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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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natalie coal has died at the age of 65. how her family is remembering her life and music. >> plus, a dangerous stunt. how a driverless car ended up plunging down a flight of stairs. >> and in the tech world, top innovations you should look for in the year ahead. >> good afternoon. i am netanyahu. >> a new year's eve -- i am natalie. >> investigators say 20-year- old justin sates was stabbed at a party in pine bush. we have more details now with marcus solis. >> right now it is a little hard. it is too hard right now. >> reporter: a mother mourning the death of her son, justin spates who was killed during what should have been a night of celebration. at a house party in pine bush, the 20-year-old there with 80 to 120 kids attending.
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>> the party was attended by current and former pine bush high school students. some time during the evening some outsiders showed up at the party and they were at the party for a while. then the altercation took place. >> reporter: he granted with honors two years ago from pine bush high school where he played football. for the last four years he has been a volunteer firefighter at the silver lakes fire district where flags were lowered and black and purple bunting were put on display. >> to be so dedicated and loyal to the members at that age, the community, it is hard to find. we will miss him greatly. >> reporter: police are drying to determine exactly who was at the party. not surprisingly, as they arrived the crowd dispersed. police are asking anyone with cell phone video or pictures so come forward. >> even if it doesn't show the altercation, it may show some
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help us to see who was there to conduct interviews. >> reporter: a frustrating lack of information for the victim's family. >> i have no more details. i have nothing. i have to wait like everybody else has to wait. >> reporter: in pine bush, marcus solis, eyewitness news. and now breaking news out of brooklyn where one person is dead and two others are injured after a fire spread through a building in bedford- stuyvesant. >> kemberly richardson is live there with details. what can you tell us? >> reporter: david, this is a sad way to start the new year after a fire killed one man after a fire in the bedford- stuyvesant area of brooklyn. the body of the 57-year-old man was found moments ago but it could have been worse. one man was hanging off the ledge at one point screaming frantically to get others out of the building. when firefighters arrived on the seen they described a dramatic rescue. several residents were rescued by ladder and several others were taken by roof where they
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there is significant damage to the four-story building upper floors as you can see. the fire started at 2:30 on jefferson avenue in bedford- stuyvesant. this was and all hands on deck fire. two others were seriously injured and taken to kings county hospital. four firefighters also suffered minor injuries taken to kings county hospital. investigators say at this point the cause is still being determined but they believe the fire started in a stairwell between the second and third floors. >> thank you, stefan. well, natalie cole died. she famously used technology to sing a duet with her dad on the song unforgettable and when i fall into love. cole went to rehab in 1983
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she blamed her drug use to her contracting hepatitis c 3 which led to a drug transplant in 2009. she fought, graduation battle, dying how she lived, with dignity, strength and honor. we will look back at cole's career and bring you more on how the music industry is responding coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. and crews have finished cleaning up after the big party in time's square last night. 1million people gathered to watch the ball drop. crews used dozens of mechanical sweepers and collection trucks to remove the 50 tons of trash and debris left behind. nearly 6,000 police officer were assigned to keep time's -- police officers were assigned
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holidays celebrations. the theme of this year's parade "know your adventure" was inspired by the national park service. a bicyclist on long island injured after a drunk driving accident on new year's eve. the cyclist was hit by a car while cross from suffolk avenue to veteran's memorial highway. he did not have the right-of- way, police say. the 54-year-old driver of the car is charged with dwi. the cyclist is hospitalizeed in serious condition. funeral services will be held on long island tomorrow for a national guardsmen killed in a suicide attack in afghanistan. wake services were held today at miller's place for a 31-year- old staff sergeant. he was one of six u.s. service members killed in the taliban attack, including sergeant joseph lamb, a nypd detective laid to rest wednesday. the sergeant's funeral will be held saturday morning at new beginnings christian center.
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celebrating baby's born at the same time, separate hospitals at the stroke of midnight h.zaden noel was welcomed into the world. and in queens another parent welcomed a baby boy to lij in new hyde park. he will be named at his brisk next week. you can find out more on eyewitness news. we wish the families a happy reunion and welcome to the world this happy new year. congratulations. well, a dozen earthquakes strike the same area within a week and the latest caught on camera. we will show you what happened the moment the shaking started. >> and new year's resolutions you can actually keep. one expert said you should ditch your to-do list. we will explain. >> reporter: and i am -- jamie freeze. happy new year.
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forecast. we will be right back but first a message from a local service member that can't be home for the holidays. >> i am from afghanistan. i want to send my family in new
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i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait.
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news,. caught on camera the new year getting off to a literally shaky start in oklahoma city. >> we had another earthquake right now. the studio shaking as we speak. we just had a big earthquake. >> you can see the morning show at kfor in oklahoma city interrupted by a 4.2 magnitude quake.
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no minor injuries being reported. fracking being blamed for the number of earthquakes increasing in oklahoma. actor wayne rogers who played trapper john in the tv seizure m.a.s.h. passed away. he died in los angeles due to complications from pneumonia. he will played hawk-eye in the popular series and appeared in several other television shows and had a successful business career. rogers was 82 years old. well, pope francis in his new year homily waiting for this coming year to be better than the last, calling for the end of false neutrality. he says the enemy of peace isn't just war but indifference. after celebrating the mass the pope came to a window overlooking st. peter's square to wish the crowds of tens of thousands a happy new year. it is tough to find the balance between a challenging
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actually keep but the doctors at the cleveland clinic have tip on how to make one new year's resolution duable. >> reporter: the one resolution people make to start a new year is to live a healthier lifestyle. the best start is with one simple step, according to dr. rosen, followed by another and another. >> ten thousand steps a day is wonderful because it decreases your insulin resistant and gets clue coast going into the cell, gets you more energetic and keeps you in healthy shape. >> reporter: the doctor says the steps can be taken throughout the day. any activity count, even gardening. another trick to a healtherer you is to go to bed an hour earlier. most of us aren't getting enough sleep and lack of sleep is associated with increased risk of heart disease and stroke. research signatures getting
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getting more sleep -- research suggests getting more sleep will have you feeling for energized when you get up earlier. >> i get more energized and i don't have to get the catch-up sleep on the weekend that really unbalances in i >> reporter: next, toss out the to-do list and create a stop list. >> i put the things that waste my time at work or at home, things that don't get me to be able to help you. my goal as work, or to be able to help myself in getting efficient. >> reporter: the doctor says the stop-do list can help you stop taking on new things which leaves less time for what you really need to accomplish. start moving, simplify, and get some rest. >> simplify your life. >> that is it. can you do these tips? >> i am going to try. more sleep. >> we need to do that as the very least. >> it is simple. so simple! >> yes, right? [ laughing ] well, you started off the
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you were running in the park. >> i did the new year's eve midnight run with the new york road runners and several other thousand folks. they had the fireworks there, you guys. every year at midnight. it is fantastic, really. a good time. the first workout of the new year, so simple, right? it is cold out here. the temperatures have fallen off about 10 degrees from where we were yesterday at the same time. let's get you up to speed. the temperatures will be clearing tonight. we are at 39 degrees right now. around the boar rows, not much -- burrows, not much borough, not much warmer than 40. the big difference will be sunshine. the clear skies will develop tonight and stick around for saturday and sunday. the 24-hour temperature change has us 11 degrees colder at this time than yesterday during the late 4:00 hour. this coldness or crispness in the air is the theme of the week.
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easily see the clouds are thinning out. we say good-bye to anything that is happening overhead and the atmosphere cooperates as we roll into the first weekend of the new year. the seasonal start is how we will squall it. cooler temperatures come -- how we will call it. cooler temperatures come in just in time for the weekend. how chilly might it get is this how about if we stay in the freezing zone, the freezing territory through tuesday afternoon at least. wednesday is looking kind of chilly, too. highs in the area topped off in the low 40s. that is the numbers that will hold over the weekend. the future-cast shows this as a combination of how the temperatures will develop over the weekend and a look at any precipitation. we are storm-free but look at the numbers. by saturday morning we are around the freezing point in most locations. saturday afternoon with the sunshine we should warm up to near 40. sunday morning, again, hovering around the freezing point. these temperatures will become
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monday and tuesday. so, some really cold air settling in from canada. this is pattern shift that only last as few days are in the month of january and winter is actually here after all. by the way, the future-cast here keeping us storm free. let it roll right through monday afternoon with things looking good. you will see a chance for snow in the accuweather seven-day forecast. 22 in the suburbs tonight. 32 in the city. we have not had many freezing nights in and around new york so far this season so we will take a little taste of the cold. by tomorrow night definitely freezing or sub freezing with the coldest temperatures north and west. monday, do you see that? it is snow flake. it is accuweather seven-day forecast calling for a bit of light flurry action happening. then tuesday the colder air yet. 29 degrees. not only below normal but below freezing for 24-hours. by wednesday we will be at 40
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thursday and friday mid 40s. dmitry, from the east side, can you please queue the snow? >> reporter: straight from the north pole. it is not sticking but it is there. it looks pretty good, right? >> is this is snow we are getting on tuesday? >> there is snow on the upper west side but it is not sticking. dmitry, good work. who brought this to you? >> reporter: hey, it is straight from the north pole. i mean come on. >> i love it! >> get his number. >> the dream to be a meteorologist. i love it. >> reporter: back to you. >> thank you. let's turn up the cute meter right now. the columbus zoo released a new video of its adorable polar bear cub.
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this is everybody getting cuddly. the cub is just eight weeks old. her mother stopped caring for her soon after she was born so she is being reared by humans, instead. they are pleased with how she is progressing. she weighs just six pounds and is 7.5 inches long and growing. >> i would love to cuddle with it. >> the window for cuddling with that animal is ending soon, i believe, so get it in now. >> no doubt! well, check out this car as it plunges down the staircase without a driver. we will tell you how this happened.
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we have new video this afternoon showing a dangerous stunt. a group of teenagers pushing a car down a staircase. a cell phone video taken yesterday at a train station in belgium shows the teens launching down three flights of stairs. look at that. it came crashing down. people were on the adjacent elevator when it came launching down the busy platform. fortunately no one was injured but one person was arrested. 2016 will be another good year for gas prices according to aaa. most people are paying less than $2 a gallon, the lowest price in seven years. the american automobile association claims the average
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stay below $2, between $2.25 and $2.45. aa says costs may go up about $0.50 during refinery maintenance season. 2015 brought us new innovations from wireless streaming to watches that help you work out. >> what can we expect from the tech world in 2016? abc's becky whirling takes a look. >> reporter: cool new tech. i am at stanford university where it is being dreamed up as we speak. what do these engineering students think we will roll out next. the driverless car. when you commute to work will you be in a self-driving car? >> eventually, probably, yes. right now it seems a little scary. >> reporter: these kids see the google driverless car tooling around the campus so they think it is normal. and they may be right. a huge wild card, could apple be planning a car? they filed a bunch of motive patents.
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environments low speed and controlled. industrial campuses, downtowns and the like, but nearly self driving cars are already here. >> reporter: on the fun side -- >> virtual reality will dominate the world. >> reporter: gaming will see new forays. we are seeing 360-degree video that makes since without the virtual reality goggles. next, soon-to-be a reality, room service robots. the technology is here but a word of warning from these two stanford brains. >> these are human beings being obsessor let. you know -- obsolete. there will be a time when there are no jobs anymore because everything is being done by machines, which is very scary, actually. >> reporter: okay. lightning round. on a few project, drones you wear? that is cool! amazon delivery drones also cool, but not happening until we get some significant legislation on these things.
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spacex or facebook. >> spacex. >> spacex. >> spacex. >> reporter: the tech titans revlusion noising space travel is a new beltron tear again. >> the very rich will pay exorbitant sums for a couple of minutes of lower orbit. >> reporter: how about a new iphone 7 or break the naming convention. >> the u phone. >> reporter: and the one innovation these kids and college students really need? >> here you go. >> you got it. >> reporter: how long have you had this? >> for a month now. >> reporter: they want unbreakable glass for their next iphone, or is it the u phone. >> how about the me phone! >> i would like the space travel. that would be cool. >> there is lots more ahead, including concerns over a bear spotted just feet from homes and children in new jersey. >> plus, a man is killed by
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she left us with songs we will never forget. >> [unforgettable]
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also a deadly accident, a man killed when an elevator malfunctions but not before pushing another woman to safety. and good evening everyone and happy new year. i'm diana williams. >> firefighters are on the scene of fire. we have stephan kim with more information. >> reporter: it's just a very tragic way to start the year. in brooklyn. investigators are just entering the building to try to figure out what happened. terrifying scene. when they arrived, a resident
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