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tv   Eyewitness News  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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>> people were just looking. a lot of people so i couldn't just look. i had to do something. >> an act of kindness on the new york city subway. a man give it is shirt off his back to a cold homeless man. tonight in an exclusive interview that good samaritan tells us why he had to act. good evening i'm joe torres. >> i'm sandra bookman. we'll have that story in a moment. breaking details on the disturbing gang rape. >> four people are in police custody in connection with the rape of a teenager in brownsville. one suspect is still on the loose. >> eye witness news reporter sefam kim has new details.
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is an unthinkable crime and charges are pending on the suspects and range in age from 14 to 17 years old. the victim and the victim's father felt helpless because one of the individuals had a gun. >> they wanted to put a gun in my face telling me to run and all of them had their way with her. >> reporter: the father of the woman gang raped by five individuals said he had no other choice but to run for help and one by one they raped his daughter. cops say he captured the suspects before the alleged rape thursday night after 9. the victim and her dad spoke with kemberly richardson. we're not using their names or showing their faces. do you hope it gets these guys? . >> absolutely. >> reporter: he was with his approached. he didn't have a cell phone and
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officers and ran back to the playground 15 minutes later but the suspects were gone. >> i stood there and fought. >> reporter: you thought you would have died? >> yeah. >> reporter: community activists are outraged at what happened. >> you're a coward. yourself. raping our young girls. shame on you. turn yourself in you coward. >> reporter: police say two of the suspects surrendered at the 73rd precinct and two others were later apprehended and cops are looking for the fifth suspect. sefan kim, channel 7 eye witness news. >> prosecutors charged the man accused of fatally shooting a 12-year-old girl in her home with murder. police arrested 20-year-old keller in his car in hempstead this morning. he was taken into custody only
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say he shot de ja joyner. she was at the dinner table with her brother when the bullet pierced the window. her devastated family has strong words for the suspect. >> i can't say exactly what i want to say but i hope you rot in hell. taking my granddaughter when she was so young and i had just got off the phone talking with her and she was making lunch. she had just got in from school. >> nassau county executive praise it had police department for the arrest and said more will be released tomorrow. we turn to the weather. downpours and mild temperatures earlier today. temperatures are plunging. up tomorrow. meteorologist jeff smith is here with a first look at the weather. >> yeah, we've already fallen about 15 degrees from earlier down to 41 and in the lower 30s like monticello and upper 30s
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look at the wind cranking out there. gusting up to 32 miles per hour in the city this past hour and that will continue overnight. this is after getting record warmth during the day and a lot of rainfall in a short period of time. close to two inches in the park and that caused localized flooding. a 70 miles per hour wind gust in suffolk county. it was a wild weather day out there. even some hail as a secondary line moved on through in northwestern new jersey. temperatures go almost nowhere during the day tomorrow and windchills will stay in the low 20s. there's colder air where that came from and we'll talk about the possibility of snow in your accuweather forecast coming up. new video of a vehicle involved in a deadly hit and run. this red minivan ran over a
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neither of the first two drivers stop and had a third car also struck the man. that driver remained at the scene. the victim was pronounced dead at the hospital. we are learning additional details about actor sean interviewing with a convicted fugitive drug lord. >> from age 15 and on --. >> rolling stone magazine posted a video of guzma answering questions sent to him by penn. it has his article with his meeting and the interview. one republican presidential candidate is criticizing penn. >> if one of these american actors want to go fond over a criminal and a drug trafficker in their interviewers, they have a right to do it. i find it grotesque. >> he's in the prison he once escaped from. mexican officials are
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the u.s. to face charges here. we're hering from the rescuer from a man. a 56-year-old brooklyn man was walking his dogs in smith town yesterday. one of the dogs ran out on the ice and he went out to get him. the ice broke and the man was trapped in chest deep water for about 25 minutes. >> i told thoim stay still and don't move. i threw him a life ring and a rope and we helped pull him out. >> the man was treated at the hospital for hypothermia. it usually takes a sustained period of temperatures below 32 degrees for ice to be thick enough to safely walk on. it shows the power and widespread reach of social media but more importantly this simple cell phone video now seen by millions of people show it is
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passed on from one man to another. tonight the man who literally gave the shirt off his back speaks exclusively to eye witness news and shares new video with us of the encounter. lucy yang sat down with him. she's in washington heights tonight. >> reporter: well, joe, it all began at this subway station here in washington heights when a commuter gave the shirt off his back to a homeless man. it was a beautiful act of charity which has touched millions of viewers. now we have an exclusive interview with the good samaritan. >> it just came naturally. i just did it out of the kindness of my heart. >> reporter: joey has an enormous heart. friday night he was on the downtown a train when he spotted a homeless man in his car. all the other passengers sat far away because of the odor. he sat right in front of the man and immediately was overcome with compassion.
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he looked cold and hungry. >> reporter: so joey took the t-shirt off his back and helped dress the man and covered the older man's bruised head with his own hat. >> he looked so weak and frail that i had to help him. if i was just going to give it to him he wasn't going to put it on. >> reporter: what joey didn't know, another rider videotaped it and posted it on facebook where it has gone viral with more than 11 million views. the mother of joey's girlfriend was surprised when she recognized joey as the good samaritan. >> it was a wonderful thing that he did because you have to help others who are in need. >> the fact he gave someone else the clothes off his back so they could be warm, that was great. >> the hope is to inspire more people to do the same act of kindness. >> reporter: joey says he invited the homeless man to his
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food but the man curled up and went to sleep on the subway hat. he's hoping others will help him if they see him or anyone else lucy yang. >> a wonderful story. thank you very much. new information tonight philadelphia police officer. was the suspect part of a larger threat? that new investigation tonight. an american killed in italy. the mystery surrounding her murder and the potential suspects. and the moment a surfer takes a nasty dive while riding an apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance
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freakish. this is the ford f-150.
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authorities in philadelphia are investigating a report that the man who shot a police officer may be part of a larger group. investigators say a woman stopped an officer on patrol and told him the man who shot jesse hart is part of a bicker group. edward has three associates who community. police officials have alerted law enforcement and are working to verify the credibility of the report. days after north korea tested a hydrogen bomb the u.s. responded with a display of military strength. a b-52 bomber which can deliver
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a u.s. fighter jet and a south korean fighter jet flew alongside. it demonstrated the strength of the alliance between the u.s. and south korea. there was no reaction from north korea but it came after the visit from the north korean's leader to the military head quarters. in his comments he called it a fair act that cannot be criticized. republican presidential candidates will face off this week in south carolina for the first debate of the new year. it comes as a new poll shows -- weeks ahead of the caucuses there. cruz has spent the last week campaigning in iowa. today he criticized trump's plan to deport immigrants and at a rally in nevada trump fired off another comment about cruz being born in canada.
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clinton responded to trump's attacks about her husband. calling it a dead end for republicans. in iowa new polls show senator bernie sanders gaining ground on clinton. her campaign admits they are nervous. tonight planned parenthood threw their support behind her and president obama will not give an endorsement for the democratic primary. no winners in the powerball jackpot last night. some new yorkers may have won cash. details on where the second place tickets were sold. two total strangers discover they are sisters. hear how they found the long lost link and see their emotional reunion. the temperatures are gone and the cold is back. jeff smith has apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist.
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and it helps steer your trailer exactly where you want it to go. it's just one more bit of brilliance you can't get on any other truck. freakish. this is the ford f-150.
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it wasn't the spring like weather that prompted people to shed layers of clothing today. it was the 15th annual no pants subway ride. this group ditched their trousers before getting on board. the tradition was started by an improv group here and it's jerusalem. okay. interesting d train ride. >> that's why i was out of the weather office for a little bit. >> you got your brichs on quick. >> yeah, i do. how do you know? let's head out right now and check out what's going on towards the empire state building.
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we have temperatures down to 41 after getting up to a high of 59 earlier this afternoon. that was just one degree shy of a record that was set a very long time ago. that west wind coming in at 15 hour. that was the record of 60 in 1876. newark. that did break a record in 2005 and got in the mid-60s as well down the jersey shore. you can say good-bye to the warmth. winds can gust to 40 miles per hour. windy and cold tomorrow. it'll look nice outside but it won't feel nice. 30s will feel closer to 20. a couple of snow showers and that's the coldest weather of the week by wednesday. right now 39 in morris town and sussex.
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is the warm spot at montauk. boundary yet. watch the temperature tumble to 7 in the morning and 20s in the suburbs and really the temperature goes nowhere in the day. maybe up to 34 in the early afternoon before falling back to 31 by dinner time and a couple cat skills as well. tuesday you start the day off with sunshine and clouds quickly increase and a clipper moving in. by 3:00 in the afternoon the temperatures are well north and west below freezing. as the snow showers approach they could coat the ground like monticello and close to sussex. in the city we'll see flakes flying in the air early tuesday evening and nothing accumulating. a fresh cold blast moves in for the middle part of the week. clear to partly cloudy and windy and colder. we're down to 31. mostly clear and cold wind at sunrise at 7:20.
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36 for a high and clear and cold tomorrow night. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. clouds increasing tuesday and 42. a couple of snow showers coming in in the afternoon and evening hours. behind the front that's cold on wednesday. 31. windy and colder despite sunshine returning. 34 on thursday and back in the upper 30s close to normal on friday and we have to watch later in the weekend. there's the possibility of maybe some accumulating snow by then. our first real possibility of the season by later sunday. be keeping a close eye on that. >> thank you, jeff. laura behnke up next with sports. >> the nfl playoffs are almost always entertaining. this weekend was historic fashion. for the first time ever all road teams are moving on and it didn't look that way in washington where the packers started slow but came on when it count and had no one is feeling more sick than the vikings who
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want to know why it's called wild card weekend? those finishes were wild. >> you're almost sad it's over. if this weekend is any indication, the nfl playoffs will be a wild ride. yesterday the afc kicked things off with drama and a blowout as the chiefs and steelers advance. two teams from the nfc looking to do the same including the packers and washington this evening. everything going well for washington. kirk cousins hitting jordan reed and they led 11-0. aaron rodgers starting to get his groove back. washington had retaken the lead in the 3rd and james starks cuts outside and the pack back on top where they stay. they will face arizona next. >> this is huge for us. it really is. i talked a lot the last couple weeks about being able to turn it on and a lot of you probably thought that was lip service. we needed a game like this to
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>> we'll have to play this way moving forward. >> the vikings host thing seahawks. 6 degrees at kickoff. vikings built a 9-0 lead. russell wilson wasn't ready for the snap and it could be a disaster and instead it set this up. it's now 9-7. the vikings with the ball but trouble. adrian peterson with the fumble recovered by seattle and minnesota still had a chance. blair walsh, the short 27-yard field goal for the win not even close. 10-9 seattle moving onto meet the panthers next week. the viking's season is over. >> i worked hard to get myself to a place where i was consistent for this team all year and in that moment they needed me the most i wasn't. that stinks. i'll be working hard to erase that from my career but it'll take a while. >> the coaching carousel
11:25 pm
teams that didn't make the playoffs. it's an assistant hire capturing the attention tonight. yes, the ryan brothers together again. rex ryan hired his brother rob to be his assistant coach with the team confirming it. rob has been a coach for 18 years and most recently with the saints. tomorrow the pro's take a backseat to the college game. it's the one we've been waiting ten days for. both head coaches got a look at what they're playing for. they pose with the national championship trophy. one will hoist that baby tomorrow night and clemson is undefeated alabama is the favorite. the game is on espn. the nets may be off tonight but a new era has begun. it will not include the head coach or general manager. today the team cleaning house looking towards the future. what exactly will that mean for brooklyn?
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3.500 hospitals. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. slash eastern. it's pretty clear to see it's not been a good season for the nets. their 10-27 record is the third worst in the nba and the owner had seen enough. today he fired lionel hollins and reassigning billy king and
11:28 pm
the gm position will remain open with the team taking the rest of the season to find replacements for both. he said in part with the right basketball management and coach in place, we're going to create a winning culture and identity and give brooklyn a team that it can be proud of and enjoy watching. don't look now but the knicks are getting hot once again in this roller coaster season. aside from a one point defeat they've been perfect. they hosted the bucks and knicks playing well from the start. it was a close game in the 2nd. the alley-oop to derek williams and tied ball game. to the third and kristof with the slam. carmelo anthony nearly had a triple double.
11:29 pm
the devils are only on national television once this season. that one game was tonight. new jersey was out to make the most of the spotlight as the devils visit it had wild in minnesota. there were no goals in the first two period but then the third. adam henry got the nice shot there and they would hang on, 2-1 the final. after racking up two goals yesterday against the reign rangers you knew it wouldn't be long. alexander ovechkin score it had 500th goal of his career. he becomes the first russian born player to reach the milestone. he did it in his 801 career game. this one against ottawa. congratulations. >> pretty impressive. sure, no win ner last night's power ball jackpot but new yorkers became millionaires. a man sets a fire inside a church. the reason he gave for lighting
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two strangers abandoned at birth later discover they're sisters. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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four young men are being questioned by detectives in brooklyn as a possible link to a potential gang rape. the five are suspected of holding an 18-year-old girl at
11:32 pm
more details expect during a news conference for the murder of a 12-year-old girl on long island. investigators charged 20-year-old jequan keller of the shooting death of joiner. she was shot and killed inside her home. a man gives the shirt off his back to a homeless man on the subway. he saw the man friday night on a downtown a train and simply had to help him. the video has been viewed more than 11 million times online. top thing news this half hour, as if $949 million wasn't big enough, now the powerball jackpot grows again to $1.3 billion. >> nobody matched all six numbers in the drawing last night but there were winners who matched five numbers including three people in new york and two in connecticut. >> eye witness news reporter
11:33 pm
>> reporter: at the four season fresh farm bodega the dreams keep getting bigger with the world record breaking lottery jackpot you can dream as big as you want. this is where one of the ticket was sold and the owner is also cashing in. >> yesterday there was a lot of customer. usually they not buy it but yesterday they buy it. yesterday they buy 150. >> reporter: powerball players here are hoping the luck rubs off. >> give me your luck. give me your luck. so i'm happy. >> reporter: over at the willow brook deli a winning ticket was sold, $165 million. the single winner hasn't come forward yet. as for the $1.3 billion powerball in case you were wondering the lump sum cash
11:34 pm
$806 million and even after taxes that's more money than most people would know what to do with. the next drawing is wednesday night and the big dream lives on and you have to wonder how much higher would it go? sefan kim, eye witness news. >> set your calendar. you can see the drawing wednesday night here on channel 7 right before eye witness news at 11. police arrested a man accused of setting a fire inside a manhattan church. this photo shows the damage left behind. the church of heavenly rest on east 90 street. regis facald set fire to pew year's fire. he was caught trying to escape the church when police arrived. a new jersey man is facing charges on a deadly hit and run
11:35 pm
staln turned himself over to police hours after they released pictures. he's accused of leaving the scene. the victim later died at the hospital. kapil is scheduled to be in court on wednesday. a correction officer is recovering after an inmate stabbed him yesterday. the inmate used a pen to stab the guard in the ear. the department of corrections says it's investigating the attack. the attackers in wednesday's incident came unit called uncontrollable inmates. guards had to get spray and rescue the beaten officers. the department of correction called yesterday's attack unacceptable saying there's zero tolerance for assaults on staff members. governor andrew cuomo is proposing a series of reforms to the correctional systems.
11:36 pm
end the cycle of incarceration create opportunities. >> our answers put them in a prison for $50,000 a year and lock the cage throw away the key, no services, no education, no vocational help and then release them and then somehow they'll be in a better position than when they went in. it's insanity. >> among the reforms announced by the governor job training and education and transitional support after people are released. cuomo says the investment in the programs will ultimately cost less than housing inmates. a challenge to the national rifle association to support one of president obama's policies. a challenge issued by charles schumer. last week the president issued executive orders on federal gun regulations. people selling weapons at gun shows or online face prosecution if they don't do background
11:37 pm
the president proposed hiring a hundred new agents and schumer says the nra should support them. >> no one expects them to support other thing it is president has asked for, although they should. this one there's no reason they shouldn't. by their own words and beliefs. >> inadequate funding has made it hard to enforce existing laws. dozens rallied to support their local super market. they hoped city leaders would help the market at 187 street fight eviction. that store owners say the landlord is trying to force them out in order to lease the property to a walgreens pharmacy. people in the neighborhood says the store is the only affordable place in the area to buy food and other basic essentials. >> if we lose this institution, we lose a little piece of the soul of this community.
11:38 pm
people can't go to other places. this is a very crucial and vital resource of the neighborhood. >> the landlord is defending the move telling eye witness news is owners have been aware for three years their lease would not be renewed. new jersey legislatures are debating casino expansion has they approach the last day of the legislative meeting tomorrow. right now the new jersey state constitution limits casinos to atlantic city. votes on differing senate and assembly bills are expected tomorrow a photo tweeted by the nypd shows the new parents in the hospital with the officers who helped deliver their baby. they didn't start out there.
11:39 pm
to a call with a woman in labor on the expressway. he was able to deliver her baby inside her car on the lie service road. mom and newborn are doing well. an american woman found dead in italy. the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death and who might be a suspect. incredible video of explosions and a volcano in hawaii. we'll tell you what caused the eruptions. a live look outside on this sunday night. meteorologist jeff smith returns with your accuweather forecast no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. apparently the engineers who designed the ford f-150 have been burning the candle at all ends. cuz' check out their latest brainstorm: pro trailer backup assist. just turn this little knob on the dash
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a murder mystery in italy. an american woman found dead in her apartment. she lived in florence and was popular in her neighborhood. it remain a mystery. >> reporter: tonight a mystery in the heart of tuscany. the state department confirming the death of american ashley apartment. she had bruises and scratches on her neck. police scouring the building. italian media reported she had a days ago.
11:42 pm
asked the landlord to let him in and found the body. he and several of her friends have been questioned. so far authorities say they have no suspect. >> i can't imagine a person who would hurt her. she's a gentle, kind, a beautiful friendly, lovely girl. it's an awful shock. >> we've got a great community here of people and everyone loved her. >> reporter: the bubbly 35-year-old from florida seen her modelling arrived here in 2012 to join her father and work in fashion. olsen was known as the american often seen with her beloved beagle scout and her grandmother telling abc news our lives changed forever. she was our loving, smart and precious girl. the community here in florence is stunned by olsen's death. one of her friends saying she was fun, ground and had worked hard. italy's chief of police said
11:43 pm
attention to solving the murder. pope frances has a book coming out. it's title it had name of god is mercy. the 100 page book is a conversation with an italian journalist. he refers to his own encounters administering to prostitutes and prisoners in argentina. it'll be released on tuesday. a government scientist in hawaii are showing new video of a volcano. falling rocks triggered an explosion friday. rocks fell into a la va lake inside one of the craters. the explosion was powerful enough to send rock fragments 360 feet high onto the rim of the crater. in california on thursday, professional surfer wiped out on a 50-foot wave near half-moon bay.
11:44 pm
the foot of the wave skipping three times. he needed surgery on his arm and shoulder. he tweeted he expects to make a full recovery and some people in surfing circles are calling it the worst wipeout ever caught on video. two sisters abandoned as
11:45 pm
a sharp tongue comedian promised to be kind. >> your global mega stars with amazing talent, most of you. a few of you just married well. you know who you are. we all do. >> he took swipes at mel gibson, sean penn and jennifer lawrence
11:46 pm
the wilderness survival epic the revenant took home honors and leonardo di caprio received a standing ovation. the martian won for best comedy. matt damon took home the best comedy for his role as the stranded astronauts. this leads up to the oscars. nominations will be announced this week. you can see who takes home the trophy right here on channel 7. always a big night. >> a very big night. it'll be a cold night here and a cold morning. >> yes. this weather forecast not trophy worthy of any kind. we head outside and the wind could be gusting over 40 miles per hour and right now in the
11:47 pm
the actual air temperature is about 41. next seven hours these temperatures are really taking a nose dive and going down a degree every hour through 6:00 a.m. we're down to 32 at that point. sustained winds gusts up to 40. highs today up to 65 at newark. after the heavy batch of rain moved by this morning we broke into sunshine and caused warming and another batch of storms came in. almost like a summertime. 37 right now in morris town and 43 at islip and again, winds gusting up to 37 miles per hour onto parts of long island. this is after nearly two inches of rain in the core of the area. storm reports include a 71 miles per hour wind gust. that was the most impressive one i could find. you can see the showers moving off shore.
11:48 pm
check this out. we have a clipper system approaching from the great lakes on tuesday. this will spread afternoon snow showers in here and 42 here in the city. i think any snow shower activity that gets in the city will be late in the day probably wouldn't accumulate. there could be a coating of snow well north and west in the highest elevations. accuweather forecast mostly clear and a cold wind. the 31 will feel more like 20. mostly sunny and the high in the middle 30s. clear and cold tomorrow night and the upper 20s. here's the 7-day forecast. clouds increasing tuesday and low 40s. mainly during the afternoon and evening hours and then the really cold air mass comes in. this will be the coldest one of the week on wednesday. only 31 for a high despite well. we'll feel probably like it's in the teens and low 20s.
11:49 pm
sunny skies and then the weekend could get a little interesting. especially the second half of the weekend. there's a possibility of snow in the pattern in general gets more conducive for east coast storm development beyond that. bill evans has much more in the morning. >> thank you, jeff. finally tonight the story of two strangers both abandoned at birth. >> the women turned to the internet to try and find family connections. incredible. dimples >> reporter: two sisters who can finish each other's sentences. lot. >> reporter: not because of they together. in fact, tammie was abandoned by their parents as an infant. a newspaper told the story. >> inside the box wrapped in a blanket was found a baby girl only a few days old.
11:50 pm
years later a second infant girl was born and abandoned by the same parents. >> abandoned baby found in good condition. he discover it had baby just inside the door of a laundry room. >> reporter: both girls were adopted and a lifetime goes by and then the internet. liz sent her dna to an online service and tammie went on ancestry and many connections later we found each other. >> we had just had that connection almost like twins. >> reporter: one other connection. >> she was wrapped in two new receiving blankets, a new kamono and training pants. >> reporter: now george ja nsen is back in the picture, too. he was in the same laundry room he found liz.
11:51 pm
other and like did that just happen? >> reporter: yes, it did and it's just >> what a wonderful story. >> they have some catching up to do. good stuff >> that's going to do it for us. thanks for staying up late with us. i'm sandra bookman. >> i'm joe torres. eye witness news returns tomorrow morning at 4:30. make it a great night, everyone. this price can't be right... that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list can't be right?" looks like a list of can't be right's." seriously? at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. my stop&shop. "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer
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