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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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store shut down after a wild now new york's no. 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness
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>> chaos at the mall, a store shut down tonight as police piece together how an attempted robbery ended up with a customer getting shot. >> also new at 11:00 we're learning more tonight about the second victim from our area killed in that taliban suicide blast in afghanistan, a young father, his heartbroken family now trying to come to grips with what happened. but first tonight we have breaking news, two police officers rushed to the hospital. good evening, everyone. at 11:00 i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. these two officers were injured in a bad crash tonight in morris county, new jersey. their car crashed head on into a truck in mendham. >> we have the breaking details now from the scene. >> reporter: as you can see, there is still a very active investigation here behind me and we're being told that tinley road by mendham east road is shut down and in collision occurred quite a ways down mendham east road. this is a narrow two-way road
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street lights here. this accident happened around 7:45 this evening. out here. combine that with the foggy weather and you have to wonder if it may have caused some visibility issues. investigators, of course, are still in the process of determining the causing of this crash. it's also a fairly busy road with constant traffic coming through keeping officers quite busy detouring cars throughout the night. again we are learning two mendham township police officers were involved in a head-on collision with a semi and that tractor trailer you saw moments ago in our shot there, that was not the tractor trailer involved in the accident we're told. the officers were rushed to a local hospital. the driver of injured and remained on the scene. police officials moments ago gave an update and the two officers at this hour remain in intensive care. let's take a listen to what they had to say. >> both are fine young men. they are again in relatively stable condition. time will tell, but they're
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expect positive results. >> reporter: now how long this road will remain shut down for is still unclear but again a very active investigation with morris county park police and the sheriff of morris county also here on scene. the morris county prosecutors office is leading this investigation. reporting live in morris county stephon kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. at least in these parts the closest you'll get to a white christmas is listening to bing crosby sing white christmas on youtube. we're looking for record breaking warmth on christmas day, but before we get there we're going to have some rain. >> we're still seeing mostly cloudy skies over midtown now, fog reported at jfk and fog is increasing inland. we're at 59 mild degrees at 11:00, mostly cloudy skies, west wind at 5:00. more of the air will be swallowed up by this advisory
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it's fog that will slow you down tomorrow morning, not the rain. that's for later morning and midday. highs today upper 50s, lower 60s, the normal high 41, the 62 in new york city is warmer than phoenix, arizona, and three out of the next five days it's warmer in the big apple than it is in the desert. .2-inch of rainfall in central park, heavier amounts in central and long island. we could all get an inch tomorrow morning. low clouds are around now. there's your late morning rain. the heavy rain the still down here tomorrow afternoon, so it's a while before this lull in the rain really gets going into heavier rain. that will last until late tomorrow morning or midday. it's fog and will slow travel tomorrow afternoon. then that record shattering warmth which is just a lock on christmas eve. the question is will it reach the all time december high of 75 degrees? more on that, a few tweaks to the weekend accuweather forecast just a few minutes away. >> thank you. by the way, if you're not by a
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four different eyewitness news shows you can take lee with you figuratively speaking with the accuweather app. the fbi releasing a counterterrorism bulletin tonight alerting officers to remain vigilant during the holidays. the bulletin is routine and there is no known threat targeting the city. the bulletin instructs officers, especially ones posted in crowded areas or near symbolic targets, to be vigilant at all times. similar instructions were given to fbi offices last week. two cops given credit for what could have been a deadly scene at a popular long island mall, one cop retired, the other off duty together capturing the armed robber whose gun went off and wounded a work early at the roosevelt mall in garden city. josh einiger is at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: bill, a giant jam packed mall days before christmas, not the ideal venue for something as scary as an armed robbery and in this day
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bernardino, for a few heart stopping moments this all seemed much, much different. the holiday rush was back on tonight at the state's second biggest shopping mall. the only sign of anything unusual, the high end watch store tourneau locked uptight because of this afternoon's panic. >> i heard a pop. >> the next thing you know it was pure pandemonium. >> they were screaming man with a gun. >> and then people were just running. it was chaos. >> reporter: heavily armed police prompted for an active shooter flooded into the parking lot. thousands evacuate down fire stairs while others huddled together and waited. >> they closed the doors. they got everybody in the stockroom. >> somebody maybe call 911. >> we were all quiet texting checking our phones. it was not a good signal. >> reporter: it was perhaps a perverse relief to learn this was no active shooter but a robbery attempt at tourneau's rolex counter as security guards scuffled with the suspect who fired a shot hitting a mall employee seen
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exclusively by eyewitness news. one man was taken into custody, though late tonight police still hadn't charged him. the county executive says the response proves nassau police are ready for something far worse. >> this was not an active shooter situation, but as you can see, by the nassau county police department response here, we are prepared. >> i'm sitting there crouched in the bathroom like oh, my god, my daughter, my kids, my son, am i going to be one of those people? >> reporter: now this whole armed robbery scheme could have been doomed to fail from the start. that tourneau sits literally one flight of steps up from the mall security office and a police substation. there also was an nypd deputy inspector off duty doing christmas shopping steps away. he helped subdue the suspect as well. as for the victim, he's described as a 67-year-old mall employee. he was shot once in the shoulder. police say he will recover. josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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we're learning more tonight about the second new yorker killed in that taliban suicide bombing in afghanistan. he is 31-year-old louis bonacasa who lived in coram, long island, and leaves behind a wife and a daughter killed along with five others including new york police detective joseph lemm, a 15 year nypd veteran, both men part of the u.s. air national guard. n.j. burkett tonight speaking to bonacasa's family. >> he didn't think in his own mind he was in any harm. >> reporter: for raquel bonacasa tears mixed with pride tonight. her older brother air national guard staff sergeant louis bonacasa promised the family his fourth tour would be his last, but it ended four months early after a taliban suicide attack in afghanistan that killed sergeant bone case a and five others -- bonacasa and five others. raquel spoke with her brother
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>> he was excited about christmas. he received all of our packages and then he was happy that he was going to be coming home and then his wife would be back home. they were going to get a house, try for another baby. >> reporter: sergeant bonacasa was married. his daughter liliana turned 5 last thursday. born and raised in suffolk county, he enlisted in the air force three weeks after his high school graduation. he served previous tours in iraq, saudi arabia and qatar. his death comes as taliban fighters are mounting a resurgence in afghanistan placing greater strain on u.s. forces supporting the struggling afghan military. his sister knew every tour carried risks, but they weren't prepared for this. >> he would always try and comfort all of us and any time we would bring up something to him, he would always just say i'm okay. i'm going to come home and this
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out here so you don't need to worry because i'm going to protect you guys. >> reporter: he is the first long island serviceman to be killed in either iraq or afghanistan in more than three years. he will be buried in the national cemetery in calvertton. in farmington, long island, n.j. burkett, channel 7 eyewitness news. the family of a woman struck and killed on the sidewalk in brooklyn demanding justice for traffic violence. the family held a candlelight vigil where their loved one was killed earlier this month where a man driving with a suspended license jumped the curb to avoid a bus. he was charged with two misdemeanors. >> an example has to be made at some point when a driver decides to not hit a bus, but hit a person. >> the victim's mother called on state lawmakers to help make brooklyn streets safe. a settlement tonight for not much money in allot against the estate of the mother of the
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of the mother of the newtown massacre gunman. the families will split $1.5 million, nothing compared to the lives of their children. they sued claiming nancy lanza failed to secure her rifle. her 20-year-old son adam used it to kill 20 children and six educators at sandy hook elementary school three years ago this month. lanza also killed his mother and then himself. the gloves clearly off tonight between presidential hopefuls hillary clinton and donald trump. clinton now claims trump is trying to bull lip his way into the white house. clint -- bully his way into the white house. clinton is refusing to apologize to trump for making an unconfirmed comment trump videos are being used to recruit for isis. trump called clinton disgusting last night while talking about her bathroom break during saturday's debate. as we continue with eyewitness news at 11:00 for this tuesday night, celebrities' e-mail accounts hacked. we'll tell you what officials
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new at 11:00 he spent time hacking behind a computer. now he'll spend time behind bars, federal agents tracking down a hacker preying on hollywood big wigs, agents luring the man in from the bahamas this week where he offered to sell an undercover agent about 50 tv and movie scripts for $80,000. the man told investigators after his arrest he used viruses and false warnings to gain access to e-mail accounts and the screen plays and music that hadn't yet been released. embarrassing blunder tonight for the secret service, this time an agent's gun is stolen near the white house. the agent returned to his parked car yesterday less than a block from the agency's
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open and a bag missing. in that bag contained his service weapon, a radio, his secret service badge and handcuffs. the woman accused of intentionally driving onto a crowded las vegas sidewalk has been charged with murder and is due in court tomorrow. prosecutors also charged lakeisha holloway with child abuse and leaving the scene of an accident. 1 person died and more than 30 were injured in the crash on sunday night of defense attorneys for holloway who recently became homeless say it is unclear if her mental condition played a role in what she did. a salvation bell ringer who is legal lobeline and is back at his -- legally blind and disabled is back at his post tonight after an attack in green burn. he was on a break at a smash burger when a mad woman claimed he cut in line. police say the suspects punched and kicked simmons and threw his kettle at him.
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they threw the ketchup and mustard box at me and my whole face was bleeding. >> 30-year-old juan rodriguez, 21-year-old adrianna wignall both under arrest facing a slew of charges including felony assault. a deadly snake found in cargo on its way to new jersey died. officials at bronx zoo were disappointed hopeful they would nurse it back to health after it was discovered earlier this month on a ship. the 18-inch cobra was found in dear condition having not eaten in several weeks -- in poor condition having not eaten several weeks. governor andrew coumo recovering from hand surgery. he suffered the injury during a brother versus brother game of hoops. the governor tore a ligament in his right hand after he hit the rim of the basket during the game. the governor is 58 and he can hit the rim hard, that is impressive.
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well, new tonight a special donation making the holiday season brighter for hundreds of children in queens, state assemblymen david weber handed out toys at richmond hill at the boys and girls club in queens. he organized the toy drive and put the word out to his constituents inspiring them to donate more than 400 toys. he hopes to make it an annual tradition. he hopes to -- i think that's great. we'll change some temperatures over the weekend. the big thing tomorrow morning is fog. it will be really dense around the area, but the heavy rain will hold off till midday or even early afternoon. outside tonight kind of a cool shot of the empire state building, christmas colors and a little fog around the spire there. that will only get thick early. clouds have broken up quickly. that only enhances the fog formation through the overnight. our temperature is 59, west wind around 5, moisture from the rainfall, 62 degrees the
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out of whack with these normals. 41 is the average high. the records is what we're focusing on, 71 a couple of years ago. here's the outlook for christmas, still going with middle 70s, the record high 63, the all time record for december 75. we have a shot of that, again a couple showers around and also some thin spots in the clouds. christmas day i look the way the trend is going in terms of keeping the daylight hours dry, showers at night and mid-60s. right now our coldest spot poughkeepsie, otherwise upper 40s to middle 50s. a lot of clouds and fog at 8 a.m., 56 at noon, lighter rain especially from the step south and west. heaviest rain -- city south and west. heaviest rain is midafternoon, maybe 3/4-inch to an inch of rain during that time causing ponding on area roads. remember we have a dense fog advisory until 9 a.m. for alster and duchess, more of the area likely included on that in the morning.
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meanwhile these showers are fairly light. this is headed offshore. the lighter showers maybe by late morning, this by the afternoon taking aim at the tri- state area. here's the way the futurecast goes. just a lot of fog but no rain on radar, might be a touch of drizzle but nothing heavy. there comes the rain by mid dawe and afternoon raining heavily, coming down heavily late in the afternoon into early evening. there may be a break there. hopefully that co unsides with part of the evening commute and -- coincides with part of the evening commute and one more round in the evening. a couple showers overnight. look at this launching pad at 7 a.m. christmas evil, mid-and upper 70 -- christmas eve, mid-and upper 60s. mild areas of dense fog tomorrow morning. patchy dense fog, periods of rain heaviest in the afternoon, up to 62. tomorrow night we don't drop. women rise through the 60s with cloud and fog -- we rise through the 60s with clouds and fog. looking at christmas eve, your all time high of 75. this is a snapshot of pictures which could actually be a few
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we could be in the mid, make even upper 70s in interior parts of here's the tweaks to the weekend forecast.. damp, cooler saturday, 52. i bumped up sunday's high because i think we'll be in another warm wind, middle 60s and monday night dropped into the 40s. looks a little chillier there. i know, 4 or 5 degrees above normal but chilly on monday in the upper 40s before we bounce back. >> wow. stay in the 40s for new year's eve maybe? >> my goodness. >> thank you. coming up next we have new proof how much a few lifestyle changes will help improve your heart health. >> plus tell you why nicolas
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new at 11:00 the actor nicolas cage caught up in the illicit sale of a stolen dinosaur skull, but no, this is not the plot of his latest movie, the actor agreeing to give back the fossil that investigators believe was looted from the gobi desert in mongolia. he unwittingly bought the skull at auction in 2007 for $230,000. it's not clear if he'll recoup any of that money. in tonight's health alert more proof simple lifestyle changes can dramatically lower your latter trouble risk. researchers in -- heart trouble. researchers in boston say you can lower your risk of heart trouble by up to 60%. quit smoking, regular exercise and a good diet. heart failure occurs when the heart can't bump enough blood to meet the body's needs. >> all good suggestions. rob powers up next with sports.
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young man. today an honor for odell beckham, juvenile, straight ahead as the giants talented young receiver waits to hear what the nfl has to say. he did receive a bit of good news. >> plus at the garden the rangers try to get back on track. this was a good start. sports next. >> hey, everybody, private brandon hughes in italy, just a
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friend back in rosedal holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. gorgeous, isn't he? (vo) a new york man spent $3.2 million on a dead bat. i have such enormous respect for these creatures. which is why i stuff them and hang them on the walls. (vo) you'd make a way better rich person.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. ultimate driving machine. >> one thing about my pal rob powers, he's always looking for the silver lining in thing. >> up and down life here when you're riding that roller
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he was named to the nfl pro bowl tonight. back to beckham, tomorrow the appeal of his one game suspension will be heard. he and carolina corner josh norman who made the pro bowl battled sunday. it escalated, got out of hand. the league wants beckham to sit sunday, big blue facing the prospect of playing the vikings without him. >> you know what beck hall brings to the -- beckham brings to the team, the passion he has to the game, the player he is. so it will definitely be hard to go up in minnesota and get a win. nobody is excusing the panthers. you've heard they brought a baseball bat on the field sunday. beckham was said to have gotten all wild up about all. this the panthers said it signifies their home run mentality. the nfl sent a reminder of league policy preventing foreign objects like bats on the field at any time. the jets host the patriots sunday at the meadowlands. let's hear from brandon
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sixth pro bowl, his first as a jet. >> i will go this year, but i'm so focused on, you know, winning it all that i don't care about it. >> there you go. on ice the rangers in a three game losing streak, haven't lost four in a row in two years. the anaheim ducks came calling. haglund back in town. 3rd period, zuccarello steals, rangers lead 2-1, but anaheim ties it with less than three minutes in regulation. they go to overtime. the rangers go on a power play. zuccarello open, game winner! rangers win 3-2 in o.t. the losing streak over. the devils meet the red wings, 0-2-1 in their last three. this is david sclemko. the wings wouldn't roll over.
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pending a physical alejandro de aza is heading to the mets. left-handed hitter which would still mean the mets need a right handed hitting outfielder. the odds are a reported one year deal. st. johns tough match-up tonight against south carolina, deron johnson doing the heavy lifting early on, the rebound, back up and in plus the foul but couldn't keep it up. south carolina is unbeaten ranked no. 25. st. johns loses tonight 75-61. finally from us it paid off, paid off big for joe anderson, signed to the jet practice squad today. now six weeks ago that was joe outside the stadium in houston for a few days with a sign that read not homeless but starving for success. the sign also said will run routes for food. used to play for the bears, just wanted one more shot at the nfl. the jets gave it to him. he was on the practice field today.
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join the conversation on facebook, twitter and instagram using the #abc7ny. rob, what do you have for us tonight? >> i'm tired. >> rob is exhausted. that's always a hot topic. thanks for watching. that's it for us. i'm bill ritter. >> i'm sade baderinwa. jimmy kimmel is next. eyewitness news returns
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