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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  December 23, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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mall leading to a huge response by police. we're learning more about the good samaritans jumping into action to take down that suspect. >> the nypd on alert this holiday week as many people head to the city for holiday celebrations. >> and take a look at this, a live picture at sunrise highway. you can barely see the hand in front of your face in some spots because of this thick fog. how long will it last. >> not much of a sunrise on sunrise highway. >> exactly, where is the sun. good morning, i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. >> good to have you along today shirleen, i'm ken rosato. thank you for joining us. today is wednesday december 23rd. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> thank you ken, shirleen, nice to have you. it is a morning where we have great visibilities in the five boroughs. but outside it is a mess in the suburbs. 55 degrees right now, 47 up the hudson river valley. it's the warm air creating this fog in the overnight hours. 54 at wrightstown. here are the visibilities, white plains up to a mile. laguardia 3-mile visibility,
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newark a half mile. jfk a half mile. 3/10 jersey shore. so today that's why we have this dense fog advisory, not really for manhattan or for hudson county but it's really more or less for southern brooklyn and long island and everywhere else this morning until 10:00. we have clouds, fog, rain to our south. that rain gets here at 11:00. you need your rain gear today, rain this afternoon. 59 by lunch. 62 this afternoon, and we do the fog dance all over again this evening, christmas eve will shatter the record high. we talk about that next. weather then heather every 7 minutes. she has all kinds of problems this morning. >> we have a new problem now out in suffolk county. let's take a look at sunrise highway, that whole area, sunrise highway closed west, williams floyd parkway north at sunrise highway, all lanes are closed with a pretty serious accident in this spot. long island railroad, new jersey transit, metro north doing just fine. our subway service is also running on or close. you want to contact your carrier today if you are flying
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this problem cleared as you go on to the new york state thruway south exit 13. street cleaning rules are in effect. don't forget it's a gridlock alert day today, leave the car at home. thank you. it's 6:02. we should learn more today ab the gunman behind a robbery that triggered a panic at the roosevelt field mall on long island. one man was taken into custody and is expected to face formal charges after a struggle ended a mall employee shot. kala rama live in garden city with the story. >> reporter: that mall employee who was shot is still in the hospital this morning after he was shot in the shoulder with a bullet possibly lodged in his neck still this morning. as you mentioned that suspect is in custody. take a look, he was walked out of tourneau jewelry store in cuffs after police say this man tried to steal a rolex. when the security guard tried to stop him, they got into a scuffle. the suspect fired off a shot hitting that mall employee outside the store seen here in our exclusive video. that 67-year-old man is in
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hospital this morning. what's interesting is the suspect's takedown. nypd police inspector was in the mall off-duty. he heard there was a shooter and ran toward the scene. he saw the struggle and cuffed the suspect right there on the spot. the situation sent customers and store owners into a panic. >> people were just running toward the door. our store is right there. they were running toward the door and to this exit. then we heard sirens. >> it was very scary. i said oh, boy, i hope no one got hurt and hopefully no one got trampled on the way out. >> reporter: we're told there is surveillance video oftenest we'll hopefully see that later today as well as learn who the suspect is and what this man is facing this morning. more about those charges to come. we're live in garden city, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. kala thank you. we've got breaking news, star of the real house wives of new jersey theresa giudice is a free woman this morning. yes, moments ago she walked out
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nearly a year behind bars. eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live outside her home in montville, new jersey. dray. >> reporter: good morning, shirleen. according to bravo tv who was in contact with theresa giudice's attorneys as of 5:01 this morning she is a free woman, and we understand now driving back to her home here in montville new jersey. it's quite a spread, which is about a half a mile up the road behind me. the police are keeping us at a distance because so many people are interested in seeing her return home. meanwhile she will be staying at her home at least until february the 5th because she is on home confinement. giudice has been at that prison in danbury connecticut since last january. she and her husband pleaded guilty to fraud and admitted to hiding assets from bankruptcy creditors as well as submitting false information in order to gain access to millions of dollars in loans. giudice is one of the big name stars of the hit bravo series
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in the last few years she has evolved from a relatively unknown jersey girl into this national star who unfortunately became a convicted felon after admitting to her guilt in january. now after the couple pleaded guilty in federal court, the judge decided to stagger their prison time because they have four daughters. so joe giudice will begin his prison sentence sometime in march. the headline this morning, theresa giudice now free from danbury connecticut in the federal prison as of morning. live in montville, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. 6:05 new details on the deadly hit and run crash in rocklin county. the victim has been identified as 53-year-old william george from pomona new york. george was riding his bicycle when he was hit by an early 2000 model chevy suburban or tahoe that was dark blue. the accident happened early
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france is looking for one of its own citizens in connection with a failed terror attack. the french interior minister says it was set to happen about 70 miles south of paris. potential targets indicated soldiers -- included soldiers, police and representatives of the state. two french citizens were arrested saturday. they are believed to be linked to a third frenchman described as an islamic extremist in syria. the nypd says there is no credible threat to new york city but is telling officers to remain vigilant during the holidays. a routine bulletin was circulated to nypd commanders yesterday. it instructs officers, especially those who patrol crowded areas or near city landmarks to be on alert at all times. similar instructions were given to fbi offices across the country last week. 6:06 our time, today a grand jury in new jersey will decide whether to indict a wal- mart truckdriver who slammed into a limo carrying comedian tracy morgan. kevin roper appeared in middlesex county court
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charges to be thrown out. that question was denied as the -- request was denied as the judge awaits the grand jury's findings today. comedian james mcnair died in the wreck. fugitive real estate heir robert durst will head to the west coast to face a murder trial. he has agreed to be extradited from louisiana to los angeles. he's charged with killing his friend and spokesperson susan berman 15 years ago. prosecutors say he did it to keep berman from speaking to investigators looking into the disappearance of his first wife. >> you are never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans. >> here we go, we're going to have ourselves a morning where we find fog is going to be our issue. as you see right here from the fort lee new jersey side of the george washington bridge, that's heather's house,s george washington bridge, and we can't really see it. that's the fort lee side. your visibility right there is less than a tenth of a mile visibility as you come across the bridge.
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better around manhattan. this is our camera at 4 times square looking south. you can't see the top of 1 world trade. we're going to have this fog until 10:00. temperatures are way warmer. that's why we have the fog. down to the south we have rain just now getting to delaware bay, washington d. c. that creeps up to us and rain starts at 11:00 and lasts through the afternoon. 11:00 when the rain hits. 62 this afternoon, normal high is 41. it will be way warmer. all right kiddos that have school today, get out early or you get out later today but you get out today for the holiday. it will be a d in the rating. i give it a grade of d for damp because of the rain. >> that's right. >> nailed it. >> yep, you certainly did. >> nailed it shut. >> let's go right over to a webcam, show you how things look as you travel through suffolk county. a lot of fog out there. let's go over to our maps. we have a situation in shirley, sunrise highway closed west william floyd parkway closed
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this is a head-on collision. long island railroad, new jersey transit, metro north running on or close to schedule. subway service is also running on or close. minor delays george washington bridge inbound lincoln is 10, the holland is a 5 minute delay. tappan zee bridge speeds down to 45 miles an hour because of the fog. you definitely want to keep it slow this morning. take your time. gridlock alert day. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken and shirleen, over to you. thank you heather. it is 6:09. still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, governor cuomo in the operating room. the sports injury that has him shaking hands with bandages on. >> and the decision on the
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6:12, and traffic is moving again through washington's stephens pass after a two-week closure, the northwest has been slammed by storms recently forcing officials to close the major route east of seattle because of mud slides and washouts. now they are dealing with snow, as many as 40 million americans are in the path of severe weather today including a risk of tornadoes in the midwest just as the holiday getaway kicks into high gear. the families of the victims
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have reached a 7 figure settlement. the families will split 1 1/2 million dollars from the estate of the gunman's mother. they sued claiming that nancy lanza failed to secure the rifle used in the shooting. she was also killed during the rampage. the cash comes from homeowners insurance. kentucky clerk kim davis may be seeing a payoff for her controversial stance on same- sex marriage licenses. under an executive order those documents will no longer show the names of county clerks. matt bevin changed the form saying he wants to honor all religious beliefs. davis made headlines for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples claiming the documents violated her faith. today the nfl is expected to hear giant's wide receiver odell beckham junior's appeal of his suspension. he received a one-game suspension. when he picked up three personal foul penalties. part of his explanation is beckham claims the panthers
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intimidate him before the game. the nfl has now banned teams from bringing nongame-related foreign objects on to the field. one more football note, in a touching story this christmas, you might remember this photo that went viral six weeks ago, joe anderson standing outside the stadium in houston for days with a sign that read "not homeless but i am starving for success. anderson used to play for the bears and wanted another shot at the nfl. the jets gave him one signing him to their practice squad. he suited up for the first time yesterday. >> i love that. it is time to get a check on that accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist bill evans live outside our studios on the upper west side. >> not only do we have the forecast for the holiday but i'm going to give you my idea of the best weather gift for the weather enthusiast in your life. all right. that's coming up right after i show you this, partly cloudy to cloudy skies this morning around the five boroughs. fog around the rest of the area, temperatures this morning 55 degrees.
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it is humid, and the barometer is steady. yesterday's high 62, we'll be around 62, 63 again today with temperatures in the mid-50s, we don't even have a puff of wind. good visibilities in the five boroughs but the rest of the area poor visibilities. rain is coming up from the south. that will knock the fog down but that's not until later on today. visibilities are in tenths of a mile. 64 to 65 on christmas day will set another record high, and then on saturday we've got some rain, and then your sunday we're looking at 65 degrees with a late day shower. sunday that 65 could set a record high. so today we have this fog this morning, then rain by 11:00. gear. then this afternoon 62 with we're going to have an inch to an inch and a half of rain. then it's very mild with fog forming overnight.
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to the races. morning fog, christmas eve day, breaks of sun, 74, if it gets to around 75 that ties the all- time record high for the month of december sets back in 1998. we could hit 75. that could tie it. we could even break it on thursday. weather on friday. we're looking at 66 degrees, and we're looking at damp and cooler weather on saturday with that rain, and then we're going to be looking at what will be temperatures around the area of 65 on sunday. well. i want to thank my staff for helping me out this morning. thank you very much. good morning, good morning. i want to show you a gift for the weather enthusiast that is just absolutely wonderful for kids, adults, the brother, the sister, the family member that loves the weather. it's called the vantage view from davis. these are weather instruments that can withstand any type of weather, the heat, the cold, the ice, they work in snow, rain, everything. they also come with a wireless
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it comes with a free subscription to it's a network of 25,000 others that share weather. these instruments i use them. i have a set. we have a set that we use here that we have on the roof. they're accurate, reliable, very affordable for christmas. you get data within minutes of putting up the strums, simple installation. there's a pole, you have an anemometer, wind gauge, temperature, humidity, rain gauge u all that, or any of the other scientific weathe site they were made with string and tissue paper but he still had them. >> i did have them. my mother would be in the house, i would have a walkie- talkie. >> so cool. >> lots of friends who think that they're meteorologists. >> you can hook it up to your computer and you've got your own climatology weather station, el nino everything. >> awesome. >> i have one friend in mind
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hmm, [ laughter ] >> that fog is causing some troubles on the roads. >> it certainly is. let's go right over to our mass transit chart and talk about that. it looks like mass transit at this point doing just fine so that's the way you want to go. if you can do that today it's a gridlock alert day, plus with all this fog and rain that's going to be coming in later, subway service is running on or close to schedule. this is a big problem this morning in shirley and suffolk county, sunrise highway closed west, william floyd parkway to horse block road. all lanes are closed down. this is a head-on collision so they have to take their time getting that cleared away. and it looks like the merritt parkway north exit 31 another accident. we have street cleaning rules in effect for today. ken, shirleen, over to you. >> thank you heather. 6:18, an american car company is teaming one google to make -- teaming up with google to make a car that drives itself. >> and santa's eight tiny reindeer are getting a 21st century makeover.
6:18 am
google teaming up with ford. >> online reports claim that the two companies have been in talks with the goal of creating a new self-driving car. a deal could be announced as early as next month. >> just in time for the holidays. several new family friendly game titles rolling out for google chrome cast. they include angry birds friend, driver speedboat paradise and hasbro's monopoly here now. >> they are now available for download from the chrome cast app app store. >> and you can imagine these landing on your roof, can you? the robotic reindeer are the work of boston dynamics. >> it only takes three of them to pull the sleigh, not eight and with navigation sensors built in, i guess this means rudolph you're out of the job, no longer the lead. >> and thankfully mrs. claus is human there. >> those are your tech bytes. >> that is very cool. >> rethinking the plow, the new
6:19 am
new york this winter. >> and the latest fallout from steve harvey's flub at the miss universe pageant may actually be good news for him. >> i'm pfc john kellogg with the 6th rcck at camp walker
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6:23 on the money this morning, wall street saw its second straight day of gains and futures pointing to a higher open. the dow jones starts the day at 17417. >> overseas china's shanghai composite lost some. the harlem globetrotters brought their skills to the there are of the new york stock exchange. basketballs were dunked on the trading floor. moose weeks took some no look shots after ringing the opening bell.
6:23 am
tipping off their new season this weekend. jingle. you have one more chance to pick up a little extra cash for your holiday stocking. tonight's power ball is worth an estimated $227 million. the cash occupation is up to 14 -- option is up to 141 million. no one has claimed the prize since early november. you can see the winning numbers tonight during eyewitness news at 11. >> that'd make a nice christmas present. >> i think so. >> 6:24. you're never more than 7 traffic. meteorologist bill evans with the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> here we go, we take a look outside this morning, and the real issue is where your location happens to be in relationship to this fog. now this is brooklyn, and this is the watchtower building. that's the east river, trust me, and that's wall street and lower manhattan. now we've got some really poor visibilities that are going to come and go during the morning now in the five boroughs. there's rain to our south. the temperatures are quite
6:24 am
continue to be warm with a record high on christmas eve tomorrow. shatters that record high, we could set one friday on christmas day. weather and traffic together every 7 minutes. >> did you mention there's fog out there? >> did you know there's fog out there? >> there's fog out there. you want me to show you some fog. i got fog. let's go over here to a webcam. look at this, near sunrise highway. this is sunrise highway, it's not there. let's go to our maps and we'll talk to you about long island railroad, new jersey transit, metro north all doing just great. subway service is running on or close. unfortunately we have this big problem in suffolk county, fog could be to blame. sunrise highway closed west williams floyd parkway to horse block road. this is a head-on collision. we have a gridlock alert day again, and our street cleaning rules are in effect. shirleen over to you. >> thank you. governor cuomo will spend christmas mending an injury to his hand.
6:25 am
andrew cuomo hurt himself during a game of pickup basketball with his younger brother chris. governor cuomo underwent surgery to repair a ligament in his right hand after hitting the rim of the basket. the mishap didn't stop cuomo from attending a holiday party with other elected officials family and friends. new york state is more ready than ever for snow if we ever get any. the department of transportation unveiled a new fleet of plows called tow plows. 62 of them will be deployed this winter. it is winter, but sometime this winter across new york state. tow plows attach as trailers to the back of the dump trucks and they can actually be hydraulically adjusted to swing out to the side of the truck. that would clear two lanes of snow once. you know how normally they put multiple plows side by side. now you don't need that. you can just do that. that's pretty cool. >> we still have lots of winter left. >> we'll see. >> we're closing in on 6:30. we are following breaking news, real housewife of new jersey
6:26 am
the garden state right now. we are live with the early christmas present for the reality tv star and her family. >> two police officers recovering after a head-on crash on a foggy road.
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now new york's number 1 news channel 7 eyewitness news this morning. one suspect under arrest on long island set to face charges today for an armed robbery and shooting at a mall packed with holiday shoppers. >> dangerously dense fog blanketing parts of the tri- state this morning. plan some extra time for your commute to get there safely. >> and breaking news on real housewives star theresa giudice walking free from prison within the hour after a year behind bars. >> good morning i'm ken rosato. >> and i'm shirleen allicot in for lori stokes. >> you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans in the accuweather forecast. >> dense fog advisory until 10:00. we have just that, dense fog
6:29 am
dense fog is reducing visibilities way down low across around 8/10 of a mile teterboro, half mile around newark, 3/10 of a mile as you see there at jfk. it's a half mile islip, half mile, 3/10 belmar. this is a real issue this morning with that fog. that will continue as we go through the morning commute until about so we are looking at rain coming up from the south today. that will get here about 11:00. then it rains this afternoon. temperatures in the low 60s. have your rain gear at the ready. we'll talk about christmas eve; christmas day next. weather then heather every 7 minutes. we have this big problem in shirley. in suffolk county a head-on collision, sunrise highway closed west. william floyd parkway to horse block road. we have all lanes closed down. long island railroad, new jersey transit metro north doing just fine, subway service is also running on or close to schedule. 95 going south at playland parkway that is another
6:30 am
we also have the merritt parkway going northbound exit 31 another collision is being colored. you have outer bridge crossings, let's take a look at a webcam, show you the area of perth amboy as you travel to the outer bridge crossing. we have lots of fog out there. our street cleaning rules are in effect. breaking in just about the last 90 minutes, one of new jersey's real housewives walked out of prison overnight just in time for the holidays. >> theresa giudice has been serving time in connecticut after her arrest nearly one year ago on fraud charges but she's not entirely free just yet, and eyewitness news reporter dray clark is live outside her home in montville with new details on this one. dray. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. according to her attorney theresa giudice was officially freed from that federal prison in danbury connecticut at 5:01 this morning. she's now headed to her home in montville new jersey.
6:31 am
mile up the road behind me. we're being kept at a distance. she is not entirely free. she is on home confinement until february 5th. now theresa giudice served about a year almost inside that federal prison there in danbury connecticut. she and her husband pleaded guilty to fraud and admitted to hiding assets from bankruptcy creditors as well as submitting false information to get millions of dollars in loans. theresa giudice really became famous after starring in the hit bravo series real housewives of new jersey. she has evolved pretty much from an unknown girl from jersey into this national star that's now a convicted felon. now after they both pleaded guilty, the judge decided to sagger their -- stagger their four children. with that said joe giudice will march. theresa giudice on her after leaving federal prison
6:32 am
with her family for the christmas holiday. we're live in montville this morning, dray clark channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. 6:34, and holiday shopping came to a screeching halt on long island when a gunshot rang out right next to macy's. a would be robber trying to rip off pricey watches ends up in custody thanks to one of new york city's finest who happened to be nearby. this went down at the roosevelt field mall in garden city. kala rama is live there with the full story for us. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was essentially a robbery gone wrong leaving one man, an innocent man shot and injured in the hospital this morning and a suspect in custody. take a look, here he is walking out of tourneau jewelry store in cuffs after police say that this man tried rolex. when the security guard tried to stop him, they got into a scuffle. the suspect fired a shot hitting a mall employee outside the store seen here in our exclusive video. that 67-year-old man is in
6:33 am
at the hospital, and what's interesting is the suspect's takedown. an nypd police inspector james leer was in the mall off-duty. he heard there was a shooter, ran toward the scene. he saw the struggle, and cuffed the suspect. the situation sent customers and store owners into a panic. >> we locked the doors, and we heard like about four or five pops, and we locked the doors. we ran to the bathroom at the back of my store, and we just crouched and we waited. and we waited and we waited, and of course everything that went through our head was oh, there's a mass shooting. >> you can imagine how terrified those customers and store owners felt hearing that shot be fired. we're told this morning there is surveillance video. we're hoping to get a look at that later today and also learn more about who the suspect is and what charges he'll be facing. live in garden city, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. 6:35, this is a top story on
6:34 am
an investigation continues this morning after two police officers were injured in a head- on crash along a foggy road in morris county new jersey. those police officers are in intensive care and expected to survive. they were on duty when their cruiser slammed and a truck at corey lane last night. the driver of the truck was not hurt. the woman accused of intentionally plowing into people on the las vegas strip is due in court on murder charges. lakeisha holloway is charged with child abuse and leaving the scene of an accident. one person died and more than 30 were injured in the crash. defense attorneys say it was unclear if holloway's mental condition played a role. the port authority is expecting to see a lot of traffic at its facilities over the next week. more than 18 million travelers using the agency's airports, trains and river crossings including the gwb. the port authority saying a full complement of customer
6:35 am
between christmas and new year's. 6:36. you're never more than 7 minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with bill evans and the accuweather forecast. >> it's getting freaky out there. this is our camera in brooklyn trying to find the watchtower building. that red right there is the temperature atop the watchtower building. you can't see the east refer or brooklyn bridge. here's our camera at 4 time square. you can see the top of the empire state building, and that's it. you can't see the rest of the empire state building. the fog is this low now, and we can't make out 1 world trade. this is going to be a problem this morning. fog is the sign of a stable atmosphere. it's warm air coming up and over us in high pressure. that's why at 54 degrees we have this fog that has developed now. with we'll have this fog until 10:00. rain is now at cape may and delaware bay. going to be quite the rainy day. we get the rain by 11:00 through central jersey into the city. this afternoon we're in the low 60s with rain.
6:36 am
and a half of rain by tonight. after school today the berries gear. heather's got on her pink espadrills. >> they're going to get a little wet. boots? >> you'll have to ask the person who makes those wonderful graphics to get me some rain boots. >> you're looking at him. >> can you get me some rain boots. preferably in violet to match my umbrella. >> violet? how's the traffic this morning. >> let's go to a webcam, outer bridge crossing you will see some traffic and you'll also see lots of fog. speeds are reduced to 35 miles per hour. that is because of the fog, and then we have this problem as you go through suffolk county in shirley, sunrise highway closed west, william floyd parkway north at sunrise highway all lanes are closed. mass transit is doing just fine. 95 south at playland parkway,
6:37 am
then the merritt parkway has an accident. it's north at exit 31. street cleaning rules are in effect. don't forget it's also a gridlock alert day. ken and shirleen over to you. thank you. 6:39, and still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, saved from certain death after 60 hours of terror. the amazing rescue following that massive landslide in chain. >> steve harvey's blunder of the year may have cost the title of miss universe. >> and a wild scene literally inside the airport when a coyote sprints through the terminal. >> and we are excited to continue a christmas tradition reading your holiday greetings on the air. send us your thoughts, your reflections on 2015 and the year ahead. e-mail bill.s..ritter @
6:38 am
abc7ny facebook page. this just in. the final countdown to christmas is here. wait what? gary, is this teleprompter right? sweet molasses! i need to start shopping immediately.
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the holidays are here. don't forget you can order on and pick up in store the same day. i ordered this today. it's for you. boop! barbie! a new tie! order by december 24th 6pm. flags are flying at half- staff across new york state to honor joseph lemm, the nypd detective killed in monday's suicide bombing in afghanistan. this morning we are hearing
6:40 am
local serviceman killed in that attack. air national guard staff sergeant louis bonacasa lived in suffolk county. after four tours he was set to come home for good a few months ago. >> and then he was happy that he was going to be coming home on mine and my sister's birthday, around that time, and then his wife would be back home. they were going to get a house, try for another baby. >> that was his sister. staff sergeant bonacasa was 31. he leaves behind his wife and 5- year-old daughter along with his mother and four siblings. he will be buried in long island's calverton national cemetery. 6:43. the secret service is dealing with more embarrassing publicity after an agent's gun was stolen near the white house. the agent returned to his parked car monday less than a block from the agency's headquarters to find a window open and a bag missing. the bag contained his service weapon and a radio. his secret service badge and handcuffs. new this morning, two long
6:41 am
what could be called a real garbage move. michael heefy and christopher schmidt are accused of snatching holiday tips intended for sanitation workers. they grabbed a money-filled envelope sitting on a garbage can in bohemia yesterday morning. police are looking into whether they have committed similar crimes. 6:44. tossens of -- dozens of people are still missing after a massive landslide in china. a man was found alive after being buried for more than 60 hours in dirt and debris. the man was stuck under mounds of rubble and wreckage until a search team pulled him out earlier today. he only suffered a broken hand and an injury to his foot. 6:44. good morning america is coming up next. george stephanopoulos live in time square. >> a lot to get to this morning, busiest travel day of the year, 100 million americans are going to be on the road. could be a lot of trouble, wicked holiday weather storms
6:42 am
half of those people right now. and boy, as we head into the holidays, the presidential campaign still heating up. that war of words over donald trump's words now between hillary clinton and donald trump. she says she's not going to get personal with his remarks that some consider vulgarity. there's a debate about that as well. we have a brand new poll this morning showing donald trump with his biggest lead yet in the race on the republican side. check out this super close call for a skiing champion, a drone is a morning where we start out with fog and clouds and that's going to be the rule through
6:43 am
you've got to start early, start off on your commute and be very careful traveling and check with your air carrier today. our visibilities have reduced even around the five boroughs, visibilities are way low this morning. we're going to be looking at that through the morning hours. the humidity 86%. you're looking at what is our high yesterday, 62. the records, you know, 41 and 30's normal. look at those records. even 66. today we're going to be at 62. we are going to get close it that today. we're going to break some records, maybe three of them by the time the weekend is done. a round of rain today, record warmth tomorrow. mild on christmas, might set a record high christmas day. rain coming for the weekend. 50 brooklyn and queens, 47 long island. temperatures this morning way warm for this hour of the day with a calm wind. we are looking at what's going to be a little bit of fog out there creating all kinds of problems out there this morning. 3/10 of a mile visibility. mile visibility, merry christmas.
6:44 am
visibilities 3/10, 8/10 of mile downs jersey shore. there's fog advisories in effect now until 10:00. it takes in just about everybody except for queens and brooklyn. even jfk has a half mile to 3/10 of a mile visibility. rain to our south coming up. it gets here around 11:00. you see this on our futurecast. there's the rain through the evening which will be heavy. we can get an inch of rain to an inch and a half by tonight. then we're going to clear out. the sun comes out early on christmas day, and then there might be a shower late in the day christmas day. look at these temperatures, even overnight tonight into christmas eve tomorrow, we're looking at 70 by tomorrow morning. that will crush the record high of 63 degrees on new year's eve. we may even set a record high, an all-time record high for the month as we go through christmas eve to christmas day. after school today, kids, you get your christmas break. we're at 60 degrees. tomorrow we're at 74. christmas day 64, a little cooler but still that could set a record high, and then rain on
6:45 am
set a record high. 62 today with this rain into the evening. rain this evening ends, and it's warm overnight at 61. we're at 74 tomorrow. that just crushes the old record high. as we go into, you know, christmas eve, we are looking at what's going to be that temperature of 75 we might hit. that would be the all-time record high set for the month of december since recordkeeping began in the 1700s. then we've got sunshine and clouds on christmas day, some rain on saturday, and there's sunday, mild again with 65. >> hey, bill, tell them you're working over here. >> this is my christmas present. [ sirens ] >> got to love new york. >> happy holidays, safe travels. have a wonderful christmas, all right, i'll be with you here tomorrow. >> same to you. on the commute. >> the whole upper west side is now awake. let's go right over to a webcam
6:46 am
you travel on the l.i.e. through marathon parkway. we do have some volume picking up here, and then getting on to the southern state parkway right near the wantagh you can see the difference with the fog out here. let's go to our maps and talk about suffolk county, sunrise highway is closed west. william floyd parkway to horse block road. william floyd parkway is closed north at sunrise highway. this is a head-on collision in the process of being cleared away. we have b and d subway problems, signal problems at west 4th street. signal problems at woodside. long island railroad, new jersey transit, metro north doing fine. accident continues on 95 south, and the merritt parkway as you go on to the northbound side exit 31, another accident is being cleared away. it is a gridlock alert day today. street cleaning rules are in effect. ken over to you. thank you. 6:49. comedian steve harvey may be returning to the miss universe stage. entertainment tonight reports
6:47 am
for three more years at least. he signed up for hosting duties well before he botched the results of sunday night's pageant. harvey later blamed the flub on reading the cue card incorrectly. it is now 6:50 and still ahead on eyewitness news this morning, a mysterious light streaking across the sky just days before christmas.
6:48 am
tate ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children.
6:49 am
welcome back, airports get a lot of unique visitors but the tsa may not have been prepared for this traveler. a coyote trotted into myrtle beach airport in south carolina yesterday. it's a lovely airport, been there. the coyote walked through baggage claim and into a tsa check point. did not go through x-ray where he was picked up by animal control. the animal had to be euthanized. coyotes apparently walk through the airports once in a while. they said he walked through this one just like anybody else right through the front door. >> glad there wasn't a lot of people there. >> good thing. >> pretty empty at that point. >> just before the christmas rush. >> thankfully. 6:53. a bright light bolted through the sky giving people a late night show in several states out west. the mysterious sight had people beaming in las vegas as they spotted what could have been a meteor, shooting star, a fire ball. it appears the light could be debris from the last russian rocket that traveled to the international space station. so it seems that mystery has
6:50 am
there you go. it is 6:54. breaking entertainment news, a real housewife out of prison heading home to new jersey from danbury at this hour. we'll have a live report with what's ahead for the reality tv star. >> and a live look at the commute through middlesex county on the new jersey turnpike, you can expect that dense fog to hang around for a few more hours before we get
6:51 am
6:52 am
that's what you always say. you were right about the food. hi john. hey kevin. spent the day with an astronaut. one more. it's beautiful, isn't it? how about a baseball game next time? done! done. book priceless experiences around the globe with...
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a suspected thief is expected to face more charges today after gunfire wounds a worker inside a busy long island mall. >> kala rama is in garden city with the details for us. kala. >> ken, good morning. this was a robbery gone wrong leaving that mall employee injured in the hospital this morning after being shot and that gunman in custody. take a look, here he is being walked out of tourneau jewelry store in cuffs after this man tried to steal a rolex. the security guard and suspect scuffled. the suspect fired a shot hitting a mall employee outside the store. that 67-year-old man is in serious condition at the hospital. an off-duty nypd police inspector james leer saw the struggle and cuffed the suspect immediately. there is surveillance video of the incident that we hope to see later today. we're live in garden city, kala rama channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. 6:57. we learned a short time ago that real house wives of new jersey star theresa giudice is out of prison and headed home
6:54 am
yet. >> dray clark is live in montville outside of her home with more for us. >> reporter: good morning guys. as we speak theresa guidice is making that drive to her home in montville new jersey. her mansion is a half mile up the road behind me. she is not completely free and clear. she has to remain on home confinement until february the 5th. it was in january when theresa guidice and her husband joe both pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court. theresa spent almost a year inside that federal prison in danbury connecticut. after the couple was sentenced, the judge decided to stagger their prison time because they have four children. joe giudice is scheduled to go to prison in march. thank you. heather we got that head-on in shirley. >> a big problem if you are traveling through suffolk counties sunrise parkway closed west.
6:55 am
40 minutes, jfk, newark you want to get in touch with your carrier today. it's another gridlock alert day today. >> good stuff thank you health. >> it's going to warm up from this point on. we've got fog this morning. that will burn off around 10:00. dense fog advisory until then. 7:00 temperature, 52. 51jfk. we've got low visibilities everywhere this morning with that fog. dense fog advisory until 10:00 today. and you see that there's rain down to our south. that comes up today around 11:00. we've got a rainy afternoon and a rainy evening. temperature gets to 62 degrees. then christmas eve it's 74 degrees. might set an all-time record high, 66 christmas day. have a great holiday. be careful traveling. >> thank you bill. >> that is the news for now, mashier share. >> i'm ken rosato. good morning america is coming
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