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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 22, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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the christmas rush of shopers began evacuating the roosevelt field mall. what was happening, this, surveillance video obtained exclusively by eyewitness news shows police and security guards helping a man shot outside the torno store after they took down an armed robber whose handgun had fired. >> the shot left the store and struck a mall employee in the mall, 67-year-old male. >> reporter: there was a man arrested moments later. as far as police are concerned, ever since the shootings in paris, the protocol is to treat the situation as an active shooter and so the response is elevated. >> the subject entered the rolex section of what we believe to be the tore notice -- torno store. he got in the high end section of the store. >> reporter: that turned into a sort of panic this afternoon and the timing couldn't be
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>> i wasn't in the store 30 seconds and people started screaming and running out of the door of macy's. >> a stampede came through. >> reporter: so,ing a lot of shoppers are upset tonight. the man shot, the mall employee, 67 years old, he is in serious but stable condition in the hospital right now. as for the way the suspect was apprehended, this is an interesting side note. through the help of this guy, an off duty nypd deputy inspector named kenneth lair. he is from the fugitive enforcement division. he was out doing christmas shopping. turns out he helped apprehend the suspect who is now in police custody. one of the busiest shopping days of the year. we are live outside roosevelt mall, stacey sager, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> stacey, thank you. we are hearing more from people terrified when they heard the gunshots, many of whom hid out in locked back
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panic. long island kristin thorne with that angle. >> reporter: some shoppers were in those back rooms locked in supply rooms for up to an hour and half. they tell me they honestly thought this was a mass shooting. >> i'm pretty sure something drastic happened. >> reporter: after hearing the gunshots, shoppers and store owners hid in locked back rooms of stores as they waited to figure out what exactly was going on. >> the first thing that goes through your head is there is a man with a machine gun. >> i was freaked out. i stayed in the back and sat down. i didn't go back to work after that. >> people in the gap were great. closed the doors, got everybody in the stockroom. >> the staff is well trained. they new how to get the store cleared and in the back room. >> reporter: the mall cleared out quickly. some people ditching shopping bags, purses, anything to get out as fast as possible. >> i was speaking to a afterwards and he was in the food court.
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pieces of people just clearing out screaming leaving purses, grabbing kids, grown men were screaming man with a gun. >> it was scary. i said i hope no one got hurt. >> reporter: he ran in the bose store. they took everyone in a back room and locked it. >> they were texting, checking our phone. not a good signal. they had internet then let us y their personal phones to make phone calls. >> reporter: everyone breathing a sigh of relief that this is not what they thought it could have been but they are keeping the mall employee in their thoughts and prayers. live in garden city, kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> scary stuff. you can see more video from our viewers at the mall. we posted them at abc7ny. sign up for breaking news alerts from our news app as well. now the weather and the rain that is ushering in heavy fog. once this stretch of rain moves it.
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outside the studios on the upper west side. >> so far a tough winter. 62 degrees. beautiful first full day of winter. we have visitors. they are getting the news, weather and sports on this mild first day of winter. it will be a nice evening. the thing we are worried about is fog coming in and slowing down travel. as you look at the manhattan skyline, we have thinning in the clouds. good news i think the airports are in good shape through the evening hours. probable really -- probably recovering from earlier delays. we are at 62. rainfall amounts, couple tenths in new york city. an inch in bridgeport. a few hundreds down the jersey shore. not talking about area flooding on roadways. a couple of showers near norwalk, stamford, hamptons as well and thinning of the clouds in northwestern new jersey. next wave is over the gulf of mexico. that is aways away. we have a nice lull until the
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you see the warm air in the 70s in the carolinas. that will be shoved up 95 and here we go, into the mid-70s by christmas eve. this lull in the rain will last until late tomorrow morning then the skies will open up. there will be fog tomorrow morning. beware of that. that will slow down travel. get your travel done early. then it will slow. record shattering warmth for christmas eve. i got santa a fan for christmas. it will be in the 70s and maybe the warmest december day ever in new york city. we will time out the rain with the futurecast and have the seven day in a few minutes. back to you for now. >> thank you, lee. >> download our free accutrack weather alert app to keep an eye on radar. we have new information about the six american soldiers killed by a suicide boomer in afghanistan. two of the victims based in our area. joseph lemm was a detective. he was a married father of two. lemm and sergeant louis
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air wing in orange county. bonacasa is from nebraska. eyewitness news reporter jim hoffer is live at the base. jim? >> reporter: you know, orange county has a lot of military ties, home to west point military academy. it's also home, right here to stewart airport. and the 105th is, again, mourning the loss, not of one but two of their soldiers. in the small town of west harrison, news of the death of joseph lemm traveled quickly. flags in the center of town at half staff, his barber called him a friend who rarely talked about his deployments. >> he would talk a little bit but not much. he would say, yeah, i will be deployed and going for so and so amount of time and we are looking forward to just getting it done and being with my family. >> today air force staff huddled outside of the front of
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lived with his wife, teenage daughter and young son. bunting hung outside the 50th precinct where he worked as a detective. he was on his third tour when a suicide boomer rammed an explosive laden motorcycle near his patrol in afghanistan. he and five other u.s. soldiers were killed including sergeant louis bonacasa of nebraska who along with lemm was from the 105th air wing at stewart national guard in orange county. >> heart-breaking. the men and women serving there and the men and women losing their lives are ordinary as they live like us but doing heroic actions over there. >> reporter: this home video shows him surprising his family after being away at war in ten months seen in his favorite role, not nypd detective or air guard sergeant but father.
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loves his kids. >> he was way great guy. >> reporter: a third soldier from the wounded in this suicide bomb attack. he is being treated at a military hospital in germany. for now we are live near the 105th air national guard. jim hoffer, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a man with multiple arrest warrants behind bars after leading police in new jersey on a chase that spanned two states. police say officers spotted dorrell jackson driving his dodge around 4:00 a.m. he jumped out of the moving car on the palisades parkway. officers caught up with him in a wooded area. the truck driver blamed for the crash that severely injured tracy morgan was back in court today. kevin roper's attorney asked a judge to dismiss the charges
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he said roper can't get a fair trial because walmart was allowed to settle a civil lawsuit brought by morgan. >> when you allow a civil case to go forward in front of a criminal matter, you a prosecutor a weapon of mass destruction when it comes to a defendant's rights to defend a criminal case. >> the request was denied after prosecutors revealed a grand jury decision on whether to charge roper will be announced tomorrow. nearly 20,000 new york city nonunion employees will have six weeks of paid parental leave. mayor de blasio will sign it next month. pay. that leave can be combined with existing paid time for up to 12 weeks off. the benefit does not extend to the city's 300,000 unionized workers. stocks are extending gains for a second trading day in a row.
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the price of crude oil stabilized. the dow rose 165 points closing at 17,417. nasdaq climbed 32 points. s&p added 17. counterfeit bust. a long island businessman arrested and thousands of knock off winter jackets confiscated. up next, see if you can tell the difference. >> a blind salvation army bell ringer punched and kicked. what set off the beat down. >> also a mall parking lot controversy. dozens of employees' cars towed. how 7 on your side helped them get their money back. >> a sweet surprise.
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a businessman on long island accused of importing north north face jackets. he was arrested this morning when the jackets were seized in a warehouse in nassau county. police confiscated more than 50,000 bogus coats shipped to the u.s. from bangladesh. now to the 2016.
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respond to.'s latest controversial comments. trump accused of hitting new lows leveling sexually derogatory comments as the competition is gaining ground on trump. political reporter dave evans is here with more. >> reporter: maybe this is a sign of what is to come, hillary versus the donald. they are squaring off in what could be the general election and it's getting nasty. donald trump is again being blasted as sexist and kind of odd using a sexual yiddish term to attack hillary clinton and how she lost in 2008 to barram obama. >> she was favored to win and she got -- [ bleep ] and she lost. then he kept attacking blasting what clinton said about trump in the debate saturday night. >> they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims in order to recruit moradi call jihadists. >> reporter: the clinton
5:14 pm
proof of what she claimed and that infuriated trump. >> what happened to her. she is terrible. she is terrible. donald trump is on video and isis is using him on the video to recruit. it turned out to be a lie. >> reporter: a new national poll shows ted cruz has surged in just the last few weeks to now four points behind trump. cruz is strongly antiestablishment and intensely disliked in washington. a fact not lost to saturday night live. >> everyone who knows me hates me. democrats hate me, republicans hate me. i have what doctors call a punchable face. >> reporter: as for that clinton trump face off, cruise today declined to get involved. >> i'm going to let donald trump speak for himself and i
5:15 pm
i will focus on my positive optimistic conservative vision for this country. >> reporter: this afternoon in iowa, clinton stood by her claim that isis is using video of trump as a recruitment tool. he said video of trump is television. the campaign called his language degrading and humiliating to all women. >> dave, thank you. army sergeant bowe bergdahl making a first appearance before a military judge to face charges for desertion. he deferred entering a plea at fort bragg. he did not decide whether he wants to face a court marshal with a jury or just a judge. if convicted he could get life in prison for his disappearance in 2009. about 5,000 tourist flocking to stone hedge to mark the winter solstice.
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costumes visiting before dawn to watch the sunrise on this first day of winter. the annual pilgrimage marking the north pole pointed furthest away. look at that little guy. like halloween. there is a lot of people there. >> what did you do at 11:48 last night. >> i had car problems. >> did you? >> i did after the show. >> it wasn't because of snow obviously. >> i wish i could say that. >> sorry to hear that. >> despite the rain that we had, it's still so pleasant. it's refreshing. >> we had our shot of cold over the weekend. we are warming things up. at least we are in a quiet period for holiday travel. if you have plans heading out by car, air, train this evening, you are in good shape after a rainy day. the lag before the fog comes in. outside tonight, we have a mainly cloudy sky and beautiful empire state building and good
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visibility is fine. the ceiling is definitely around like 12, 1300 feet. right now that's okay for the airport. 62. southwest wind at 7. the high today 62 degrees. so out of whack. we should be around 41. 21 above average today. nine degrees away from record highs. saying that every day five, ten away from a record high every day d. here is the christmas outlook. let's update it. 74 christmas eve. might be a couple of sprinkles early and then some more at night. during the day, if clouds thin out, good by all time december high. on christmas day you will have sun to start. there is new information showing the clouds will thicken up. maybe rain by day's end especially south and west. still in the middle 50s. 54 in norwalk. visibility is down on the island. 61 belmar.
5:18 pm
57 poughkeepsie. j.f.k. two miles visibility last hour and now ten. good news there. white plains has come up. only islip at a half mile. we will be mostly cloudy first part of the night. more fog by morning. rain comes in by late morning but gets heavier in the afternoon. a couple of showers falling apart on the connecticut coast leaving the east end of long island. thing of the clouds north and west. that will promote low cloudiness and fog later tonight. the next batch of rain is getting its act together in the gulf of mexico. it's waiting for this low over the rockies to scoop it up and push it up the coast. that will take a while. that's why we have this lull that could last us another 18 hours or so. if you watch the futurecast here, you can see although the clouds thin out, if there is any rain it's primarily over central and southern new jersey, rather light. then the skies open up in the
5:19 pm
ponding. i think that moves out in president evening hours. the wild card is this depiction of heavier downpours after the 8:00 hour. i don't know if that will play out. the heaviest is 1:00 to 7:00 or 8:00 in the evening hours. so, a soaking rain especially tomorrow afternoon. that will wind down tomorrow evening. then we are in this sweet spot curs day -- thursday in between systems. record shattering heat here. if we get the clouds to thin we will be over the 75. this area of showers may come in christmas eve later at night. cloudy and mild. areas of fog. tomorrow 62. hours. temperatures. rain ending in high tide early evening hours. at 5:30, will the rain return eve. damp by dusk christmas day. over the weekend. more on that in the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. back to you. >> incredible. >> lee, thank you.
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to some students. who is eligible for the new offer. >> lights out. the search for who is cutting the christmas lights in one neighborhood. >> and governor cuomo having surgery today. the family game that left him injured. >> and a crane crashes into a home. holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games...
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the clock is wiping down. if you need to ship out holiday gifts amazon says you have until tonight. >> you still have tonight. >> if you find yourself procrastinating, you are not out of luck. it will cost you. elizabeth hur with more. >> calling procrastinators rushing to get the presents in the mail to make sure that they arrive in time for christmas.
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as of today announced that only 10% of americans are actually done with their holiday shopping. >> reporter: so, not only do you have plenty of company, you still have time. the deadline for two-day shipping is today and one day shipping is tomorrow but they are warning it will cost you. >> if you are going directly to the u.s. postal service or fedex and ups you will see sticker shock. >> reporter: we are talking two to three times the price of regular shipping. so, how about considering amazon prime now? >> through an app. you can play an order on christmas eve on the 24th at 10:00 p.m. if you pay 7 fifty in addition to your amazon prime membership you can get the same gift within an hour. >> that member does cost you $99 a year. if you don't mind a little
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5:26 pm
salvation army bell ringer attacked but not for money. hear from the legally blind volunteer about why a man and woman jumped him. >> rutgers university offering free tuition to some students. find out who quailly fies. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking
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we continue to follow a developing story.
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the gun went off during a struggle. an off duty nypd officer helped take down the suspect. the gunfire caused panic. stores closed their gates and shoppers ran for cover. a blind salvation army bell ringer assaulted. >> two suspects are in custody. police say it was over a spot in line. it happened in greenburgh. >> eyewitness news reporter marcus solis is there with details. marcus? >> reporter: that's right. police say the suspects allegedly upset that jermaine simmons tried to cut in front of them in line launched into the assault. the suspects were charged with misdemeanors but as they learn more and the seriousness of the injuries the charges were upgraded to felonies. >> they through ketchup bottle at me and mustard bottle at me. >> reporter: it was a fish
5:30 pm
a fractured eye associate and nose. the we pummeled inside a smash burger where he went on his launch break. they threw his with coins at his head. he is legally blind and has cerebral palsy and despite his injuries is back at work. very dedicated. he has been doing this for several years. worked with them every year and out there in the elements raising money for the poor. >> i'm not supposed to be able to work but i am doing this so i can gain a lot of experience and, you know, get some earnings. >> reporter: for his own safety, sim months switched locations away from the wine store where he was stationed and where workers tried to keep a watchful eye. >> we have food here. we usually feed them. he went to eatable cross the street. next thing we know we saw the
5:31 pm
>> reporter: they are under arrest. both suspects are charged with felony assault. where everything should be love, it's irritated everyone. >> reporter: this advertise a seasonal job that ends on thursday for simmons. the salvation army is helping out with medical expenses and smash burger reaching out to the victim as well. marcus solis, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcus, thank you. more than four years after a deadly road rage shooting in queens, police made an arrest. 52-year-old george kupey is a waiting extradition to new york on various charges. police say he got in a traffic dispute in kew gardens in 2011. he left the scene and allegedly
5:32 pm
the woman accused of intentionally driving on a las murder. prosecutors charged her with child abuse and leaving the scene of an accident. one person died and more than 30 were injured in sunday night. defense attorneys for holloway that recently became homeless said it's unclear if her mental condition played a role in what she did. a lawsuit has been settled against the estate of the mother of the newtown massacre gunman. the families will split $1.5 million. they sued claiming she failed to secure her rifle. her son used it to kill 20 kids and six teachers in 2012. he killed his mother and himself. a manhunt intensifying for the affluenza teen. he is believed to be on the run with his mother. federal authorities say they
5:33 pm
over the country and they are following every lead to track him down. david novarro with the details. >> reporter: the u.s. marshals and fbi on the look out for ethan couch and his mother and not ruling anything out. sources tell abc news by now it's assumed ethan may try to change his appearance. >> some folks are cooperating. we keep that in the back of our mind that they may not be completely truthful. it is believed he is on the run possiblely traveling with his mother in a ford pickup truck. >> the investigation shows that other families members or associates, friends, anyone offering support to ethan, they will likely be charged as well. >> reporter: couch was 16 when he filled cor people driving drunk in 2013. he was sentenced to only
5:34 pm
defense, a condition attorneys say caused by his wealthy up bringing preventing him from knowing right from wrong. it's not officially recognized as a diagnosis. couch vanished earlier this month after skipping his probation hearing and this video showing couch at a party near a beer pong table was posted on twitter. >> i think it was the trigger that seen him running once that video surfaced. >> i would like to say to the families of the victims, that we are doing this for you. we will find ethan and bring him back to tarrant county. well, first responders in new jersey were recognized for saving a family from carbon monoxide poisoning. bernard township police chief received a dispatch call from the home security company adt. he knocked on the door of the family home to alert them and wake them up. all 12 people inside got out safely. adt donated $5,000 each to the
5:35 pm
departments that responded. governor cuomo having hand surgery today. how he hurt it hanging out with his brother. >> a crane slams down into a house with a teen inside. what she thought was happening when she heard that crash. >> christmas decorations damaged at several homes. why the police chief is threatening criminal charges. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. picture outside the studio on columbus avenue, goes light jackets. visibility is good in new york city. ceiling hasn't lowered. temperature about 62. looking at fog during the morning hours and eventually we will track this big rainfall down in the gulf of mexico. that will be as much
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i know about this. sibling rivalry on the
5:38 pm
operation for governor cuomo. the injury was sustained during a game of one on one basketball with brother chris. he told guests at a holiday party he tore a ligament in his right hand. he hit the rim of the basket during the game. >> wonder who won. rutgers planning to make its campus in newark more affordable. they will cover tuition and fees for newark residents that are accepted and household income of 60,000 or less. now an extremely close call for a teenager in massachusetts almost crushed when a crane fell on top of her house. authorities say the crane was lifting a tree when it came crashing down, sliced through the attic and the second floor of the house. 17-year-old rebecca foreman was in the kitchen.
5:39 pm
damage. >> like so scary. i didn't know what happened. i was trying to get her to tell me everything and then i was like oh, my gosh thank god you >> wow. for man's dad is -- foreman's dad was proud of her. it will be a while before the home is in livable condition again. the mysterious object unearthed in israel stumped experts for months. to nonet it's solved -- tonight it's solved. israel's antiquities authority was at a loss what it is. so, they posted the pictures on facebook yesterday asking for suggestions and within hours an italian man identified it as an isis beamer, an instrument used
5:40 pm
>> everybody kind of knows that. the holiday season is about family. >> tonight and emotional reunion at a school on long island. we will hear from a soldier and his surprised sister. >> part time employees of a
5:41 pm
the holiday got a little brighter for a 7th grade girl on long island. >> grace hernandez's brother stationed overseas since march surprised her at her school in deer park.
5:42 pm
joseph hernandez, was coming home. >> i was surprised she didn't trip when she was running how fast she was going but definitely good to see her face again. >> i didn't know he was coming home. everybody was telling me he might not come home. >> oh. well, joseph hernandez will be home for two weeks before returning to his station in south korea. >> you can't get enough of that. >> i like big bro coming home. >> seeing his little sister. great 11:48, lee, did we drive past sade. >> i hope we didn't. >> i'm running the night back in my head. >> winter and your car overheated because there is not enough cold air. outside we go. we talk about major warmth to start winter. a trace of snow the day before. now we are talking rain and 62. outside clouds and fog outside.
5:43 pm
viewers stop by eyewitness news tonight. you see that pretty view of midtown with the low cloudiness. let's switch it since the viewers came by. there they go. merry christmas, happy holidays. nice evening at 62. cloudy skies. you don't need the umbrella any more. the planner, cloudy skies. tomorrow morning i think if you leave early you run into fog but limited rainfall. by late morning, rain coming and getting steadier heaviest in the afternoon hours. numbers are climbing into the low 60s late day. here is the futurecast again confirming low clouds and fog early. mid- to upper-40s. 53 in the park. 52 belmar. heaviest pouring during the afternoon hours. the early evening, thinking it's leaving the scene by 7:00, 8:00. this particular computer mow -- model suggests one more coming
5:44 pm
i think it's leaving earlier. look at the numbers christmas eve. we could start out 68. we don't need sunshine christmas eve to get us into the 70s. it's because of a warm southwest wind. 75 is the all time december high. look at the numbers in the afternoon. when the computer model that uses the normals to forecast the high meaning to lower to might 70s probably under done. that's what i'm saying with the forecast. mid-70s are within reach. rainfall tomorrow through early thursday morning. it will be around an inch, an inch in a quarter. thursday high at 74. a passing shower around. on christmas day the rain could get to central and southern new jersey by late day. still a warm day. brightest in the morning. by dusk. saturday cool and damp. sunday warmer with a break of above normal.
5:45 pm
long range forecast warmth the first two weeks of january. >> i don't know what to say any more. >> lemonade for santa. >> gatorade. keep hydrated. big victory for retailers that had their cars today. >> the some of the lots were off limits to employees. >> nina pineda with her investigating. >> reporter: we got an earful from employees who claimed they had no idea why they got towed working their shifts. after hitting roadblocks with mall management we made a big discovery one lead to bergen county consumer affairs saying the largest mall in new jersey violated the law with an unfair and illegal pole. what did you think? >> i thought it was stolen. >> reporter: that was stephanie's reaction when after her shift at michael kors, her car vanished. >> i have the on star app. we tracked the car. >>
5:46 pm
chevy here and learned it was towed. >> $150 is nothing to them but to the employees it's a big deal. >> reporter: stephanie was one of 48 mall workers targeted by westfield because the lot she parked in for seven years as a part time employee is for customers only. >> i didn't know about it until my car was towed. >> the mall manager said after issuing memos to all store managers with maps showing employee lots violators were watched on security cameras then towed. >> i feel violated. >> it cost me $100. >> reporter: this minimum wage earning student and barista had his car towed away. >> first offense like a warning. >> reporter: he said he knew nothing about employee parking rules. we took a spin around garden state plaza and found no warning signs anywhere that employees could be towed. we pointed that out to mall managers. west field refused to reimburse tow victims.
5:47 pm
found warning signs everywhere. here is the garage where after. here is the lot near best buy before and after. >> they are everywhere now. there was nothing before. >> reporter: new jersey's predatory towing act makes it against the law to tow off private property unless signs are posted. there were no warning signs when it towed employees. the new signs it put up after we got involved are too small. these are 12 by 18. reimburse employees. >> i think they are cowardly. they are not stepping up. >> reporter: well, guess who stepped up huge. bergen county consumer affairs. after investigators found that westfield corp. violated four laws in the consumer fraud act we learned county exec jim todisco brokered a deal, restitution. they will pay back all 48 employees who were towed plus they had to put up new signs compliant with the law before
5:48 pm
>> they didn't even get the seizing right. >> holy cow. >> way to go. >> nice story. well, the grinch strikes at several homes in new jersey. >> somebody is cutting cords to holiday light displays. police want help tracking them down. >> new at 6:00, local high school students pulling fire alarms. once outside kids start fighting. local business owners admitting that they are scared with the violence. >> a big surprise for the family of a firefighter killed
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hollywood lights going dark in new jersey because of vandals. >> someone has cut the wires on decorations at five homes in the town of wyckoff. now they are looking into whether the vandalism spree spread to a nearby town. >> tim fleischer is in wyckoff with all the details. tim? >> reporter: rob, two
5:52 pm
police don't know if the same person is responsible. what they are doing is presented at this time messed -- pretty messed up. >> >>reporter: an elaborate display, christmas decoration are to be the wires. >> sad. i didn't hear about it at all. terrible. >> one might say that is grinch like actions and it's not to be taken funny. nothing funny about it. people take a lot of pride in the way they make their homes look. >> reporter: not to mention the cost of the decoration. in waldwick, rob's elaborate display was cut before. >> the train in particular. got cut once then redone and cut again. >> the neighbors have cameras. >> reporter: others can only guess who is behind the deeds. >> probably juveniles maybe, children running around doing
5:53 pm
i can't explain it. >> reporter: the five incidents in wyckoff have taken place in various areas of town. the police chief is encouraging residents to be alert. >> going forward, if you see anybody that may be involved, call us and let us check the persons out. >> to the vandal and his actions -- >> ridiculous. bay humburg. >> bah humbug indeed. >> the chief said it's difficult to catch the vandals in the act but wants them to keep an eye out in case something is suspicious. >> tim, thank you. still ahead for us, a big surprise for the family of a firefighter killed in the line of duty that will dramatically change their lives.
5:54 pm
starts right now. high school students brawling outside the school after they set off fire alarms to get out of campus. nearby business owners say this stunt happens often and they don't mind admitting they are plain frightened. we have exclusive video of the panic and chaos at a popular mall on long island. a person at a watch store is shot and the person is taken into custody with the help of a new york cop. >> staple pieces of people clearing out, screaming, leaving purses, grabbing kids. >> a frightening afternoon. good evening, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. the wounded worker is in serious condition after he was shot at the roosevelt field mall. nassau county police say a suspect tried to rob the
5:55 pm
store security guard and the gun went off. >> an off duty nypd deputy inspector happened to be shopping at the mall. he jumped in to help arrest the suspect. some shoppers ran out of the mall and others sheltered in place until police gave the all clear. >> stacey sager has the lead story tonight. stacey? >> reporter: this was an attempted armed robbery, a mall employee remains in serious conditions because he was shot. then this incident ended but these days any time there is an incident with a gun, the protocol at the mall is a massive police response and on a day when this mall is packed with shoppers, the result watts panic and confusion. >> the first thing that goes through your head is a man with a machine gun. >> reporter: those in the mall huddled inside stores. >> we were texting, checking our phones. not a good signal but they had the internet and let us use their phones to make personal
5:56 pm
>> reporter: those who heard
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