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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  December 22, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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so we're running 20 degrees warmer than normal, 57 right around teterboro and around newark. they're only going to be getting warmer as we go into the latter stages of tomorrow and into christmas eve on thursday. we're going to be getting an end to showers about 3:00. this is the first batch of rain. another is going to come up tomorrow afternoon. so far the rain totals nearly 2/10 in the park, 1200 sussex, a half inch at bridgeport. we'll have a few more hours of rain and we talk about this warm air coming. you see the departures from normal. this is where we've been getting about 11 degrees, 12 degrees warmer than normal. here we are starting, going in from the end of fall to the beginning of december, and it's way warmer than normal. now last year it was about that cold, that departure from normal to the cold side. as we go through this week. it will be quite mild. the jet stream has retreated to the north. we are going to be looking at record high temperatures
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eastern portion of the country as we get into the 70s, and we could set an all-time record high if we hit 75 on thursday. we'll talk about that, the warm air for christmas day and the weekend too coming up in your accuweather seven-day forecast. keep an umbrella handy for the next couple of days. back to you. thank you bill. we have just learned that another man with ties to our area was killed in an attack in afghanistan. yesterday the nypd confirmed that detective joseph lemm died in the attack. now the orange county executive says a second man from stewart air national guard base was killed in a suicide bombing near bagram airfield. dray clark is live in the bronx. >> reporter: behind me you can see the black bunting outside the 5-0 precinct hanging in memory of detective joseph lemm. by all accounts he was a great police officer and an outstanding soldier. yesterday his life met an
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one of the most dangerous villages in afghanistan. >> detective joseph lemm served new yorkers at home and in the u.s. military he served in defense of democracy in iraq and afghanistan. ultimately that service was met with the painful sacrifice of losing his life. outside the 5-0 precinct in the bronx, black bunting hangs in memory of the fallen detective. lemm was 45 years old and a 15- year veteran with the nypd. monday lemm was riding in a convoy of military vehicles driving through a village near bagram airfield when a suicide bomber riding a motorcycle drove into convoy and detonated explosives. six american troops were killed. the taliban has claimed responsibility. lemm was a decorated detective serving on the bronx warrant squad responsible for tracking down wanted criminals and violate offenders. he was a member of the air
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tours of duty in afghanistan and one in iraq. two. this video from 2013 shows lemm surprising his then 13-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son with a return home after a 10- afghanistan. lemm. detective joseph lemm gave his life, yet asked for little in return other than to serve his country and fellow new yorkers who may not have known him in life but mourn his death. lemm's daughter is now 17 years old his son only 4 years old. meanwhile funeral plans have not been announced for the fallen soldier and mayor bill de blasio has ordered city flags to fly at half-staff in honor of detective lemm until friday. we're live in the bronx dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. we are following some breaking news at the george washington bridge.
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hand side of your screen, you can see all the flashing police lights. there is a jackknifed tractor- trailer there, and right now it is blocking all of the new jersey bound lanes. the accident happening just about a few minutes ago, and traffic is building as you can see on both sides. we were told there is also a fuel spill that could take some time to clean up. we will of course keep you posted on that breaking news. and new at noon, police in westchester county are investigating a brutal attack with a disability. police say juan rodriguez accused the charity worker who is legally blind of cutting in front of him in line at a fast food restaurant in greenburg. rodriguez then allegedly knocked the bell ringer to the ground and punched him while audrina kicked the victim. assault charges. the victim was treated for head and facial injuries. a s&p 500 with several
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leading police on a chase in a stolen car. officers spotted the stolen dodge charger in passaic about 4 this morning. the driver took off across the george washington bridge and then drove back to new jersey. he then allegedly jumped out of the car in the palisades parkway and ran into a wooded area. officers caught jackson. his passengers were also arrested. investigators are looking into whether careless smoking sparked a fire in brooklyn that killed a 93-year-old woman. the fire broke out in a building on 9th street in bay ridge after 1:30 this morning. firefighters rushed in and pulled the unidentified woman out of the apartment but she hospital. an autopsy will determine her exact cause of death. a memorial service scheduled tonight for a jersey city store owner who was shot dead. police believe he was the victim of a robbery. 65-year-old jung lee was found store. so far police have made no arrests.
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page to help lee's daughter and wife. he says lee was sincere and a hard worker who lived to provide for his family. police in rocklin county are searching for a hit and run driver who killed a man on a bicycle. it happened on route 202 near sky meadow road in suffern. investigators are searching for a dark blue car with passenger side damage. bowe bergdahl made his first appearance to face charges for desertion. the 29-year-old deferred entering a plea during the short arraignment hearing at fort bragg. he did not decide whether he wants to face a court martial with a jury or just a judge. in prison. bergdahl walked away from his post in afghanistan in 2009 and was taken prisoner by the taliban. moving now to vote 2016. will donald trump apologize for an offensive remark about hillary clinton. a new poll shows senator ted cruz is gaining ground against
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with the story. good afternoon, so far hillary clinton seems to be shrugging off trump's latest attack, though clearly hoping voters, especially women, will not. >> to an enthusiastic crowd in grand rapids michigan, donald trump unleashed his fiercest attack yet on hillary clinton. >> she's terrible. >> using a sexually derogatory term to describe how she was beaten by barack obama in 2008. >> she was favored to win and she got -- she lost. i mean she lost. >> criticizing clinton for taking a bathroom break during his last debate. >> i know where she went. it's disgusting. >> mocking the comment from clinton that sparked his fury. >> donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit, and it turned out to be a lie. >> trump is calling on clinton to apologize for the isis claim, but clinton's campaign says "hell know" pointing to evidence that isis has
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media, though still unable to provide proof of a video. and what about an apology from trump. >> she got -- >> a brand new quinnipiac university poll shows half of americans say they'd be embarrassed if trump were the same poll shows trump may need to take aim at a new target, senator ted cruz catching up, now just 4 points hillary clinton's campaign says they will not respond to trump, but they did say his degrading language humiliates all women. we're learning more about what prompted the bad blood between the giants odell beckham junior and carolina's josh norman on sunday's matchup. the nfl suspended beckham for one game after he smashed his helmet into norman's helmet. beckham is appealing that punishment. sources tell espn that beckham's unsportsmanlike conduct and repeated altercations with norman was a
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yelling slurs at him pointing bats at him. >> there are people in the giant's organization who believe that odell beckham junior felt threatened by actions of at least one panther who was carrying a bat, and it helped incite odell beckham junior. >> however some panther players tweeted out pictures of other teams carrying bats in the field saying the bats are a motivational tool symbolizing bringing the wood on the gridiron. either way despite all that craziness they almost won that game. it's such a pity. >> i know, it is a pity. >> they came back. a christmas grinch targets a community in new jersey. we are live to neighbors are fuming. >> and will the truckdriver in that crash who injured tracy morgan get the charges dropped. >> and a supermarket shooting,
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a a scary scene inside a supermarket inside the bronx. video shows the man who opened fire inside a c town no mott haven filled with customers when the bullets started flying in the checkout line. the 21-year-old man believed to be the target was shot three times. he's in the hospital. the shooter still on the loose. a truckdriver looking to get his case dropped in court this afternoon after being involved in that deadly crash that severely injured comedian tracy morgan. kevin roper's attorneys say the wal-mart driver won't be able to get a fair trial based on negative publicity. roper's truck hit a limo hitting morgan and his friend. mcnair was killed. new information about the
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driving on to a crowded sidewalk in las vegas. investigators say lakeisha holloway had overcome adversity in life and was a high achieving high school student. she had recently become homeless and told police she was exhausted from being told to move the car she was sleeping in with her 3-year-old daughter. holloway is charged with murder for that crash that killed one person and injured dozens on sunday. the centers for disease control says it is investigating five more cases of e. coli linked to chipotle restaurants. three people in oklahoma, one in kansas, and one in north dakota fell ill last month. they all ate at a chipotle the week before they got sick. the cdc doesn't know if the new cases are linked to a larger outbreak that began in october. chipotle has said it's implementing new standards to ensure food safety. the growing man hunt for the so-called affluenza teen on the run. coming up, see the clue investigators hope the public will recognize.
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away doesn't go as planned. see the epic fail caught on camera. >> take a live look outside. it is cloudy, it is 57 degrees. can you believe we are talking about temperatures in the 70s on christmas eve. >> wow. >> meteorologist bill evans up next with your exclusive accuweather forecast. >> but first a message from a member of the military from our area who can't be home for the holidays. >> hi with the u.s. army corps of engineers.
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abc7 and your tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. nasa has released a unique view of our planet, which was taken by a spacecraft currently orbiting the earth's moon. you can see earth as it appears to rise over the lunar horizon. the large tan area is the sahara desert and just beyond is saudi arabia. the image was taken by a lunar orbiter which has been investigating the moon's surface since 2009. can you believe that? >> recently buzz aldrin was talking about this view and how amazing it was when they were the first guys on the moon and what they were talking about. is that your screen saver, bill, i imagine it would be. >> many times, i put all that nasa stuff on my twitter page
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one page i put up a moment ago, full moon on christmas day. >> interesting things happen. >> last full moon on christmas day 1977. >> wow. on christmas day. take a picture. >> there you go. that's a gift you just gave us. grab your rain gear. keep it handy for the next few hours as we'll take a look from the park, we're looking at cloudy skies, and still some showers. the showers are winding down now, and i think just after of here. we can look at some other pictures here that are live at noontime. i'll give you the shot from our side. folks have got their umbrellas. streets are wet. we're going to have the umbrella usage at least for a couple more hours. looking from our camera at 4 times square, that's rain and fogged in. here's our camera at as tore yay looking south here. that is an issue you have to
12:17 pm
this evening and tomorrow evening going into christmas is the fog because of the warm air we have. 58 degrees. the humidity way up there. the winds are calm. that lets the fog hang around, normal high is 41. we've had 2/10 of an inch of rain. not going to see much of a sunset with this rain. it should end here by 4:00, 5:00. a couple of rounds of rain. this afternoon another round of rain. tomorrow afternoon warmth builds back in for extremely high record levels, maybe all time record levels by the time we go to christmas eve. we clear out christmas. we've got some rain coming, mild temperatures for the weekend. 56 long island, 59 out toward the east end. 59 down the jersey shore. here are the visibilities i was talking about at noontime. a mile and 3/10 at white plains. this is going to slow things down at area airports with this fog the showers are sliding eastward, and this next batch is going northward. so over the next few hours, this gets out of here. these totals go to maybe 3/10,
12:18 pm
time we get to 3:00 we're into the low 60s and tonight those showers are gone. we get a break. on our futurecast tomorrow morning by noontime here comes the next up and over. watch these temperatures. we're in the low 60s at 8:00 tomorrow night, and then we're at 67 by midnight and afterward. 70 degrees. quite mild, a few showers later for the rest of the afternoon. tonight areas of fog. got to watch out for that fog tomorrow morning. patchy dense fog, and heavy rain in the afternoon and evening. as we go into christmas eve there's a passing shower. we're at 74 which will smash the record high for the date. the all time record is 75. and christmas day looks great. so for christmas day it's sunny and 66. i say make sure you have the grill cleaned.
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chest, make like a yedi 110 ready to go. get the sunscreen, sunblock you'll be ready to go. >> yeah, you will be. i can't believe it. >> it's an el nino year. >> there you go. >> firefighters battling more than fires. up next we'll show you how they fight cancer. >> and the cat walk controversy, should extremely
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a police chase with a young boy behind the wheel and a christmas tree on the run. police in michigan got the shock over their lives when an erratic driver they were chasing finally pulled over. take a look as police try to stop the car and the driver takes off. the vehicle goes down the shoulder of the highway while speeding. eventually the car stops, and two figures jump out. the deputies stun when they realize one of them is an 8- year-old girl. the driver a 13-year-old boy. the boy was arrested and taken to juvenile detention. his sister released to her mother. also caught on camera, a suspected shoplifter takes a dive off an escalator while trying to get away from police in ohio. the young man tried to go down
12:21 pm
himself face-to-face with an officer with nowhere to go. the guy jumped off the escalator falling face first. the suspect did survive the jump and now faces several charges. and a british man has been caught on camera with his unique way of spreading holiday cheer in japan. joseph tame is dressing up as a christmas tree and running through the streets of tokyo. he takes his so-called running tree show act to parts of the city not lit up with christmas decorations. he said he likes to make people laugh and smile, and it works. you can see that right there. >> that's a great idea. i feel like we literally need somebody running around with like a christmas tree to make us feel like it's really christmas. >> bill, you ready to volunteer? >> i'm doing that next time. >> i can't wait to see it. thank you, david. if you want a sign that you are in a politically incorrect restaurant, head to texas. these are the signs that will greet you outside of eateries
12:22 pm
corporation in houston. they trumpet the chain's political incorrectness saying workers will say merry christmas instead of the universal happy holidays. we have much more news straight ahead in our next half hour including a major change to paid parental leave in new york city. >> plus a grinch targeting christmas lights outside homes in one city, what the criminal is doing to those displays. >> plus the disturbing details prosecutors say led to a man shooting at the front of a mosque in connecticut. eyewitness news is coming right back, a very dreary day out
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you're watching new york's number 1 news channel 7 eyewitness news at noon with david novarro, shirleen allicot, and meteorologist bill evans. now eyewitness news continues. we continue to follow breaking news at the george washington bridge. on the bottom left-hand side of your screen, you can see there is a jackknifed tractor- trailer. it is blocking the three new jersey bound lanes. crews will have to move the truck and clean a fuel spill before the lanes can be reopened. we will, of course, keep you posted. also learned another man with ties to our area was kilned in a suicide attack near a base in afghanistan. six american soldiers including an nypd officer died in that attack. flags in new york flying at
12:26 pm
lemm and another man whose name has not been released were from stewart air national guard base. if you are planning to head outside, bring an umbrella. rain is coming down across the tri-state area right now. >> how long will it stick around, bill evans will be back in a few minutes with another update. right now hello again, i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. all new this half hour, a grinch trying to ruin christmas for families in new jersey. >> yeah, someone is going around and cutting the cord to christmas light displays outside homes in wyckoff new jersey. at least five houses have been targeted in the past week. tim fleischer is live in wykoff with the details on this. tim. >> reporter: and shirleen, police here in wykoff have this nagging vandalism problem on their hands this season. it would seem the grinch is not necessarily stealing christmas decorations but rather cutting the wires on those decorations.
12:27 pm
the lights and damage this property it's quite destructive and quite upsetting to the residents. >> this griffin-like activity within the past week has occurred five times, reported incidents where residents have had the wires cut on their christmas decorations. >> one would probably think that this is kids. these are pretty disrespectful young adults if that's exactly what's happening. if you get caught you will definitely be charged with a criminal offense. >> chief benjamin fox is encouraging homeowners to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and to call police if they do see any. the latest incidents have taken place in various parts of town, not one particular area. >> and chief fox stresses again that this is quite upsetting to the residents here in wykoff. he says it's very difficult to catch someone in the act of cutting these wires. that's why he's hoping that residents will keep an eye
12:28 pm
see something suspicious. reporting live in wykoff, tim fleischer channel 7 eyewitness news. a man accused of firing shots at a mosque hours after the paris attacks has been ordered to remain in federal week. 48-year-old ted hake junior appeared before a judge prosecutors say he is dangerous bond. he's facing hate crime charges for allegedly firing four shots last month at a mosque next to his home. prosecutors say he had been posting anti-muslim statements for months on facebook. the pharmaceutical executive known for raising the price of a life saving drug by 5,000 percent has been ousted from a second company. martin shkreli was let go as the chief executive of calab ios pharmaceuticals yesterday. he resigned as ceo of turing pharmaceuticals following his arrest last week. shkreli tells the wall street journal he was targeted by the
12:29 pm
that price hike. new york city has 30 days to respond public schools of not complying with the americans with disabilities ability. the report from the manhattan u.s. attorney finds 83% of public schools are not fully accessible to disabled children. also, six districts serving 50,000 kids don't have any accessible schools. a spokesman tells the new york times the agency has committed $100 million to accessibility projects. a man hunt intensifying for ethan couch. he's the teen from texas who used the so-called affluenza defense in a deadly drunk driving case. police say he's on the run with his mother. for the first time we're hearing from one of the agents leading the hunt. here's abc's elizabeth hur with the very latest. >> the u.s. marshals and fbi on the lookout for ethan couch and his mother are not ruling anything out. sources tell abc news by now it
12:30 pm
>> some folks are cooperating and we always keep that in the back of our mind that they may not be completely truthful with us. >> u.s. marshal rip taylor also reveal tanya possibly traveling in her ford pickup truck. she isn't the only person who could be in trouble with the law. >> the other family members or associates, friends, anyone is offering support to ethan. they will likely be charged as well. >> couch was 16 when he killed four people driving drunk in 2013 but was sentenced to only probation using the affluenza defense, a condition caused by his wealthy upbringing preventing him from knowing right from wrong. it is not an officially recognized diagnosis. couch now 18 vanished earlier this month after skipping his probation hearing and this video showing couch at a party near a beer pong table was posted on twitter. >> i think that was the trigger that sent him running once that
12:31 pm
>> i would like to say is to the families of the victims is that we're doing this for you, and we're going to find ethan, and we're going to bring him back to tarrant county. >> the u.s. marshal went on to say tips are coming in from across the country and around the world, but we than still on the run, a reminder there is that $5000 reward being offered in this case. i'm elizabeth hur for channel 7 eyewitness news. a man is behind bars accused of leading police on a 3-mile high speed chase in drunk. police say 26-year-old jimmy pierre of spring valley was behind the wheel of a 2016 audi pushing nearly 130 miles per zone. once troopers caught up with him and a female passenger, hostile and visibly intoxicated. it's 57 degrees out there right now. let's turn to meteorologist bill evans. he's got the rainy after school accuweather forecast. >> we've got this fog around too. that's going to hang around for
12:32 pm
calm wind and warm temperatures. it's 57. we're going to go to 60 to 62. by 3:00 showers winding down, and we might even see some brightening in the skies or maybe off to the west a peak of sun brightening the skies. it's really going to be warm. after school kiddos, cloudy and mild, occasional rain here at 3:00 and 4 or 5:00 the rain has gone. another round of rain is congresswomanning. record warmth on christmas've we talk about that next in your accuweather seven-day forecast. shirleen back to you. >> paid maternity leave for employees in new york city. mayor de blasio announcing a big change that will affect thousands of workers. >> also coming up, no
12:33 pm
a grand jury in the case of sandra bland has decided not to return any indictments, bland was found dead in her jail cell last summer. the 28-year-old had been arrested three days earlier for allegedly assaulting an officer during a traffic stop. officials in waller county, texas, said she hanged herself with a plastic bag, but her family rejected that finding. bland's family says they still have questions about the case. >> the grand jury is committed to doing what's right, and we're committed to doing what's
12:34 pm
we have left no rock unturned. and the grand jury, anything that they've asked for weave done our best to give it to them. >> the special prosecutor handling the case says the grand jury will reconvene in january to decide whether the trooper who arrested bland should face charges. a judge expected to make a ruling today on the battle over a rally at the biggest mall in america. activists with black lives matter plan to gather at the mall of america in minnesota tomorrow to protest deadly police shooting in the state. the mall is private property, and it has filed a restraining order against the demonstration. many members of the group say they will go ahead with the protest regardless of the judge's ruling. and an update this afternoon in the ongoing isis threat in the middle east. an iraqi military says an operation is now underway to retake the town of ramadi. it says counter terrorism troops backed by iraqi plans and others from coalition partners began advancing on the town early this morning.
12:35 pm
the ride hailing company lyft is working to get a financial boost. uber's competitor is trying to get a billion dollars in new funding. some experts say that would bring lift's market to almost $5 billion. lyft is linking up next year which would make the service available to about half of the world's population. turn now to a health alert involving a possible link between clean teeth and breast cancer. a new study suggests middle aged and older women with gum disease are more likely to develop breast cancer. researchers in buffalo -- the risk increase the highest among women with gum disease who smoke cigarettes. even those when quit in the past 20 years. >> models watching their weight on the runway, now a new law bans thin models in one country, and some officials are urging the same regulation here.
12:36 pm
ur tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. new at noon, new york city workers will soon be able to take up to 12 weeks paid parental leave. mayor de blasio will sign an executive order allowing employees to get 100% of their salary for six weeks. this can be taken for maternity, paternity, adoption or secure leave. it can be combined with existing leave or accrued vacation. one fire department is battling more than just fires. the first responders are helping a 6-year-old girl, this one right here who is fighting cancer. the firefighters took her on a special ride for her final treatment. >> hi lucas. >> finley is a friendly and fierce 6-year-old. >> this is lucas.
12:37 pm
firefighters from a fire district near oakland california. >> she was quick to show off her scars and tell us what she had been going through but that was the least of her concerns. she had a big personality. >> it's like jumping off a cliff, and you have no idea what's below you. >> finley's father says the cancer diagnosis came last june. >> at children's they said we're admitting you and we're taking out a tumor from her kidney tomorrow. >> through it all. >> family, friends. >> 1, 2, 3,. >> and finley's firefighters who are driving her to her last chemotherapy session. >> i don't know what i expected but i never expected this. it's been -- it's been amazing. >> at the children's hospital in oakland, a welcome party, and the trusted hands of her surgeon. >> being part of this team and becoming part of this family
12:38 pm
something really special, and it's what makes my job something really special. >> she reminds us what is really important, and that's helping people. >> so much love in her heart. it was round trip service for her. the firefighters stayed with finley through her entire chemo treatment and then took her back home. >> oh, my goodness you're right. there was so much love in that story. >> and everybody surrounding her. >> you love to see it especially this time of the year. >> we've got love for you too bill. >> we do. >> keep this up, you know, going to have more of this for next year. >> this is my lucky day. >> get rid of this rain first. >> a week and a half from now when it turns cold possibly, not my lucky day. take a look outside, here we go. i think in parts of the area you need the umbrella for the next couple of hours. you see from our camera here in astoria as we look southward we've got this fog and this is going to continue for a few more hours and we'll probably see this dying off a little bit.
12:39 pm
starting to push away off to the east. there's a few leftover showers. this will continue as we're looking from our cameras here. this is 4 time square looking south here. that is just socked in here, and for the afternoon as we look across the park you still see this is problem. of course we have this problem here at the george washington bridge. it doesn't help that the visibility is bad there also as you look across the hudson river at noontime. our temperature's way above normal at 58 degrees. 87% humidity will get into the low 60s this afternoon. the winds are calm. that allows the fog to hang around and yesterday's high 56. there you see the pressure also is a little bit below 30. the atmosphere unstable, and it will get a little more unstable as we go into tonight and tomorrow. we're looking at 56 at the hudson river valley. 54 in bridgeport, across coastal connecticut. 59s wrightstown and over towards belmar new jersey. we're talking about showers. suffolk county here and when you go to coastal connecticut, new haven and fairfield county, a couple of showers down the shore. all this seems to be pushing off to the north.
12:40 pm
we get into the evening commute. you'll see the temperatures get to around 60, 61, 62 on our computer model at 4:00, our futurecast and then tonight we get a break. you're out and about tonight. it will be warm. you're talking about upper 50s to low 50s, mid-50s overnight, and then tomorrow we get to noontime. we've got rain at noon tomorrow from the city southward. rain running over us, and look at these temperatures tomorrow night we're into the low 60s. we're at 67 after midnight, and then to start the day tomorrow and by the time we get to noontime we're into the low 70s. that's the record high broken right there. so anything after that is what i call extra credit. if we get to 75 we tie the all- time warmest day for the month of december in new york city, and that was 75 set back in 1998, which was a very hot year. for the afternoon these temperatures just keep dropping, and after school i think the rain's gone. you're going to be outside after school. it's certainly going to be mild at 62 degrees. watch out for wet fields if you have to be out with sports
12:41 pm
this weekend we still have mild temperatures. there's a chance of a shower of saturday, maybe a shower on sunday. we're at 62 this afternoon. 51 and fog tonight. tomorrow we start with fog, and then some showers that are heavy in the afternoon. it's the record high on thursday that could break the all time mark set back in 98, and then you see christmas day we're looking at sun and clouds, 66 degrees. as i was showing you, temperatures should be around 40 for the high this weekend and into next week, but you see we're in the mid-and low 50s with a shot at some rain. so christmas day 66. that's going to be just awesome. i will let you know that growing up in mississippi -- in the south we had this all the time. >> that's true. >> we also had tornadoes on christmas day, so that is possible there. they have that severe weather coming that way for the end of the week into christmas. we don't have that problem. >> i just keep thinking about the plus side and if you're elderly, disabled, you want to get around during the holidays,
12:42 pm
have, the cold, the snow can be a big problem. let's enjoy so people can safely get to and from. >> that's a good point. >> remember, it's the first day of winter. we've got a long way to go. >> we're ready now bill, thanks. a new call to regulate the weight of runway models but requiring they have a body mass index of 18 or above. last week france passed a law requiring models to have a doctor's note proving they are at a healthy weight. public health experts are urging officials to do the same in an editorial published in the american journal of public health. they say the industry body standard is hazardous and encourages eating disorders. >> we have statistics such as 70% of adolescents reports that they define the ideal body image being what they see in fashion magazines. the modeling industry encourages women to maintain extremely thin frames.
12:43 pm
who makes it big on the international stage has a body mass index of 14, which is 2 points below the world health organization's definition of starvation and what they want to see healthy is much higher than that. good advice from france. we'll see what happens from there. >> first here's a look at what's coming up next on the chew. >> hey guys, today we're cooking around the christmas tree. clinton's pouring up some incredible holiday cocktails and i'm cooking with mario there is a place where the cold melts away the hustle and bustle dies down and the only thing left is what's truly important. the radio city christmas spectacular
12:44 pm
you bring the family, we bring the joy. don't wait!
12:45 pm
and good afternoon, i'm liz cho in the newsroom. one of the world's largest mall managers making for a lot of baa humbug after towing dozens of employees cars, but in just the last couple of hours, 7 on your side got action to make things right. we will tell you all about it. >> and we were there for an incredible surprise on long island. look at that. as a soldier returns home for the holidays much to the delight of his younger sister. we're going to have those stories and much more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4.
12:46 pm
>> i love those stories. thank you. >> i know. they're the best. >> thanks liz. >> see you liz. it is time now for the feed. a firefighter's act of kindness towards a young boy at the scene of a car accident has a lot of people talking. check this out. this photo posted on facebook, there it is right there, shows chandler arizona firefighter reading a book to a little boy on the side of the road to calm him down. the woman who snapped it says she was grateful to witness what she called tender mercy. she shared it to remind people to be kind to first responders. at the end of the day they have a tough job, too. >> they really do. it's this time of year when nba fans pick their choices for the all star game and two players from the houston rockets are turning to the secret weapon if you will on social media. yes, the irresistibly cute puppy. james harden, dwight howard having fun by posting pictures of themselves with it's just not fair. by the way the houston rocket campaign is called bark the vote.
12:47 pm
bark the votes. >> we see what they can there. bark the vote. >> use a puppy, you can't lose. >> no, you can't. >> i almost want to vote for them. almost. although dwight howard needs to play to make the all star game. >> that's a whole other issue. >> that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. i'm david novarro. >> and i'm shirleen allicot. make sure you're back this afternoon for eyewitness news firs meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more.
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