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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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you can see significant damage on the upper floors of this brown stone here in brooklyn. police say the fire started around 2:30 in the afternoon. we spoke with one neighbor who knows the victim who did not make it home alive. she says she lived here with his brother. that brother was trying to get inside to save him but unfortunately and sadly the flames and smoke were just too much for them to handle. he was outside devastated understandably unable to rescue his sibling. let's take a listen to what one neighbor had to say about the dramatic rescue that he saw unfold before him. >> i see a guy on the ledge, on the top floor telling everybody to get out the house, get out the house. as soon as he said that, freaking black smoke just came out the window and covered up the whole block. and right that the time, that's when the fire department pulled up and i guess they got him out of there. >> reporter: two other
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taken to the hospital. two other residents suffered minor injuries. at this point firefighters have deemed this suspicious. they say it's very unusual for a fire to start in a stairwell that's why they've deemed it suspicious. >> reporter: thank you, now to the elevator tragedy a 25-year- old man killed while attending a new year's eve party in manhattan. >> he was with his friend in an elevator when he got stuck in a third floor of a building on broom street. >> tim fleisher is live with the latest developments. >> reporter: this is where that tragedy occurred. the elevator in question has been shut down and taken out of service. also inspectors are looking at it but at the same time the residents here are still trying to understand how this tragedy could have happened.
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25years old. >> reporter: zion halcomb like other residents are left stunned that a malfunctioning elevator led to the unexpected and tragic death of 25-year-old stephen hewitt brown who had come here last night to attend a new year's eve party. >> that's very, very sad. >> reporter: police say hewitt brown and others became stuck on the third floor in the middle of three elevators. hewitt brown was apparently trying to leave the elevator when it suddenly began moving pinning him. >> he was a great brother, i love him and may his soul rest in peace. >> reporter: hewitt was able to push a woman and her son out of the way. >> as the elevator was falling, i got out. i had time. the man held the door to give me time to exit and that's when it fell. the elevator, and he got stuck. >> reporter: he too is now learning of his friend's heroic actions. >> i feel that alone shows his character who he is.
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>> reporter: eyewitness news is learning from city records that there are three active buildings department violations on the elevators. >> it jumps, it jumps a couple of floors like it goes down then it goes up. >> reporter: desha imperiale says she was stuck in the same elevator not long ago. she and the current tenant association president says numerous complaints have been made to the management company. >> the elevators were a problem and that they needed to be fixed. >> everybody right now is, jumping. making phone calls. you know, let's find out what's going on. >> reporter: but others have not had problems with the elevators. >> the building is well maintained. i trust the maintenance unit here. >> reporter: nevertheless, building inspectors are now investigating. reporting live on the lower east side, tim fleisher. >> tim, thank you. investigators have found a
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shooting that injured knicks reserve forward clay anthony. the robbery outside a strip club, it's believed the same car returned a day later when a molotov cocktail was thrown from it at the club. a stolen iphone has been found discarded in brooklyn. >> on this new year's day, we lost an unforgettable voice. natalie cole the daughter of nat king cole died in los angeles. she was just 65 years old. tonight the marquee at the apollo theater is lit up for the musician. sandy kenyan with more on the phenomenal music she left behind. >> unforgettable in every
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>> reporter: the words of her song were true. >> to be remembered long after your gone is one of the greatest things that can happen to a human being. >> reporter: her father was a superstar by the time natalie was born in 1950 and he inspired her to start singing as a preteen. but he died of lung cancer when she was still in high school. and his legacy she told me, was a blessing and a burden. >> trying to step into those footsteps is literally impossible and people expect so much of you. >> reporter: she found a home breakthrough. another. this came after a long battle with substance abuse, a sting in rehab was followed by a come
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in all she sold 30 million records. and today one of nat king cole's peers expressed condolences, tony bennett saying it was an honor to have sung with her. the reverend jesse jackson tweeting, may her soul rest in peace. cole underwent a liver transplant but continued to perform. her family we released a statement saying in part, natalie cole will remain unforgettable in our hearts forever. and so it will be for any who's lives were touched by her music. natalie cole was 65 years old. sandy kenyan, eyewitness news. and we have much more on natalie cole including photos of her from throughout her life at abc7ny. you can also go to our facebook page and share some of your thoughts.
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way in israel after a gunman opened fire outside a popular bar killing two people and wounding three others. today's shooting in telaviv was captured on video. they say he's an israeli arab from their village and they're urging him to turn himself in. this comes after a fight between civilians and soldiers. firefighters are working to put out the fire at the downtown hotel. the ferocious blaze lit up the city skyline last night as near by revelers counted down the minutes to midnight. amazingly only 14 people were hurt. the cause of that fire is still unknown. and turning now to weather, it's a fairly mild start to the new year's outside.
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heavier coats out there. it's going to start feeling more like winter. natalie moore joins us with more changes under way. >> it's a little front that's pushed through the air. you can kind of see the back end of the clouds here. clearing is expected overnight. and that will allow the temperatures to really drop off pretty sharply. we're at 38 degrees right now. there's been rumors after flakes and flurry flying through the area north of the city. certainly a sign of the season and the changes that are ahead for us. windchills right now sub freezing for many areas. so it's the combination of the temperatures dropping into the 30s and also the winds coming in behind the front and the 24 hour temperature change also reflecting the chill in the air. we're eight to 11 degrees colder than we were at the same time yesterday. on the radar and satellite picture the squeezing of the atmosphere, bringing some of the moisture out. the clearing is happening as we speak. so what you can expect is is the seasonal start to 2016 continues with cooler
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and the coldest day of the season so far on tuesday. we're talking sub freezing i'll have details on that coming up in just a few minutes, diana. >> thank you, amy. jersey neighborhood right now and it has a whole lot of people taking a look up. tree. that bear is in summit. and so is darla miles, darla. >> reporter: diana so many people have come out to see this bear today. police had to put this yellow tape in the front yard below the tree where the bear has been sitting all day. partly to keep people from loitering there all day. but also for safety. because they want this area clear if the bear comes down. >> reporter: i woke up like at 10:00 and i saw 50 people on the other side of the street. i said what's going on at my house. i thought it was something burning. and then i realized there was a bear on top of the tree.
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sky, it's a bird, it's a bear right in leonardo ozario's front yard. >> i don't think the bear is going to hurt anyone. i hope he comes down and he's calm. but i don't think he's a threat. you need to be careful. >> reporter: neighbors aren't sure when the bear scaled at least 30 feet up. this road in new jersey, they just woke up to all the gawkers outside. >> was he there at all yesterday? >> no i don't think so. i have some friends coming, celebrating the new year. then they left probably around 2:00 a.m. and he might have been there, i don't know. i mean there's no way to know. >> we were on a walk with the dog and someone else on the walk asked us if we had seen the bear yet. they told us where to go to see the bear and we came to see him. >> reporter: the bear pretty unphased by all of the excitement down low. sleeping most of the time and
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shift his position. >> can you see the bear? >> yes. >> what does it look like? >> it kind of looks like a mini golden doodle because it's black. >> what do you think the bear is doing up there? >> sleeping. >> do you guys get a lot of bears here in summit. >> not that i know of. no. no. not that i know of. this is pretty interesting to watch. so at this point, wildlife is not being called in. the plan is just to wait for the bear to eventually wake up and then go back into the woods. reporting live in summit, darla miles. >> okay darla thank you. could fans of sports betting websites be getting money back. >> and a volunteer firefighter and star athlete killed. what police are revealing about the investigation. >> and a church goes up in flame. community members talk about the loss.
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still no word on what started a massive fire in new jersey that tore through an historic church. that fire spread quickly
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after parishioners had left. tony bates has more from lawrence. >> it's one of those thing that is you don't believe until you see it. >> reporter: heartbreak over this. st.mark's church consumed in flames when fire breaks out and the 188-year-old structure on main street at 5:00 this morning. >> crews encountered heavy smoke and fire. >> reporter: it's too soon for investigators to determine exactly where the fire started. though deputy chief suza says the fire bells were the ones that sounded. it's members had just been inside four hours earlier. >> we had a new year's celebration. which pretty much ended around 12:30. and after that, everybody went home and the church was secured.
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>> reporter: the essex county prosecutors unit is investigating. and the parishioners are here to see what's left of the church. >> if we can make use of the walls we can definitely utilize them. it would help in our rebuilding efforts. >> reporter: it took three hours to get this fire under control. it may take days to if -- to figure out the cause. in the meantime the congregation is looking for a new location to pray and perhaps build in the future. two teenager are under arrest tonight for a brutal robbery in brooklyn caught on camera. the suspects are seen attacking a 60-year-old man. the attackers beat him to the ground and then robbed him of his wallet.
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it is a new year's day tradition. the coney island polar bear plunge. this year's temperatures not the chilly temperatures the participants are used to. the money raised goes to children in the hospitals and their families. >> and why do they do the polar plunge in manhattan. >> you can get the guy out there with the ice machine. >> how funny was that kid. he was a snow machine. see the weather person. >> it's cool. good afternoon everybody. let's get you up to speed with what happened. we flipped the calendar and temperatures take a major turn.
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now than we were yesterday at the same time. a front has come through. skies are clearing out. even the winds have picked up a little bit. so our high today of 48 still above the average. still above that normal of 39 by almost 10 degrees. but the winds have changed coming in. and things are going to take a turn. while december finished up almost 14 degrees above average. the warmest december for new york city. we definitely have signs of the season among us. highs today we did take the temperatures into the mid- to upper 40s which felt pretty good. and then, quickly came back into the low 40s for the afternoon. now right now, looking in and around the burroughs we have upper 40s but feels like 30 degrees in central park. you get the story. feels like freezing out there when you combine the lower temperatures with wind speeds that have picked up a bit. but the skies are cooperating pretty nicely.
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but no major storms are coming through. we squeezed out a few flurries and flakes northwest of the city this afternoon. but not a big deal. once we get into monday there's a better chance to see scattered flurries. and the coldest air of the season coming in on tuesday. but we just let that futurecast roll right through the weekend into monday afternoon. and not much happening. it's pretty good. in fact, this is going to hold it looks like where the colder air settles in, until at least the fifth or sixth of the month. then there'll be a transition where the dry cold air will retreat back to the north and through the middle part of the month looks like we go back to seasonal and allow for temperatures to get back into the 40s. we might also get into a more stormy pattern. that is looking at the long term computer models. tonight clear and chilly. going down to the low 20s for the suburbs. here in the city right around the freezing point which has
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we've only been at 32 degrees so far november 24th. that's it. so in the coming days we'll add to those totals. here's the accu weather forecast. low to mid-40s. we've been waiting for this. not just a peak for sun here and there like we've had the last two days. freezing start on monday. and highs just get in the low 30s. maybe a flurry or two around the area. tuesday though is the coldest air yet we've seen this season. it'll be below normal and below freezing for 24 hours at least. then, wednesday our temperatures will start to recover. and we're back to the seasonal friday. a reminder you can always get the accu weather app for free. all you have to do is search abc7 and why so you can stay on top of the weather in the new year. diana, i don't really like to call it a resolution. more than a realization that >> all right. >> happy new year.
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coming up a rat found on a plane. we'll tell you what made the pilot turn the plane around. and a car, yeah a car pushed down the stairs of a subway. we'll tell you what was behind this. >> plus the first babies of the new year in the area, so cute. we'll tell you what one gets for being so timely. >> but first, here's a message from a member of the military from our area who can't be home for the holidays. >> hi i'm specialist timothy kelly with this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up.
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the taliban taking responsibility tonight for an attack. a 12-year-old boy was killed and at least 11 others were hurt. according to reports, the taliban chose the restaurant because it was owned by quote invaders. this new year may mean changes in gun laws. the obama administration is preparing to take executive action to deal with gun control
5:25 pm
>> reporter: somber memories as the new year begins. president obama recalls the shooting at sandy hook elementary. >> we know we can't stop every act of violence. but what if we can stop even just one. >> reporter: president obama calls it the unfinished business of his presidency after delivering more than a dozen condolence speeches to communities like roseburg oregon this fall grieving yet another mass shooting. >> somehow this has become routine. we've become numb to this. >> reporter: frustrated by congress's inability to pass a bill expanding background checks. the president says he will meet monday with attorney general lynch to discuss his actions. including bypass congress with an executive order. in the meantime he calls for public support. >> the gun lobby is loud and
5:26 pm
of effortly available guns for anyone. the rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well organized in our defense of our kids. >> reporter: proponents of loser gun controls are celebrating in texas where a new law went into effect allowing licensed texans to carry handguns openly in public. the national rifle association is also fighting back releasing a new series of videos attacking those pushing for stricter gun controls including democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton. the so called affluenza teen remains in mexico in a prison at the capital.
5:27 pm
trying to stall his transport saying that the deportation would violate his laws. and this is a chance to become a millionaire. if you win you could choose the cash pay out. a mystery at a house party. a new year's eve celebration turns deadly. how did a star athlete end up stabbed in front of the home. and could users of two popular fantasy sports websites end up getting their money
5:28 pm
>> new year's eve turned deadly for a young plan at a house party -- young man at a house party and tonight police are trying to figure out who killed
5:29 pm
>> he was stabbed to death in pine bush in orange county. he was a volunteer firefighter and football high school star. >> i've just been sent out to ask you to leave. >> reporter: no comment from inside the home where a celebration overnight ended in murder. attended by 80 to 120 young people. 20-year-old justin spates was stabbed to death during a fight. his mother says his son tried to protect a friend who was getting beat up. >> he was a great kid. quiet. helped anybody out. he was himself at home, fun, jokester. >> reporter: police say the party was attended by current and former pine bush students. spates graduated two years ago. was a stand out student and football player. a group of outsiders crashed the party at some point. >> at this time we're trying to
5:30 pm
but at some point during this altercation mr. spates was stabbed to death. >> reporter: the loss also beingfelt by the volunteer fire district. he may have just been 22 years old but already a veteran having >> everybody loved him. everybody took him serious because he took his job very serious as a volunteer firefighter. >> reporter: spates proudly showed his firefighter helmet on his facebook page. and as investigators look into the incident, a mother mourns and so does the fire department. they say a driver on route 1 ran a red light crashing into a mini van.
5:31 pm
critical condition ages 12, 15 and 21. no serious injuries in the mini van. police say the driver may have been distracted by the phone and ran the red light. new york is suing two fantasy sports website to get all the money lost by the state. schneider man says the websites are operating an illegal gambling operation. the sites took in around $200 million in entry fees last year from 600,000 new yorkers. new york city speed cameras are leading to a whole lot of tickets. just 140 cameras in school zones produced more than 1 million summonses. violators pay a fine of $50. 100 cameras are at specific intersections and 40 are on vehicles that drive around cool zones.
5:32 pm
being allowed back into their homes after they were evacuated. >> reporter: with hundreds of roads flooded and closed like the one you see behind me here. authorities say it was all about prioritizing and their goal was to first target the mayor highways. all interstate highways are now back open in missouri. a welcome sight for residents. >> it's historic. >> reporter: calling flooding this severe a first. >> no, never. not in our lifetime. >> the flash floods. the 141 corridor usually floods a little bit. but usually open in a few hours. but this has been like this for what three or four days now. >> it's mind boggling. >> we were just relieved right when it peaked. >> reporter: dwight davis captured this picture of his home save bid the sandbags. he was one of hundreds in the
5:33 pm
evacuate. with authorities warning the danger isn't done yet. this flooding was historic for the river, cresting 4 feet above the record set back in 1943. the water is starting to recede but with the clean up just beginning the national guard will remain activated until at least saturday. >> once it started going down it's just a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders but we're not done yet. >> reporter: indeed a long road ahead for so many. in low lying areas where we are, authorities say more than 100 roads are still under water. in valley park missouri, i'm elizabeth kerr for channel 7 news. the search continued today for a country singer who disappeared more than a week ago. 29-year-old craig strickland the lead singer of back road anthem disappeared during a
5:34 pm
his boat was found on sunday. rogers has died, he played a sergeant surgeon. he also appeared in several other television shows and had a successful business career. rogers was 82 years old. pope francis in his new year's homily wishing for this coming year to be better than the last. the pope called for an end which he calls false neutrality toward conflicts, hunger and persecution. he says the enemy of peace isn't just war but also indifference. the pope came to a window overlooking st. peter square to offer new year's wishes to a crowd of thousands. gas prices are expected to remain low in 2016. right now most people are paying less than $2 a gallon. that's the lowest price since 2009. the american automobile association claims the average
5:35 pm
stay below $3. it also estimates the cost will be between $2.25 and $2.45. >> and still ahead, how facebook gave some users a shock, suddenly aging them several decades. plus caught on camera. a crazy sight, a car goes down the stairs of a subway station. how in the world did this happen?
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team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. just as college football programs began calling me. i didn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me. i never thought my life could change so fast. for now at least, football and college are going to have to wait.
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a group of teenager caught on camera pulling off a dangerous stunt. pushing a car down a staircase. the cell phone taken yesterday at a train station in belgium shows the teens launching a car down three flights of stairs. it came crashing down as people were in the adjacent escalator and landed on a busy platform.
5:38 pm
one person was arrested. the state department is admitting it didn't meet its own goal for releasing hillary clinton's e-mails. the department wanted to get out 82% of the e-mails. 5,500 pages were released yesterday but thousands of pages still have to be released. more clinton e-mails will be released next week. the department is aiming to have all of them out by the end of the month. bill cosby remains free on bail. the embattled comedian took to twitter to thank his supporters. cosby tweeting friends and fans thank you. the 78-year-old comedian was charged this week with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in 2004 inside his home near philadelphia. cosby's attorney has said the charge is unjustified and predicted her client will be exonerated. the new year got off to a shaky start literally in oklahoma city. >> we're having another
5:39 pm
the studio lights are shaking. >> yeah that's a big earthquake. >> the morning show was interrupted by the 2.92 quake. no one was injured. fraking is being blamed for the quakes in oklahoma. we're all used to seeing rats in our subway but one place you don't want to see one is on your airplane. the 240 passengers were put on another plane all as a precaution. rats can cause a safety hazard if they chew through mechanical wires. a family has been reunited with their miniature poodle that was lost from a kennel.
5:40 pm
a mail carrier gave out fliers with pbs picture on it along his route. three weeks later someone spotted pb. but pb wouldn't go to anyone until he saw family. >> he ran up to me as i was bending down. he jumped right into my arms and i just started sobbing. >> i was like oh my goodness. it was him. he smelled so bad. >> by the time he was found pb was severely dehydrated and covered with fleas he had also lost half his body weight. pb is expected to be okay. facebook is facing a glitch. the site asked people to join
5:41 pm
but the website has only been up for six and most users are not over the age of 46. what happened to a polar bear cub when a polar bear's cub didn't care for her anymore. >> meet zaden, his due date was january 1st.
5:42 pm
the zoo in columbus ohio released new video of its adorable cub getting cozy with his cuddle buddy. the zoo brought in a team to care for him. >> i will be her cuddle buddy. she's so cute. >> she's so cute. >> until she gains a few pounds. look at those paws.
5:43 pm
end of those -- claws i guess. yeah. new year, yes, new year new start. do you have resolutions? do you have -- >> reservations. >> i will take requests for the weather. you know whatever. >> sunshine, always take sunshine. >> we had a few peaks the last few days but the computer models are showing pure sunshine for the weekend. so saturday and sunday look bright. i mean yes, we could use some around here. wish i could say it was enough to warm up. but the front is here and it's here to stay. 48% humidity. a west wind at 10 miles per hour. high of 42 today compared with the average of 39. we were still above the average not breaking any records of having any extremes. but following on track. turned out to be the warmest
5:44 pm
northeast because of these warm december days. cold air coming in and it's parking itself for the next couple of days over the weekend you will notice the cooler temperatures but the sunshine should make it bearable. tonight you can see it happening on satellite right now. our temperatures will fall below freezing. next couple of nights hitting the 32 mark in the city will be noticeable. we've only had that happen once so far this season november 24th. and in the coming days, it happen not only repeatedly but there will be one day, a 24 hour period where we're stuck below freezing the entire time. windchills tonight are below freezing feels like 30 right now in central park. feels like 18 in monticello. it's a chilly night. just after sunrise the temperatures will be around 33 in the city. watch the futurecast, the rest of today and into saturday and sunday. no storms. beautiful skies.
5:45 pm
impressive here over the weekend. there could be some lake effect snows up state. starting to develop. the best we get for that is a few clouds coming into sullivan and dutchess county late on sunday into early monday. monday night we could have enough of a wind gust that we get a few flurries flying around here. we'll watch that one and see what happens with that when it comes in. 42degrees tomorrow. sunday we're going with 45. chilly sunshine throughout the weekend. there's a pattern change going on right now that will allow for colder air. everyone colder than we had this weekend. we're talking temperatures stuck in the 30s for a couple of days and then after the first week of january first full week here, we will see that pattern change allowing the jet stream to go back to the north. and we have more seasonal air coming in. that means a return to the 40s. we may not get 60s in january but through the middle of the month i would say the temperatures do come back up. just above the freezing point at 7:00, then lots of sunshine
5:46 pm
seasonably chilly conditions expected. then sunday is also sunny with 45-degree. freezing to start the workweek. first monday back in the new year very cold. 18degrees and a high of just 34. drops off sharply into the 20s on tuesday. that's the coldest air yet of the entire season. then we're back up into the 40s for thursday and friday. a close up look at what's happening on tuesday, yes. coldest air that we've seen. but that's below freezing for a full 24 hour period. >> it's january. >> it's time. we really can't complain. >> yeah we really can't. >> did you guys get cards over the holidays. >> i got one. >> gift cards are a $32 billion a year business. about half of shoppers say they planned on buying one this year but what if you got a gift card you don't want to use amy? consumer reports put several websites to the test to find out where it's best to resell them. >> reporter: you can buy store gift cards almost any where but
5:47 pm
>> i got a gift card to a clothing store i had no interest in so i gave it to my little sister. >> reporter: trade them for cash at a gift card exchange website. there's several of them out there. >> these websites buy your cards at less than face value then resell them. that means you will get less. sometimes a lot less than they're worth at the store. >> reporter: for example a $100 toys r' us gift card gets you $80 but shrinks to $50 at monster gift cards. >> we looked at 15 different gift car store sites, and found out that gift gave us the most back but it still pays to shop around. >> reporter: you will generally get more cash back from retailers. at wal-mart a $100 gift cards gets you about $90.
5:48 pm
right away at coin star exchange kioskses found at stores. but you may not get as much as you would on the websites. getting a bank gift card makes it easy for people that get them. >> if they carry the logo of mastercard, visa, american express or discover they can be redeemed at any merchant that accepting one of those cards. >>ing in >>-- if you get one of those logo cards, there's a fee for them. they usually cost four or $5 to get them. more sleep may get you more --
5:49 pm
it gets glucose in your cells, it gets you more energetic and keeps you in healthy shape. >> any walking will do. i like that little set up. >> i suspect a lot of people are going to go to sleep early tonight after last night. >> i'll go to sleep early. >> coming up the race to enter the world in 2016. >> meet the first baby's born in the new year in our area and this year something different.
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what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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well the battle to be the first baby born always reigns true on new years. today we got to meet some of the babies to be born. >> reporter: two babies born at two different hospitals at nyc
5:52 pm
>> while she was giving birth i was standing by her side. while the ball was dropping, four, three, two, one, my baby here. >> reporter: when he was born older brother. >> they are trying to get my attention, look it's 12:00. and they were screaming and jumping and celebrating, i was just trying to get my baby. i knew he was coming on january 1st. i didn't expect him to come out at 12:00 though. >> reporter: midnight on the dot. not far away in new hyde park, daniela and her husband welcomed their new baby. the family lives in forest hill, he'll be named at his -- next week. >> it was shocking.
5:53 pm
first baby. >> reporter: his nurse says he was also born at exactly 12:00 a.m. >> we've gotten very used to timing milliseconds and seconds because we know everybody is looking for that new year's baby. so we very, very careful that this baby came out as the clock struck 12:00. >> reporter: vanessa welcomed their son. >> it's overwhelming but it's very exciting. >> reporter: he's one of 42,000 babies that will at north well hospitals in 2016. now all of these families will share joy of a new year and a new life in 2016. mallory huff. >> sweet stuff. >> absolutely.
5:54 pm
>> there's much more ahead. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. a new year's day tragedy. a young man killed by an elevator minutes after ringing in 2016. tonight why he's being called a hero. >> flames consume a building leaving a community stunned. we'll have those storys in a few minutes but we're going to begin in brooklyn. the fire is considered suspicious. one person is dead and two others are hurt. he joins us live at the scene with the breaking details, stephan. >> reporter: well david, it is just a very tragic way to start
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