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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 30, 2015 1:05am-1:35am EST

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>> reporter: joins the ranks of progressive's flow. the most sbrg man in the world. >> stay thirsty my friends. >> making a career out of he moved to germany. >> my agent's in new york said, are you crazy! you don't speak german. i said i'll learn it. and then i ended up on a tv show translated to good times bad times. i had to shoot on monday and on thursday and friday i had to shoot trivago. and then we realized that okay, none of the belts seem to be fitting the belt loops. so we went out without the belt. you. malfunction. put him in the world of the advertising elite. >> speaking of celebrity, it was the late american politician in
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who said fame is a vapor. riches take wings. only one thing endures and that's character. thank you for watching. tune in "good morning america" first thing tomorrow. and as always, we're online 24/7
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they are the two most
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tonight they are at war. a quiet feud now exploding. the two most recent commissioners of the nypd tonight verbally duking it out. but first one of the safest places in the world. that promise tonight from new york city mayor de blasio about security in times square on new year's eve. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. this is quite a claim by the n y pd. more than a million people expected in new york city's busiest quadrant along with 5,000 cops, part of what the nypd is calling the tightest security quadrant ever. >> police will be armed with long guns and surveillance. each reveler will be screened by hand at least twice. >> a strong counterterrorism presence will be in place just as a precaution. >> it's iconic, and an example of new york city at its best, and the eyes of the world will be on us. well, we
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work preparing for this event. >> as usual, no backpacks, no duffle bags, and no alcohol will be allowed in times square on new year's eve. >> meanwhile with the nypd seemingly uber organized, going op. former commissioner ray kelly in a nasty war of words with bratton. it is not pretty. josh einiger has that story. >> reporter: the relationship goes back a very long way, bill, for nearly 20 years the police department has been run by these two men. first bill bratton, then ray kelly, and now again bill bratton, their relationship tonight reached a rolling boil when one accused the other basic value cooking the books to make the city seem safer than it is. >> stand up. you're a big man. explain what you're talking about. >> i think i am a big man. i like to be taller, but -- >> reporter: the war of words
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kelly's vague comments that the nypd has reclassified some crime to make it appear safer. >> for him to denigrate that hard work that shootings being reduced significantly and claim that we're playing with the numbers, shame on him. let him back up that allegation. >> reporter: and so tonight kelly who spent 12 years as commissioner got specific claiming the department has reclassified things like graze wounds, no longer counting them, and similar cases as shooting incidents. >> there appears to be an effort to reduce the number of reported shootings even though when we see a 20% increase in murder by guns, certainly in 2015. >> reporter: the department couldn't confirm that number but so far this year says murder overall subpoena 4.3% though shootings are down 2.7%p and overall so-called index crimes are down 2%. >> but now is really bad.
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the city, lifelong residents crime. madeline lives in east harlem. >> maybe it's come down a again. >> reporter: it's definitely anecdotal but it is the kind of sentiment you will hear if you walk through a housing project like the one here in east harlem. kelly made a variety of specific claims, not just that graze wounds are no longer counted as shootings, but also if you get hit by flying glass after a shooting, that the department no longer classifies that as a shooting, either. we have been waiting all night from the department for a specific response. to you. josh einiger, channel 7 a developing story about the race for president. former new york governor george pataki whose campaign really never received much support tonight suspending his campaign.
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journey for the white house ace president. i'm confident we can elect the right person. >> this ad airing tonight on stations in some early primary states, mr. pataki never made it to the mon republican debate change, anemic public opinion funds. a stack on long at a home in freeport. police received a 911 call shortly before 4:00 this afternoon. officers found the 55-year-old homeowner barely clinging to life. he died a short time later at the hospital. police say the murder was not a random act of violence. the victim was targeted. new at 11:00 residents complained for months about not getting their mail. federal agents say they now know why. tonight two postal workers busted. one for allegedly trashing hundreds of letters, the other nabbed for stealing gift cards out of the mail. a.j. ross is in queens.
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sade, two post office employees were in court one admitting he threw away nearly 1,000 pieces of mail, another confessing he stole dozens of letters and cards, shocking allegations people here say are hard to believe. >> it's really surprising that something like this actually happened. >> reporter: they were entrusted to deliver countless personal and business items through the mail, but instead federal authorities say these two mail men not ole failed to deliver on the job, they broke the law. a customer complaint about a missing $10 0 visa called mailed to brooklyn first tipped authorities to james hayden back in august. hayden was allegedly observed in his postal uniform making purchases with the stolen card. investigators say hayden also ordered items on-line with stolen cards and even had some of his purchases shipped to the very post office he works at. when finally confronted by authorities hayden allegedly
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stolen nearly 50 gift cards amounting to $1,000 over the past year. >> a lot of people lost many things. >> reporter: according to the postal service, he had only beenfew months while hayden had been a regular mailman since march 2013. live in ozone park, queens, a.j. ross, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> a.j., thank you. a funeral service is set for tomorrow for a new york cop killed by a taliban suicide bomber in afghanistan last week. wake services for joseph lemm held in westchester county today at a church in west harrison, his hometown. he and five others all killed by that taifort. >> there's a camaraderie that nobody has like the military, none. god bless him. >> lemm leaves behind a wife
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the 45-year-old was a technical sergeant in the air guard's 105th-based squadron and a 15- year veteran of the new york police department. the wake, mean while, for staff sergeant louie bonacasa will begin thursday. his funeral will be saturday at new beginnings christian center on long island. a young police officer killed in the prime of his life one year ago was honored tonight. a vigil was held for officer steven petrozelo. he was promoted posthumously from a part-time officer to a full-time one. >> it blows me away that people cared enough to be out here for steven and for his family. i'm just happy, very happy. >> the driver who hit the
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careless driving and failure to yield. there was adds 378 fine. a "not guilty" plea tonight from white chicago police officer accused of murder in the racially charged shooting of a black teenager. protesters shouting at officer jason van dyke. he's accused of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald, shooting him meanwhile mayor rahm emanuel has not been seen since returning early from a trip today to cuba amid calls for his resignation. protests in cleveland. a rally outside the county courthouse angry over a grand jury's decision to not charge two police officers who shot and killed 12-year-old tamir rice last year. the boy gunned down in a city park. new details about how u.s. marshals finally tracked down the so-called affluenza
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the big clue, a cell phone used to order domino's pizza. ethan and tanya couch arrested yesterday in puerto vallarta as authorities investigated whether he violated the terms of his probation for killing four people while drunk driving. we have new details in a brutal accident near the lincoln tunnel that sent a bus passenger flying through the front windshield. the 68-year-old victim tonight is out of the hospital. he is recovering from a broken shoulder and a head injury. he was standing up on a private bus when he wept flying through the windshield as it abruptly stopped. the driver of the bus insisting he wasn't speeding. >> how fast could i be going? i mean, i came to the stop, so i wasn't going at any fast speed or anything like that. he was standing up, and he went through the windshield. >> the victim landing on the street. the bus makes regular stops between baltimore and new york.
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eyewitness news at 11:00 on tuesday night, a passenger plane lands after a flight from chicago, but it doesn't land on the runway. wait until you see this. new worries about a mosquito disease so dangerous officials telling some women don't get pregnant. plus, surprised by her firefighter boyfriend. a kindergartner teacher provides her classroom with a less so in life and love. meteorologist amy freeze here tonight. temperatures are actually warming up. in fact, a nice warm-up in store for tomorrow but still overcast, and another front coming through that will bring some light rain. i will have details on that, plus looking ahead to the new year's eve holiday.
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and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. the faa investigating a botched lapping that could have ended in disaster. officials say an alaska airlines passenger plane
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active taxiway earlier this month at seattle airport. the pilot thought it was one of the runways. it's unclear why the crew failed to recognize the different markings on the runway and taxiway. new details about the child pornography charges against the star of the tv show glee. he was arrested at his home in l.a. he is due in court january 22nd. no other details were released. he is best known for the now canceled glee tv show. governor cuomo is announcing the state will start accepting applications for a student loan forgiveness program. to qualify you must have earned a degree from a school in new york state during or after december 2014 and make less than $50,000 a year. tonight in a world often filled with stories that do not celebrate life, tonight a story
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kindergartners about fire safety. his girlfriend is the teacher. but what happens next teaches everyone in the classroom something about life. and love. you want romance? we have romance. here's kristin thorne. >> reporter: it was the internet that brought david royal and natalie moy together. >> we met two years ago on >> >> reporter: so perhaps it makes sense that the video of their proposal is also getting a lot of attention on the web. it was last week when royal who is a lieutenant with the fdny, visited moy's kindergarten classroom to give a fair safety demonstration to the students. >> he asked the students who wants to see ms. moy dress up, and of course all the kids wanted that. >> reporter: so as royal's fdny buddies filmed, moy got suited up. to his nervous surprise, moy
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on the glove so royal had to give her a little prompting. >> will you marry me, ms. moy? >> i did feel something, but -- >> she's got tiny hands. >> i thought it was a device, part of the glove. >> the happy couple wanted to share the video with just family and friends. >> they said it was too big to send, so i couldn't e-mail it and i couldn't text it. so my brother said, hey, why don't you put it on youtube. >> the video has now been watched by tens of thousands of people all over the globe. >> there's a store in london, a story in africa. >> reporter: the happy couple says they haven't yet picked a wedding date but are hoping for some time in 2016. in howard beach, i'm kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> isn't love grand. >> he said, just put it on youtube, and it just took off. >> very sweet. around here, weather shaped up, right? 24 hours ago we were in a wintry mess. >> here comes spring again.
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at least temperatures going to the 50s for the next couple of days. i won't say it's all coming up roses. we won't get any sunshine tomorrow. we have to wait until thursday. look at the sky outside. still a little bit of fog and reduced visibility. winds out of the west-northwest 5 miles per hour, it's 40 degrees. here's would we've got, the official reporting stations. right now patchy dense fog. the winds are mainly coming out of the northeast. the temperature change is pretty impressive. it's coming up gradually but anywhere from two to 11 degrees warmer than we were at this same time last night. so the warm-up is already beginning. the futurecast shows by really tomorrow afternoon we've got temperatures nearing 50 degrees, and then a cold front sneaks in. the front is not really going to dramatically drop the temperatures down but what it could do is shake up the atmosphere enough so we get a quick spotty shower. that's between 3:00 p.m.
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but the rain that comes through is quick moving. it doesn't have a lot of moisture with it. so it doesn't last. not everybody is going to see rain but it's definitely a possibility. then we get into new year's eve day and the temperatures look pretty good, staying well above average for this time of year. sunshine. so that's improvement all the way around. getting into thursday night late, fur going into times square to watch the ball drop, low 40s. pretty nice. storms. just that weak cold front. it brings less than a 10th of an inch of rain for the city, maybe .2 for places like newark and northwest new jersey. not a lot of rainfall with it. it so it won't ruin anything. even the cold air and the snow that we saw in new england has moved out. so for the next couple of days, it's sort of mild, comfortable air mass that will take us right into 2016. looks like we will easily end up as the warmest december on the record books, and it also -- we are trending up to 14 degrees above average for
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very impressive number. futurecast here shows everything coming up cloudy tomorrow morning, and then the quick moving showers through the afternoon. looks like this moisture may linger until 11, but again light rain once we get into thursday morning skies clear out nicely. if you have plans outdoors, new york road runners, the big run in central park, looks like it's going to be gray. new year's day absolutely beautiful. but a chillier mess comes in for next weekend so that will change our numbers. we'll go back into the low 40s for daytime highs. here we are overnight, 40 degrees. spotty showers late tomorrow. the accuweather seven-day forecast lacks pretty good. we have two days in the 50s, but know they will be very different. tomorrow we get the chance for showers, sunny on thursday. saturday and sunday, a weekend in every forecast, back into the low 40s, still slightly above average. so i think friday is the highlight. sunshine is back, seasonal temperatures for new year's day what.
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all in all the forecast looks good, taking us into early next week. in fact, the first full week of january, temperatures are at least seasonal. no extremes coming our way. i don't think we'll be setting any records, and we certainly won't see any cold. i mean, real cold. >> not like winter cold. >> that's right. there will be a few nights around 30, but nothing severe. >> thanks amy. we'll be looking to bring in the new year with a nice $300 million. get your powerball ticket for tomorrow's drawing. we will air the drawing here on channel 7 before eyewitness news at 11:00. >> not a bad new year's eve present. coming up next, the health concern that has officials in brazil telling some women not to get pregnant. plus, a woman targeted
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we'll show you the bold
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with a shocking warning to some couples to consider putting off plans to get pregnant. they have now linked a mosquito- born virus to a surge of newborn neurological disorders that can cause incomplete brain development. more than 2400 suspected cases have been reported this year, compared to 147 last year. just how low does a criminal to have sink to steal an elderly woman's purse? as she's praying in church? the unholy act caught on camera in florida last week. the thief is seen sneaking up behind a woman in the back row, then stealing her purse next to her. the 84-year-old victim followed him out, but the man got away. the purse was recovered minus the wallet, cash, and other valuables. laura behnke in for rob powers. >> for the knicks, next stop 2016, but first tonight a chance to end this year on a bright note.
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streak. derek williams more than happy to help the cause. with one week to go in the nfl's regular season, the end has already come for one head coach in we've got the details next in sports. i'm command sergeant major mike reid of joint task force bravo in honduras. merry christmas to you can't see both at the same time. your trihonda dealers remind you to put down your device
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let's head to the garden and talk about the knicks because they've got to get out of the skid. >> they definitely do. one is a start. last season at this time the knicks headed into the new year with just five wins so while new york has had its struggles this season it's nowhere near as bad as. that tonight they had a shot at win number 5 in their final game of 2015 as the knicks met the pistons at the garden trying to snap a losing skid. carmelo anthony was prepared to do that, sinking the three ball. second quarter, that jumper moves him into 32nd on the all- time scoring list.
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got some help from chris to have porzingis. -- kristof poor sing gissments the knicks finish the year with a win. we are in the final week of the nfl's regular season but it will be the final week of the jets' season overall? the answer is totally in their control. all they have to do is beat rex ryan's buffalo bills. as for the giants, they already know their season is over. after a disappointing season is rumors are flying over the job status of tom coughlin and jerry reese. coughlin says he takes full responsibility for what's happened this season. meanwhile the giants' final opponent of the year is not wasting any time with its rebuilding process. tonight the eagles fired head coach chip kelly with one game
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the eagles were eliminated from the playoffs with saturday night's loss to the redskins. a press conference is scheduled for tomorrow. offensive coordinator pat shurmur takes over. tonight the islanders were hoping a trip away from brooklyn might actually provide a spark. new york meeting the leaves in toronto in the second of a home at home. the islanders were active early and often. first period, frans nielsen moving in. nice passing leads to goal number five. they weren't done yet. later in the period, lee, the score from right in front of the net, 6-3. the isles with a much needed win. also the devils hosting the hurricane, second period, carolina take the lead.
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