off on foot without stealing anything. police in neptune, new jersey, right now are looking
5:32 pm
came crashing down inside a school bus, and sent more than a dozen kids to the hospital. the bus heading to green grove elementary school, when the extinguisher just fell out of the bracket and discharged. and the driver immediately pulled over and evacuated the bus. 15 stands and the driver were -- 15 students and the driver were taken to the hospital as a precaution. examined for respiratory issues and released. a huge search tonight for the teenager who got away with just probation after he killed four people while driving drunk. the defense? affluenza. being cod amed by his wealthy parent -- coddled by his wealthy parents. tips pouring in as cops publicized the most wanted poster, features couch skipping out on probation and his mom apparently on the run with him. here is abc's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: this video posted on twittedder showing ethan couch at a party standing by a beer pong party and not seen drinking but it may have prompted the teenager to skip his probation hearing and turn
5:33 pm
>> i believe he felt like the other shoe was getting ready to drop. >> his mother also a missing person officially of the neftion. pictures of his pick-up truck just released with investigators believing she is with ethan which could land her in jail. >> if we can find out that she helped him at all, i assure you we will file a criminal case against her. >> couch was 16 when he killed four people driving drunk. using the affluenza defense, his lawyers argued he was too spoiled to know the consequences of his actions, he got only probation. >> granted he is not a major drug lord or king pin. but think about it. four dead bodies. and this guy walked. with straight probation. >> i have never in my law enforcement career, and that is 35 years now, seen a case that has sparked such outrage. >> calling the sentence a miscarriage of justice, and authorities say couch turns 19
5:34 pm
to adult court, even before couch vanished. >> we obviously feel like he needses to be in adult court where a judge will hold him accountable for his actions. >> authorities say for obvious reasons, they cannot talk about what exactly they are doing, or how it is being zon, but they are urging ethan to surrender, adding that they will find him and his mother one way or another. i'm melissa herp, for channel 7 eyewitness news. the first trauma center, for adults and children unveiled in nassau county. outfitted with multimillion dollar trauma bays equipped with leading edge monitoring imaging and life support technology. to treat families all in one place. >> many times the children are separated in bad car crashes and brought to a pediatric facility. and the adults are brought to an adult trauma center. we have a case where now we are doing both simultaneously. >> the center is going to treat adults and children who suffer
5:35 pm
gorped -- gunshot wound, severe burns and those in bad car coming up on eyewitness news, a lottery jackpot scandal goes nationwide. plus, epic mistake, confusion, as a runner-up in the miss universe pageant learned she actually won. what folks are saying about one of the most awkward moments in pageant history. >> also, a high school choir from long island preparing for joining the sistine chapel choir at the vatican. >> and the empire state building, in christmas colors. that's the light show at 7:00 tonight. we have dry skies. we don't have heavy coats anywhere in columbus avenue right now, our temperature is in the low 50s. and a couple of weakening showers, over oester and sullivan and dutchess counties right now, and our temperature in new york city, at 53 degrees. we will let you know when you need the umbrella. because of this rain.
5:36 pm
had is going to go down as -- this is going to go down as
5:37 pm
moments in television history. the accidental crowning of the wrong miss universe contestant. >> i have to apologize. the first runner-up is columbia. miss universe 2015 is philippines. >> yes, pretty awkward there. two minutes after host steve harvey named miss columbia as had made a colossal mistake. >> this is exactly what is on the card. i will take responsibility for this. it was my mistake. it was on the card. horrible mistake. but the right thing, i can show it to you right here, the first runner-up, is columbia. it is my mistake. >> despite being stripped of the crown, miss columbia kept a
5:38 pm
with the disappointment like a true winner. the know tors former drug company ceo who -- notorious former drug company ceo who jacked up the price of a live- saving drug speaks out following his arrest. martin shkreli was arrested for securities fraud and now out on bail. telling "the wall street journal" he was arrested because of a social experiment and teasing people on the internet. and shkreli had a live bizarre stream over the weekend for hours and did not address the allegations but did play the guitar and take phone calls. lindsey lohan's father is under arrest again. this time he is charged with hitting his estranged wife. michael lohan surrendered to authorities in palm beach county florida. and he is accused of choking kate major in october and slapping their son in the face. and major taped the incident and tmz reported that police used the footage to charge lohan with battery.
5:39 pm
old eddie tep tipton installed secret software on machines that randomly generate winning numbers and could have had lottery machine access in many states including connecticut. >> if people don't trust the honesty of the system, the participation will dwindle and be jeopardized. >> mr. tipton is the security director for the multistate lottery association. the force is definitely strong with star wars. >> the force awakens shattering all kinds of records and the look at the box office numbers at the box office. >> and a high school choir from long island is getting ready for the performance of a lifetime. i'm kristen thorn with that story coming up. >> but first, we want to see your holiday lights an decorations, right, bill? >> of course. i want to see yours. >> yes. >> i have a i have a few. >> so take a look. some of the photos that all of have you sent number the more over the top they are, the better.
5:40 pm
tag them with #nbc 7ny or post to the facebook page. deadly chaos on the las vegas strip. the mother who drove straight into the crowd.
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the newest movie in the star wars saga has blasted box office records. star war, the force awakens, brought in $238 million, and north america alone, during the debut weekend. globally, ticket sales topped 529 million. the galactic debut breaks the previous record held by jurassic world. which made $517 million during the premiere weekend last summer. >> star wars of course owned by disney which owns abc, and that means they own this too. eyewitness news 360 video launched on the facebook page today, you can rotate the
5:43 pm
isn't that cool? this was taken at the skating rink today at bryant park. 360 veries are only available on facebook with chrome or fire fox and facebook apps with ios and android devices. that is very cool. this is the future in about three week, i think, probably. >> very cool. >> computer and mobile. >> yes. >> very cool. >> sad to see people ice skating there. the ice will melt. >> it will be tough to keep the rinks going through the upcoming weeks. temperatures again. in the 50s this evening. and climbing toward the winter solstice, which is just before midnight. outside we go tonight, where it is comfortable once again, midtown looks beautiful, speaking of skating rinks. the southwest, excuse me, the southeast corner of central park. cloudy skies. a westerly wind at 5 miles an hour an hour. and for central park, things are steady and consistent. lots of clouds and lower 50s.
5:44 pm
new jersey, you are not going to drop into the upper 30s to low 40s tonight. and temperatures pretty steady. i can see a shower later tonight northwest new jersey and the hudson valley. and right now a couple of showers in sullivan and oester and dutchess county. and tomorrow, a band of rains is probably going to get into again northern new jersey and the hudson valley. by noontime through much of the day, occasional periods of rain. we get a quarter to a third of an inch of rainfall. and then it quiets down during the evening hours. and stays around 60 much of the day. some of the coolest spots this evening, north and west. we are not going to see many 30s anymore. the initial band of rain for the morning commute or doing some holiday travel tomorrow along i-80 and 287 and 84 and into parts of connecticut. and a little bit of rainfall. during the day, all bets are off just about anywhere and some could be a moderate shower and raining on and off in the evening hours and then things quiet down. we stay very mild tomorrow night. i will watch the seven-day forecast, after the lighter
5:45 pm
an inch, we could pick up big time rain on wednesday afternoon. i think your morning is okay. if you look at the future cast. just a lot of clouds. but the heaviest rain is coming in, into the afternoon hours, and into wednesday evening, reds there. that rain should leave the scene on christmas eve morning but the total rainfall from now until thursday morning, it could be 1-2 inches across the area. and then things will dry out. and look at this. despite the fact that we may not see much sunshine on christmas eve and the passing shower for the rest of the day. we are forecasting 73. and that would smash the record high of 63 set back in 1996. and the all-time december high in new york city is 75. and it is not oust question. christmas day, you are looking at temperatures still in the low 60s. that's the one day we feature a fair amount of sunshine. that is a beautiful day. the weekend will get back to rain on saturday. and i say saturday is the wetter of the two weekend days. and sunday, i have actually made a little warmer. i switched the temperatures, since 4:00. and i think we will be in the mid to upper 50s on sunday. not a bad day. with a couple of showers.
5:46 pm
shower and 52. but across the board, as we, you know, go into the first full week of winter, we will be way above average again. the warmest december ever is a lock, with the all-time december high. >> two months in a row. >> thanks, lee. some kids in long island, over the moon tonight, after the high school choir now making preps for an overseas performance. >> not just anywhere overseas. they were asked to perform next month at the vatican. happy new year. >> we have video of the kids getting ready in the in nassau city of glenn cove. >> reporter: in two weeks this heavenly song will be echoing through the vatican. these students with the glenn cove high school choir will be singing for the pope. >> are you excited? i haven't had it hit me yet. i still don't believe it is is real. >> reporter: the group is used to high profile performances.
5:47 pm
for the obamas, at the white house. >> reporter: but this upcoming performance, it has some new challenges. they will be the only group leading the entire papal mass in latin. >> at. of music the kids had to learn in such a short amount of time, it has been unprecedented. it took a lot of time. but it is all coming together now. >> the group began fundraising in july, and so far, they have raised more than $40,000. some of the donations coming from as far as pennsylvania. >> the community, the parents, everybody really believes in our kids. and i am just grateful to be a part of it. >> it has been a lot of work practicing every day, sometimes up to four hours. >> we have been working since middle of july. and nonstop. it is song after song after song. >> but they all know it is worth it. >> in glenn cove, kristen thorn, channel 7 eyewitness news.
5:48 pm
>> sounds beautiful. a teenager with a life- threatening growth on his face finally able to a normal life. >> coming up on eyewitness news, the surgeons right here in new york city that are now giving him a second chance. >> i'm liz cho. coming up at 6:00, an exclusive report on a security breach at ken zi airport. a man manages to get over a fence and on to a taxi way, and then escapes. now, eyewitness news has an investigation that is raising disturbing questions about security and communication between the nypd and port authority police. >> plus, he was in a homeless shelter as a child. and now an nypd officer is making sure homeless kids receive a gift this holiday
5:49 pm
all coming up next, at 6:00. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable and got even more than we expected. call now to get more.
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a teenager with a life- threatening growth on his face is now able to live a more
5:52 pm
he underwent search operations over the last eight months at lennoxville hospital in manhattan. today he got a chance to thank the doctors who saved his life. here is eyewitness news reporter mallory hough. >> reporter: these photos show zoubair lahdodi before and after life-saving surgeries. and today the teen from morocco had an opportunity to thank his doctors. dr. milton wayneer called the growth on zoubair lahdodi's face a ticking time bomb. >> a venous malformation. this is a collection of very dilated abnormal veins. as he gets older they are more dilated. >> they could rupture with a slight facial injury and he could bleed to death. and it was difficult to eat and
5:53 pm
and as a surprise, his medical team gifted him a bike and a helmet. >> when you put on the helmet and jumped on the bike, how did you feel? >> it feels so great. now, he can start his life. and he feels like he has just won. >> it is great from the heart. this is very, very important to me. this is why i became a doctor. >> dr. wayneer and the team here at lennoxville hospital saw pictures of zoubair lahdodi and knew they could help and brought them to new york and proceeded to do the surgeries pro bono. >> it is a great happiness. great happiness. >> reporter: while he may have to come back for corrective plastic surgery down the line, now mother and son are preparing to fly home to morocco. >> what do you say to this team of doctors? >> translator: we cannot thank them enough. because they bring back his life again. >> reporter: a life he looks forward to living. one stunt at a time. on the upper east side, mallory hough, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> wonderful thing those doctors did. well, still ahead, an nypd
5:54 pm
about living in a homeless shelter. tonight, giving back. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. tonight, we are learning new details about how a scout leader in new jersey escaped a bear attack, with the help of three of his scouts. but first, an eyewitness news exclusive, a security breach at kennedy airport, a man manages to get over a fence, on to a taxiway, and then escapes. how could this happen at a time of heightened security? good evening, it is 6:00. i'm liz cho. >> i'm bill ritter. troubling new questions tonight about security at one of the biggest airports in the country. how did the intruder get in and out, even after police are called by an airport worker? >> that intruder even managed
5:55 pm
and now lawmakers from new york are demanding answers from the security. our investigative reporter is jim? >> reporter: was the intruder december 13, someone mentally disturbed or someone lost or knew exactly what he was doing, testing the airport security. >> the intruder reportedly a middle eastern male, was first spotted inside the airport perimeter, near a taxiway. the police radio dispatch reported the incident, it state, report of male walking across taxiway, towards terminal eight. at one point, a cargo worker approached the intruder near one of the ramps to ask if he had an airport security badge. the suspect warned him, using profanity, not to say anything. according to the incident report, it took 10 minutes and 24 seconds for the first patrol to arrive. the intruder slipped away. >> we have to replay what went
5:56 pm
it went wrong. >> reporter: police sources
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