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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 5, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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to get to work, promoting her causes, like cyber bullying that comes along with nearly every viral event these days. >> when people say nasty things and they tweet nasty things back at you, do you just ignore it? >> whenever i see things like that i just brush it off. the only comments that matter to me are from the people that matter. >> what do you want to do after your reign is over? >> well, i really can't imagine myself doing anything outside showbiz. >> reporter: pia makes being glamorous look easy. but she says it took years of intensive training. >> it's like an s. you try to imagine an s. >> what's the most difficult for you? >> i'm a culinary graduate. and i admit i'm a foodie. i love to cook and to eat. to me the hardest part was to really find that discipline on eating healthy. >> reporter: but she says it was a small sacrifice for the chance to represent her country. >> we take it very seriously.
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crown that we can't get and finally after 42 years i got it. like sometimes i can't believe that. really? i was the one that did it. >> reporter: for "nightline" i'm juju cheng in new york. >> quite a tale. our thanks to juju for that report and our thanks to you for watching abc news tonight. tune in first thing in the morning. and we're on 24/7 at our "nightline" facebook page page thanks again for watching.
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a frozen start to the first week of the new year. winter here with a bitter blast. lee goldberg says it will be even colder when you wake up in the morning. first breaking news. a wild crash
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a van slamming in to a building. several people are hurt. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> i'm bill ritter. eight people sent to the hospital. it happened in the mott haven section about 9:00 tonight. >> eyewitness news reporter josh einiger on the scene with the breaking news. >> we're on bruckner boulevard and you can still see chunks of this van all over the roadway and the damage, the van jumped the curb and slammed in to the side of the storage facility, a place called storage post. we'll show you video right now as investigators were on the scene and trying to figure out what exactly went wrong here. eyewitness news has learned this was an accident involving two vehicles. one of those the van jumped the curb and slammed in to the side of the building. as many as eight people taken to area hospitals. we're told their injuries are not life-threatening. very, very fortunate indeed. coming back to a live picture right now, you can see this heavy, heavy damage
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it's not yet been boarded up at this point and it's very clear there's some pretty serious structural problems here on the side and inside this building. the good news, nobody seriously injured in this case and this accident at this point is under investigation. we're live for now in the mott haven section of the bronx, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. turning now to weather. so this is what winter feels like. the brutal temperature s finally here with wind chills around zero degrees making it the coldest night of the season. meteorologist lee goldberg is here with what we can expect for the morning and how long this cold snap or more like arctic blast is going to last. >> what a weather 180. we're only a week and a half separated from 70-degree temperatures at this hour. here are the frozen facts. this is the first time below freezing and not just a touch below freezing. we're going 20 degrees below freezing tonight. it's the first day below normal and coldest night since early march. camera has
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we're down to 50 and a wind chill of 1 in central park. as low as 15 below in monticello. 2 below, islip and zero in belmar. gusty wind to 30 miles per hour. a little lighter by morning but still a brisk blustery wind. you see the wind carrying the temperatures in to the hudson valley. we've had snow flurries during the east end. now a couple flurries near the nassau/suffolk border. here's the futurecast. your wake-up temperatures anywhere from 5 to about 18 degrees and the wake-up wind chills, zero to 10 below. we'll get cold and forecast. a typical winter, those who have to work outside in these below freezing conditions, they'd be used to it by now. for those workers this first monday night of the year is the first super
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lucy yang and her photographer there in times square for us. >> yours truly was in shorts last week so clearly we've not built up resistance to this kind of weather. here in times square it's not as packed as on a balmy summer night but it's not completely empty either. not even the drop in temperature could keep all the tourists away from this popular spot. >> reporter: the cold was enough to take your breath away or at least freeze it exhale. >> how many layers do you have on? >> five. and i'm still cold. it's freezing. >> reporter: indeed new yorkers were layered up and bundled up as they raced from work to home. even texting proved painful. for those who have to work outdoors, this was one night to watch the clock. indeed an eight-hour shift in this little
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>> oh, you have two. >> one is not enough. >> reporter: at 6th avenue it was not worth setting up tonight. >> freezing. nobody is here. >> it's really, really chilly now. you'd almost expect it to be winter. >> this is definitely winter. definitely winter. we feel it. >> reporter: for those who love winter who find it invigorating and worthy of a little jig, tonight was a gift. >> is it too cold out here to be dancing? >> no, it actually warms me up. yes, ma'am. keeps me warm and i enjoy it. >> maybe i should try dancing to stay warm. all i know is to wear extra sweaters and to turn up the heat in the news van. we're live in times square tonight, lucy yang for channel 7 eyewitness news. the return finally of bitter cold jump starting renewed emphasis on the homeless situation in new york. an executive order from governor
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will force all homeless people in to shelters and these freezing temperatures. that order applies to local governments in the state, even though no additional state funding will be provided to those cities. >> we need more housing with support services. recently the mayor stepped up and made an unprecedented commitment for 15,000 units of housing support services and if the governor would do the same it would make a difference on what we're seeing on the streets tonight. >> speaking of mayor de blasio, he's one of those questioning the legal authority of governor cuomo to force homeless people in to shelters. if you miss any of the forecasts, you can get the temps on abc7ny and on our weather app. developing right now, another vehicle losing control tonight. an ambulance crashing and the scaffolding collapsed on
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suffered minor injuries. right now a teenager, just 15 years old, is awaiting arraignment in the murder of her mother and her mother's boyfriend. the bodies of destiny garcia's mother and her boyfriend were discovered yesterday at an apartment in the sheepshead bay section a week after they were stabbed and shot. garcia confessed, claiming her mother physically abused her. a violent mystery in queens tonight. two people recovering. one shot, the other hit in the head with a shovel. who did it and why? police don't yet know. it happened this afternoon in the jamaica section. two vehicles found at the scene were somehow damaged. new york cops trying to figure out what prompted this violence and what role the two victims may have played in it. you're a hero. that message tonight from a community in connecticut to a mother devastated after she was unable to save her young daughter from a fire. a church in bridgeport holding a vigil for 3-year-old sincere petway. her mother
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children out of the burning building yesterday but when she and a neighbor tried to go back for sincere, the heat was too intense. >> it meant a lot that everybody came out, the community came out and supported shenise and her daughter, let her know she is a hero. >> shenise was unable to attend tonight's vigil as she's undergoing treatment for burns and smoke inhalation. searching for suspects in the murder of a volunteer firefighter. silver lake fire department announcing it's offering a $10,000 reward for information in the murder of justin speights. police say the 20-year-old was stabbed to death while trying to break up a fight at a new year's eve party in pine bush. authorities say up to 100 people were at the party. >> we know someone out there knows, saw, heard or has information regarding this case and we desperately need you to come forward and speak with the state police investigators. >> as you heard, police are
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if they have photos or video from the party where speights was killed. heartbreak tonight for a family in new jersey. their 13-year-old daughter killed in a horrific car crash, adding to the family's pain, the driver was their son. police say he made have been distracted by a cell phone then ran a red light, slamming in to a minivan in brunswick. here's jim dolan with new information. >> reporter: the home of blanca hernandez was filled with friends and relatives and wrenching anguish tonight. it was all so sudden. this is what's left of the car blanca was driving in friday morning. she and others in her family were coming home from a new year's eve party when the man driving the car she was in apparently became distracted and drove through a red light. here on route 1 in south brunswick, blanca was in the back seat with no seatbelt on. eight people were injured. at least three
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clearly this story is a tragedy from every possible viewpoint but even more so because according to police the accident was almost certainly preventable. the driver was distracted probably by a cell phone. >> the leading indication is a cell phone may have played apart of it. witness statements indicate a cell phone may have been used for navigation purposes. the driver may have been lost. and as a result to that, this happened. >> the person driving has not been charged with any crime. it may be his punishment is already greater than the law would provide. >> the person who's driving the car is the 13-year-old brother so this lapse in judgment, his younger sister is killed. and that's a tragedy. there's nothing at this point in time that indicates other than that. >> reporter: no one from the family would talk tonight. in toms river, new jersey, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news.
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house, ben carson in new york city tonight trying to get his struggling campaign back on track. the one-time republican frontrunner hosted a town hall meeting in bloomfield, staten island. last week his campaign suffered a big shakeup when three top staffers resigned after questioning carson's readiness for the presidency. tonight carson said he's not rattled by the shakeup. >> people always saying, oh, don't listen to the media. don't listen to the pundits. please don't give up. you don't have to worry about that. i'm not even thinking about giving up. >> meanwhile today former president bill off a campaign swing for his wife, democrat hillary clinton. mr. clinton did not mention donald trump or his recent derogatory remarks about him or mrs. clinton. not a pretty day on wall street. in fact down right ugly. one big reason, worries about the chinese economy. poor manufacturer reports triggering fears about waning growth.
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the dow finishing the day down more than 1.5%. nasdaq down more than 2%. s&p losing more than 1.5%. as we continue on this monday night, taking action on guns, new details reveal tonight in the president's plan to help stop mass shootings. >> new cars smashed and scratched. a local dealer now searching for the vandals who played a pricey game of bumper cars. >> in sports the giants get set to move on in the new year with a new coach. tom coughlin steps down. we go inside the locker room for reaction to a new era in giant football. no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu.
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president obama on the eve of what might be his last big campaign. gun control. mr. obama un veiling tomorrow a dramatic and bold set of executive orders to try to tighten gun sale loopholes. focusing on gun dealers who are not covered by current law.
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>> reporter: the president's action, which he'll formally unveil tomorrow, will close the gun show loophole, clarifying anyone selling a firearm for profit must have a federal license to check the background of every buyer. >> this is not going to solve every violent crime in this country. it's not going to prevent any mass shooting. it will potentially save lives. >> reporter: but the package of executive actions won't stop there. the president also wants more funding for mental health issues and a change in privacy rules to prevent someone with documented mental health issues from buying a gun. >> the gun industry is on notice. >> reporter: richard bloomenthol among a handful briefed by the president today. >> these are common sense measures supported by the vast majority of the american people and the politics is very plain. eventually america will be heard. >> reporter: by take this executive action at the start of his final year in office, mr. obama is sidestepping a congress
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much more dramatic gun control. >> we've been waiting for congress for 15 years. nothing happens except more and more people die. >> reporter: tonight republicans are vowing to challenge the president's legal authority in court. among them, new jersey governor chris christie running for president himself. >> it's not constitutional and i'm confident the court will reject his attempts to do that and if they don't, i'm sure ultimately the next president will make sure that he aberigates those extraconstitutional acts. >> we'll carry the president's announcement tomorrow morning here on the air and stream it live on our website, abc7ny. news coverage will begin at 11:40 in the morning followed by eyewitness news at noon. the first of two trials set to begin tomorrow of a former police officer from long island accused of hate crimes from hispanic drivers. 51-year-old scott green, a 25-year-old veteran of the suffolk police department is accused of
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he's also facing a separate trial on a 66-count indictment alleging hate crimes against 20 other hispanics. we wanted winter back. some of you complained you didn't like the warm weather. >> we could go out there door and even a difference from two, three hours ago, remarkable. feels like zero across much of the area. this is way different from what we've experienced. like lucy said, we haven't had a chance to build any resistance to this. the empire state building is still in christmas colors. go back to christmas eve, it was around 70. now we're at 15. flip that around, you have the humidity. northeast wind gusting at 24. a little lighter by warning but still brisk. cold arctic high and 36 degrees. the high on the day was before sunrise so below normal for the first time since what to expect? this is the core of the cold tonight. coldest since early march. we'll struggle to reach that 30-degree mark.
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below freezing despite all the sun tomorrow. moderating trend midweek then wet weather this weekend. the temperatures are warming up for some rainfall but we'll tell you what the rain will be in the 7-day. actual temperatures, 11, islip. 14 in belmar. 14 below in monticello. 2 below, newark. same thing in islip and belmar. feels like 1 in the park. a lot of sunshine tomorrow morning. still a gusty wind around 20 miles per hour. wind backs off a little bit. it's not as harsh during the afternoon hours but still very cold. couple flurries, massapequa, free port. would love to see some confirmation on social media. let me know if you see any flurries on the island. otherwise it's clear from the city north and west. futurecast for temperatures, tomorrow morning wake-up temperatures, single digits north and west. generally lower teens from the city to connecticut, long island and down the shore, recovered to about 28 to 30 tomorrow afternoon with lots of sunshine, wind getting a little lighter.
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be anywhere from zero to 10, maybe 15 below, and then during the afternoon hours temperatures feel like they're in the low 20s. so clear and frigid. sunrise, 7:20. wind chills 0 to 10 below. we'll go up to about 30. sunset, 4:42. tomorrow night, clear and cold. teens in the suburbs. your 7-day accuweather forecast. we'll bounce back to 42 on wednesday but the cold temperature is still with us in the morning hours. thursday is a great day in the mid 40s. more sun in the morning. clouds are gathering in the afternoon. if there's going to be rain in the daylight hours that would come in new jersey late in the day. saturday, probably morning rain. hopefully a nice break in the afternoon at least in to sunday morning but rain may try to come back in the afternoon. monday, 44. look at the low at night, 41. next week it's like we have now waves of cold but then there's going to be a storm track that's more active along the east coast. could that be our first significant snowfall? there will be some snow in the northeast.
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here or up in new england. we'll be working on that over the next week. really bundle up tomorrow morning. bus stop, train station. make sure you leave plenty of extra time. >> advice taken. coming up next, there's a new addition coming to starbucks that may have you feeling a little upside down. >> a delicious way to bust your new year's diet. the major pizza chain slashing prices. >> first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel. >> hello, new york. tonight jennifer lopez is here. i'll interrogate the bachelor. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm.
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joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. a huge search on long island tonight for the vandals who turned a car dealership in to a kind of personal demolition
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happened overnight at a jeep dealership in westbury. the vandals getting in to unlocked vehicles with the keys left inside then they had their way, driving around, crashing in to parked cars. the damage estimated to be more than $120,000. it's an all-out war tonight between two pizza giants and customers. pizza hut and papa john's have sliced prices to kick off the new year. pizza hut now offering a medium pizza with one topping for $5 if customers buy one other item for $5. papa john's is offering customers who buy a large pizza at regular price a second pie for 50 cents. tomorrow starbucks debuted the new latte macchiato has two ingredients, espresso and milk. it's basically an upside down latte. two shots of espresso are slowly poured in to steamed milk becoming what the company
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espresso dot. we move from our food segment to the red meat of pro sports. >> a little bit of everything. the games going wild. the nets and devils continuing their seasons. we start with the giants. what happened today and what happens tomorrow? tom coughlin, big blue getting ready for life without one another. the jets missed out on the playoffs. the quartwhat makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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so simple. get the recipes at to the casual observer, the giant's official statement, you think why if you love him so much, why are you letting him go? >> the story behind the story. his history is so interwoven with the team's history, it's second nature to think giants when you think tom coughlin but think again from now on. the coach stepped down today after holding that job for a dozen seasons. won more than his fair share of games. two super bowls as a head coach. coughlin's career might eventually land hemipt hall of -- him in the hall of fame. he met with ownership. this is the way they're going to end it. coughlin saying it's been a privilege to serve as head coach for the new york giants. occasion for me. players?
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failed. i feel we as players, we failed him. >> this wasn't your ordinary pack up the locker day. i'm sure the giants did that but they did so on the day their coach's time with big blue ran out. >> i love coach coughlin and he's always going to be my coach. >> when i was young i didn't get it. now that i come back i really get the benefit he had in my career and my life. >> reporter: tomorrow the now-former coach, the gm and the owners will hold a news conference to talk about coughlin's place in history. in addition to delivering two super bowl titles, tom represented us with class and dignity and restored the pride to our entire organization. as for the jets, 10-6 record, not good enough to get them in the playoffs. today instead of talking about the postseason, the jets cleaned out their lockers and headed home. qb ryan fitzpatrick, free agent, wants to get back to work with the jets. >> i had a lot of fun this year.
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ever had in a season with the guys in this locker room. the run we had there in december, so hopefully i can be back and continue to build on that. basketball in brooklyn. the nets and celtics. thad young bobble head night. the thadiator. 23 points, 15 rebounds in this one. jared sullinger answers here. jae crowder, career high 25 points. marcus smart can do little things like this. another tough night in brooklyn. they've lost seven straight now at home. knicks in atlanta tomorrow. cleanthony early showed up at the knick workout on crutches. shot in the knee during a robbery attempt last week. no timetable for his return. >> good to see his face and hear his voice. his presence, being able other walk around even though he's on crutches.
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>> finally from us, let's hit the ice.


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