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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 6, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> i said no, it couldn't happen here. not here. >> reporter: a forensic team all suited up, went back in to this home on corsa avenue wednesday morning in the bay chester section of the bronx. it's the home where 39-year-old anndrea caruth lived and operated a daycare. it's also where detectives found the body of a woman stuffed inside a basement crawl space around 3:00 a.m. >> everybody says she is such a beautiful person. i know the father. i haven't had words with him, but he usually goes to the back. i know your face, goes through the back and goes to his house. so it's strange to be, to hear this happen here. >> reporter: investigators believe the body is that of the expectant mother. confirmation is pending from the medical examiner. caruth was reported missing after failing to show up for a sunday brunch with a friend. >> i know that it could be very tough. and the next word in the next door neighbor.
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the block. and so it's one of those cases. >> caruth was five months pregnant with their first child. he wanted a little girl. >> i actually just found out this morning at 6:30 over the news. and so it is mind boggling, you know? it is mind boggling. >> reporter: so at this point the cause of death has not been determined. again they're waiting for the medical identity. caruth's boyfriend is still being questioned at this hour. reporting live at the bay chester section of the bronx, darla miles. police are looking for a suspect after an apparently random slashing in manhattan. a woman was attacked on west 23rd street near seventh avenue this morning. the man cut the left side of the woman's face, taken to the stitches. we will have a live report on the search for the suspect
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wearing coming up at 12:30. we are following a developing story overseas. the united nations holding an emergency security council meeting condemned north korea's hydrogen bomb. right now u.s. officials are trying to verify if it is true. marci gonzalez live outside the story. marcy? >> reporter: and north korea is already so heavily sanctioned. so now in this closed door meeting, diplomats are claiming those and what else could be done in response. >> this act is establishing for the regional security. and seriously on the minds international efforts. >> reporter: worldwide concern and condemnations today after this announcement from the state media. >> and claiming that the magnitude earthquake near the
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caused by north korea's first successful test of the hydrogen bomb. the weapon could be about 10,000 times more powerful than atomic bombs like those dropped on her hiroshima in world war ii. this will be the first testing since 2006, but a third testing of a thermonuclear weapon. the u.s. immediately launched so-called nuclear sniffer planes to determine whether north korea's claims are true. the results could take months, but already many are skeptical. >> the reported size of the detonation is a little bit modest. comparable to the test that north korea carried out in 2013 leading many experts to assume this is probably bomb. >> reporter: this claim is even
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china. live at u.n. headquarters on the east side marci gonzalez channel 7 eyewitness news. >> marcy thankmarcie thank you. police arrested charles carr of sparta. he assault add 10-year-old girl at the worship center and and endangererment. two men who worked on the farm of the north salem social of stealing hay. police are investigating the murder of the wife of the mcdonald mogul. two laborers are now charged with stealing from the rich couple for years. police do not believe that the murders and thefts are connected at this time. he was found dead in the laundry room of their home in the 300-acre estate. during the investigation, police learned that the two workers have been stealing hay
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been no arrests for the murder. after a couple of days of bitter cold, a warm up is beginning or finally getting a break, well sort of. meteorologist bill evans is live with a look at the milder accu weather forecast. >> i don't know, it's a nice day to go for a walk and grab a pizza i think. we're looking at sunshine and less wind that will make it feel better today. a look at temperatures, 33 degrees, which is right at our normal temperature for this hour and this time of the year looking pretty good here. 37 white plains and la guardia down towards jfk and over towards newark and towards the temperatures here are actually right at the level that they should be for this southwest wind. which is not that bad. certainly not the wind out north we had at 30 miles an hour. and so for noontime here, we're at 35, 36 degrees. by the time we get to the afternoon the highs around 38, even 40 west in some spots.
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temperatures dropping to the upper 20s and the low 30s and then we'll start the day in the upper 20s in some spots, a little warmer than what we have had overnight this morning. and tomorrow will be in to the low 40s. we're going to keep warming up for your weekend. we'll talk about that and your accu weather seven-day forecast with rain all the way too to talk about. back to you. >> okay, thank you, bill. remember you can stay on top of the winter weather and get the latest accu weather forecast on the go with the the accu track weather app. free to download for the apple or google play stores. stocks will continue to fall on wall street. now experts say that their nuclear program and possible troubles for china's economy have investors very concerned. markets in europe and asia are also seeing droppings. let's take a look at the live numbers right now as you can see the dow is down at this point. 221 points. of course we will continue to track the latest coming out of the stock market. the friend accused of
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sandra bookman massacre is due massacre is due in court this afternoon. 14 people died in that attack carried out by syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik. marquez has not yet entered a plea. he is in federal custody and being held without bail. three people convicted for plotting to kill a u.s. military personnel at ft. dick's with their life sentences tossed. they are expected to argue in court today that they were denied the right to testify as they claimed they wanted to take the stand, but that their attorneys would not let them. the brothers and two other suspects were convicted in 2008. and the fbi not commenting on rumors that agents are preparing to move in on the group occupying the federal building. the local sheriff's office is saying that they have no information on possible arrests at the site. well a small armed group took over the national wildlife refuge on saturday night.
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filings for investors as the neurovirus outbreak did not get the same attention as the e. coli outbreak in the restaurant of the pacific northwest this fall. trader joe's has been slapped with a class action lawsuit over tuna. the grocery chain is accused of cheating customers by not filling out five-ounce cans of tuna. they claim that the lab found that trader joe's tuna cans actually contained less than three ounces of the fish. a spokeswoman for trader joe's, which has more than 400 stores across the country said that the company does not comment on pending litigation. well now to the dreams of millionaires a. short time ago the power -- millionaires, as it stands right now half a billion dollars up for grabs. >> is that enough for you? >> yes. >> is there any way to increase your odds though? eyewitness news reporter amy freeze is live in midtown.
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you know the biggest jackpot, power ball jackpot is $590 million. so you can understand why the excitement is getting big over this one. and talking to people today, they are saying i don't know if i'm going to play, let's see, how can i get a little advantage? let's see if we could help you out with that. this store right here in midtown is actually done pretty well this morning. all the line outside, it's been a steady stream of customers coming and going throughout the morning with a lot of regular customers, even some first timers like they have never played the lottery as they are going for this one. the jackpot is so big. they are spending a little more cash. most people are getting a few. and the other thing that's interesting is that this store has never won a jackpot, but they do have a very decent prize wall from lottery winners over the years. so some of their regulars have actually, when i met four to five people winning more than
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the regular players though are using strategies like getting tickets in a couple different locations, like they buy from one store and then go to another store and buy a couple more tickets. one guy told me that he's absolutely not picking his own lucky numbers. >> i choose quick pick all the time. the machines pick out the winner anyway. >> well actually that's true because 70% to 80% of the jackpots are actually the quick pick numbers. here is something if you really do want to use your own numbers, these are the most frequently drawn. the lucky numbers. 8, 54, 14, 39, and 13. those are the most frequently drawn winning numbers in the past four years. to put it on all in to perspective for, you david and shirleen, the odds of being million.
12:12 pm
lottery one in 292 million. but as the lottery folks say you do have to play to win. so good luck everybody. >> come on. >> you've got plenty of time to buy a ticket, of course today. already. >> no, i'm actually counting on you, amy, i'm sending you a text right now. you should be on send. >> and my orders are coming in and let the machine pick it for us. >> yes, whoever wants to join our pool. a reminder that you can see the power ball drawing right here before eyewitness news at 11:00. the new battle over healthcare, pushing to repeal the signature law. we'll show you what else is at stake. and a dad outrage over the patdown that his 10-year-old daughter got while going through airport security. did the tsa go too far? and taking a live look outside. we are getting a slight warm u
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plenty of colorful costumes this morning on the christian calendar, celebrating the day that they visited the newborn cries, celebrating with hundreds of children marching.
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you put your shoes out and there's presents in the shoes. out. about the start of bethleham. look at that. that is sunshine, isn't it? >> i think so. >> blue skies, clears out the air, except today it feels a lot better. i was watching the water taxi and working back and forth. a good day for that too with very little wind that will stay 36 degrees. the humidity is dry. they are way up there because of the strong air mass. yesterday's high was 29. normal 38. we'll be all over that 38
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is what it should feel like for this time of the year feeling pretty nice without that wind out there. warming trend will continue tomorrow and in to friday. it'll be wet this weekend, especially on sunday. the weekend for the movies that you want to catch up on and the book that you want to read a good weekend for it coming up. temperatures mild however. 37 in kingston and up towards that area as you would get down here it will be around 32. and so a lot of spots about 3:00 will get to 40 today. long island west orange, probably belmar. we've got a calm to a light southwest wind to a west wind. that will warm things up. i just wanted to show you the is 36. hardly feels like it is 36. we don't have to deal with the windchills today, although there's a little wind around. there up on the hills, it makes you feel cooler. but over there clear skies all the way back here to the great lakes, the big ridge of the arctic high pressure.
12:18 pm
will get in to that 39 to 40 range. then tonight we drop in to the 20s. tomorrow morning we start in the 20s and the teens north and west and then by afternoon we're in to the lower 40s tomorrow. just kind of gradually warms up. however this weekend, jeff smith is working on this to put it together for saturday night and sunday with a big low pressure system to our west. it will create the gusty winds at the coast and probably create some coastal flooding and big downpours of rain. saturday night in to sunday, they could go a little bit on sunday, mostly saturday and another round in to saturday night with a wet weekend coming up. 47 on saturday, 54 on sunday. >> not so cold this afternoon and tonight mostly clear, chilly, 20s in the suburbs. well north and west in to the teens with sunshine 43 degrees. friday a few clouds, saturday we've got this rain. sunday and saturday both we've got some rain as they would taper off on saturday afternoon and then returns as we go in to saturday night and then that rain on sunday. but it's 54 degrees.
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>> i don't want to buy a ticket when you've got that going. >> you take it personally. >> you have a better chance of seeing 36 degrees on tuesday. >> there you go. >> yeah, i like that much better. >> yes. >> thank you, bill. a foul on the cord. the high school basketball coach is caught on camera, appearing to head butt a
12:20 pm
a coach apparently head butts a ref outraged over the pat down of a girl. a man scales the highway. just some of the stories caught on camera and caught our attention. a high school basketball coach in pennsylvania is in big trouble after head butting a referee. video shows a violent confrontation during the game. the team's head coach was apparently upset with the referee after a foul call. he was ejected from the game after head butting the ref. the official got up off the floor and finished the final moments of the game.
12:21 pm
pat down his daughter got there the tsa at the raleigh airport and captured it on his cell phone camera as he says that his daughter had a small pouch of juice in her purse, which is a prohibited item. that may have been the catalyst for a patdown bay female agent. the female says that the patdown was excesstive, but the ts -- excessive, but the tsa says that they followed procedures. a man climbs signs over the interstate in tennessee. you can see the people watching him spotted mid-afternoon and stayed on top of the signs as the sun sets. eventually cops did manage to talk him down as he faces charges including disorderly conduct. of course the man was first sent for a mental health evaluation. finally a fisherman in australia was nearly caught hook line andsinker himself. a marlin jumped out of the water and almost impaled him.
12:22 pm
was only hit in the side before the marlin landed back in the water. >> that is marlin 1, the fisherman 0 right now. that's payback. >> afraid of sharks, you need to be afraid of the marlins. >> going i got him. did you see that? >> that was great. thanks a lot. we appreciate it. well we're following other news right now. a normal walk turned in to a frightening assault. coming up on eyewitness news, following a developing story. a woman slashed in the face by the mysterious attacker who is at the scene as detectives found out who did this.
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our top stories this afternoon. police in the bronx have removed the body from the home of the pregnant woman who has been missing for days. the body was found in a basement of her home in bay chester. the medical examine beer must officially determine the identity of the body and the cause of death. the 39-year-old anndrea caruth disappeared over the weekend. detectives are interviewing her boyfriend. no charges have been filed. north korea may be looking at tighter international sanctions after their announcement that they conducted a hydrogen bomb test. many questioning the claim.
12:26 pm
if it is true, they would put north korea a big step closer. the un security council scheduled an emergency meeting today to consider how to respond. and hello i'm david novarro. >> i'm shirleen allicot. new at noon a scary attack in manhattan. a woman was walking to work this morning when suddenly a man attacked her, cutting her in the face. >> it happened just before 6:00 on west 23rd street near 7th avenue in chelsea where kimberly richardson is there with new information on the suspect. kimberly? >> reporter: well dave, we're not far from a subway stop. so when this all went down t is probably a lot of foot traffic along the stretch. still it didn't stop this suspect from zeroing in on this woman. police say that she is 24, she lives in brooklyn, and that she was walking to work this morning just before 6:00. she was right in front of 159
12:27 pm
when a man slashed her in the left side of her face. it's not clear what he used. now detectives say that the victim does not know her attacker that this seems to be random. the suspect took off, but a worker inside a 24-hour diner two doors down did come out to help that woman. she ended up at bellevue hospital. she need seven stitches to close that wound. now along the stretch there are also several surveillance cameras, but a lot of them don't work. still detectives are out here this morning looking for any video that may help them with this investigation. and as for that suspect, the victim told police that he appear today be between 25 and 30 years old about five foot seven inches tall or five foot ten inches tall. he was wearing a red jacket and possibly with nba lettering on it, a green sweatshirt and black pants. if you have any information --
12:28 pm
new at noon they will need to leave their hoverboards at home when they return from the break. they are now banning the popular transportation devices because they say they can catch fire. some students have hoverboards last semester, but no fires were reported. the university's fire safety director calls it a preemptive measure. >> we were not aware of nigiris or -- of nigiris or fire problems. and as a result of the hover boards. by the end of 2018, the minimum wage will climb to $15 an hour for about 50,000 city workers. the hike includes low-wage union workers and non-profit
12:29 pm
the mayor will announce the pay hike this afternoon at headquarters of district council 37, one of the city's biggest unions. also happening today, plans to renovate penn station will get back on track. this afternoon governor cuomo is set to announce the overhaul of the transportation hub will start again. the monahan station project would include a takeover of the post office across the street on eighth avenue. well a house is set to open their legislative gear by sending a bill to president obama's desk, repealing the signature healthcare law. there have been dozens of previous votes aimed at undoing what has become obamacare. but today will be the first time a full repeal will make it to the white house. ken rosato live with more. >> i can tell you that right now partisan politics is in full effect. the house just reconvened a moment ago and members are
12:30 pm
controversial bill. >> reporter: we peeling the signature healthcare law. stripping away federal funding for planned parenthood. the fight continues in the gop- controlled congress. >> with this bill we are standing for life. we are confronting the president with the hard honest truth. obamacare doesn't work. >> and this is the first time that the repeal could reach the president. it is sure to be met with a veto. >> reporter: for years they have been blocking and filibustering these reports. we have used the one tool for reconciliation to get a repeal bill on their desk. >> reporter: the battle intensified months ago when the antiabortion activist claimed that their provider was selling tissue for profit.
12:31 pm
action on -- on obamacare. >> as the speaker said it will baa new agenda to make sure that they are confident again. >> they are highlighting the clear choice facing voters in november. >> no one has ever won in new jersey being pro-life. you can't be pro-life, but i am. >> i will defend the affordable care act, which the republicans are trying to repeal. but they will never tell you what's put in its place. >> reporter: once the president vetoes this bill, i can tell you they plan to schedule an overwrite vote to coincide with the anti-abortion march for life event here in washington later this month shirleen. reporting live channel 7 eyewitness news. >> kenneth, thank you. a new sketch of the man wanted for stabbing a mcdonald's worker to death in the bronx. the man may be homeless. he was seen on the street surveillance camera. the victim adam garcia was the manager of the restaurant in the kings bridge section. detectives say the suspect
12:32 pm
parking lot after a dispute. the brooklyn teenager accused of murdering her mother and mother's . of view is back in court today. 15-year-old destiny garcia is being charged as an adult with two counts of murder. detectives say she confessed to the murders during questioning. her court appearance is to appoint a new defensive lawyer. it is sentencing day for a former police chief in westchester county convicted of federal porn charges. mt. pleasant police chief plead guilty to one count of possession of pornography, convicted of using a file sharing network to download more than 120 files of pornography involving children as young as seven years old. he could face 10 years in prison. and there are questions today about how police reacted to a reported threat against elementary students in orange county. police arrested a 9-year-old
12:33 pm
the threats were made by phone against students at maple hill elementary school as some parents say that the arrest may have been an overreaction. >> i don't think that they should have treated them as harshly as they did. he is 9 years old. they know a little bit more about what they are doing, but you don't note circumstances behind it. >> reporter: the student was released to the custody of one of his parents as they believe any kind of serious threat is over. six people in new jersey including two police officers are recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning as it happened at a home in union city yesterday. investigators are still trying to figure out the source of the gas. relatives found two people passed out inside the home around 8:30 last night. carbon monoxide readings were dangerously high. >> anything over 80 parts per million that you're in bad shape. and so this is through the roof. if they didn't come home, they wouldn't survive much longer.
12:34 pm
expected to be okay with no carbon monoxide detectors in that home. the new owners of the historic restaurant have a plan to keep the landmark around for future generations. it will not close down as previously planned. thanks in part to a petition signed by over 17,000 members of the community. they announced a multi-million dollar plan to restore the historic structure that dates back to 1672. >> it is very cool. turning to the forecast. 36 degrees out there, but it's not too bad. over to bill evans with the afterschool forecast. >> the high temperature at this time of the year is about 38. we'll get to that. even above it, the next seven hours here your temperatures. 38 degrees up to 4:00 and then it starts to cool off back in to the mid-30s after sunset. we'll be looking at new jersey. temperatures up to 39. might even hit 40 in here. for little while. at some point in many of those hours.
12:35 pm
little chilly, but you won't have the wind out there. if you could get outside and get some exercise and we have schools like hockey that kind of thing with pretty good weather for it. we'll tell you about it on the rainier side, but mild all that in your seven-day forecast coming up in just a moment. david and shirleen back to you. a car stolen with a boy sleeping in the backseat. caught on camera and on the run the hunt for a serial thief. how she made off with what could be millions of dollars worth of jewels.
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the fbi joining the hunt for a serial jewel thief. police released new surveillance video of the young woman. here she is this monday calmly using keys to unlock the jewelry cases. what you don't see is the salesperson she tied up in the back. offering a reward, $10,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. thieves stealing a car with a sleeping boy in the backseat. the car was parked, but running outside the 7-eleven in philadelphia early yesterday. when the boy's stepfather walked inside the store, another car pulled up and someone jumped in to the driver seat of the car with the child inside the car. the stepfather gave chase,
12:39 pm
police quickly track down those carjackers. >> so the police room did a great job putting out the description of the vehicle. >> police found the car about two miles away with the boy still asleep. if you believe it in the back where they believe that the suspect ditched the car when he realized that there was a child inside. the boy has been reunited with his parents. no arrests have been made. members of the military are deemployed overseas, it's tough on their families. for one family it is really hard because a daughter and father are being deployed together. hundreds turned out for the ceremony for the national guard unit from new mexico. one of the youngest member. she is a medic who jumped at the chance to serve alongside her father. >> they needed medics to come. it's a once and a lifetime opportunity to go with my father.
12:40 pm
take the edge off. >> absolutely, daddy's little girl. that's amazing. a flood of trouble in the heart of manhattan. coming up on eyewitness news, workers scramble to mop up the mess when a store gets swamped. if you like
12:41 pm
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check this out, the faulty sprinkler is being blamed inside the store on 34th street in midtown. investigators say that it was activated for the unknown reason. they had to call it in. to shut it off. many people have a loss for how to deal with it. he has a plan when they turned to ice he made the best of the frozen situation to turn the road in to the personal skating
12:43 pm
if you remember that they dominate in speed skating. so this is probably like hey what a nice opportunity as i wanted one of these in my backyard. look at his form. i'm thinking that. they always win the cross country skiing. this is their element. blue skies like seven feet tall, absolutely just great athletes. >> and smart. >> and good looking, yeah. it'll feel like that here next week. a warm up that we shall explain here at noontime. we'll take a look outside with
12:44 pm
a pretty afternoon. it feels better, hardly any moisture at all. so we won't have that harsh wind. we'll get to that and maybe get above that. we're not going to set any records, but we'll have a beautiful sunset. and it is not quite as cold this afternoon as they will continue in to the weekend. at times we think that it will rain on saturday and sunday and that is rain not a snow event. so 32 at montcello. 38 to 40 will be a little warmer. the low going to the west,
12:45 pm
then next week we'll have cold air pouring right in. starting about tuesday and in to the end of next week. if they would come around, we would get some snow. we're 40. tonight clear and chilly. 28 overnight is the normal low and tomorrow a little warmer with 43 degrees. 45 on friday. saturday we've got the rain coming. tapers off. and saturday night in to sunday with that front and it will be warmer on sunday in to the the 50s. then they will go through. and for tuesday. now tuesday, here is what we will do as we would create our own skating rink. >> there you go. we'll show you how we do it here in the big city.
12:46 pm
should we keep it a secret? >> yeah, don't tell anybody. just bring your own skates. they hope to get the call, the fourth year that he'll be on the ballot by a catcher. for his opportunity to get in there and former polling shows that they should get the required 75% of the vote this year. with all your comment and support and any result as we always love the game, giving us so much with a lot of fans there. thanking them for the good times. >> 2016 might be the year. we'll be right back. but first a look at what's coming up next on the chew. hey guys today we're bringingout seasonal ingredients you should be
12:47 pm
carlos is cooking with a lucky audience member. i'm sharing my secrets to shopping the produce aisle in
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hi everybody i'm diana williams in the newsroom. we are hearing about how the death of the local student six years ago may have now helped save his life when a high school basketball player collapsed during the game this week. we'll tell you all about that. plus, a car warranty warning before you pay extra for that car warranty. hear what happened to one man and how they helped you get back thousands of dollars. those stories and more beginning on eyewitness news first at 4:00. we'll see you then. wait. thank you. and time for those stories that would get their start on social media, getting shared, retweeted. we'll start with how someone donating a part of their deliver would result in two hearts coming together. a love story folks.
12:51 pm
picked up a fiance as they heard about their situation from co-workers, decided to see if they could help out. well during the process. the two fell in love and turns out that it was not just those that were a match, but they now plan to marry next october. >> and that is just beautiful. i have another love story a. different kind. young brothers reunite with their beloved stuffed monkey with the help of social media. i'm not kidding. chick this out. >> yes, that's the monkey that the boys found outside the college basketball arena in pittsburgh as they posted a picture of the monkey on facebook, thousands of likes and shares later. the girl's family noticed the stuffed animals online as they are now reunited. >> very cute. i have another love story too. people are fascinated if they found something that no one knew was there as they stopped and they moved in to the site of alexandria, finding a part
12:52 pm
revolutionary war. it may have been used as a filler in to the potomac river and found captain jack sparro. glime still waiting for the love story. >> i had to throw that in there. removing the beams and boards as they look for clues. >> i'm in love with the way you told it. >> yes, there was some love. there that'll do it for think decision of eyewitness -- for
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