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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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them in a different borough. we can show you video from manhattan here. this is 59th and 5th avenue. one of the broken rails there, and you can see empty platforms there as people try and figure out how they're going to get home. there was also a broken rail out in queens at the main street flushing station there, and that means the alternative for people looking to get out to queens which is using the e or the 7. that even isn't the greatest of options because there are still residual delays on the 7 following that broken rail out there earlier, but nonetheless, we're told the 7 trains are back up. either way you're going to need extra time. one final thing before we wrap it up. we can also tell you that the n trains are now running on the r line between 57th street and 7th avenue in manhattan, out to 59th street in brooklyn. again, that is in both directions. no matter how you put it, it's going to be a long night for so many commuters in midtown. we're keeping an eye on it as
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that's the latest here from 59th. i'm joe torres channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you joe, and this cold weather of course creating a lot of problems in our area. >> in the laurelton section of queens a water main break created icy conditions sending cars sliding down merrick boulevard. in east new york brooklyn, firefighters had to deal with the bitter cold temperatures while fighting a fire on fountain avenue. two people suffered minor injuries. two reports tonight, political reporter david novarro has more on what the city did to help homeless people overnight. we begin with meteorologist lee goldberg who is outside our studios, our cold studios outside. lee take it away. >> nowhere near as bad as last night. i mean it's still really cold but the wind has shut down so you're probably not going to shiver as much. the winds are almost calm at this point. they're making snow in northwest new jersey, at mountain creek. start thinking about skiing now. coldest morning since february 24th. we hit 11 in the park this
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of 4 below, as low as 19 below the windchill in monticello this morning. these are the morning lows, 0 in monticello, 4 sussex, 13 islip, 9 in somerville new jersey. pretty sunset and 28 degrees right now, and the wind is still, the temperatures are not going to free fall tonight. in fact, the feel-like reading is exactly the temperature right now. no dangerous windchills but they're in the teens and 20s and that's where they will stay. core of the cold net pink area is starting to move to the northeast. you see the milder air over the tennessee valley. that's our weather over the coming days. there's your next seven hours in the keys. there is light wind and steady temperatures rather than nose diving temperatures. 7 a.m. tomorrow teens and 20s out the door. we'll make a run at that 40- degree mark during the afternoon hours with light wind. should feel good. warming trend continues. it also gets wet as we go to the weekend. your seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. thank you lee. cold weather had city outreach teams searching for the homeless overnight, and they're
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over again. close to 200 people were taken off the streets. that is just the tip of the iceberg, and the question remains what will it take to fix the problem. eyewitness news political reporter dave evans live at city hall with more. >> reporter: first of all, the mayor has issued the code blue emergency plan in an effort to get some of these homeless people off the street. the mayor appointed a new deputy mayor for health and human services. she will help oversee the city's homeless outreach effort, and today she and the police commissioner both talked about why it's going to be so difficult to solve homelessness in new york city. >> this afternoon city teams of outreach workers hit the streets again to try to get the homeless in from the cold. last night 97 voluntary went to city shelters. another 100 went to emergency rooms, not because of frostbite but simply to escape the cold. >> our simple message to all people who are homeless dealing with cold weather or by the way
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as well was that they would be welcomed in any and all of our shelters, no questions asked. >> the mayor late today announced a new deputy mayor who will oversee the city's new homeless effort. she knows part of the problem is many of the 3 to 4,000 homeless on the street won't go to city shelters. they are dirty and often dangerous. >> your heart goes out to them no condition and so many of these poor souls significantly emotionally disturbed or their drug addiction. that's part of the reason some of them don't want to go to the shelters, then they're not going to be able to shoot up or have the freedom they'd have on the street. >> one example of those, once addicted to heroin, clean and sober for 30 days. >> it's tough. now that it's really cold, they're giving us a choice, it's either you go to a shelter or you're going to jail. what is that. that's not right. >> that's not entirely true. those who are judged mentally
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danger can stay outside in the cold, but that is unacceptable to the governor. >> it's worse than it has been in years. it's unacceptable. we will not tolerate it. it must change. we're not leaving our brothers and sisters on the street to freeze, period. >> today a plea governor and mayor try to get along on this issue. >> what troubles me is that we have people sleeping in the cold and that it is getting colder and we do not need a political debate. we need answers to homelessness. >> reporter: and this new deputy mayor who was announced today, she is actually a medical doctor who worked in san francisco at the height of the aids crisis. also she worked on hurricane katrina. city officials are hoping her emergency crisis experience will help make a dent in the city's homeless problem. reporting live at city hall, dave evans channel 7 eyewitness news. dave, thank you.
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of his presidency, an emotional president obama today laying out his plan to tighten gun control laws. at the center of it expanding the number of sales subject to background checks. the president broke down and shed tears as he spoke about the young children shot to death in the newtown school massacre. shirleen allicot here with more. >> sade, pure raw emotion from a fed up president obama today. it certainly made for an incredibly moving moment in the east room of the white house and a bold one. the president using his executive power in an attempt to try to reduce gun violence with or without the support of congress. >> president obama let it all out as he unveiled new gun control plans surrounded by supporters and introduced by mark barden who lost his 7-year- old son daniel in new town three years ago. obama grew tearful as he reflected on those young victims and the moments that have changed this country forever. >> every time i think about
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by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> the president's executive actions will close up a loophole by mandating that those in the business of selling guns get a federal license and conduct background checks on prospective buyers. it will also dedicate millions to mental health services and kick start so-called smart gun technology. it's a measure parents like barden have been desperately fighting for. >> i miss my little -- my little daniel every minute of the day, and there's nothing that i can ever do to bring him back, but if i can and even if it takes the rest of my life to do it, if i can save another family from having to live through what my live through, then i'll feel like it's worth it. >> as passionate as the president has been, so has the political pushback. some members of congress say the president's plan is illegal and vow to overturn it, this as gun sales in the country hit
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>> this is not a plot to take away everybody's guns. >> clearly today was about keeping good on a promise and even if it gets overturned, obama says the sense of urgency to do something now will be heard. >> the gun lobby may be holding congress hostage right now. they cannot hold america hostage. >> now the white house does acknowledge more needs to be done but admits it can't do anything without the help of congress. as for the nra, they issued us a statement blasting the president saying in part the proposed executive actions are right for abuse by the obama administration, which has made no secret of its contempt for the second amendment. sade. >> shirleen, thank you local reaction to the president's plan has been swift. governor cuomo said new york has enacted tougher new laws since sandy hook. for all the progress we have made in new york state on this issue, the lack of federal gun control continues to leave our communities in the line of fire. meanwhile mayor de blasio also released a statement saying new
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president and those working tirelessly across the country to create real lasting gun control reform. diana. surveillance video of the suspect from a stabbing at a bronx mcdonald's has been released. the nypd wants to talk to the man seen in the video who may be homeless. the victim adam garcia was the manager of the restaurant in the kingsbridge section. detectives say the suspect followed garcia into the parking lot after a dispute and killed garcia. garcia is the father of a young child. nypd officers gathered in the bronx today to pay tribute to one of their own. a special vigil was held today outside the bronx warrant squad for detective joseph lemm. detective lemm was also a member of the air national guard and was killed in an attack in afghanistan last month. his wife was visibly emotional as she thanked the officers for their support and tributes. >> we love you christine.
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veteran of the nypd. hundreds of officers attended his funeral last week at st. patrick's cathedral. >> stocks on wall street managing some modest gains one day after suffering losses. concerns over china's waiverring economy and the ongoing strife in the middle east spooked investors. the dow rose 9 points today closing at 17158. the nasdaq dropped 11 points and the s&p 500 4 points. the giantes head coach speaking out today about stepping down. he thanked coaches and players. in the newsroom. question for >> certainly not. tom coughlin went out his way, at least with his press conference. he began it 5 minutes early as he did with every team meeting throughout his 12 years as the giant's head coach and no, he has not ruled out coaching again though he wouldn't say anymore on that matter.
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>> yes, tom coughlin won two super bowl titles add the head coach of the giants but in his mind his time in new york was a success for a different reason. >> it has become the source of drive for me is that when our players, when our players, whether they're in their career, after their career, when they come back to me and they say coach, i love you. >> that is the tom coughlin his players will remember, the tough coach who had their best interests at heart. >> i believe it is the unbreakable bond between coach and player that defines me as a coach and any humble success that we might have had here. >> he leaves with no shortage of respect from the giant's organization. >> i told coach that i love him and that, you know, he'll always be a good friend to me. >> he's been everything you could ever ask for in a head coach and we'll always appreciate him. >> that wasn't enough to earn him a 13th season at the helm. >> it's just time. it's just time. i think he realized it more so
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>> the giants have asked cough lynn to remain with the organization in some role going forward, something the former head coach is considering. >> we don't say good-bye. we just say next time. >> now the giants move on, and after three straight losing seasons, the franchise has lost some credibility. it's now up to them to turn things around. it all starts with a new head coach. that search begins immediately. thank you. >> thanks. >> coming up, anti-semitic letters are turning up in our area. >> also new details on the pregnant bronx woman killed, her baby taken. what her parents have to say tonight about the accused killer. >> and new information on the deadly san bernardino shooting and an 18-minute gap that police want to fill in. >> plus a problem for the
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an offer of forgiveness from the participants of a pregnant woman who was killed, her unborn baby taken. ang leek sutton was nine and a half months pregnant when she was murdered. today the woman accused of killing her was in court. eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson is in the bronx with more. >> reporter: sade, angelica sutton's family took up at the courtroom. also there close friends and members of their church. her parents are showing unbelievable strength and character during what can only be described as a nightmare. her father is a man of dignity
5:16 pm
>> we're glad that whatever -- whatever happened, happened we're just going to keep praying. >> bishop william sutton seemed relieved as a judge announced psychologically ashley wade is fit to proceed with the case against her, a gruesome disturbing chain of events that unfolded inside a bronx home in november. that's when angelica sutton who was about to have a baby girl went to see ashley. authorities say the pair had recently reconnected through facebook, but when angelica arrived, ashley was allegedly waiting with a knife fatally stabbed angelica, then slashed the mother to be's abdomen and removed the nearly full-term baby from her womb. not guilty plea. she's charged with among other things second degree murder. >> it hurted me to actually say she's not guilty because i know she's guilty. >> francis hamilton belongs to
5:17 pm
church where angelica's father is a minister. he still refers to his daughter in the present telling me she is such a wonderful loving person. the couple's now raising their granddaughter before angelica was murdered she'd already named the infant genesis. >> describe what it's like to have her in your arms. >> beautiful, just like my baby, one angel to another. >> the family says prayer is getting them through this trying time telling me they forgive ashley for what happened. >> she has a soul just like everybody else, so we will just pray that we'll see our daughter later. >> reporter: ashley wade is also charged with kidnapping and criminal possession of a weapon. the 22-year-old if convicted of all counts could face 50 years to life. she'll be back here in court april 5th. for now we're live in the bronx, kemberly richardson channel 7 eyewitness news.
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a new york city pastor arraigned today on a theft charge. police say reverend daniel impaglia stole from the rock church. parishioners accused him of stealing $238. surveillance video caught him pocketing the money. the 48-year-old denies the charges. >> this is a civil matter that does not belong in criminal court. unfortunately no one is being civil about it. when the charges are brought to light, we are confident they will be dismissed. >> a shoving match between the pastor and parishioners led him to file a harassment complaint. church members have demanded he step down, but so far he has refused. slippery conditions caused a plane out in washington state to run off the runway. the united airlines jet was getting ready to take off. it was headed to denver when it hit a slippery spot on the runway. and that's quite a slippery spot there. no one was hurt and 175 people on board were bussed to the terminal and rebooked on other
5:19 pm
the airport was temporarily closed while officials checked the runway conditions, which was a good thing. >> right. >> yes. >> didn't look clear. >> no. >> lots of de-icing going on around the northeast. >> it just looks like cold. it is cold out there. >> yeah. >> tonight is not that when hit in the face -- >> no, no, no, especially later at night it was like you couldn't walk more than a few blocks without getting inside or getting behind a building for shelter. now there's not wind. it's just calm out there. it's bearable cold. that is a gorgeous glow over manhattan, how about that. >> wow. >> wow, look up at the tv if you're listening to us. that is fantastic, awesome sunset tonight. our temperature is 28. wind is calm. the barometer is on the rise, in fact through the roof. high pressure is moving in. the high today 28, second day below average. haven't done that in a while. the average is 38 over 27. there are your record sunset, tonight was at 4:42. 23 in stan hope right now.
5:20 pm
coming in at 29 degrees. long island you're in the mid- 20s, a pair of 23s in poughkeepsie and white plains in belmar and as berry park. windchills close to the actual temperature, the wind is so light it will remain that way through tomorrow. mainly clear skies, tonight, middle 20s this evening the see how temperatures hold steady for much of the night, we'll dip into the teens but generally in the low to mid-20s in new york city. 35 by noon. above freezing again and then close to 40 about the 2:00 hour. mainly clear skies, the cold winds are just exiting the area and the blustery and cold side of this high. the warmer and calmer side of this high is going to start to move in. it's in the 40s. some energy from the pacific and the gulf and the atlantic that comes up the coast as we go through the upcoming weekend. saturday there's some rain, especially in the morning and sunday could tend to be a washout near 50 degrees, more on that later in the seven-day. tomorrow's a bounce back day, cold in the morning but light wind, bright sunshine about 40 degrees. you feel good during the
5:21 pm
milder as a high moves in on thursday. the only thing on thursday, the reason i didn't go mid-40s, some high clouds may be around during the day. the sun angle is so low, and the sun's so weak that could impact the temperatures. more sun to the north and high clouds especially to the south. light wind, teens in the suburbs, plenty of sunshine, not as cold with that light wind and tomorrow night only down to 30. clear to partly cloudy skies and 20s in the suburbs. coming up at 5:30, we're still looking at more information. is this weekend going to be a washout or are we looking at fast moving rains versus flooding rains, definitely a debate about that and how that snow threat we talked about yesterday. is that still on the table next of the cold. more on that in our next half hour. >> back to you for now. coming up, new york's medical marijuana program days away from beginning tonight. our first look inside one of the dispensaries. >> a pregnant woman missing,
5:22 pm
was left behind that has investigating even more puzzled. >> and a young boy urged by an adult to steal a cell phone. new information on how police were able to figure out who they are lacking for tonight. >> and refugees from syria who spent years on the run now calling new jersey home.
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ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. we now know the identity of the woman who died in a house fire on new year's day. authorities say 52-year-old suzanne castaline was killed in a fire in clifton. first investigators thought no one was in the home but remains were discovered during an investigation into what started the blaze. there is still no word on a cause. an active duty marine is under arrest for the road rage death of a college student in texas. corporal eric jones was arrested in arizona where he is stationed. he's accused in the murder of university of north texas student sarah muchlechner she was acting as the designated driver after a new year's eve party when they got into a heated exchange with a group in another car. someone opened fire on their car hitting muchlechner in the head. a wild chase on a california freeway ended with the suspect being shot. it played out over more than an
5:26 pm
the suspect was wanted for a series of crimes over the past month including robbery, carjacking and murder. police say he drove the wrong way down interstate 5 and crashed into a car with a family inside. the shooting shut down the busy highway during the evening commute. >> when we came up we heard three more gunshots, a total of four gunshots and all of a sudden i saw when the guy fell on the ground. i did not know and i didn't see no weapon, so i couldn't see from here, but we did see when the guy fell on the ground and the cops took him and dragged him into the emergency lane. >> that suspect is now in critical condition. no officers were injured. there are now 450 million reasons to buy a ticket for the next power ball drawing. the jackpot for wednesday's drawing jumped by $50 million today and is expected to go even higher. the cash option now just 275 million, and your odds of winning the big prize is not bad, diana, 1 in 300 million.
5:27 pm
>> you can watch the big drawing wednesday night right before eyewitness news at 11. >> good luck to everyone. >> still ahead, a big mystery in the bronx. the search for a missing pregnant woman, what was left behind that makes this case even more puzzling. >> plus our first look at the new marijuana facility that opens in new york this week. >> and new information out of
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>> and our top story this half hour, five months pregnant with their first child and missing in the bronx. tonight the search for this woman who has not been seen since sunday. andrea karuth runs day care out of her home and some parents were quite surprised when she wasn't there when they went to drop off their kids yesterday. >> the 39-year-old lives in the by a chester section of the bronx. sandra bookman is there live. >> reporter: friends say it is absolutely out of character for andrea karuth to simply disappear without a word to anyone. she lives in the home here with her father and her boyfriend. she was last seen inside that home on sunday, and then she simply seemed to vanish into thin air. >> where could she be, you know, i'm just praying that she comes back. >> that same question and prayer being asked and uttered by many here on baychester this evening. 39-year-old andrea karuth has
5:31 pm
sunday morning. her boyfriend told police she walked out the door without her wallet, phone or keys and hasn't been seen since. karuth is five months pregnant. >> she was excited. she was hoping she has a girl. >> in addition to calling police karuth's friends and families also called and visited area hospitals and other places she frequented but so far no sign of her. karuth ran a day care center out of her home, and parents who have entrusted their children to her insist just disappearing is not like her. >> she just would not leave her students. that's all i know, she would not willing leave her students. >> as investigators spent much of the day going in and out of the family home, friends and neighbors watched admittedly fearing the worst but hoping and praying for the best. >> i hope they find her. i hope they -- i really do. my heart goes out to her dad
5:32 pm
he's not well, and i know he's very worried about his daughter. >> all we can do at this point is just pray for her. >> reporter: back live now in baychester, police still on the scene about 30 minutes ago several k-9 units were brought in as well. as we said they spent this day searching for this 39-year-old mother to be. so far no word on where she could be. we're live tonight in the baychester section of the bronx, i'm sandra bookman channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you sandra. a 9-year-old is under arrest in new jersey tonight accused of making a terror threat against her school. the message was left on an answering machine at the maple hill elementary school on december 26th. the caller who lived in middleton allegedly threatened to harm students when they returned to class after the holiday break. the defendant has been released to a guardian. and a man convicted for a
5:33 pm
newark schoolyard wants a new trial. prosecutors say that rodolfo and five other men attacked a group of friends in a schoolyard in 2007. the victims were robbed, assaulted and three of the four were killed. according to a published report, godinez says he and a codefendant were poorly represented by one attorney. the fbi is now asking for the public's help in tracking down information about the killer couple in the san bernardino shooting massacre. officials specifically want information about any 18 minute gap between the deadly attack at the inland regional center and the shootout with the killers. agents want to know if the couple contacted anyone during that time period. >> we want to make absolutely certain that we know as much as we can possibly know about their activities both before and after the attack that day leading up to the point where the police engaged them.
5:34 pm
continuing standoff, actually -- officials also urge anyone who may have recorded any video that afternoon to come forward in case it holds a key piece of the puzzle. now the latest on that continuing standoff taking place in oregon. a group of militia members have been holed up at the national wildlife refuge since saturday. they are protesting the government's ownership and management of public lands. the sheriff is urging them to go home. the fbi for now is monitoring the situation. officials note that when it comes to public safety, the nearest town is at least 40 minutes away. sade, the mother of fugitive ethan couch will soon be headed back to fort worth texas. she did not fight extradition. she was deported from mexico last week. her son remains in a detention center there. abc's brandi hitt with the latest on the affluenza teen saga. >> hidden behind this barrier, tanya couch, the mother of the
5:35 pm
appeared in a los angeles court agreeing to be hauled back to texas. at the same time her son ethan met with a lawyer here at this mexico city detention center after fighting deportation. >> everything's okay. >> new details are also surfacing about the duo's life on the run. workers at this strip club harem tell abc news before ethan's capture last month the teen was drinking and racking up a $1000 bill with lap dancers. when he couldn't pay they say bouncers took ethan back to his apartment where his mother paid the tab. >> i don't think anything will change until something gets ethan's attention. >> kevin mcconnell's son was injured in the 2013 drunk driving crash where ethan was convicted of killing four people and sentenced to probation. his lawyers arguing the teen didn't know right wrong. >> mother and son fled to mexico when this video surfaced possibly showing ethan violating probation at a
5:36 pm
>> what were you thinking tanya. >> tanya couch now faces up to ten years in prison if convicted of helping her son flee. >> investigators have 30 days to transfer tanya couch back to texas. deputies say it will probably happen by the end of the week. in los angeles, brandi hitt, channel 7 eyewitness news. new york state's medical marijuana program begins this week. we have a first look tonight inside of a dispensary in white plains. it's operated by a company called ureo health. they have one of five licenses to manufacture and provide pharmaceutical grade cannabis based medications. cannabis will be used to treat illnesses including parkinson's, cancer, and aids related complications. >> medical cannabis for some patients offers a form of important relief to their pain and suffering, and it's extraordinarily meaningful to us to be able to help patients who are in pain, who are suffering. >> they will open a total of
5:37 pm
the others will be in queens, albany and bingington. >> what was on a letter that now has police investigating. >> plus new information about bill cosby's wife's efforts to not testify in connection with a lawsuit filed against her husband. >> and trouble on the first day of lottery tickets for the broadway hit hamilton, those tickets offered online and let's just say it didn't go smoothly. >> meteorologist lee goldberg, i just saw the bus going by, plenty of empty seats, folks walking on the sidewalks tonight. it's not as uncomfortable. mainly clear skies out there, our temperature in new york city is at 28. it's clear and it is calm. as we go through the week going to be watching the storminess to the west.
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will not be deposed tomorrow. a judge granted camille cosby's motion to delay her deposition. this case involves seven women who accused bill cosby of defaming them after they accused him of sexually abusing them. the comedian has filed a counter suit accusing the women of making false allegations for financial gain. a series of suspicious anti- semitic faxes has police in rocklin county investigating. the fax claims when religious jews recite scripture that they drain non-jews of life they keep for themselves. one was sent to the village of wesley hills. there are reports of faxes being sent to multiple municipalities and at least one police station. a new jersey congressman touting the passage of a new law that will ban microbeads in cosmetics. the microbead free waters act pushed through by congressman frank pa loan junior was signed into law by the president. it bans the manufacture and
5:42 pm
that contain those plastic microbeads used as exfoliants. those tiny beads can slip through water treatment systems. >> when they go through the drain, go through the sewer systems, and we see these plastic microbeads accumulating in huge quantities, particularly in lakes and streams and then eventually out into the ocean. >> and microbeads can be mistaken by fish as food and passed on to other wildlife and even to humans. the chick-fil-a reopened after voluntarily closing to fix health department violations. the fast food restaurant at 37th and 5th avenue seemed to be doing brisk business. it closed for six days after getting a c grade. workers performed maintenance and facilities updates. a grade pending report card now hangs in the window. overwhelming demand for lottery tickets to hamilton caused the show's website to crash. hamilton usually offers the lottery for $10 front row
5:43 pm
because of the cold weather hamilton moved the process online. you guessed it, the idea was so popular the website went down. the show's twitter handle says because of the problems no one will get those $10 seats to tonight's performance, the tweet saying that's the only way it can deal with it fairly. coming up, the two breeds of dogs at the american kennel club now recognizes. >> plus video we're going to show you of a little boy grabbing a cell phone before leaving a restaurant. the search for this child and the woman seen prodding him along. >> and they fled their homeland and now live in our area. the syrian refugees talk about this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously?
5:44 pm
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5:47 pm
>> still need to layer up though. >> no doubt about it. right on both accounts. we'll warm things up as we go into the weekend, a mainly clear sky and a great look at the lights of astoria and manhattan. this camera has been winning tonight. our temperature is at 28. clear and cold, the wind is calm, which is great news. temperatures will fall off tonight but not at the rate we had last night. we're in the low and mid-20s. we'll have widespread teens outside of the five boroughs. here's central park through midnight. temperatures just going down a degree or two over the next several hours, mainly clear skies. holmdel new jersey pretty steady temperatures dropping into the mid-teens by morning and clear skies and a light wind. here are your evening temperatures, 23 in bridgeport, norwalk, stanford, it's 20 in morristown and randolph new jersey, 21 toms river and jackson, poughkeepsie to newburgh to hope well junction, about 19, 22 in mount disco over to oar mock. tomorrow morning teens and lower 20s getting to about 40,
5:48 pm
afternoon hours with bright sunshine and less wind. windchills are not going to be a huge factor. just feel like readings are a few degrees below the actual temperature. it will feel like the mid-30s during the afternoon hours. in your seven-day accuweather forecast, the difference on thursday a few degrees milder but some high thin clouds that may filter the sun, more cloudy in the south of new york city. still a nice day. friday should start out sunny. this front's taking its time. i think we don't see any raindrops until friday evening. i'd have your umbrella ready for friday evening plans. i think it will be fairly light with this front coming through. then this question mark with this upcoming weekend. rain is going to return friday night into saturday. the question is is it just a morning rain or is it all day. i'm leaning toward it lasting towards lunchtime or light rain and shutting off. a heavier rain is a possibility at night. still some debate on sunday whether it's a soaker or a lighter rain. we are going to get a good drenching on sunday.
5:49 pm
much colder early next week. then will the cold air be coupled with a storm this time. right now i don't think so. i think we could get some snow showers, especially in our northern suburbs. it might be more significant, measurable snows for new england. this one looks like it's probably away from us or out to sea, and that time period's around next wednesday. still very early. initial look at the overall weather pattern doesn't look like it would hug the coast. certainly getting colder again. >> thank you lee. millions of refugees have fled syria and among them a family now settling in new jersey. the husband and his wife who is now pregnant along with their five children have had a long journey from their homeland to paterson. >> with more on how they're doing and what they're facing, here's eyewitness news reporter tim fleischer. >> we're extremely grateful to be here. >> here in america where m a, rad and ola can feel secure, protected and 3-year-old rama and their four other children can receive a good education. the syrian refugees speaking no
5:50 pm
homeland are the latest to settle here in south paterson along with other syrians. >> and i want to welcome you. >> [ speaking in foreign language ] >> new jersey congressman bill pas cell who wants to expedite refugee resettlement met the family to learn of their year and a half process to live here. . >> we are not doing our part, i don't believe, that's my own opinion , we're not doing our part to help these refugees. >> and marad believes through his interpreter. >> the protection of this country is number one because you have to make sure that people don't come into this country that are trying to destroy it. >> marad and his family fled the city of darah in southern syria in 2012 crossing the border into jordan where they say they were smuggled to safety. >> you're going to leave your home country for good and never look back. it was a decision i was forced
5:51 pm
>> eventually mahmoud helps the settling process. >> getting their life started for the first time so they can become productive and active citizens. >> a six child is due very soon and marad is looking for work. marad and ola say they have been warmly welcomed and look forward to a new life in america. they ever also aware of the effortings by some to block syrians from settling here. >> it's unfortunately that not only donald trump but all of these people are saying these things. >> their dream of a new life is just now being realized with hope for a safe future. >> show my appreciation to america for letting me in and opening its doors. >> reporting from paterson, tim news. the american kennel club has added two new breeds to their roster. this is the american hairless terrier. many of these dogs are bare skinned but some of them do have very short coats. they are perfect for people with dog allergies. take a look at this one, that's
5:52 pm
this is the sloji. they are athletic. they are known for because they were bred to hunt big game in africa. >> look at that dog. >> two new dogs. >> still ahead, a theft that's left a lot of people shocked. >> a woman urging a young boy to steal a smartphone. we'll tell you about the big clue police have and who they are looking for tonight. >> and i'm bill ritter. is there help on the way for nearly 300,000 daily riders on the lirr who are sick and tired of all too frequent delays. tonight a new plan to try to ease congestion and wait until you hear who's proposing it. >> and the battle over gun control firing up tonight. president obama taking executive action to try to strengthen background checks for gun buyers, reaction from
5:53 pm
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. . a boy urged to steal a cell phone from a restaurant in new jersey. this video seen by a whole lot of people on our website abc7ny. >> and tonight police are
5:56 pm
woman seen telling him to grab the phone. new jersey reporter anthony johnson has more from saddle brook. >> keep a close eye on the family walking toward the exit at the top of your screen. just as they are about to leave, the boy in the yellow jacket is apparently told by the adult woman to quickly snatch the cell phone off the floor. he looks back to apparently make sure no one was watching the crime. >> what it appears is that the woman that was with this young boy either instructed or told the boy to pick up the phone. >> the phone was dropped on the floor by a young boy who was waiting with his family to go inside the restaurant. the manager of the hibachi grill and buffet says the thieves spent 30 minutes eating before leaving and swiping the smartphone. >> i tried to check for my computer to find out but they pay for cash. the information we can't find out. >> police say the adult should have known better. the family which dropped the
5:57 pm
was missing a few minutes after the crime occurred and tried to find it but to no avail. this crime is considered to be an example of how parents fail their children. >> well, it's pretty safe to assume that the juvenile doesn't even know it's a crime to take that phone off the ground and walk out the door, but an adult should know. >> according to workers inside the restaurant, the owner of the stolen phone came outside and saw the thieves driving out of this parking lot. they were going the wrong way to make their escape. in saddle brook new jersey, anthony johnson channel 7 eyewitness news. >> and we will let folks know if and when they find them. on this bitterly cold night subway problems continue to get home. >> how long will this last. eyewitness news at 6 starts right now. this is new york's number 1 news, channel 7 eyewitness news with bill ritter and liz cho,
5:58 pm
goldberg with the exclusive accuweather forecast. now eyewitness news at 6. every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> an emotional president obama tearing up as he talks about the sandy hook gun massacre. tonight he's taking executive action and ordering tougher background checks for gun buyers. cheers from gun control advocates and from gun owners, gun sales go through the roof. >> and new at 6, governor cuomo unveiling his new plan to try to reduce congestion and delays on the lirr. good evening, everyone at 6:00, i'm bill ritter. >> i'm liz cho. we're going to start with some major subway problems tonight. broken rails are continuing to cause rush hour disruptions and lots of delays between manhattan and queens. >> eyewitness news reporter joe torres on the upper east side of 59th street with breaking news. joe. >> reporter: bill, liz, cold bodies, frustrated faces for so many people here in midtown
5:59 pm
in fact, just a few minutes ago, we went down to the station here at 59th and lex. service disruptions on the n and the q. the people down there, safe to say they were not happy to hear what they heard. >> there is no downtown n, q or r, there is no queens bound n or q to astoria. >> reporter: that summarizes it. no service on the n and the q lines between manhattan's time square station and the astoria debt mar boulevard station in queens both directions thanks to a broken where we are, 59th street and 5th avenue. the alternative for so many people, the e or the 7 out to astoria. that's what you see folks doing there here at this particular station. they caught the 6 train a couple of stops down to grand central and would pick up the 7 to head out to astoria. let's look at the graphic to summarize it. no service on the n and the q lines both directions between manhattan and queens.


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