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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 6, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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>> i believe in allowing space. i'm not in that grit. >> marrowio andretti, little old lady. >> the kids love it when i drive. >> they do. let's face it, who doesn't like being on the indy 500 going down 50th avenue? >> reporter: but at the end of the day it's not about who wins the argument, they say it's all about find that person who brings out the best in you. >> nicely done. >> thank you. >> nicely done. >> we couldn't be more different in terms of where we came from and just really love, i think, for each other that at the end of the day that speaks everything. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm lara spencer in new york. our thanks to lara and deborah and al and our thanks to you for watching abc news tonight. tune in to "gma" fist thing in the morning and we're online 24/7, "nightline" facebook page
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breaking news tonight. four people rushed to the hospital when dangerous fumes overtake their home. >> new developments in the desperate search for a missing pregnant woman. cops right now
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good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. her name is andrea carruth. she's pregnant and missing from the bronx since sunday. those who know her say this is completely uncharacteristic. >> josh einiger with new developments. >> a car load of detectives just arrived here about 3, 5 minutes ago, as did the crime scene unit a little bit more than an hour ago. the first real signs the police tonight suspect foul play. >> reporter: late tonight the nypd crime scene unit rolled up to the home angela carruth shares with her boyfriend. sunday morning she vanished seemingly in to thin air. her best friend julia mccall says she may have been one of the last people who spoke with carruth before she disappeared. saturday she got this text inviting her to brunch the next day. instead carruth's boyfriend reported she was gone, leaving nearly all her possessions behind.
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her keys, her car, her jacket. it's baffling. >> reporter: today detectives searched for clues at the house where carruth runs a daycare. she's five months pregnant herself. >> this is her first pregnancy. she's excited. she's hoping she has a girl. >> i hope they find her. i really do . my heart goes out to her dad because i know her and i know he's very worried about his daughter. >> reporter: this afternoon a k-9 team tried to track her skept and by -- tried to track her scent and by then crime scene investigators showed up. >> she's not a vanishing kind of person to pull stuff like that. that's why i'm so worried about her. where is she? >> where is she is a question police would very much like to answer. coming back to a live look right now, this house
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scene. investigators are appeared, arrived and are now checking on something in the back of the house, seem to be intensifying their efforts there. carruth's boyfriend questioned by police but so far police say they have no suspects in this case as the investigation continues. we're live tonight in the bay chester section of the bronx, josh einiger, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have breaking news to tell you about in new jersey. four people rushed to the hospital tonight after a high carbon monoxide reading in their home. this happened in union city in hudson county. lucy yang is at the scene with the latest. >> two police officers and four members of one family were rushed to the hospital and treated for carbon monoxide poisoning tonight. we're told two of the family members are lucky to be alive. we're on palisade avenue here in union city. 911 was called this
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family came home and found two other members unconscious. turns out there was a massively elevated level of carbon monoxide in the house, enough to kill. we're told the reading was 1,000 parts per million which is dangerously high. >> anything over 80 parts per million, you're in bad shape so if their family members didn't come home, they wouldn't have survived much longer. >> the battalion chief believes the cause was due to the furnace and cautions residents to have their furnaces checked. compounding the problem, officials report there were no carbon monoxide detectors anywhere in the building. these devices cost only a few dollars and are worth every penny. certainly would have prevented this family from passing out this evening. two police officers who responded and four members of one family are being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning tonight. we're told all are expected to recover.
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jersey, lucy yang, channel 7 eyewitness news. we have breaking news to tell you about. north korea just admitting in the last half hour it conducted a hydrogen bomb test. the blast so strong it created a 5.1 magnitude earthquake. the national security agency meeting in washington tonight and south korean officials said to be, quoting government officials now, freaking out. u.s. preparing to send up nuclear sniffer plains to determine whether it was a nuclear bomb and the extent of any nuclear material released. the first murder of 2016 in new york city. 24-year-old is charged with killing his 19-year-old girlfriend jocelyn romo. her body was found in her apartment friday night. the medical examiner found evidence of strangulation and head trauma. the so-called wheelchair bandit is under arrest again accused of robbing another bank in queens. police say this is the second time in six months
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has been arrested for a bank robbery. he was just discharged last week from a mental health treatment facility only to apparently commit the same crime again, this time robbing a bank in sunnyside after claiming he was armed with a bomb and a gun. in july police say he was caught on surveillance robbing another bank in sunnyside. two new york cops hurt tonight after their cruiser collided with a car in queens. happened about 9:00 tonight in the jackson heights section. police say the nypd cruiser colliding with a livery car. squad car ended up on the sidewalk hitting a brick fence in front of a sidewalk. also new tonight, three officers in connecticut recovering right now after they were hit by a car driven they say by a drug suspect. officers in east hartford approaching a car they believe was being used for drugs. the driver tried to get away, ended up pinning two officers against another car then striking a third cop as he drove off. all the officers are expected to be okay. the driver was arrested after a short
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service on n and q subway lines back to normal tonight after big issues during the evening commute. service was suspended today between manhattan and queens after a rail defect was found during a routine maintenance check. it's unclear what caused the defect. the suspension caused a ripple effect to other subway lines. service changes are still in effect for southbound r trains. tomorrow is sentencing day for a former police chief in westchester county convicted of federal charges involving porn charges, child porn charges. former police chief brian fenele pleaded guilty to one count of possession of pornography. he was accused of using a file sharing network to download 125 files of pornography involving children as young as 7 years old. a burglary break-ins. police say the men broke in to nine apartments in woodside over the last three
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they then stole computers and laptops and jewelry and watches. residents and building supers in the area on alert tonight. >> you see these events every day, especially like how they went to several other apartment buildings. >> need to be careful and keep the doors locked. don't let strangers come in. >> in addition to the computers and jewelry, they also got away with cash. new information tonight about a terrorism threat to harm children at an elementary school. frightening messages left on the school's answering system and tonight cops in the orange county town of wallkill making an arrest. an elementary school student. jim dolan is on the scene for us. >> reporter: it almost wouldn't be surprising anymore at a high school or maybe even a junior high school but parents and students here at maple hill elementary school were shocked this morning to find out that a student, a 9-year-old student
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the school. >> reporter: parents and students headed to a soccer game at maple hill elementary school. a bizarre incident was revealed by a text alert this morning. >> it said they had arrested a 9-year-old boy for terroristic threats. >> reporter: a 9-year-old student was arrested for making terroristic threats saying he was going to harm children as they walked to school after winter break. police say he left messages on the school's answering machine. without knowing all the details, some parents thought the police may have overreacted some. >> i have mixed feelings about it. i don't think they should have treated him as harshly as they did. he's 9 years old. i could understand if it was a 13, 14, 16-year-old. they know a little bit more about what they're doing. you don't know the circumstances behind it. he could have been dared to do it. >> as parents, you gotta know. especially these days you have
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>> you definitely want details on that. >> absolutely. >> reporter: given the times, most parents felt the school and police had little choice but to take the threats seriously. >> you go to work as a parent and you send your kids off to school and you got to worry about this stuff. horrible. >> reporter: police would not say whether the student had the means to carry out the threat or exactly what his complaint against the school and fellow students might have been. they did say he was released to the custody of one of his parents. in wallkill, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. the national rifle association tonight taking aim at president obama, politically speaking, claiming his executive actions to tighten gun control are unconstitutional. president today bypassing a politically polarized congress that critics say seems afraid of the nra, narrowed a loophole. people who sell you just a few weapons at gun shows or online now facing federal prosecution if they
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on prospective buyers. president also calling for atf and fbi agents. $500 million to improve mental healthcare and research on smart gun technology. president obama brought to tears today, speaking about the 20 kids murdered during the sandy hook gun massacre in connecticut. >> from every family who never imagined that their loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun. every time i think about those kids, it gets me mad. >> the nra wasting no time before tweeting this. funny how potus restricts civil liberties. republicans tonight roundly rejecting the president's
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a faulty sprinkler being blamed tonight for causing a flood inside a store in manhattan. newscopter7 over the scene late this afternoon as water rushed low store. the sprinkler was activated for an unknown reason, causing the flooding. the fdny was called in to turn the system off. workers are busy mopping up the mess. a broken water main today causing a slippery mess in queens. black ice on the roads sent cars sliding down merrick boulevard. the water main was capped a short time later. how long can we expect the frigid temperatures to last? here's meteorologist lee goldberg. >> cold snap running out of gas. we're liking this. our first day below freezing in about 10 months. upper 20s and lower 30s. look around the area. most places reporting calm conditions and we're still near our daytime highs. we'll
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>> also, caught on camera, a wild ride. a man running after his car after it's stolen. when you find out what was inside the car you'll want to know why he was so desperate to catch it. >> a story thousands of you are reading on our facebook page. a sad farewell for one of new
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caught on camera, thieves stealing a car with a sleeping the car is parked outside a 7-eleven. this happened in philadelphia. the 6-year-old boy asleep in the back seat while his stepfather runs inside, another car pulls up. somebody jumps in to the driver's seat of the silver car then both cars drive off. stepfather tries to chase after the car. surveillance video helped police quickly track it down. >> it had a unique description so our police radio room did a great job putting out the description of the vehicle. >> cops found the car about 2 miles away. the young boy was still asleep in the back seat, he was fortunately reunited with
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suspects still on the loose. from one thief to another, maybe well after the holidays but cops want to catch a thief who stole a christmas tree from an apartment lobby. police in the bronx released this flier today. it shows a man and woman picking up a fully decorated tree and walking right out of the lobby, stand and all. it happened in a building on interveil avenue in the fox hearst section. police believe the man is a regular in the area. the fdny mourning the death of a beloved dog who served as a comfort after 9/11. the fdny tweeted this photo. it says rip, twenty. thank you for being a loyal friend. they gave twenty to ladder 20 who lost seven members in the north tower. the dog helped rebuild morale and became a loyal companion. a lot of people posting twenty's story tonight. we posted a video tribute to her
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do you have your powerball ticket? you now have 450 million reasons to buy one. the jackpot jumped by $50 million today to $450 million. the cash option is now $275 million. your odds of winning the big prize, 1 in 300 million. not bad. you can watch the big drawing wednesday night right before eyewitness news at 11:00. >> sade will buy hers. so it's cold, not as cold as last night and it's going to get a little better. >> last night it was 17 with a wind chill of zero. 28 and the wind is calm. so yes, cold, but not brutal anymore. climbing out of this ice box, and we'll start to warm things up as we go through late week. outside tonight, mainly clear skies, light wind. this camera bounces a 10-mile-per-hour wind. it's still right now. the wind is calm. we're at 28. the pressure is through the roof. high pressure is overhead and the high today was 29. that happened during the evening hours. morning low of 11 is the
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the record low is 4 below. it actually felt like that in central park this morning. it felt like 19 below. it's very cold tonight but it's calmer. we have moderation through the midweek and we're back above average. if not tomorrow, certainly by thursday. we're wet at times in the upcoming weekend. sunday soaker looking more alike. i think it's lighter rain on saturday. maybe a break in the afternoon. i bumped that number up for sunday but looks like a pretty good rainfall. 27, belmont. yes, we're seeing teens in the northern suburbs. 12 in sussex. isolated single digits. 9 degrees, bell -- belmar. 18, islip. these are the wind chills pretty close to the actual temperatures because the wind is fairly light. sun across the board tomorrow. light wind. it will be above freezing by 10:00, 11:00 in the morning. nearing 40s. most of the day spent in the mid to upper 30s. gusty winds are offshore and the
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day tomorrow and after that. the core of the cold and pink, that's going through eastern canada in to the north atlantic. temperatures near 40 here on the backside of this high. that's our future weather coming in for late week. starting out your day tomorrow, teens north and west. 23 on the island. 20 in belmar. teens in the hudson valley. recovering in the mid to upper 40s. tomorrow is our bounceback day after a cold morning, nice afternoon. even milder on thursday. low and middle 40s. just a high deck of clouds especially from the city on south and east. more of a filtered sun. clear and cold at sunrise. light wind. 23. still teens at the bus stop and suburbs. plenty of sunshine. not as cold tomorrow and nearing 40 by the afternoon. 20s in the suburbs. a few high clouds coming in. your 7-day forecast. 40 wednesday. 43 on thursday. on friday just more evidence tonight this rain is going to hold off till the nighttime hours and sun will give way to clouds. nice day, middle 40s. on saturday prime -- primarily some
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heavier rain is coming at night. i do think we're going to get a good drenching on sunday. this could be half an inch, maybe an inch of rainfall. colder air falls but it does look cold and dry. outside chance of snowflakes getting in the mix midweek next week but i don't think it's a big coastal storm at this point. we'll continue to watch that for you. bill evans will have an update in the morning. coming up next, a rock and roll hall of famer arrested here in manhattan. >> the surprising indicator for your risk of cancer might no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for
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fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. the founder of the rock band steely dan arrested in manhattan for assault. the victim, his wife. donald fagan accused of pushing her in to a window frame, knocking her to the ground. he was released without bail. he's been ordered
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in tonight's health alert, a troubling study about twins and the risk of cancer. a new study found if one identical twin gets cancer the other twin is at a higher rsk of getting the same disease or any other type of cancer. researchers at harvard who studied more than 200,000 twins said their findings suggest some families carry a shared increased risk of cancer based on their genes. rob powers up next with sports. >> the now former head coach of the giants has the final word. straight ahead, tom coughlin steps aside. the team tries to move on, but to what? what's
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apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history yes, every career has to come to an end, but i suspect tom coughlin didn't think it would come to an end like this. >> no way to know how it was going to end. it was an interesting day to say the least. this 18-minute newscast began characteristically 5 minutes early. tom coughlin is now officially the former giant head coach. his final act was speaking to the media this morning.
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caught a glimpse of why players would run through a wall for this guy and why they didn't want him to go in the first place. look at eli manning when coughlin spoke directly to him. it was something. said he's not necessarily done with coaching and at the very least plans to remain involved with the game and its players. >> it's become the source of drive for me is that when our players, whether they're in their career, after their career, when they come back to me and they say coach, i love you. they follow that up by saying they've become better men, better husbands, better fathers, better friends because of their experience having been a new york giant. >> man. giants said coughlin does have an offer to stay on with them in some capacity but
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interviewed today. spagnola soon. here's what fans want to know. how did gm jerry reese come through this unscathed while coughlin moves on? didn't he only do what he could do with the talent provided by reese? >> our fans deserve a better product than we put out there the last three years and we'll work hard to do that. i know a lot of it is on me. i take full responsibility for it. >> let's be honest, we've lost credibility as an organization. when you have three losing years ape row, you face a lot of criticism. a lot of it is deserved. let's get to games now. they're trying to win their 17th game of the season tonight. on the road, played the hawks. beat them by 14 at the garden. chrisops porzingis, 17 points, 11 rebounds. williams, good night off the bench. arron afflalo scored 38 sunday. pumped in 23 tonight. the knick lead grows but the hawks come
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they hit 15 3-pointers. jose calderone to robin lopez. back to calderone and the knicks hold on 107-101. they pull it out in atlanta. on ice, the dallas stars visit the rangers after just losing to the devils and the islanders. rangers lost 13 of their last 18. here's rick nash playing career game number 900. 1st period, keith yandle unassisted. breaks the tie. rangers never look back. 3rd period, dallas on the power play but it doesn't derek stepan shorthanded all by his lonesome. first goal as a ranger. look at it again. they win it 6-2. the stars not exactly enjoying their trip to the tri-state. that's three losses.


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