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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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it's already one of the most heavily patrolled places anywhere in the world. but to put, security will be as tight as it has ever been. bill bratton. >> we have enhanced capabilities of the department over the last several months. >> it's not a specific response to any credible threat. under the plan, 5,000 police officers will be assigned to times square alone. and more of them with heavy weapons. there will be what is described as enhanced video surveillance. and every spectator will be screened by hand at least twice. [cheering]. >>reporter: with an estimated one million people packed into just 20 city blocks and millions more watching on television, new year's eve in times square poses a major security challenge for the nypd and the mayor says the city will be as safe as it can be. >> you cannot be more prepared
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and that's why new york should feel very comfortable about going about their business over the next few days. >> only so much you can do. >> i'm to the point where i don't feel safe anywhere. >>reporter: some tourists say they feel safe no matter what the city does. but most seem to be undeterred. >> you got to be careful but i don't feel like i'm in danger. >>reporter: and just about everybody we talked to is saying that. the saying is the vast majority of people are here to have a good time. and they plan on doing just that. live to be the at times square, n.j.. thank you. the sad farewell tonight for one of the casualties in one of the longest wars in u.s. history. he and five others were blown up
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his wake happened tonight. there. you can hear the bells. >>reporter: indeed bill, it was a tremendous outpouring of support by his family by his two expended families. families in blue -- the nypd and the international guard. >>reporter: the line stretched shorter. hundreds of mourners waiting to enter the church waiting to pay their respects to joseph lim. the nypd detective killed in >> very sad. but at the same time appreciating the united states that we live here and that we have soldiers out there protecting us. >> there's a camaraderie that nobody has like the military. god bless him. >> lem and five other troops suicide attack.
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6 years he leaves behind a widow, a daughter and a 4-year-old son who rode into church today on a police officer's shoulders. >> i just talked to him and said how sorry we are for them and that whatever we can do for them i know tomorrow's going to be a day of full honor for them as they deserve. >>reporter: he grew up in nebraska nicknamed superman by his colleagues. now, a sad good-bye in his hometown. >> it's a shame for the family. but he's -- i guess he'll be missed a lot. >>reporter: and mayor deblasio expected to pay his respects at the wake which resumes at 7 to 9:00 p.m. tonight funeral mass tomorrow at saint patrick's cathedral.
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and the death of another cop. it happened at some training exercise. commissioner bratton said 44-year-old juan was on duty when he suffered an apparent heart attack. he was rushed to the hospital but doctors there could not save him. he was described as a loss. a 20-year vet. crews are working to repair a gas main after a small explosion hurt 3 people there. repairs were going on when something triggered a series of sparks. two con ed workers and a private contractor suffering burns taken to a hospital with what we're told were non life-threatening injuries. chrissy jackson, turning herself into police today. cops say she slashed a man and woman earlier this month during an argument on the train.
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passengers who were taunting her with antigay slurs. police in brooklyn tracking down a child rapist. releasing photos of 24-year-old edwin. accused of raping a 10-year-old girl inside a home in bushwick. the victim had to undergo surgery for injuries from this assault. a family on long island recovering tonight after a carbon monoxide scare. police say 6 people taken to a hospital after a carbon monoxide leak inside a home in garden city. the leak came from a water headquarter investigators say. everyone expected to be okay. police say neighboring homes were checked out just as a precaution. a grieving mother with a separate plea, find the person who shot and killed her daughter. witnesses say the gunman walked into a bar and without saying anything, he opened fire.
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family members say she had just gotten a new job, found an apartment for her and her 10-year-old son. all of this before her life came to a tragic end. >> she didn't bother nobody to get shot up. you know? there was no reason to shoot people like that. my grandson is left without a mother and father. detectives now examining that tape. a man who was shot and wounded is now in the hospital. police say they have no suspects. cops arrest a man in jersey for impersonating a police officer. police say he was caught when get this, he was trying to pull over a real cop. he used emergency lights to pull over a cop on the highway. he quickly drove off. an off duty officer got the license plate number and police say he had a handgun and bullets in his suv.
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of a pet store owner selling sick puppies in new jersey. fancy pups was shut down for selling anything but fancy pups. the owner is arrested but now saying it's a very different story. telling that story to our news reporter. >>reporter: these are the 6 remaining dogs of the 13. most of them confiscated from this store in woodbridge. put under quarantine at a temporary trailer because they have many health issues including parasites. >> it's a disease many animals have. it's a waterborne disease basically from unsanitary conditions. >>reporter: they say the owner has racked up violations for a long time including complaints from customers selling sick animals. >> matter of fact, earlier in the year, he was closed.
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rocko at another business -- a used car lot. where he also houses animals in cages. he says he did nothing wrong. >> there was no danger to remove the dogs. i could see if they said to remove the dogs because they were in dire danger. everybody was eating, playing, and pooping. >>reporter: but he says the animals were sick and not being treated in humane conditions. >> the animal is sick, they have to be quarantined. and it doesn't look like he was doing it that. >>reporter: he was arrested when he was ordered to stop selling the animals. he says it was a vendetta against him. >> they don't want us here. >>reporter: he goes to court on charges including animal cruelty percent the puppies when they were well will be adopted out within weeks. as we continue with eye witness news at 6 this tuesday
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it started with a firefighter. started with a kindergarten teacher showing how to strap on fire gear. but the story will change her life. plus wait until you see what whole foods agreed to do after it claims it overcharged customers. still some brem with fog in the area and moisture in the surface. but moist air trying to get in at del mar and jersey. and temperatures at the same degree they were last night. but we're slowly warming up. but as we head into the
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. new at 6:00 a story guaranteed to make you smile even if you have not one ounce of romanticism. a new york firefighter goes to his girlfriend's kindergarten class. but what the kids learn goes way beyond safety. they saw love on fire in the good way. here's kristin. >>reporter: it was the internet that brought david and natalie together. >> we met 2 years ago on >>reporter: so perhaps it makes sense that the video of their proposal is now getting a lot of attention on the web. it was last week when he visited her classroom at ps 361 in woodside to give a fire demonstration to the students. >> he disd the students who wants to see her dress up.
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wanted that. >>reporter: so she got suited up. he slipped the ring box like this into the left glove. but to his surprise, she didn't respond when she slipped on the gluv. prompting. >> yeah. >> she got tiny hands. >> i thought it was a device -- part of the gluv. >> the happy couple share the video with just family and friends. >> it said it was too big to send. i couldn't e-mail it or text it. so my brother said hey, why don't you put it on youtube. >>reporter: the video has been watched by people all over the globe. >> the happy couple says they haven't yet picked a wedding date but are hoping for some time in 2016. that's just great. a huge fine tonight for the
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after it was accused of charging for prepackaged foods. $500,000 -- that's the size of fine after the department of consumer affairs found 80 different types of prepackaged foods at whole foods were labeled with the wrong weights. now, the grocery store will pay the fine. is google glass about to make a comeback? tonight we get a look at the next generation of futuristic eyewear. plus amy with her milder new year's eve forecast. and a reminder for you to make espn channel 7 yowrp channel for new year's eve.
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. google glass, remember that? may be making a return with new features. an updated model of the wearable computer has been filed with the fcc for google. google pulled the plug on the eyewear because of privacy concerns. the new version they say includes a green light that will turn on when a user is actually recording video. are you recording me now? yes. you're recording us. a lot of people do to get the weather later on. well it's all very 007. now, that we've got the watch and the glasses. i'm recording you now. you're freaking me out! i don't want to do that. you're making us happy with this milder forecast. well i know.
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feel the change in the air. yesterday was so uncomfortable. sort of raw and damp. the wind was there. so now we sort of change things up. the winds are letting up and temperatures are slightly warmer. and we got no precipitation in the area. the worst it's going to get is spotty drizzle a little bit later in the evenings. we got patchy dense fog in parts of the region. visibility is less than 2 miles for bellmar and tom's river and i suspect tomorrow morning, problems with this fog coming and going. the winds aren't strong enough to clear the weather at the surface so it will remain damp until we get some other weather in here. by tomorrow afternoon, there's another weak front moving in. barely brings a tenth of an inch of rainfall. so this is not going to be
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but tomorrow after about 2:00 until about 7 or 8 at night, there's the possibility of some light rain. you can see the snow continues in parts of new england and ski resorts in vermont happy to get some new fresh snow. other than that, not a lot happening. as we go into the new year's eve holiday, more storms so be aware if you're traveling. other than that, waiting for the ball to very mild new year's eve especially when you look at the grand scheme of things and the scream cold we've had. you won't have to wait on that. future cast tomorrow, spotty showers for the late afternoon. few of them popping up. doesn't last very long when the rain does begin. sort of scoots along the map. and all of it out of here by 11:00 p.m. thursday looks good. the sun is finally back for new year's eve day -- that means
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we roll into the first full day of 2016 with very nice weather. temperatures do pull back for friday, saturday and sunday. but just back into the low 40s. so not extreme cold. in fact the next several days, things are looking good. tonight, upper 30 to 40 degrees. and tomorrow, mild temperatures. those spotty showers come late in the afternoon to early in the evening. sunset coming just before 5:00. here's the accuweather forecast. breezy. monday 41. tuesday 45 for the high. all in all, mild conditions the next 2 days but a reminder, even though those temperatures look similar on tuesday and thursday, drizzle. thursday is sunny and nice. weekend. and again, nothing's going to
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january as a matter of fact. thank you aim aeyt. well the jets have everything to play for in sunday's regular season finale. the bills have nothing to play for. in reality, the coach ryan -- we'll have a chance to play spoiler on the jets season. and the giants head into their off season after saturday's game. so what will become of the staff after this disappointing season? that's next.
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. the jets have no one to blame or give credit to except for themselves. they control their own destiny that's the beauty of it.
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distant dream. now, it's one win away from its first play-off since 2010. bills. they got that job done earlier this season. that was at the meadow lands. but you can bet this time around, they would like nothing more than to end this season even though he won't come out and actually say it. >> i think it's first off about getting the win. we know we're facing a team that's red hot. >> the spoiler i think's probably maybe i mean, who knows. but it's to me, i think us just getting a win against a good football team i think would be great. well as for the giants, they know their season comes to an end as they host their season at the meadow lands. this does not include the play-offs. so this begs the question are
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especially after their loss on sunday night. the confidence of job security is a hot topic. although many players saying they let their coach down this season. tc doesn't see it that way. >> it's not about me. i'm here for them. if you want to break it all down, blame it all on me. i'm the head coach. i'm responsible. we lose, i lose the games. i like not to put these young men in a position where they feel badly about the circumstances that the head coach finds himself in. well at this point, it seems the new year can't come enough. tonight playing with the final chance to snap their losing streak this year. now things are falling apart in a hurry. the knicks have lost 4 in a row including two this weekend in back to back games. new york is now in the middle of
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as for the nets, their season has been more of a struggle than the knicks. a career high for necessarilying ton. the nets begin it a comeback. it was also their first win over the heat in their last 8 tries. well, now it gets real for clemsen. today it was media day for the college finals. and if anyone understands the pressure that awaits, that would be the crimson tide who were in a big position this year. only to lose to ohio state championships in an upset. they know how important it is to not overlook any team or any play. >> what can we learn from that and do differently and how are you going to respond to it? i think those are more of the things you take from those experiences. that's why you call it "experience."
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learn from it? in the meantime, plenty of appetizers. it was the cal and air force. the bears took the lead. finding tregg s. passing yards. over 4,066 this season. 5i 36. not exactly a nail biter as the bears roll. happy cal. yeah. happy bears. news coming up. bell bill, coming up tonight, women in one country being told not to get pregnant. also a senior playing in church when a thief strikes and goes after her purse. we'll tell you what happened next. plus a chance for new yorkers to get their college loans paid off.
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all right thanks.
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