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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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shot by a suspect who cited religion as the reason. he had the courage and stamina to chase his assailant. the suspect approached the officers cruiser. >> despite being seriously injured. hartnett exited his patrol car and chased the men. he returned fire, and was able to strike the male who was officers. the bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. >> reporter: one bullet struck edward archer a philadelphia suburb. archer told him he attacked the officer in the name of islam. >> i believe to confess to commit this cowardly act in the
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according to him, he believes the police enforce laws that are against islam. >> reporter: the gun used against this officer -- >> it was stolen back in october of 2013. it was reported and that is one of the things that you absolutely regret the most when an officer's gun is stolen that it is used against one of your own. >> reporter: the fbi is taking part in investigation. an alert went out to nypd officers despite the claims that it was done in the name of religion. it hits home for lu and ramos shot execution style in 2014. philadelphia city leaders are relieved that this officer made it out alive. >> his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. >> and abc news has learned this evening that edward archer traveled to saudi arabia in 2011. he traveled to egypt in 2012.
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he is not on any terror watch lists. however at this point, investigators are trying to determine if that travel was for religious or extremist reasons. for now we're live in university city. >> the nypd who are quite familiar to people shooting at its officers issued an alert in wake of the attack in philadelphia and paris. an internal memo is asking officers to stay alert. the attacks in france and pennsylvania demonstrate there's a threat to personnel including from terrorists. meanwhile, nypd officer has been stripped of her gun and badge following the controversial death of eric garner. sergeant edones was on the scene of when garner died while being taken into custody back in 2014. today she was placed on modified duty and charged with failure to supervise. police says adones confirmed
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made sure medical help was okay. >> he was okay. she confirmed that an ambulance is called. an ambulance responds to the scene. sergeant adones is no doctor, she's no trained emt. she did what the nypd teaches her to do. >> reporter: the nypd says action was taken against adones because it's the last day her probation could be extended. the busiest subway system tried to lose the label as one of the most outdated. it's not about renovating the sagging transportation. we're on the upper west side in manhattan. >> reporter: bill, the governor is not giving the mta all of a sudden a bunch of new money. there's no fair hike and no new taxes. this is all going for in the budget. this has people thinking this
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heard a lot about before. a lot of projects done in two, three, four years will be done much more faster. >> at 145th street on the subway line this subway stop is certainly seeing better days. but it's not make over. the department now wants to redo 30 stations. >> they need to. it's been overdue. i've been taking this train with my grandmother since i was a little girl and it's looked the same since i was a little girl. >> reporter: instead of a metro card we could eventually pay with our smart phone. the governor wants count down clocks everywhere much sooner than planned. cell service by the end of next year. lots of changes for all of us. >> we want them to have the
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make that ride more pleasant, faster, more expeditious. >> reporter: but the ability to use your phone on the subway is that such a big deal? oh yeah, especially for younger people. >> it's an improvement for the modern age. i don't think the older people are necessarily worried about i pod jacks or anything like that. >> but you are. >> yeah, absolutely. >> yeah it's important. because i know for me i'm always googling or always online and i know a lot of times there's no reception. >> reporter: and the big news for riders was the ability to some day charge your phone while riding on any subway or bus. >> that is amazing. do you know how many times my phone dies. i use four different chargers a day. that's amazing. i would love that. >> reporter: and the governor and the mta are now saying that some of the fast track programs will be changing. currently they can shut a subway station down on the
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do the work that could last for four to six weeks. the idea is do it in eight weeks completely close the station down and get the work done much more quickly. for now, dave evans, channel 7. and black ice making an appearance. and tonight one of those accidents was deadly. fender benders flaired up during the morning rush this morning. the worse accident on montague hospital. an suv crashed head on into a suffolk county bus. tonight a winter weather advisory some northern storms lasting until tomorrow. >> don't turn your back on the weather this weekend. lots of changes, lots of variety. we start out with a little taste of winter with an advisory in north western new jersey. because we have temperatures
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moving in. some sleet. 32 montgomery, 30monticello. 30 cold spring. i84 and north eastern pennsylvania that's what we're concerned about some icing. it's in the 40s, new york city not concerned with icing close to if coast but maybe areas of fog and touch of drizzle. there's not much right now. the good news is we squeeze out some rain. snow flakes, a little bit of sleet. we could have some slick spots. during the day tomorrow. spotty, drizzle, the icing threat to about 10:00 in the morning. slick spots late overnight. then the highlight over the weekends or the low light. a 40-year-old record high could fall on sunday afternoon. more on that in just a few minutes, bill, liz back to you now. >> a little something for everyone. some scary moments for students in brooklyn when their school bus overturned today. the accident happened this
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first street in park slope. hospital. most of their injuries are minor. however one child is in serious condition tonight. >> a frantic search in new jersey tonight for the armed carjacker. the victim resisting giving up his wallet or car and for that he was beaten. it happened in inglewood. >> reporter: a few minutes ago the police told us out here that they're very anxious to go ahead and catch this suspect and they feel very fortunate that the incident that took place last night did not end up in a shoot out because they've been able to look at some video tape and what they noticed the suspect is carrying a very frightening and very large weapon. >> reporter: the victim is still trying to recover from a face to face show down with a frightening gunman.
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face with a gun. enrique said it happened after his family returned from doing the laundry. enrique feels you always go about things innocently. without negative thoughts. that's when we got in the car to return home. when i arrived, i parked in the driveway. enrique had pulled into the driveway and dropped his 1-year- old and wife inside the apartment. when he walked outside to get some other things from his suv, the gunman rapidly moved in. >> enrique says in the process he points the gun at different parts of my body. my neck, my head, my fore head. the suspect took the car but jumped out near a parking lot being pursued by police. cameras on the store are being used to find the gunman but police say they did notice something very disturbing. large weapon.
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something bigger like an oozie. >> and police do believe that the suspect lives in the area as far as enrique is concerned he suffered four stitches on the left side of his head but he is expected to make a full recovery. that's the latest live from englewood new jersey, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> anthony thank you. a fugitive no more. new pictures as the world's most wanted drug king pen is taking back into custody. wait until you see how "el chapo i'm neil patrick harris and new york is my home. no place has more world class culture. come winter, i can't wait to visit our must-see
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the man known as "el chapo" was recaptured today after six months on the run. this is the photos of the suspect who's name is joaquin guzman. he was captured after a raid at a hotel. one of the marines was wounded, five of guzman's security guards were killed. this all went down in the city of los mochis. guzman had been on the run since escaping from maximum security prison. meanwhile tonight video that is both disgusting and yeah entertaining.
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of racoons somehow getting into a restaurant and their dining adventure is captured on the customer's cell phone. yes customers were there too. >> maybe the racoon just wanted some kungpao chicken. the restaurant in the bronx had very hungry guests this week but they were not your usual paying customers. two huge racoons in this video you can see them climb a metal gate and a restaurant worker stick. a restaurant employee says they came in through the front door kitchen. but residents in this neighborhood say that racoons are a growing problem. >> you have to watch yourself when you walk around here late at night. >> they're pretty big. even my wife has seen them and they stand up and they're mad tall when they stand up. >> reporter: residents say racoons have been invading
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and usually seen around 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. >> i don't go out at night. i just avoid walking at night. >> it's just annoying because you never know what might happen if they're sick or what not and you just don't feel comfortable walking around with racoons everywhere. >> reporter: and these creatures are being spotted more frequently throughout the city. the city's 311 help line received more than 1,500 1,500 racoons last year. as far as this restaurant goes, the department of health says they don't consider this an infestation but a one time event. they're asking the workers to intensively clean all surfaces contact with. by the way this restaurant has an a grade. we're following breaking news right now. jersey. scene. >> this is a huge blaze that
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we have firefighters on the roof, they have made entry into the house as well. they are starting to get some water on it. just a few seconds ago there were huge flames coming out of the house but they did get water on it. they're hoping to get a handle on the the blaze. it is damaged from all the smoke and heat from this blaze. this is the 1-1/2 story structure. a single family home at this point, there's no word on any injuries. reporting live out of hillside. >> let's hope everybody got out okay.
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get out of the past. get fios. up the possibility of winter weather and also record highs. >> ultimate destination wintery chill next week. but we're taking the scenic route yet again. it could be problematic sunday morning. be careful with your sunday morning travel if you have to travel at all. outside right now, we're
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it could be a little better than it was this evening. i'm not concerned about icing in and around the city. you have to go maybe 45 miles north and west of new york city and we start to get below mid- and low 30s then we'll have drizzle come in. the high just updated 45 degrees so still running 7 degrees above average. there are your records. here's what you need to know, black ice. take it extra slow i84, i80. just going to come in a six hour window, maybe an inch, 1- 1/2 of rainfall. the pass could run at a record high. it's 140 year record high 1846. after that we're going to plummet to freezing sunday night into monday morning. lots of ups and downs. we're already at 42 in middleton. 30 in monticello.
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even snow flakes in the catskills. so overnight lots of clouds early but still a few hours away from drizzle becoming a little more widespread. even at that it'll just be widely scattered. better chance of drizzle. probably just mostly cloudy. speaks of the clouds. here they are coming in. we don't have the drizzle report. there are your showers coming in at dc. that's what's headed our way so we get a little damp into tonight and tomorrow morning. our sunday storm is starting to take shape over texas. that's going to dip into the gulf of mexico. it's going to have all type of moisture with it. and for about 5:00 in the morning to 11:00 in the morning. if you watch this futurecast, look how it loops up toward us. the worse is at 8:00 in the morning and things will start to taper off late morning. here's the futurecast, drizzle. freezing drizzle and sleet and ice. more widespread by midnight. spotty during the day tomorrow. better chance in the morning for that drizzle.
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really end around 9:00 while north and west. have your umbrella tomorrow evening. the really heavy rain the wall of water is going to come in in the predawn hours on sunday go into late morning and leave us. even though the heavy rain ends there could still be a heavy shower in the afternoon on sunday. this shower could get close to 60 degrees. 38 tonight. watch out for the ice north and west. mostly cloudy 49. drizzle redevelops tomorrow night. breezes pick up and the rain comes in and temperatures rise. here's your seven day accu weather forecast. up to 60, plummeting the 32 at night to have an an inch and a half of rain at night. the first coatings of the season is possible. more on that at 11:00. >> lots to follow. >> own that's a close up futurecast. >> yes.
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, the lowest taxes in decades, and university partnerships, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow.
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and in albany, the nanotechnology capital of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at cl some people seeing a new banner over madison square garden. >> not a banner just an improvement. doubter. there's a thought that the knicks are a sleeper team. substitution patterns are starting to work. if there's a test it comes tonight in san antonio. not only that, they're still unbeaten at home.
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not that the knicks feel they're playing with house money. >> we want to win, we come in here to win. we feel we come in here to win. we're playing with the houses money. i don't gamble. >> not intimidating at all. i think that's an opportunity for us. we've been playing well these last few games and we want to keep it this way and what a better place to maybe get a win at their home. >> the giants coaching search rolls on four interviews down. austin and gase, adam gase interviewed today. currently the bears coordinator. he's already talked with miami cleveland and philly. and jay cutler worked with payton manning before that. giant interviews continue through the weekend. doug marone stopping by tomorrow. it's a big nfl weekend for football games, two games saturday, two more sunday. tomorrow afc game.
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the second game could be fun. texas has been on a 10 game win streak but have not won a play off until 1970. >> records don't matter. all that is wiped clean. everyone is trying to win a ball game. >> you're able to get into the play offs because of how the these players have played. >> tomorrow 4:30 right here on channel 7. the chiefs and texans. football on a saturday afternoon. what could be better right. such a big weekend here for football. the associated press nfl all prorosters announced today. locals making the second team starting at wide receiver. odelle beckham jr. brandon walker. our ranger trade this afternoon, edom goes to vancouver for nicholas jensen and a draft pick. that gets us to baseball where mike piazza elected into the baseball hall of fame yesterday was at the top of the world today.
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going into the hall as a met still enjoying this moment. >> it's a collective thing. a lot of guys, coaches, so very, very grateful. very proud. and honored and you know, just going to revel in it, enjoy the moment and can't wait until the summer. >> the lead points outward. >> he's the meteorologist he keeps up with both things, sports and spring training. coming up tonight, we have new information about a deadly hit-and-run crash happened on christmas night. police in new jersey just releasing an important new clue in the search for that driver. plus, power ball mania, sweeping the nation. $800million will do that. hopefully a lot of players waiting for hours to get a ticket. we'll take you to some of the stories in our area where you may have more luck than the ones we just showed you. those stories and much more coming up at 11:00. >> 17,000 tickets were sold per minute between noon and 1:00 today in new york. >> how much do you know about
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