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tv   Eyewitness News First at 4  ABC  January 4, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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just shy of 300 points right now. >> we'll have much more in just a few minutes. we're going to begin with the weather, the first week of new year,s the coldest we have had this season! season! you didn't have to look far to see folks bundled up to cover themselves from the elements. we're going to begin with lee goldberg, he's outside of our studios wearing gloves and ear muffs today. >> what is this. took me a while to find all this stuff this morning. new year, new weather pattern, biting winds, cold. feels like it's in the low 20s. this is quite a change and a shock to the system. it started with the lows this morning. first of all, this is our first time below freezing all season in new york city. we did it by a mile down to about 26. 20 in many suburbs. january 4th. you go back to previous years, the average over the last 15 years is late november. so incredibly late. it's not because we don't have sunshine today. we have had plenty. now we're at 26 degrees. it feels like 16 at 4:00. here are the other windchills
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anywhere from 6 below in monticello to teens in the jersey shore. 20 in montauk. it's been snowing there off and on in the afternoon. it's this gusty, north wind, and look where the wind is coming from in albany. 1 across parts of ontario. all the air is pouring down the hudson valley tonight. maybe a couple flurries left in shelter island. no big deal now. mainly clear for most f us with the gusty north wind for the rest of the night. here's what you need to know going forward. your evening will be in the teens and 20s. tomorrow morning, how about your wake up temperature, 17 in new york city. 8 in sussex. 5 monticello, and your windchills heading out the door tomorrow morning. anywhere from 7 below to 8 above. wow, that's a major change after being in the 70s for christmas. we have a big change in the weather pattern. we'll let you know if it lasts, is there any snow that goes along with it. your 7-day forecast a few minutes away.
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we want to head to meteorologist jeff smith in new jersey with a look at how folks are coping with the newfound cold. jeff. >> reporter: it was finally time to dig out this heavy jacket finally this year. let me set the scene for you. we have the hudson river behind me here. this is a cold spot. this cold air is being funneled from the north right down the hudson valley. as far as the people we have been running into, they're coping, and in some cases, even welcoming this cold. after the warmest december on record, winter has finally decided to descend upon the tristate area. >> at least it come later than last year. started earlier last year, lasted longer, hopefully it comes in and leaves fast. >> reporter: the sunshine was deceptive and ineffective as afternoon temperatures held in the 20s. finally on the other side of normal. >> i was accepting normal as warm. that was my normal. >> reporter: the wind was especially bitter along the
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ferry commuter. it's a pretty cold way to commute. >> it's a cold way but a quick manhattan. >> reporter: it was business as usually for workers who spend the entire day outdoors. >> you have to dress right in layers. we don't feel it too much. >> reporter: it's going to get down to 15 degrees tonight. >> i heard but i'll be home by then, in front of my fireplace. >> 93 when the whole river was good. this is okay for me. like i'm used to this. i can deal with it. >> reporter: in fact, complaints about the arctic blast have been surprisingly few and far between. >> freezing cold, that's where i am at this point. it's been warm all along, but the weather we have been waiting for is finally here. >> it's good, we get a chance to wear these clothes. i'm good, i'm happy coming from southern california to here. >> it does.
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california sounds pretty darn nice right now. it's getting colder by the minute. you can really feel the wind coming down, and behind me, the port and perry terminal. we talked with someone from new york waterway about how this cold weather can affect business. also one local business we found that's really welcoming the cold because that means more cash for them. right now, i'm meteorologist jeff smith we'll have that story coming up at 6:00. i'm meteorologist jeff smith for channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you, jeff. cold weather is putting renewed focus on the homeless in new york. today, mayor de blasio questioned governor cuomo's authority to move homeless people into shelters. when the temperatures drop blow 32 degrees. the state is now providing additional funding to help communities house homeless people. the mayor does not believe the governor has the legal authority to force people into shelters. >> if we deem someone is in danger, we have the right to
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if they're not in danger, by law, the person has a right to be on the streets if they choose to be. >> it's not right to leave brothers and sisters on the street corner. it's not right to leave children on the street corner. >> reporter: the de blasio administration says the city already has outreach programs to help people on the streets in cold months and shelters are required to accept anyone seeking a place to stay. liz? breaking news happening on wall street, stocks ending the first trading day of the year with pretty big loss. the closing bell rang just a few minutes ago, it had been down 440 points earlier today, and early trading this morning. investors were concerned that china's weakening economy and the possibility that tensions between saudi arabia and iran could bring a spike in oil prices. here's a live look at the big board. the dow fell 276 points today
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it just wasn't the dow though, the nasdaq and s&p 500 also both fell significantly. we're going to have much more on what all of this means for your wallet coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00. come back actually. now to a developing story, and after it years -- 12 years, 110 victories, 3 super bowl giants coach. it wasn't a big surprise after the disappointments this season. coughlin, the league's oldest head coach released a statement this morning, and sports anchor rob powers joins us now. he has two super bowl victories on the resume but tom coughlin's time with the giants is owner. he met with team ownership this afternoon. this is him framed as stepping down. closing what might very well be a hall of fame coaching career. coughlin did spend 12 years as the giants head coach and won more than his fair share of games, established himself and his team as one of the best in
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four years with no playoff appearances, three straight years with losing records. earlier today players in the locker room were tight lipped. eli manning emotional and coughlin informed his staff of the change and then the former giant head coach released a statement. here is part of what coach wrote, it is in the best interest of the organization that i step down as head coach. i strongly believe the time is right, and for me, my family, and as i said the giant's organization. it has been an honor and privilege to serve as head coach of the new york giants. me. the team owners, gm, and coughlin will all speak changes. we have two crews at the meadowlands, we will join laura behnke and anthony johnson on eyewitness news at five and six. the giants after a disappointing season on the field make a big change. tom coughlin out as head coach. rob, thank you, we're going to turn now to a 15-year-old
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murder of her mother and her mother's boyfriend. the victims' bodies were found with gunshot and stab wounds brooklyn. darla miles is in chiefs head bay with much more. >> reporter: that 15-year-old girl is being held at the 61st precinct and police say while the bodies of her mother and mother's boyfriend went unnoticed for a week, she spent year's eve in times square. >> they were so happy going, this is a slap in the face. >> reporter: a 5th floor apartment decked out for the family of three who lived inside, but two days after christmas, police say 39-year- old row see sanchez -- rosie sanchez and her boyfriend were murdered and left unnoticed for a whole week. >> the woman was sitting in a chair and the male was on the living room floor. we have arrested a 15-year-old in regards to that homicide. she is the daughter of the lady who was in the chair. >> reporter: the bodies only
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night at the sheepshead sheepshead bay houses in brooklyn. the boyfriend both shot and stabbed, the mother shot in the chest. investigators say her 15-year- old daughter confessed to the whole thing. >> she had a complaint against her mother more so than her mother's boyfriend, that her mother was physically abusive to her on at least one occasion that she was able to articulate. >> she was a good girl, always smiling, always on the move, and always seen her going to school. you would never think she would get into any kind of conflict like this at all. >> reporter: i'm in shock erma rivera who lives on the same floor. murders took place. >> we don't believe this is at defense. she went and got a gun from another individual that we're trying to find right now to commit the homicide. >> reporter: now, it's not clear if this 15-year-old girl will be charged as a juvenile or an adult. her name has not been released
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she's being held at the 61st precinct. i'll have the latest tonight on eyewitness news at six. report live in sheepshead bay brooklyn, darla miles channel 7 eyewitness news. the search is on the way for a homeless man suspected of killing a mcdonald's employee in the bronx. 28-year-old adam garcia was stabbed early this morning outside a mcdonald's in the kings bridge section. he worked as an overnight manager. police say the attacker is a homeless man who frequented the restaurant. investigators say garcia may have blocked him from using the restroom or asked him to leave the cousin of the victim tells eyewitness news that he was a good man and a very proud father. >> he worked his way up. that's the one thing that i can tell you. he was a very hard worker who started from the bottom all the way up. he always worked hard, tried his very best in everything. >> police say when garcia finished his shift, the suspect followed him through the parking lot and then stabbed
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president obama defending his plan to tighten gun control congress. he met this afternoon with administration officials to discuss executive actions he can take to curb gun violence and after ward he offered few details about the recommendations he received. he did say that the steps he will take are well within his right. >> these are not only recommendations that are well within my legal authority and the executive branch, but heir also ones -- they're also ones that the overwhelming majority of the american people, and believe in. >> the president says he will coming days. he's expected to expand background checks by forcing more sellers to register as federally licensed gun dealers. >> speaking of gun violence, for the first time since last month's deadly shooting rampage in san bernardino, the inland regional center reopened today.
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employee ids at the advance to the center -- entrance to the center's parking lot. no visitors allowed in this week, and the chain link fence wrapped in green fence surrounds the property and will remain up indefinitely. despite the changes some employees there say they are happy to return to work. >> most of us are relieved to be back at work. we want to continue with the normalcy, and we miss each other very much. >> the conference building where syed farook and his wife killed 14 people did not reopen today. coming up, a very personal revelation from a general hospital star. also ahead, of a federal building in oregon, the anti-government groups behind the stand off speak out publicly this afternoon. so where the dispute stands now. we'll tell you all about it. and it was one of the most anticipated fast food
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it is 4:15. time to take a look at the roads on this monday evening. there are delays in the southbound ban wick expressway. an accident is blocking the left lane near jewel avenue. at the hudson river crossings, ten minutes delays at the outbound lincoln, and holland tunnels, no delays at the washington bridge. leaders of the armed militia operating a wildlife rescue in oregon say they do not plan on leaving anytime soon. members say they want the federal government to turn over the land they are occupying. the militia took over saturday to protest the sentence imposed on two ranchers.
4:16 pm
arson for a fire that spread to public land. the group says the government has exceeded their authority. >> they are coming down into the states and taking over land and the resources, putting the people into duress. putting the people into poverty. and putting entire counties and entire states into undo obedience. >> the white house says president obama is monitoring the situation and is hoping for a peaceful resolution. the fbi has communicated with the militia but has agents to the refuge yet. communities along the lower portion of the mississippi river are bracing for the same high waters, the devastated areas to the north. home and business owners in missouri using sandbags to protect their property while the national guard helping to fortify river banks. in illinois, crews continue to clean up after neighborhoods roads, were all flooded. >> pictures are pretty dramatic, and california getting so much rain this week
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the first time feeling cold. >> yeah, everything's flipping around, and now, you know, they get the flooding but on top of that, now they're getting colder. you know, people displaced from their homes, and now they're dealing with the chill. this is quite a difference, feels kind of whippy outside. this is what it's supposed to be at times during the winter. we haven't had it though, definitely a shock to the system. leaving at christmas, a week and a half ago, at 11:00 at night, it was 70 degrees. now it's 26 and it was cold. pretty look from empire, looking past empire down to lower manhattan with lots of sunshine, and one or two little clouds out there, 26 degrees. 41% humidity, so the air is dry, and there's that northeast at times. the barometer is rising, cold arctic high pulls in. and 36 degrees the high today, but that was just before sunrise. we have been harboring in the 20s most of the day. finally on the other side of normal, and no talk of record
4:18 pm
about feels like greetings near record cold. 19 in new berg is your temperature right now. these are actual temperatures. 17 in caramel. 10 in monticello right now. long island, 30 degrees in montauk with a couple snow flurries. 27 west orange new jersey and 27 in belmar. current windchills, 7 below. 13 in newark. 13 in bell marc. here's a planner through the overnight. clear skies, 18 at midnight. look at the early evening wind per hour. the wind backs off but still brisk and biting tomorrow morning at 16. feeling like 0 to 5 below. 25 by noon. there's your satellite picture. the snow showers leaving the east end of long island. those clouds should be comfortably offshore overnight. you see all the winds pouring down from upstate, where the numbers are in the single digits, so these are your lows tonight. for monticello, eleven white
4:19 pm
belmar. and it will be a very slow recovery with less wind, maybe not as harsh in the afternoon, but still another day below freezing and we haven't been below freezing all fall and early winter. it's bright but cold tomorrow with diminishing wind. that high splits in two. goes over the atlantic, so more as cold. we should be able to get into moderating trend should continue into the late week. here's your accuweather forecast, bitter cold tonight. windchills near 0. your low of 14 in new york city. that's the coldest air since early march. very cold despite plenty of sunshine tomorrow. a high just shy of freezing, and in the morning, 23, clear and cold, in the teens and suburbs. 4:30. yesterday moderations and high clouds on thursday, but all of a sudden where we had a sea of warmth, and islands of chill, now that's all changing. there's more cold air down the road, and it actually gets
4:20 pm
accuweather forecast. >> we think the 70-degree weather is now officially gone. >> that's going to just about do it. >> oh, well. >> say hello to reality. >> thanks lee. well, she was supposed to help take care of people in an assisted living facility, but one woman apparently did just the opposite. how police say she took resident. and a huge relief today and a happy end to go a nightmare scenario. we're going to tell you why
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. a star of general hospital is revealing she suffered a year. kimberly mccullough said she her pregnancy. her heart was so full and then it broke. despite the painful experience, mccullough says she's optimistic and that she starts the new year, grateful. well, star wars film about to burst into a new financial galaxy. the force awakens is set to become the top grossing film domestically overtaking avatar. we haven't gotten the numbers from china yet. installment seven sits just $20 million behind avatar's markup, and in terms of global numbers,
4:24 pm
all time ranking in $1.5 billion and the film's not done yet. >> wow. >> well, you may recall, he was sent home on the bachelor, but now ben higgins, you remember ben, right. >> i don't. >> ben is back. >> i'm sad to say, but from very trusted sources, i am told, liz, he is looking for love as the new star of the bachelor. see him right here on channel 7. sandy kenyon here with more. tell us about it, sandy. >> i know who ben is, but i'm paid to follow such things. the bachelorette made a good impression on millions of viewers, so no wonder ben is back, and this time he doesn't have to worry about being sent home. the new season of the bachelor is all about the benjamin. ben for short.
4:25 pm
home by bachelorette kaitlyn last season. >> being the lead is definitely because you know you're not going home. >> ben higgins looks quite at home with lara spencer on good morning america, and in time prime where he has his choice of 28 different women. among this group are two who have been on the show before. >> i think doing this once, you know, is difficult. it really pushes you. impressive. surprise he get. >> no way. >> identical twins give him comfort, and so do previous bachelors. >> they know what the experience is like, so they came onto give me a little advice. >> be true to yourself, they told the 26 graduate of indiana university. >> don't worry about as much as what people are going to think when they watch it. be true to yourself and the experience because ultimately this is about myself and the women. >> ben prompted at least one fan on twitter to wonder if he might be a bit, well, boring. his response, can't let that happen.
4:26 pm
and pain and a lot of emotion that gets expressed. >> the drama, the bachelor will travel to las vegas, mexico city and the bahamas this season. there's more from bachelor ben on our web site, abc7ny. he has a message for fans of the show. talks about his parents reaction to seeing him with all those women, that's at abc7ny, and tune in for the season premier of the bachelor as he 8:00 p.m. followed by the bachelor live, and then eyewitness news at dave and liz. >> it's a whole night of the >> yes. >> she got hit in the eye. >> what is up with that? >> exactly. the women are bringing the drama this season. my prediction. >> all right. >> he's just looking for love. >> just looking for some love. >> he may find it.
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now, new york's number one news. channel 7 eyewitness news. recapping two developing stories this afternoon from the top of our newscast, wall street starting the year with big losses, here are the final numbers. the dow finished the day down 276 points. at one point today, it was down
4:30 pm
lost 104 points and the s&p 500 is down 31 points. and giants head coach tom coughlin announced today that he is stepping down. coughlin spent 12 seasons with the team, including 110 victories and three super bowl wins. we're going to hear from some of the players coming up on eyewitness news at five. police say someone opened fire on a car in a neighborhood in long island but one of the bullets flied into a nearby home. >> the stray bullet pierced a window where a young boy had spent most of his weekend, and today, family and neighbors in that area are on edge as police now search for the gunman. >> eyewitness news reporter michelle charlesworth has the story from north amityville. >> this is the bullet hole in the window of the amityville home. i'm so scared i can't talk about this is what the homeowner said to me. the people who live nearby were horrified and relieved to hear no one was hurt. >> reporter: what about the carelessness of just shooting in a residential neighborhood? >> it's sick. really sick.
4:31 pm
because i have kids. >> reporter: the innocent owner of the home says she is completely shaken by this. she saw it happen. there were two cars right here across the street, one following the other. someone in the car behind started firing at someone in the car in front. those bullets came across the street, up to the second floor, and pierced her second floor bay window. the homeowner also tells us her 12-year-old god son sat in this very window for hours this past weekend. thankfully, no one was in this upstairs bedroom this morning at 8:30 when the shots were fired. >> the family's lucky because a bullet doesn't have a name on it, you know. >> reporter: people who heard about what happened wished they were more surprised by the shooting in broad daylight. >> i'm not really surprised. usually a lot of things does happen in the neighborhood. >> reporter: police meantime continue to investigate and look for suspects. in amityville, long island, michelle charlesworth channel 7 eyewitness news. also on long island, a worker at an assisted living
4:32 pm
stealing from elderly woman. maria layton is charged with stealing several pieces of jewelry from a room at the sunrise assisted living facility in glencoe. police say a 96-year-old woman discovered the valuables missing after layton cleaned her room. layton is charged with larceny and possession of stolen property. this afternoon, we're getting a look at some of the final crime statistics in new york city in 2015, and the nypd found that overall, crime is down 1.7%. despite the decrease, there were still 348 murders in 2015, which is up from 333 in 2014. shootings, meanwhile, are down to 1137 from 1132 the previous year. in newark, changes are coming in 2016. today, borasca announced he's appointing a civilian attorney
4:33 pm
internal affairs division. part of the plan to build trust between law enforcement and the community. the iowa caucuses are less than a month away. presidential candidates kicked their campaigns into high gear. bill clinton hit the campaign trail for his wife and former secretary of state hillary clinton, while donald trump released his new ad. abc's kenneth mouton has the details. >> reporter: former president bill clinton on the trail solo for his wife. >> i do not believe in my lifetime anybody has run for this job who was better qualified to do what needs to be done now from historic prosperity. >> reporter: bill clinton in new hampshire, hillary clinton on the road in iowa, both trying to ignore gop front attacks. abc's cecilia vega, one on one with the former president. >> reporter: donald trump says your past is fair game. i've got to ask you. >> is it fair game?
4:34 pm
decide who they want to nominate. i'm trying to tell now the democrats in the country why i think hillary would be the best president. >> reporter: today, donald trump took it up a major notch, agreeing when a conservative talk radio host of the cooner report said this about the clinton's. >> by her own feminist logic, her husband is a sexual helped cover up for. >> this is a woman that has been really an enabler and that's not a good situation for hillary. >> reporter: for now hillary clinton has stopped mentioning trump's name on the trail. instead she's taking on the entire gop field. >> we know what will happen if the republicans take back the white house, don't we. you don't have to imagine. you nightmares. >> reporter: former president bill clinton will be back on the trail this weekend for a new mexico fundraiser. things will only heat up since iowa.
4:35 pm
atragen end to the searchover -- a tragic end to the search for craig strickland found dead today. he had disappeared more than a week ago on a duck hunt in oklahoma. severe storms got in the way of search efforts. strickland was found near the kansas. the member of back road anthem was just 29 years old. exactly how he died remains under investigation. caught on camera, a happy ending to a desperate search for a little girl who was abducted by a car thief. the car was stolen with 3-year- inside. police in mexico found the car but she was missing. hours after hours of searching, a police officer finally spotted exactly what he was looking for. >> i saw a bow of purple in the middle of the parking lot, and thought that weird, and i drove into the parking lot, and i immediately could tell it was a kiddo.
4:36 pm
she was cold and crying, and confused but otherwise okay. police are still searching for the car thief who abandoned her. governor cuomo pushing to make new york the first state in the country to raise minimum wage for all workers to $15 an hour. the governor named the campaign after his father, calling it the mario cuomo campaign for economic justice. the increase would be payinged in over time, phased in over time taking effect for the rest of the state. >> this is an issue of values and principle and morals and conscience, and somewhere along the way, we have lost that equation in this country. >> the state's base minimum wage rose from 8.75 to $9 on thursday. well, still to come on eyewitness news first at four, manhattan's chick-fil-a remains shut down today. we're going to tell you what
4:37 pm
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following a long list of health code violations. the restaurant says it voluntarily closed after december 24th inspection revealed 59 violations including evidence of fruit flies, maintaining cold food temperatures, and wiping cloths, not being sanitized properly. the company says the restaurant will remain closed until it feels everything exceeds standards. there's encouraging news about school lunches and the government's efforts to make them more nutrition. five years ago, the healthy hunger free kids act was signed into law requiring lunches to include healthier items. a new study shows school lunches have gotten healthier, and about the same amount of students are participating in the lunch program. claiming that fewer students are participating in school well, it is now more difficult for consumers to find out where beef and pork are raised and slaughtered. congress has repealed a law requiring retailers to include the animals country of origin on packages of red meat.
4:40 pm
labels in response to concerns over mad cow disease back in 2002. the repeal comes after the u.s. lost an appeal against the world trade organization, which called for an end to the labels. mayor de blasio today hopping quick thinking police officers who use -- honoring quick thinking police officers who used cpr to save a live. a cab driver flagged them down because the passenger became unresponsive. they jumped into action using cpr and a defibrillator, the mayor praising their actions. >> five officers from midtown north proved once again what the nypd does in the face of adversity, and what a huge difference it makes in people's lives. >> the mayor says the tourist is al.i.e. and well, and recover -- alive and well and recovering in a new york city hospital. general motors is making a half million dollar investment in the ride sharing company lift.
4:41 pm
autonomous network for self- driving cars. they will set up short-term car rental hubs. people can pick up a car so they can work as a lift driver. as part of the investment gm's president will become a lift board member. >> i feel like we're this close to it. we keep talking about it. >> it would be fun, kick back and relax. >> that's for me. the royals giving us a rare glimpse inside their lives and relationships. prince william opens up about fatherhood and how he says it has changed him. plus, the images of will
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a woman who thought she lost her dog in a fire overjoyed when she found the dog alive 12 hours later. flames broke out saturday night at an apartment building in virginia. zooey chandler is one of eleven people without a home after their apartments went up in flames. she says she lost everything until the next morning when her chihuahua taffy turned up and came running into her arm. >> oh, my god, taffy. baby. i thought i lost him. i have been looking for my dog since this morning, and i thought that she got caught up in the fire. but i didn't give up. i walked high and low for my dog. >> that's a reunion. the red cross is now assisting those displaced families.
4:45 pm
fire is still under investigation. and now to a sea turtle rescued off the shores of long island, it's on the way to begin a new and much warmer chapter of its life. the 80-pound lagger head sea turtle named hercules is being transported to florida where it will be released into warmer waters. a fisherman called the river head's foundation hot line after finding her entangled in fishing gear off the coast of monotalk. the turtle has recovered from its injuries and embarking on new adventures down south. >> that was in october. i was wondering how sea turtles could be in such cold waters in our area. >> i think they were saving on shipping costs, these things get up to 300-pound. much less 80-pound turtle to get it down there yet. >> i have no idea what you're talking about. >> it takes a little while to drive that 2 feet. >> if you look at the lower third of the screen, you'll see
4:46 pm
need. >> it's cold outside, right, what does it feel like? >> feels like winter in new york city for a change, i mean, wow, this took a long time to develop, and now it's here, and there might be a little warmer here and there, but overall, the pattern is different through the middle of the month, mainly clear skies and a gorgeous sunset, which is about 6, 7 minutes ago, that's getting a little later. the harbor looks chilly, and white caps on the hudson, and east river with the cold wind. we're at 26. mostly clear skies, and a northwest wind at 12 gusting to 21. this particular arctic shot through tomorrow, and then temperatures will start to moderate into the middle of the week. look at the numbers tonight through the evening hours, dropping through the lower 20s in the park, into the teens by 11:00, and feels like single digits in a few hours. for newtown, connecticut, mainly clear skies, and windchills approaching 0. the future cast is showing a couple flurries leaving the island
4:47 pm
look at your evening temperatures, teens and low 20s. 8 in the cat skills. wake up temperatures tomorrow range from 10 in poughkeepsie. 18 islip and 18 in belmar. we stay widespread below freezing tomorrow despite a lot of sunshine. at least there's a little less wind instead of the 25, 30 miles per hour gusts this evening. there will be 6 to 12 or 14 miles per hour wind during the day tomorrow. still brisk though. wake up windchills, 3 in the park, and 5 in belmar during the afternoon. not as harsh, but still very chilly, and the low and middle 20s. your 7 day accuweather forecast. tomorrow is the coldest. wednesday is the bounce back day. the morning hours are still chilly in the lower 20s, and during the afternoon, we can get above 40 degrees. nice day on thursday. light wind, about 45. sun, a few patchily clouds. clouds will be thickening during the afternoon. best chance of sun will be early.
4:48 pm
jersey by the end of the day, and a high in the upper 40s. we will get rain into the upcoming weekend. better chance saturday morning. hopefully there's a break where we get a dry window saturday night into early sunday, and looks like we'll have rain coming in again on sunday. that would be in the afternoon hours. what i want you to notice is monday's high of 44 and going below freezing, david and liz, the pattern for next week will get much colder again starting tuesday and beyond. this time, the storm track is coming up the coast. this could be the first opportunity for measurable snow midweek next week. we'll have more on that coming up at five. >> very cool. >> cool? >> i mean, really cool. here's what's trending on this monday, and the stand off at a wildlife refuge in oregon is generating a trending hash tag. it's called yokada, as social media debate ifs the act constitutes terrorism. they broke into a building on
4:49 pm
mark zuckerberg spells out his goal to create an artificial system. it will be a simple system but powerful enough to run his home. he already has a big step ahead of him. annualson's echo system in many household devices with the use of voice commands. celebrity news is trending beginning with anne hathaway showing off her baby bump, expecting her first child, and when she realized people were taking pictures on the beach, she decided to beat them to the punch, and post pictures she liked of herself on her instagram account, and she looks great. >> she looks so happy. jayden smith trendy for being the first male to appear in a louis vuitton women's campaign, the ad for the spring summer collection. that has a lot of buzz happening, and two dramatic demonstrations, one involves a hammer, check this out. justin fiddler is a construction worker version of a baton twirler, the man knows
4:50 pm
he's good, not bad, right. >> uh-huh. >> and then there is this drama queen. the cockatoo, not too impressed with those toys. there you go, take that. that's what i say about your toy. >> merry christmas. >> and i'm going to kick it around, too. so there. >> a lot of attitude. as always check out the trend online, abc7ny, and hash tag the trend. let me show you the way of the sea turtle. >> all right. >> explain it to me. >> it's lighter than if it were 300-pound. >> that's what i'm telling you, it grows to be that big. go away write it down for me. i'm ready to go back on vacation enter me too. >> that's it liz. >> thanks david. if you bought a science textbook at the start of the
4:51 pm
that's because the periodic table of elements, remember that, is gaining a new element, or four new elements, completing the 7th row of the table. they're the first to be added since 2011. one will be named by researchers in japan, making this the first time asian scientists have named one of the periodic table's entries. >> cool. >> very cool. >> so ever wonder what life is like at buckingham palace? well, in a rare interview, prince william, and prince harry talk about their relationship with their dad. william discusses how he is dealing with being a dad himself. and here's a quick check of the delays on the hudson river crossings, 10 minutes outbound
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
we have just gotten a very interesting look what it's like inside the british royal family. >> in one of the intimate documentaries, the family is opening up. they share details on what life is like with prince charles. william talks about fatherhood himself. >> reporter: prince william and harry giving us a rare glimpse at life behind the scenes inside palace walls. sharing very personal revelations about family and how fatherhood has changed william's life. >> i'm a lot more emotional than i used to be, weirdly. >> reporter: william, now 33 years old, opening up about the impact charles and diana had on him as parents. >> you realize how precious life is and puts it all in perspective. >> reporter: prince william saying, i remember our mother and father taking us to charities. you don't just live in a palace. it's very
4:55 pm
what goes on in the ordinary world. >> william said harry comes around and steals food off them. you got this impression off this normal, domestic life. >> reporter: the prince is paying tribute to their pa, the father who's always been there for them. >> i respect and look up to him for that. it can't be easy and you keep going and fighting as much as he has. >> you can ring him up and say i'm in a bit of a pickle here. or even better you can off load stuff. >> an expert for everything. still more news ahead. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 begins right now. all new at 5:00, a young woman carjacked and kidnapped her daring break for safety caught on camera. tonight she talks to us about her split second decision to run.
4:56 pm
coach of the giants. new at 5:00, we hear from players about losing their leader and cleaning out their lockers for the season. good evening at 5:00. i'm diana williams . >> and i'm sade baderinwa. we'll have those stories coming up but we begin with the weather. >> a cold day turning in to a much colder night. the temperatures could be down right dangerous in some areas. people went from wearing shorts and playing outside to wearing heavy winter coats and gloves today. >> kemberly richardson is in brooklyn but we begin with lee goldberg bundled up outside our studios on the upper west side. hope you have enough layers on. >> i thought winter was canceled. no, just delayed. here we are with our first evening of biting wind. the sunshine kept temperatures from falling off a cliff. now they're really starting to drop off and it's heavy coats and scarves and hats. make sure the pets don't go out too long. it's howling out here. lows this morning, it all started
4:57 pm
freezing and that hadn't happened all season. so late this year. january 4th. and the average of the last 15 years is late november. that's how warm it's been. beautiful sunset. hasn't been because of a lack of sunshine. now 23 degrees which turns out to be the low of the day. it feels like 12 in new york city at this hour. feels-like readings near zero. look at the wind chill of 10 below. that's impressive. 7 degrees the feels like reading. all our temperature s update on the hour. gusty north northwest wind over 25 miles per hour. that air is coming right down the hudson valley. 3, burlington, vermont. even add some snow showers over the east end of long island. still a flurry near montauk. that's leaving. clear skies and gusty winds. teens this evening and lower 20s and tomorrow morning, look at these numbers. anywhere from 7 in monticello, 18 islip
4:58 pm
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