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tv   Eyewitness News Sunday Morning  ABC  January 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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the waves even reached the dunes and the boardwalk in that area. thankfully at this hour no reports of flooding just yet. but kind of a messy end to the weekend. and then get out the big coats starting tomorrow, as well. >> that is true. and then people are still trying to get around. there are 30-minute delays we want to let you know on metro north harlem line. amy freeze is tracking this rain. >> good morning to the both of you. looking at the minor tidal flooding we had in the shore locations and nuisance flooding in the intersections, a lot of water in a short amount of time. we have rain still coming down and reduced visibility because the rain is intense as times. from brooklyn to lower manhattan, we have the curtains decreased visibility in that location. winds in flushing gusting to 40 miles per hour. these winds so intense are
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not that comfortable despite the temperatures being mild. coastal advisory in bright green. it goes until 10:15 this morning. the heaviest rain will pull back a bit. is it too much in too short a time. in some location s the answer is yes. if you're in a low-lying flood prone area, look for a lot of run-off. when the rain stops it has to go somewhere. when it drains we'll have issues there. long island still seeing rain. heavier showers expected to taper off by noon and we're left with drizzle and light showers through the early afternoon. impressive. wrightstown 60 degrees. as the winds change of the southwest, we'll get warmer air over the city and that is how we plan to get the projected forecast high of 60 degrees, that is a record set back in the late 1800's. more on the day ahead. grab your rain gear. and rob, has temperatures
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you go back to work tomorrow. >> all right. >> we'll check back in in a little bit. the historic powerball jackpot. the estimated number grew to 1.3 billion, yes, billion with a b, you can bet it will continue to grow. >> unchartered territory and lucrative territory. some of the powerball signs can't even show this real new estimated amount of the jackpot because the signs are only built to go up to $999 million. but now we're talking about billions, so they got to like rejigger it. we have never been in this territory before. on top of that we learned someone on staten island secured the $165 million mega millions jackpot. pennies. >> kristin thorne is inside of
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ticket was sold in willowbrook. >> good morning. it was sold here at the willowbrook deli. they're still waiting for the person to come forward. they're excited to meet that person. a guy came in here an hour ago and won $312. there is something going on here. >> we're giving away tickets. i want to make somebody a billionaire. >> exactly. it has been on fire here today, john. a lot of people coming in because maybe this is the lucky store. we will show you video coming in here to the willowbrook deli. i need to tell you about this, because yesterday officials with the lottery calculated tickets across were selling on average $7,700 per second. we did have some winners in new york and connecticut. we had a million-dollar winning ticket told in ridgewood, queens long island. everyone now has their eye on
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>> i'm going to buy some new ones and if i do get the mega, i want to meet michelle charlesworth and go to costco to buy their granola bars. >> okay. that is great. that was hysterical. i will show you douglas ball. he bought me this ticket here. and i had him write his name and number on the back. i said if i win, i won't take all this money. he bought it. his name is on the back. we'll see. kristin thorne, channel 7, eyewitness news. >> kristin, between the costco and the granola bars, we can do that now. >> i wanted to say, oh, michelle charlesworth is here. even people coming in here, everyone is so happy and talking to each other. right, john? it has been really nice. >> it is a warm, wonderful
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with almost a billion dollars in the bank. it is a great fun question, that now. >> absolutely. >> and granola bars. so great. >> you are going to buy us some tickets. >> everyone tune back in here, we'll do that at 9:30. morning. if you want to see the winning ticket being bought on live tv, you should do that at 9:30. >> and then we have to do a group e-mail to say the people the ticket. do it. >> amy is already talking to her lawyer. >> you can see the winning numbers live on channel 7 right before the news on eyewitness news at 11:00. >> indeed. shifting gears to new information. a rikers island corrections officer is recovering after being stabbed by an inmate. the inmate used a pen to that guard in the ear.
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saying it is investigating this incident that happened days after five other officers were also attacked at rikers. it came from a new unit for what are called uncontrollable inmates. guards in fact had to use chemical spray to regain control of the unit and rescue those beaten officers. the department of correction called last night's attack said it is unacceptable and say there is zero tolerance of assaults on its staff. we're learning more about an attack that happened on the street, an alleged gang rape in brooklyn. the police released surveillance video of five armed men, authorities say threatened a man and gang raped his 18-year-old daughter. this happened after 9:00 p.m. take a look at these images. the police want these men off of the street. the group approached the two in osborne park, father and daughter, in brownsville, thursday night. one man pointed a gun at the father, and screamed at him to leave.
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detectives say all five suspects sexually assaulted the young woman while that father was trying to get help. the victim was treated at a hospital and released. the police are searching for more people involved in that bronx street fight that resulted in one nypd officer ending up in the hospital. this was our lead story yesterday. police say officer sherrod stuart was shot in the ankle while responding to the massive fight that broke out at a party in the mott haven section. officer stewart returned fire and shot suspect christopher rice. the police say the 19-year-old has a history of arrest including one just hours before that shooting. >> 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning, on the charge of fare beating, where he was released from court 11:00 p.m. last night, three hours before the shooting involving our >> officer stuart is in stable condition now at lincoln
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as early as today. saturday morning's shooter came 4 years to the day that officer stuart became an nypd officer. new information this morning in the capture of drug lord el chapo. he is linked to actor sean penn. the oscar winning actor had a secret interview with el chapo led to his hideout. he interviewed joaqin guzman several months ago. the u.s. initiated an extradition request to try drug trafficking charges in several states. he spent six months on the run after escaping from a mexican prison. >> a lot of question about that story. >> sean penn. >> why did they seek him out. it is fascinating and a lot of strangeness about that story. things we don't know, yet. >> we're intrigued. >> we'll follow up. coming up, a lifeguard is accused secretly of recording colleagues taking pictures of
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there are hundreds of videos and pictures, but that is not all that investigators claim they found in his home. the surprise on the side of a highway, how two nypd officers helped this couple with something that will change their lives forever. and it is raining right now, folks, most of them walking around with umbrellas. but chance of flurries later
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welcome back, everybody. new this morning a newborn baby boy will always have a great story to tell about how he came into the world with the help of two nypd officers. a picture tweeted by the nypd h. nypd shows the new parents in the hospital with the officers who helped deliver their baby but they did not start out there.
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to a call of a woman in labor on the long island expressway, of all places, in queens, yesterday afternoon. he was able to deliver her baby service road. mom and her newborn are doing just fine. >> she was very cute. >> we like that. rain today. >> well, yeah, the rain has been morning. as people are waking up, i'm getting tweets this morning. bill in belmar, he has always all summer long is in charge of the lifeguards. he said there is a storm here. he said we got the waves, we got the wind. actually out on to long island the jersey shore will be one place that sees minor flooding but out to long island we can have 45 mile an hour gusts here. not only are we dealing with a system bringing rain it is also a twisting system that is changing the winds and so that
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we could potentially hit a record or tie a record of the 1600s. so we're watching those numbers. the rain itself will continue to be heavy at times and then freezing temperatures. in fact, wind chills in the single digits and teens by tomorrow morning. let us start where we are now. brooklyn looking into lower manhattan, reduced visibility because of the rain. we currently have 50 in central park. as we go throughout the afternoon these temperatures will bounce up dramatically and we'll start to see changes. no snow around here. that is for sure. in fact, we are going to stay with very dry conditions, onc we get past today, through much of the week, we're looking at the potential for some snow that is coming across the upper midwest in a clipper system but doesn't look promising at all. i'll show you the latest computer models on it. and cold. here we are in january tracking temperatures into the upper 50s and low 60s. it is kind of crazy.
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gust in the last hour. 32 mile an hour gust at jfk. weather mrerts to talk about, these are places that know when it is raining, you have high tides, new moon, problems. be aware of it during high tides. areas in dark green inland there is a flood advisory that goes until 10:15 am. we saw minor problems coming in. great to share on social media. we call it ground truth in meteorology. we know that the systems are producing a lot of rain and we can estimate the totals around an inch or two. but when you show the pictures that is showing the reality of what the storm is doing. we always appreciate that here. the rain will push off to the north and east. the hard rain rain that is. the lingering showers are possible through the afternoon. dry air will be racing in as well, so that change of the
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southwest will hopefully rapidly dry us out. we'll have a lot of water to contend with. very damp conditions. the winds come in 35 miles an hour, that should be enough to dry most spots out because we have temperatures being cut in half overnight. we'll go from 60 to 30. subfreezing temperatures by tomorrow morning. so it is a pretty dramatic change and we want all of these areas that are wet hopefully dried out as much as possible. if you see runoff, and you can get it out of here, that is the best bet. noon. some lingering showers that could pop up from time to time through the early evening, butter as soon as the dry air comes in, that will be a will feel immediately. by the way, as we roll into monday, not only do we have this cold air but bright sunshine. it does little to warm us up but a lot of sunshine. here is the clipper coming out of canada. it rolls into the northeast and falls apart. tuesday night gives us a few flurry s mixed precipitation,
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storm reports coming in out of that system have not been impressive. over the chicago area northern illinois, one to four inches so far from those storm reports. temperatures tank but what will it feel like when you wake up? nine to 18-degree wind chill through the city. sunny but cold, 36 is the high. accuweather seven-day forecast, tuesday and wednesday, subfreezing be, mid-30s thursday. friday seasonal temperature. we're on a roller coaster now but should feel like january midweek on. >> little pieces of polar vortex being shot in our direct direction. >> polar vortex. haven't heard that in a while. straight ahead, president obama planning to invite a well-known syrian refugee to his final state of address on tuesday. find out the guest's special connection to new york. the nfl's wild card weekend
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welcome back. the lifeguard in connecticut is accused of recording hundreds of videos of female colleagues and making disturbing col lachls with pictures -- collages with pictures. 431 counts each of voyeurism and eavesdropping. the police say he used cameras hidden in a lifeguard shack in west port. the police found a collage pictures in west port and at home on his computer. prosecutors in utah reopened an investigation into a police shooting after new video surfaced of that deadly encounter. the salt lake city d.a. released cell phone video that appears to show officer matthew taylor
9:19 am
lying on the ground. taylor was exonerated in the shooting last year after his body camera recorded the suspect swinging a snow shovel at him. that camera stopped working after the scuffle. also the fbi arrested a woman accused of robbing jewelry stores across five states. in each case 24-year-old abigail kemp threatened workers with a gun and tied them up in room. she then took off with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. kemp targeted stores not just in north and south carolina but also in tennessee, florida and georgia. when we come back, sports with laura behnke. >> indeed. but first, it is sunday. and you know what that means. >> the dog is out. >> amy, what is shaking? >> we have dogs laying on the couch, thinking about how they didn't win the powerball jackpot. it is raining outside.
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just like their humans. duke, molly, what is up. get off the couch, it is time to play. leo expressing his disappointment in another way. i love the pictures this morning. they look great. bonnie is waiting on snow. i think that is some sort of snowman she has in her clutch. happy birthday to thank you, robin for send it in via twitter. cupcake always ready with a raincoat.
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trip in their undergarments. it was started 15 years ago by an improv group. we're proud of that. it spread from san francisco to jerusalem. you can't see what we're wearing. we might be participating. >> we might. discuss it amongst yourselves over your omlets. >> is there a message, a goal, a cause. >> kooky people unite. >> great. good luck with that. time for sports. >> good morning, everyone. now the two words football fans wild card weekend. it truly is the best time of year for the nfl and the quest for the vince lombardi trophy has begun in the afc. it began witness texans hosting chiefs yesterday. what a way to start, knile davis, he started 96 yards deep of the end zone and is gone.
9:24 am
for touchdown. 7-0 chiefs. as for brian hire, a miserable day. intercepted by eric berry, cancer survivor. first of four picks for hire on the day. third quarter all chiefs. little bit more, alex smith hooking up with chris conley. 30-0. the chiefs with the shutout and bengals hosting the steelers, third period -- third quarter, steelers up 9. wildest touchdown catches you will ever see. 50-nothing steelers. kay yoshgs a touchdown interception, fumble and two 15-yard penalties for the bengals within two minutes, it led to that. game winning field goal from chris bosswell. 18-16. the steelers are moving on. for the giants this time of year is all about coach hunting. yesterday the team under viewed doug marrone and reportedly will bring in falcons' coach mike smith next. as for the former coach,
9:25 am
coughlin is said to smeet with the eagles on monday. you heard that right. they asked the giants for permission which was granted. back to back games never easy in the nba. good news the nets last night. brooklyn dropped ninth straight game at barclays center. detroit. lopez finishing 19 points. this one ties it up in first. second quarter, nets keeping pace, initial shot no good but robinson, tight in the third on drummond, 4-point advantage. pulled away in the fourth. reggie jackson getting easy layup. 83-9. mets lose fourth straight. it is not easy being the rangers over the last several weeks. but while they haven't started another long winning streak,
9:26 am
the rangers hosting the first place capitals, opening period alex ovechkin beginning a good day, beating lundquist. deficit the rangers would overcome that. that is what gives their coach hope. viktor stalberg gives rangers 3-2 advantage. it is ovechkin, pretty goal, 499th of his career. also the game winner 4-3 rangers fall. they still get a point and the islanders in philly yesterday for matinee hockey as well. only a good day for one team. that was the flyers. less than a minute into the second, michael raffl making it 1-0. more flyers, shots trickling in, for third goal of the game. they added another 4-0. islanders shut out. laura behnke. we're back again with you later tonight at 5:00 with the latest on the nfc wild card.
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>> another good day of football. much more ahead including a live look at today's top stories. >> $1.3 billion, it is almost hard to even comprehend but that is where the powerball jackpot stands right now. i'm kristin thorne at this deli on staten island where the winning mega millions ticket was sold. people think this was a lucky coming up. >> now with our office pool representative, thank you, kristin. we're looking at rain for the rest of the morning. it is a mess out there and the cold is on the way, too. meteorologist amy freeze has the full accuweather forecast when no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin
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welcome back, everybody, to eyewitness news, looking at a live picture there of a dreary new york city on this sunday morning. it is kind of wet and messy out there, but fairly mild. so that is the good news.
9:29 am
for a few more hours it is mild. thanks for spending your rainy sunday morning with us. >> i'm michelle charlesworth. >> i'm rob nelson. >> that live picture looked like it was in black and white with all of the fog and the mist. >> and here is a live look at a canal in nassau county. they're dealing with flooding in bellmore. those ducks are loving it, though. they are enjoying the extra water but that is not the ideal situation. >> it is working out just fine. >> let us check in with meteorologist amy freeze with more on the mess that has been coming down and when it will end. >> good duck weather. >> i was going to say, weather punchline there. it is the combination of heavy rainfall, plus an on-shore flow, and we get issues with tidal flooding not to mention there is a new moon so that exaggerates some of the tidal phases as well. the national weather service allowed a flood advisory,
9:30 am
until 10:00 from brooklyn into manhattan limited visibility because of what is happening with the rain coming down heavy at times. they have changed up. the other advisory moved it into the lower hudson valley, mainly orange county, for the flood advisory that is inland. we're looking for issues on long island, the south jersey shore, south facing shore lines are likely going to be affected the most. a big heads-up for that, until 10:00 or 11:00. don't forget about runoff. flood prone or low lying areas could contend with too much rain in too short of a time. once we get past the noon hour, any rain left behind is light and even drizzle-like weather through the afternoon. the winds come in and hopefully dry things out quickly because our temperatures just tank. we get to near 60 degrees by mid-afternoon and if we tie a record at 60 degrees, amazing. but then we cut those numbers in half heading into monday morning
9:31 am
with wind chills in the single digits and teens. we'll talk about this roller coaster going from near record-breaker to real january weather around here. that is all ahead in the accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll see you in a few minutes rob. >> thank you, amy. as you know by now, no one matched last night's numbers in the big huge, historic powerball drawing. so now what was a $949 million pot right before the drawing last night is now expected to soar to a record-shattering $1.3 billion, literally the largest jackpot in the history of mankind. >> take a look winning numbers. 16, 19, 32, 34, 57 and the powerball is 13. >> there we go. will he learned someone on -- we
9:32 am
island won 169 million bucks in the mega millions. kristin thorne is inside the very store where the ticket was sold in willowbrook. >> they're waiting for the winning mega millions' ticket holder to come forward. but in the meantime, it has created a lot of superstition. people believe that this, the willowbrook deli, may be the lucky store. i'll show you video all morning of people coming in, since 5:00 this morning getting their tickets. $1.3 billion. it is more than you -- it is silly. it is silly amounts of money. that lump sum cash payment is $806 mill. yeah, we know you have the taxes and everything else but it is just ridiculous. 1.3 billion. that is where it stands right now. we know with all of the frenzy surrounding this there is a good chance this will rise even more before wednesday's drawing. >> i play everyday and i woke up
9:33 am
phone it is $1.3 billion so got to get to in. >> what do you think about this? >> insane. i don't think the average person knows how much money this is. >> we're doing a pool here in our office. i made this contract up, the morning pool, me, sell left, amy, rob, michelle, molly, adam, brandon, aman. we all signed it. here is $24, we're doing the quick picks, i'm not picking numbers. i'm not good with that. >> single tickets. >> should i do single tickets? i'm not good with this stuff. >> i suggest you buy the winning ticket. >> quick-pick. >> i'm doing quick pick. >> rob, you probably should have been here. he's printing them out. >> sorry. >> we'll see.
9:34 am
>> if we win, are you going to keep working? >> we worked up this official contract. it is signed, dated with the time we purchased and, you know, you got to be -- i let everyone sign whatever they want but you have to be official about these things. that is a lot of money. we're printing. they're printing out right now. all right. this has been the lucky store. john, when we were here this morning, the guy that won $312. that was great and he screams out loud. >> i thought he actually won the mega that was just sold. >> i think it has been great. how are those tickets coming? we have a lot of them. they're coming ut out. here we go. >> there it is. >> boom. >> we'll see. >> we'll see you wednesday. >> back to you. >> thank you. >> our retirement plan is now in the books. there it is. and you can see wednesday
9:35 am
live on channel 7 right before eyewitness news at 11:00. again, if we win, it has been nice knowing everybody. take care. >> that's it. new details a new jersey man is facing charges in a deadly hit-and-run that happened on christmas. 62-year-old stalin kappil turned himself over to police yesterday of the hours hours after a the police released a picture. kappil is accused of hitting the seen after hitting the victim steven leitgeb. kappil will be in the court wednesday. we're learning more about a police officer on long island who is recovering after being hit by a suspected drunk driver. he was helping a motorist on sunrise highway in brookhaven yesterday morning when another car rear-ended him. the officer a nine year veteran of the suffolk county pd suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the suspect identified as carlos morocho, who you see there, reportedly ran from the scene
9:36 am
he faces several charges including dwi and leaving the seen of an accident. new details, a syrian refugee will attend this week's state of the union as president obama's guest. he invited 55-year-old refaai hamo to sit with the first lady during the speech tuesday night. he was featured on the blog humans of new york. the syrian native is now living in detroit after several of his syria. this comes as many republican lawmakers seek to halt syrians from seeking refuge and finding asylum in the us. >> hard to believe that it is president obama's final state of the union. >> tuesday night. twin food bloggers with an ease see way, hello ladies, to make a popular dish. they'll tell us how they're making healthy food fun.
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indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. it is nice to be inside all cozy with you guys. >> i'm sorry. >> go ahead. >> i have a complaint. >> oh, dear. >> not with weather. >> do you know the rules with the weather complaints? >> send them to bill or lee. >> jeff is there to only take the complaints and i only want to hear about it if it is right. >> right. >> that is fair division of labor: of the 44 states who have powerballs and only six of them can you remain anonymous if you win and in the other 38 you have to come forward. you may not have to do the press conference or the big check but
9:40 am
would you want people to know you were worth $800 million overnight. >> it is not free. >> it has nothing to do with the weather. >> but i wanted to vent that point after all the powerball discussion today. >> this is what it is like, though, people who are not happy with the weather, they try to divert your attention, they don't want to hear the actual message so they bring up topics that are completely out of our control. >> yes, that is exactly right. >> with the showers stop here midday and you get the sky drying out a bit, it feels pretty nice. we're headed towards 60 degrees. it is just the heavy rainfall this morning has been miserable. overcast conditions will remain. we can barely see from brooklyn over to lower manhattan because it is like the shades are pulled down over the tops of building because of this reduced visibility. here on the upper west side we see at least a lull in the rain right now. 50 degrees, expecting a high of
9:41 am
tie a record from the 1800s. winds are calm here, i got a tweet in from the south-facing shores of long island where the winds have been picking up above 40 miles an hour. it is a change of the winds that is going to increase the strength of the winds, as well. it is also responsible for the huge temperature fluctuation we have. so there coastal flood advisory. low lying, flood prone areas will have trouble with the rain. it should improve rapidly. coastal flooding is the combination of water, waves being pushed along the shoreline and also the high tide. those will be the issues. you see we're start to go break up on the accutrack with the showers and the system will continue to push off to the north and east. we'll see this improvement here as far as the rain goes, but that doesn't mean all of the
9:42 am
so still be vigilant with the ponding and puddling. the hope is that after we have gotten one or two inches of rainfall the winds will come in and take care of the damp spots so we get dried out quickly. because our temperatures will fall to freezing tonight. literally numbers will be cut in half overnight going from 60 to 30 degrees in the city, even colder than in the in the northwest suburbs. once we get the system out of here, the cold air will wrap back in and it will be chilly. already we're seeing wind gusts on the ficial reporting stations -- on the official reporting stations of 40 miles per hour. the change in the air will get your attention. on the wind speeds notice the fork of long island not just in the red territory which is going 30 to 40 miles per hour, but also purples going well above that 40 mile an hour and that will be on the north and south fork. be aware of that. right now we think the winds will settle down late tonight into early tomorrow morning. we can see up to 20 mile an hour
9:43 am
and the real heart of the winds come in late tonight and early tomorrow morning. we're on the wrm swing. by this time -- on the warm swing. by this time tomorrow, we'll look at 10, 20, 30-degree temperature change. futurecast shows combination between the precipitation and the temperatures. 60 by 3:00. the rain wraps up and then we've got cold air coming in with lots of sunshine for monday. keep in mind the wind chills will be in the single digits and teens to start off monday morning. we'll have another round of wind chills come in on tuesday morning. worthy of a mention is a storm we're watching, a clip peer cross the great lakes to bring snow to upper pennsylvania and upstate new york. maybe we'll get mixed precipitation around here tuesday in early wednesday. not that impressive. flurries can fly. the storm reports from that system are still only about one to four inches for parts of illinois and ohio.
9:44 am
it is a clipper that will be racing through. it. that is midweek on wednesday we'll watch for that. freezing point. 34 on thursday. and friday and saturday temperatures upper 30s. so much to talk about there. it is kind of a lot to digest in a short amount of time. today you need rain gear and tomorrow you need winter way, january winter wear. look at today's channel 7 community calendar featuring a remix of a song dedicated to the weather from one of the unique artists in history.. >> by prince, born on my birthday.
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of olive oil and the toasty coconut comes with the toasty coconut. dried. >> all you need is an oven and a little bit of time. >> pour the olive oil into the bag and this is the fun part. it is like shake-and-bake kale chips. >> you guys know shake and bake? >> it is #shakeyour kale. >> after it is all covered with the olive oil. >> pour it on a tray. and. >> and then you pour how much coconut you want. they cook up? >> kind of. >> you put the flavoring on before you put it in the oven.
9:49 am
>> and put the salt on afterward. >> for the toasty cocoa cut, you put it in before. you just bake them for eight to 10 minutes. >> the your mom and dad trick you into liking this or did you like it from the get-go. >> we were surrounded by them. they had a natural foods business when we were younger. we were surrounded by them in the kitchen, experimenting with it and they're entrepreneurship. >> you started blogging about this when you were 9 years old. >> and we caught on to their love of cooking. >> this goes into the oven for how long. >> 10 minutes at 350 degrees. >> this is your favorite one you said, coconut. >> yes. >> and you love the coconut? >> yes. >> your company is -- yours can
9:50 am
>> whole foods. >> thank you so much. rob, over to you. >> who needs the powerball when you just need to become an entrepreneur before high school. that is how you make the money. very cool. congratulations, ladies. we will be right back, everybody, with a look at today's top stories with a look -- here is bill ritter with what is coming up on "up close." >> gun regulations sparked by president obama's new executive order. the heart breaking trachd jed de in newtown three years ago. the families are still pleading for action. dannel malloy, who was at president obama white house done now? teachers killed at sandy hook
9:51 am
news on apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go.
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well, getting something out of your teeth. >> i don't know which one i like better is the coconut or salt. the powerball jackpot is over the $1 billion mark. >> kristin thorne live on staten island where people, of course, are getting out and buying those dreams. >> well, you would be silly for $2 to not want to win $1.3 billion. it is absolutely crazy. a lot of people are coming here to the willowbrook deli because they sold 1 of the winning mega millions tickets which was $165 million, not bad at all. here is video we had from early this morning. people have been coming by. you think $1.3 billion. that is what it is right now.
9:54 am
us, lottery officials feel it could get higher than that before wednesday's drawing. won million-dollar tickets. we had one in ridgewood queens and smithtown on long island. here are the tickets i just bought in our office pool. hour. guys, we'll see how we do. island. kristin thorne, channel 7 eyewitness news. retirement. >> i love it. when does the rain stop? >> we'll see it let up midday but that doesn't mean we won't have drizzle or light showers through the early afternoon. as soon as the winds change, though, dramatic difference with the atmosphere. we'll go up to 60 degrees but temperatures tank tonight. we have 50 degrees looking at the gwb, have your rain gear handy through the early afternoon, and then get rid of that and be ready for very cold air. 36 degrees tomorrow is the high temperature.
9:55 am
wind chills in the single digits and teens and after sunset we'll go back to the freezing point. tuesday a little rebound 42 and back to subfreezing on wednesday. could see flurries fly that day as the storm will be in the northeast, clipper coming through and temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 30 toss close out the workweek. jeff smith will be back here tonight. >> and winter is back. >> go get some kale chips. that is all about you. >> healthy. >> i'm michelle charlesworth.
9:56 am
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