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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on active duty in the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the body of lieutenant limb, detective limb here at this funeral home in white plains. it arrived late this afternoon about 15 minutes ago. a flag draped coffin with an honor guard from the time. bag pipers will remain here this evening. then tonight, and from there on wednesday morning at 10:00, a huge funeral with military honors at saint patrick's cathedral. >>reporter: this afternoon, he received a hero's welcome. he was both a sergeant in the national guard and a detective for the new york city police department. while on duty, a suicide bomber struck him just before christmas killing him and five other americans. >> [singing] what so proudly we
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it has been a long journey home for detective limb. a big man. 6'4". 230 pounds. this footage is from one of his earlier visits home on active duty. and now, a police department to mourn his final trip home. >> to risk our lives for the protection of our dearest freedoms. technical sergeant joseph d limb wap and remains without do you get a shining example of this calling. flags now fly at half staff. and today, crews cleaned up at saint anthony's. >> he was friendly. lorraine knew the 5 years. and today she spoke of the loss and the tragedy of losing the detective and sergeant.
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>> losing somebody very good. very good. and on wednesday, he will be honored with a huge funeral. a fitting farewell to this hero. >> he lived his life as a hero. he returned as a hero. but that fact makes today only marginally easier. it does not erase the pain. >>reporter: and again, to go over the schedule over the next couple of days for services, again the wake will be tomorrow at two different times from 2 to 5:00 and also from 7 to 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. and from there, there will be a huge funeral with military honors that is scheduled for 10:00 on wednesday morning at saint patrick's cathedral. dave, thank you. the visitation for the other new yorker, killed in that
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that's going to be held on thursday and friday afternoon at the branch funeral home. his funeral at new beginnings christian center in the town of corium. a wintery mix. a just so no one's caught off guard, salt spreaders are ready. not too great a chance but chances in some areas. amy is tracking the system. bill whether you've been waiting for it or dreading it, here it comes. a winter storm heading our way. and a winter advisory posted outside of northwest new jersey, parts of eastern new york and of course, through coastal connecticut. what we have right now is first going to be sleet and rain. but the temperatures as you can see are well above the freezing point in central park. and this system will be with us beginning just about now through
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10:00 a.m. tomorrow. areas in purple are for this advisory. places with temperatures above this yesterday at the same time, it's not even quite cold enough for the sleet to hold on. there will be areas with temperatures below freezing, but from there southward, it looks like temperatures remain above freezing. while we expect to get a little sleet early on in the city between 7 and 9:00 p.m., there will be a quick change to rain and early tomorrow morning, rain across the area. we'll talk more about this and how much more to expect in the accuweather and the 7-day forecast. thank you. if you happen to miss amy's news cast, she's on 4 of them today. accuweather app. beyond a frightening
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and the troop leader. two sets of 911 calls we'll hear later. toni with the story and those 911 calls. yes, bill. you know, chris pet nino did have a cell phone with him. phone. the kids were the first ones to make that 911 call because he was stuck in the cave facing that bear. >> 911, where's the emergency? >> split rock. me and two other scouts were hiking. my leader entered the cave and a bear was there with him. >> 50 year old chris had climbed rock reservoir. it was a bear's den. the kids called 911 while also trying to help the leader. >> is he badly injured? >> i don't know. i can't see him. >> i know.
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but can you ask him? >> ask him if he's badly bleeding. >> yes. >> yes? >>reporter: as rescuers made their way to the children, chris made his way out of the cave on his own speaking to the dispatcher in remorse and in pain. >> i'm sorry about all this. >> listen. there's nothing to be sorry about. forget the apologize, that's the -- apologies, that's the last of our concern. >> the kids remained calm knowing that he was in harm's way. knowing they needed to get rescuers to reach them and their master. >> are they coming in cars or walking in the woods? >> i believe in atv's. >> okay. >>reporter: chris finally heard them coming. >> the kids are out looking for you guys. >> oh, no, no, no.
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>> the kids left looking for you guys. >> we know that. >>reporter: at this point, chris has declined all interviews but as apparent, you can imagine more than anything he is grateful the kids are not hurt. toni, thank you. also in new jersey, a toddler shot while waiting in a car with relatives, tonight is safe at home. one and a half year old safe now. in a parked car when gunfire erupted on saturday afternoon. the bullet removed from his cheek and also cut by glass from the back window right under his eye. >> very tragic situation. thankfully the boy is going to be okay. we've hired additional foot posts but gun violence is a national epidemic. two weeks ago, we made 12
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juveniles. it's not a story unique to our city. identified or arrested. for the second time in a week on the same mountain in rock lien county, hikers stranded on a the air. deny yak. 250 up. the second time in a row, the rescue team came to the rescue. fortunately nobody was hurt. words of support tonight from the inch pastor. the man accused of terrorizing a popular shopping mall on long island and shooting a worker there. hoping to steal an 18 thousand dollars watch. days earlier, he posted a photo on facebook showing the same type of gun. now, his pastor and attorney trying to drum up support for
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lot. >> he's doing well -- surprisingly well for someone who has undergone the traumas he's gone through in the recent part of his life. him. he will be charged with possession. held on 300-0000 bail. the attack over the weekend, caught on surveillance video -- one of the suspects lifting him up, punching him several times and going through the victim's pocket. stealing his iphone and wallet as the other suspect was on the lookout. >> two animals that's what i can call the individuals who would to not attack and attack the person to the point where he needed 70 to 80 stitches in his head. it's just unbelievable.
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by the way, the nypd says this is not being investigated as a hate crime. a $3,000 award for the information leading to the arrest in this case. as we continue, those skeptical about the iran nuclear deal, tonight, iran making a huge deal to quiet the critics. now the grocery store owner is bringing cheer to hundreds. i'll have the story coming up.
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controversial iran nuclear deal, iran has met a key requirement in that deal. a russian diplomat says iran is allowing a transfer of its uranium to russia. under the deal, it must ship the low and rich uranium. that stuff is moving out now. tonight a story that proves the axiom, what's good for people is also good for business. a store owner stepping up and helping seniors who cannot afford a bus price to the store . >>reporter: a shuttered grocery store may not seem like front page news but to these seniors, it means a lot. >> it's everything. you know, everybody can walk to it. >>reporter: the closest supermarket now is nearly 2 miles away. the town of huntington put in a
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bus route. but roundtrip is $6 and that can add up for the hundreds who live on a fixed income who live at the senior complex. but now in a sort of late christmas present, the owner of the grocery store, charlie like yart has offered to pay indefinitely the roundtrip cost of the bus trip. he says the amount will be deducted from their grocery bill. >> it's amazing. it's amazing for the people that care for you. it means a lot. >> talking about what we could do to ease everybody's burden over here. and this was their idea. >> i really appreciate that. >> lore william -- legislator william says he's doing
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sort of supermarket in that space. >> in the meantime, these seniors surely appreciate the next best thing. a good move for everybody. just ahead, temperatures finally dropping for more than a day. but will it get cold enough for snow? amy goldberg tracking the wintery mix. when's the last time you heard those words?
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meet someone for dinner, take a path from here, stations suspended due to failure of service. all other stations not affected. that's the good news. we'll keep you posted on our web site. i'm surprised we even know how to spell wintery mix. yeah. other people dreading it. whether you like it or not, it's here. >> how big? not that big. but i think it will be a cold rain that does affect the morning commute. so not to disappoint. but any sleet that doesn't come through -- does come through won't last that long. temperatures in the 50s tomorrow. so here it comes. in fact, a few pellets of sleet starting to bounce outside on the sidewalk out there. in fact, parts of the city with sleet and things will change. it's just too warm to see
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anything dramatic as far as frozen precipitation. slick spots yes, but temperatures have been too warm. low to mid-40s and we look at the wind chill factor which makes it feel even colder. we're 20 degrees off for temperatures yesterday at the same time. winds in the east up to 20 miles an hour. it does feel very cold out. once we get the precipitation going, it will be a nasty evening and definitely uncomfortable tomorrow morning as well. areas north and west. freezing point. that will create the freezing rain at the surface and also sleet falling from the sky. icy skies through dawn. we'll transition to rain and temperatures will be on the rise throughout the afternoon. but this is a wintery advisory. up through hudson valley, coastal connecticut. these are spots up through 11:00 a.m.. possibility.
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flip around all the way through -- the area in pink, this is precipitation just now sneaking in. ahead of this bringing some early sleet. this will continue until about 9:00 and then we'll see a transition to rain. there's a lot of moisture. you see this big system coming in our direction. early tomorrow morning, this will produce an inch to inch and a half of rainfall into early noon. as that occurs, we can have problems with standing water and even some slushy spots gathering around the drains and that backing up as well. look how fast the pink changes over to all rain tomorrow morning. but there are yellows and reds indicated here. this is the heavy rain potential we're looking for until about noon dispch all shoves off to the east until it dries out and then we wait for another cold front coming in late into the
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it's rain returning late on wednesday night. know that the future rainfall can produce 1 to 2 inches of rain up to 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. that's a lot of moisture in a short amount of time. so tomorrow, we're back into the 50s. it's that heavy rain that we could see early in the morning that causes i think the most stress for folks. looking good for ball to drop for friday. temperatures fairly comfortable in the upper 30s and low 40s through the weekend. so the 7-day not bad at all. and guess what, 52 days until spring training. there you go. that's what i'm talking about. when we come
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what's involved in the success of baseball, then maybe the yankees helped themselves. maybe they did. official word the yankees have traded for cuban flame thrower chapman. chapman is the biggest name with the cincinnati reds. chapman has an impressive record but also comes with some issues. the dodgers had agreed to trade chapman but after domestic violence allegations came to light earlier this month, they backed out of that deal. they say the legal system and the league determine chapman's future. >> given the fact that all the information that's currently existing, we felt that this was an opportunity you know for us to add, you know, a big arm to our bullpen. the jets are getting ready for a big game in buffalo this
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weekend. it will determine their play-off future. if you're not hyped up for this one fans, then check your pulse. hearts are already racing. the game is in buffalo 6 days away. next sunday's game is a win and you are in. the players are preparing for the biggest game of the season with a lot riding on the line. >> we're here. you know, we have one more game, you know,. i was a little disappointed before the game. i broke the team down and said when we win, don't act like we won the super bowl. and after we won, the fireworks go off and everybody oh -- i guess it was a moment. before last night's game, they didn't have oh del. and then they left a nasty smell on the field. yuck! despite the suspension, he had fans last night.
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it was ugly in many ways because if manning wasn't being intercepted, he was being sacked. the story line, manning sacked 4 times as the giants were defeated 49-17. now, the questions begin about the future of the team and the coach. >> i think everybody was on the same page. and, uh -- you know, tonight i -- it's just very difficult for me to explain it to be honest with you. he looked exasperated. the man called the crowd prince of basketball is known for his smile and big heart. harlem globe trotter meadow lark died at his home. he played in 7,500 consecutive games. the team was in new york today and honored his legacy. now on the lighter side, the globe trotters were up to their
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sports anchor ron was on the court at madison square garden and playing for the opposing team. he handled it like a pro. and no word on whether rob is signing a basketball contract. congratulations. good job rob! at the end of the day, meadow lark dies, it's a kiss good-bye. that was nice -- i was wondering if he made the shot. well, 600 people applied to live in apartments in new york city about the size of a garage. we're going to tell you about new york city apartments could be getting even smaller. we're going to show you what frightened shoppers next. all right. that's it for us for now. thanks for watching. again, eye witness news returns tonight at 11:00.
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i hope you join us.


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