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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 29, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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gunman walked into a bar and thrirs on temple streets in patterson just after 11:00 on monday night and started shooting. they say he didn't demand a dime. he just started shooting. >> they put her in the ambulance and tried doing cpr and nothing. >>reporter: police are still looking for the shooter but the whole incident was recorded on surveillance video which helps the detectives get a little closer to making an arrest. >> i was born and raised in patterson all my life and i have never seen so many people die. and when it hits home, it's just unbelievable. gallbladder now that man in his -- >>reporter: now that man is still recovering alternate saint joseph's hospital -- his injuries. reporting live in patterson, darla. darla, thank you.
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were injured while working on a manhole in the bronx. police say they were making repairs to a gas main on park avenue at 188th street when something triggered a series of sparks. two con ed workers suffered burns. they were taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. firefighters were called to help while the repair was completed. a crash sent -- a passenger flew through the wishlth. a private bus was approaching a traffic light when the bus stopped abruptly. a passenger who was standing up, fell forward and fell through the window. >> how fast could i be going? i came to the stop. i wasn't going at any, you know, fast speed or anything like that. i just -- he was standing up. and he went through the windshield.
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the street and suffered non life-threatening injuries. the bus makes regular round trips from baltimore to new york. concerned about security in times square on new year's eve? well, the nypd says don't be. it will be the safest place in the world with more than a million people to ring in the new year. security will be as tight as ever. 6,000 officers on hand and additional security including arming officers with long guns. n.j. in times square. >>reporter: more officers with heavy weapons. that is one major change and one of the few major changes police officials are willing to discuss at least publicly. no, none of this guaranteed safety in times square, but the mayor insists the city will be as safe as it can possibly be. >>reporter: it is one of the most heavily patrolled places anywhere in the world. but by thursday night, security
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as it has ever been. with more officers and more heavily armed officers than at any time in the city's history. there will be multiple checkpoints and every spectator will be screened by hand at least twice. times square security will be a sign of the times this year but not a response to any single specific credible threat. nypd commissioner bill bradley. >> we are not aware of any threat at this time that we deem credible. and we have a constant threat analysis stream that we are constantly reviewing. but again, we are not aware of any threat at this time that we deem credible to this event here in times square. >>reporter: with an estimated million people packed into 20 city blocks and millions more watching on television, new year's eve in times square poses a security challenge for the nypdand the mayor moved
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that the city will be as safe as it can be. >> you cannot be more prepared than what the nypd has put in place here. you should feel comfortable. >>reporter: most tourists that we spoke with with determined not to be intimidated. >> we should carry on and have fun wrohrd. >>reporter: and people here in times square already getting into the spirit of things. >> woo! >>reporter: people that we're talking to here are more concerned about having a good time than anything else. coming up at 6:00, we'll take a look at the specific security measures here and for now, we're n.j. with channel 7. turning now to the weather. this is what the winter is supposed to look like. there was a mix of rain and snow offer the night. and a light dusting of snow.
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dusting there. he had to pull out the scraper. this was in connecticut. flight drays in heartford. our meteorologist amy freeze is outside our studios with what woke expect for this evening. well it certainly feels a lot better on the side. the average high temperature for this time of year -- we look back at rainfall overnight. you see we stayed under an inch. and bellmar almost hit the inch over night. and some spots getting measurable frozen precipitation and central park putting the first measurable snow in the books with just a trace. and in long island, clearing out nicely as far as rainfall. but we do have overcast conditions. our next round of rain comes in
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cold front so maybe giving us 1/10 of an inch of rain at best. spotty showers throughout afternoon. what you can expect, spotty showers. that cold front could bring a hit or miss shower after 4:00. not a big deal. and temperatures, they will be in the 50s tomorrow afternoon. we are looking for a cooldown coming for new year's eve and new year's day even into the weekend. so temperatures won't be in the 50s and 60s for the new year but if you're keeping track, we are more than 13 degrees ov average for this year so far. more in just a few minutes. everybody outside, starting to mill around and enjoy the weather. last night it was a ghost town out here. [laughter] diana. okay amy. thank you. investigators say the cause of a
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faulty wiring in the basemeant's ceiling was an accident. the fire fwrohk out and spread to another building behind it. the body of a woman was found on the second floor and the body of a man's body was found in the basement. an arrest tonight -- a shooting caught on surveillance video. 19-year old ruben is charged with attempted murder and assault and possession of a weapon. police say he shot a man 3 times inside a supermarket last week. the victim and we do have confirmation tonight that an isis leader, a master mind to the paris attacks has been killed. they say terrorist sharaf has been killed. he says 10 isis militants have
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the past one including one involved in the paris targets. they arrested two people planning terrorist attacks during celebrations in brusels. officials say the suspects were targeting the city's main square and shopping centers. investigators say the pair may have been inspired by isis but not linked to the group. an international guardsman killed by a suicide bomber in afghanistan. a sea of blue line the streets in westchester county. hundreds coming to pay their respects. marcus is there with the story. >>reporter: indeed diana, the line stretched half a block and did not get any shorter throughout the afternoon. a tremendous outpouring by the
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they filed into the church led by the wife and daughter. hundreds of mourners descending on sainted need's church in west harrison this afternoon to attend the wake of joseph lem. an nypd officer killed while serving his country in afghanistan. >> he gave us protection and made us comfortable to sleep at night here. you know, i just feel horrible for the family. >>reporter: he was a staff sergeant for the international guard which he joined after leaving active duty in the air force. he was one of 6 men killed in an attack last week. this afternoon, they lined up alongside military personnel. >> we're here today because we're all brothers and sisters another. it could have easily been me or anywhere else. >> his body was returned to the
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today, an opportunity for those in his hometown to pay the respects to the cop and airman. >> he's from west harrison and we all stick together. so rest in peace. >>reporter: now there will be another wake tonight between 7 and 9. the mayor expected to pay his respects and then a funeral mass tomorrow at saint patrick's cathedral. thank you marcus. the visitation for the other new yorker who was killed in that suicide bomb yaeg will be thursday and friday at the branch funeral home in miller place. his funeral will take place saturday at new beginnings christian center in quorum. well you see them everywhere even though they are illegal. tonight the new push to approve hoverboards.
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why settle for less, when you can get more! call now. get free installation with a one hour arrival window. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. jess: hey look, it's those guys. [music] jess: are you good to drive? shawn: i'm fine. jess: how many did you have? shawn: i should be fine. jess: you should be? officer: go on and step out of the vehicle for me. bud: see ya, buddy. good luck! so, it turns out buzzed driving and drunk driving, they're the same thing and it costs around $10,000. so not worth it. a family on long island is
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carbon monoxide. police say 6 people were taken to a hospital. initially found unconscious, the investigators say the leak came from a water heater. everyone is expected to be okay. police say neighboring homes were checked out just as a precaution. a pet store in new jersey has been shut down for allegedly selling sick puppies. the store was raided on christmas eve. 10 dogs were removed from the shop and put in animal shelters. some dogs put in a trailer in quarantine because they were so sick. the owner made off with # dogs and then arrested for trying to sell them from his auto body shop. >> they found he had 3 dogs there. they were in inhumane conditions and mal nourished and he surrendered those dogs also. 63-year old rocko and two of
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violations of animal cruelty and health code violations. well right now brohstors are outside the mayor's home in chicago. they're upset about the police shootings. the officer entered a not guilty plea to teenager. and they say the client wants to tell his side of the story so he's not seen as a cold-blooded killer. meanwhile, the mayor vowing the police department will conduct a swift review and investigation. the protesters upset they're not charging the police officers. >> it's clear to us from interaction with the prosecutor that this entire process was being distorted and corrupted and directed in a way that would
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the two officers involved in the shooting are on restricted duty. prosecutors are also looking into possible civil rights charges. deaths are being blamed on a rare trohrntal flood. record flooding is projected along some towns along the mississippi river. the water has shut down two interstates and threatening hundreds of homes. missouri's governor has called in the national guard to assist. well a landmark windmill along the jersey shore. take a look -- the blades of the windmill at long branch fell off with high winds. it sits outside the mill restaurant. fortunately no one was hurt. restaurant management says plans are already under way to repair the windmill. well not as bad as that. but my little christmas trees went over last night too.
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well the gusty winds are out of here. so that's one thing we got good. temperatures are a lot better than they were. so that combination of the temperatures coming up and the winds settling down makes it a lot more comfortable outside. here. currently 41 degrees. you see the fog at the surface -- that's trapped limiting visibility. the winds are out of the northeast at 5 miles an hour. if we had a stronger wind that might pull some of the moisture out of the surface -- but until then, we are expecting overcast fog. areas right at the freezing point to point for monticello. holding onto the 40s for the 45. now, temperatures are a little warmer off to the south because now. that's going to be the change evening.
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there are pockets of those freezing temperatures. ulcer -- duchess county and the extreme north portions of the area could see refreezing. so if there are damp spots, it could be slick. ab wear of that. we wait for the next cold front. and this one is very weak for tomorrow. it wrings a quick dose of rain for some spots in the afternoon. temperatures are going up for tomorrow. maybe as much as 5 or 6 degrees. that will add to our above average 13 degrees so far this month above the average. tomorrow we'll add to that but as we ease into the new year, it looks like colder air into the mid january. right now along the east coast, the low pressure system offshore right now. and everything is nicely at least ending with the rain, you know, sort of calmly recovering. it will take a while to get the clouds out of here. i don't think we'll see the run
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so on the future cast, first we track that this sun is doing tomorrow. it comes through -- doesn't clear the clouds away. instead, at 4:00, gives us a spotty shower here. not really a big deal. once we get this past us though by 11:00, we should clear out nicely. and thursday, new year's eve day looks to be great. that sets the stage for the ball to drop on thursday night into friday with no major storms in the area. and temperatures not only seasonal but pretty comfortable this time of year. new year's day looking great. early january temperatures in the low 40s. so future cast rainfall showing barely a tenth of an inch. so no real worry about a downpour. i think you'll get away with no rain gear even on the commute tomorrow. it just doesn't look like anything's going to be heavy enough to mess things up.
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to be a cloudy day, but a cloudy day. for the ball dropping in times square, temperatures right around 40 degrees. just a few patchy clouds. should be very comfortable in the wait, too. a lot of people say i won't do it because it's too cold. not so bad because it's doable on a year like this. sunny and breezy. the 40s stay with us all the way through the first weekend of january. and then 41 on monday as well. 45 on tuesday. the accuweather forecast temperatures do remain in the low 40s taking us through early next week. but it looks like there is a cold spell you guys through mid january where temperatures actually go below average. haven't heard that in a while. mid january. okay. nature always gets you back. yes. well the so called affluenza teen back in custody arrested in mexico. how he and his mother tried to evade authorities and how they
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and are you thinking of joining a gym for the new year? a lot of people are. we've got tips. and imagine being in times square while the ball drops. that's the price for one restaurant. we'll tell you what's included. but first a message for one member of the military from our area who can't be home for the holidays.
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protect our children. have you seen titea? we thank you for helping protect our children's. authorities say a pilot killed in a fiery crash was not authorized to fly a plane. building. the pilot was killed. no one on the ground was hurt. the fbi has joined the investigation to the cause of the crash but it says there's no reason to believe terrorism was involved. and more flames -- the fire chief was caught on camera in pennsylvania risking his life to rescue a man from a car that was engulfed in flames. watch this. this is chief nate tracy. racing towards the fireball. it's actually a car that was in
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without putting on his protective gear, tracy opened the car door and pulled out that man. the victim was rushed to the hospital with unknown injuries. well the so-called affluenza teen on the run with his mother nabbed in mexico. but the question tonight, will he get off easy? the two on the run for nearly 3 weeks caught in puerto vallarta. the mother and son had a party before escaping. >>reporter: ethan couch tried to evade authorities by dying his hair and goatee black and skipping down with his mother tanya. that's what investigators say good police work ultimately foiled their plan. mexican officials tracked them down in porto vallarta -- a busy tourist town this time of year. >> they were somewhere where they wouldn't stick out. they were wise to go into that kind of area. >>reporter: authorities
5:23 pm
use her pickup truck to cross the border, they even threw a party before they hit the road. >> what we expected all along if they had planned to disappear that they even had something that was almost akin to having a going away party. >>reporter: couch was 16 when he killed 4 people driving drunk when she was 16. prosecutors asked for 20 years but he got probation using the affluenza defense. his lawyers argued his privileged upbringing prevented him from knowing what was right or wrong. now, this video allegedly showing him at a booze filled party and he missed his probation hearing. >> if he proceed in the juvenile sentence, his maximum sentence is 4 months of confinement. that in my opinion is not a sufficient punishment for the taking of 4 lives.
5:24 pm
move his case to adult court. his mother in the meantime is facing charges of hindering apprehension which carries a sentences of 10 years. and coming up on eye witness news, the star of the popular tv show glee busted on child pornography charges. also ahead, a ban on hoverboards. some politicians pushing for them to be legal as more cases of hoverboard hazards flare up. and caught in a storm during a hunting trip -- the massive search going on now green light and the police officer who saved a man's life with a hug. and a reminder to make channel 7 your home on new year's eve.
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. they are one of the hottest toys this season but right now it is illegal to ride hover boards in new york city. well, now some politicians are pushing to legalize the two wheel drives. this comes as hover boards have received negative press after fires. our reporter is live at dave. >>reporter: well commissioner bratton said he does not like these new devices at all. so it's unlikely that we'll see hover boards on the streets or sidewalks any time soon. we night see them on bike lanes hold your breath.
5:26 pm
that's left after a hoverboard exploded. in houston yesterday, a hoverboard at a mall caught on fire after it was charging. >> that's electrical! >> at this home, you could even see skid marks on the kitchen floor where hoverboard projectiles landed. >> all i see is it burst and flames and i got really scared. >> i started to see some sparks and i yelled and he was running into the room and i heard a bang and pieces flew up like a bomb. it all went up in flames. >>reporter: but a small movement to make hover boards and electric unicycles legal in the city. >> if you bought it up in new york, you can go up to long island but you can't ride it in the city. >>reporter: an attempt to at least ride them in the city. maybe at least on sidewalks.
5:27 pm
electric unicycles, they're not cars or pickup trucks or bikes -- so why are we treating them as such? it doesn't make sense. >>reporter: city leaders scoffed at the ideas -- not that they can be dangerous for riders as well as scary when riding them, commissioner bratton says they don't work in a place like new york city. >> we live in an extraordinarily crowded city. we have enough of a hard time walking in the city let alone hovering in the city. >>reporter: and the reason why they are legal in the towns outside the state is because a new york law that forbids these devices in counties with a population of more than a million people and in new york state, that would only apply to new york city. okay. thank you dave. well, there is one less hover board on the streets in the
5:28 pm
matters into her own hands. lydia's son pj fell off a hover board he received as a christmas gift. she took a picture of her son at the hospital. he described how quickly it happened. >> i was showing my mom how it moves and my dog ran by and hit it with the slieshunz touch and it went flying. and i had known i had broken my wrist. we say he gave away the hover board while he was at the hospital. a former star of the show glee has been arrested on child pornography. 34-year old mark sailing has been arrested by the crimes on internet task force. he is best known for playing noah puck on glee. this happened in the
5:29 pm
the driver pulled open the side door on the taxi and demanded money. the suspect took a purse from the passenger and that purse had nearly a thousand dollars in it. well in jersey, more than 80 cars were damaged in an overnight fire that burned through a car lot. well, the vaoykz caught fire in the insurance auto action lot just after 2:00 this morning. the cars fueled by the remaining gas in the tanks. the fire damaged 82 cars before it was xing yishd. no one was hurt. the cause is under investigation. meanwhile, a violent robberiry under investigation. the video showing two suspects walking down the street. police say they robbed a 55 year-old man yesterday morning. the robbers punched and kicked the man knocking him to the ground and continuing the beating. the two ran off with the man's
5:30 pm
the man was treated at the hospital and released. a man from hawaii won't press charges after authorities say he flew a drone near the president's motorindicated. oahu. the drone briefly flew along the presidential motorindicated. the officials say the pilot did not know the mostcade was in the area. an effort to be more environmentally friendly. the waldorf astoria and other hotels owners' have agreed to cut greenhouse gases by 33 percent in the next decade. the city hopes to cut all greenhouse gases by 80 percent.
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who saved a man's life with a big old hug. also a teen's survival story lost in the woods miles from home. how he stayed odds. and if you would rather eat bread sticks at olive garden in times square on new year's eve, you can. it's going to cost you a whole lot of money. and coming up, we'll have the forecast for when the ball drops and when to ring in the new year. but just before the holiday, there's a warm-up on the way. on the map, you see temperatures on the rise.
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rs . seasons greetings from all of us at abc 7. the olive garden is offering unlimited bread sticks and a warm spot in times square on new year's eve.
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here's a look at times square now. that's where the restaurant is planning a four hour party. a full buffet, dj, dancing and multiple bars. all that topped off with a champagne toast at midnight. the company is warning patrons the view of the ball drop will be limited probably because there's going to be a lot of people out front. well a country singer missing -- 29 year-old craig psychiatricland of arkansas was duck hunting in the bad weather. on monday, the troopers recovered the body of his friend and hunting companion from a lake. he is the lead singer from the country rock band back road anthem. a boy lost in the frigid temperatures in the wilderness is speaking out tonight about his fight for survival. a friend and he got separated.
5:35 pm
and called 911 and then sent a text to his brother telling him he loves him. he then walked for 9 hours. >> i started walking toward the headlights. i think god led me through there. all the way through there. i think he found me. braiden walked about 11 miles and he ended up 50 miles from home. he was hallucinating and hypothermic. braiden's mom says she no longer takes a lot of things for granted. wow. coming up, the tri-state battles with its first taste of wintery weather. also the resolutions to join a gym in the new year. and wouldn't it be great to kick off the new year with a cool (32) 600-0000? the power ball is gearing up for
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emergency sandbagging and thousands of flights cancel
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. a new york city police officer is being praised for using compassion to help save the life of an emotionally distressed man in queens. last night, officer christian approached a man at the mall. the man was threatening to jump off a balance connie when the officer convinced him to come off the edge. the officer simply asked if he could hug the man. today, the mayor expressed his appreciation for the officer's thoughtfulness. >> our police officers are on the front line in so many ways including dealing with people with mental health challenges. and officer verdict yea, you saved a life and we are all very proud of you. >> thank you. well the mayor says he's an example of the department's
5:39 pm
we need more hugs. thick layers of ice and slush covered roadways all across rockland county. residents got up early to carpal up their cars and clean up the windshields. others embraced the arrival while others were hoping it would stay away longer. >> i wish it was summertime already. >> it's winter, we expect this! >> you like the snow? >> it sure happens more than once. he's got a point there. things affected. i understand there may still be some delays at the airport. always check with your carrier. the wintery mix -- a lot of lingerd behind. so that moisture trapped at the surface and reduced visibility.
5:40 pm
the sun's not really back you guys until thursday. so we've got one more day to put up with overcast conditions but the threat of range coming tomorrow as well. winds at 5 miles an hour. humidity at 8 percent. visibility chart. these are the official reporting stations where they've got the now. newburg you can see with 2 miles of visibility. other spots have seen some clearing so it's still a patchy dense fog that could be affecting your area tonight so be aware of that if you're traveling. accuweather shows the rain completely moved out of here. duchess could see a light little drizzle tonight. if you do, your temperature is near the freezing point. and so that could create slick spots so be aware as you travel.
5:41 pm
more mild down along the jersey shore. right now 48 for tom's river. freezing in monticello. and even northwest jersey seeing temperatures near the 32-degree mark. as the temperatures come down tomorrow, it will be cloudy all day. and after 2:00, a threat of spotty rain. take a look at the future cast, 11:00 at of an inch tomorrow night. it will be very light. not nearly the downpours and the consistent rain we saw last night. as far as snow, we are getting the snow accumulation in the higher elevations especially in maine and vermont. so if you're looking for places to ski and tap into the snow, you'll have to go up to new england. because here, the temperatures coming up into the low 50s tomorrow. any problems with travel, down to the southeast.
5:42 pm
here at home, things are looking pretty decent. the weak cold front tomorrow, again affecting us late in the afternoon and tomorrow evening. when these showers show up, look how spotty they are. these are light rain showers. we set the conditions for new year's eve when the ball drops around midnight, things look good. clear skies taking us into new year's day. so your accuweather forecast breaks down like this. tomorrow afternoon, mild temperatures. looking good new year's eve day with the sunshine returning and then gorgeous on january 1st. and rolling into the first full weekend on january, temperatures are seasonal in the low 40s. and it looks like we can hold those numbers steady. when will we see real cold temperatures? doesn't look like until mid month that will happen. so the pattern may make it more
5:43 pm
but as far as anything extreme, not really in the cards. thanks amy. more than 50 million americans belong to a gym. but one of the biggest reasons they quit is because of the cost. well consumer reports did some digging and came up with five tips for keeping your money and your fitness register minute on track. >>reporter: if getting in shape is one of your new year's resolutions, you don't have to break the bank percent the first rule is always negotiate. >> always assume you can get a better deal. you can do that by asking the right questions and visiting at the better times. >>reporter: january is good for promotions but wait until the end of the month. consider bringing in some friends and asking for a group discount. number two, consider what kind of membership you really need. some gyms let you pay less for
5:44 pm
>> if they're not going to utilize the amenities, they can pay $10 a month. if they are using more, $19 a month. >> be sure to ask for plans grrp number three, see if your boss is willing to share the cost. >> up to half of the firms have wellness programs. many of those include disowpts on memberships trr -- discounts on memberships. >>reporter: also check your memberships. some blooshld members pay as low as $25 per month at chains across the country. finally if you're not sure when you'll be able to work out or if you're the type of person who likes to mix it up, consider as you go pay memberships. with these deals, you can sign up at a gym and only pay when
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some tips there. well, don't forget, most gyms offer free trial passes. that way you can have a better feel for the gym before you sign on the dotted line. you could have a big reason to celebrate the new year -- #00 million reasons. after no one won the drawing, the jackpot has risen to over $300 million. you can watch the jockpot on channel 7 right after eyewitness news. oh, the things you can do with that money. yeah! like father like sons. coming up, the brothers following in their father's footsteps as members of new york's finest. and at 6:00, quite a claim by nypd tonight, they say times square will be one of the safest places on earth on new year's eve. and an owner of a sick puppy place telling us a different
5:46 pm
and then a teacher's
5:47 pm
. more than 1200 new officers graduated from the nypd's police academy today. and among them 3 brothers. their father happens to be a 30-year veteran of the force and the key reason the brohit wanted to join the finest. kemberly has their story. >> we're humbled by all of this and appreciate it. >>reporter: it was a first for the nypd. this ceremony where 1100 cadets became police officers. what was downright unique was these guys. meet these guys. this was their first time facing a swarm of media with good reason. you see, they're brothers. and twins.
5:48 pm
that's their dad. yes, he too is an nypd officer and inspector. he's been with the department for 30 years. they're a tight knit family. he says his boys never game him an ounce of trouble growing up. hard to believe that. during the ceremony they couldn't sit together. they say that's okay. >> we could use some space. >>reporter: but after, they were clearly a you put. the mother over the moon. they shared a bit of the back story on how his kids ended up here. >> john, since he was a little boy, he always wanted to be a cop. so he was destined for it. stephen and alec, while they're all college graduates, alec was focusing on finance and stephen on business communications and i told them to do exactly what i did.
5:49 pm
i should have been a chiropractor. >>reporter: the boys will report to a precinct. their first assignment times square new year's eve. that's great. still ahead, the firefighter and the teacher and some kindergarten students who play witness to a powerful love story in the classroom. eye witness news at 6 starts now. now, eye witness news at 6. a sea of blue and a world of grief. a powerful and painful show of support for the new york cop killed in a terrorist bombing in afghanistan. but first, the ultimate new year's eve party right here in manhattan and the ultimate job for police to keep us all safe. now, we learn about the security
5:50 pm
see here in times square. liz is off tonight. the nypd tonight trying mighti-lee to ease fears. the bold claim -- times square -- their words now -- will be one of the safest places in the world on new year's eve. more than one million people expected to be there on thursday night. and security prep more expensive than ever. n.j. with our lead story. >>reporter: that's right bill. it's hard to imagine how security in times square could be any tighter than it is right now. but it will be. and by thursday night, it may be one of the most closely watched heavily patrolled half mile anywhere on the planet. yes, there will be several changes this year beginning with an army of police officers. >> makes me feel a whole lot safer. >>reporter: the news comes as a relief to many tourists pouring
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