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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 8, 2016 1:05am-1:35am EST

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your original pet. >> nature versus nurture. so genetics also plays an important role in it, but also the environment of it. there are very characteristics as well that are very similar to those of the original donor. >> reporter: but laura and richard seem like perfectly happy customers. >> we know it's not dylan. and just to get that piece of dylan, i mean, i'll basically be able to see dylan's face. and just having that part of him like a member of his family just means the world to us. >> in this year of presidential politics we are reminded tonight what our 33rd president said about dogs. it was harry truman who said, "if you want a friend in washington, get a dog." thank you for watching. tune in to "good morning america" first thing tomorrow. and as always, we're online 24/7. our "nightline" facebook page
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good night, america. apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash
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it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150.
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breaking news tonight. terrifying moiments at a wedding rehearsal. a toddler takes a frightening fall, tumbles in to an open shaft. good evening at
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>> and i'm sade baderinwa. that little boy took a plunge in the dance hall in the bronx. >> josh einiger with the story. >> they were rehearsing what was supposed to be a fairy tale wedding planned for this weekend when suddenly the 2-year-old ring bearer plunged right through the floor. >> reporter: on the website of the villa baron manor, an image so the bar mitzvah boy can make the grandest of entrances. >> he was crying because he was scared. >> reporter: today it made for a dangerous drop for isaiah edwards who was made to be a ring bearer. during a rehearsal after 7:00, his aunt shar griffin said that elevator was in a raised position above the dance floor with a small gap underneath while isaiah and other kids were horsing around.
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elevator was wide enough for somebody to fall right through. all i saw was him run toward the elevator and he dropped. >> reporter: the fire department said the toddler fell between 5 and 10 feet. family members pulled them to safety before rescue personnel could arrive and rush him to the hospital. isaiah's father michael is breathing a sigh of relief his son is okay but still he can't understand how this was even possible. >> you take the train [ inaudible ] it shouldn't happen. >> isaiah was treated for some bumps and bruises at jacobi hospital but he is fortunate going to be okay. here at villa baron manor, we found the lights off and doors locked up tight. someone who answered the phone hung up as soon as he found out it was channel 7 calling. the we're live in the throgs neck section
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channel 7 eyewitness news. breaking news, a crash between a new jersey transit train and a car. a train traveling from hoboken hitting the car tonight at a crossing in paterson. none of the 400 customers and crew on the train was injured. service on new jersey transit's main line was temporarily halted but has since been restored. another breaking news story. this one involving two terror suspects. tonight in federal custody in two different states. the men arrested in california and texas. the first suspect, 23-year-old refugee from iraq arrested in sacramento, accused of lying to federal investigators about traveling to syria to fight for terror groups. the second man arrested in houston, suspected of possibly plotting an attack. new at 11:00, the nypd releasing video of a suspect who mugged two men in the west village. this is the man police want to catch. he allegedly robbed the victims at gunpoint in the lobby of an apartment
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christopher street. he took off with around $400. an alleged serial slasher off the streets. new details tonight. we just learned the man accused of slashing a woman's face in chelsea has now been admitted in to the psych ward in bellevue hospital. the question tonight, how many victims are out there? jim dolan in kips bay out the hospital. >> we know that over the years kari bazemore has 32 arrests, many of them for violent crimes. but he's never spent much time in jail. even as his behavior grew more erratic over the years, he never got the psychological help he needed either, now after police say he slashed a young woman's face as she walked along the street, now he's here at bellevue for evaluation. >> mr. bazemore, did you slash that woman's face? >> reporter: kari bazemore's clothes had evidence of slashing a 24-year-old woman. he was led on his way to book and arraignment he wore a white
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it may be a while before he chooses his own clothes again. >> a little bit shaken and sore. >> reporter: 24-year-old amanda morris spoke to eyewitness news reporter kemberly richardson hours after the attack on 23rd street. it happened in a heartbeat bazemore in the red jacket slashes her face and runs. the two had never met but that video led to bazemore's capture when a man saw it on tv and saw a man in the distinctive red jacket later that night. >> the young man was watching the news, saw the jacket, and went about his way in to the city. he sees an individual wearing this jacket, acting somewhat irrationally. he alerted two mounted cops on 5th avenue. >> reporter: turns out kari bazemore has been a one-man crime wave, arrested 32 times since 1997, for a long list of crimes including assault, grand larceny, forcible touching, and
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now this. >> something hit me in the face and i thought maybe he punched me. i thought maybe he broke my nose because i felt blood. when i went in to the diner i told them i'm bleeding, please help me. they're like oh, my god, you have a big cut on your face. >> bazemore is also a suspect in a new year's day assault of another young woman on the street. he did not know either of the victims. jim dolan, channel 7 eyewitness news. following developing news overseas. all eyes are on the chinese stock markets which are again tonight. meanwhile our stocks off to a horrendous start this new year. economic worries about china spreading across the globe. the dow tumbling 392 points, both the nasdaq and the s&p 500 dropped more than 2%. with about half of us with some sort of stock portfolio, it affects a lot of people. what besides worry?
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same which is you're in. if you sell now you're certainly taking a hit from where you might be. market turmoil is not an unusual thing. that's what markets do. and we for get about that periodically. we have forgotten about that. many people have forgotten about that in the last five or six years as the federal reserve intervenes so heavily to stabilize the economy and the markets back after the financial crisis. >> hard to hang on with all the than 2%. investigators in newark are trying to figure out what caused a deadly car crash. the wrecked bmw was loaded on to a flatbed truck. it flipped to its side this afternoon at north 6th street and 4th avenue. rescuers pulled the driver out but he died at the hospital. investigators are waiting for an autopsy to figure out how he died. an elderly man in
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unlawful surveillance tonight after a picture of a naked toddler was allegedly found on his ipad. 71-year-old victor weel was arrested after he was spotted photographing people at the pool. when he was asked to delete the picture guests noticed the naked picture taken from his balcony. services tomorrow for a volunteer firefighter in orange county. a wake for justin speights. stabbed and killed while trying to break up a fight at a party. so far no arrests. a $10,000 re ward is now being offered. we're getting our first look at the interrogation that led police to arrest a teenage boy at the killing of a rabbi from brooklyn. 50-year-old deandre charles was arrested in the shooting death of a rabbi. police believe he was the victim of a botched robbery while
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during interrogation, cops say the teenager admitted to holding a gun but insists he had nothing to do with the murder. >> i didn't say that. i said i hold guns but like -- >> you hold guns? hold guns me? >> charles , who was charged as guilty. president obama tonight taking on and calling out the nra while defending his controversial attempts to tighten gun control laws. >> there's a reason why the nra is not here. they're just down the street. and since this is the main reason they exist, you'd think they'd be prepared -- >> they haven't been to the white house for years. >> we've invited them. >> president obama the headlining guest at a guns in
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virginia hosted by c nn. in the audience, parents of the victims of the newtown school gun massacre. flags will be flown at half staff in new york beginning tomorrow to honor the memory of the state's first female chief judge. judith kaye died yesterday of lung cancer. she was 77. kaye was the longest serving new york judge in history. tonight they're remembering her commitment to justice and public service. lots more news to come. a startling discovery for a petty thief. stealing a car and inside a blind grandmother. we'll show you more of this wild ride. >> and talk about a great traffic stop. state troopers earning their stripes in new jersey as midwives on the garden state park way. you've got to see what was caught on their dash cams. >> 20 years ago tonight the snow was piling up.
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20 inches of snow. fifth biggest snow storm in new york history. we're near 40 at 11:00 but we have storms. temperatures spiking and free falling all over the place then a weekend rainst that's a big bull. i think that's old cyrus. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck i want.
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new at 11:00, under the heading look before you steal, a car thief in connecticut apparently not paying much attention to who was in the back seat of the car he stole last night. >> maybe he should have looked. it was a grandmother who's blind and how this ended, that's part of the story. >> in bridgeport for us, here's eyewitness news reporter cefaan kim. >> it was cold out here last night and the victim's grandson had to grab just a few things from the store here on madison avenue so he figured he'd leave the car running with his 69-year-old blind grandmother sitting in the back. he was gone for two minutes but when he came back outside, his car with his grandmother inside were gone. >> reporter: this is the man bridgeport police say kidnapped a blind grandmother for 30 minutes on wednesday night. the
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police capturing the moment just before the crime. 69-year-old avila taken for a joyride. avila and her grand kids declined to go on camera saying they felt bad for the suspect because he seemed desperate and they don't want to make him feel worse for what he did. they said the suspect knew avila was in the car when he sped off. during the ride, the grandma prayed for the man, patted him on the back, told him it would be okay. the suspect stole her cell phone, $70 cash, and her state i.d. card. >> if you're going to leave the car running because you think you're going to be in and out, that was enough time for this to happen. >> reporter: is the suspect eventually dropped avila off on fairfield avenue where she made her way to this grocery store and had an employee drive her to her son's home not far away. >> she's okay. a little upset obviously. but it turned out really well for us. >> reporter: avila told police
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her granddaughter said he never laid a finger on her. her grandmother is now home resting and praying for the suspect who robbed her. cefaan kim, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> incredible woman. the mother of the so-called affluenza teen back in texas tonight to face charges. we're getting a look at her newest mugshot, tonya couch. trying to stop terrorists from using the internet as a weapon. that's the agenda tomorrow for a high level meeting in silicon valley. the federal government seeking the tech industry's help to try to hinder efforts by isis to recruit new members online or using encrypted communication. leaders from technology and internet companies will meet with the fbi and national intelligence directors. it's not your typical traffic spot. two new jersey state troopers caught on camera helping an expectant mother make an emergency delivery on the
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>> 1, 2, 3, push. there you go. keep going. there we go. >> pretty incredible dashcam video shows troopers alex and rinaldo delivering a baby girl monday morning on the shoulder of the garden state parkway in hillside township. >> observed the baby's head so i cleared the airway, i turned the baby to the side and knew she had to continue pushing. we gave her instructions and baby came out. >> they're just beaming. both troopers assist ed with cutting the umbilical cord before handing the newborn over to her mom. neither trooper had ever delivered a babe before. -- a baby before. >> those men will remember the start of the new year forever. just awesome. beautiful night tonight. >> beautiful night tonight. a lot different 20 years ago.
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96. snow piled up over 20 inches in new york city. over 30 inches, parts of new jersey. pushed 3 feet near edison, new jersey. so just remarkable. fifth biggest snowstorm in new york city history. they canceled school in new york city for the first time since the blizzard of '78. we've had that recently with big storms. looking quietly now at the george washington bridge on a clear to partly cloudy night on the fort lee side, looking over to washington heights. we have partial cloudiness. 39 degrees. wind is light out of the northeast. back above average again. not record warmth but a good 6, 8 degrees above average. this is going to be the final above average stretch for a while. it's going to take us in to the weekend. tomorrow sunshine first, clouds collect. a little spotty drizzle at night. slippery spots well north and west in the catskills. then over the weekend there's this six-hour windswept soaking that's going to happen sunday morning. we'll
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before temperatures plummet late andover, new jersey. you need the winter coat tomorrow special north and west we'll be in the low 20s, even teens. still a winter chill. we'll start the day in the mid 30s. right now patchy cloudiness over western new jersey. so tomorrow morning some places will be mainly clear. other places will have a few clouds around. it will be dry for everyone. offshore. we missed that although we're on the fringe of some of the cloudiness. this next storm will help bring some of the cloudyiness in. this system here is stretching out. this area of showers tries to get us saturday. i don't think there's a lot of rain. this one over the southwest will give us a lot of rain. look at the track starting friday afternoon, how it sweeps in to the gulf and heavy rains come up in to the area first thing on sunday morning. let's take a close-up view. see how this patchy
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20s and definitely a chill. during the day thicken. 40s. tomorrow night a touch of drizzle which would mean icing close to freezing. watch out hudson catskills. if you have travel late at night, could be icy spots on area roads. spotty sprinkles on saturday. maybe thinning of the clouds. femps -- temperatures in the upper 30s. i think this timing is about 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning to maybe noon time. quick mover but an inch, maybe two inches of rain in some spots. be careful with your sunday morning travel. patchy clouds, 36 at 7:00 in the sunny to start then 45. tomorrow night got to be careful of that drizzle especially north and west. just be spotty though. here's your forecast. at 48. sunday. that would tie a record high. the morning. be careful with your morning travel. monday those 30s
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wouldn't be surprised to see flurries and a better threat of a couple showers wednesday. we're not talking major snows but you can see the pattern flip. we're back in the 30s by day and 20s by night. bill evans will have an update tomorrow morning. >> snow. >> it's time. up next, important new information for women whose birth control provided less effective than they planned and why would someone volunteer to get stabbed in the back? the shocking demonstration takes a dangerous turn. first let's check in with jimmy kimmel to see who's on the show tonight. >> hello, new york . tonight kate blanchett. two college students go head to head in patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience
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a reporter stabbed while demonstrating a so-called stab-proof vest and the camera was rolling. stabbed by a company spokesman several times in the back. he flinched. that's because when the reporter took off the vest, he was bleeding. a superficial wound that required several stitches. in tonight's health alert, what happens if you don't realize you're pregnant and you keep taking your birth control pill? a new study suggests your baby won't be at a higher risk for birth defects. they found no connection between oral contraceptive use before or during pregnancy and birth defects in babies. we couldn't find a better segway in to sports. [ laughter ] rob powers. >> i'm still thinking about that poor guy getting stabbed in the back. >> the highest draft pick ever voted in to the hall of fame. the lowest draft pick ever voted
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piazza, ken griffey, jr. taking different roads to cooperstown but they're both headed to the
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he could have worn the hat where he was rookie of the year but he decided to go with the mets. wouldn't it have been funny if he had gun with the marlins? five games. once they knew mike piazza was elected, mets fan had one more question. what cap would me wear on the plaque? that answer came today loud and clear. each received enough votes for induction this summer. piazza will go in to the hall as a met joining tom seaver as the only two met players in the hall because of his relationship with the fans. >> i put my fans up against any fans in the world for their love of the team and the dedication and the emotion they brought the best out of me. it's a true american success story. it's what our country is all about and what baseball is all about. >> it sure is. nobody's name
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of ballots than griffey. he beats seaver's record. that special day now 199 days away. >> wow. it's something that you can only dream of. daniel murphy had a memorable postseason for the mets now murph is in washington. here he is, the new number 20. he signed a three-year, $37.5 million deal with the nats after seven years with the mets. former teammate, now a rival. >> as far as playing against them 19 times next year, i think the fact that we'll be able to play against them in spring training should help to alleviate some of that what will happen in the regular season. >> murph is in dc. dennard span leaves dc and lands in san francisco. a lot of met fans wanted him too but span gets a three-year, $31 million deal. now to the football giants. they need a head coach.
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coordinator terrell austin today. also interviewed steve spagnola today. he had a chance to explain it all earlier today. ben mcadoo interviewed earlier this week. he interviewed with the eagles earlier today. the list of finalists for the pro football hall of fame has been whittled down to 15. brett favre is right there at the top joined by one-time jet allen fanica, morton anderson. terrell owens. marvin harrison. we will know who's in in one month. we've got hockey in brooklyn tonight. the islanders and capitals. caps eliminated the isles. hard hitting game tonight. washington takes a 2-0 lead on a career goal number 497 for alex vetch. isles -- for alex ovechkin. aisles make it a one one isles lose.
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