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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 7, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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numbers, try these -- 8, 54, 14, 39, 13. those are among the most frequently drawn numbers in the past four years. if no one wins the big pot tonight, the next drawing is saturday, when the grand prize is estimated to be worth $675 million, the largest jackpot ever. for "nightline" kayna whitworth, abc news, new york. >> of course if you win you could tweeted me @jujuchangabc because i have a few other ideas on how you can spend that money. thanks for watching abc news. "world news now" is coming up soon with overnight breaking news. tune in to "good morning america" tomorrow and as always
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apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150.
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it's a chilling case of murd er. tonight an emotional vigil to remember a pregnant woman who police say was killed by her father. tonight shocking
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her and why. >> first an eyewitness news exclusive. a violent night at rikers. teenage inmates beating up several who are in the hospital. good evening at 11:00. i'm sade baderinwa. >> and i'm bill ritter. >> tonight they lived up to that billing. cefaan kim at the hospital in queens where the officers are being treated. >> a total of five correctional officers are being treated here at new york presbyterian hospital for a number of injuries. this started when two teenage inmates began attacking two correction officers and when additional officers jumped in to try to control that situation, additional inmates jumped in and began attacking those officers. this happened about at rikers island. this
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got out of control ciaut -- chaotically. we have right now here at the hospital one officer with a fractured nose and suffered cuts above his eye. another has bumps and bruises all over his face. a third at the top of his foot, the bone crushed. another had her hand slammed in the gate. the fifth officer is being treated for that chemical exposure that they tried to use to control this assault. it was four 16 and 17-year-olds attacked these officers. these inmates are in a unit called transitional repair unit or tru, a youth inmate under 21 that used to be in administrative segregation. punitive segregation wasn't working and making people instead more violent. now they go in to tru to rehabilitate the inmates. this attack occurring two months after the ahead of the correctional officers union warned a new policy like this that went in to effect this year
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this attack today proved his point. union officials say that put their officers in harm's way and they're now livid about this policy change. >> until the mayor walks in the shoes of a new york city correctional officer that has his or her eye socket busted out then he'll have a difference of opinion. we're trying to do this to protect correctional officers and others incarcerated in the city's jail system along with the nonuniform members of the department of correction. everybody deserves to be safe. >> he says he would like to see sentences concurrently for inmates who attack correction officers. he says they should receive minimum sentences of five to seven years attached to whatever sentence they're already serving and the last few years the city had to pay millions to rikers inmates who were brutally beaten by officers. we've reached out to the department of corrections but we've not heard back. reporting live here in flushing, cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness
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a fire at a hotel in the middle of times square forces evacuations. the fire erupted tonight at the tryp hotel on 48th street. it started in the vent of the kitchen and smoke quickly spread. the first and second floors of the hotel had to be firefighters were called to the scene and managed to bring it under control in about an hour. seriously injured. we're getting our first glimpse tonight of a father accused of brutally murdering his pregnant daughter and then trying to hide her body. william caruth charged with murder and arrested tonight. cops say the motive for the killing, an argument with his daughter over money. this is a most disturbing story. eyewitness news reporter jim dolan at the courthouse in the bronx with more new details. >> there is no detail of this story that isn't disturbing. police say william caruth strangled his pregnant daughter and beat her in the head hammer and then police say for two nights he slept just a few
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>> did you kill your daughter, sir? >> reporter: police led 61-year-old william caruth from the 47th precinct tonight. he's now charged with the brutal and grizzly murder of his own daughter who was five months pregnant. >> she was a beautiful soul. very calm. even keel person. and just so full of life. full of com passion. >> i miss her. i love her. >> reporter: 39 -year-old andrea caruth was strengthled and beaten in the head with a hammer. for two days police considered her missing. her body was found this morning in her home stuffed in a crawl space just several feet from her father's bed where he slept in the nights since she was murdered. when police asked mr.
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lawyer. >> what could a man be thinking to be done in such a way, such a horrible way? it's mind-boggling. >> people who know mr. caruth now charged with the murder of his own daughter describe him as pleasant. >> when i was short of $2 she always gave it to me. >> tonight neighbors mourn the loss of a woman who cared for children and at 39, finally looked forward to having her own. marjorie says andrea's sister suspected the father from the beginning. >> i said how could you say that? a father could never do that. she said marjorie, he did it. >> she knew there were issues? >> she felt -- yes. she said there were issues going on and he hated her. >> police say the two argued often over money and in particular a second mortgage she had recently taken out on the home. he'll be arraigned here tomorrow for her murder. reporting live from the bronx, jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness
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a woman whose face was slashed by a total stranger while on their way to work in manhattan talked to eyewitness news about the frightening attack. >> i walked past him and i thought maybe he punched me. i thought maybe i broke my nose because i felt blood. >> a surveillance camera attack. the 24-year-old victim said she never saw her attacker's face. she's scarred for life, receiving numerous police are offering up to a $2500 reward for the suspect's apprehension. startling new details tonight in the slashing of another young woman. this one in queens. apparently it was a targeted attack but the victim was the wrong person. we're learning the teenager, an exchange student from china, may have been the victim of mistaken identity. a man wearing surgical gloves and a mask slashed her face and throat as she walked to school last month. shocking video. her host family says a note was left at their house monday from the supposed
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mistakenly targeted and he would come back to slice up the right teenager. cops now obviously investigating. big financial problems and worries overseas tonight. breaking news story, stock trading in china suspended for the second time this week, this time tonight after the benchmark shanghai composite index fell in the first 15 minutes of trading. beijing trying to restore investor confidence ever since markets plunged last june. a swift veto expected from president obama tonight. a bill repealing his signature healthcare law is sent to him by congress. late today house republicans cast their 62nd vote to repeal obama care. it's the first time an anti-obamacare bill has made it to the president's desk. democrats called it a waste of time and pointless political theater.
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the union address in a video on youtube tonight. it talks about what he wants his speech to focus on. >> just the remarkable progress we've made, not just what i want to get done in the year ahead, but what we all need to do together in the years to come. >> senior white house officials have said the president will deliver a nontraditional speech for his final state of the union next tuesday. instead of going down a total to-do list, he'll take a big picture approach to framing the issues. medical marijuana dispensaries. opening tomorrow for the first time in new york. just eight of them for now. critics complained this is the most ricked medical marijuana law in the nation. new york joining 22 other states and washington, d.c. to offer but will it grow here with all these restrictions? eyewitness news reporter n.j. burkett with the one family's struggle tonight. he's in union square for us. >> outside the only dispensary for medical marijuana here in the city of new york, but how
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people who lobbied so hard and so long for the medical marijuana law in the state of new york are going to find themselves shut out tomorrow. why? because so few doctors have signed up to prescribe it and those families, heart broken and they're mad. >> we fought to get it passed. >> reporter: miss y miller is angry tonight. her son oliver was born 16 years ago, blind with a traumatic brain injury. as doctors struggled to control oliver's daily seizures, they found marijuana, specifically cannabis oil, works. >> i can tell you that this has reduced oliver's seizures significantly. >> reporter: but when a handful of storefronts open across the state to dispense medical marijuana legally for the first time, missy and oliver will not be there because oliver's doctors are not registered to prescribe it. missy blames the state health department. >> i don't think they were
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physicians and letting them know that it was safe, that it will be fully legal in new york state. >> reporter: medical marijuana in new york must be nonsmokeable, only 20 locations have been approved. and just 150 doctors have registered in the entire state. and it is not covered by medicaid or private insurance. >> in some respects it's a stronger version of what mother nature makes. >> reporter: it's ironic because missy and oliver were instrumental in lobbying for the law in the first place. >> i carried him over snow banks in albany multiple times going in and out of senators' hallway. and not one of us will get medicine not one. >> they got their law, but as bill said, a law that is now
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ome 10 condition -- only 10 conditions are approved and doctors cannot register until they complete a four-and-a-half-hour course. grab your tickets. we want to give you another look at the winning powerball numbers just drawn a few minutes ago here on channel 7. 47, 2, 63, 62, 11, and powerball 17. i hope you're a winner. the estimated jackpot actually rising in the final minutes to $524 million with a cash payout of over $300 million. new tonight, a data breach affecting hundreds of thousands of cable customers. a little boy and his grandfather trapped by rushing floodwaters. wait till you see the rescue and a mother's huge sigh of relief. >> oops, why this smash and grab robbery didn't go quite as planned. >> i'm meteorologist lee goldberg. a chilly 35 degrees
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a busy interstate shut down for hours. the truck carrying paper products caught fire, snarling the evening rush. lanes reopened about three hours later. state police think a mechanical issue is to blame. from the file headed when things don't go quite as planned, a group of thieves caught on camera crashing a stolen pickup truck. they rushed in to steal a safe but they weren't able to move the dang thing. they finally gave up and left. the suspects still on the run. the personal information of 320,000 time warner customers may be compromised tonight following a data breach. time
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that their e-mail addresses and account passwords may have been hacked. the cable giant was contacted by the fbi about the breach. time warner says it's reaching out to customers who may be affected. a dramatic flood rescue today and it was all caught on camera. a man and his 2-year-old grandson calling for help after that truck got stuck in rising floodwaters. the two sought refuge on a dry island until rescuers were able to reach them and get them to safety. >> i was in shock. your heart starts pounding and you don't know what to do. i'm unbelievably thankful. i thank god a thousand times. it wouldn't be enough. >> can you imagine? the grandfather said he thought his truck could make it through the floodwater before it just simply rose too fast and too high. don't try it. >> i was looking at some of the rates of the creeks and streams and rivers, 5 feet in 15, 20 minutes. it comes up so quickly.
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piece of that storm coming our way over the weekend. could have a pretty good soaking especially sunday morning. outside tonight, clear, cold. the empire state building in christmas colors. we have a clear sky right now. our temperature at 35 degrees. west wind at 6. and it even feels a little colder because the air has been so darn dry today so even a little bit of a breeze makes it feel really chilly. the barometer holding steady and high today managed to get above 40. now we're back above average. what to expect? a cold morning tomorrow turns in to a comfortable afternoon by january standard. it's a warming trend that will continue in to the weekend. add some clouds though. the weekend is not a washout. the real soaking is centered on sunday morning. could still drizzle a little bit on saturday. 18, danbury. 32 in nor walk. westhampton beach at 15.
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mar. still chilly tomorrow morning. teens and 20s in the suburbs. you'll notice high clouds filtering the sun at times, still a partly to mostly sunny day. skies are clear right now. coming up the coast, some high clouds tomorrow. but along with it, milder temperatures. in the 50s in the midatlantic. we'll be in the low and mid 40s tomorrow and higher as we go in to the weekend. that's our saturday system. broken line of showers. a little bit of drizzle coming in. not a big deal. it's the one on the west coast here that will loop to the gulf of mexico, scoop up more moisture headed in to the ohio valley and give us that soaker on sunday morning. back to the local futurecast here. tomorrow morning, teens and 20s. afternoon, more pleasant with sun and high clouds. friday, this has been a trending forecast where it's looking nicer. more sunshine through at least early afternoon. low clouds coming in from the ocean. that could mean some drizzle by saturday morning. clear and cold tonight. 30. by 7:00 in the morning we're in the teens and 20s in the suburbs. 43 in the
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nice day. sun patchy, high clouds. down to freezing tomorrow night. 7-day forecast, late clouds on friday. here's that saturday futurecast. not a lot of rain. a lot of clouds certainly and specks of drizzle time to time. not a washout. but sunday a good soaking in the morning. could be windy and stormy, maybe even an inch of rainfall. that's going to be a travel problem early but the afternoon doesn't improve. best case scenario, even a little clearing south and west. that 56 could be 60. we're going to get a lot colder again next week. 40 feels like 30s on monday. that's a couple snowflakes on wednesday. i don't think it's a major storm but there's a storm likely to form in the midatlantic. bill evans will have more on that tomorrow morning. >> how do you even smell snow anymore? i don't know. coming up next, we have new important health information for women. the early indicator for depression, this one might surprise you. >> is your fit bit lying to
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some customers suing about an alleged danger about the popular fitness gadget. >> first let's check in with our pal jimmy kimmel. >> hello, new york. tonight kathy griffin, music from the internet and i'm going to teach you the dark art of passive aggressive text "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence
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in tonight's health alert, a link between early menopause and depression. a new study publish ed in jama psychiatry says early menopause may increase a woman's depression later in life. women who were older when the menopause begins have a longer exposure to estrogen which may have a protection effect. three plaintiffs say their
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read dangerously low rates during workouts. one plaintiff says her device registered 82 beats per minute while her personal trainer recorded 160. fit bit says it stands behind its technology. rob powers up next with sports. >> it's been a fun day here and here's why. the call to the hall finally came for one of the mets' all time best. cooperstown just added a pretty darn good catcher. mike piazza is a hall of famer. apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm:
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just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150. and every other truck is history i understand piazza making a little history. lowest draft pick ever to make it to the hall of fame. >> he waited a long time to get drafted then hall. drafted in the 62nd round, pick number 1,390 of the 1988 draft and now a resident of cooperstown. mike piazza, who hit more home runs than any other catcher in big league history, elected in to the hall of fame tonight. played almost a thousand games with the mets. piazza wants to
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join tom seaver as the only other met player to be enshrined. now the wait is over. induction in cooperstown july 24th. >> incredibly special. wow. my wife laughed. she's like i've never heard you not say anything. you've never been speechless but i sat here with my mouth on the floor. >> joining piazza, ken griffey, jr. griffey was named on 99.3% of the ballots. all but three ballots. that tops seaver's all time percentage record. played a heck of an outfield as well. said he's superstitious. he's been to cooperstown but never to the hall. he'll now see it with piazza this summer. now to the games. the knicks at miami, already won as many games as they did all of last season. lost to the heat eight straight times. lost to miami twice this season. carmelo anthony had trouble missing shots tonight.
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did the other things well as well. the knicks had the lead. robin lopez, an impressive game. 19 points. knicks shooting better than 55% from the floor. chris bosh tried to keep the heat in this one. he scored 28. the knicks do get it done. 98-90. they win their third straight and eclipse last year's win total in brooklyn. the nets against the raptors trying to snap a seven-game home losing streak. 22 points, 11 rebounds. if it wasn't him it was kyle lowry. the nets struggled again and cory joseph almost brings rain with that one. brook lopez had 24 points. really the only bright spot in the game. 91-74. nets lose. haven't won a home game in almost a month. nhl all star teams named today for the rangers, ryan mcdonagh. for the isles, tavares. and for the devils, cory schneider. 2nd period, devils on the power play. that doesn't amount to a hill of
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this. shorthanded goal. devils lose 3 -1. schneider had 23 saves. bucks hired head coach levy smith tonight. men's college basketball, rutgers lost to number 3 maryland. seton hall lost to number 11 villanova. st. john's back on campus against number 10 xavier. the musketeers are pretty darn good. xavier pulls it out. it was a good game. st. john's loses 74-66. took them right down to the f all: milk! milk! milk! milk! milk! okay! fun's over. aw. aw. thirsty?
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