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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning  ABC  December 29, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning it's 6:00 and an accuweather alert is in effect overnight and we saw snowfall in the tri-state for the first time this winter. we give you a live look at the accutrack radar and you can see where the line is right now. give yourself plenty of time to get around the sleet and rain creating difficult driving conditions this morning and worse heading north. and we're following breaking news in new jersey, a young woman has been child inside a bar in paterson and another shooting victim is in surgery right now. good morning i'm lori stokes. >> i'm david novarro in for ken rosato, thank you for joining us tuesday, december 29 and boy we've been covering this all morning long wintry weatheracross the area including long island. snow, do you remember what that looked like, look at the snow that fell in farming diagnose dale, that snow turned to rain and slush leaving roads a big mess and live look from road cam 7 showing us conditions on
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now mostly rain but a little bit coating over there in newberg area, but what you can expect the rest of the morning you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic beginning with meteorologist bill evans. >> it looks pretty mean in the newberg area roadways are coated with sleet and this morning we are looking at temperatures around the five boroughs this hour 39 degrees going up a degree every hour so we have rain in the five boroughs long island central southern new jersey but you get to hanover it's up to the freezing mark, around 26, poughkeepsie and up that way toward newberg 30 degrees and below freezing winter weather advisory lower hudson valley until 8:00 and 11:00 to the north. now you're seeing that rain/snow line is right there in rockland, westchester county, fairfield county right at the merit parkway above i287 so you'll get to 84 and that's dutchess county, caramel up the last part of 684 up the
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ice, sleet and then a few couple hours or so we'll see everybody changing over to rain. will rain until noon and then get to about 52 and all melts off. that's a mess for the commute this morning debbie can tell you about it in for heather how is it going? >> lots of problems especially north of the city as we head to 84 westbound at 684 a car flipped over and right past 684 a truck down the embankment so please take it slowly this morning and also the southbound new york state throughway exit 17 an accident speeds down to 35 at the tappan zee bridge on the d train no service state parkway to stillwell avenue all due to switching problems southern state west at corona avenue and valley stream a collision reported there as wwatch for slowdowns on the new jersey turnpike southbound truck lanes exit 9 accident with all lanes closed and truck lanes and then on the turnpike south at 8 a accident in the car lanes couple of accidents on 80 westbound clear of woodland park in fairfield and
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wick northbound building up quickly heading up towards q gardens and roads are wet let's go over to our other camera a look at the southbound van wick heading down toward the jackie robinson alternate side parking rules are in effect city wide. back to you david, laurie. debbie thank you. 6:03 we continue our coverage now of the accuweather alert in effect with for the conditions you'll experience this morning throughout the tri-state. >> we have live team coverage to help you through your morning commute. eye witness news is live in rockland county but we'll begin with dray clark in jericho, nassau county. dray? >> reporter: good morning david. when you walk out the door on long island make sure you dress warm and take an umbrella because it's raining, cold and very windy. we did see snow late last night early this morning but that now tapered off and we had this rain pretty consistent rain for the last couple of hours. let's talk more about that snow. here is that picture we saw early this morning where the snow was coming down at a pretty good clip.
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accumulations here but certainly there was enough snow that it fell long enough to cover the roads for a period and for cars to slow folks down but we notice earlier this morning that snow tapering off and slowly transitioning into the rain so when you walk out this morning you'll need your umbrella. meanwhile slippery road conditions as well last night because of the snowfall and take a look at this vehicle the driver losing control and going on sunrise highway the picture looks bad, the car looks bad but good news is the driver involved in this wreck only sustained minor injuries but certainly it goes to show you just how quickly conditions can change and you can end up in a really bad situation. we're here along the lie and this morning i can tell you traffic right now moving at a pretty good clip but you still have to be careful no matter where you are because it may not be snowing but it certainly is raining and it's pretty cold so you're talking about those slippery can conditions so whether you are walking or whether you're driving certainly take your time.
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channel 7 eye witness news. >> dray thanks a lot. well to rockland county where we continue our coverage live. kala? >> reporter: david remember last half hour i told you it was barely raining, well that's changed and a little bit of wind picked up now. it is coming down you can see the sleet now turning to slush quite a bit and then these guys are out here working pretty hard here shoveling the sidewalks so people can go in and get their coffee. you guys are working hard out in the cold so i figure i might as well help them. these conditions aren't bad but they are getting a little better with the rain. i can tell you that but let me show you conditions elsewhere. if you take a look here in goshen, you can see sleet on peoples decks there it is lightening up because of the rain but it's slippery so you'll want to use caution if you are walking anywhere and of course driving. let's go to rockland county now where you can see i shot video on my iphone as we were leaving
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and going through rockland county over the tappan zee bridge to our location here. the tappan zee bridge is lowered their speed limit to 35 miles per hour hoping drivers follow that and use caution as they head out on these slick roadway an we saw a number of plow trucks out there trying to pick up the sleet on the highway but you can see the left lane is pretty much the worst at that point. you can see lots of sleet and white covering that left lane. the governor issued an advisory warning everyone of a treacherous tuesday morning commute. this is the worst part of it as the rain comes down it will lighten a bit but the plow trucks are outdoing their jobs so everyone needs to pack their patience this morning. i did check in with the new york throughway, they are having about one accident per hour because of these conditions guys. channel 7 eye witness news. >> kala, thank you. 6:06 breaking news in new jersey police are trying to find a gunman who walked into a
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this happened late last night week of 2015.
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two town halls in new hampshire and in the coming weeks we expect to see her husband president bill clinton hitting the campaign trail with her and meanwhile vermont senator bernie sanders has his sights set on iowa. he will hold two town hall meetings today. stay with eye witness news and abc news for updates on the race for president, good morning america picks up our coverage with a live report from washington beginning at 7:00. it is 6:08 you're never more than 10 minutes away from weather and traffic and bill evans. >> here is the camera on the roof looking toward midtown, barely can make out midtown with the clouds and rain. the rain will continue in midtown until about noon time today. you'll see 59th street south and fifth avenue from our camera in brooklyn looking over to the east side to wall street can't make out wall street too well or one world trade which happens to be right there and this morning our temperature 39 degrees so everything in the five boroughs is rain, long island, you'll see here in the
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but to the north here, we've got that sleet just to the north of 287 up to 684 caramel, along 84 here, this is where there will be the troubled travel spots through the morning commute. this will last another two hours and then we are looking at what will be a mess later on today. matter of fact we're looking at these temperatures climbing every hour as we go along today and then we're looking at temperatures today about 42-4 # by the time we get to 8:00 and 50 at lunch time and all this stuff melts off. you know debbie i was hoping that snowman on farmingdale will list a little while. >> the snowman named david he was so cute. >> nice to see david the snowman but it melted away. >> too bad. have to build another one. let's see what's happening north of the city really a mess this morning 84 west at 684 and that overturned car right past that truck down the embankment
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new york state through way getting into newberg, an overturned car at exit 17 tappan zee bridge speeds down to 35 miles per hour with slick conditions on the d train no service state parkway to stillwell avenue because of switching issues and corona avenue and valley stream is the collision, new jersey turnpike and southbound truck lane still closed with an accident investigation and 8 a accident as well reports of flooding in that area so please be careful. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you dave, laurie. debbie thank you. still ahead on eye witness news this morning new video this morning police need you to see as they search for a pair of violent robbers who targeted a man on a brooklyn street. we continue our coverage of the accuweather alert in effect. this is a live look from road cam 7, interstate 84 be glad you aren't driving in that. this is in montgomery township and a little coating on the road, dicey bit of a drive. you've got to stay safe out there. remember you can track severe weather on the go with
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alert app, live radar and accuweather alert go to the
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there is a place where the cold melts away the hustle and bustle dies down and the only thing left is what's truly important. the radio city christmas spectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. don't wait! get your tickets today. 6:13 and road cam 7 is patrolling the streets and the
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us the conditions that you're morning commute. >> this is a live look from road cam 7 on interstate 84 this is just south of newberg in montgomery township and you can see a light coating on the road. you've got one guy with his flasher on because clearly the road conditions are a little on the treacherous side so we want to continue to remind all of you if you're in this area even if you don't see the covering on the road it's still scary and a little dangerous so take extra time for yourself today. breaking news overseas two people are in police custody in belgium accused of planning holidays. the arrest comes after two days of raids in several cities across belgium. investigators say the suspects were planning an attack targeting several symbolic places in brussels. prosecutors say no weapons were found during the sweep. new this morning, we're robbery in brooklyn. take a look at the surveillance video.
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attacked and robbed a 55 year old man and this happened earlier yesterday morning on avenue m in midwood. the robbers punched and kicked the man knocking him to the ground and continued beating the man. the two ran off with the man's wallet and the victim treated at a hospital and released. 6:15 time to get a check on your accuweather forecast. >> that's right meteorologist bill evans outside our studio on the upper west side with the umbrella. bill? >> it's the super 7 shed rain umbrella you've got to have those and everything today rain coat, umbrella all that kind of stuff today. winds will blow this rain around making your commute, dress warmly particularly in the northern western suburbs take a look outside low clouds, rain look at our live camera low clouds are right at the building top this morning rain is falling and we'll continue all morning long. we're looking at that rain continuing until midday today temperatures are right around 39 degrees now the humidity is high winds are east gusting up to around 21 so the east wind
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umbrella so we're looking at a mix to our north and west looking at this rain continuing until midday and then see that rain kind of ending and will end with warm temperatures as everything melts off. 31 up the hudson river valley and around poughkeepsie in that area where you had a camera and you can see that's probably the spots wherefore another hour or two there's still sleet this morning. winds continue out of the east it's a tough east wind coming off the atlantic and long island sound so that makes it feel a tad colder by a few degrees here but surging up from the south is all the rain and sleet and all that stuff that's been coming up this morning and that's why we a winter weather advisory meaning a mixture of this sleet and rain up the hudson river valley that lasts until 11:00 today. so you'll see that rain/snow line really now is central rockland county central westchester county, central fairfield county in connecticut where the rain is still pushing a little bit northern in those higher elevations where it's a little colder you'll see the pink shades where we are seeing
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that will continue along 84 is where we have the ice back to our west we'll see this winding down later today pushing through off to the east. our futurecast shows just that. by noon time everybody is in to the rain and rain ends this afternoon and temperatures will warm into the 50s this afternoon. so we'll start to see breaks of sun tomorrow, probably and cloudy skies and maybe a shower late in the day you'll see on our futurecast but new years it's going to be quite nice, about 43 maybe even 45 degrees at midnight. no harsh cold to start off the new year looking at really nice weather as we get going into the new year. 52 this afternoon and all this melts off and you need rain gear for morning commute tonight partly cloudy skies and low 45 and tomorrow we're looking at cloudy skies and we're at 52 degrees. here is your accuweather seven day forecast new years eve looking great, 53 with sunshine new years eve a little colder with temperatures in the 40s on friday and into the weekend.
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gear, it's sloppy out here this morning got your rain boots and all that kind of stuff you'll need that for your morning commute. you guys back to you in that nice dry studio. >> it's great in here, bill. got to tell you. >> thank you, bill. let's go to debbie with another check on traffic we've been looking at the roads i84 i'm glad we are in this warm studio right now. treacherous roads out there. >> that's for sure good morning david, bill, everybody, guess you want to take it slowly especially north of the city let's go to the southbound throughway, exit 17 in new berg an accident reported here, tappan zee bridge speeds down to 35 miles per hour with a slick conditions and again on 84 westbound right at 684 in brewster, a car flipped over past that by exit 19 a truck went down the embankment so definitely treacherous out there and over on the d train no service state parkway to still well avenue with ongoing switching problem alternate side in effect. back over to you, david, laurie.
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news the big pay outcoming to new yorkers after whole foods agreed to settle the allegations of overcharging for pre packaged foods. we continue our coverage of the accuweather alert and this is a live picture out there just showing you some of the rain dealing with our area. but first here is a message from a member of the military from our area who can't be home for the holidays this year. >> i'm john kellogg with the
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on the money this morning and stocks on wall street took a hit after another dip in the price of crude oil. dow jones starts the day down 23 points at 17, 528 and nasdac composite and s & p 500 also begin lower. japan's average grew more than 100 points while hong kong's index closed slightly higher whole foods is set to pay hundreds of thousands of
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it was accused of overcharging for pre packaged foods. an investigation by the city department of consumer affairs brought 80 different types of pre packaged foods at whole them. the overcharging included coconut shrimp. now the grocery chain will pay conduct quarterly audits. well if you got gift cards this holiday season for stores that you aren't a fan of, target wants to help you out. the company is partnering with the website card pool can which allows you to exchange gift cards. target will take gift cards from more than 600 brands in the exchange and giving out target gift cards in return. one example, the company provides is wal-mart. if you trade in a $100 wal-mart card you get an $85 one to target. >> i've got to ask that's very smart of target. >> very. this is the kind of day
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of bill evans never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic. meteorologist bill evans. >> that's nice to say. people got enough of me by 4:50 this morning talking about sleet and rain but that rain line is just above bridgeport and above new city and getting just above right here andover, sparta, all that in this area here to the north and we're looking at what's going to be rain to the south of that so this is all pushing northward and as this goes north we'll be seeing this area of rain overtaking this in the next hour to two hours be gone and we're looking at what will be all rain for everybody here in about an hour or so, so the next seven hours temperature warms to about 50 to 52 this afternoon, and still there could be a shot of some rain until about lunch time today and then as we go into the afternoon these temperatures will get to about 52 degrees and everything kind of melts off and then we talk about warm temperatures for tomorrow and new years eve next in your accuweather seven day forecast. debbie duhaime is sin the traffic center in for heather
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>> we'll get to 84 westbound at 684 that overturned car and by exit 19 the truck down the embankment southbound throughway exit 17 an overturned car there and let's go over to the bronx river parkway north bound getting into scarsdale, an accident reported on the d train no service state parkway to stillwell avenue with switching issues and outside to the southern state parkway westbound moving okay through eagle avenue but out by corona avenue and valley stream an accident reported there. alternate side parking rules are in effect back to you david laurie? debbie thank you no charges this morning against a man who flew a drone near president obama's motorcade in hawaii. here is new video just in of the secret service agents speaking with the pilot. agents say the aircraft is recreational and investigators don't believe the man knew the president would be in the area. he also says the pilot immediately responded requests to stop flying the drone. well we're close still ahead on eye witness news
6:24 am
coverage of the accuweather alert that's in effect. this is a look at the fresh snow we've seen this winter and island. also the snow has left that part of our area but we are tracking another batch of sleet, snow and rain right now.
6:25 am
be back with (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party. (party music) (splashing/destruction) (splashing/destruction) (burke) and we covered it, october twenty-seventh, 2014. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
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it's here. we witnessed it. our first snow of the season overnight and it happened on long island and we have live team coverage across the tri- state just to help you never it gay your morning commute. >> let's show you a live look from road cam 7 showing you condition the in the votes and highways this is a look at interstate 84 and beacon and dutchess county a light accumulation on the road is sleet and rain creating difficult driving conditions this morning. this is a live look at the accutrack radar. you are advised to leave yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go. and good morning, i'm lori
6:27 am
>> i'm david novarro in for ken rosato. thank you for joining us this tuesday, december 29 and it is a wintry mess out there. we're seeing first winter weather of the season and what is making for slippery roads on long island. snow came down overnight in suffolk county and this is a look at the accumulation last night and let's take you back out to road cam 7 showing you conditions on the roads at interstate 84 we've been checking in in beacon in dutchess county back and forth again you can see the light snow still it is starting to turn to rain even in that area but if you look to the side you can see the snow. >> for what we can expect your never more than 10 minutes away from weather and traffic. >> we had that snow and sleet mix to the north and then rain right now here around the five boroughs with a temperature of 40 degrees. so it's warm out there, we've got rain but to the north there you'll see monticello, hanover kind of the line and northern
6:28 am
to 33, 34 bridgeport low 40s long island so there you'll go winter weather advisory until 8:00, upper hudson river valley until 11:00 rain/snow line is right across westchester and rockland county down central fairfield county and extreme north through the hudson river valley so there along 84 and we were talking about this just a moment ago, this is 84 right here and all the way across the middletown all the way across there to pike county in pennsylvania and along that danbury, connecticut is where the problems will be and the through way head up that way so there is the areas where you'll see problems at least for about another hour and a half until we get to about 8:00 and then everybody is over with the rain and rain until noon and then 52 and warm this afternoon. new years eve we talk about that next. debbie duhaime is in the traffic center. how is it going? >> you mentioned 84 bill 84
6:29 am
12 and 84 west right at 684 an accident in brewster, and a truck down the embankment and 17 into newberg, a car flipped over and the bronx river parkway north and an accident and use condition on the d train state parkway to still well avenue service because of switching problems and going outside to our web cam, southern state westbound moving okay but out in valley stream an accident still blocking one lane. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back over to you david, laurie? debbie thank you. we continue our coverage of the accuweather alert in effect with the conditions you're going to experience this morning throughout the tri- state. >> we have live team coverage to help you through your morning commute. eye witness news reporter kala rama live in rockland county and we'll begin with dray clark in nassau county in long island where they got snow. >> reporter: good morning david. we had snow earlier this morning but right now it's the lane. this is the heaviest we've seen it ribbing all morning long here so let's talk about the snow and show you the picture here.
6:30 am
night going into early this morning not a lot of accumulation but nonetheless we did have our first taste of winter snow earlier this morning and it covered the roads and cars but eventually when that rain moves in it all melted away but this is what so many people have been waiting for finally getting snow deep into december. meanwhile there was bad news that there was an accident last night because of the slippery road conditions and the driver of this vehicle lost control on the ramp on to sunrise highway there and you can see the car completely flipped over but the good news is the driver only sustaining minor injuries so we did have our first taste of winter weather and now this morning that snow has gone away but we have that rain so when you walk out the door this morning on long island make sure you dress warm and have an umbrella because it's raining, it's cold and it's very as well. so far no reports this morning of any major incidents or accidents but you still have to be careful whether you're driving or walking because it's
6:31 am
this morning. live in jericho, dray clark channel 7 eye witness news. >> thank you well the entire tri-state area experiencing at least some version of this wintry mix and that's creating treacherous driving and even making walking tricky. this is a look at goshen, orange county where we saw sleet. eye witness news reporter kala rama continuing our coverage from rockland county. kala? >> reporter: yes you've got it we were shoveling in the last half hour you saw that here so you can see the sidewalks are clear but you can see still slush here left behind because the temperatures are cooler and you still have this mix of rain and sleet still falling. it's more so rain at this point commute. even the governor is giving some warning here for a commute. take a look as you mentioned we were in goshen, we did see some sleet forming on people's back decks there in rockland county the left lane i showed you my drive earlier on the through
6:32 am
zee bridge you can see it was covered with icy slush and i shot that video with my cell phone there and the tappan zee bridge reduced their speed to about 35 miles per hour to give drivers a little bit of a caution to slowdown and make sure that they are taking their time getting from point a to b, because the roads are so slippery. this mix of sleet and rain is making for some dangerous conditions. we saw a number of accidents there and if you could take a look live back out here you can see some white there surrounding the trees, that's what's built up on the roadway there. trucks pulled off to the side here and that's the story. we've got a lot of plows out this morning working to get but still dangerous conditions, we've heard debbie all morning talk about those accidents they are in this area, so pack your patience this morning while you're out witness news.
6:33 am
starting to feel more like the end of december, it is time to bring in the heavy machinery. connecticut crews got ready yesterday ahead of todays rain and sleet. the d.o.t. broke out the plows for the first time to make sure that the roads were ready for drivers and many people also rushed out to get themselves ready to face the winter weather after such a mild december. it is 6:36 and we have new details on the breaking news we've been telling you about in new jersey. police say a 27 year old woman was shot and killed at a bar and liquor store in paterson that happened late last night on north 7th street. someone walked into the store around 11:15 and short time later started firing. the woman was pronounce dead at the hospital. a man inside recovering after being hit at least once. police don't have any suspects or a motive yet. new this morning police want your help finding a man
6:34 am
24 year old edwin was wanted in connection with the rape of a 10 year old girl. now this attack happened back in october in bushwick. the girl was so badly hurt, she had to undergo surgery. condition. happening today services will be held in honor of a new york air national guardsman and nypd detective killed in afghanistan. the body of joseph lemm received a hero's welcome at stuart air force base. a suicide bomber struck his unit just before christmas and was killed along with five other americans . his wake will be held at 2:00 p.m. at st. at tony in his hometown of west harrison and funeral is tomorrow morning at 10 and services have also been set for louis bonacasa who was killed in that same suicide bombing. visitation for louis bonacasa will be held thursday and friday at the branch funeral
6:35 am
his funeral will be saturday at new beginnings christian center. it is 6:37. you're never more than seven minutes away from weather and traffic meteorologist bill evans. >> a look outside our roof camera look down toward 59 street central park south, barely can make out the tops of the buildings with clouds, rain and fog. here is our camera in brooklyn looking to the lower east side with clouds, rain and fog. get your rain gear you'll need that 40 degrees all rain five boroughs long island central southern new jersey rain up to the north rain snow line is just about right up the through way here and 684 is just above the merit parkway and i95 and above i80 here almost 84 so still some sleet going on in sullivan, orange county up near northern fairfield, northern westchester and up into 84 there toward dutchess county so we get this pushing through the area by afternoon and it becomes all rain by the time we
6:36 am
the rain until lunch time that shuts down this afternoon and cloudy skies and the low 50s will melt everything off. we talk about new years eve next, going to surprise you. weather and traffic together every seven minutes debbie duhaime in for heather looking at the commute. it's a mess out there. >> it really is. good morning to bill, everybody. we'll head to 84 east on exit 12 and it's an accident and southbound throughway exit 17 in newberg, a car flipped over speeds are down to 35 at the tappan zee bridge and watch for slowdowns as you head over to the bronx river parkway north and accident and an icing condition, truck route 1 and 9 is closed in both directions at dunkin' avenue and jersey city accident investigation and if you're taking it over to the new jersey turnpike all lanes closed for the collision there as well. let's go outside and i'll show you the garden state parkway moving okay on the garden state parkway north bound getting over the driscoll bridge and on
6:37 am
switching issues. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you, david, laurie. it's 6:39 and still ahead on eye witness news this morning new video this morning from new jersey, a row of cars goes up in flames. the situation here that made it so easy for the fire to spread. let's get back to our top story we continue our coverage of the accuweather alert in effect and now check in with road cam 7 and it made it to east fish kill in dutchess county and it's a wintry mix and the area bill evans has been telling us all about. remember you can track weather on the go with our free accutrack weather alert app and live radar and accuweather alert go to the itunes or
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road cam 7 is patrolling the streets and the highways this morning, just a chance for you to get to see the conditions that you're going to find once you get out on the road. >> yeah its made it up to east fish tail and dutchess county of course we'll continue to check back in along the way. and new video this morning shows flames burning through dozens of cars in a new jersey lot. now the fire broke out just
6:40 am
insurance auto auction on blair road. firefighters rushed to the scene to get that fire under control and it is not clear at this time what sparked the fire involved. 6:43 right now happening today new york state returns some of its focus on your food labels. the health department rolling out a new initiative to make sure you're better informed about what you are eating. the initiative aims to make sure consumers can rely on labels further details of the food label plan will be announced later this morning. it's 6:44 and good morning america coming up next. david for the second day live in times square. >> double duty i can pull it off at least for new years eve. we'll celebrate at the end of extreme weather slamming a large part of the country severe storms leaving a dozen dead, devastation from tornadoes in texas, flash flooding in missouri, we'll check in with rob marciano. also breaking news overnight
6:41 am
the american teen and his mother they've caught too on the run for weeks after he allegedly violated probation for a fatal drunk driving accident. dan abrams is here to join us and the 29 year old going missing in the middle of the massive oklahoma storm we'll have much more on him and the search coming up a lot to get to here on gma. >> have a great show david. thank you. >> you too guys. it is 6:45 right now time to check on the accuweather forecast. >> and let's check in with bill whose outside. >> it is raining in the five boroughs, long island central southern jersey have your rain gear creeping up the hudson river valley and here is a look from our camera in lower manhattan. we're looking at wall street and brooklyn bridge and lower east side down to the battery the temperatures are a bit on the warm side looking at 40 degrees and as we go right on through the morning that will continue to ride by a degree or two every hour here and we're
6:42 am
high yesterday and it will be even warmer today, there you'll see the records for the date and here is what you can expect. icy mix to the north looking at slick spots on roadways everybody is over to rain by mid morning and then we'll be looking at temperatures getting in the low 50s. 45 around brooklyn and it's 33 up to the north there so you'll see this morning we're having these temperatures up to the north up above i287 up above 95 where the warmer air is starting to surge up north and the wind is out of the east gusting to around 21 at times so that's why you'll need the umbrella and rain coats so you'll see these wind chills are a tad on the chilly side with a 40-degree temperature in the park this morning 32-degree wind chill. well now you'll see the winter weather advisory and its been dropped for lower westchester and lower rockland county so its been cancelled and lower fairfield country but still continues up to the north until 11:00 today where the colder air will be hanging on a little longer so you'll see the rain
6:43 am
northern westchester and northern fairfield county so new jersey still a little bit of the ice and it's still going on for awhile and you'll see that back to our west so the dry area pushes through this afternoon. rainfall amounts have been around .2 around part and half inch toward poughkeepsie so our futurecast is showing rain snow line looking northward up to dutchess county by 9:00 everybody is in the rain and this afternoon we're into cloudy skies and going to be looking as those cloudy skies continue they will break up tonight and late tomorrow there might be a shower around or those cloudy skies continuing but it's only going to get more in the way of sunshine as we get into the new years holiday so new years eve we're at 43 at midnight when the ball drops so that's a fantastic day. so we've got this rain today until about lunch time to night we're looking at partly cloudy skies 45 as the low and tomorrow we've got clouds and sun and then maybe a shower late in the day. your accuweather seven day
6:44 am
eve, 53 degrees and we'll be looking at 43-45 when the ball drops at midnight and cooler weather for the weekend. just want to show you our first snowfall from the season from farmingdale, long island. that's our snowman david this morning. >> i have it from good to puerto rico. i know it for a fact so you'll never find that guy around here anymore. >> he's from farmingdale, down in montreal because he had to go there for the warm temperatures. >> oh, really? >> montreal? >> but not puerto rico i got myinformation wrong. >> he had to make a break for the border. >> thank you, bill. check in with debbie duhaime for the traffic. hi debbie. >> we don't want him to melt in puerto rico so he has to stay nice and cold. good morning let's see what's happening on the d train right now, stillwell avenue no service with ongoing switching problems.
6:45 am
as you take it over to the southbound side of 684 heavy through north bound exit 7 a collision and watch for delays on the southbound to route 100 millwood, another collision and speeds down to 35 and 1-9 is still closed in jersey city accident investigation and let's go outside and show you a look at the garden state parkway in toms river, an accident cleared out of the way. alternate side parking rules are in effect. back to you, david, laurie? all right debbie thank you this morning we're hearing the 911 call made by a boy scout leader who was mauled by a bear in new jersey. >> 911 where is the emergency? >> rock reservoir, i was mauled by a bear. >> you're out of the cave but where are you, sir?
6:46 am
>> well he was airlifted to a hospital. the wounds to his leg, arms and his head. he also climbed into a cave at split rock reservoir last week. he was unaware that it was actually a bear's den. his son and two scouts outside the cave bravely helped direct emergency crews to his rescue. >> it really adds another layer to that story just hearing them live talking to each other. >> and the victim was so calm, right? >> really seemed very calm. 6:50 still ahead, yet another hoverboard up in smoke. this time in our area coming up we have the details in the latest hoverboard concerns. also ahead another round of preparations for new years eve celebrations, coming up why you
6:47 am
times square. there is a place where the cold melts away the hustle and bustle dies down and the only thing left is what's truly important. the radio city christmas spectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. don't wait!
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6:53 and new this morning you're looking at the smoky remains of another hoverboard that got a little too hot to handle. this is from new jersey, firefighters did manage to keep it from igniting. reports say that someone in the home used the board when it was just beginning smoking nobody was hurt. also it's becoming the story of the season another hoverboard caught on fire this time it was caught on camera in a crowded shopping center. >> that's electrical don't put water on it. there you go. >> well cell phone video shows
6:49 am
in flames yesterday afternoon inside a mall near houston, texas. a worker rushed into put the fire out with that extinguisher and most troubling about this incident the hoverboard was part of a display. not being used and still in its box when it exploded. beginning to see a pattern with these hoverboards. new years eve celebration is just not the same without confetti so today times square will test its confetti spraying system before the big night. the annual test to make sure it will fly through the air just midnight. that's when more than one ton of con fed it will be tossed down on the revelers in times square and it will be a nice temperature for that. unlike some past new years eve. >> some of them brutal. coming up, we continue our coverage of the accuweather alert and another check on the conditions across the tri- state. a live look from road cam 7
6:50 am
and again making its way now throughput ma'am county and you can see kids don't stay little forever. so help them get the opportunity they need. it's never too early or too late to save for college. you can open a ny 529 account with just $25. and you may get tax benefits if you pay income tax in new york state. someday you'll look back and be glad you got started.
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good morning america is coming up next, our first winter storm is making for a messy road and also especially north and west of the city. >> we've been covering it all morning long. eye witness news is in rockland county and even had shoveling going on for us early today kala.
6:52 am
the sidewalks are clear but the roadways have it as the plows do their work. this is basically what's on the road and it's almost translucent but it is an icy mess that makes conditions dangerous. overnight we saw sleet forming just starting to coat peoples decks in that area and of course on the driveways and sidewalk as well in rockland county we took the drive on the way here from the city and really saw some slick icy slush coating the roads especially that left lane there that's what you'll want to look out for. the tappan zee bridge and other roadways reduced their speed limits to 35 miles per hour and that is for your benefit and to watch out for other drivers in the area. the governor also tweeted out a warning just to watch out for a treacherous commute this tuesday. channel 7 eye witness news. let's get another check in that commute with debbie duhaime. >> thank you david and let's go to the d train and tell you what's happening uptown delays due to ongoing switching
6:53 am
that and south of route 100 in millwood, a crash south of white plains an accident also at 684 northbound getting up toward exit 7 a collision reported there. 1-9 is closed in jersey city closed with a crash and going over to our camera the inbound side slowing down by the prospect and the grand central east at jewel avenue a stalled car. alternate side parking rules in effect back to you laurie, david, bill? >> thanks. even north of the city everybody will be into this rain we're talking about. here is a live picture of the camera looking toward wall street as the tops of the buildings have low clouds 40 degrees your 7:00 temperature here we go the winter weather advisory still in effect up to the north at 11:00 the rain line is creeping on up now into northern westchester so this will overtake the northern suburbs in about an hour and for now looking at much warmer temperatures 52 and cloudy. be careful driving this morning. >> thank you, bill.
6:54 am
david novarro.
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