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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  December 27, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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.8 miles at white plains. delays. visibility rapidly improving south of the city where the wind is starting to pick up. that is what it takes sometimes. it takes the wind to scour out the fog and i think that will happen throughout the morning. 50 in the park. mid-50s down the shore. montauk 58 degrees already. so it is going to be a warm afternoon out there once we burn off that fog. but not a whole lot of sunshine. the sky can brighten up from time to time. the temperatures get into the 60s during the course of the afternoon between a couple of these hours it probably will get up to 64 or 65 degrees here in the city and that would break a record set back in 1949. later on today there will be a batch of showers moving on in with a cold front. so late today and into early this evening more rain. behind the front much colder and that will set the stage for potential wintry weather in parts of the area for tomorrow night. we'll talk about in your full accuweather forecast coming up.
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with the search for the gunman who shot a 1-year-old little boy in jersey city. that child was struck in the face as he simply sat in a car with his parents. eyewitness news reporter darla miles is live at jersey city medical center where the boy is now recovering. good morning, darla. >> good morning, rob. the surgery to remove that bullet from the child's face was successful and mina beshay spent the night at the medical center under observation. this as the police continue to look for the shooter overnight. take a look at this photograph of 18-month-old mina beshay. you see a scar on his mouth. that is where the doctors removed that bullet that was lodged in his cheek and the scar underneath his eye is from the glass that shattered after the shots rang out. this happened about 3:00 saturday afternoon at the intersection of bergen and harrison avenues in jersey city. the police say that the little boy was sitting in the car next
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gunshots just rang out. the mom. she was crying. i couldn't even understand one word, what she was saying. all she was crying, this is happening this time. it is make us feeling bad. make us spending our christmas by the bad time especially for the little child. >> the child is expected to be some point today. the police are still looking for the shooter. if you have any information, call the jersey city police. reporting live in jersey city, darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. thank you, darla. also breaking news in new jersey where an active police investigation is now under way. officers responded to the scene on first avenue in paterson around 4:00 a.m. this morning. we're working to confirm reports of a shooting at that location. right now, though, it is unclear if anyone was actually injured but the police are on the scene still collecting evidence. you can stay with eyewitness
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a fight breaks out at a long island mall, the same mall where shoppers were sent scrambling days ago. eyewitnesses tell us the fight in the food court led to panic and people running. tensions are higher than usual at roosevelt field mall because of a shooting earlier there this week that left an employee there hurt after an attempted robbery. in this case the business returned to normal in minutes and no reports of injuries. also in new jersey, we are working to learn the names of two people who died in an accident in plainfield. it happened friday afternoon on east second avenue and emerson avenue. two men inside their car died at the scene. investigators believe speed may have been a factor in the crash. two people are dead after a rollover crash in plainfield, new jersey. it happened yesterday on east second street.
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inside the car died. their names not yet released. spirit airlines is now doing a safety check on one of its planes after a scary situation at laguardia forced passengers to evacuate before they even left the gate. smoke poured out of a spirit airlines jet yesterday morning as passengers waited to take off for ft. lauderdale. 230 passengers were told to get off that plane as crews worked to figure out exactly what was causing all of that smoke. >> they said everybody please leave the plane. we have to evacuate. and then panic ensued and everybody rushed for the door. they said leave your bag there. people were panicking and running for the door and eventually everybody got out. >> spirit airlines released a statement saying the smoke came from an auxiliary power unit that provides power to the plane when it is on the ground. once that unit sparked, it shut itself off and there was never any fire inside of the plane. all passengers were able to find other flights last night down to
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there are new security concerns in europe. police in austria warning cities and other countries about a possible terror attack. intelligence officials say the attacks would involve explosives or guns and could happen sometime between now and new year's eve. the police did not name the cities that were warned but did increase security in austria. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning, tornadoes wreaking havoc in north texas. we learned the death toll has gotten higher. first, a few words from our troops who couldn't be home for the holidays. >> hi, shout out to new york. give a shout out to my family, my lovely wife jackie, my two
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give it a pop. developing right now the
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severe weather battered texas. 11 people confirmed dead and dozens more hurt after several tornadoes touched down in the dallas area last night. the winds were so strong it literally lifted cars right off of a highway. right now the police are going door-to-door and searching in damaged cars for anyone who still may be trapped. here is a live look at pictures there. the storm also as you can see damaged or destroyed dozens of homes, though officials will not know the extent of the damage until later. these live pictures giving you a sense of just how bad it got. and we're also getting new video of some of the damage left behind by a tornado on christmas day. you can see birmingham, alabama leveled. no one was killed but at least 18 people died in tornadoes and flooding over the past couple of days and it is not rare to see tornadoes in december in the southeast. and flugd also a big problem in
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the alabama toured the area affected bite rain. 200 roads were closed and one boy drowned after the car he was in submerged in flood waters. many forced to spends the night in elementary schools in south alabama. >> you hate to think right in the middle of people's christmas and new year's plans and families are gathering, that is heart-breaking for so many reasons. >> any time of the year you have that huge moisture and warmth source in the gulf of mexico and that is why areas closer to the gulf can get tornadoes in the winter. >> right. >> that is so crazy. it is the class of two fronts. >> we get really cold air moving into the western part of texas, amarillo getting blizzard conditions and highs in the 20s 5 or 6 days. it is interacting with the moist air streaming out of the gull mex. that is why you get your -- out of the gulf of mexico and that
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>> we get the warmth around here. we will exceed records i think this afternoon as soon as this fog burns off. let us burn off this fog. not happening too much down by the brooklyn bridge. the brooklyn bridge is in there somewhere. this is our camera from cabin plaza overlooking lower manhattan. the temperature is 51. the wind southwest at seven. it the wind is starting up a little bit and that will help scour out the fog. the pressure is 30.00. we're already sitting at 51. the record is 63 and that was set back in 1949. we expect highs in the mid-60s today. breaking the record here in the city. the fog followed by record highs today and then a late shower, period of rain coming in late in the day into this evening. behind that, that is where the cold front turns much cooler overnight tonight into the day tomorrow, setting the stage for our next system to move on in. it comes in as mainly rain in
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it may start as a little bit of ice pellets mixed in with that rain. totally different story. snow, sleet and freezing rain can lead to icy spots especially north and west of i287 and along and north of i84 can stay below events. 50 in morris sown. 55 in belmar. 60 on east end of the island. dense fog advisory expiring 10:00 this morning. until then expect locally reduced visibilities. and then a batch of showers. before that happens, brightening in the city and points west in new jersey and that will propel temperatures into the 60s and probably exceeding that record at some point this afternoon. here comes the batch of showers moving into the city between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m., moving to the south. cooler air seeps in from the north. by 7:00 tomorrow morning we're 40 in the city.
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in the north. tomorrow. daylight. late tomorrow night batch of snow. first flakes of the season for areas north and west of the city and then that transitions over to rain here in the city fairly quickly. we might start off with a couple of ice pellets. that is about it. 7:00 tuesday morning we're well above freezing. newburgh and sussex sitting at 30 degrees tuesday morning. there could be freezing rain and sleet causing a mess in the tuesday morning commute in the communities north and west of new york city. today, morning fog and drizzle and turning breezy. shower coming in late in the day. getting up to a record 64. few showers this evening. clouds breaking. down to 40. heading into the day tomorrow, cooler one. sun to start and then clouds increasing throughout the afternoon. that rain comes in tomorrow night in new york city and along
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changing over to rain. north and west will be a prolonged wintry precipitation. it could create a slick commute. tuesday. cloudy and mild wednesday. another period of rain coming into the afternoon into wednesday night, 54. mild on new year's eve day. and for the ball-drop at times square the temperaturelet 40s, and we'll be stuck in the 40s saturday and sunday. >> 40s is not a bad place to be stuck in. >> far worse out there at times in times square. we'll take it. straight ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, two more deadly police-involved shootings. in chicago, one a teenager and another a 55-year-old mother. we will have the details. in politics, things getting a little testy you might say between hillary clinton and donald trump. the donald now firing back at
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former bill clinton's
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welcome back, everybody. today we will learn more from the family of a woman who was shot by police in chicago in what is being called an accident. 55-year-old bettie jones was killed yesterday morning. officers were responding to a domestic violence call at her neighbor's home. jones opened the door and that's when investigators say 19-year-old quintonio legrier charged at officers with a metal bat. they opened fire, killing both jones and legrier. >> she had nothing to do with this. she was just answering the door for the police. >> the chicago police department is already under federal investigation over the 2014 shooting death of 15-year-old laquan mcdonald. that shooting, of course, sparked widespread protest across the city and led to the chief. the final good-bye to the
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protecting his friends. a funeral was held for him, he died earlier this month when he jumped in front of three girls to shield them from a shooting. more than 3,000 people attended the services for the teen. >> it was an ultimate sacrifice to say i'm going to think about some other people other than myself with no hesitation. a lot of us can't say that that thought. >> dobson is not considered the intended target in the shooting which the police say is connected to gang activity. turning to the race for president and the feud between rum donald trump and hillary clinton is beginning to heat up on line. now trump is pulling former president bill clinton in the mix. he said , quote, hillary clinton announced she's letting her husband out to campaign but he
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so inappropriate. well this comes after the former secretary of state used those same words penchant for sexism to describe trump after he used a vulgar term against her when talking about her failed campaign in 2008. trump says he has a great respect for women and told clinton quite ominously to be , quote, to be carefully. his speeches along the campaign trail have led to changes by the obama administration. new plans to step up deport tations came after he made regular calls to deport undocumented immigrants living here in america, he says. the white house announced plans to focus raids on hundreds of families that fled violence in central america and entered the u.s. in the last year. we could be in store for a fascinating 2016. >> with that story alone we
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well, we are heading straight for 2016 in just a few days. let us look back at the past year, shall we? >> when it comes to entertainment it was a big year for big names. the world met caitlyn jenner after a revealing interview with diane sawyer announcing the athleting identity as a transgender woman. >> also iconic comedian bill cosby who faced many allegations of sexual assault and rape from more than 50 women. that is a story that promises to continue into the next women. cosby has sued several of his accusers for deaf fam mission. >> and allegations, for the duggars.
9:21 am
oldest of the 19 children, josh, was accused of molesting several teenagers including his own sisters and he was also accused in the hack attack on the on line website ashley >> and charlie sheen announced his diagnosis as hiv positive. he was in fact diagnosed several years ago and went public so he wouldn't have to pay those who knew, to keep it a secret. 2015 started with tragedy with the family of whitney houston and bobby brown. she was found unresponsive in a tub in january. she died after spending several months in a coma. >> what that family has been through. 2015 also marked some shakeups in late-night tv as jon stewart left his post of the daily show after more than years; after more than 15 years.
9:22 am
interesting things since then. we're ending the year on a high note. "star wars" opened a week ago but the positive reviews and ticket sales make it official that "star wars" ruled 2015. >> the movies i hear are doing pretty well. >> have you seen it, yet? >> i'm not a big "star wars" person. >> you could still go and see it. >> david letterman left television, and colbert stepped into television. >> and you're taking a vacation at the end of the year, what are we going to do? >> that is the big headline, that is huge. now time for sports with anthony johnson. >> it has been a streaky season for those new york knickerbockers. they followed up a four-game losing streak with a four-game winning streak before losing the last two games.
9:23 am
on track with carmello anthony back in the lineup. melo looking good in the lineup following a right ankle sprain. double-double 18 points and 12 rebounds. rest of the knicks look good. robin lopez picked up the slack in the second quarter. then things fell apart and quick. jeff teague hits his buzzer beater from half court. the hawks took over. nice ball movement and transition. finishing it off 117-98. the knicks lose their third in a row. they play the second of back to back games tonight in boston. for the nets, could they close out 2015 on a positive note at barclays taking on the wizards? but the visitors getting off to quarter. 14-11 lead. pulling down this offensive board fights off the opposition putting it back in for two.
9:24 am
drives baseline for a nice shot. nets one-point lead. from there the wizards were too much. washington took the lead, final over in brooklyn, wizards win 111-96. the giants take on the vikings tonight without odell beckham, junior, but that doesn't matter much now. the redskins beat the eagles last night. that means they are the nfc east champs and the giants are out of playoff contention. playoff hopes are still alive for the j-e-t-s but they need things to break in their favor. a win over tom brady and the patriots would help today. they need pittsburgh and kansas city to lose. at least for now the jets are still alive. >> during this time, you know, late in the season, usually you see teams fall off and we managed to be successful. we have been doing well. we have been playing well. we have been even winning games.
9:25 am
half since the devils won two games in a row. they tried again last night. new jersey and carolina where holidays. third period devils down 1-0. that is kyle palmieri. he isn't ready to call it a night. he puts in a nice wrap-around goal. we're even later in the period though justin faulk gets up close puts it. corey schneider. hurricanes hurricanes one more. win it 3-1 against the devils. i'm anthony johnson. have a great sunday, everybody. thank you, anthony johnson and go jets. much more, including a look at today's top stories. >> a 1-year-old boy and 5-year-old girl both sitting in the back seat of their parents' car, one is shot in the face. i'm darla miles. report. the mother of two shot in the neck in front of her children. the nypd tracking down the
9:26 am
also chaos once again at a shoppers scrambling. the dramatic moments captured on camera on long island. and another live picture from north texas now. live video during the daylight giving us our first look at the devastation from a deadly night of severe weather. we'll have a report from the storm zone next. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else
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get free installation with a one hour arrival window. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. welcome back, everybody to eyewitness news sunday morning. it is the last weekend of 2015. how about that? little gray and gloomy and dead outside, but mild. so another, you know, warm december just continues. not bad at all. thanks for being with us and spending part of your sunday morning right here. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm lauren glassberg in for michelle charlesworth. welcome to eyewitness news sunday morning.
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to the end of the year, last weekend. >> the older you get the faster the time goes. that is so true. it was memorial day and now it is new year's. >> the temperature is like memorial day. >> that was christmas eve, wasn't it? memorial day. >> i like the warm stuff. >> it will be arm out there again today as soon as we get rid of the fog. it is start to go burn off a little bit. the last half hour we couldn't see the brooklyn bridge and now we can on the shot. we can see many of the buildings in lower manhattan are completely obscured. but the wind lynn crease the next several hours and will scour out the fog. and we're getting some clearing actually in the sky. some brightening over parts of ocean county, new jersey, where the temperatures are off to the races. visibility still kind of low out there but as soon as we get the
9:30 am
out the fog and warm things up. the wind is coming from the southwest pumping that in warm air. there are a few peeks of sun, might be a shower late in the day, coming from the northwest but the cold front eventually getting up to 64 before that happens, though. behind the front, cooler for tomorrow. that sets the stage for some winter weather tomorrow night. areas north and west, we'll talk about that in your full weather thank you, jeff. in new jersey, a baby boy who became the victim of senseless gun violence will be heading home with this family today. little mina beshay was sitting in the back of a car when a bullet pierced the rear window. his big sister was sitting inches away. that shooting happening yesterday afternoon at bergen and harrison avenue and now police are asking for the public's help to find the shooter. darla miles is live in jersey city with the latest.
9:31 am
it is clear this 1-year-old boy was not the intended target of the shooting but he had to undergo emergency surgery here at jersey city medical center to remove that bullet that was luckily that procedure was successful. now, let me show you the car that he was sitting in. one 18-month-old mina beshay was in the back seat when his mother was in the post office. witnesses heard a dozen gunshots. it happened 3:00 saturday afternoon. it was only a few blocks away from the family's home. 18-month-old mina beshay was struck in the cheek with the stray bullet and the shattered glass cut him under his eye. >> he was inside the car, him and his son and his daughter. suddenly somebody come with the gun and shoot it and then leave running. >> now at this point sources are telling eyewitness news that
9:32 am
in this incident were being uncooperative. so the police are still seeking the public's assistance to try to find out who is involved in this shooting. mina beshay is expect to do released from the hospital sometime later on today. darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. darla, thank you. new this morning a bronx man accused of shooting his wife is in police custody in maryland. the police tracked down rafael herrera yesterday. he shot his wife christmas eve in their bronx home feet from their sleeping children. the 27-year-old victim is recovering after being shot in her arm and neck. their children were not injured. a rude awakening for a long island man. the 20-year-old was sleeping in his living room in valley stream when bullets flew through the window yesterday morning. nobody was injured. investigators found seven shell casings at the scene and police are searching for suspects. a developing story in texas. we have been talking about this all morning.
9:33 am
after a night of severe weather there. this is live video from texas about 20 miles outside of dallas. several tornadoes raked across neighborhoods overnight. the strong winds tearing apart homes and businesses, scattering debris across a 40-mile area. abc is in texas this morning with more. >> that's it. oh, my god, that's it. >> reporter: overnight a series of tornadoes devastating north texas. >> that is a tornado. >> reporter: carving a path of destruction through the greater dallas area. >> huge tornado. holy [bleep] >> leaving eight dead and injuring 50 others in colin and dallas counties, causing officials to declare a disaster. the national weather service sending out a tweet at 6:56 saturday night to tell the people to get to shelter now
9:34 am
tornado warnings and sirens sounding off throughout the cities as the dangerous twisters leveled entire neighborhoods, flipping cars and crumbling this church in glenn heights. >> everything collapsed and went dark and fell on top of me. >> the church's pastor was inside when the cyclone hit said escape. him. >> i started crawling towards the hallway but couldn't go very far. >> reporter: another enormous twister ripping through red oak, texas, causing a series of explosions and taking downpour lines. dozens of gas leaks and fires springing up in the wake of the wreckage leaving 50,000 people without power immediately following the storm. the violent storm visible even from the air as love field airport was forced to divert flights and evacuate terminals. >> we had to wait here for the storm to pass.
9:35 am
officials allowing flights back into the area after 9:00 p.m. . people. this is another live picture now from texas, about 20 miles outside the red cross has now set up red cross -- has set up areas for by this. dozens of families are being southern california as firefighters got the upper hand on a fast-moving wildfire there. the 1200 acre wildfire is contained about 60% this morning. investigators said the fire was parked when -- was sparked when power lines were brought down. leader of isis urged more
9:36 am
it 57 peers to be al baghdad -- it appears al al-baghdadi's first message since may. they're urging pressure on islamic militants, saying that against muslims. the u.s. is assisting in air strikes targeting islamic state of ramadi. the iraqi army said it is close to capturing a provincial capitol that fell into the hands of ice sell and the next will be mosul. someone opened fire inside a mall in georgia. shots rang out last night in the mall just outside of atlanta. the mall was evacuated. officers rushed in. at this point it doesn't appear
9:37 am
have been made. and more wild news at the mall this time in kentucky where a fight broke out among thousands of teenagers. find out what authorities did to keep everyone safe. >> what is going on at malls this holiday season? we're getting ready for 2016 today. times square will take one big and bright step closer to ringing in the new year. not rob. not him. >> we'll have to see another
9:38 am
no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. a kentucky mall closed its doors early after hundreds of young people became unruly. officials said there were as many as 2,000 teenagers inside the mall, many fighting inside stores. store owners tried to close and the teens refused to leave so
9:39 am
everyone out of the mall and shut down the mall early as police arrived on the scene. oh, man, news out of the malls. >> i thought malls were for shopping and walking and eating. don't for get the food court. and then you're done for the day. >> clearly. and insulin. the weather is great today. we couldn't break any record like we did christmas eve or november. >> all of november, december, all of september. the warmest september on record. >> wow, all right. >> so we're -- might as well just get these records. rather than break them, right? we head outside. that will allow these temperatures to warm up during the day today. still some fog out there and low clouds but i think we see brightening skies as we head into the early part of the afternoon.
9:40 am
the city. that pressure 30.00 falling. the wind instead of being calm coming from from the southwest at seven and that is why the fog has improved rapidly just because the fog is being scoured out by that wind. the normal high this time of year is 40. so we're already 52 degrees. we're heading toward the record of 63, which was set back in 1949. if we get any sunshine today, i think we'll beat that record. so the fog followed by record highs today. and then late in the day into early this evening there will be a badge of rain moving on -- a batch of rain moving on through. if you have dinner, grab your um brel lan heavier jacket for later to -- take your umbrella and heavier jacket. it will be cooler tonight. it could be a winter weather city. it comes in as rain tomorrow night for new york city and the coast. it might mix with ice pellets initially but quickly going over
9:41 am
north and west of the city, snow, sleet, freezing rain, stoem night, and lasting into potentially. north and along i84, that is where you can get some icing issues and a slick and 50 in morristown. upper 50s from toms river to the east end montauk. you see this one band of showers western pennsylvania. that is our next shot of getting rainfall. before that happens i expect the skies to brighten a little bit, just enough so we get temperatures in the 60s in the city and well into the 60s, the west. by 3:00 p.m., couple of showers entering the catskills and poconos and the line of showers dips through here between 5:00 and 7:00 tonight. after that, watch the temperature tumble. we're at 408:00 tomorrow morning, closer to freezing north of the city. we start with sunshine, increase
9:42 am
daylight hours tomorrow stay dry. tomorrow night is different. midnight, snow and mixed precipitation moving into the area from the west. now by that time new york city well above freezing, not expecting road issues or freezing. and you stay below freezing through the tuesday morning commute. this could be a freezing rain and sleet scenario while we get rain in the city. turning breezy and shower showing up late in the day, high record 64 degrees today. few showers this evening, clouds breaking, down to 40. sun giving way to clouds. cooler day tomorrow. 44. tomorrow night the rain arrives in the city, possibly mixed with a little bit of sleet at first but it is slow, sleelt, freezing rain -- sleet, freezing rain. and especially north of i84.
9:43 am
tuesday. 52, cloudy and mild wednesday. wednesday night. blend of sown and clouds on new year's eve day. temperatures will be in the 40s and stay in the 40s for friday and saturday. so the first couple of days of 2016 looking quite a bit cooler average. >> keep it going, jeff. above average, el nino, those are beautiful words. keep it going, baby. >> will do. >> thank you, sir. >> you go. ladies first. uber expands upstate. as you can imagine not every new yorker is on board. >> and before we go to a break, rob's favorite segment... >> the community calendar. this one, you didn't know this one.
9:44 am
top song of the year. this is bruno mars. >> what about adele. >> uptown funk? >> she got roll it, baby! >> featuring more than 150 unique vendors, food trucks, family fun and a lot more, westbury market fair on long island is a festival you don't want to miss. in jersey at environmental education center enjoy the 38th annual indoor exhibit of the festival of trees. the mta takes a ride back in time on the holiday season nostalgia trains and buses. you can hop on board as they operate along the sixth avenue line in manhattan. presents transitions, new photography from bangladesh, navigating the story of its people, landscapes and position in the world. bundle up and find out what your favorite park animals are doing their winter survival strategies. in central park walk east to
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tour and explore some of the most well known landmarks
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well, new this morning, quarterback peyton manning is denying accusations that he used performance enhancing drugs. a report set to air later today says the nfl star received human
9:47 am
recovery from neck surgeries four years ago. he played for the colts at the time. the reporter claims the drug was delivered to manning's wife after they were banned by the nfl. the league didn't test players until last year. the star war back denying strongly these -- the star quarterback denying these allegations. you may see more more uber drivers. right now they're only legal in the five borough boroughs and the surrounding areas. they say the expansion will threaten jobs. they have mayors and drunk driving in its corner as they fight fort expansion. times square will sparkle with 2016 later today. workers will install 288 waterford crystal triangles on the iconic new year's eve ball. this year a star burst pattern
9:48 am
organizers said it is meant to inspire wonderment, optimism for the new year. >> we need a little optimism going into a new year. close one chapter and go into a new one and feel good about it. first here's a look at bill ritter on what he has coming up on "up close." >> should more ground troops be sent to fight isis. we'll talk to charlie wrangle. and donald trump and, gosh, whatever charlie wants to talk about. a year after the u.s. resumed diplomatic relationships with hasn't? retiring chief judge, the state of new york, jonathan lemon on how to get justice for everyone, why should a guy have
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coming up in a few minutes is "this week" with george stephanopoulos. >> and here is a preview with jonathan karl. >> and coming up in a few minutes, gma's weekend edition. >> and joining us with a preview is dan harris. >> hey, rob, lauren, coming up on gma, night of tornadoes near dallas. destroying homes and tossing cars and killing at least... >> wrong tape. apologies for that. it is already new year's here.
9:52 am
look at our top stories coming up. we have breaking news in new jersey where an active police investigation is under way. officers responded to the scene at first avenue in paterson. unclear if anyone was injured but police are collecting evidence at the scene and we hope you'll stay with eyewitness news for more information as we get that. >> got you. and also we'll go back to darla miles for another live report on one of our top stories this morning. it is out of paterson where a little boy was shot and is recovering in jersey city. >> good morning, again. 18-month-old mina beshay is scheduled to be released from jersey city medical center. he has a bullet lodged in his face. saturday 3:00 in the afternoon he was in his parents' car at the intersection of bergen and
9:53 am
with a bullet pierced the rear windshield of their lincoln sedan. the child was hit in the mouth with a bullet and scratched on the eye with the shards of glass. again, surgery to remove that bullet lodged in his face was successful. at this point the police say the child was an unintended target and they're looking for the shooter. reporting live in jersey city. darla miles, channel 7 eyewitness news. we want to bring in a live picture from texas near dallas after a night of excessive damage from tornadoes. so far what we know this hour, 11 people have died and some entire neighborhoods there have been obliterated. the red cross has set up shelters for people whose homes were damaged by the storm. this is tough to see any time of year. but those folks, in the middle of their holiday, and this strikes. the south has real gotten battered.
9:54 am
some people with flooding. and the fires in california. it makes us grateful for what we have here. and our thoughts and prayers to those who have weathered the storms and we couldn't have the more opposite conditions. >> so mild out here right now. fog lifting. we'll begin brightening in the afternoon. that will propel temperatures to record levels again, mid-60s. you can see the bottoms now of the buildings in lower manhattan. you see much of the brooklyn bridge there. the temperature in the city, 52 degrees. so we're getting off to a mild start. we'll get up to 64 during the day. that morning fog and drizzle again lifting away, kind of getting scoured out by a wind turning breezy, a shower coming in again late in the day into the evening hours, so be prepared for that if you head out for dinner. 44 tomorrow. so much cooler tomorrow. sun to start and then clouds increasing. there will be rain coming in tomorrow night. maybe starting as a mix in the city but more prolonged snow,
9:55 am
and west and that can make for a those areas. just be careful. keep that in mind and take it slow if you're coming in from the western suburbs. >> all of the -- thank you for nice run we have had. >> that will do it for this edition of eyewitness news sunday morning. >> i'm rob nelson. for the entire team here at eyewitness news, thanks so much for being with us. tonight at 5:00. we hope you have a great day. >> and happy why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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