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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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because of this on other subway lines. as you can see there, service changes on the r, the b, the d, and the f as well. the nca also pointing out to us that the n line, n train is running on the r line. the n is running on the r line between 57th and 7th avenue in manhattan and 59th street in brooklyn. a rough night for midtown commuters here on this first tuesday of 2016. we're live in midtown, i'm joe torres channel 7 eyewitness news. keep us posted joe. thank you. we're going to turn now to this bitterly cold weather and another night of it. the temperatures never went above the freezing mark today and they're falling. >> how cold is it, water froze on the road and that led to accidents. that's what happens when a water main breaks in this kind of weather. >> and amityville on long island people who had to be outside they were bundled up in their warmest winter gear today.
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meteorologists covering this cold. jeff smith's in astoria. we begin with lee goldberg outside our studios on the upper west side all bundled up. >> the core of the cold was right during the morning commute. yes, it's very cold now. it's just not as brutal because the wind has certainly backed off. a benefit of the cold we're making snow again in the ski areas. check out mountain creek in vernon new jersey, we're ready for some skiing. here are the frozen facts. this is the coldest morning since february 24th. a windchill of 4 below in new york city earlier today. it feels like 19 below in monticello. the first sub-freezing day since early march. now we're climbing out of the icebox. the lows this morning anywhere from 0 to 15 or so. right now we're at 27 degrees. we're just as cold last night at this time. we didn't have the wind. we had the 30 miles per hour gusts last night, now it's calm. so the actual feel-like readings are the same as the temperature, at least within a few degrees. feels like 13 in white plains with a bit of a gust. most places feel like the low and milled 20s.
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moving out. there's some of the mild air off to the southwest that will build in. so the next seven hours what you notice is cold temperatures but steady temperatures, not the nose dive of last night and also a light wind. that camera's in astoria queens. so is my teammate meteorologist jeff smith with more on the cold. jeff over to you. >> what a difference a day makes. this time last night i was in windy weehawken new jersey along the hudson river. the wind or the lack thereof makes all the difference. right now relatively calm here in astoria queens. it was cold nonetheless, today, but hay it's new york, and guess what it's january. >> old man winter woke up and said, you know what, here i come. >> every hat, scarf and coat reminded us today that the dead of winter is on our doorstep. >> it's ridiculous. this is crazy. no, no, no, no. i want the warmer air to come back. >> a far cry from that december warmth, temperatures in the
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climbed into the 20s even with wall to wall sunshine. subzero windchills added to the misery. >> it hurts. >> it hurts. >> you've got to cover the ears up right? >> i need to buy one. >> not everyone is suffering. for this hardware store in astoria cold means cash. >> shovels, plumbing, nobody's, you know, air valves for the heat. nobody's changing anything. >> so the really cold weather is going to help you guys out. >> absolutely, monetarily, yes. >> even the prospect of what may lie ahead helps to clear some inventory. >> two cold days in a row, that's the first day the phone starts rings, you got any salt, you know, because we deliver. >> in the meantime for the rest of us. >> it's freezing. it's freezing. i'm freezing my butt off. >> reporter: and we all knew deep down that after such a mild december the other shoe might drop at some point, and
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sometimes extremes breed other extremes in the opposite direction. >> here are your temperatures as we go through the overnight, teens and lower 20s by morning. looks like it's going to be cold and dry. we have a shot at getting close to 40 tomorrow afternoon with lots of sunshine and less wind. we have to talk about a warmup, a rainstorm, another cooldown, and will that bring snow. there's lots of ups and downs in the seven-day accuweather forecast. >> we'll see you in a few minutes. with the temperatures below freezing, some new york communities are trying to follow governor cuomo's new executive order on the homeless. new york city reports 96 people voluntarily went to shelters overnight last night. another 100 found temporary refuge in hospital emergency rooms. the governor's orders requires municipalities to move homeless people from the streets to shelters once the temperature drops below 32 degrees. officials in mayor de blasio's office say that has been the city's policy all along. a teary eyed president obama tonight exercising the
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backed by a new coalition of gun control advocates launching what is likely his last big campaign, gun control. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. and by the way, it happens on the streets of chicago every day. >> the president today raising the spector of the gun massacre at sandy hook elementary school and so many other mass shootings, breaking down as he announced a series of executive actions designed to crack down on unregistered gun dealers and unregulated internet gun sales. >> each time this comes up, we are fed the excuse that common sense reforms like background checks might not have stopped the last massacre. i reject that thinking. >> the president's plan registering more gun dealers is having more background checks on people with mental illnesses hardly ground breaking stuff here, but it will run into huge opposition from the powerful and free spending gun lobby. reaction to the president's
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today, smith & wesson stock up 11%. one place sales are booming, up in ulster county where the sheriff recently said he wants gun owners to carry weapons in public. here's eyewitness news reporter marcus solis. >> i don't own a pistol at the moment, a bunch of my friends do, and yeah, i believe they're trying to take them away from us. >> it's no coincidence anthony gilbert chose today to pick up a pistol permit application. with president obama announcing an executive order expanding background checks there were many at the ulster county sheriff's office playing beat the clock including this father and daughter. >> i think it's better to be safe than sorry to get it so you have it. i don't think it would ever be to a point where you absolutely couldn't get it. >> i think everybody should be concerned. i don't think it will ever happen, but just to make sure we want to get our permits right now. >> the president grew emotional
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hook shooting that killed 201st graders. heifers joined in washington by parents of victims. >> even if it takes the rest of my life to do it, if i can save another family from having to live through what my family has to live through it's worth it. >> there's been a sharp increase in gun sales nationwide. here in ulster county a spike after the sheriff urged lyonsed gun owners to care their firearms. >> we just keep giving up little pieces of civil liberty. they keep taking steps. it's the second amendment. it's not to be infringed. >> chris ruger who's owned a custom gun shop says law- abiding owners are paying the crimes. >> it's not going to prevent things. >> and not likely to end the debate anytime soon. in kingston, marcus solis channel 7 eyewitness news. after 16 years in congress, long island lawmaker steve israel says he will not seek
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in a statement the democrat said he will retire at the end of this year, and that it is simply time to pass on the torch. the long island native says he is proudest of his work with veterans and military families. he looks forward to pursuing new passions and writing a second novel. a quick look at wall street, stocks finishing a little higher after that big selloff yesterday. the dow up more than 9 points. the nasdaq losing 11, s&p 500 up 4 and change. as we continue with eyewitness news at 6 for this tuesday night, it has been unsolvable or so it seemed for years. how to make the long island railroad run more efficiently. tonight governor cuomo says he has the answer wait until you see what he's proposing. >> also ahead, turning old phone booths in new york city into high speed wi-fi service, and it's free to use. >> free? >> free. we'll explain. >> and yesterday he quit the giants didn't stop him, tonight
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new at 6, relief could be on the way for the 300,000 daily riders on the long island railroad. broken rails and signal problems often lead to big delays on the busy commuter line. governor cuomo is proposing putting a third track between
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ease congestion and hopefully improve service. stacey sager is in minneola tonight to explain. >> reporter: liz, you know, it's no secret long islanders have some of the worst commutes in the whole country, and freezing cold temperatures like this they often complicate things further out here on the rails. you know, there's no backup system, and today governor cuomo said the time for that has come. >> proponents have long argued this a so-called passing lane here on the lirr can't come soon enough. all you need to do is look at the bottleneck of commuters when things don't work as they should, and that happens a lot. in fact, governor cuomo points out it happened during this morning's commute. >> 40,000 commuters were delayed by up to 20 minutes in both directions. why? because there's no alternative tract. >> so now he's proposing a billion dollars solution for 9.8 miles of track between
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state officials say a third track could serve 40% more commuters. >> half hourly service on the main line, truly an option for people to use, get out of their cars and use mass transit which wasn't available before. >> they say it's different from proposals that were show the down by affect -- were shot down by affected communities in years past. this time only about 20 homes and 30 businesses near the tracks are affected compared with 250 before. but not everyone is sold. >> multibillion dollar boondoggle again. it's an unwanted unneeded third track when there are other solutions being presented by the sister agency the long island railroad. >> and the governor, he says the numbers drive the need, that back in 1834 when the lirr began, long island's population was only 37,000. now it's 2.9 million, and reverse commuters like brandy are hurt the most by the lack of options somewhere it's incredibly frustrating. me personally i only have one train that comes to my location, and i have to wait
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hours, and if that train's delayed i'm stuck there. >> that was stacey sager in minneola on long island. how many of you remember pay phones and the grungy booths that housed them. tonight they've been reborn morphing into wi-fi keons. they're repurposed pay phone booths that will provide free high speed internet. eventually 7500 across the five boroughs. they aren't operational yet but they'll be turned on in the next few weeks. >> i love that you can charge your phone. >> no elbowing but free wi-fi for those spots. it's great. really pay phones not so much anymore. >> they're antiques. antiques. >> and just ahead on eyewitness news, a really high-tech refrigerator for the ultimate couch potato.
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without ever opening the door. >> let me guess, food. >> and lee says another cold cuddle night, cuddle alert night, and temperatures start warming up wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right?
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r tri-state ford dealers thank you for helping protect our children. this isn't your father's refrigerator. this is the samsung new smart fridge. it's an appliance that doubles as a giant computer, tv and cell phone. the concept fridge includes nearly a 2-foot touch screen and comes equipped with internet connected cameras that then allow you to view what is inside your fridge without ever opening the doors. but you still have to get up and go and open the fridge and take the food out yourself. it doesn't deliver it. >> don't eat the ice cream bill. that's what it's going to say when i open the freezer. >> oh, it's bill, locked. >> that's a cool concept. >> that's what should be on it. >> definitely. >> turn old pay phones into
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>> you're hurt by all that. >> i am hurt. called me an antique. >> you know, a fact's a fact. >> oh, my >> outside we go, we have a clear sky tonight, there's a beautiful sunset overnew york harbor. >> take that picture yourself? >> here's new york harbor on a cold winter night. traffic's moving well. >> first one. >> ever in the world, the beginning of time. >> our temperature right now at 6:00 in central park at 27. empire state building in christmas lights for one more night through tomorrow night. wind is calm, that's good news, and the pressure's through the roof. high pressure moving in and the high today 28. second day below our normal of 38 by 10 degrees. there are your records and actually felt like 4 below. that was our lowest windchill in central park this morning. so very cold but calmer tonight. we have moderation midweek. in fact we go back above average, probably not tomorrow but thursday will be above that 40-degree mark, and then wet at times this weekend. the question is are we going to have a sunday soaker. i think we're going to be in the 50s that day.
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going to get a fast period of rain or a good soaking. 27 tribeca right now. it is 28 bay side queens, hollis at 26, staten island at 25. northern new jersey sussex at 21, same thing poughkeepsie. belmar at 25 and islip at 23 degrees. the windchills are pretty close to the actual temperatures because the winds are either calm or maybe 5 to 10 march. see the temperatures, this is the key, last night we were just falling like a rock. tonight temperatures almost steady through much of the overnight. we bottom out in the low 20s in new york city, teens in the suburbs. right sunshine tomorrow -- bright sunshine tomorrow, and after that cold start should feel nice in the afternoon. we don't have a problem with cloud cover. these are the fast winds starting to leave the area on the blustery cold side of the high. eventually this moisture coming out of the pacific will start to come up the east coast. that is not until the upcoming weekend. tomorrow's a bounce back day near 40, maybe we stop at 39.
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we're at 43 degrees. tonight looking at clear skies, very cold light wind about 21. tomorrow's up near 40. plenty of sunshine, not as cold again with that light wind, and then only down to 30 tomorrow night, clear to partly cloudy skies. some high clouds on thursday. then as we get into friday, getting more confident we're going to have the daylight hours dry as clouds increase, and then some lighter rain likely for your friday evening plans. here's where things change over the weekend. certainly rain in the morning. the question is just in the morning, or does it extend all day. right now we have a chance to dry out after lunchtime. then a heavy rain is coming in at night. sunday looks like a wet day. i think we can get to the lower 50s. the colder weather is coming back on monday with some wind, only 38 on tuesday. i might even have to lower that, but the deal is i think it's cold midweek next week, but we miss out on probably big snows which are either over new england or offshore. still early to call. that's the trend i'm thinking right now. >> we like that trend. >> rob's up next with sports. >> here's the big story today, the news broke yesterday and it
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walks to the podium and talks about his time with the giants, and then walks on to the next phase of his life. but what's next for the giants and why is big blue ready for
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i look at the dark side sometimes. >> a lot of credit to him, what if he said now i don't want to go. >> we'd still be here today. just different circumstances. for the first time in decades it is mr. tom coughlin, not last giant news conference. he stepped down after 12 years. that's how this is being framed, 12 years, two super
6:23 pm
players lives touched by the man who walked out that door today. laura behnke was there for the long good-bye. >> there was only one way tom coughlin could begin his press conference, 5 minutes early and a fiery message. >> i believe it is the unbreakable bond between coach and player that defines me as a coach and any humble success that we might have had here. >> for over 20 minutes tuesday morning, coughlin showed why his players love to work with him and why they blame himself for his resignation particularly eli manning. >> eli it's not you. it's us. we win, we lose together. when we lose, i lose. when we win, you guys win. >> and after three straight losing seasons, it's now time to move on. >> all good things have to come to an end at some point in time. i can't, i can never begin to repay him for everything he's done for this franchise. >> he says he's not necessarily
6:24 pm
john nara has asked him to remain with the giant's organization in some capacity. no matter what he will be busy. >> my wife will not want me to be home longer than probably 48 hours. here's your coat, don't you have someplace to go. >> we want him to stay involved because of everything he has brought to this organization. >> with the giants in east rutherford, laura behnke channel 7 eyewitness news. >> so what is next for the giants, the search for the next coach begins now. in fact, word is the giants have already asked permission to speak with the bear's offensive coordinator adam gace. here's what plenty of people are talking about coughlin walking past john mara after the news conference. coughlin was oblivious, no hard feelings at all. the feeling apparently mutual. >> he's a hall of fame coach, a hall of fame person, and he leaves big shoes to fill. >> but somebody will and the search is on, although coughlin
6:25 pm
with the giants in some capacity. >> i want to let all that knowledge walk out the door. >> which begs the question then why is coughlin out. >> all good things come to an end at some point in time. >> fair enough, but gm jerry reece isn't going anywhere when some think the giant's problem might be personnel. >> i understand why they feel like that, but we all, coach feel like he failed. i feel like i failed. you're 6 and 10, we all failed. >> i still have full confidence in him. >> at time reece's meeting with the media was tense. >> have you researched that, you know that for a fact. >> a new era, okay, for betters or worse. >> we've lost some credibility as an organization. when you have three losing years like that, you face a lot of criticism. a lot of it is deserved. >> moving on the browns have hired paul depotesta for tase front office. he worked in baseball for 20 years. he leaves the mets for the browns. knicks in atlanta, another
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teams the knicks beat at the garden by 14 points sunday. >> three times in a week, you know, so they know what we run, we know what they run. it's just a matter of who want it more. >> highlights of that game tonight at 11. the rangers at home as well, and more on coach coughlin. >> let's check in with sade baderinwa and see what stories we're working on for eyewitness news at 11. >> coming up tonight, an apartment building in the bronx robbed of its christmas cheer. the nypd putting out the call to find the two grinches. >> and revealing new information about the cancer risk among twins. >> plus a rock 'n' roll hall of famer arrested in manhattan. we're going to have those stories and much more on eyewitness news at 11. bill. >> we'll see you then, thank you. and on that note that's it for us for now. thanks for watching tonight. i'm bill ritter. >> and i'm liz cho. world news tonight with david muir is up next. eyewitness news returns tonight
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