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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  December 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it's a dark day for the man once considered a symbol of all things good. >> it's a day he probably never imagined would come but late today bill cosby had no choice but to face a judge. the 78-year-old clearly struggling to see turned himself in after authorities here in pennsylvania issued an arrest warrant for the comedian now charged with felony aggravated indecent assault. >> it seems from a decade-old incident at cosby's home outside of philadelphia. that's where in january of 2014 andrea constand insists that cosby told her to take pills and drink wine. kevin steel details what allegedly happened next. >> we go to the reaction of the victim, frozen, paralyzed, unable to move. a person in
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>> constand told authorities that cosby sexually violated her, in 2005 filed a complaint but he was not charged. officials said there was not enough evidence. >> cosby said it was a consensual sexual encounter. they met while constand was working for temple basketball team. in 2006 the now 42-year-old settled a civil suit with cosby but constand never gave up pursuing criminal charges. >> this summer authorities reopened the investigation after discovering what they call new evidence, went ahead with just days left until the statute of limitation expires. her attorney issued a statement saying in part, quote, it is troubling it took until the 11th hour for this day to arrive. >> today after examination of
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seek justice on behalf of the victim. >> reporter: now, one thing that could complicate this case, the former da said constand's original statements to police back in 2005 differed dramatically from the allegations made in her civil complaint. a misdemeanor verses a felony charge. cosby is due back in court january 14th. if convicted he faces up to 10 years in prison. for in elkins park, pennsylvania kimberly richardson, channel 7, eyewitness news. we're hearing tonight from the attorney who represents 29 women who say that cosby sexual assaulted them. >> for many of my 29 clients who alleged they have victims of bill cosby seeing him criminally charged is the best christmas present. >> just one of gloria alred's clients is pursuing a civil
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she said she questioned cosby under oath for several hours in connection with that suit. >> stay with eyewitness news and abc for the latest on bill cosby's sexual assault charges. you can get updates and information around the clock at new information about that deadly crash in miami. some of the victims are from our area. two people from bridgeport, connecticut were among the five killed in a wrong-way crash just before 1:00 a.m. they were just picked up at the airport when the vehicle they were in was struck by a pick up. the pick up driver, a 23-year-old woman from california also died. >> that accident caused other accidents because vehicles came out of the express lane colliding into other vehicles. >> two other people were injured. the accident remains under investigation and it's not yet known if alcohol or drugs were involved. hundreds of uniformed police and u.s. military service officers lined the streets of manhattan today to offer a final
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nypd detective killed in afghanistan last week. detective joseph lemm was nicknamed superman by his life presence. today his 4-year-old son, ryan, saluted the flag draped casket after an emotional service at saint patrick's. burkett was there. >> thousands of police officers joined members of the air national guard in the middle of 5th avenue as the flag draped casket was carried into saint patrick's cathedral. >> joseph lemm was 45 years old, a detective and a tech sergeant in the air national guard. mourned for his sacrifice and honored today for his service. >> he's a hero when the city and country needed one and a guardian at the gate and now our guardian at the gate of heaven.
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the nypd and served three tours of duty in the air guard's 105th base security squad. killed with five other airmen in a taliban suicide attack last week in afghanistan. >> his casket returned yesterday to the air guard's base at stewart airport where it was met by the sergeant's wife and two children in a powerful ceremony that left tears in the eyes of everyone who was there. >> this morning local firefighters saluted the procession as it made its way to new york. kingston police officer mike ryan is a master sergeant in the 105th. >> it's going to be a tremendous loss for the unit, the city and the country that we lost this fine young man. >> outside the cathedral the sergeant's 4-year-old son saluted his coffin. after mayor de blasio paid tribute to a man he described as a beacon of light.
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new detective lemm. i want to thank his family. >> in midtown manhattan, m.j. burkett, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> staff sergeant lewis the other new yorker who died in that same attack's funeral will be saturday at new begin's christian center in long island. new york city police commissioner bill bratton demanding that ray kelly reveal the source that told him the nypd is misreporting crime statistics. kelly claims the document has reclassified some violent crimes to make the city appear safer. bratton insists there's been no change since kelly held the job. >> refute everything that commissioner kelly alleged that we are. we have not changed anything since his time as commissioner.
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at 6:00, dave evans with a new reason behind while kelly and bratton are fruding. a man mugged and stabbed to death on a bronx street. police were called to the williamsberg section this morning. he's not been identified but be in his 20s. the murder was caught on surveillance camera and police are searching for as many as six suspects. a group of at least six teenagers robbed two newsstands on the upper west side and assaulted the clerks. the teens robbed a newsstand near broadway and west 67th street on december 18th. one of the teens took a bottle and threw it at the clerk causing a gash above his cry. they stole money, candy and e cigarettes from a newsstand on west 93rd street and punched that clerk in the head. a man accused of killing his father in nassau county went
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police arrested 24-year-old jordan johnson in connection with the death of his dad russell. he was found with multiple stab wounds after an argument turned violent. they found russell johnson barely clinging to life and he died at the hospital. amid the growing threat of terror attacks security is the top priority around the world this new year's eve. paris canceling its annual fireworks show. in belgium they have canceled its public new year's concerns. the move comes after the arrest of two terror suspects with links to isis. according to police one of them paris. the count down to 2016 already underway and the big star of new year's eve going through a successful dress rehearsal today. workers conducted a test drop of the night's count down. time square
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from around the world welcomes 2016 when the ball drops. nina is there right now. nina. >> reporter: here we are a day away from one of the biggest spectacles on earth and it already feels electric. i'll tell you why, it's the weather. it usually keeps everybody away until the last minute but forget it, it feels like new year's eve and people are ready to get the party started. >> time square is already filling up with visitors from all over the globe. >> germany. >> australia. >> where are you from? >> london. >> long island. >> alaska. >> rebelers will be a mong the millions expected to see the 12 feet diameter almost 12,000 pound ball covered in 200 crystals dropped at midnight. >> it's fabulous. >> bigger than london. >> they're going to be joined by over 180 million americans
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the world that will watch the time's square ball drop. >> there will be something for everyone. >> whiz kaliff, carry underwood, jessie j. >> chains like tgif, ruby tuesday and olive garden offered prime seating for a premium price. how about $400 to get treated like family. >> i'm italian and make my own food. >> smaller local spots offer a view of the action and are still selling tickets. >> it's $75 for the first seating, which is the most reasonable price in time's square. >> you don't have to shell out a dime to join the party outside. admission the free and this year with record temperatures the cold is not a factor.
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laid back weather so i'm going to enjoy it tomorrow. it's new year's eve and exciting in the city, more than any place else in the world. >> reporter: the official program gets underway at 6:00 p.m. but if you want to get close to the ball or the stage it will be wise to get here early. there's going to be security, spectators will be checked by hand by the nypd at least twice. so it would be in your best interest to start. who is ready for 2016? who is ready for 2016? >> [screams] >> reporter: you'll have to deal with the crowds. nina, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> listen to that. >> all the smiles. >> you got it made. >> they're putting me in the mood. time's square is ready for new year's but what about mother nature? >> meteorologist amy freeze up next with the last forecast of 2015. >> it looks like she's going to pull things together for us. we have to get through one little front and the chance for rain tonight. if you're headed out
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a shower could be in the area after 8:00 p.m. but for midnight in time's square just a few patchy clouds and temperatures in the low 40s. coming up we'll break down the numbers as you head into the new year and a new weather pattern for the accuweather 7 day forecast. >> people in the path of the mississippi river keeping their eyes on the rising river. >> why the teenage fugitive captured across the border isn't
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a teen fugitive is still in mexico right now and may stay there for a few more days. lawyers for ethan couch one a 3-day delay. he invited probation for a deadly drunk driving accident and he and his mom left the country. brandy hit in los angeles with the latest details. brandy. >> reporter: hi, diana. u.s. marshall's office just announced that ethan couch and his mother filed an appeal asking a higher mexican court will to deport them back to the u.s. this comes after video shows how they were living during this 3-week manhunt. >> this is our first look at
5:15 pm
mexico. exclusive video shows the teen inside this puerto vallarta butcher shop. his blonde hair now died black with facial hair captured hours before his arrest monday. >> now in police custody couch temporarily delaying his deportation back to the u.s. >> i don't anticipate this any time soon. >> the so-called affluenza teen pleaded guilty in 2013 to drunk driving and killing four people. he was sentenced to probation after his lawyers argued he was too spoiled to know right from wrong. ethan and his mom, tonya, planned to disappear shortly after this video possibly showing the teen violating patrol at a party went the two drove to mexico according to police using burner phones to elude detection. >> the case is still under juvenile law. as messed up as it is, we will only be able to sentence him to 120 days actually in jail.
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video across the street from their shabby rental is now facing up to 10 years in prison in convicted of helping her son avoid arrest. >> we certainly will push to have her prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: now, the appeal could lead to a court process in mexico lasting weeks, possibly months. once back in the u.s. texas authorities want ethan placed into adult court with a stricter probation system. reporting live in los angeles, brandy hit, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> brandy, thank you. the midwest is deal ing with ty with -- is dealing historic flooding. the mississippi, missouri rivers approach record levels. the flood waters carrying away entire homes down rivers. missouri's governor has activated the national guard and declared a state of emergency.
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man and his dog from the roof of a home that was starting to pull he said he many residents say the magnitude of the flooding just simply caught them off guard. >> back in 93' we had a week's notice it was going to get bad. >> 23 people are already confirmed dead from the flooding in missouri and illinois. >> it's bad out there. >> historic levels too. it's rising to the top levels they have seen the rivers crest too. are we ever going to see the sun again? i'm getting anxious. >> the sun will come out tomorrow. >> tomorrow, tomorrow. >> that's right. we have to get through a little front coming through tonight. it's still over cast outside. right now the city looks great. you can see lots of lights shining and a beautiful looking evening out there.
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average for daytime highs. so the mild feel in the atmosphere after we had 47 in newark, 50 for belmar, 52 tom's river the warmth stays off to the south and west. areas to the north were in the upper 30s today. here's the front that will come in from the south. the rain will not be that impressive. after 8:00 it scoots there, we get a tenth of an inch, .2 of and inch and the sunshine is tomorrow. a spotty shower can't be ruled out starting at about 8:00 in the city and then fog to sunshine tomorrow, cooler temperatures for the weekend. so the 50s that we saw today those do not all weekend. we're going to move towards more seasonal temperatures. just a few tenths of an inch of rain tonight. tomorrow temperatures
5:19 pm
just slightly above average. we're moving back towards more seasonal temperatures until monday and that's when we get a taste of january-like weather around here. so we start with tonight. early rain still cloudy and 45 for the over night low. tomorrow it's 51 degrees for the high temperature. as we move into the evening hours we will drop into the 40s. 41 degrees for the ball dropping. if we look at new year's eve and new year's day 41 at midnight and then on new year's day we're just at 45 degrees. it will be chillier on friday and saturday and sunday are looking good at this point as well. the accuweather 7-day forecast, we got a weekend here in every forecast and saturday and sunday in the low 40s. but monday it's finally cold around here, 30s for the highs monday, tuesday and then by wednesday we're back in the mid 40s. it's short-lived but the upper 30s would be right around the average for this time of year. also our over night lows in the city could be down to the freezing point or maybe below it
5:20 pm
for that. again, sunshine is back heading into the weekend as well. seasonal temperatures both saturday and sunday. then we get ready for some chilly air around here. we'll see those numbers slump into the 30s. long-term average by the way shows that we do have a little dip in temperatures monday and tuesday but then our temperatures mid-month swing right back into seasonal or mild. maybe we get a little stormier by the end of the month but right now temperatures don't look like they're going to take a sharp turn down address any time soon. >> thank you, amy. it's happened again, a hot holiday toy bursting into flames. >> coming up on eyewitness news, hover boards may be popular but find out why firefighters are calling them risky rides. >> also ahead, the final chapter of a toy story, a landmark story in the heart of time's square is just minutes away from closing. >> a princess meets a young patient at black dale children's hospital. what a way to end a tough year.
5:21 pm
berg with the surprise visit coming up. >> first here's a message from a member of the military from our area who can't be home for the holidays.
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new information in the deadly crash on the vegas strip. the woman accused of plowing her car into a crowd of people had marijuana in her system. a toxicology report for lakechia holloway shows she tested positive for marijuana. she's charged with murder and leaving the scene of an accident. prosecutors say the toxicology results will not change those charges. new details about the mosque arson case in texas. police made an arrest and said the man worshipped at that mosque. while they do not know gary moore's motive they do not believe it was a hate crime. nobody was hurt. moore is being held without bond. after tension over officer-involved shooting in chicago, chicago's mayor rom emanuel is announcing overhauls to the police department. he
5:23 pm
training and when and when they should not use guns. they will trouble the number of tasers to 1,400. the announcement comes days after a 19-year-old and his neighbor, 55-year-old betty jones, were shot and killed by police during a domestic disturbance call. the faa is investigating a potentially dangerous mistake. they want to know how the plane landed on an active taxi way instead of a runway. the 737 flew from chicago to seattle on december 19th. the faa tells abc news the flight was cleared to land on a certain runway but when the crew was offered another runway they landed on the taxiway instead. luckily it was clear at the time. the price of crude oil once again dictating the direction of stocks on wall street. stocks fell after oil prices dropped
5:24 pm
trading was lighter than usual. the dow dropped 117 points closing at 17,603, the nasdaq lost 42 points and the s&p fell 15 points. a night of fun turns into a morning of terror for a new york knicks player. a player followed, robbed and shot. now his teammates are speaking out. >> a war of words on the campaign trail. how donald trump is putting his money where his mouth is. >> a star wars celebrity is under attack in cyber space. >> a reminder to make espn and channel 7 your home on new year's eve. there's three bowls including the college football
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well, trouble off the court for a new york knicks player. cleanthony early had just left a strip club when he was followed by a group of armed thieves. >> they shot him in the knee and robbed him of more than just his gold jewelry. at 5:00, teammate carmelo anthony is speaking out. darla miles has more. darla. >> reporter: well, diana, cleanthony early is still being treated at new york hospital. his teammate carmelo anthony said he has not had a chance to speak to him yet but woke up to this news and was surprised it happened after their game last night. >> i was just shocked at the situation. the unfortunate situation for cleanthony, his family, us as an organization
5:28 pm
family. >> cleanthony early shed his knicks uniform for a night out only to get robbed at gunpoint early wednesday morning. >> i know in a dangerous situation just because he went out. i know he's not a guy whose clam buoyant, out going and loud. he's a very humble guy, a guy who stays to himself, a guy who is quiet. >> the shell casings littered tyler avenue near queens. this is where the 24-year-old was boxed in by two or more cars just after 4:00 a.m. and followed early's uber from this strip club. at least six men, one wearing a mask, jumped out and demanded money before shooting early in his right knee. >> all i saw was it taped off and some bullets in the street.
5:29 pm
it was just a lot of tape. >> the uber driver was robbed too. he sped off stopping around the corner on 64th street. he's seen in the surveillance video waving his arms for help. >> i was very much in shock when he was walking to the ambulance. he walked normally. had i known he had been shot i would have looked for signs of something. i didn't notice. >> just two week s s ago knicks forward derek williams was robbed of more than a half a million dollars in jewelry after bringing home two women he met at a different strip club. >> it's tough. you know, it happened to one of them a couple weeks ago and now another one now. i don't want to jump out there and say that the knicks are a target. it's just an unfortunate situation that could have it just happened to two guys that's on my team.
5:30 pm
still working to identify all six suspects. if you have any information call crime stoppers at 800- 577-tips. darla miles, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> thank you, darla. a new jersey driver's ie license may not be considered a valid id for avoiding a domestic flight. that's because of the real id act that imposing stricter standards. new jersey is among four states granded a waiver set to expire on january 10th. the department of homeland security will make a decision early this week. it wouldn't take effect until the end of april at the earliest. a young new york city man missing has been found dead. the body of anthony urena was found dead. he was last seen leaving a manhattan nightclub.
5:31 pm
new released video shows three suspects in action stealing 30 fur coats worth nearly $25,000. watch as the suspects struggle to carry an arm full of coats out of henry co at madison avenue. some of them actually fall to the as you can see and are just left behind. the suspects threw a brick through the glass front door to get inside. politics now. donald trump is putting his money where his mouth is. he announced today he's going to start spending his own money in three key early primary states. how much is he willing to doll out? >> donald trump usually prefers prime time for his rallies but no less aggressive in a rare daytime event in south carolina. >> we view this as war. don't we view this as war ? >> trump recycling his attack hilary clinton declaring both
5:32 pm
>> low energy can be applied to hilary. i don't like to use the same thing twice on one of my enemies. >> a turn around from 2008 when trump wrote in a blog post that hilary clinton would make a great president or vice president. today -- >> hilary is a disaster. >> trump continues his a ttack on another clinton, referring to scandals of bill clinton. >> she wants to accuse me of things and her husband is one of the great abusers of the world, give me a break. >> hilary clinton is still refusing to respond directly to trump's taunts, not even using his name. >> you know, i happen to think america is great. >> but trump's other declared enemy, jeb bush isn't holding back, releasing this new attack ad. >> about old testament guy or new testament? >> a top five list of trump's campaign mistakes. >> less than 5 weeks away from
5:33 pm
he will start spending millions to buy ad time in critical early voting states. in washington, channel 7, eyewitness news. new york city's fire commissioner urging hover board owners to use extreme caution after yet another one burst into flames this time in brooklyn. the fdny said this is what's left of a hover board that caught fire yesterday at the kings houses. it was recharging the owner unplugged it and took it into the hallway. a priest preaching on a hover board is in trouble tonight. the priest glided around the pews singing and talking to the crowd. the video is a viral hit but not a favorite among church leaders who reprimanded the priest.
5:34 pm
still to come on eyewitness news, star wars celebrity kerry fisher under attack in cyber space. >> it's closing time for one of time square's stap staples. what's next for the toys r us store. >> a mom gives birth in an unusual place. she describes the fast arrival. >> temperatures are in the mid 40s in the boroughs. we're focusing on this front that's coming through that takes our temperatures up a degree or two this evening. this is rain that's coming in after about 8:00. it seems like this rain will be out of town by early dawn. that leaves new year's eve pretty much perfect. i'll have details on the numbers and
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the rent just too high for a long time retail staple of
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the toys r us flagship store on broadway is it's going to happen in just a few minutes. the company said it's not renewing its lease at the 110,000 square foot location because of financial reasons. it's actively searching for another location in manhattan. actress kerry fisher firing back against social media body shaming. she's best known for princess leia. she received harsh tweets. she took to twitter herself saying please stop debating about whether or not i age well. unfortunately it hurts all three of my feeling. my body has not aged as well as i have. at movie theaters in north america box office sales past $11 billion for the first time this year. over the summer jurassic world became the new opening weekend record holder for taking in $208 million.
5:38 pm
brought in nearly $600 million in less than two weeks in theaters. rising ticket prices for part of the reason for hollywood's huge haul. director quinton terretino receiving an apology from a group who put his film online december 21st, four days before it opened it in theaters. it claims it got a copy from a guy on the street and said it did not mean to hurt anyone. a mother to be delivers her own baby in a pick up truck while traveling along a busy highway in new jersey. here's the mom here. keshia melchoirre and her husband, steve, were rushing to a hospital early yesterday but apparently just not fast enough for the baby. they delivered the newborn girl in the cab of her pick up before her husband had a chance to pull over.
5:39 pm
breathing hard to screaming in the car. i could feel her coming out. >> i can see the look in her face and hear her desperation that this baby is coming now. >> right now. little portia came three week s s early. her mother wrapped her in a sweatshirt so quickly she forgot to check if it was a boy or girl. mother and daughter are doing fine tonight. >> wow. you feeling lucky tonight? >> maybe. >> coming up on use -- on eyewitness news, powerball fever running wild. the jackpot climbing higher right before new year's eve. >> bill cosby stumbles heading into court to be arraigned on sexual assault charges. where they just canceled new year's celebrations because of a terror threat and a husband who flew a plane right into his wife's office building. we have the
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there are millions of reasons to rush out and purchase a ticket for tonight's powerball
5:43 pm
>> the jackpot is now an estimated $300 million. if you win and choose a cash pay out you would take home more than $184 million. not too bad. some people who purchased a ticket said they already know what they would do with the cash if their numbers are called. >> my sisters get a home and i will help my parents who live in spain and a lot of charities because this is a big one. >> give half of it away and then give half of the half that's left away and then there would still be plenty left over for a lot of fun. >> these people with giving hearts. get your tickets and pen and paper ready. you can watch the drawing tonight on channel 7 right before eyewitness news at 11:00. new york city releasing its list of the top baby name from this past year. more than 59,000 girls and more than 62,000 boys were born in just 2014 here. so i guess were talking 2014. sofia took the top spot for girls for the third year in a row. there were 586
5:44 pm
other popular options were isabella, especially specially -- emma >> there you go. >> amy is a good name too. >> so is die na e -- diana. >> good names here. i'm going to keep mine. a lot of times this time of year people are going come on, let the baby come before the new year because they want the baby to be here but isn't it something with taxes too? >> tax reasons too. another deduction. >> they get their picture on tv usually. we go to the hospital, the first baby of the new year. let's see what we can deliver up for new year. the weather is going the cooperate once we get into the holiday. tonight if you have plans you actually need the take the umbrella because there will be a spotty shower after 8:00 until about dawn tomorrow. we've got this risk. what a beautiful shot of the city. it really does look good. some limited
5:45 pm
as much fog as we had last night. east winds at 7 miles per hour. a high so far of 45. that's what we have right now on the map as well. let's check the numbers. the official reporting station, we are in in monticello. no problems with visibility there. it's mixed up with the winds coming on shore. there could be some problems with limited visibility but they're few and far between. here's the front coming up from the south. that means we'll see some light showers that will go from the southwest to the northeast. so long island you'll see the last of the showers after midnight and into sunrise tomorrow. not a lot of rain though coming with this. a little bit of drizzle. we roll through the future cast and you can see just a few tenths of an inch of so really we're looking at very pleasant conditions right through the holiday. we get through this rain that comes through and by tomorrow morning 8:00 or 9:00
5:46 pm
things up at least into the mid 40s again. we stay with that right through the weekend. so temperatures do look good as the ball drops. for the first day of the new year friday looks nice. saturday and sunday a few clouds coming in and temperatures are a little bit cooler. the real chill starts on monday. so we break down the numbers here. over cast with rain after 8:00 p.m. tonight, 45 degrees for the over night low. so about where we are right now. now temperatures will continue to climb over night into the early morning hours. we get 51 degrees for the high and then our temperatures will settle back into the 40s as we approach the festivities. if you're going to be in time square expect mainly 40s and 41 right at midnight. our temperatures will drop off into the upper 30s, 37 is the over night low and then for new year's day we're at 45 degrees. that's just slightly above average for this time of the year. the accuweather 7-day forecast we pull in the weekend saturday and
5:47 pm
of those days in the 40s. monday it finally gets cold around here. highs in the upper 30s for the daytime highs and the over night lows are sub freezing both monday and tuesday. low temperatures below that 32 degree mark. you look at the long-term forecast and we do see a few pattern shifts to some chillier air around the 3rd or 4th of january. our temperatures will pop back into the seasonal range of the low to mid 40s. when will there be a stormy pattern to talk about? >> never. >> long term forecast doesn't show anything major or extreme until the middle of the month. a dry coolish forecast through the first week of january. >> i'm just holding you to the sun tomorrow. >> it will be there. >> good. thung. -- thank you. a man busted for drunk driving after posting what call a cry for help on facebook. this is the video that dustin
5:48 pm
attention of his friends and authorities in ohio. police tracked him down and arrested him. his family said he's a good guy caught in a tail spin he can't pull out of. >> earlier this year he lost a set of twins that weren't born yet. our aunt passed away that was a mother to us more than our own mother actually. that devastated the whole family. >> so hopefully he's getting some help. the man's family said they're thankful that he was taken into custody before anybody got hurt. a woman from staten island granting wishes. >> how she's bringing princesses to life to help brighten the day for sick children. >> and i'm bill ritter. new at 6:00, the latest senior high volley between new york's ex and current police commissioner. >> bill cosby is out on bail but now she's charged with drugging and sexual assaulting a woman who came to
5:49 pm
>> a little boy attacked by chimps and the doctors who are about to perform a surgery to change his life. that and more
5:50 pm
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this is one is a touching story, a little girl recovering from a terrible accident got a special surprise today. >> 7-year-old emily was on life support and suffered a brain injury but she's making amazing progress and today she got a visit from a queen. >> lauren glassberg with the real life fairy tale. >> this is way better than a doctor's visit, elsa showing up in a little girl's hospital room. >> how beautiful. >> emily saltman is 7 years old and in october she suffered a traumatic brain injury even though she was wearing a helmet. >> i was on a horse. he was going fast. >> after 3 and a half weeks at the icu at westchester she was
5:52 pm
a moment like this is certainly helpful. >> anything that breaks up where you are is meaningful. they do a good job here with recreation and different activities. it's hard to be here. it's hard for me to be here so i can only imagine how hard it is for her to be here. >> elsa is 26-year-old samantha. she does paid princess visits but loves dressing up for this. >> there's nothing more rewarding. >> she ended up here thank to a friend of the saltman family, a treat for emily and her big sister, ella. >> we don't do that many one on one with children and that's what we're trying to do. >> there's no sense about when emily will get to go home but she continues to improve and that according to doctors is a very promising sign. >> everything that you're seeing here her ability to
5:53 pm
things that she had before, all of those things are positive and are signing of her improving status. >> let it go, let it go >> the fact that she's singing the lyrics, a way better ending than everyone could have expected. >> her doctors used miracle. >> lauren glassberg, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> so sweet. still ahead a young boy mauled by chimps. >> his face so damage he was shunned by those in his village. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> this is new york's number one news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz chow and rob powers. now eyewitness news at 6:00. half decades of lawsuits and
5:54 pm
for the first time now facing criminal charges. charges that he drugged and sexual assaulted a young woman. the man beloved as america's dad could face years behind bars. good evening. it's 6:00. i'm bill ritter. husband is -- liz is off tonight. >> dozens of women claiming they were drug and raped by bill cosby. he's now facing charges, allegations that he assault add young woman who only wanted his advice about her career. kimberly richardson is live. kimberly. >> reporter: bill, gone is the image of the out going, bubbly comedian. the bill cosby i saw, the bill cosby i watched shuffle into this courthouse with a cane seemed disoriented at times confused during the arraignment
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